Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Alyson Hannigan "Hell in a Cell" by BenPhunk 15-Jan-00

As the opening strains of Lorena Macdeerment's "Mummers Dance" floated out of the PA system, Alyson Hannigan strode down the aisle. Instead of her usual toothy pearl whit smile, and coy blown kisses to the adoring fans, her eyes were fixed on the steel cage that surrounded the ring. It had come down to this, a no DQ "Hell in a Cell" match, with no pinfalls or submissions. One woman would walk out of that cage tonight. She couldn't believe it had gotten this far.

It had all started innocently enough. At one time Alyson and Sarah had been one of the most successful tag teams in the Hollywood World Wrestling Federation, "The Slayers." Then Sarah decided to turn heel. She was bored of being a baby face, and Sy in his infinite wisdom couldn't see how the crowd could ever hate a girl like Alyson. And he saw ratings gold (which had never been a problem- who wouldn't want to see their favorite female Celebs beat each other to an inch of their lives?).

Sarah walked off in the middle of "The Slayers" tenth title defense, leaving Alyson to the not so tender mercies of Liz Hurley and Heather Graham, "The Awesome Powers." Thus ensued one of the most exciting feuds in HWWF history.

Both women were equal in style, and since they were so close in stature, it opened up a whole new arsenal of power moves of both antagonists. It had started to go sour, as Sarah, embracing her heel persona started using under handed tactics with more frequency and viciousness; inching her way beyond acceptable "scripted" levels to plumb the depths of the realm of humiliation. The final straw was broken when a month ago between the veteran team of Cellar and Carpenter ("The New Slayers" - hey Sy was a great businessman, not a writer dammit!) faced Alyson and her new rookie partner Reese Witherspoon (part of the newly formed stable, "The Sweethearts".)

The script called for Reese to be cornered and be beaten pretty badly while Aly was forced to watch, handcuffed to the turnbuckle. What had happened in fact was a 15 minute torture session of Reese(in her ever popular schoolgirl outfit), culminating in both "Sweethearts" being stripped naked, while Reese was face sat into LALA Land, and Aly was beaten in an inch of her life, chained to the top rope. Aly had demanded this match, and both agreed not to have it scripted. They would go at it full force, until one of them dropped.

Now Alyson, the newly monikered "The Heartbreaker," Hannigan prepared herself for battle. She was dressed in her new costume, something Sy had been experimenting with since the feud started. Tonight it was a white sports bra, with a little broken heart on her left breast, light red crotchless pantyhose, and white satin bikini briefs with little red hearts printed on, surrounded by red chantilly lace. Red calf length boots with little pink hearts would have topped this ensemble off if there wasn't a cold hard glare in Alyson's hazel eyes. She was accompanied by "Haight/Ashbury," Kristen Dunst, and Michelle Williams, two other charter members of "The Sweethearts." The fans were behind them 100 percent.

The lights went down to black. Beck's "Motherfucker" boomed across the Moolah Memorial Arena. As red light floated on clouds of dry ice fog, as Charisma Carpenter sauntered down the aisle, dressed in her traditional gold satin bra and black fishnet pantyhose and g-string. When she got to the center she stopped, widened her stance, through her pointed hands to one side, then pointed them over her head a la the NWO.

Upon viewing the tape it would be hard to tell whether the pyrotechnics or the boos of the crowd erupted first. SMG was dressed in her usual "bad girl" outfit - a black pretzel bikini, black fishnets, black velvet opera gloves, and black ankle length shiny boots. Sarah soaked in the hisses as she strode down towards the ring. As both entourages stood outside the cage, Aly and Sarah ,met in the center of the ring.

"Aly honey, are you supposed to be "Teddy Ruxpin" this week, or did you forget to put your rag in ?"

Alyson's hard stare was met with a Sarah's predatory sneer.

As both women stood in their perspective corners, and the ref. had exited the ring, SMG decided to turn it up a notch.

"I hope you douched this time. Charisma has worked up a thirst, and I love seeing you not fake a orgasm."


As the ref. locked the door of the cage outside, Alyson charged across the ring, launching herself into a dropkick. SMG coolly rolled out of the way. The second turnbuckle split Aly's legs apart, and rammed into her crotch. Her moan was cut short as her head and back crashed into corner.

"You are so predictable."

Sarah then proceeded to fire a flurry of kicks and stomps into Aly's exposed stomach, causing the feisty ingénue to giggle into a macabre limp dance of a masterless marionette. After about thirty seconds of this frenzied storm, Sarah Michelle stopped and surveyed her work.

Sarah deemed that it was good, as a devilish grin spread across her face, as she watched Alyson's mouth pucker into an "Oh" as she tried to gasp in a desperate breath of air.

As Alyson's arms weakly draped over her even now reddening tummy, SMG grabbed both ropes and placed her boot unto her opponent's chin, and jumped- transforming poor Aly into the world's largest(and cutest) tidily-wink. The Princess of Darkness stepped out of the way, as Alyson flopped chest down onto the mat in a heap. Her arms now drifted to her head, as her feet gently pounded the mat in a desperate attempt to stay conscience.

Sarah threw her sleek body into the ropes next to her, raced across the ring to the other side, turned around, only to be bounced back to her target.

Alyson's entire body shook as the keen point of Sarah's elbow crashed into the nape of her neck. SMG basked in the crowd's hate, as she cockily straddled the small of the "Heartbreaker's" back, lifted Alyson's limp arms over her knees and locked in a camel clutch. As Sarah leaned back bending the baby face into a crescent, Alyson's glazed, half closed eyes snapped open. Before Alyson realized that her moans could not be heard she was reduced to whimpering.

Sarah Michelle whispered into Alyson's ear, "Come on sweetie pie, we're just getting started." With that she slid her from Alyson's chin too her pert breasts, inserted her talons and pulled up and away. Her efforts were rewarded with Alyson's piercing scream.

Sarah quickly got bored, and remembered that she had planned many, many things for tonight. She raked her claws across and down each breast, and pushed Alyson's head into the mat. She quickly rose, and sauntered down to Aly's battered stomach, and kicked her over, onto her back. As Sarah crossed to Aly's ankles, the crowd let her know they didn't like what they saw.

"You ain't seen nothing yet!"

With that Sarah lifted Alyson's legs, and proceeded to drag her victim across the ring, stopping right in front of the turnbuckle. SMG dropped under the bottom rope, and slid to floor, where she reclaimed Alyson's legs.

Alyson, pushed herself up on her elbows and forearms just in time to tearfully plead to Sarah not to do what she was about to do.

This proved to be as effective as the rest of Alyson's effort had been this evening, as her crotch was slammed into the turnbuckle, causing Alyson to stiffen and then go slack yet again. Sarah grabbed a good handful of Alyson's sweat soaked, red locks, and slid her upper torso over the concrete floor, finally giving a mighty tug that sent Hannigan spilling to the concrete floor.

Sarah turned to see Charisma laughing her ass off outside the cage-motioning for Gellar to come over. Charisma had an idea.

Alyson got to her hands and knees, and sent a shaking hand between her thighs. She hadn't been this deep on a wrong side of a smack down since her rookie year. Sarah grabbed plucked her off the concrete by her hair, but that didn't stop Alyson's jelly knees from collapsing. Sarah chuckled hair sill firmly gripped, and grabbed the waistband of Aly's hose and yanked her up, and tossed her into the cage. Alyson bounced off and landed in a red and pale sweaty white tangle. Sarah then bent down and took Aly's white bra off without any resistance.

She then placed her victim's upper body against the cage, grabbed her arms, and thrust her foot into the small of Alsyon's back. As Alyson's boobs oozed out of the cage, being crushed into the hard metal, Charisma strolled over to broken "Heartbreaker." The sadistic Carpenter dropped to her knees, eyeing a cherry red nipple that was being poured out into a cone shaped mold of pain. The New Slayer opened her mouth, and traced her tongue around the tortured tit, and then bit down.

The dam had broken, and a torrent of tears streamed down Alyson's eyes. Michelle had all she could stand, and couldn't stands no more. She grabbed a steel chair, and smashed across Charisma's head. Immediately, Carpenter's tightened, drawing blood and another scream from Aly, and then went completely slack, slumping to the floor. Sarah released her hold, and complimented Alyson on finding someone almost as smart as she was.

There was not much room for thought inside of Alyson's pain racked head. But she knew she could not lose to Sarah like this- she was here to teach her a lesson-she had to do something. Luckily for her, Sarah ever the showboat had decided to take a victory strut around the ring, before laying in her coup de Gras. As she rounded her last corner, she stood with hands on her hips, legs slightly spread laughing to herself.

"This is too fucking easy."

Sarah was right. Just then on animal instinct, Alyson did something she had never done before- she unloaded an uppercut into an opponents crotch.

Sarah's once proud fishnet encased legs buckled. Gradually Alyson got to her feet, using the fence as leverage. As soon as she stood upright, she grabbed Sarah's bowed head into a reverse headlock, threw her into a swift and devastating DDT on the cold hard floor. Sarah was out, but Alyson was not done. Something had snapped.

Alyson stood up, straddled the prone Gellar, and took the front of Sarah's pretzel top with each hand pulled them together, creating an effective garrote. Suddenly there was a sign of life in SMG as she flailed her legs, and shot her hand around her crushed windpipe.

"You.. want...(pant) to play rough bitch? Okay!"

Sarah stopped her struggles and succumbed to gray spots and then to the blackness that flooded her mind. Alyson then dropped the limp villainess to ground, releasing her choke. She stripped Sarah of her bikini, revealing that Sarah was wearing a white satin thong underneath her hose, and hair hauled her up to her feet, placed one hand between Sarah's legs, and the underneath her breastplate and in an amazing feet of strength, lifted SMG up, and slammed her chest first into the steel stairs.

Sarah bounced off the stairs going into violent convulsions, finally settling in fetal position, cradling her busted boobs. Alyson then bent down and grabbed SMG by the hair once again, this time firing a knee lift to the girl's breadbasket. She then walked Sarah to the cage, pressed the girl's chest into the cage, and raked her tits against the steel to the other side.


Both girls chests were now bleeding. Alyson fired another knee lift into Sarah, keeping her hunched over, Alyson climbed onto the apron, and through the ropes, with Sarah still standing on the outside. Aly latched one hand into the waistband of the Princess of Darkness' fishnets, the other around the back of her neck, welcoming SMG back into the rig with a spine tingling suplex. Sarah rolled onto her stomach, and got to all fours, providing Alyson a perfect target for a guillotine leg-drop across Sarah's back. All she could do was moan as she was peeled off the mat, and Irish Whipped into the ropes, and met with a super kick on the way back, which flipped her around one-hundred and eighty degrees. Gellar landed with a thud on her back in the middle of the ring. She was then flipped onto her stomach and Alyson put her into a Boston Crab.

Suddenly the lifeless Sarah, sprang to life, slapping the mat with both hands, and screaming at the top of her lungs. She tried to power out, but that effort was met with Alyson throwing more weight and pressure into the hold. Suddenly a cold smile slid across Aly's lips. She dropped one of Sarah's legs, and jammed her hand into Gellar's crotch, sending her to new levels of pain with a half Boston crotch claw combo.

"No, no, no, noooo!" was what Sarah could muster as she shook her head back and forth.

Finally her struggles had ceased. Aly dropped the leg and the crotch, and turned to the gate. Standing on the other side was Charisma, eyes blazing with rage. Behind her were Michelle and Kristen- with shocked looks on their faces. They had never seen Alyson get that brutal.

"Step outside and I'll kill you bitch!" shouted Charisma.

This stopped Alyson dead in her tracks.

She lifted her hands in front of her body, and pretended to be shaking in fear, and then in her best "Willow" voice answered, "Uh-oh. I better stay in here then."

With that she turned to her helpless former tag team partner, and relived her of her boots, and then her hose and panties in one fell swoop. As Sarah was flipped over onto her back, she started to stir. She was quickly brought back into full conscience as Alyson grabbed her ankles spread her legs, and dropped a knee into Sarah's honey colored pussy. Aly stood up, and with Sarah's ankles still firmly under control, she started to lay the boots into Sarah's sore sex, as the now bawling "Princess of Darkness" looked as if ten thousand volts of electricity surged through her body.

Alyson stopped and look at Sarah's now swollen womanhood with the labia spread open, and her clit poking limply through to one side. Aly punctuated this phase of the match, as she stepped back two steps and wound her leg back and let loose to with mighty punt to Gellar's snatch, that lifted her off the mat, only to come crashing back down.

Alyson couldn't believe that what she was doing, and decided to end it. She dropped Gellar's legs and straddled her victim's head.

"You seem to like this move, maybe I should try it?"

With that, Alyson dropped her cute little ass onto Sarah's face, yanking it so she was engulfed in Hannigan cunt-try. Aly started grinding away, and she was overwhelmed by a flood of ecstasy, as the satin provided a thin barrier between her sex and Sarah's mouth. She had never wanted to dominate an opponent before, but now that she was, she couldn't see why she hadn't earlier.

Sarah could feel the satin rub against her face. She could smell Alyson's excitement. She tasted the tincture of Aly's juices and her own saliva. Seeing only one response to these multiple stimuli, Sarah opened her mouth and bit down hard. Alyson just about to reach a climax, stiffened her back, her large eyes snapping open. Sarah snaked her hands into Aly's hose, and grabbed onto the waistband of "The Heartbreaker's" panties. She gave as mighty of a tug she could in the position and weakened state she was in. But it was enough to pull her attacker off of her, and push her to the side, after releasing her locked jaw.

As Alyson sat spread eagle rubbing the pain from her groin, Gellar got to her hands and knees and started to crawl to the other side of the ring. Charisma was in her sight cheering her on.

"Just... have too... get to the ropes...get to Charisma," Sarah thought.

Alyson had gotten to her feet, and delicately placed both index fingers into either leg whole of her outer underwear, and ran them down the sides, extracting them from her tender crotch and rectum. All the while staring right at Gellar's crawling form.

Sarah wondered why Charisma's face had turned into a mask for concern. Before her teammate could yell a warning, she soon discovered why.

Alyson charged across the ring, and attacked the most promising target to her, cutting loose with another cunt punt. Sarah laid motionless on the mat, trying to massage the pain out of her battered groin.

Michelle and Kristen looked on in utter shock. This turned to revulsion when they realized Alyson wanted to continue this massacre.

The Heartbreaker peeled the Princess of Darkness of the mat, and set her on the ropes, unleashing two knife chops across Gellar's chest, that caused all four breasts to jiggle and dance. She then sent her old friend for a ride across the ring, and launched herself into a flying clothesline. But as Sarah got to the other side, she latched onto the ropes, stopping her rebound. Alyson's met the mat chest first, bounced and flipped onto her back cradling her small but firm chest. Summoning up her reserves of hate, Sarah Michelle threw herself into a full body splash against the prone body of Aly, knocking the wind right out of her.

Sarah tossed any illusions of this being a wrestling match out the window, as she climbed her way up Alyson's prone body, grabbed her by the hair and started to rain punches into her shocked face. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 blows came crashing down, with a backhanded slap for good luck. Feeling a little more of her oats, Sarah got to her feet, pulling Alyson up with her.

"The Princess of Darkness" whipped Aly into the corner, and showed her how to connect with a dropkick.

The only reason Alyson did not slump to the floor was that her arms had flown up and over the corner, suspending her. Sarah, getting up, went back to both warriors kick-boxing roots, firing knee after knee to Alyson's stomach, chest, and crotch, culminating in a mighty spinning kick that spun Aly's head around, followed by her body. She was now facing the outside of the cage, still being held by the ropes. Gellar did not let up, stepping on the bottom rope, hands her hands and the rest of her weight pushing the back of Alyson's neck into the steel cable.

Alyson's body thrashed, as her precious air was being cut off, and the ungiving rope crushed her windpipe. Sarah, switching hand positions. yanked her tool for torture back slinging Alyson to the mat. It was time to end this.

Plucking The Heartbreaker off the mat, and Sarah threw the hurting Hannigan into the ropes. Upon returning Sarah wrapped her hands around her waist, flipped her over, and plunged Alyson's stomach into her out-stretched knee, pushing her off and onto the mat. The end was nigh, as Gellar just her set-up move- "The Stake." It was now time to get Alyson into her finisher- "Buffy's Bedtime."

Sarah snaked one leg underneath Alsyon's stomach the other over her sweat drenched back. Sarah wanted this to be perfect- to send a message that even if Alyson pulled out all the stops, and fought with everything she had, she would still lose. Sarah , slid down , her pussy pressing against the gentle slope created by Alyson's delicate hip, trapping her victim in her thighs, one of the strongest parts of her tan arsenal. Sarah locked her ankles and started to gently squeeze. She would pour on the pressure when she slipped on the sleeper, which was about to be the next thing she did.

Unfortunately for Sarah, Alyson knew what was coming and knew how to stop it. She fired a fist at the underside of Sarah's left breast. Then another, and another. This allowed her to turn to her side, grab Gellar's golden locks and unleash a headbutt across the bridge of the little bitch's nose. The stream of blood immediately started to flow from the stunned Sarah.

"You want finishers? I'll give you some finishers! WHORE!"

With that, Alyson scurried up to the top turnbuckle and unleashed a flying elbow to Sarah's head. In an involuntary motion Sarah's legs flew up and then came crashing to the mat. Alyson hooked a leg, giving America another chance to see Gellar's bruised cunnie, and slapped the mat three times. Alyson got up, and much to the surprise of everyone, instead of exiting the cage, flipped the dreaming Gellar over, and unleashed a guillotine leg drop, across the throat. Again she covered, hooked, and slapped the mat three times.

Although Alyson wasn't done yet, "Haight/Ashbury" was. Kristen and Michelle could not stand to watch this any longer, and walked sullenly up the ramp.

Alyson then propped Sarah up onto her feet long enough to deliver a Frankensteiner, covering the devastated Princess of Darkness, and pinning her again. Alyson decided that she could make her point with one more move- her own finisher- now called "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre."

She climbed the turnbuckle yet again, set herself, and launched, somersaulting a full 360 in the air, crashing into the down Gellar. This time she opted for match book pin and pounded the mat five times. Exhausted she pulled herself up, expecting to hear the cheers of adulation of the masses. Instead she received a collective shocked gasp and a few scattered boos. Aly shrugged not understanding why, but exited the cage.

As soon as the door opened, Charisma raced past Alyson, too the battered body of Sarah, gently placing her head onto her fishnetted lap, gently cradling and rocking the fallen Gellar until the paramedics arrived.

Alsyon had won the match, and possibly the feud, but at what price?

The End.