Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Brooke Hogan by Steven

Hulk Hogan called his old friend Vince McMahon for help promoting Brooke's Playboy issue. Her music career had proven a disaster which made posing for Playboy the Hogan family's last resort to jump-start her career. The Playboy-WWE connection had been successful in the past with Divas Sable, Christy Hemme and Torrie Wilson breaking sales records. Vince said while he'd, " to help promote Brooke..." to get WWE fans on board, “Brooke will have to do some in-ring promotional appearances."

The Hulkster said, “Brooke isn't into that 'scripted roll around, giggle 'n' jiggle, wrestling',” while he acknowledged the WWE had made it the foundation of their worldwide successful franchise. "Actually," he informed Vince. "Brooke’s been training in mixed martial arts and we're thinking of putting her in MMA bouts in another year."

Vince smiled and told Hulk, "I just had another of my brilliant ideas. Lemme get back to you in a day or two."
* * * *
When Freddie Prinze Jr. was waiting to see Mr. McMahon he was nervous as he had yet another unlucky night in Vince's private casino for high roller. In fact, between Freddie's bad luck gambling at Vince's WWE bankrolled casino - and his struggling career - he'd been forced to take the job in WWE to help repay Vince. Freddie made all the usual excuses, telling Vince, "I can get the money in a few days." Vince told him, "Shut-up and listen. I know you're flat broke; there's no way you can pay me back. You gotta consider paying your gambling debts with the only thing of value you've got...that sweet little piece of ass you call a wife."

Freddie couldn't believe he was going to have to ask his wife to wrestle, but he had no choice - as Vince made clear when he explained, "If Sarah does NOT get in the ring with Brooke, I'll send over some of my boys who'll make sure nobody ever wants to see your precious Sarah's pretty face again. I dunno about your career, but I'm betting hers is bringing in most of the household income."

Sarah knew Freddie had a gambling problem, but not how bad it had gotten. So when he finally told her, she hit the roof. Once she calmed down, Sarah volunteered to access some of her own savings to pay Vince - if Freddie promised never to gamble again. That’s when Freddie admitted that he'd already drained all of his, her, and their joint accounts! They were flat broke - and in fact, were behind on all of their finance payments. That, combined with the recent stock market crash and the lack of any prospects for movie roles in the near future, pretty much them left no option.

Although she was so mad at Freddie she wanted to strangle him, Sarah loved him too, so she asked the details of Vince's offer. Freddie told her, "If you just show up and fight, Vince will forgive all my gambling debts. If you win, there'll be an extra million as a bonus!"

When Sarah finally caught her breath, she told Freddie, "You've always wanted me to fighting another woman and I kept telling you I'd never fight anyone tougher'n Calista Flockhart…but then you never offered me a million dollars, either. You call your ol’ buddy Vince and tell him I said, 'Bring that manly bitch on!'!"

When Hulk told Brooke he'd arranged a PPV, 'anything goes, X-rated cage fight' for her, she was ready to rip the Hulkster's head off. But when he told her it was against Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brooke almost pissed herself, she was laughing so hard. Brooke grew up watching "Buffy" and had always thought it ridiculous for such a small girl to slay vampires. On the other hand, the sight of Sarah's sexy body struggling had awakened in the nubile Brooke's fast-developing body some strange feelings and she actually pleasured herself as she watched Buffy. Thinking about getting in the ring with Sarah - even many years later - would fulfill one of her childhood dreams! She was so happy she jumped for joy before she headed for the showers to cool off and pleasure herself in anticipation of what she was going to do to her favorite fantasy woman.

Vince made a business decision to separate the "Gellar-Hogan" fight from his other wrestling shows, ensure only those '18 and over' would be able to buy the PPV.

He also scheduled a scintillating undercard, featuring Divas in extra revealing outfits, doing extra-scandalous things to each other. He even convinced Stephanie and Sable to recreate one of the biggest successes in WWF history. But everyone knew that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brooke Hogan were who would bring in the big PPV number!

Vince didn’t like the idea that his first unscripted match could be a disappointment to his fans and he wanted to ensure the match lasted as long as possible - so he took steps to make it sure it did!

He declared it would be a "Hogtie on a Pole" match, i.e., the winner would have to climb a pole, retrieve a special restraint, then bind her opponents hands and feet - thus rendering them helpless before the referee could declare them 'beaten.' That would eliminate one possibility of Sarah - or even Brooke - being knocked out or submitting before the crowd got their money's worth (tapping out or submitting wouldn't mean anything without the bondage finale!

When Brooke heard about the ‘Hogtie on a Pole’ idea she got that old, familiar, warm feeling in her panties and hurried back to her shower and pleasured herself while she imagined what it would feel like - dismantling "Buffy" in front of thousands of people live and millions more on the PPV Vince had already pre-sold to a worldwide syndication, including every country where "Buffy" was still in reruns.

When Sarah heard about 'Hogtie on a Pole' stipulation, instead of getting angry, she also got under a cold shower. This was the first time she (at least officially) would be able to indulge a fantasy of her own - to tie up a big, busty, blonde. Not that she hadn't done it before, but hiring strippers to LET her put them in restraint was different than tying up an honestly resisting, unwilling, opponent. Sarah's only other experience with bondage had been on movie sets - and it had been where she first discovered how much the 'fetish' turned her on. No, instead of getting ANGRY, Sarah instead got TO WORK; hitting the gym - and hitting it hard! The fight was a month away and she had to add muscle to her lithe, little, frame.

Sarah knew that some more muscle - along with her brown belt in Taekwondo - meant she could beat Brooke and she called her best friend, Kelly Ripa (another secret bondage fetishist who Sarah had 'played with on occasion."

She and Sarah had similar builds, short and flat-chested, and despite being seven years older with kids, Ripa's tiny body was ripped while Sarah's was simply scrawny!

On their first day in the gym, Kelly had Sarah went through a series of workouts to test SMG's strength and endurance. Kelly tried to encourage her, but Sarah struggled with even the lightest weight and quickly became discouraged by her lack of strength. At the end of the workout, Kelly had Sarah step on a scale to check her weight. Sarah resisted - ashamed of being so scrawny. When she, reluctantly, got on scale, it read 98 pounds! Kelly couldn’t keep from chuckling, but stopped when she saw tears welling in her friend's eyes. Kelly assured her if she ate right and did the right workouts, she'd add 10 pounds of solid muscle in a month.

Meanwhile, at the same time in Miami, Brooke was hitting the gym like a mad women preparing. She'd been lifting weights with her dad since she was 13 and was already abnormally strong, even for a girl her size. Hulk didn’t want to take any chances, so he got her the latest black-market 'supplements' to further enhance her strength. She continued her MMA training, even though the other fighters teased her about fighting "a little old lady." Brooke concentrated on sparring with an Asian girl, a Taekwondo black belt; learning how to counter Sarah's moves. After long days of lifting weights and sparring, Brooke cooled off her amazing body in the shower fantasizing about Sarah's bound body and all she'd do to it!

At the press conference two days before the fight, the two women sat at opposite sides of a table fielding questions from the WWE Media. Vince promoted the fight with a storyline concerning a Freddie Prinze and Brooke Hogan "affair" with Sarah playing the part of the loving wife looking for revenge against the young tramp. While the premise was a complete fiction, the fight was going to be the real deal and after getting a look at Brooke's Amazonian assets, Sarah started having second thoughts. At the end of the questioning, both women stood for the weigh in. Sarah had chosen a dress that didn't flatter her at all, although a pair of sexy, strappy, sandals showed off her sexy little feet for the foot fetish crowd.

Brooke had worn a black sequined bra and matching booty shorts with platform stripper heels - not only the perfect costume for her 'character' but also one that displayed her physique in all it's 'hulked' glory.

The girls stood face to face - or more accurately (Sarah's) face to (Brooke's ample) breasts. Brooke wore a look of bemusement as she looked down at Sarah who looked stunned. She really hadn't realized just how BIG Brooke was until she stood next her. To further the heighten their size discrepancy, a WWE official had Sarah remove her shoes for the weigh in. Now, Sarah barefooted and Brooke in platform heels, Brooke couldn’t keep herself from teasing Sarah by putting a hand on her head and playfully mussing her hair and laughing.

Sarah quickly backed away, but then WWE officials told her she'd have to, "...take off your dress for the weigh in. Sorry, but it's the rules." Of course, it was all scripted by Vince who grinned as Sarah obediently stripped down to an underwire bra and bikini panties that were so sheer when the photographers snapped their photos, her landing strip looked like the main runway at LAX!

Sarah had added seven pounds of solid muscle, building her up to just North of 105#s. When she stepped off the scale, Vince's goons stopped her. "Vince needs an accurate height so they can play up the size difference in pre-fight publicity."

When the bar came down on her head, the official read aloud, "Gellar: 5'1"."

Sarah protested, insisting that she was, "... five two and a half!"

Then Brooke kicked off her stripper shoes to take her turn on the scales. The official grinned as he revealed, "Hogan: 150 pounds; 5'11"!"

Back at their house, Sarah was screaming at Freddie, "What the hell did you get me into, did you see the size of that beast? She’s freakin’ huge!"

Freddie told his pretty little wife, “Don’t worry, honey. I’ve got a secret weapon to even up the odds.”

Seems Freddie, knowing Sarah's only chance would be her kicks, had a friend design a pair of boots lined with Titanium steel. When she put on the boots and began practicing kicks, her waning confidence came back. The boots were very light and didn’t slow her foot speed, but hit with tremendous force. She began to imagine the look on the overconfident Amazon’s face when she was kicked by Sarah’s "special" boots. In addition to the Titanium lining, the Kelly Green boots also had a thick wedge sole and inserts that gave her a badly needed extra 4” height.

Meanwhile, at her hotel gym near Madison Square Garden in Sarah's hometown, Brooke was working out with the Hulkster. It had been a few weeks since Hulk worked out with Brooke and he was pleased to find his dietary "supplements" had increased her already freaky strength.

"Hey Brookie, see how many times you can bench press your own body weight!"

They loaded the bar with 150lbs, and everyone looked in disbelief as Big Brooke heaved it up 20 times with relative ease. Just then Vince entered the gym and applauded her performance. He gave Brooke the speech about the responsibility of being the overwhelming favorite, “It’s your duty to make sure the fans get their moneys worth. And once you have her under control, don’t forget that my WWE fans deserve to see some good old fashioned wresting moves.” The Hulkster smiled at Vince and told him not to worry, that he’d taught Brooke all his moves.
* * * *
Everything on the undercard had went according to script and Vince was ecstatic with the crowd and preliminary numbers for the PPV. It seems there is a huge audience for an all female card, especially one highlighted by the Hulkster's daughter in a cage fight against someone with the cult following of a Sarah Michelle Gellar. The crowd was sprinkled with Buffy fans, but despite being in her own hometown, about ninety percent of the fans were cheering for the Hulkster's daughter and half of those wanted Brooke to not just beat, but destroy Sarah!

A week before the fight, Vince decided rather than use chain link fencing for the cage, he instead had a clear Plexiglas cube built to lower onto the ring with the hogties hanging from the top of the cube. After the semi-final match - during which Michelle McCool was stripped, then after she submitted, raped, by Beth Phoenix - the ring posts and ropes were quickly removed and the doorless glass prison was readied to be lowered after the participants were inside the ring area.

Brooke was announced first and she would play up her bad girl role; wearing an all-black vinyl outfit; lace up booty shorts, a strapless bra that made her big beautiful melon breasts look amazing; a pair of 8” platform ‘stripper sandals’ and, to top it all off, lace-up black PVC forearm guards! She had her hair in corn rows which gave her a more imposing appearance. Her long fingernails and toenails were also painted shiny black to match the rest of her costume. In addition to hitting the gym, Brooke had spent time in a tanning bed and her entire body wore a deep tan that further accentuated her flawless, muscular, 20 year old, body.

To go along with her secret weapon Kelly Green boots, Sarah's body was encased in a skin-tight Lycra Spandex catsuit of a shade brighter green than her boots. A custom made, specially padded Wonderbra and boy-cut panties also matched the color of her catsuit - just in case it ripped. To top it all off, Sarah even had a manicure and pedicure the same color green. Finally, she’d braided her long, honey-blond, hair into a ponytail.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the moment you’ve all been waiting for; the ‘Hogtie on a Pole, X-Rated, Glass Cage Match!” The crowd went bonkers at the announcement. “Our first competitor will now enter to the cage…hailing from Tampa Florida, now residing in Miami….she is 20 years old; stands a voluptuously statuesque 5’11” and weighs in at very feminine, yet solidly muscular 150 pounds…she is the daughter of WWE Hall-of-Famer Hulk Hogan…here she is ‘Badass’ Brooke Hogan!”

The crowd goes abso-fukkin-lutely NUTS as Brooke bursts through the curtain, is joined by her daddy, then together they make their way to the ring, slapping hands and hi-fiving with the crowd as they parade down the aisle to a standing ovation! The Hulkster holds the ropes as Brooke steps in the ring, then he joins her, each of them climbing each corner turnbuckle in turn to pose for the red-lining crowd. The commentators breathlessly praised Brooke's newly added muscle - then are joined by “Queer Eye” host Carson Kressley who notes, “…with those giant ‘stripper heels’ Brooke is a few inches taller than her scrumptious daddy…yummmm.”

Before Hulk leaves the ring, he and Brooke get side-by-side to hit Hulk’s signature ‘double biceps’ pose. Kressley breathlessly opines, “Ohhhh, Hulks pythons are quite impressive, I mean, for someone his age.” He fails to mention that it’s Brooke's baseball size biceps that are drawing the ‘ooooh’ and ‘aahhh’ reactions from the more hetero- crowd.


“And her opponent….a hometown girl from right here in The Big Apple (New York City, for those of you in the stix)…she is 31 years old….stands 5’1”…and she weighed in at a trim, firm, 105 pounds…with a brown belt in Taekwondo Karate…many of you remember her kicking butt as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”….’Sassy’ Sarah Michelle GELLAR!”

The crowd erupts again, but loud boos and jeers drown out the cheers - until she flings aside the curtain and the crowd gets a look at her green superheroine, spandex catsuit - then they break into peals of uncontrollable laughter; all but announcers table fashionista Carson Kressley who is breathless in his praise. “That is soooooo her!” he gushes. “It’s not every woman who can pull off Spandex, you know. Notice,” his voice dropping a register, “how the catsuit brings out her eyes. The material is also very slimming; she looks almost….um….boyish…in that suit. Excuse me, I need a moment,” he pants, fanning himself with his open hand.

The other announcers ignore Kressley who gets up and excuses himself as Sarah Michelle heads down the aisle accompanied by ‘valet/manager’ Stephanie McMahon who had changed out of the rags she’d been wearing earlier when she had pinned Sable and into a stylish gown. But - in the excitement over Sarah’s green costume - Steph was almost ignored by the fans.

Sarah and Brooke finally come face-to-breast in the middle of the ring, the contrast of Brooke's scantily clad athletic deep dark brown body to Sarah's diminutive, frail, body completely covered in green spandex was a sight to see. Of course with Brooke standing 6'7" in her platform heels she dwarfed Sarah by a good 14”. They stood there with the crowd going crazy with anticipation of what was to come as the referee spelled out the rules (basically anything goes; first girl to retrieve the hogtie and bind her opponent would be the winner.)

Brooke removed her stripper heels and tossed them out of the ring, then the ref left and the glass cube was lowered over the ring and the two combatants inside. With Brooke barefoot and Sarah in her special boots, the height discrepancy was reduced to 6” but the 45 pound weight difference was impossible ignore. The top of the cage was 9’ high with the hogties (one set each of hand restraints and leg restraints), hanging from a two foot long chain covered in pink fur that left the restraints seven feet above the canvas. Vince had told his crew, with an evil gleam in his eye, not to raise the cage until one girl was in the hogties no matter what happened. Vince had wired the cage for sound so the crowd and the PPV viewers could hear everything the fighters said.

In addition to the crazed WWE fans and the small percentage of Buffy fans, both girls had celebrity support. Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano were seated on one side of the ring to support Sarah. Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, and Kristanna Loken were on the other side with Paris brandishing a cardboard sign, “I Back Brooke.”

Charlize Theron had been seated nearby, but when Loken sat next to her, Charlize got up out of her seat and moved to the other side of the ring, picked Kelly Ripa up out of her seat, sat in Kelly’s place, then pulled Ripa onto her lap. Ripa, didn’t seem to mind when Theron wrapped her arms around the slim blonde’s waist and hugged her against her chest with her chin on Ripa’s shoulder to watch the action in the ring.


As the fight began, both girls went through a cautious feeling-out process, but it soon seemed to degenerate into Brooke chasing Sarah around the cage.

"Whats the matter? Is the ‘shrimp slayer’ chicken shit?" Brooke taunted.

The pro-Hogan fans got a huge chuckle out of Brooke's taunts - which further pissed off Gellar! Brooke went to the middle of the cage and just stood there, imploring Sarah to, "come and get me, you little sawed off runt!" Sarah stood back, waiting to deliver a Roundhouse Kick with her titanium boots and shut the loudmouth big blonde’s yap once and for all. Brooke began playing to the crowd, clapping her hands and stomping her foot. When she seemed to take her eyes off Sarah, Gellar saw it as her opening and quickly darted toward Brooke and started to deliver her Roundhouse Kick. But Brooke had been suckering her in…and before Sarah started her spin, Brooke grabbed Sarah's frail neck and lifted her up in a One-hand Choke!

Sarah gasped for air and tried to pry Brooke's hand from around her neck, but it was a feeble effort as Brooke's superior strength was frightening. Sarah attempted to dig her nails in and scratch Brooke's arms to force her to release, but the lace up PVC forearms guards protected Brooke as she backed Sarah into the glass cage and smirked as she looked down at her powerless opponent and sneered, "Don’t you feel like such a fool stepping into the ring with me? You’re one pathetic, inferior, old has-been; a disgrace to both acting AND wrestling!"

Brooke began lifting Sarah, sliding her butt up the wall of the cage while maintaining the One-hand Choke that was quickly draining the life out of Sarah who was using both hands to try and pry Brooke's hand from her throat. She was able to get a few small breaths and a little blood circulation to her brain, but she could feel consciousness rapidly slipping away. As she hung suspended with her feet in the air by the young Amazon’s One-hand Wall Choke, Sarah began to imagine not simply the humiliation of being choked out, or even of being hog-tied, but of having it all be so easy!

Just then she remembered her special boots and did the only thing she could at that point, drive her boot into Brooke's belly with everything she had left behind it. Due to her highly compromised position, her kick didn’t have much force on it, but the Titanium lining did enough to force Brooke to release her Choke and drop Sarah.

WHUMP! “OOOOoooooo…..”

Sarah’s boot landed squarely in her solar plexus and dropped Brooke to the canvas gasping for air not far from Sarah who was in a similar situation, trying to recover from Brooke’s choke.

But Sarah was able to recover sooner and knew this was her chance to rain down her special kicks on the prone Brooke. Of course the slayer went for Brooke's head as she was on all fours. Brooke just got an arm up in time to block Sarah’s strike at her head, but she couldn’t believe how much the kick hurt!

She’d had been training against a larger, more powerful Asian girl who was a Black belt in Taekwondo and when she blocked HER kicks it hadn't felt anything like this!! As Brooke was assessing the injury to her arm, Sarah stepped back and delivered a football kick to Brooke's firm tummy. Brooke dropped facedown on the canvas writhing in agony; in shock that a 105 pound girl’s kicks hurt more than anything she’d ever experienced in her brief wrestling career.

Sarah decided to try another knockout kick to Brooke's head, but just before it connected, Brooke looked up and moved her head. Brooke reached up and with Sarah off balance from her failed kick grabbed her plant foot and tripped her to the ground. Brooke rolled over on top of Sarah pinning her on the canvas and rendering her immobile. Brooke slide her body up on Sarah’s and soon had her big firm breasts right in the slayers face. Brooke Grapevined Sarah's skinny spandex covered legs with her long thick legs, and pinned both of her arms over her head with one arm demonstrating her superior strength. "What’s the matter Sari-Poo, cant you move, you thought you had me with those kicks but your finished now?"

Brooke began to trash talk while her free hand squeezed Sarah's little titties. The disgrace of being molested in front of friends, family, fans - and millions more - was finally clear to Sarah.

"There’s not much down there to play with is there?" Brooke laughed as she continued her degradation. "Guess it’s time you got a close-up of MY big, beautiful, breasts!" She planted her D’s on Sarah's tiny head, totally engulfing it. At first glance you couldn’t even see Sarah under Brooke's long, muscular, tanned body; just a couple of spindly, spandex-encased legs stretched beyond their limits by Brooke's muscular legs. Sarah was being smothered by Brooke's breasts; totally helpless; unable to even barely move. Sarah tried to bite Brooke's ample assets, but not only wouldn’t her mouth open wide enough, if it did her teeth just slid off her PVC costume. Sarah's futile attempts to escape began to slow until she was motionless.

The crowd was going crazy! Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks were doing fist bumps and Kristanna Loken paused long enough to pull her hand out of her trousers to clap and scream, "Put the hogties on the little runt."

On the other side of the ring, Kelly Ripa leaned over from her perch on Theron’s lap to console Jennifer Love Hewitt who had broken down in tears. Alyssa Milano jumped out of her seat, ran up to the ring and beat her fist on the Plexiglas, hollering, “Get offa her you overgrown, peroxided, blonde transvestite; you’re gonna kill ‘er!"

At hearing that, Brooke released her Smother/Grapevine/Arm-pinning combo, stood up and walked to that side of the cage, pointed at Alyssa and growled, “You wanna be next little girl?”

Alyssa got a panicked look on her face, desperately glanced around, then pointed to Charlize Theron and screamed loud enough that the sound system broadcast it through the entire arena, “You want some of us? Huh, tough girl? How about we send our big friend up there and have her kick your steroid ASS!” Then Alyssa hurried back to her seat and sat back down. Brooke laughed at the shocked expression on Charlize’s shocked face. She could smell the fear coming off of Sarah’s ‘posse’ - afraid the same thing that had happened to their friend might happen to them.With a cocky toss of her head, she turned and went back to the semi-conscious Sarah and began rubbing a size 12 foot on her face, working her big toe into Sarah's slightly open mouth. Brooke couldn’t believe it was happening, but Sarah began sucking her toe; reverting to her natural submissiveness in her semi-lucid state. Except for Hilton and Loken, who were getting off on the scene, even the pro-Brooke crowd felt sympathy for the defeated little 'Slayer'. Instinctively, Sarah curled up in the fetal position and kept sucking Brooke's big toe for all she was worth. Now, even Brooke felt sorry for her, and pulled her toe out.

Sarah was starting around and saw a chance to throw a kick from the ground. It was beyond pitiful, but it caught Brooke on the shin. That was when Brooke realized why Sarah's kicks hurt so much. "Why you scrawny little shit! You loaded your boots with something, didn't you? I was starting to feel sorry for pummeling your sorry ass, but now you are SO going to get it!" The crowd, reinvigorated by the thought of Brooke's new plan, cheered wildly as she grabbed Sarah by her braided ponytail and dragged her to the side of the cage. There was a small gap between the ring and the glass cage, just enough room for Brooke to force Sarah's head down and wedge it so it was trapped. Brooke removed Sarah's boots and tossed them aside, leaving her nylon covered feet vulnerable to Brooke's menacing long black nails. Sure enough, Brooke began the tickle torture her trapped opponent after she ripped away the nylons to exposing Sarah's sexy little feet.

"Oh, isn’t that cute, her little toes match the color of that ridiculous outfit!" The barefoot tickling continued and now that Sarah was fully conscious, she started begging and pleading. "Puuuuleeeese leave my feet alone, I’ll do anything…Puuuuleeeeeese…stop tickling…I cant take it..."

It was music to Brooke's ears and she continued the tickling until she saw a damp spot on Sarah's spandex. "OH! No way, you freakin’ pissed yourself! Now I AM going to have to get you out of that silly costume." She reached down and pulled Sarah out of her predicament by her ponytail, then as soon as she was free, Sarah began to scamper away. She made her way to the center of the ring where she began to jump and down trying to reach the hogties.

"Even if you could reach those; how in hell’d you ever think you could get them ON me?”

"I don't…I…” Sarah sobbed. “I can't take it any more. I want YOU to put them on ME!"

"Aaww, poor little thing,” Brooke grinned. “First, let's get you out of that ridiculous outfit" She grabbed Sarah and quickly stripped her out of her catsuit, leaving her in a green Wonderbra and boy-cut panties. "Sorry, but Sari-poo made pee-pants in her little panties. I’m going to have to take those too!" Sarah tried to get away, but it was hopeless. Brooke easily wrestled her to the mat and held her pinned with one hand on her back while she ripped her panties off with the other, leaving Sarah with just her bra. The crowd was in a uproar as Brooke retrieved the hogties and put the hand restraints on Sarah's thin wrists.

"I’ve GOT to see those itty-bitty titties before I finish with you," Brooke giggled as she hauled Sarah to her feet and backed her up against the cage, holding her cuffed hands over her head as she reached out and ripped Sarah's bra down, and off, with one hand. Without her padded wonderbra, Sarah's saggy little A-cup cupcakes drooped until her nipples were nearly pointing at the floor. "Oh my God! I havn't seen sad little fried eggs like that since my 73 year old grandma put on her bra!"

Brooke began to SLAP Sarah's little 'grandma titties' flopping the soft sacks back and forth. Sarah wailed and pleaded for mercy. "Those things look like little baby socks fulla sand, Brooke said. "But since I got to see yours, it's only fair you get to see mine, too!" Brooke reached behind her back and released her strapless bra. To say that Brooke's full, firm, round, tan, ,orbs were magnificent would be a gross understatement. She began to rub her flawless breasts in Sarah's face, then crouched and humiliated the already humiliated 'Slayer' by mauling Sarah's breasts with her own. Vince gave the signal to Hulk that the fans had gotten their money’s worth.Hulk checked his watch, looked back Vince who gave him the 'wrap-it-up' sign. Hulk nodded, then hollered, "OK hun; that’s enough. Finish her!"

Brooke released Sarah who slumped in the corner crying her eyes out. Brooke flipped her over and placed her in the leg restraints and hooked them to the hand restraints completing the hogtie.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of this special match…’Badass’ Brooke HOGAN!"

While the glass cage was raised, Brooke bent over and lifted Sarah up by her hogtie, naked and in excrutiating pain; tossed her body over her shoulder like a sack of flour - her creamy white butt jutting in the air - and carried her out of the ring. She set Sarah in Kristanna Loken’s lap just long enough to put her 8” platform sandals back on, raising her back to 6'7" then heaved SMG up out of Kristanna’s lap back onto her shoulder and headed up the ramp to the back.

Kelly Ripa wriggled out of Charlize Theron’s attempt to restrain her and ran after Brooke, trying to save Sarah. When Kelly grabbed her arm, Brooke simply backhanded her to the floor without even turning around. Sarah lifted her head long enough to make eye contact with Freddie and screamed, "I hope you’re happy! Look...look what she did to me…you ungrateful bastard!"

As Brooke carried Sarah to her dressing room - to live out a fantasy of her own, Alyssa Milano approached Vince with an idea for his next big promotion. "You know Vincie," she purred, running her hand down his tie and twirling it around in her fingers. "That hogtie, X-rated, cage match is a fantastic idea, but using Sarah was lame. Oh sure, there's people who get off on seeing some weak little washed up actress get squashed, but think how many MORE PPV's you'd sell if you had a match that was - at least on its face - you know, competitive! Here's what I have in mind; you take Theron and Hogan and dress 'em up in .....

Vince held up his hand to interrupt, then asked, "I take it you and Theron never really got along, right?"

Alyssa seemed surprised, "Well, doh! Of course not. But what does that have to do with anything. See, the concept is golden and the key is the costumes - at least at the start...