Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by Christian 26-Jun-00

A cocky Jennifer Love Hewitt strutted about the ring in a black bikini seeking crowd support. In the other corner, a more subdued Sarah Michelle Gellar stood in a blue bikini cautiously watching her foe.

The problems began shortly after Jennifer's TV series on Fox was canceled. She had watched her television career spiral downward while Sarah's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soared in the ratings. This infuriated the egotistical Jennifer who fancied herself prettier and a much better actress than Sarah. Jennifer began to slam Sarah in the media at every opportunity.

Finally, in an interview on 'Entertainment Tonight', Jennifer told Mary Hart that she was going to become a guest star on "Buffy" next season; that the plan was for her to take over the starring role of "Slayer" from Sarah by the end of the season. (This was all completely untrue, but Jennifer thought that maybe she could plant an idea in the producer's mind.)

Sarah had finally had enough and confronted Jennifer about these allegations. Jennifer decided that the best way to take over Sarah's job was to take her out in one fell swoop. To this end, she challenged Sarah to a fight to see who was the tougher woman. She figured that the producer would see her destroy Sarah and decide that she should take over the starring role on "Buffy" immediately. With the producer aware of the challenge, Sarah had no choice but to accept.

Sarah was visibly nervous because she had never been in a fight before and didn't know what to expect. Jennifer's aggressive campaign had definitely given her the psychological advantage in this fight.

The bell rung and Sarah slowly advanced to the center of the ring. Jennifer quickly advanced on her and gave her a kick to the stomach. Sarah doubled over in surprise and pain. Jennifer followed with an upper-cut to Sarah's jaw. Sarah's head snapped back as she tumbled to the mat. This was more than she had bargained for, and it was just beginning.

Jennifer was on the downed Sarah in a flash. She grabbed Sarah's ankles and spread her legs apart. She smiled at the producer in the front row and then brought her foot down on Sarah's crotch. Sarah's eyes opened wide as a new pain shot through her body. She let out a loud moan and instinctively rolled into a ball on the mat. Jennifer grabbed Sarah by the hair a roughly pulled her to her feet.

"Is that all you got, little girl?" Jennifer asked before delivering a series of punches to Sarah's midsection.

This left Sarah gasping for air as Jennifer brought her fists down on Sarah's back, dropping her to the canvas. Jennifer rolled Sarah onto her back and a knee into her stomach. She then straddled Sarah and began banging her head onto the mat. Sarah, in a dazed state, wildly grabbed at the first thing she saw, Jennifer's breasts. She latched both hands onto Jen's large firm breasts and began to squeeze. Jennifer let out a scream a pain flooded her breasts.

She let go of Sarah's hair and began trying to pry her hands off her sore breasts. Sarah held on tight and began to twist the soft flesh. Jennifer switched tactics and began to punch Sarah in her smaller but equally firm breasts. Sarah cried out and brought her hands down to protect her battered breasts. As she brought her hands down she also brought Jennifer's bikini top down with them, exposing the brunette's lovely chest to an appreciative crowd.

Jennifer looked down in shock and embarrassment at her exposed breasts. This gave Sarah the opportunity to roll over onto her stomach and protect her tender breasts from any further assault.

An infuriated Love Hewitt grabbed Sarah under the chin in a Camel Clutch. She pulled back. trying to snap the blonde actress in two. Pain flooded through young Sarah. She had been battered and beaten beyond anything she could have imagined and she just wanted to quit and go home. She was about to cry "Uncle" when she saw the producer in the front row. She realized that such a devastating defeat would surely end her run as "Buffy". Despite the intense pain, she knew she had to continue.

Jennifer was so intent on breaking the blonde that she didn't notice Sarah's hand snaking down into the front of her bikini bottom until it was too late. Sarah grabbed a handful of Jen's pubic hair and yanked. Jennifer let out an ear piercing scream as Sarah ripped out a handful of her pubes. She released her hold on Gellar and grabbed her crotch.

Sarah rolled free and unsteadily got to her feet. Jennifer was on her knees rubbing her pubic area when Sarah approached. Sarah grabbed Jennifer by her hair and drove her knee into Hewitt's chin. That sent a dazed Hewitt onto her back. Sarah pulled the brunette up by her hair and threw her into the ropes. As Jennifer rebounded off the ropes Sarah caught her with a forearm to the chest, which sent the brunette to the canvas.

Sarah then grabbed one of Jen's legs and began to twist it. Jennifer screamed as she felt like her leg was going to snap off. Jennifer used her free leg give Sarah a kick to the stomach. The kick shot all of the air out of Sarah and dropped her on her butt with a loud "Oomph."

Jennifer scrambled into position behind her. She sat behind Sarah and twisted her legs around the blonde's. Jennifer then wrapped her arms around Sarah's arms and chest, thus immobilizing the blonde. Sarah struggled but couldn't break the hold. Sarah froze as she felt Jennifer's hand sliding past the waist band of her bikini bottom. She realized what was about to happen and began to plead with Jen.

"Oh, please, no." she begged.

Jennifer smiled and whispered in her ear, "Paybacks are a bitch."

She then grabbed a fistful of the blonde's pubic hair and yanked. Sarah's scream of pain filled the arena as Jennifer's hand emerged holding a fistful of blonde pubic hair.

Jennifer laughed and said, "That was fun, let's do it again."

With that, she slid her hand back down Sarah's bikini.

Sarah moaned, "Oh God no, not again," as Jennifer ripped out another handful of blonde pubic hair. Another scream filled the air. Once again, Jennifer laughed with delight and said, "I like this game. By the time I'm through with you your going to be known as "Baldy", not "Buffy"!"

Sarah knew she couldn't take another round of this torture and had to act fast. She snapped her head back and caught an unsuspecting Love Hewitt in the nose with the back of her head. This caused Jennifer to release her hold and allowed Sarah to roll free.

A stunned Hewitt looked up just in time to see Sarah's right fist come crashing into her left eye (that eye would blacken after the fight). The blow sent her spinning onto her stomach. Sarah immediately leaped onto Jennifer's back (although she would have preferred to rub her very sore crotch, she knew she couldn't give Jen a moments respite).

Seated atop Jennifer's back, Sarah grabbed Jen's bikini bottom with both hands and pulled, administering a super-wedgie to the brunette. Jennifer cried out as her bikini bottoms bit into her crotch and rear-end. Sarah pulled harder. Jennifer began to slam her hands on mat as tears welled up in her eyes.

Sarah then stood up and pulled Jennifer to her feet by her bikini bottom. Sarah surprised herself with her own viciousness as she pulled up harder, raising Hewitt up onto her toes. Sarah then began to parade the formerly cocky little witch around the ring like a puppet on a string. The pained expression and embarrassed expression on Jennifer's face as her bottoms savagely bit into her butt and crotch was priceless. Sarah's move was met with a burst of laughter and applause from the crowd.

On her second trip around the ring, Hewitt's humiliation finally ended as her bikini bottom mercifully ripped and tore off, releasing the girl from their tortuous hold. Sarah stood there looking at the torn bottom as Jennifer fell flat on her face.

Sarah tossed the bottoms into the crowd and then looked down to see a now naked Love Hewitt on all fours trying to crawl away. This provided a perfect target for the kick boxer and Sarah scored with a powerful punt to Jennifer's exposed crotch. Jennifer's eyes went wide with pain as she pitched forward onto her stomach.

Sarah walked over to the moaning brunette and grabbed her by the hair, lifting her roughly to her feet. She walked Jen over and bent her over the top rope. Sarah then grabbed the middle rope and pulled it over the top of Jennifer, thus trapping her in a bent over position.

Sarah bent over the brunette and whispered into her ear, "You want to act like a little brat? Well now you're going to be punished like one."

With that, Sarah began to spank Jennifer's perky bottom. Jennifer squealed with each smack.

She cried out, "OK. OK. I give. You win. Now let me up!"

Sarah replied, "Well Miss Bigshot, why don't we let the producer decide?'

Jen looked up to the producer and pleaded with her eyes for him to stop this humiliation.

He just smiled and said to Sarah, "She asked for it, now let her have it."

The look of shock on Jennifer's face quickly changed as Sarah renewed her attack on Jennifer's rapidly reddening rear end.

Jennifer had never been spanked before and thanked the gods for that as the pain began to mount in her rear-end. Soon her ass was on fire and each smack from Sarah stoked the blaze in her bottom. A wave of humiliation and embarrassment swept through her as she realized the crowd was cheering and yelling for Sarah to "give it to her!" She looked over her shoulder and saw a big smile on Sarah's face as she wailed away on Jen's burning butt. Tears began to run freely down her face as she cried out from the well-deserved spanking she was receiving.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch..."

Jennifer grew even more despondent as she realized that she would have to cancel her scheduled appearance on Hollywood Squares on Monday as she knew that it was going to be quite awhile before she would be able to sit down again.

Finally, Sarah stopped the spanking and grabbed Jen by the hair.

"Apologize for trying to get my job," she said.

Jen apologized profusely.

"Who am I?" Sarah demanded.

"B-B-Buffy!" Jen cried.

"That's right and don't you forget it you little bitch!" yelled Sarah.

To complete her humiliation, Sarah then posed for photographs standing next to Jennifer's fire-engine red rear-end.

Sarah began to walk away, but then turned and gave Jennifer a powerful punt to her crotch which lifted her off her feet. Jennifer cried out in pain and dropped her too her knees.

"That's in case you ever think of challenging me again," said a triumphant Sarah as she walked away to the wild applause of the crowd.

A thoroughly beaten, humiliated, and spanked Jennifer Love Hewitt hung from the ropes and sobbed as the passing crowd jeered at her.