Rebecca Gayheart vs. Alicia Witt by Aspen 11-May-00

The tension continued to fill the room as the filming of the movie Urban Legend came to a close. Alicia and Rebecca had been feuding most of the production because Rebecca kept trying to change the script to have Alicia's character killed in the end. Of course we all know the Rebecca ended up playing the killer. Alicia was just trying to do her job and stick to the script when in almost every situation the interaction between the two turned to fury.

Finally a fight broke out and the two girls were separated by the producer and the camera crew. The producer was furious and told them handle any disagreements off the screen because the were hindering production. Wouldn't you know that when everything came to a close Rebecca would sneak into Alicia's dressing room trying to start trouble. Alicia had just begun to disrobe down to her silk white panties and bra when Rebecca made her appearance. Rebecca in her black sports bra and cutoff jeans grabbed Alicia's fire engine red hair and ripped her backward in her chair.

"You got away from me on the set but now that we're finished you're all mine" rattled Rebecca who with one swift tug ripped Alicia backwards off the chair and to the floor.

Alicia let out a violent thud when she hit the ground as Rebecca thrust her in her tight midsection two times before sending Witt rolling onto her back. Alicia could do nothing but try to regain her breath as Rebecca drove her foot into poor Alicia's neck. The redhead continued to whimper in helplessness kicking her legs against the hard ground till finally Rebecca released her hold and grabbed Witt by the hair and ripped her to her feet. Alicia staggered to her feet before she retaliated with a fierce drive into Rebecca's midsection.

"Couldn't you at least fight fair, bitch" Alicia taunted as she once again nailed Rebecca in the midsection.

But Rebecca had the look of insanity on her eyes as she nailed Alicia across the face driving her hard to the ground again.

"Fair ? I'm the one who died at your hands on the set."

It was obvious Rebecca had flipped and there was no reasoning with her. It was like her part in the movie had become her real life personality as she trounced the redhead with three thumps to her breasts. Alicia screamed in agony as Rebecca seized her ankles spread her legs and sent two thunderous shots into Alicia's crotch before helicopter spinning her across the room. Alicia landed spread-eagle on the ground before rolling up into a little ball clutching her womanhood. Rebecca snarled a defying scream into the air as she clutched Alicia's hair and brutally tore her off the ground.

The redhead tried to push Rebecca into the wall but the brunette spun her head first into it foiling her attempt. Alicia fell to the ground with frustrating disorientation, Rebecca looked down at her and laughed as Alicia stared into the depth's of her dazed state. Rebecca reached down and tore Alicia's bra off revealing her small perky breasts before dropping to her knees and driving her nails into them. Rebecca twisted and poked the creamy white flesh as she enjoyed her enemies cries of pain. Alicia was almost out of it when the brunette seized her by the hair again and forced her to her knees. Alicia could not resist her since she was still glazed by the head first collision into the wall and Rebecca forced her head between her thighs and squeezed her helpless victim with resonance.

Alicia thrashed her arms against Rebecca's well toned and lightly tanned legs before the brunette reached down and lifted Alicia's lower body into the air and came crashing down on her head with a pile driver. Alicia was out of it now as her fair skinned body just collapse to the hard ground, her breasts poetically jelloed to her bodies point of solitude as Rebecca reached down and ripped her silk panties off revealing her fiery red thatch before sending her fingers in for the kill.

Alicia awoke as Rebecca sent mystified trembles of pain through her body as she forced her hand into her crotch. Tears began to flow down the beautiful redhead's face as the brunette manipulated her to the point of endless fear and pleasure. Alicia's moans began to deaden as she was heightened toward orgasm and then brutally into masses of discomfort and resilience. Her perceptions blurred as her cries began to weaken, pulsating into Rebecca's perceptions.

The brunette turned her other hand to Alicia and belted her across the cheek commanding, "Shut the hell up bitch you giving me head pains."

Alicia silenced for a moment as Rebecca retreated her hand out from the redhead's crotch. Alicia had been so close to orgasm that she was in a state of senseless inspiration and despair. Rebecca flew to her feet before crushing Alicia in the crotch again. This was enough to send Alicia into ecstasy and Sanctuary all in one crash as her orgasm exploded in refinement. Rebecca laughed again watching the downed foe and her miserable pleasures ignite. She reached down and grabbed a hand full of Alicia's beautiful red hair and forced her to her feet.

The brunette beauty slowed began nudging Alicia toward the wall before slamming her against it. Alicia was trapped between a psycho and a hard place as Rebecca once again grabbed her wet crotch and literally tore her off the ground. Alicia was overwhelmed by Rebecca's touch once more before the brunette dropped her forcing her knee between the redheads legs.

Alicia fell forward onto Rebecca's shoulder as the brunette grabbed at her hair and pulled her head back enjoying the pain in Witt's eyes. Rebecca slowly began sliding her tongue over Alicia's face till she began to cry once again. Rebecca is getting hot from the touch of Alicia's womanhood on her knee as she slowly begins to slide Alicia forward and backward across her thigh till the redhead hits her climax once again.

Rebecca slows her pace as she enjoys the feel of Alicia's wet juices trickling down her leg. After a short prelude of desire the brunette reaches down and grabs Alicia between the legs and over the shoulder before lifting her into the air and slamming her down to the ground.

"You had your fun sweetie now I get to have mine," smirked Rebecca as she slide her shorts down her long and luscious legs revealing her ravishing form of femininity.

She was already close to orgasm as she quickly lowered herself over Alicia's tear glistened face. The brunette began pumping herself in pure ecstasy enjoying the gentle caress of Alicia's nose and mouth. She listened as the redheads moans were submerged by her continual rhythms and that only turned her on even more till finally she released her vintage fountain of desire all over Alicia's face.

Rebecca's pleasure was incredible as she continued to pump the redheads face using her own sweet nectar to lubricate each slow and poetic movement. At this point Alicia was just a limp model of creamy white flesh for she had blacked out. That didn't stop Rebecca from using her face one last time to fuel her fire. Rebecca continued to moan almost harmoniously with the squishes and spatters of her sex pumping Alicia's face till finally she orgasmed again.

This one was even better then the first as she lowered herself down to Alicia's stomach sliding her hands gently against the redheads buns till she drain herself completely. She slowly moved her body up gazing at the ceiling before working herself to her feet. She was so drained from the excitement as she loomed down on Alicia's cream coated face and began to whimper.

She rolled the redhead onto her stomach enjoying the site of her breasts being sandwiched beneath her. Rebecca then pulled Alicia's arms behind her back and tied them. She then forced Alicia to her knees and tossed her over her shoulder. Rebecca carried Alicia away while caressing her hand over the redheads firm and beautiful Ass.

"You've been turning me on this whole time bitch, it was just a matter of time" tattered Rebecca.

The brunette carried Alicia to the camera bay and tossed her onto the set naked and bound for everyone to see.