Hot Lips: Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by kit

October 1998; Melissa Joan Hart is throwing a birthday bash for friends, Alicia Silverstone and Neve Campbell who just turned 22 and 25 respectively. Naturally, she invited a host of friends to help the two birthday-girls celebrate. The Saturday afternoon featured a pool party and a cookout and everyone had a good time. But by ten o’clock most of the working (or married) actresses had left except Alicia, Neve, Sarah Michelle and Love who had been invited to spend the night at MJH’s.

After changing into comfortable sleeping attire, the five lounged in Melissa’s den drinking wine coolers, smoking pot and munching (not yet you perverts, he meant snacks!) The five young actresses continued to party, laughing, drinking, smoking and cutting up. They talked about movies, shows, the latest Hollywood gossip and they spent a LOT of time trashing other young (rival) actresses - especially Charlize Theron who had just burst on the scene - until the conversation eventually turned (as it invariably did with them) to sex!

“Has anyone else kissed another girl?” giggled Melissa. “I mean, a for-real hot kiss...not on the set or in a script.”

The other four girls sorta giggled, all shaking their heads ‘no’ and exchanged puzzling looks.

“Have you ever wanted too? Ever wondered what it’d feel like?” pressed Melissa, snickering.

Sarah and Jennifer locked eyes for a split second. Kissing wasn’t exactly what they wanted to do to each other; ripping out a handful of hair was more in line with what they’d prefer. The four girls continued to giggle nervously and squirm about on the couch or in their chairs.

“Well!” insisted Melissa, grinning.

“Well!” blurted Neve. “Have you?”

“No. But I’ve always sorta wanted too,” Melissa responded with a deep crimson blush spreading over her cheeks.

Sarah and Jennifer gazed at each other a little more spitefully this time. Locking lips with their greatest rival might be a good alternative to slapping the daylights out of her. After all, there WAS a powerful sexual rivalry between them and choking the other with her tongue DID have a certain perverse appeal.

“Yeah, well...maybe,” blushed Alicia, giving her friend Melissa a tasty grin.

“Well, twenty dollars says my lips are the hottest here,” Melissa challenged, throwing a bill in the middle of the circle.

“THOSE lips? Ha! Don’t make me laugh, bitch,” Neve roared, accepting Melissa’s challenge.

After a bit of coaxing, Alicia, Sarah and Jennifer went to get their purses. Sarah and Jennifer squinted at each other as they tossed their crumpled bills in the pot.

They decided they’d all kiss each other once. After the kissing was over, each would write down on slip of paper who she thought were the two best kissers.

“Don’t cheat and vote for yourselves,” said Melissa, playfully. “I know all you bitches pretty good.”

“Us?” teased Alicia and Neve.

“Yeah, you, bitch,” Melissa said, taking Neve’s hand. “Come on, let’s lock up.”

“Go for it, you blond slut,” Neve replied, squeezing Melissa’s hand.

Melissa and Neve paused facing each other with their hands placed on the other’s hips. There was little giggle and grin as they licked their lips in anticipation.

“G’wan an’ do her, ‘lissa,” urged Alicia.

The two took a deep breath, then plunged together. The other three watching all clapped and cat-called as Melissa and Neve plunged their open mouths together. It was a good, long, kiss that left both women breathless when they parted panting as they gazed at each other with a new appreciation of the other’s hidden talent.

“Very nice,” huffed Melissa, with a big grin.

“Whew! That was intense,” Neve nodded, smiling.

“Alright, you and me,” said Alicia, moving to Jennifer Love.

Love was a little nervous at first, but once she and Alicia twirled tongues a couple of times, she settled down and proved what a hot little tiger she really was. It wasn’t long before Alicia’s knees were trembling and she broke off gasping for breath.

“Shit, bitch,” puffed Alicia. “Where’n hell’d you learn to kiss like that?”

Jennifer shot Sarah a wicked glare, saying, “That was nothing. I’m saving the best for later.”

Sarah smirked and turned to Neve. She too was nervous, but she also wanted to show Jennifer what would be in store for her as well. Sarah poured it on with Neve, leaving the brunette dazed and stunned with her lips tingling. The kissing contest continued as the girls rotated, trading partners until each had lip-locked with each of the others. As they became more at ease, the kisses grew longer and hotter.

Sarah and Jennifer were the last pair to go. Both had done a great job showing off for the other, but each had left plenty of tongue left for this battle.

“This should be hot,” gasped Melissa as she slipped her hand under her waistband..

Jennifer pulled a tube of lipstick from her purse.

“Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Alicia.

“No problem, bitch,” snarled Sarah as Jennifer applied a thick screen of red lip gloss to her full lips as Sarah popped open her tube and painted her lips a matching red. Everyone knew of their rocky relationship dating back to their confrontation on the set of, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Publicly, Sarah and Jennifer appeared friends, but Hollywood insiders knew the truth. The hot blonde and the sexy brunette had been major rivals during filming and, though they hadn’t fought, they waged war on each other with their pussies. During filming, both had steamy, heated affairs with costar Freddie Prinze. Naturally, like any male, he couldn’t help bragging about “nailing” both of the nubile young starlets. But he’d also did them a favor, spreading the word that they’d both been the best ‘fucks’ of his young life.

Naturally, Sarah and Jennifer didn’t appreciate being compared to each other in this category since each considered herself far sexier and infinitely hotter between the sheets than the other. Standing face to face, the blonde and brunette knew this was it. Each still had a strong urge to slap the other and rip out a good fistful of her hair, but - for now - kissing would have to do.

The others watched as Sarah and Jennifer eyeballed each other, looking up and down. Sarah had on a flimsy, pink top with no sleeves and a deep V-neck that showed off some nice cleavage. Her little, white panties poked out beneath, both in front and in back. Jennifer’s creamy breasts showed her awesome cleavage from under the yellow lace bra she wore and her tight, purple panties rode high on her round hips.

Sarah felt the moisture building between her legs. This had confrontation been building since the contest began, but never before had it been this strong before a kiss. Her pink nipples had started to swell and protrude noticeably behind her cotton top. Jennifer was feeling the same. She tried to control herself, but the burning sensation in her panties was matched only by the stiffening of her pink in her lacy bra.

With eyes locked, Jennifer stepped forward. Firmly, she planted her hands on Sarah’s hips as the blonde did the same. Sarah’s tummy trembled and Jennifer’s abs quivered as the decisive moment was now upon them.

“Don’t be nervous, girls,” chuckled Melissa. “Just pretend your going to kiss Freddie.”

Neve and Alicia giggled, but Sarah and Jennifer gave each other’s flesh a sharp dig with their thumbnails.

“Slut,” Jennifer hissed, going nose-to-nose with the blonde.

“Whore,” whispered Sarah, touching the tip of her nose to Jennifer’s.

Their breasts rubbed nipples as each drew in a deep breath just before diving in. Their red lips made a fleshy smack on contact and their jaws instantly opened. Both babes had mustered a good amount of saliva on their tongues and they swapped spit as their tongues made rough contact and rolled together.

“Yeah, baby! Give it to her,” coached Melissa, favoring neither woman in particular.

Their tongues battled furiously and neither held back, letting loose with all the tension they’d stored up. Sarah’s arms hugged high on Jennifer’s back and the brunette matched her. Their firm, high, young breasts pressed fully into contact, nipples spearing in and driving for more. Jennifer’s tongue forced it’s way in deep into Sarah’s mouth. Saran moaned, but quickly forced it out with her own tongue.

Over and over the wet tongues wrestled and fought. Sarah plunged her tongue into Jennifer who nearly gagged, but quickly pushed it back. Their embrace tightened as each ran her arms up higher and grabbed a fistful of hair to help control her hated rival. Both whimpered at the sensation in her scalp. Sarah pushed forward with her hips, but Jennifer’s hips meet her’s squarely. Even through their panties, they could feel the other’s full, thick, wet bush as their crotches twitched and ground against the others. Their hands now combed inside the other’s silky hair; their fingers claw-like as they each took two tight fists of hair and pulled.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Neve, her eyes widening.

“They’re really tearing it up,” Alicia panted as she watched the fighters lips peel back over their teeth.

Up and down Sarah and Jennifer’s heads moved. To the three young women watching, they looked like bobbing-head dolls. Saliva ran out the corners of their mouths and drooled down their chins. Their nostrils flared like wild, crazed animals as each labored to breath under this torrid French kiss fight.

Sarah knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. Her lungs burned from lack of oxygen and her lips felt like they were being mashed flat. Jennifer was in no better shape as she struggled for air and her jaw felt like it’d fall drop off any moment. With a final thrust of tongues, they traded spit one last time then fell out of their kiss. But before they broke, each gave the other’s head a two-fisted shake by the hair and they hissed, ‘bitch!’

“Aaah, fuck!” shouted Jennifer, her hands falling from Sarah’s hair.

A long string of spit dangled from lip-to-lip a few seconds before finally breaking off and dropping on their chins.

“Geeeez! Shit!” Sarah yelled, fighting for breath.

Doubled over with their hands on their knees, Sarah and Jennifer stared hatefully at each other as they slowly got their wind back. Clearly, nothing had been settled between them...yet!

When the votes were tallied, Jennifer came in first, beating rival Sarah by one vote to win the $100 pot. After that, the girls stayed up a little longer chatting and finishing off their beverages. Melissa and Alicia snuggled together on one end of the couch (obviously these two had made a love connection during the contest) and Sarah sat at the other end. Neve and Jennifer sat in big chairs facing them.

From time to time, Sarah or Jennifer would look up and catch the other looking at her. Each wondered what her rival was thinking and, in a strange way, both felt a strong attraction for the other. The hot kiss had definitely sparked something, but neither was sure what to make of her new feelings. One thing was certain, they still didn’t like each other much.

“Fuck...I’m tired,” sighed Neve snuffing out her cigarette. “I’m going to bed before I pass out.”

“Mmmmmm...sounds good,” agreed Melissa stretching, smiling at Alicia and offering her hand. “Ready for bed?”

Alicia grinned and nodded as she took Melissa’s hand in hers.

Jennifer and Sarah watched the two love birds leave the room arm in arm for Melissa’s love nest where they’d do some serious muff diving. Left alone, the blonde and brunette looked at each other without speaking...feeling uneasy.

“Well, I’m off,” said Sarah, suddenly rising.

“Look,” paused Jennifer, standing up to face her. “I’ve got a confession.”

“And,” snipped Sarah, planting her hands on hips, expecting Jennifer to start something.

“The money isn’t really mine,” Jennifer said, brandishing the cash back and forth. Sarah looked puzzled, but the brunette went on. “I cheated. You were really the best kisser of the bunch, but I didn’t vote for you.”

“Why you sneaky, little bitch!” said Sarah, squaring off with Jennifer.

“I know, I know. I just couldn’t let you win.”

“You’re one low-level piece of know that,” spat Sarah. “I picked you!”

Jennifer kept her cool; she’d expected Sarah would be mad, “Relax. I’ve got a proposition. Since we really tied, this money IS really ours.”

“Then give me half, bitch,” demanded Sarah, holding out her hand.


“Yes, bitch!”

“Fuck you,” Jennifer said. “I think we should kiss for it and settle this. Winner take all,” she said getting in Sarah’s face.

“Great! First one to break the kiss loses,” smiled Sarah as she embraced Jennifer forcefully.

In the blink of an eye the girls were clinched tightly together in a hard French kiss. Each had a fist of hair as they pressed their lips together. Hugging as hard as they could, each rubbed and pumped her breasts into the others as their bellies and crotches ground and bumped back and forth.

Their hot, wet, tongues rolled and twirled frantically over and over as they battled in and out of each others mouths. The tempo was fast and furious and their heads rolled rapidly around in a circle. Jennifer hooked her right leg behind Sarah’s left leg and slid her right hand down to her ass. Pulling Sarah’s crotch tight against her, Jennifer grabbed a handful of blonde ass and squeezed the firm globe hard.

“Mmmmmmm,” Sarah moaned into Jennifer’s mouth as their crotches worked in close.

Sarah let go of Jennifer’s hair and clasped two handfuls of her hot ass as she jammed her tongue deep inside the brunette’s mouth. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as the two of them now swayed back and forth, kissing and groping the other’s shapely tight butt.

Sarah’s crotch was burning with desire and she felt that any moment her panties may explode in flames. The sexy brunette was really lighting her up and she didn’t know how much more she could take. Jennifer was getting just as turned on as Sarah! Her crotch too was dripping wet and she was close to losing what little control she had. Sarah’s kissing and sexy ass were really doing a number on her. She realized she couldn’t stand much more of this hot, steamy kissing.



The blonde and brunette fell apart; Sarah dropping back onto the couch while Jennifer just slumped gasping to her knees in front of Sarah with her head bowed. Both were badly out of breath and sweating. They looked at each other with flushed faces and knew what they needed to...indeed, what they MUST do next.

“,” Sarah gasped at Jennifer.

From her knees, Jennifer managed to grin and nod silently in agreement. She was breathing too hard to speak.

“I..think..we..should...” Sarah began.

“,” Jennifer finished.

“Then lets go, slut,” Sarah said, struggling to stand and grinning down at Jennifer who was still kneeling at her feet.

Jennifer rose slowly and glared at Sarah, “I’m gonna fuck you like, so terrifically stupid.”

“Don’t count on it, bitch. I got the hottest pussy in the business,” said the blonde slowly stroking her own crotch.

“Second hottest,” glared Jennifer, grabbing Sarah’s hand and pulling it to her own.

Sarah yanked her hand free, grabbed Jennifer’s arm and led her to the bedroom she was using. As Jennifer closed the door behind them and turned around, she was suddenly slapped so hard she fell back against the door as her head snapped to the side, her hair flying over her stinging cheek.

“You bitch!” shouted Sarah. “That’s for cheatin’ and makin’ me have to fuck you.”

Rubbing her cheek, Jennifer straightened up and faced the blonde. Sarah, hands on hips, glared at Jennifer, awaiting her response, almost daring her to return the slap.

“Bitch!” Jennifer cursed, striking back with a slap of her own.

With the battle lines now having been clearly drawn, the blonde and brunette went right at it. Calling each other names, they traded several more slaps before they swung each other in a circle by the hair. Sarah ripped off Jennifer’s bra and Jennifer tore off Sarah’s pink top.

“Cunt!” Jennifer shouted, throwing her bare tits against Sarah’s as they each latched onto the others hair and pulled.

For several moments, Sarah and Jennifer’s perky, young tits slapped across each other as the two girls shook each other to and fro by the hair. Catfighting had always been foremost on their list, but fucking each other silly was still the main goal on this night.

But before they got down to business, the blonde and the brunette each needed to get this out of the way. Twisting their hands deeper and tighter in the other’s silky hair, Jennifer and Sarah slammed their tits together and began grinding. Their stiff, hard, nipples slashed and bent against the others as Jennifer’s larger globes mashed into Sarah’s slightly smaller, but equally shapely tits.

“Aaaaahhh, fuuuck!!” cursed Jennifer as Sarah pulled her head back. “Gaaawd, I fuckin’ hate you!” she swore.

Jennifer twisted harder at the blond locks trapped in her hands and Sarah yelped and cursed as her head was painfully forced back. She tugged harder at the chestnut hair in her grasp and called Jennifer, ‘you fuckin’ slut.’

Staggering to the edge of the bed, Jennifer shoved Sarah down and fell down on top of her.

“,” Sarah grunted, rolling Jennifer to the side by the hair.

Sarah tried to roll over on Jennifer, but the brunette arched her back and managed to force her way back on top of Sarah who grunted and tried to wrap her left leg over Jennifer’s waist. But Jennifer used her legs in defense until their four sexy limbs were fully entangled. Planting her hips and crotch directly against Sarah’s, Jennifer glared down at the blonde as she pulled herself into the dominant position.

“Now you’re gonna cum,” Jennifer grinned.

“Like hell,” said Sarah bucking her hips.

Jennifer locked lips with her rival and plunged her tongue into Sarah’s mouth. Again, two tongues fought each other as the young brunette rolled her tits and crotch over the blondes tits and crotch. The wet crotches of their panties stuck together and grew even wetter as they ‘sucked face’ and flicked their hard nipples together. Jennifer humped her purple panties against Sarah’s white ones and through the wet crotches they could feel and hear the rustling of the other girl’s pubic hairs as the panties slid and slipped together.

“Mmmmmmm,” Sarah moaned into Jennifer’s open mouth.

Her pussy was hot and she could feel the hot fluid dripping down the crack of her ass. She knew her orgasm was coming soon and she just hoped that it wasn’t a big one. The last thing she wanted was give Jennifer the satisfaction of making her blow her mind.

But Jennifer was getting close to her climax as well. She squeezed her pussy muscles as she struggled to hold off the rising tide. Then, Sarah suddenly squealed and Jennifer felt increasing dampness against her crotch. Sarah had soaked their panties with her ejaculation. Luckily for Sarah, it wasn’t the huge, earth-shattering, soul-sucking, energy-draining climax she’d feared she’d have, but it WAS a climax and Jennifer teased her for it!

“Go to hell, bitch. You haven’t proven anything yet,” Sarah said, throwing Jennifer off to the side by the hair.

Laying facing each other, they kept their legs entwined as they kissed and tongued each other softer, gently fondling, pinching and tugging each other’s tits and nipples. During a deep, passionate kiss, each moved her hand inside the other’s wet panties. Jennifer and Sarah both softly moaned as their thick bushes felt the other’s fingers comb thru.

“Mmmm, you’ve got soft hair there,” sighed Jennifer.

“So do you,” smiled Sarah, twirling her fingers gently.

“How does this feel, bitch?” asked Jennifer, giving a little yank that forced Sarah’s hips to jerk.

“Ooouuch! Bitch!” yelped Sarah, giving Jennifer’s long pubes a pluck.

Jennifer whimpered and for the next few moments the two girls exchanged pulls, twists and tugs, reminders of how they really felt about each other.

“I’d like to pluck your sorry pussy bald,” Jennifer said giving Sarah’s another yank.

“Oouch,” Sarah winced as she gave a tug that forced Jennifer to wince in response. “You just try bitch. But if you do, you’ll lose yur fuckin’ rug first.”

“How ‘bout I just do this instead,” Jennifer said, driving her middle finger deep into Sarah’s hot, pink box.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” moaned Sarah, arching her back and closing her eyes as the wonderful sensation coursed through her.

Jennifer had caught Sarah totally by surprise. She had been ready for a pussy pulling fight, but instead, she was getting her clit stroked by a slender, strong - and surprisingly effective - finger!

“Mmmmmmmm...OH you..sneaky...slut. Don’t...I mean....stop! I’m...I’m...oh, soooo...” Sarah could hardly get the words out as she shuddered to another quick, shaky orgasm a little more powerful than the first.

“You’ve got such a weak pussy,” teased Jennifer as she felt Sarah’s juices wash over her finger.

“Eat shit, bitch,” Sarah said, coming down from her little high and trying to squeeze her thighs on Jennifer’s hand.

“I’ll suck your pussy later, but right now I’m gonna finger you out a new hole,” Jennifer teased.

She grabbed the front of Sarah’s panties and pulled down. Sarah was starting to get pissed. Twice Jennifer had made her cum, and even though they hadn’t been BIG ‘gasms she’d been humbled. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

Sarah had been having sex for years and she’d always maintained complete control of her body. Could it be she was more attracted to Jennifer than she thought? There was no denying this brunette was hot, and Jennifer’s body DID feel good against her and she certainly was a great kisser.

Sarah convinced herself there was no way she would cum again without making Jennifer cum first. She pulled on Jennifer’s panties, struggling to work them over her full bottom and wide hips as they lay on their sides.

“You just bring it on, bitch,” Sarah said. “I haven’t even started yet. I’ve still got plenty left and before this is over, you’re gonna be begging me to stop.”

The girls paused just long enough to tear off their panties before nestling back on the bed and snuggling up close. Nose-to-nose and nipple-to-nipple, Sarah (on her right side, facing Jennifer on her left) as they put their hips side-to-side.

“Let’s see what you got, slut,” said Sarah, raising her left leg over Jennifer’s right thigh and exposing her pussy.

“Oh, I’m just dying to show you, bitch,” replied Jennifer, raising her right knee to open her cunt for Sarah’s fingers.

Both glanced down, assessing the other’s pride. In the light of the full moon streaming in the window, each saw the perfectly shaped triangle of the other’s pussy. Sarah’s fuzzy blond bush contrasted with Jennifer’s kinky brown one, but both were well kept with just the right amount of thick, kinky hair.

Looking back into the other’s eyes now, the foxy blonde and sexy brunette licked their lips, then pressed them softly but firmly together as their hands cupped the other’s crotch.

“Mmmmmmm,” Sarah moaned as her tongue rolled gently with Jennifer’s as the brunette gave her cunt a tender squeeze.

Jennifer too moaned when Sarah’s tongue probed her mouth as her hand gently cupped and squeezed her pussy.

For a couple of minutes they lovingly massaged each other while they Frenched and took turns sucking tongue. Their vulva’s turned mushy and damp as they opened up. They could feel the heat as pink buds peeled apart. Their elongated nipples flicking together only added to the erotic sensation.

“Uummmm,” Jennifer groaned, twitching her hips as Sarah slipped in her finger.

Jennifer easily slipped her finger into the blonde’s well-lubricated box, but she couldn’t keep her concentration because Sarah was just too hot this time. Sarah could feel Jennifer’s pussy quiver and knew she had her. Flicking her finger on Jennifer’s clit, Sarah made her coo as the first drops of fluid trickled out.

“Aaaah....yeeees!” Jennifer purred, breaking off the kiss to lay back to enjoy her first climax.

It wasn’t a huge one, but at least Sarah could smile knowing she’d finally made Jennifer cum too.

“You nasty little whore,” whispered Jennifer, rising on her elbow so she was lip-to-lip with Sarah. “You made me do it.”

Sarah ran her tongue over Jennifer’s lips and said, “I was starting to wonder if you had it in you at all.”

Jennifer moved to Sarah’s ear, speaking, “I’ve got more in me than you can take.”

“Oooohh, Jen,” groaned Sarah as her left ear felt the brunette’s tongue lick across it.

“That’s right, my little bitch,” Jennifer whispered. “Now it’s your turn to cum for me, you fuckin’ hot slut.”

She sucked Sarah’s earlobe as she worked two fingers up into the blonde’s pussy. Sarah was at a loss. Her hands grabbed Love’s wrist to help in stroking her box. Sarah had deep, mixed feelings about all this. How could they be so fucking hot for each other and yet hate each other so. The thought passed as soon as Jennifer slid a third finger into her.

“Uuuuunnnggg!” groaned Sarah in a loooong soft moan.

“Cum, you blond fuck slut. Cum!” Jennifer demanded into Sarah’s ear, rolling her three middle fingers in the stretched box.

Sarah cursed her body as she flinched in sexual pain. The brunette bitch was making her do it again! God, she hated Jennifer for this; but damn it felt soooo good.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!!! Fuuuuuck!!” Sarah roared as her body lost control for the third time.

As good as she felt, she felt equally ashamed of herself. How could this younger girl be doing this to her. She grabbed Jennifer’s head by the back of the hair, pulled her lips back off her neck and glared at her.

“What are you? A fuckin’ lesbo or something?” she snarled.

But even before Jennifer could answer her, Sarah was already kissing her hard.

Jennifer’s mouth was forced open as Sarah shoved her tongue in. Jennifer knew Sarah was mad and would be seeking revenge. She just hoped she was up for the challenge. Sarah was hot and she had a great body. Jennifer knew this contest was far, far from over so she buckled down and kissed back. The French kiss was as hard and rough as the first one during the contest. Lips rolled past their teeth which gnawed together as they each tried to choke the other with her tongue. Spit and saliva drooled down their chins and their noses flattened against the other.

Sarah turned up the heat as she closed her hand on Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer’s hips twitched as she felt Sarah’s fingernails dig lightly into her vulva. As a response, Jennifer dug her nails into Sarah’s wet vulva, making her body twitch as well. If Sarah wanted to claw crotches, Jennifer was willing; after all, they hated each other’s pussy for sharing Freddie’s cock.

Sarah wanted nothing more than to rip into Jennifer’s sweet cunt, but she fought against the impulse. Perhaps later, when she herself wasn’t so vulnerable. Instead, Sarah slipped two fingers up Jennifer and started stroking. Jennifer went along with her rival, and the two babes started a finger-fucking contest even as the hard, sloppy kissing continued.

Each broke away for a second to catch a quick breath of air, then would dive back in before her rival could recover. The area around their mouths and chins soon became red and raw from the rough, hard contact. Jennifer pressed her right tit hard into Sarah’s left one; their nipples poking and battling, trying to turn the other’s inward.

Sarah’s fingers found Jennifer’s erect clit and she briskly rubbed it. Jennifer moaned, but instantly turned her attack to Sarah’s love button as well. Their hands moved up and down as they each used two fingers on the others hard, pointy flesh. Sweat beads popped on their foreheads as each began to moan loud and long. Jennifer was on the brink of a fourth huge orgasm, but knew Sarah was being pulled along with her. She desperately wanted to make Sarah cum first - if she could!

The girls were once more forced to break their kissing to get a breath and concentrate on forcing the other to orgasm. Their hips lifted and fell in unison as the finger fucked each other like mad. Their pussies were dripping and each felt her climax rising within them as they closed their eyes and bit their tongues.

“Uunng! Uunngg! Uuunggg!” groaned Sarah as her hips jerked and bounced under Jennifer’s expert fingering.

“Ooooo! Aaaaaa! Ooooooo!” howled Jennifer. “Don’t stop, bitch! Don’t stop!” she hissed between desperate gasps of breath.

“Don’t you stop either, slut! I’m gonna explode!” cried Sarah despite her frantic desire not to let Jennifer how badly she was effecting her.

Their asses lifted off the mattress, turning their pussies towards each other, but their stroking hands kept them from touching.

“Oooooohhh...ssssshhhhit!” squealed Jennifer, bracing her legs.

“Dammmmn yoooouu...Jeeennnifer!” Sarah shouted, locking her knees.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt both erupted in sexual passion at the same time. Their bodies shook, their quivering aiding each other in shooting out her love juices onto the other’s pumping fingers. Hot girl cum trickled down their tender loving thighs as both young women burst out with the hardest orgasms of their young lives.

Gasping, panting, exhausted, they fell back to the bed, and pulled their sticky fingers from the others drooling pussy.

“I hate your damn guts, bitch,” huffed Sarah.

“Go to hell, you blond asshole,” gasped Jennifer.

For a few minutes the girls lay beside one another on the bed, chests heaving as they panted trying to recover from their twin massive orgasms. Sarah couldn’t believe another woman had been able to turn her on and make her cum so hard and so many times!. She still had plenty of sex and determination in her, but she knew if Jennifer could drive her to only one or two more violent orgasms she’d be totally wiped out. Seeing Jennifer’s milky white breasts heaving, she rolled over and cupped the creamy right one even while wrapping her lips over the areola of the left.

“Mmmmm,” Jennifer moaned with a smile as she felt Sarah fondling and sucking her tits until her nipples were stiff and rigid once more.

Jennifer ran her hands through Sarah’s hair and held her to her bosom, enjoying the wonderful sensation of the blonde’s rubbing and sucking. Thinking she had Jennifer sufficiently worked up, Sarah kissed her way up to Jennifer’s mouth as she slowly crawled on top of her. Once Sarah was on top, the two actresses French kissed each other long and slow as Sarah pumped her blond crotch firmly into Jennifer’s dark one.

Both moaned into the other’s mouth as their love holes spread open and their hard, stiff clits touched. Sarah stabbed her pink point into Jennifer as the brunette wiggled her clit over the blonde’s. Sarah continued to pump her pussy as Jennifer’s cunt bucked and lurched upward. In a matter of only a few moments, both girls were lubed up by the other’s fluids as they fucked and kissed.

Sarah thought this was the moment to dominate Jennifer and show her which of them was the better woman. Thrusting down hard with her clit, Sarah pushed Jennifer’s clit back and made the brunette moan. As hot as she was for Sarah, Jennifer still knew this was a fight - not love making. She realized Sarah wanted to break her, and maybe another time she’d let her, but not this time!

Tonight was all about being best - and proving it. No matter what it took, she couldn’t keep down the boiling lust rising in her pussy. Sarah’s cunt was brewing as well. The harder she fucked,, the hotter she was becoming. Sarah knew she must make Jennifer cum first - if so, she was certain she’d have her at her mercy.

As Sarah fucked harder, driving her clit deep under Jennifer’s hood and tickling her clit, Jennifer spread her legs and hitched them around Sarah’s waist. Clamping her sexy thighs over the blonde’s shapely hips, Jennifer pulled Sarah’s pussy tighter and deeper against hers.

“Ooooo,” Sarah moaned as Jennifer’s thick clit spiked under her tender hood.

“You like that, slut?” asked Jennifer, sliding her clit on Sarah’s.

Sarah’s honey hole was dripping it’s sweet nectar down her pink pussy walls. She squinted her eyes tightly. How was this possible? Arching her back, Sarah wrestled Jennifer’s clit back and invaded the brunette’s slit again.

“Aaaaahh!” Jennifer howled, drawing her legs tighter around Sarah’s waist.

Sarah winced under the pressure, but bucked down with her hips until she felt Jennifer’s body give. That had done the trick, she thought. Jennifer was starting to lose control!

“Nnnnnnooooo!!” Jennifer cried, fighting to control her body.

A small squirt of cum slapped against Sarah’s projecting clit. The blonde gasped - that was all it took to push her button. “Oooooooowwwwwweeeee!!!”

Jennifer gritted her teeth and forced her pussy muscles to contract and hold back her orgasm - just a few seconds was all she needed, she told herself. Sarah’s hips hammered against Jennifer’s as the blonde was brought to yet another shattering orgasm that drained her strength. Jennifer felt Sarah’s cum flood her pussy in wave after wave. It ran down over her pussy into her crack and dripped into her asshole. But still Jennifer retained control of herself. It was an amazing act of will on Jennifer’s part as Sarah quaked and screamed violently on top of her.

After her orgasm, Sarah’s sweaty body slipped off of Jennifer to lay next to her, both women breathing hard and staring up at the dark ceiling. Sarah couldn’t believe the control the brunette had over her pussy. How was it possible? How could Jennifer do that when she couldn’t? Wasn’t she turning Jennifer on enough? Obviously not! She knew she’d have to find Jennifer’s weak point before it was too late. Another orgasm or two like the last one and she’d be done for.

Jennifer lay next to the blonde beaming with pride. She was getting the best of Sarah.

“Had enough?” Jennifer said snidely. “Ready to admit I’m hotter?”

Sarah looked at her. Jennifer’s eyes were bright and glowing; she seemed to be laughing at her.

“No, bitch. I’ll never admit that. You’ve won so far, but I’m not done yet.”

“Oh really?” teased Jennifer, dropping her hand to Sarah’s pussy and slapping it insolently. “I don’t think this can take any more of me.”

“Maybe not, but let’s see how well your pussy does with my tongue in it,” said Sarah, rolling over and diving into her snatch.

Jennifer wasn’t prepared for THAT, but she wasn’t about to let Sarah snack on her ‘cookie’ without munching hers as well. “Then give me yours,” Jennifer said, swallowing hard and grabbing one of Sarah’s ankles to turn her around.

The blonde and brunette spun so there bodies were head-to-toe, as each strained and wrestled for position on top of the other. Neither prevailed and they finally came to rest sideways, each with her leg draped over the back of the other’s head.

“You told me earlier to ‘eat shit’,” said Jennifer with her face between Sarah’s thighs. “Well, now I’m gonna. ‘Cause that’s what your pussy smells like.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, your smelly pussy smells like a can of rotten tuna, bitch,” insulted Sarah, her nose inches from the brunette’s box.

Sarah and Jennifer traded more insults as they fingered each other a bit, trying to work up the nerve to actually stick their tongue in although, in truth, both were surprisingly enjoying the strong female scent of the other.

Pulling her finger out of Jennifer’s cunt, Sarah closed her eyes and kissed her pussy lips. Jennifer’s snatch quivered as she moaned in agreement. Opening her mouth wider, Sarah sucked Jennifer’s vulva into her mouth and licked it with her tongue as Jennifer’s toes curled and she moaned out with pleasure.

“Aaaaaah,” Sarah suddenly gasped as her clit was suddenly flicked by a hot, wet tongue.

It didn’t take either long for the girls to get comfortable and pretty soon both were up to their nose in sticky, pink flesh. Both were extremely wet and turned on and they eagerly stroked each other inside and out with their tongues. Sarah concentrated on sucking Jennifer’s pussy lips, but Jennifer nibbled and flicked her tongue deep inside the blonde, working on her thick, meaty and fully aroused clit.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Jennifer moaned as Sarah started fingering her asshole.

Jennifer flicked her tongue over Sarah’s pink bung, making the blonde squirm and moan in delight.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh!! Mmmmmmmmm!!” Jennifer groaned as Sarah’s index finger pushed into her asshole and wiggled.

“You like that, slut?” asked Sarah from between Jennifer’s twitching legs as she slid her finger up to the knuckle, then fucked it in and out.

Jennifer attacked back, pressing her thumb on Sarah’s clit and probing with her tongue up the blonde’s tight asshole. Sarah’s thighs vibrated and she cried out long and hard. Sarah buried her face in Jennifer’s box, took her clit between her lips and sucked noisily as she continued fucking her ass with her finger. Jennifer grabbed Sarah’s soft, sexy buttocks and pulled her ass hard against her mouth as she plunged her tongue deep and swirled it.

Both young women were going wild on each other, bucking their hips into the other’s face and tightening their legs behind the other’s head. Each was begging the other not to stop and yelling out that they were about to cum even as they tensed their muscles and fought against the blessed bliss of orgasm. Each had a finger jammed up the other’s ass and a mouthful of hot pussy and both were just about to explode.

“Oooooooooo!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!! Yeeeeeeesssssss!!!” screamed Sarah as she lost it for the fifth (or sixth?) time.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!” echoed Jennifer in enthusiasm.

Lapping each other as rapidly as they could, Sarah and Jennifer slurped down several sweet mouthfuls of the other’s tasty nectar as they both orgasmed in several waves of cum. At this point Jennifer and Sarah were in such a sexual odyssey that winning no longer seemed important; though their hatred for each other was growing with each orgasm.

After creaming each other’s face, they came up for air for a second or two before diving back down between the other’s slick, tender thighs, intent on driving their opponent over the edge and wringing a final surrender from her.

Grabbing the other’s ass for control, they pulled their rival’s face in and started grinding it with their pussy. Like two sexual cannibals, Sarah and Jennifer literally chewed the other’s pussy as they furiously fucked face. Both girls cheeks and chins were scrubbed raw by bushy cunts as they ground and chewed out of control.

Sarah was hot for Jennifer, and Jennifer was hot for Sarah.

“Oh, gawd! I can’t take this!” exclaimed Jennifer, pulling her face from Sarah’s juicy box.

In the blink of an eye, Sarah collapsed on her back as Jennifer straddled her face fucking her. Sarah’s nose was wedged deep into Jennifer’s crack as she kept her tongue shoved in the brunette’s pussy. With her hands on Sarah’s knees, Jennifer pumped her pussy back and forth on Sarah’s face, demanding the blonde make her cum.

Sarah knew she’d found Jennifer’s weak spot and she eagerly tongued the brunette’s smokin’ cunt.

Realizing that she had to pleasure Sarah back, Jennifer started fingering Sarah’s peeled apart pussy with her fingers. Sarah moaned under Jennifer’s ass as the brunette vigorously rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.

“Oh, sssshhhhit!! Don’t stop, bitch! Don’t fuckin’ stop!” Jennifer groaned as Sarah sucked her clit between her teeth. “Uuuuunngg!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Uuuuuuuummmmppphhhh!!!”

Jennifer’s ass and pussy shook on Sarah’s face as she let go and drenched the blonde with her sexual fluid. Sarah swallowed what she could, letting the rest run down her cheeks into her hair and onto the bed.

Immediately after her climax, Jennifer leaned forward and dropped her face in Sarah’s open pussy. Sarah pushed Jennifer’s hips off her face so she could breath and moan as Jennifer ate her out.

“Aaaaaaarrrggggg!!” howled Sarah, as Jennifer slipped not one, but two fingers into her tight, pink asshole and licked her pussy like a hungry pussycat slurping a saucer of the finest cream. Jennifer stroked Sarah’s asshole with her smooth, soft fingers as her tongue worked wonders on the blondes thick, quivering clit.

“!!” Sarah cursed, giving Jennifer’s ass a few hard slaps.

Jennifer winced, but she couldn’t help smiling as she nibbled Sarah’s clit and worked her fingers in deeper and faster as Sarah spanked her butt.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!! Oooooooooooooo!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!” screamed Sarah as she came yet again and again.

After blowing her load, Sarah’s hips came to a slow, rolling stop on the mattress and her raised knees slowly dropped to the bed as her legs stretched out and went limp. With Jennifer’s head still between her legs and her ass staring the blonde in the face, Sarah became violently upset at having lost their sexfight again. This young brunette was destroying her pussy, and she couldn’t understand how or why.

“Damn you, bitch! Damn you!” Sarah yelled, slapping Jennifer’s firm ass a couple of times before the brunette could roll and twist away.

Springing to their knees, Sarah and Jennifer were oblivious to the dawning of the new morning. The last gray light of the night was fading away and they could clearly see the toll of battle on the other’s body. From head to toe, their nubile bodies were wet and sticky with their own and the others sweat and body fluids. Their hair was mussed, wet and matted to their cheeks, necks and shoulders. Their pretty faces were flushed and chaffed from the hard kissing and oral sex, and their heaving tits were bright pink, their hips and crotches glowed fiery red.

Through squinted eyes, they hatefully glared at each other. Their fingers curled into claws as they clinched their teeth, growling. Sarah called Jennifer a ‘cunt’ as she sprang forward and Jennifer called Sarah a ‘slut’ as she lunged toward her. Their hands combed the other’s hair as their bare breasts slammed together. Both grunted a curse as they clinched hair and pressed in with their tits. They yanked back hard on the hair, bending the other’s head back, their faces aimed at the ceiling.

Pulling hair as hard as they could, each tore out clumps of hair as they tumbled to the bed and rolled across it. Their legs flailed back and forth as they wrestled in a tight cinch, pulling hair and tit fighting. Sarah flipped Jennifer on her back and grabbed her right nipple and Jennifer cried as Sarah pinched and tugged on her flesh.

Jennifer swung a leg over the blonde’s waist and jerked back on two fists of hair. Sarah yelped as she was rolled over on her back with Jennifer on top.

“Aaaaaaarrrrggg!!” Jennifer howled, her right tit flattened as it was squeezed by five angry fingers.

Throwing a leg over Jennifer’s back, Sarah bucked upward with her cunt, ramming it with Jennifer’s. The brunette rolled off the edge of the bed and hit the floor with a loud THUD but she took Sarah down with her by the hair. Sarah screamed as she lost another chunk of hair and hit the floor face first stunning her.

Jennifer rolled herself to a sitting position and slapped her hands down on Sarah’s white ass. Grabbing two meaty handful, Jennifer squeezed and dug her nails into the soft, pale globes of flesh.

“Eeeeeooowwww!!” cried Sarah, spinning around and rolling back onto her knees.

Jennifer slapped Sarah hard across the face, but Sarah countered with a crisp backhand of her own before reaching for Jennifer’s hair. They were sitting on their butts facing each other, shaking each other by the hair. Their legs flipped over and under each other as they pulled the other in close. Realizing their new position, the girls slowly stopped pulling hair and began rubbing their tits together. As the hair pulling ceased, both kept their hands embedded as they inched their pussies into contact.

“Let’s end it here, bitch,” spat Sarah, still determined to show the bitch she was the best.

Jennifer nodded, calling Sarah a cheap name as she slammed her pussy onto the blonde’s mouth. Sarah welcomed the hot tongue of her rival with her own as the two heads started rolling and bobbing in a heated kiss. Their pink nipples tightened and swelled to unusually large proportions as they fenced back and forth, stabbing and prodding each other.

As their tongues wrestled and their nipples fought, things also heated up below. Hunching their hips together, their wet tangles of bush became tangled. Sarah’s blond fur knotted with Jennifer’s brown bush as their pussy lips touched and rubbed together. The girls moaned in each other’s mouth and traded spit one long last time as they broke off the kiss and leaned back on their hands.

“My pussy’s gonna burn yours down, bitch,” stated Sarah, rolling her hips into better position with Jennifer’s.

“Hardly! We both know mine is better, it’s gonna eat yours alive,” retorted Jennifer, adjusting her cunt to the blonde.

“Fuck you,” each said as they gave a powerful thrust with their hips.

“Uung,” Sarah grunted as her pelvis slammed into Jennifer’s.

“Umph,” groaned Jennifer at the hard impact.

Pushing together as tight as they could, Sarah and Jennifer rotated their cunts in a counter rotation. The blond hairs of Sarah and the brown hairs of Jennifer’s mound pulled each other as their hairy beavers gnawed away.

“You slut,” said Sarah, trying to work her angry beaver on top.

“Trailer trash,” Jennifer hissed, her mad beaver wrestling Sarah’s beaver back down.

For several minutes the horny beavers tangled; each taking turns dominating the other in the top position and fucking the other. Sweat ran down their faces and dripped onto their heaving, lunging breasts as their hot beavers tangled in vain to establish sexual dominance.

Jennifer could feel herself boiling. Deep in her loins her pussy was brewing up its tasty juices to give to Sarah’s hot, thirsty beaver. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She had to hold on. If she could make Sarah cum just one more time, she was positive she would win!

Sarah was just as worked up. She was biting her lower lip to fight off the volcano bubbling in her inner love sanctions. If she came next, she knew she wouldn’t be able cum again.

Lifting her ass off the floor, Jennifer slid her beaver on top of Sarah’s beaver and bit down with her pussy lips. Trapping Sarah’s left cunt lip between hers, Jennifer pinched and twisted the rival lip as she rolled her hips. Sarah moaned out loud but bumped her beaver hard, upward, against Jennifer’s beaver, thus freeing her pussy lip.

“Dammit, bitch,” cursed Jennifer, bringing her beaver down hard on Sarah’s again.

Sarah grunted as Jennifer’s beaver punched hers. In return, Sarah grabbed several hairs of Jennifer’s bush and yanked. Jennifer howled as her beaver’s hair was pulled, but she gave Sarah’s beaver the same treatment and Sarah’s blond beaver jumped up against Jennifer’s beaver as Jennifer pulled on it. Sarah cried out, but plucked brown hairs from brunette beaver. Jennifer screamed, twisting and yanking on several blond hairs. The blond beaver shook as it lost hairs to Jennifer’s fingers.

Tears from both their eyes mixed with the sweat on their cheeks as Sarah and Jennifer pulled on her rival’s beaver while the two beavers continued gnawing and fighting each other. After giving each other’s beaver a final tug, the girls fell onto their backs to let their beavers fight out it to a climax. Each was in great sexual pain as they huffed, puffed, grunted and groaned and tried to hold back the orgasm they were both on the brink of.

Lifting her ass off the floor, Jennifer’s beaver crawled on top of Sarah’s beaver and smashed down. The two beaver open their lips to each other and showed their fiery clits. Sarah humped up, trying to put her beaver on an equal footing, but Jennifer’s brown beaver chowed down as it stabbed it’s clit deep into Sarah’s hood. Sarah tried to use her clit, but Jennifer’s clit pinned it back as her beaver spread itself out over Sarah’s.

“Nnnnnooooo!!” cried Sarah, looking down at the fight and seeing Jennifer’s brown beaver swallowing her blonde beaver.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” cheered Jennifer in a proud, but angry tone.

“Oh, gawd, nnnooo!!” Sarah cried out in fear as her beaver was humped raw.

Jennifer’s clit worked high under Sarah’s hood, tickling the pink flesh and bringing goosebumps to the blonde’s flesh. Sarah bucked and squirmed but her sex lost all control. Just as the new dawn of day exploded across the horizon, so Sarah’s pussy exploded across Jennifer’s pussy. It was a new day and a new beginning for both of them. Yesterday’s history faded into the night….things would never be the same between them again. One was all woman, the other still just a girl.

“Uuuuuuunnngggggg!!! Uuuuuuummmmmmmm!!! Ooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!” Sarah howled and howled as her pussy blew it’s last big load into Jennifer’s.

Jennifer rolled over, pushed Sarah’s legs down and climbed on top of her. Laying full length on top of her gasping, red faced and panting victim, Jennifer cupped her breast and held it to Sarah’s open mouth.

“Kiss,” she said softly.

Sarah, tears rolling down her cheeks, puckered up and took Jennifer’s hard nipple into her mouth and suckled it like a baby at her mother’s teat.

“There, there,” Jennifer said gently, caressing Sarah’s flushed and pink cheeks. “You’re going to learn to do this whenever I want. After all, Freddie isn’t always going to be around when I need some satisfaction and you’re gonna be just the cutest little substitute I can imagine.”