Katie Holmes vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by The Walkin' Dude

It was very early December and the weather in the little town of Jerusalem's Lot Maine could be described with simple words. Adjectives like cold, frigid, freezing, arctic or any other synonym you could find in a thesaurus would all accurately describe the dank gray conditions assaulting the little burg. But even though the thermometer was reading the single digits this evening, the patrons of Tookey's Bar were in very high spirits. And the reason was simple, The Women's Wrestling tour had returned to the Lot for the first time in months and all the locals were psyched to see the ladies clash again. The card for the evening was nothing to sneeze at, the crowd getting to watch some of their returning favorites, not to mention they got their first exposure to several exciting new rookies. But as great as the whole of the under-card was, it was the main event that had the denizens of Tookey's the most giddy.

Tonight, the Lot dwellers would bear witness to an epic battle between Sarah "The Slayer" Gellar and Katie Holmes, a woman whose destructive reign of terror had cast a dark shadow over the league all summer. Ever since her obliteration of Tara Reid in July, Katie had been on a tear, decimating everyone who got in her way. Her list of victims were numerous and besides Reid they included, Laura Prepon, Mena Suvari, Mandy Moore and Britney Spears; all of whom had received various injuries at Holmes' suddenly sadistic hands!

It was fortunate that all would recover and be able to return to the ring, but it was feared among some of the wrestlers that it was only a matter of time before Katie went too far and put someone on the shelf permanently and it was this concern that motivated the Slayer to seek this match with Katie. She’d spoke to Richard Fannin several weeks ago and after a bit of convincing, he gave her the opportunity to take Katie out before she could do irreparable harm to the roster. Fannin had started promoting the match as soon as it was signed and anticipation for the battle had reached a fever pitch. Tonight in Jerusalem's Lot, the Slayer would stand alone against Katie's darkness. And with the back story properly explained, let's go to the Ring Announcer.

Standing center ring, the Announcer begins his routine, "Ladies and gentleman it's time for our main event! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, she is.... Katie Holmes!" ‘Got You (Where I Want You)’ strums to life as Katie makes her way to the ring. For her war with the Slayer, the pale brunette was clad in her now trademark Fog Gray two piece bikini with the matching boots and pads. She was also wearing the battered leather motorcycle jacket (the significance of which had still not been explained by Katie). Moving slowly toward the ring, she ignored all the crowd noise and slipped quietly under the bottom rope. Still silent, she shrugged the jacket off her shoulders and went to her corner.

"And her opponent. Ladies and gentleman, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall. They call her The Slayer, ladies and gentleman I give you...... Sarah Michelle Gellar!" ‘Man in the Box’ roars to life as the Slayer strides through the curtain. As always, she's clad in her read leather one piece bikini, black fingerless gloves and thigh high black boots. Her blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders and it gleams brightly in the dim lights of the club. Sarah's usually exuberant ring walk has been replaced with a careful, calculated sort of stalk, she knows the challenge that awaits her this evening. Reaching the ring, she slides under the bottom ropes and pops to her feet, waiting for the bell.

Silent in the insane roar of the crowd, the brunette and the blonde approached one another. With less than a foot separating them they stopped, each waiting for the other to break the silence.

Finally, Sarah spoke, addressing her taller foe, "It didn't have to be like this Katie."

Holmes appeared to consider this for a moment before responding, "That's easy for you to say Sarah. You never had to fight for everyone else's respect. You could just smile and bounce and everyone loved you. Me? I had to damn near cripple people before anyone took me seriously. And I'm gonna show you just how serious I am.... Slayer." She sneered the final word, her tone dripping with poisonous contempt.

Sarah took a step forward and said quietly, "It's about time someone gave you a dose of your own medicine. Let's see how you like getting carried out on a stretcher."

Katie's face broke into a small cold smile, "You're the one leaving on your back Sarah. And if I have my way, you won't EVER be coming back."

Before Sarah could respond, Katie shot her hand up and absolutely blasted Sarah across the mouth with an open palmed slap. The blonde staggered back with the force of the blow but she did not cry out. Instead, anger filled her eyes and she stepped forward, her arm whipping up. Sarah's slap caught Katie flush across the cheek and this time it was the tall brunette who was staggered. But much like her foe, she didn't cry out. Instead she looked at Sarah and slowly raised one arm and then another over her head. Arms extended, she curled her fingers toward Sarah, a silent invitation to a Test of Strength. Sarah accepted the invitation instantly, stepping forward to lace fingers with her dark eyed rival. Grip secured, both ladies poured on the pressure, standing chest to chest, their heads resting on the others shoulder.

The audience cheered wildly for their favorite gladiator as Sarah and Katie tried to impose their will in this silent checkmate. After more than a minute, no discernible progress had been made, although the astute fan would notice the slightest of tremors in the arms, shoulders and thighs of each participant. It appeared as though the initial skirmish of this contest would end in a draw, when suddenly Katie rose up on the balls of her feet and pressed down hard. The movement caught Sarah by surprise and the blonde fought helplessly as Katie began to force her to her knees. Seconds later, the Slayer was down, bent penitent in front of her foe. Looking down at her captive, Katie twisted Sarah's wrists, eliciting a small gasp of pain from the blonde.

Starting her psychological warfare, Katie said gently, "This is only the beginning Sarah. It may take me all night, but I WILL shatter your defenses. And when I'm done, no one will remember you as you were. Only as I leave you, a pathetic, destroyed shadow of your former self." Her tone bespoke an almost supreme confidence.

Jerking her head up to look at her nemesis, Sarah said, "I've had bigger and meaner than you threaten worse Katie. You think you can humiliate me? Why don't you ask Jessica Alba what happens to girls who fuck with me?"

Then she planted both feet and pushed up hard, slowly rising off her knees; fighting against Katie's pressure. Sarah soon regained her vertical base and looking into Katie's face, she engaged in a little mental warfare of her own.

"After all, I know that all the surly attitude and brutal beatings are just over compensation. You want everybody to forget that for the majority of your career you were nothing but a skinny, uncoordinated, sugar coated CREAMPUFF! I know that girl's still in there, and I'm going to expose her to everyone tonight!"

Watching the rage blossom on Katie's features, Sarah sprang into action! Leaping up, she planted both boots on Katie's upper thighs, then as she fell backward she Monkey Flipped Katie over her. The brunette landed hard on her back but Sarah maintained her grip on Katie's wrists and rolled through, ending up sitting on the brunette's chest in a Schoolgirl Pin. The ref went to count but barely tapped the mat once before Katie powered out!

Both ladies got quickly to their feet, and Katie went on the offensive, charging at Sarah. The diminutive blonde held her ground however and when Katie was within grappling distance she shot forward and hooked the brunette's arm. With one quick pop of her hips, she'd thrown Katie halfway across the ring with a beautiful Arm Drag. Katie hit the mat hard, but rolled with the impact and was on her feet in seconds. Not to be deterred, she charged Sarah again. But her second attempt was no more successful than the first and Sarah again tossed her to the opposite corner with a second textbook Arm Drag. Katie got to her knees a bit slower this time, slapping the mat in frustration. Getting to her feet, she lunged at Sarah a third time.

There's an old saying that proposes that the third time is the charm and in this case it proved to be true. As Sarah tried for yet another Arm Drag, Katie put on the brakes and shot a hand out. Her nails raked hard down Sarah's face and the small blonde staggered back, trying to clear her vision. Katie took advantage of the opening and closed the gap, driving a knee up into Sarah's abdomen. The blonde was bent double and she was caught completely of guard by the series of stiff Haymakers that Katie smashed into her face. The last one of which dropped the Slayer to the canvas, dazed at Katie's feet.

"Get up Slayer. I know you can take more than that," Katie taunted and indeed, Sarah COULD take more than that as she proved by popping to her feet seconds later.

Unfortunately for her, two seconds after that she was right back down on the mat again, clutching at her throat after being nearly decapitated by a ‘Katie Clothesline.’ Watching Sarah gasp, Katie knelt beside her and prepared to dish out the punishment. Lacing both hands around Sarah's slender neck, the brunette began to squeeze, choking the fight out of Sarah with a Blatant Choke hold. When Sarah felt the hands constrict her windpipe, she began to thrash wildly, hands and feet going in all directions, hoping to break free from Katie's tormenting grip. She was rewarded in this as her fist connected solidly with Katie's cheek, knocking the brunette away.

Her breathing no longer inhibited, Sarah rolled to her feet just as Katie was getting to hers. Her normally pretty face twisted into a grimace of hate, Katie swung a fist directly at Sarah's head, looking to punch the Slayer's face in. Sarah saw the fist coming and brought both arms up successfully blocking the blow. She was just about to go on the attack when her world fell apart. For while it was true that she had blocked Katie's punch, that was exactly what Holmes wanted. In the span of time it took Sarah to block, Katie fired her foot up and caught Sarah with a vicious kick to the crotch. The blonde fell to her knees, then to her side as she was incapable of doing anything else at the moment. With Sarah down Katie knelt beside her again and went back to work. Her face almost terrifyingly beautiful in its cold cruelty, Katie placed her knee directly against Sarah's windpipe and pressed down hard. This time when Sarah began to thrash, Katie took precautions to avoid her limbs and she continued the restrict the blonde's breathing as Sarah's escape attempts grew more frenzied.

Looking into her foe's panicked eyes, Katie said, "Still think I'm a creampuff Slayer? Well it's going to be pretty humiliating when you get your trachea crushed by a weakling like me!"

She punctuated her statement by leaning even harder on Sarah's throat. Laying on the mat, Sarah knew she was in trouble. If she couldn't escape this predicament, Katie was going to choke her out very quickly and then there was no telling what she would do to her when the match was over. Fighting off the panic as best she could, Sarah stilled herself for just a moment before engaging her plan. Demonstrating an amazing degree of flexibility, she arced her right leg up and managed to connect solidly with the back of Katie's head. The blow caught the brunette by surprise and her cold expression was replaced by surprised pain as she was knocked off her perch.

Free to breath again, Sarah rolled away and got slowly to her feet, breathing in great roaring gasps of air. And even though she was grateful to be breathing again, she was even more grateful for the opportunity to teach Katie a thing or two about cruelty. On the opposite side of the ring, the brunette was getting to her feet, rubbing the back of her head. Seeing Sarah standing filled her with fresh rage and she charged at the blonde, arm extended in a brutal Clothesline. But this time it was Sarah's turn to counter and she slipped agilely under Katie's extended arm. Tensing herself, she waited for Katie to turn around before firing a wicked Thrust Kick that caught Katie right on the jaw. The brunette uttered a little cry and went down to her hands and knees, knelt at Sarah's feet. Feeling more than a bit vindictive, Sarah tensed again before launching another kick right into Katie's ribs. The impact made a sound like a baseball bat hitting a rug and Katie went rolling, clutching her assaulted middle.

Stalking over to her downed foe, Sarah bent and grabbed a handful of dark hair, bringing Katie to her feet. Deciding it was time to single out an area to destroy, Sarah hoisted Katie into position for what looked like a Tombstone Pile-Driver. But instead of dropping Katie on her head, Sarah dropped to one knee, driving her bent knee into Katie's right shoulder. The brunette gasped at the sudden flare of pain and she was made a little noise of protest when Sarah tossed her to the mat in a heap. Sarah's eyes burned with cold malice as she brought Katie up again and slipped behind her. Wrapping an arm around Katie's throat Sarah, fell to the mat and wrapped her legs around Katie's lean middle, adding a Body Scissors to her Rear Naked Choke.

Wrenching both holds tight, the Slayer took this time to return Katie's taunting, "Not so fun not being able to breathe is it Katie? Why don't you just give it up? Of course if you don't want to, that's fine with me. You're one of those rare people I just seem to ENJOY hurting!"

Wretching as Sarah's arms cut off her oxygen, Katie hissed back, "Oddly enough, I'm that rare person who enjoys pain! Mine's OK, but YOURS is soooo much better!"

With that, she brought her claws up and raked viciously at Sarah's face, trying to get at the Slayer's eyes. After a moment she found her target and Sarah released the hold quickly, kicking Katie away to put some distance between the two. Both ladies stayed down for a while, Sarah rubbing at her face while Katie massaged her throat. Moments later they were both up and advancing fast. With Katie in range, Sarah launched a blistering Side Kick at Katie's shoulder, her foot slamming into the already tenderized joint. Amazingly enough, Katie shrugged the blow off and lunged at the blonde flooring her with another hard Clothesline. Picking the dazed blonde up by her hair, Katie attacked her throat again this time with a simple one handed grip on her opponent's neck.

As she shook Sarah from side to side, Katie hissed, "I told you Sarah; I enjoy pain - all varieties. The only thing your little kicks do is motivate me to hurt you MORE!"

Angry at Katie's dismissive attitude, Sarah gasped, "Well if you like pain, than I'm sure you'll love this!"

Sarah kicked Katie hard in the gut, forcing the tall brunette to release her grip. With Katie bent in front of her, Sarah looked to take away Katie's ability to keep choking the life out of her. Lunging forward, she stood beside Katie, drawing her right arm tight across the Slayer's chest. Hold firmly in place, Sarah fell forward, nailing a beautiful Single Arm DDT, the whole of Katie's chest, face and shoulder taking the impact. The blow sent a bolt of pain through the brunette's already tender arm and she rolled over onto her back, clutching at the injured limb. Sitting beside her foe, Sarah pushed Katie over onto her back. Wrenching Katie's wounded arm free, Sarah fully extended the arm, gripping it in both hands at the wrist. Placing her shoulder against Katie's shoulder, Sarah planted her feet and bridged up, placing incredible pressure on Katie's shoulder and elbow with the Fujiwara Arm Bar. This hold forced a pained scream from Katie and the cry drove Sarah to bridge up even further, increasing the pressure of the hold.

Listening to Katie’s wails, Sarah yelled, "What's wrong Katie? Not enjoying this? I for one am loving it!"

She proved it by pulling up even harder on Katie's tender arm. But using her searing pain as motivation, Katie planted her free hand in the mat and pushed forward with all her might. With this move, she managed to somersault forward, reliving the pressure on her arm. Before Sarah could react, Katie, laced both feet under the bottom rope, guaranteeing her release from the torturous hold. Surprised that the brunette was able to so effectively counter the Arm Bar, Sarah held the hold til the 4 count and then released it, slowly getting up while waiting for Katie to rise. Second later she did and she began to circle the Slayer immediately. If Katie's arm was causing her much pain, the brunette did an admirable job of hiding it. In fact it seemed to not bother her at all.

Closing the distance between them Katie taunted, "Is that all you've got Sarah? I expected a REAL FIGHT from you. Looks like I'm fated to be disappointed."

Furious at Katie's glibness after being victimized by such a brutal hold, Sarah spat, "I'll give you more than you can handle Katie. And then I'll give you so much more!"

Simultaneous with her last word, the Slayer lunged forward and fired a high Thrust Kick at Katie's face. Unfortunately for her, that was just what Katie was planning on and she dodged the strike with surprising ease. As Sarah was recovering from the missed strike, Katie brought her foot up again, smashing Sarah in the crotch for the second time in the match. Tears filled Sarah's eyes as she collapsed on the mat, again a victim of Katie's brutal new style. Standing at Sarah's feet, Katie bent down and grabbed an ankle in each hand. Pulling Sarah's legs up, Katie spread them wide before jumping high and driving a knee full force into Sarah's unprotected mound. The blow wrenched another agonized cry from Sarah, but that was all she could do as Katie pulled her to a sitting position and stood behind her. Using one hand she pulled Sarah's head back by a damp clump of blonde hair. Using her other hand, she sank a claw deep into the Slayer's neck and squeezed hard. Sarah squirmed in her grasp, but Katie was unshakable, digging in with both hands as hard as she could.

Feeling Sarah begin to wilt, Katie couldn't resist mocking the blonde, "Come on Sarah, break the hold! It's not that hard to do. What's that? You can't? Oh all right! Here, I guess I can help you break it…but only this once!"

Pulling hard, she yanked Sarah to her feet before standing behind her, back to back. Reaching both hands over her shoulder, Katie looped them under Sarah's chin and pulled tight. Before Sarah had time to comprehend what was happening, Katie sat out hard, landing on her butt. For the Slayer, the landing was nowhere near as pleasant, the back of her assaulted neck being driven into the point of Katie's shoulder. Her head was whiplashed forward and she slumped to the mat, looking deflated and close to defeat. Realizing the Neckbreaker had done more damage than she thought it would, Katie pounced across Sarah and hooked a leg, going for the pin. The referee had just reached “2” when Sarah kicked out, much to the relief of her fans. Breathing hard, Katie pulled Sarah to her feet and stared into her dazed face.

"I love that never give up attitude of yours Sarah. It's going to be fun finding out just how much damage it takes to make a Slayer stay down."

As Sarah tried to mumble a response, Katie whipped her hard toward the corner, smiling when Sarah smashed into the buckles, but frowning a bit at the painful twinge in her right arm. Approaching the slack blonde, Katie gripped the top rope in both hands before raising one lean leg and placing it boot first right under Sarah's chin. Choke in place, She applied as much pressure as she could, relishing the helpless way Sarah's shorter legs flailed as Katie crushed the life out of her. Breaking the choke right before the ref could disqualify her, Katie grabbed a dual handful of Sarah's blonde locks and tossed her throat first onto the second rope. Grabbing the top rope, Katie climbed onto her opponent, one foot one Sarah's back while the other pressed down on the back of her neck.

Bouncing up and down to increase the pressure of her brutal (and illegal) choke, Katie screamed, "Can you take much more Sarah? I hope so because hurting you is the most fun I've had all year!"

Again, Katie held this choke for as long as she could, only relinquishing it when the ref threatened disqualification. Hopping off the Slayer's back, Katie smoothed back her hair and tried to decide on her next move. Looking across the ring, inspiration struck and she took off towards the ropes at a dead run. Bouncing off, she ran back towards the bent over Sarah. When she was within range, Katie leapt forward, meaning to drive her full weight into Sarah's back, choking the blonde even more violently against the ropes.

But unfortunately for Katie, Sarah slipped to the side at the last possible second, leaving Katie to bounce awkwardly off the ropes, the brunette landing hard back in the center of the ring. Feeling discombobulated, Katie rose to her hands and knees and was about to stand when both of Sarah's booted heels slammed full force into her injured right shoulder. Katie shrieked in pain as the force of the blow sent her rolling, almost to the outside of the ring. Looking up through partly closed eyes, she saw a partially recovered and royally pissed off Sarah Michelle Gellar standing over her. Bringing her heel up, Sarah stamped down hard on Katie's tender joint, eliciting a pained cry from her foe.

Rubbing her throat, Sarah said hoarsely, "You pathetic, torturing bitch. You like causing pain so much, I'm gonna hurt you like no one else can. When I'm done with you, you'll BEG me to let you go. But I don't think I will."

Then she stamped down on Katie's shoulder again. Changing tactics, she flipped Katie onto her stomach and sat on her injured shoulder with her legs straddling the twisted limb. Grabbing the brunette's wrist, Sarah wrenched it up hard, seemingly intent on tearing the arm right from it's socket! Hearing Katie’s groans, Sarah smiled as she flipped the hair from her eyes and stepped up her punishment. Bending her head forward, Sarah pulled up even further on Katie's wrist, before biting down hard on Katie's defenseless fingers. The blazing new pain in her hand brought Katie to like, but when she tried to free herself, the pain in her shoulder was amplified tenfold. There was nothing for the brunette to do but scream helplessly and try not to give up. Giving Katie's hand a final bite, Sarah stood up and pulled Katie up by her wrist. Leading the drained woman to the ropes, Sarah placed her back first against the ropes and tied both arms up, pulling each limb out beside her in a capital ‘T’ shape.

Surveying her handiwork, Sarah looked at Katie's sweaty, pain-soaked face and demanded, "Give up!"

Flipping dark hair from her face, Katie fixed Sarah with a sick glare and hissed, "You'll NEVER make me."

Assuming a martial arts stance, Sarah said simply, "Yes.... I will!"

She began to fire a brutal deluge of kicks directly into Katie's injured shoulder. Each impact thudded off the joint with a thick, meaty slap and Katie howled in agony as Sarah continued her sadistic attack. But fortunately for Katie, Sarah wasn't allowed to hold her in the ropes forever and when the ref reached 4 on his count, Sarah stopped kicking and casually pulled Katie from the ropes, derisively tossing her face first into the mat. The brunette hit with a wet slap and she couldn't even roll over, the best she could manage was to gently grasp at her injured shoulder. The Slayer though wasn't about to allow Katie any mercy (after all, Holmes had afforded her none earlier in the match.) Bending down, She gripped Katie's wrist and began to drag her toward the corner. When she couldn't drag Katie any further, Sarah dropped the injured arm and headed toward the corner, where she hopped to the 2nd turnbuckle. Looking out at the audience Sarah yelled "Let's see if this evil bitch can take it as well as she can dish it out!" When the audience roared, Sarah leaped off the buckle and stomped down full force on Katie's shoulder. Katie screamed aloud on impact and spasmed violently, rolling back into the center of the ring. Sarah rolled her shoulders and stalked over to where Katie lay.

Looking to heap on a bit more mental abuse, Sarah placed a black boot on Katie's injured shoulder and asked, "Ready to give it up?"

Katie offered no verbal response, instead she gamely rose to her knees, then stoodface to face with the blonde; her eyes filled with hate and snarled, "Fuck you!" Then she slapped Sarah hard with her good hand.

Katie’s defiance caught Sarah by surprise, but she quickly recovered, surging forward looking to deliver a second Single Arm DDT. But the pain Katie had suffered over the past several minutes had given her a brief sort of clarity and before the blonde could fall forward, Katie grabbed a handful of blonde hair with her good hand and pulled back as hard as she could. Sarah was pulled off her feet and slammed painfully into the canvas, her back and head absorbing the majority of the impact. The blonde shook off the effects of the Hair Slam and had risen to her hands and knees when Katie drilled a hard boot right into her temple. Sarah went over without a word, laying on the mat with a shell-shocked look in her eyes. Standing over the dazed blonde, Katie's eyes burned with an almost demonic anger. Looking from the blonde to the ropes, she pulled Sarah up and returned a favor, tying her into the ropes.

As the ref began his count, Katie began to fire stiff jabs and haymakers into Sarah's undefended midsection, taking sick joy in every impact her injured arm made against Sarah's yielding stomach. As the ref reached 4, Katie began to untie Sarah, but before she tossed the blonde free, Katie wound up one more time and fired a short, hard punch into Sarah's throat. “The Slayer” gagged harshly and fell to the mat, clutching at her throat. Katie shrugged off the ref's admonition and the hail of boos, instead standing over Sarah, placing her boot on the back of Sarah's neck. She appeared to be on the verge of saying something and then thought the better of it, instead just bringing Sarah up with her good left hand. With the shorter woman standing wobbly in front of her, Katie again focused on Sarah's throat. Wrapping both hands around the Slayer's sweaty neck, Katie squeezed hard, enjoying the panicked look in Sarah's eyes.

Grinning cruelly, Katie whispered, “Are YOU ready to give it up Slayer?"

The taunt seemed to clear the fog from Sarah's brain and her eyes locked with Katie's and mustering the breath for a retort, she hissed, "Not even close!"

Sarah gripped the back of Katie's head and slipped a leg behind Katie's legs. Pushing forward, she swept Katie off her feet, the brunette landing hard on her back and shoulders while Sarah landed hard on her stomach. Both combatants stayed down for quite a while, not making it up until the ref had reached nine on his count. Katie got to her feet and flipped the hair out of her eyes just in time to see Sarah's booted heel slinging at her face. The Spinning Heel Kick caught Katie directly across the jaw and she was shot back to the canvas with brutal efficiency. Sarah stood over the fallen brunette and thought about what to do next. Remembering Katie's malicious cheap shot to her throat, Sarah thought of a way to return the favor. Looking around, her eyes suddenly lit up, glowing with a dark purpose. Pulling Katie to her feet, Sarah gripped her right wrist.

Hissing into Katie's slack features she said, "So you want to crush my throat huh bitch? Well I wouldn't mind ripping off your fucking arm!"

Not giving Katie the chance to respond, Sarah took off at a run toward the ropes, hauling Katie awkwardly behind her. When she was within a few feet of the ropes, Sarah executed a beautiful leap, sailing over the top rope with Katie's wrist still in her hand. Sarah landed gracefully on her feet on the outside, but Katie's landing was anything but pretty. When Sarah sailed over the ropes, she pulled down violently on the brunette's wrist before letting go. The effect was to bend the elbow joint brutally over the rope. Katie screamed in agony and fell back clutching her arm to her chest, tears filling her eyes. The crowd gasped at Sarah's heartless ingenuity and many (including her hardcore fans) were surprised that the mostly rule abiding Slayer was able to come up with such cruelly inventive moves.

Sliding back into the ring, Sarah stood over Katie and looked out at the roaring crowd, raised her arms in triumph and screamed, "That arm is coming home with me!"

The crowd agreed that this was a most likely course of events. Focusing her attention back on Katie, Sarah again took possession of the damaged arm. Falling back, she wrapped her exquisite legs around the limb, locking in the Cross Arm Breaker. Tears poured down Katie's face as Sarah tried her damnedest to destroy her arm.

Trying to focus on a course of escape, Katie was momentarily distracted by Sarah's voice demanding, "Submit bitch! You've proved you're tough, but there's no way your arm can take much more of this!"

Curling her free arm into a fist, Katie hissed, "Maybe not, but I don't think your cunt can take much more of THIS!" As the word left her mouth, Katie fired her fist into Sarah's mound - not once - not twice - but THREE times.


The blonde was caught off guard by the attack and she released her hold, hands going to her mangled groin. Free of their opponent's machinations, both ladies rolled away and tried to collect themselves. Seconds later they both got to their feet, Katie clutching at her injured arm, Sarah still walking gingerly from the crotch punches. Snarling inarticulately, Katie lunged at Sarah, but the Slayer was ready for it and fired a low Dropkick, catching Katie in the knee. The brunette went down in a heap, but was quick to her feet (her legs hadn't taken that much damage.) She had just stood up when Sarah appeared in front of her and buried a Claw hold in the agonized muscles of her right shoulder. Gasping at the pain, Katie decided to return the favor and she brought her good arm up and latched a Blatant Choke around Sarah's beleaguered throat. Sarah's eyes bulged when Katie squeezed her neck, but the neither lady would be denied and they went about putting all their energies into making the other relent. The dual holds were maintained for another 15 seconds before each woman finally had enough and broke their grip, staggering away from each other to create some distance.

Moments later, Sarah waded back in firing a high Spin Kick at Katie's head. But the brunette had grown wary of Sarah's striking ability and she ducked neatly under incoming leg. As Sarah turned around to face her, Katie took a page out of her opponent's book and drove a stiff open handed Uppercut into Sarah's throat. Sarah retched and stumbled forward right into Katie's waiting hands. Spinning the blonde around, Katie repeated an earlier maneuver, driving Sarah's neck into her shoulder with a Falling Neckbreaker. Getting to her feet, Katie stared down at the wounded Slayer.

Looking out to the audience, Katie screamed, “So this cunt wants to rip off my arm? Well she's gonna have a hard time doing that with a crushed throat!"

With that she placed her boot on Sarah's neck and put all her weight into choking the Slayer out. Sarah kicked and gasped, only managing to free herself after a long period squirming under the sole of her adversary's boot. Smirking as she watched the blonde crawl away, Katie walked after her and pulled Sarah to her feet. Standing back to back with her nemesis, both hands looped under Sarah's chin, Katie appeared to be going for a third Neckbreaker. But instead of falling to the canvas, Katie leaned forward, pulling Sarah off the canvas and onto her back, torturing her neck with an insidious Hangman. Sarah's legs flailed wildly in the hold as she was being held off the mat and couldn't find any purchase with her feet.

For long, agonizing seconds, Sarah was held aloft as Katie paraded her around the ring, displaying the writhing Slayer to all. Her salvation came a moment later when the effect of her weight combined with Katie's bad arm forced the brunette to lean back, allowing Sarah's feet to touch the mat. Knowing this was her only chance at escape, Sarah tensed and when Katie pulled back again, Sarah pushed off, rolling over Katie and landing neatly in front of her rival. Still in too much pain to mount much of an attack, Sarah blasted a kick high into Katie's shoulder and the brunette cursed and fell to her knees.

Seizing an opportunity to finally put Katie away, Sarah backed up a few steps before charging forward and rocketing a kick towards Katie's face. But the brunette was more surprised than hurt and she was able to knock the blow aside, avoiding the worst of the damage. As Sarah stumbled awkwardly, looking for balance, Katie buried a fist in the blonde's womanhood! This latest assault on her groin took a lot of the fight out of “The Slayer” and again she found herself sobbing on the mat, massaging her wounded crotch.

Falling to her knees at the legs of the stretched out Slayer, Katie massaged her injured arm, before flexing it ominously in front of the blonde as she lookedat Sarah and said almost admiringly, "You really fucked up my arm Slayer. Nobody's been able to bring the fight to me like you have. But it's still not enough. I'm going to take real pleasure in choking you out with my busted arm."

Then she slid forward and gripped Sarah's throat tightly before beginning the inevitable squeeze. Unfortunately for Katie, while this was a poetically just plan, it failed to take Sarah's resilience into account. As soon as Katie began choking, Sarah whipped her legs up locking them at the ankles around Katie's head and arm. Now Katie's choke was being challenged by Sarah's Triangle Choke and the redness in both ladies faces seemed to indicate they were doing their job. And while Katie's grip was secure, the Triangle choke was also torturing her injured limb and Katie knew that Sarah was getting the better of this situation. Fighting off asphyxiation, Katie brought her free arm up and sank it into Sarah's crotch, tearing and pinching at the wounded area. Sarah cried out loudly and tried to hold onto the choke, but the pain in her crotch was just too much and she broke the hold, kicking Katie roughly away.

Laying on opposite sides of the rings, both women did nothing for the next several moments, trying their best to push aside their aches and pains. After what seemed like an eternity, both women rose to their feet and locked eyes. Each read the expression in the others eyes perfectly well. They both knew that this last clash would determine the outcome of the whole match. Steeling themselves, Katie and Sarah charged forward, locking up in the center of the ring. After a bit of pushing and shoving, Katie drilled a boot into Sarah's gut and bent her over. Forcing her into position for a Powerbomb, Katie lifted Sarah up, resting the small of the blonde's back against her shoulder. Katie's fans cheered as they knew she was moments away from hitting her finisher, the modified Over the Shoulder Backbreaker unofficially dubbed, "The Holmes Wrecker."

Katie hesitated for just a moment making sure Sarah was in perfect position. But that hesitation was all that Sarah needed. Acting solely on instinct, Sarah bucked hard. The sudden movement was too much for Katie's weakened shoulder and her grip was broken allowing Sarah to slide down her back. Trying to capitalize on Katie's moment of confusion, Sarah whipped the brunette around and tried to lock up with her foe. But Katie had recovered quickly and as Sarah moved forward, she snapped another punch into the Slayer's throat. In absolute agony, Sarah stumbled away, massaging her windpipe. Taking a chance, Katie charged forward and lowered her good shoulder, intending to cut Sarah in half with a Spear. But this time it was Sarah with the quick recovery and before Katie could reach her, she leapt high into the air, leap-frogging over the surprised brunette. Katie landed awkwardly on her hands and knees and as she recovered, Sarah greeted her with a massive kick to the ribs. The blow sent her sprawling and Katie was slow to her feet as the Slayer advanced on her crippled foe.

A determination born of rage and pain etched on her face, Sarah spoke to Katie one final time, “This is it Katie. Everyone you've hurt, all the careers you've shortened. Your receipt is coming. And I'm the one delivering it."

Sarah unleashed a withering barrage of kicks, each one finding their target, the blows slamming into everything Katie couldn't guard. Face, shoulder, chest, gut, knees, nothing was safe as the Slayer just hacked away at her taller nemesis until Katie's defenses dropped. Then Sarah tensed herself and fired one more kick, a stiff Round House that smashed against the brunette’s ear. Katie let out a low groan as she fell backward looking completely out of it. Exhausted, Sarah collapsed on her foe, waiting for the ref to count. His hand was coming down for the three when Katie rolled her shoulder free. Sarah rose to her knees and brushed tears from her eyes, unable to believe that Katie had kicked out of her last barrage.

Drawing on the last of her reserves, Sarah pulled Katie up and whipped toward the ropes. Seconds before Sarah could release her grip, Katie dug her feet in and pulled Sarah toward her. The blonde stumbled in and was greeted with a huge knee to the gut. Bent over, she was totally unaware when Katie cinched her in a tight Front Face-Lock. The Slayer didn't get the time to try an escape because - as soon as her grip was secure - Katie drove herself back with everything she had, spiking the blonde's forehead to the canvas with a skull shattering DDT.

Sarah laid sprawled on the mat as Katie lay beside her, too tired to even make the cover that would've won her the match. Gathering herself, Katie stood up and pulled Sarah up as well. Standing behind the semi conscious blonde, she bent Sarah backwards hooking her foe's head in the crook of her armpit, locking in the Dragon Sleeper. Mentally exhausted, but still aware enough to know that Sarah could engineer an escape, Katie remedied that situation by falling backwards and locking her legs around Sarah's waist, adding a Body Scissors to the Dragon Sleeper. Katie wrenched both holds tightly, eliciting a slight response from the blonde. But soon, the Slayer's struggles ceased and Katie knew she had won.

As the ref came in to check Sarah's arm, Katie whispered, “So this is what it feels like to slay the Slayer; pretty damn good!!"

Seconds later, the ref declared Sarah unconscious and had the bell rang, declaring Katie the winner by submission. Holding the Sleeper a second more, Katie finally released her grip and kicked Sarah away, leaving the blonde face down in an unconscious heap. Soaking in the cheers (and the boos) Katie strode around the ring and raised her hands, posing triumphantly. Watching the ref attend to Sarah, a cold, detached look fell over her face. Collecting herself, she suddenly sprinted toward the ref before booting him in the side of the head. The zebra was out like a light, leaving Katie free to be alone with the defeated Slayer.

Looking down at the beaten blonde, she said, "You're gonna be famous Slayer; the victim everybody remembers forever."

Finishing her ominous threat, she slid out of the ring and grabbed a steel folding chair. Snapping it shut she slid back into the ring and approached the still slumbering Sarah. Saying nothing, she bent down and pulled Sarah to her feet, holding the blonde against her so she wouldn't fall down again.


Over the pleadings of the usually bloodthirsty crowd, Katie positioned the top of the chair against Sarah's throat and pulled the blonde back as far as she could. Holding the Slayer prone for only a second, Katie tossed her down hard. The chair legs hit the mat and Sarah hit the top of the chair throat first. The crowd screamed their disapproval as the Slayer fell to limp backwards, spread-eagled and gagging. The most astute fans present were extremely troubled to see a thin but steady line of blood trickle from one corner of her mouth. Seconds later, a horde of refs and paramedics hit the ring, keeping Katie from doing any more damage to Sarah and to get the Slayer on to the stretcher. Katie watched the goings on with a disinterested gaze, seemingly oblivious to the chaos she had caused. It took a few minutes, but the medics, finally got Sarah on the stretcher and pulled her from the ring carrying her toward the back.

As Sarah and the procession of officials disappeared through the curtain, Katie grabbed a mike and addressed the audience, "Do you believe me now? Do you believe I'm capable of destroying bodies and ending careers? You people should be honored. You just got to see the final match of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the legendary Slayer! I put her on a stretcher just like I promised and there's not a damn thing she could do about it!"

Her rant continued in this vein for several minutes, with the crowd's response getting more and more hostile. Just when it seemed the mob was about to storm the ring to shut the brunette up, their screams of derision turned to roars of applause. Not sure of what was happening, Katie whirled toward the entryway and was stunned by what she saw. Surrounded by an army of officials and medics, was Sarah Michelle Gellar! Everything about “The Slayer” looked like death warmed over with the exception of her eyes. Those burned with a sick, fevered anger. As Katie stood in shock, the blonde took a few staggering steps forward. Insane as it seemed, she appeared to be heading back to the ring, before the refs stopped her.

Being effectively held back by the officials, Sarah brought a mike to her lips and in a harsh, croaking voice said, "It seems the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. You did beat me Katie, but you'll have to do a lot worse to end my career. You should have finished the job bitch. Because as soon as I'm healthy, I'm coming for you. Every second you breathe from now on is borrowed time. And someday soon, I'll come to collect. Your career, your body.....your soul. All of them belong to me. Because I'm the Slayer. And you're history."

That seemed to exhaust the last of her energy and she turned and headed into the back, leaving a shocked and furious Katie Holmes to begin preparing for her second encounter with the apparently indestructible Slayer.