Jenny Garth vs. Brittany Spears by bbb4 (Celebrity Catfights Message Bd 27-May-99)

Jenny quietly climbs through the ropes opposite Britney wearing a cutoff sleeveless t shirt and a blue set of bikini style briefs. The bare midriff shirt hugs her small breasts, but the pinkish circles and small peaks pressing against the thin material show that she didn't bother with a bra this evening. After climbing through the coated steel ropes, she quietly adjusts her skin tight briefs where they hug her tight buns and thighs. She stares across at the spectacle that Britney's fluorescent yellow exercise top and black bicycle shorts are causing. Dancing around her corner area, Britney's younger, harder curves excite the crowd, especially as Spears' dance moves set her large breasts bouncing. Wearing her hair in double ponytails, everything about the young brunette seems to jiggle as she moves with her entrance music. She climbs the steps at ringside and quickly slides through the ropes, showing her athleticism to Jenny's wary eye.

Wanting to stir the crowd a little herself, Garth gives the fans ring side a quick flash of her bare, hard, little tits, setting the whole crowd on afire. Britney turns just in time to see Jenny lift her t shirt again, exposing the firm, white flesh and rosy little nipples again. Enraged at being upstaged by a washed up night time soap actress, Britney charges across the ring, intent on teaching the blonde a lesson.

Crashing into Jenny from behind, Britney's elbow connects with Garth's head and neck, slamming the shorter blonde into the buckles with all of Britney's weight behind her. Full of hate, Britney grits her teeth menacingly as continues to ram her knees into Jenny's lower back and butt, pounding the trapped actress with a variety of fists, knees and elbow shots. She intersperses a few face first slams into the turnbuckles and finishes with a particularly nasty elbow to the back of Garth's head. Britney finally backs out of the corner herself, but takes a handful of Garth's briefs and hauls backward, rolling Jenny into another crushing knee to the kidneys.

Jenny falls to the mat, gasping in agony as Britney finally takes a second to catch her own breath and wipe the sweat from her eyes. Surprised by her own jealous fury, Spears grabs the actress by the hair, lifting her to her feet, screaming all the way. With one hand holding Jenny's spiky blonde locks, the other pulls her briefs down around the her opponent's knees. Jenny struggles, grabbing at the front of her bikini bottoms in an effort to hide her crotch, trying to balance the pain of having her hair yanked out with the humiliation of having her bare ass exposed. Jenny finally gives up on the bikini as Spears starts to jerk her around by the hair. Britney quickly pulls the tight fitting lycra all the way down, exposing her opponent's surprisingly thin blonde muff and slender, tight butt.

As Jenny's lower body is exposed, Tori Spelling and Tiffani Amber Thiessen appear ring side, taking station at her corner, rooting on their teammate and costar in her match.

Britney sees the two hanging out in the corner and purposely turns Jenny toward them before kneeing Garth in the ass and then in the crotch. She points tauntingly at Tori before dropping Garth with a knee lift across her breasts. Garth crashes to the mat unceremoniously, landing on her back and banging the back of her head on the canvas mat. Spears steps across the fallen blonde before dropping to her knees, smashing her bottom into Jenny's midsection. Facing away from Jenny, Spears grins wickedly, giggles and lifts up two fingers, pointing them at Tiff and Tori before jamming them between Jenny's thighs in a pussy punishing two fingered claw hold. Garth reacts instantly, bucking her midsection wildly, trying to throw Britney and her cruel muff grip off. Garth's gyrations quickly subside as the agonizing hold begins to take its toll on the blonde. In a final desperation move, Jenny drags her fingernails down Britney's back and butt, leaving long red welts of bloodied flesh down the singer's back. Spears screams out, arching her back and releasing her sure submission hold in a fit of disgust. Britney is partially thrown off the blonde as she gives one last desperation thrust of her abdomen.

Spears rolls away, leaving Jenny curled in a ball, holding her crotch. With a new found sense of respect for the veteran blonde, Spears gathers herself and stands up, wincing as she stretches the fresh wounds on her back. She silly smirk on her face is gone as she grabs Garth by the hair again and pulls her up to her knees.

Britney hauls back on the hair again, but giggles again as she delivers an open handed slap across Jenny's lily white ass, leaving a bright red handprint across the cheeks. Another spanking butt slap, follows as Jenny's face reddens, to match the handprints across her ass. Jenny screams out again, more out of humiliation than pain, but lashes out with a backward kick, which only grazes Britney, but gets her full attention. Instead of backing away from Jenny's kick, though, Britney closes in and reaches around to Jenny's front side to start a muff maul. Jenny moans out again, as Britney's first two fingers disappear into her pubic mound a second time, but instead of freezing, Garth lashes out with wild, blind elbow, which smashes into Britney's temple. Spears hands drop to her sides as she is staggered by the blow to the head. Tiff and Tori react Jenny's home run stoke with applause and cheers for their teammate, slapping the canvas and turning to the crowd as if to say "I told you so!"

Spears drops back as though she has been shot, taking a stumbling backward step before falling flat on her well shaped ass. Jenny's pace is still slowed by the mauling that Britney delivered, but is still quick enough to boot the brunette in the bush as she tries to climb to her feet. Jenny winces as she steps into another well placed boot between the thighs, but seems to get into it more after delivering another blow aimed at Britney's ribs. Garth gives herself plenty of time to recover, grimacing as she bends a the waist to rub her sore womanhood. Tiff and Tori continue to cheer Jenny on, knowing this match could be a great boost to her singles career. The hesitation in Jenny's attack allows Britney to start climbing to the her feet before Jenny attacks again, delivering a foot to the head. Garth finally does allow Britney to rise, but only long enough to deliver a crushing headbutt to the same temple that decked Britney before.

As Jenny gets her second wind, Britney appears dazed and confused each time Garth blasts her with another shot to the head. Tiff signals for another head shot and Jenny delivers a deliberate and well placed headbutt, staggering the brunette for a third time. Garth displays a little power, picking the singer up off the canvas before delivering a crushing power body slam in the center of the ring. Jenny slowly rises to her knees, reaching down to tweak Britney's erect nipple. Garth straddles the singer catfight style and grabs both of Britney's pigtails and begins bashing the back of her head against the mat in a wild fury. Garth's small breasts dance with each blow as she perspiration begins to soak through the see through cotton shirt. Jenny lifts Britney up to the standing position by her ponytail, and quickly taking aim, delivers a devastating circle kick to Britney's breasts. Spears again loses her balance, clutching her jiggling tits as she stumbles backward and falls on her butt again.

Britney rolls onto her back clutching her bruised sternum and loses her bike shorts in the wink of an eye, hardly reacting as the black thong bikini below is ripped away too. Jenny aims and buries her knee between Britney's bare buns, earning a gasping grunt from the brunette star. Garth takes a little revenge, slapping Britney several times across the ass, leaving her own reminder in the form of several hand prints across Spears tanned ass. Jenny rolls Britney onto her back and spreads her opponent's legs again, and Jenny begins to maul the teenage singing star. Her fingers dive deep into Britney's thin tuft of dark pubic hair before Britney can even try to cover up. Garth gets full hearted support from both her partners as she digs into Britney, but Spears is no stranger to jealous singers catfighting in the locker room and grabbing her in naughty places. Her thighs clamp shut like a steel trap around Garth's midsection, catching Jenny in a crushing body scissors. Jenny quickly reaches for her ribs, as they explode in pain, but Britney's athletic legs are far too strong for Jenny's feeble attempts to pry them apart. All that escapes Jenny's lips is a long low moan, as Britney pours it into her ribs and chest, gritting her teeth with each spasmodic flex of her sweaty, tan thighs. Jenny finally breaks the pressure with a well placed thumb, jabbed into Britney's already aching crotch, but both girls roll away from the encounter, sporting serious pains.

The marathon match is entering it's fifteenth minute when both girls, aching and sore meet in the center of the ring again. Neither girl wears any clothes below her waist, but curiously both still wear their tops, even though Garth's paper thin shirt isn't really hiding anything and Spears large nipples are threatening to poke Garth in the eye. Both young ladies push and shove a bit as they lock up, but it is Jenny's edge in experience that allows her to duck a wild round house punch and connect a haymaker of her own. As Spears fist sails by harmlessly, Jenny shoves Spears into the ropes and clocks her with an overhand right as she rebounds. Garth rubs her sore knuckles after smashing them into the side of Britney's head. Spears staggers along the ropes until she blindly stumbles into a corner, which is right where Jenny wants her.

Forgetting her wrestling moves, Garth begins to deliver and old fashioned beat down. She smacks Britney in the back with her boot and then begins to stomp her without remorse. After a few stomp sessions, Tiffani and Tori wander up, still out side the ring. They taunt the teenager with slaps across the face as she is draped across the bottom rope. Still standing outside the ring, Tori reaches out and twists the young brunette's huge nipple as though she is checking a peach in the grocery store. Turning to Tiffani with a mock smile of approval, Tori motions Tiffani over for a look. Garth returns to claim her brunette baggage at the corner, dragging the worn out brunette to the center of the canvas. She wedges Britney's head between her thighs and signals to the crowd with a slashing thumb across the throat. Spears can be heard whimpering as Garth hauls her up and delivers a text book pile driver. Britney's head slams into the mat and pops out from between Jenny's thighs like a kernel of corn in an air popper. The glazed look in Spears eyes and the vacant droop of her head as she slumps back to the mat indicate that the youngster has had it. Just to be sure, Garth picks her up and piledrives her limp frame a second time.

Jenny sits up licking her chops as she rolls her victim onto her back, checking to make sure that indeed, Britney is out like a light. Confirming her victim's state of mind, Garth scoops one of Britney's marvelous breasts out of her top and squeezes it mercilessly, tweaking her teat deliberately and slowly. All of this garners no response from Spears, so Garth mounts her, dropping her butt right in Britney's face before signaling to her tag team partner's to join in on the fun. Tiffani and Tori both climb into the ring as Garth climbs off of the downed singer.

Spelling is first, lifting up her modest top and undoing her bra. Her two tanned, pendulous breasts drop free of the lace bar and swing freely as she drops to her knees and begins rubbing them against Spears face. Tori sits back, massaging Spears' facial sweat all over her melons, causing the nipples to rise quickly. Properly moistened, she again leans forward and rubs her tits in the singer's face, smothering her. Spears moans and tries to roll out, but Tori's large breasts envelop her face, cutting her off completely. Tori occasionally breaks the hold, allowing Spears' eyes to flutter open and giving her a few seconds to suck in a few grateful breaths of air before reapplying her breasts to Britneys's face. After a few moments, Tiffani taps Spelling on the shoulder, asking if she can break in on the dance. Tori smiles graciously and lifts her glazed tits from Britney's face. Tiff goes to corner and grabs a squeeze bottle and, splashes some of the icy water in Spears' face to revive her. As Spears sputters and struggles back to life, Tiffani begins unbuttoning her cutoff jeans. She slides out of the skin tight denim seductively, wiggling her wide hips as she bends at the waist to remove them. A black thong barely hides her womanhood, but leaves everything else, including her twin hams free. She jiggles her butt, playfully slapping each cheek, as though warming her self up before straddling Spears and lowering her butt onto Britney's face. Just before touching down, Tiff adjusts the center piece of her thong so that Spears gets a face full of everything she has to offer. Tiff gasps slightly as she first touches the singers face, but quickly slides into position and begins to grind Britney's face. She smiles widely and let's out a long "mmmmmm", closing her eyes as she continues to butt smother her opponent. With a warm smile and a barely perceptible shudder, Tiffani takes a deep breath and announces that she is finished. She holds out her hands to her partners and Jenny and Tori pull her up helping the smiling Tiff to her feet before the three partners make their way to the ropes and leave the ring area.

Arriving in the tunnel leading to the locker room area, the interviewer catches up with the three 90210 stars.

INT: Jenny! Tiffani! Ms. Spelling! A word please!

TS: Yes? (hitching up her bra and buttoning her shirt) what can we do for you?

INT: Ms. Garth, that was a brutal match out there, any comments?

JG: (pointing into the camera) Think again before you step in the ring with me again rookie! You thought you had me! You thought I was out of it! You think you're hot s--- because you put your fingers in me, but look who's lying in a puddle of her own drool? Come near me again Spears and I'll really hurt you!

INT: What gave you the fortitude to pull it out? I thought you were done when she ...uuuuhhh.... well... sat on you and .... uuuhhh ...well.... put her ...uhhh... your... well you know....

JG: You think I got that part on 90210 because I am good looking and blonde? There are thousand blonde bimbos out there who would love my part, but not one that could take it from me in the casting office. I guess there's one less brunette bimbo as of tonight. I beat tougher girls than her in high school....

INT: Well, actually Spears should be in high school...

TAT: High school? She looks like she was in kindergarten to me! Nap time for little Britney. What's the matter? Did Tori pull you pig tails and put her tits in you face? Did Jenny knock you down and take your lunch money? Did Tiffie sit on your face? Get used to it Whore! (All three laugh at Tiffani's joke and head back to the lockers).