Jennifer Garner vs. Denise Richards (Poll Result) by Tank

Not too long ago I wrote a suana match with Jen and Denise; I thought it sexy but one in which it wasn't easy to choose a winner. In a poll, the readers chose for me! Now, you the reader, are both writer and producer of a movie you expect to be a smash hit of 2007. The two are costars of your spy thriller. But there's a problem. The script calls for a catfight between the two characters dressed in skimpy bikinis; a fight you plan to advertise as the "sexiest catfight ever filmed!"

The problem is neither wants to be the loser and both insist on playing the heroine rather than the villain. You invite them to your Beverly Hills mansion to persuade one of them to change her mind so you can get on with filming. Each is dressed in a bikini as she gives you her reasons why she should play the heroine. The first woman to collect 20 votes was the winner and will win a devastating victory as she forces the loser into a tearful submission, earning her role as the heroine. The story opens in the bar room of your mansion with the private interviews:

Jennifer walks in first, wearing a soft powder blue bikini with light gold trim. Her hair is long and walnut brown and falls down her shoulders. "Why should I lose a fight to Denise?" Jen explains. "I'm bigger; 5'9” to 5'6” and I have the stronger body. Besides, I'm universally recognized as a heroine from my long running 'Alias' series where my fighting abilities have been proven; not to mention in films like 'Daredevil' and 'Electra.' Losing to Denise would hurt my career; my public EXPECTS me to win. I have the greater reputation as a fighter; it wouldn't be fair to them to lose to her. I also believe most people understand that brunettes are, in general, simply tougher than blondes!"

As her sleek athletic body slinks out of the room, Denise is summoned to argue her case. Her bikini is a bright, fiery red with silver trim and her long blond hair hangs to her shoulders as well. She explains, "Losing a catfight to Jennifer is NOT something my career can afford. Movie fans LOVED seeing me kick Neve’s ass in 'Wild Things' and 'Undercover Brother' just built on my reputation for fighting prowess. The difference between me and Jennifer is that while she PLAYS a tough woman, I'm the real deal! Besides, everybody’s aware blonds are tougher than brunettes," she adds with a smug grin before insinuating her shapely body out of the room.

Still undecided, the three of you are now enjoying a drink together at the bar, letting the tension heat up between the two beauties. Staring daggers at each other, Denise breaks the silence by remarking, "Oh, just on the off chance you hadn't already noticed, I’m theh one with the bigger breasts!" Then Denise giggles as Jennifer grows furious!

"MY breasts are damn firm!” Garner growls. “And sure as HELL big enough to squash yours in a breast war!"

"I don't THINK so, hon!" purred Denise, delighted that she’d so easily goaded Garner into a challenge she knew she could win. The sultry blond stood up and ripped off her red bra, then threw it on the bar!

Jennifer, at first shocked, hurriedly responded by calmly unbuttoning her blouse and stripping out of her powder blue bra which she tossed next to Denise’s. As Denise stood facing her brunette rival with her hands on her hips, a confident smile on her lips (and her nipples at full attention), Jennifer took a step toward her and pushed her breasts (and equally aroused nipples) into Denise's; both women's hands on their hips as they stared into the other's eyes in silent challenge.

"You want to see who the WOMAN is, little girl?" asked Jennifer, pushing her buff body into the blondes.

"Let's do it homegirl! It's only fair the winner of our 'woman on woman' contest gets the part, right?" Denise asks as she turns toward you for a confirmation.

"I believe it's the only way to decide the matter," you shrug. "Winner of an all-out catfight gets the part; loser plays the villianess." Jennifer pushes into Denise as she smiles at the blond. Denise is forced back a step but quickly presses forward and returns the smile. "Not here, ladies! Follow me!" You lead them to a small, carpeted workout room which has several cameras. ‘I can film this and include it in the movie!’ you think.

The two women choose a corner of the room and begin to loosen up, then at a signal, the two athletic beauties come out fighting like wildcats! Denise scores first with a powerful right that grazes Jennifer's cheek and backs her up.

"You're out of your league, Jenny my dear!" Denise taunts. But as she moves in, Jennifer lashes out with a left and right to her face and Denise is forced to back peddle.

"Ready for a beating, Denise?" smiles Jennifer.

The room is tiny, carpeted, and empty of furniture except for a small desk in a corner where you are seated and watching the action. Intent on not missing a moment, you attempt to pour yourself a drink as the women do battle in the center of the room. Of course, your bottle misses your glass as the two beauties exchange vicious blows a few feet away. Jennifer backs Denise into a corner where she misses a haymaker right which leaves her off balance. The battling blond then lunges into Jen and wraps her arms around the aggressive brunette in a Bearhug.

Squeezing Jennifer's bare breasts into hers, the blond wildcat grunts as she applies pressure while Jennifer locks her arms around Denise, returning tit for tat. Both women are barefoot and each tries to raise the other off her toes. Denise believed she would have an advantage in such an erotic confrontation. But Jen's breasts, while nowhere near as large, are very firm and her hard nipples spear Denise’s, flattening her breasts as they bent her nipples inward.

As both combatants continue to strain and grunt, Jennifer is able to lift Denise off her toes in a mighty display of strength and Denise's panties are Wedgied up into both cracks as they bunch together. Jen leans her upper body backward to increase her pressure, her pelvis thrusting into Denise's. Feeling overpowered by the strong brunette beauty, Denise succumbs to a moment of fear from the sustained pressure and wets herself before releasing her Bearhug. Striking the brunette several times in the face forces Jen to loosen her grip on the lovely blond. Denise frantically stamps on Jennifer's toes and is then able to finally spin away from her clutches.

Both women are breathing heavily, especially Denise. The blond beauty assumes a kickboxing position and Jennifer does the same as the two combatants circle each other. Denise lashes out and strikes the brunette with a sidekick to her belly. Now it is Jen backing up as Denise stalks forward looking to score the lethal blow that would end the fight. A couple more light but accurate Front Kicks to Jen's abs force the brunette into a corner. Denise moves in to strike but Jennifer spins and launches a savage knee to Denise's ribs!

"Oooohhhhh!" the blond moans as she doubles over in pain and falls to her knees. Wasting no time, Jen leaps on her hurting foe and knocks her onto her back. Grabbing her wrists, the brunette forces the struggling blond spread-eagle onto the carpet as she raises herself into a pushup position. "Owwwwwww!" screams Denise as Jen Knees her in the groin.

Denise desperately bucks up and down as she tries to power Jen off of her but the athletic brunette retains her dominant position on top of her. Releasing her wrists, Jennifer punches Denise in the face several times before grabbing her by her long blond hair and pulling her toward her. Denise, fighting like a cornered wildcat, punches, kicks and screams as Jennifer jumps off of her and hair-hauls her to her knees. Maneuvering her sleek body behind her opponent, the brunette pulls Denise onto her lap as the blond continues to punch, elbow, scratch and scream. The two bare-breasted beauties struggle on the carpet in only their panties with the blond on the brunette's lap. Wrapping her strong, sensuous thighs around the shapely thighs of the struggling blond, Jennifer captures Denise in a Leg Scissors.

The 'Wild Things' star reaches back and grabs Jennifer's hair, pulling her head forward as she grunts and squirms to free herself. Denise strains her silky thighs to the max but is unable to budge Jennifer's sleek, muscular thighs from around her. Suddenly, Denise gives out a loud, pitiful squeal! Jennifer had flexed her lovely, athletic thighs so powerfully around her that tears were racing down her cheeks.

"Is that all you got, Denise?" the 'Alias' star chided as Denise continued to grunt and squirm.

Jennifer flexed her python Leg Scissors even more tightly as she twisted Denise onto her side, stretching the waistband of the sexy blonde’s red panties in the process. The sensuous brunette then wrapped her strong arms around Denise in a crushing Reverse Bearhug that left the lovely blond trembling and gasping.

"Please Jennifer. . . . . . NO MORE!" Denise whimpered.

"I thought you were SO TOUGH, Denise!" Jen answered sarcastically.

The dominant brunette beauty smiles at you as you rise from your chair, wondering if you should put an end to the one sided affair.

"Pleasssse, Jennifer, I give up!" Denise cries. Jennifer gives you a wink as her hard biceps and well muscled thighs flex themselves one more time around her captured prey. "Jennifer. . . . . please?" Denise pleaded.

Feeling the lovely blonde’s wet panties with her shapely thighs, the victorious brunette unscrewed her strong, sensuous body from around her and offered, "Admit I'm the woman for the part, Denise, and I'll leave you alone!"

"You're. . . . . THE WOMAN. . . . . . Jennifer! Now please. . . let me go!" she whimpered.

Jennifer released Denise as the conquered blond burst out crying. As Jen got to her feet, you walk toward her victim to make sure Denise is alright as she lay trembling and crying on the carpet. But Jennifer, her bare breasts and nipples sweaty and undulating, stops you and wraps her arms around you. Smiling triumphantly, she leads you back toward the bar.

"Now let's have a drink and discuss my new role!" she purred.

[Jennifer received 20 votes to 10 for Denise]