Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Jennifer Lopez (World Title) by The Walkin’ Dude

The calendar may say it’s spring, but here in Innsmouth Massachusetts Winter was still firmly in control. While the raging Nor’easters of December and January were gone, the small town was still covered with a picturesque layer of snow and thoughts of summer tourists were still far from the minds of the locals. One local event stirring conversation among certain segments of the populace was the return of Women's Wrestling to the Devil's Reef Bar at the Gilman House hotel. And while Fannin's shows were always well attended, this particular card had sold out well in advance. Why? Because the show was going to be headlined by an honest-to-God ‘World Title’ match: embattled champion Sarah Michelle Gellar trying to regain the title that had been stolen from her almost two months ago. The Slayer's purloined property was currently held by the woman challenging the blonde for the belt tonight - undefeated “Latina Supreme” Jennifer Lopez!

For the past sixty plus days, Lopez had been goading Gellar incessantly, wearing the stolen gold to the ring, to interviews, or anywhere she could get a rise out of the champ. Of course Sarah had tried to retake the belt several times, but every time she got close, the Booty Queen managed to bail before the Slayer could reclaim her property. I could go into more detail, but at this point, the Announcer is stepping into the ring, and you're probably more interested in what he has to say right?

Standing in the center of the squared circle, the Announcer begins, "Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5’3”; they call her ‘The Slayer’…she is THE UNDISPUTED World Champion, SARAH... MICHELLE… GELLAR!"

'Man in the Box' grumbles through the speakers and Sarah wastes no time in pushing her way through the curtain. Standing motionless at the top of the ramp, the Slayer still cuts an intimidating figure but it's hard to deny that she looks, well... sort of naked without the World Title around her waist. Luckily for her fans, the lack of gold hadn't messed with her sense of fashion. As is her tradition, the blonde is wearing her trademark red leather one piece outfit and the high black boots that go with it. The look is completed with a pair of fingerless black gloves. The ovation for the slender blonde is thunderous, but Sarah seems to pays it no heed as she came down the aisle like a woman on a mission, sliding under the bottom and popping to her feet before stalking to the middle of the ring and raising both hands high overhead.

When the ovation for the Slayer had died down, the Announcer brought the mic back up and continued, "And introducing the challenger, she stands at 5’5”…and comes here tonight with a record of 17 wins and NO losses…‘The Latina Supreme’ … JENNIFER LOPEZ!"

The jarring, raucous opening to Drowning Pool's 'Step Up' tore through the Reef and the crowd screamed its approval as the bronzed diva strutted through the curtain and made her presence felt. Standing on the top of the ramp, J-Lo fixed the mob with a smug little smile and let her hands play gently across her hips and belly. For her first official battle with the Slayer, Jennifer was clad in a gleaming white bikini that almost glowed in the lights of the club. The chromatic scheme was carried through to her boots, wrist tape and fingerless gloves as well, not to mention the ankle length ring robe that was uncharacteristically knotted at the waist.

Making the universal 'cut the music' sign, Jennifer brought a mic out from behind her back and smiled at the silently fuming blonde. After a suitably dramatic pause, the challenger said, "Hello Sarah honey. I know you're wondering where your precious belt is and being the generous soul that I am, I'm going to show you."

Reaching down to her waist, Lopez undid the sash and opened the robe to reveal what first appeared to be a plain black strap of leather. It was only when the audience saw the clasps that they realized J-Lo was wearing the belt backwards. Letting the robe fall to the floor, Jen swiveled around to reveal the familiar gold face of the world title strapped tightly across her vaunted hips.

Wiggling her world class ass at Sarah, Jennifer continued, "Looks nice doesn't it? The only problem is, this piece of garbage belongs to you. A TRUE champion deserves something a bit more... classy, shall we say?" Then she glanced at the curtain and said, "Stephens, if you please?"

A nondescript young man in a three-piece suit stepped through the curtain and stood behind the challenger. Of interest to the fans and the Slayer were the items Stephens held in either hand. In his left was a large wooden box, in the other was a cheap aluminum trash can. Satisfied with the young man's offerings, Jen snapped the belt from around her waist and turned to face the ring. With no readable expression on her face, Lopez took the top off the trash can and dropped the old belt in with an unceremonious CLANG. Replacing the lid, she opened the box and removed another belt, one that was, as the kids are wont to say... blinged out? Encircled with small diamonds, the large golden plate in the center of the belt gleamed brightly under the house lights, and conveniently, was already inscribed “J-LO.”

Strapping the new belt around her curvaceous hips, Lopez dismissed Stephens with a wave and asked Sarah, "There, that's better isn't it?"

In her corner, Sarah raged in silence; wanting nothing more than to rush the ramp and tear Lopez apart. But she could wait. It’d be more satisfying to hold the shiny new toy under Jennifer’s bloody nose after she'd won the match to reclaim what was hers.

Back at the entryway, J-Lo began to make her way to the ring and if possible, the crowd energy went up another few levels; even draped by the new belt, it was impossible to completely obscure the sway of The Latina Supreme's nearly flawless hips, and it was safe to say that this was going to be one of the steepest challenges of the Slayer's career. Moments later, Jen reached the apron and paused to pose for the adoring fans in the front row. Not even bothering to look at her opponent, Jennifer displayed her new toy to her adoring public and then proceeded to feed an entire audience from the palm of her hand by swinging her right leg up onto the apron in an impressive display of flexibility. Waiting a few beats, she grabbed the middle rope in both hands and brought her other leg up, completing the spit on the apron and sinuously sliding under the bottom rope. Rising to her feet, J-Lo regarded the mob with a, 'Yeah, you love it,' grin before she taking the belt from her waist and handing it to the referee.

Offering the Slayer a final smug smile, Lopez strode to her corner and waited for the opportunity to make her reign official.


The bell rang and those expecting a roaring, screaming start to this title match were disappointed when neither champion nor challenger made a move to leave her corner. Over on her side, Jennifer wore the smile of someone privy to a grand, though somewhat devious, secret. And in some ways, this was true. She knew that she’d succeeded in doing what very few women had; she'd pushed Sarah Michelle Gellar to the point where she was so enraged that was apt to let her anger get the best of her - meaning she was much more prone to the sort of stupid mistake that cut title reigns short.

On the flip side, Lopez was also disturbingly aware that the Slayer was even more dangerous in her infuriated state, and while the Latina Supreme would NEVER come out and say that she was afraid of the gamine warrior, she’d seen more than enough of Gellar's films to know when pissed off the Slayer was capable of bruising ribs and cracking joints. Time and again, Jen had seen strong women reduced to tears by Sarah's kicks or her dreaded Sharpshooter. This train of thought played out very quickly and Jen dispelled any doubts she might have had. Sure Sarah had beaten great women before tonight, but she'd never faced anyone like HER; and she was going to make sure Sarah's ignominious second championship run ended with the blonde flat on her back and her nose wedged tight in the brunette's legendary Reverse Facesit.

Running her hands up and down the wide curve of her hips, Jennifer Lopez whispered, "Last time I took your belt honey. Now I'm gonna help myself to your title and your pride. And I'm gonna take them nice and slow..." Then the Latina Supreme sauntered out of her corner to meet the Slayer in the center of the ring.

While thoughts of embarrassment and humiliation were running through J-Lo’s head, Sarah was contemplating the exact same thing, but her method of achieving it was markedly different. Where Jen focused on breaking her rival mentally, Sarah was going to do it the old fashioned way, by taking the overrated, arrogant Alpha-bitch and putting her on the canvas. Once the Slayer got her victim down, it wasn't long before she had them at her mercy. Simply put, she was going to kick the ever-loving shit out of Jennifer Lopez! There was just no other way to say it.

The cliche suggested that kicking J-Lo's ass would be the most memorable and, while Sarah Michelle couldn't deny the satisfaction it would bring her, the challenger's nearly mythic ass was only ONE target of the blonde's intended scorched earth campaign. If she had her way - and she fully expected to - Sarah would shatter the ridiculous aura of invincibility Lopez had constructed since her arrival last summer, and would do so by smashing Lopez to rubble in the middle of the ring before completing her task by snapping the bitch in two with her Sharphooter. While heartless and out of character, the thought of hearing Jennifer sobbing her name as Sarah threatened to end her career brought a smile to the Slayer's face. More than ready to start acting on her warm and cuddly thoughts, Sarah fixed her gaze on the challenger.

"All right sweetcheeks,” Sarah hissed. “You wanted my attention, now you've got it. Tonight I take back what's mine."

She pushed away from the buckles and stepped forward at almost the exact moment that J-Lo did. A few ticks of the clock found Sarah and Jen in the center of the ring and the two inches of height that separated them didn't stop the rivals from going nose-to-nose. Smirking into the Slayer's calm but furious face, Jennifer broke the silence by taunting, "I already disposed of that cheap trinket you called a title. Guess the only thing left to do now is dispose of the cheap bitch who wore it."

J-Lo chested into the smaller blonde, making sure the gamine grappler felt the ferocious power that lay in her curves. Sarah stepped right into her and replied, "The last time you and I were in the ring together, I'd already beaten three losers into submission. Luckily, this time all I have to do is beat one. And as for that gaudy piece of costume jewelry you brought with you, I'll make sure to paddle your ass with it when the match is over. Who knows, Rich might want to keep it around, it might be funny to have a Loser's World Title passed among the trash like you."

Offering the blonde a haughty smile, Jennifer murmured, "Sweetie, if you think this match is going to end in some way that DOESN'T involve my ass on your face, I must have sat on you a little too long last time. When I get you on your back, you'll go from Slayer to Slain in less than ten seconds. And every one of these people cheering for you now will LOVE seeing it happen."

Unable to just stand there and exchange barbs with the arrogant diva any longer, Sarah sank into a tense crouch and growled, "You'll have a hard time sitting anywhere after I've shoved your head straight up your ass." Before Lopez could reply, Gellar lunged forward and wrapped her up in a tight, tight, tight Collar and Elbow Lock-up.

Momentarily caught off guard, the Latina Supreme was forced back a few steps, but she just as quickly dug in her heels and pushed back, stopping Sarah's forward progress. After a few grunts from both women, J-Lo tired of playing around and simply lunged forward, shoving with all her strength. She watched with great satisfaction as the blonde was sent flying, hitting the mat on her back only to immediately somersault through the landing and pop to her feet.

Grinning like a cat, Lopez flicked an imaginary bit of sweat off her belly and asked the Slayer, "Care to try that again tiny?"

The derision in the brunette's voice was almost enough to drive Sarah mad, but she maintained her composure long enough to fire back, "Sure. I just wasn't expecting you to actually be as strong as your odor."

Then she was moving again, shooting forward to lock up with the waiting warrior. Again, the lock-up was tight and technical, and lasted for several seconds. And just like the first time, when Jen got tired of grappling, she simply dug down and pushed Sarah away, sending the smaller wrestler rolling nearly the full length of the ring.

Speaking more to the crowd than the Slayer, Jennifer stifled a theatrical yawn and asked, "Is that ALL you've got Sarah? I'm beginning to think you might not even DESERVE to have your face sat on."

Already on her feet, Sarah just glowered and said, "You wanna try for three?"

When J-Lo beckoned her in, Gellar sprinted forward and brought her arms up to engage the brunette for the third time in less than a minute. But when her fingers were inches from J-Lo’s, Sarah left her feet with a short hop and DRILLED her boots into Jennifer’s shins with a low Dropkick. J-Lo let out a stunned cry as her legs were swept out from under her and she barely got her hands up in time to avoid diving nose-first into the canvas. Embarrassed to have been taken by such a simple ruse, she lifted her head but the taunt on her lips died when she saw Sarah settling into the Martial Arts crouch; the precursor to any of the myriad Buzzsaw-like kicks in her arsenal.

Getting her arms up to protect her face, Jen waited and waited for the blow to come, but none did. Surprised, she tentatively lowered her arms and then SLAP! The patient Sarah Michelle leaned in and lit up the kneeling brunette's cheek with the most scandalous and disrespectful Bitchslap seen in quite some time. Almost trembling with glee at the red blotch on Lopez’ cheek, the Slayer hissed, "Don't you EVER think you can disrespect me and get away with it bitch! This is MY ring!"

Still on her knees, Jen blew some hair out of her eyes as she tried to decide which burned more, the sting in her cheek or the humiliation of having the blonde slut bitch slap her like some no talent rookie. Unable to decide, she slowly pushed to her feet and regarded the Slayer with angry, baleful eyes.

Finding her voice, Jen offered, "Well I suppose..." but her voice trailed off in mid-sentence as she roared forward and buried her boot in Sarah's leather-sheathed belly. The wind had just started to rush out of the surprised blonde when Jennifer threaded an arm between her thighs and scooped the Slayer off her feet and tossed her over her shoulder for a Body Slam. She spun around on her heel, rose up on her toes and then hurled Sarah to the canvas, adding a little extra force to the basic maneuver. Gellar hit the mat with a loud SPLAT and when she tried to rise, Jen booted her in the gut, pinning her neatly to the canvas.

Shaking her head 'no' Lopez cooed, "You don't go nowhere til’ I say so…bitch!"

With her heel still planted in Gellar's belly, Jen used her foot as a pivot point to spin around so that she was now positioned at the blonde's side. Pulling her foot away, the brunette bent her knees before leaping high into the air, crashing down chest-first onto Sarah's stomach with a simple but effective Standing Splash.

Purring as the Slayer flopped beneath her, Jen looked at the blonde's gasping face and said, "NOW you may leave!"

Peeling off the champ, Jen wasted no time in taking hold of the blonde's wrist and tugging her to her feet. Pointing the Slayer towards the steel, J-Lo Irish Whipped her breathless opposition toward the nearest corner as hard as she could. As soon as Sarah's back smacked the buckles, J-Lo went into a low crouch and sprinted forward, leaving her feet in a predatory pounce that ended when she absolutely CRUSHED her body into Gellar's. Loving the feel of Sarah trembling against her, Jen draped her arms over Sarah’s shoulders after the Avalanche Splash, breathing into the Slayer's crimped face as she forced the blonde to carry all her weight. Stepping away from her victim, Jen's eyes positively lit up as Sarah took a half step forward, then dropped on her butt with the back of her head resting on the middle buckle.

Putting a finger to her hip, Jen gloated, "Looks like you're going to up close and personal with my booty a little earlier than you expected Sarah honey!"

Down on the mat, Sarah realized what was coming and she frantically covered up, doing everything in her power to avoid suffering through the humiliation of her foe's Aroma Therapy Stinkface this early in the fight. For several agonizing seconds, Sarah waited, anticipating that any moment she'd feel the pressing weight of Jennifer’s ass against her arms, but when it didn't come and didn't come, she opened her eyes and peaked towards the ring.

THUMP! Jennifer stepped forward and damn near killed the seated girl with a Soccer Kick that caught her deep in the pit of her stomach. Chuckling, J-Lo buried her hands in the blonde's hair and yanked her to her feet.

Marching the wounded beauty to mid-ring, she sneered, "Like I said, you haven't EARNED my ass yet, Sarah. I hafta see if you'll make a suitable throne before settling on ya!"

Lopez hoisted Sarah up onto her shoulders into a rude Fireman’s Carry. Tantalizing her fans with a slow, South Beach inspired grind, Jennifer began to spin in a quick circle, picking up speed with every rotation. The mob cheered its appreciation for the move because as old school and hokey as it was, there was something about the Airplane Spin that was just awesome. The awesomeness kicked up several notches when Jennifer rose up on her toes and dropped straight back, FLATTENING Sarah between the canvas and her shoulders with an impressive application of the Samoan Drop. Sitting up, Jen suddenly whirled around, scooting over the prone Slayer so that her knees were framing either side of the blonde's face. Flashing a smug little smile as the crowd went nuts, Jen slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her bottoms and hiked the briefs up in a self-inflicted wedgie. But just when it looked like the Latina Supreme was going to lock in her favorite finishing hold, she tugged the distended togs back into place. Wiggling her hips with every word, the diva said, "NOT... JUST... YET!"

Savoring Sarah's impending destruction, J-Lo got to her feet and helped the blonde to hers. Directing the woozy Slayer towards the corner, Jen set her feet and slung her into the buckles. When Sarah was in the proper position to welcome her in, the brunette charged forward, intending to splatter the Slayer with a second Avalanche Splash. Unfortunately for her, the Slayer wasn't one to just fall prey to the same move twice in one night, and as J-Lo closed the gap, she pulled her feet up and slammed them forward, catching the Latina Supreme directly in the chest.

Breathing hard, Sarah stepped out of the corner and grabbed Jen by the hair. Reeling the curvy vixen toward her, Sarah hopped up onto the buckles as she bent Lopez backwards and looped an arm around her neck to cinch in the Inverted Facelock. Riding out J-Lo's meager escape attempts, she growled, “You wanna play games with me J-Ho? I'll show you why I'm the fuckin’ champion!"

Holding the challenger (Sarah refused to think of her as anything else), Gellar surged out of the corner, swung in a wide, looping half circle and then dropped to the mat, spiking the back of Jennifer's head and shoulders into the mat with an Inverted Tornado DDT. Grinning through gritted teeth, the Slayer pounced on her downed adversary and hooked the far leg. A second later the ref swooped in and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' But Jen rolled a shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Popping to her feet, the Slayer slashed a thumb across her throat and roared, "NOT SO IMPRESSIVE NOW IS SHE?"

As the fans egged her on, the blonde pulled Jennifer to her feet and quickly cinched on a temple-crushing Front Facelock. Moving in a slow circle Sarah made a show of leading the challenger, making sure that the whole audience got a good look at J-Lo's jiggling backside. Done fooling around, Sarah grabbed a handful of tights while simultaneously slinging Jennifer’s near arm over her shoulders. Set for her attack, Sarah waited for another second before popping her hips, taking the bigger grappler up and over with a lightning fast Snap Suplex.

As soon as Jen's back smacked the mat, Sarah rolled onto her chest into a loose mount. Grabbing a handful of hair in one claw, Gellar formed her free hand into a tight fist and proceeded to hammer away at the brunette's face with a series of effective, but highly illegal punches. It wasn't long before the official caught sight of the closed fists, and he started his count, which Sarah completely ignored until FOUR had been reached.

Scraping the Latina Supreme off the canvas, Sarah pulled her in close and snarled, "Listen fatass, I don't care how big you are or how many 'superstars' you've beaten. Anything you can do, I can do better. Observe..."

The blonde released her grip on Jennifer’s hair only to thread an arm between her thighs and haul her up for a Body Slam. Taking just enough time to pinch Jen's deliciously helpless rump, Sarah slammed her foe down and the crowd roared. It wasn't Hogan slamming Andre by any means, but still, it was rare to see J-Lo slammed so emphatically and by a gamine class wrestler no less. Taking a moment to parade around the ring, Sarah soon returned to J-Lo and took a place on the brunette's side.

Driving a hardhearted stomp into the challenger's belly, Gellar chided, "Let's see how that bloated, flabby body of yours holds up against a REAL wrestler."

Sprinting to the ropes, the Slayer bounced off the cables and headed back towards her flattened rival. When she was almost on top of Lopez the blonde leapt into the air and executed a perfect flip to come down back-first across Jennifer's heaving chest with a splashy Flipping Senton. Smiling happily as Jen gaped for breath, Sarah taunted, "You're no hardbody Jen. You're nothing but a squishy little marshmallow."

Positively glowing as her 'marshmallow' dig brought a huff of indignation from the woman beneath her, Gellar scrambled off her flattened foe and helped herself to a huge double handful of Jen's dark hair. Yanking the challenger to her feet, the Slayer instantly doubled her over with a stiff boot to the gut. Lording over J-Lo's back, Sarah released her hold on the brunette's hair just long enough to pull the elbow-pad on her right arm up onto her bicep. Then she darted out her left hand and reassumed her control over Jennifer’s head.

Cocking her free arm, the blonde pulled it up past her shoulder and held it just long enough to line up her shot. When her aim was true, Sarah brought her arm slicing down, driving the point of her elbow into the base of the Latina Booty Queen's neck. A shudder ran through Jen's curvy frame and she groaned aloud, but the brunette stayed on her feet and that was all the motivation Gellar needed to lock and load. Resetting her stance, the Slayer brought her elbow down over and over again, filling the air of the arena with a ominously crisp 'PEK PEK PEK'. After more than a dozen vile shots, J-Lo's legs finally gave way and she sank to her knees. Breathing hard through her nose, Sarah tossed her head back, flipping hair out of her face to better survey the damage.

Not even close to being done with the bitch yet, Gellar tugged her pad back into place before settling her hands on the Latina superstar's shoulder-straps. "Get up you miserable sack of shit." she growled as she pulled the penitent challenger back to her feet.

Keeping the brunette bent over in front of her, Sarah compelled her to maintain that position with a swift, heartless Knee Lift to the forehead. When the quaver returned to Jennifer’s gams, the blonde let go of her hair and stepped to the right so she could take a place by J-Lo's side. Making sure the ropes were at her back, Gellar took off at a dead sprint, heading for the cables only to come roaring back a second or two later. As she got within grappling distance, the blonde shot out both hands, quickly and easily reaching around Jen's head to cup her under the chin. The moment her hands were in place, Sarah torqued her hips and fell to the mat, nearly wrenching the brunette's head off her shoulders with a ridiculously fast Swinging Neckbreaker.

Savoring the feel of the cool canvas under her back, the Slayer looked up into the lights for a few beats, then rolled onto her shoulders and nipped up, landing on her feet in a tight little spring that brought cheers of approval from fans and detractors alike. Smiling for the crowd, Gellar walked around to Jen's feet, raised her hands modestly and pleaded, “PLEASE, PLEASE…hold your applause until the end of the show folks. I want the referee to hear Dumpy here sobbing her submission."

Then Sarah sank to her knees and took possession of the Latina Supreme's left ankle. Standing up, she took a step back and pulled the thick limb out straight. Giving the captured gam a single hard shake, the Slayer glared down into her foe's face and said sternly, "Give up right now and I won't break your leg. Refuse and I make no promises."

Despite being flat on her back, Jen laughed uproariously and sneered, "Then I'll make one for you honey. I PROMISE that your perky little nose is going to be crushed in my ass when I put that pretty new belt around my wai…AARRRGHH!"

Jennifer’s snide boast was cut off with almost mechanical precision when Sarah snapped a short, sadistic kick deep into the muscle of her thigh. Bright, uncomplicated hate burned in the Slayer's eyes as she replied, "In case you haven't realized it yet, I (THWAP!) AM(THWAP!) CURRENTLY (THWAP!) KICKING (THWAP!) THE(THWAP!) CRAP(THWAP!) OUT (THWAP!) OF (THWAP!) YOU! (THWAP!) SO(THWAP!) YOU (THWAP!) BETTER(THWAP!) SHOW (THWAP!) SOME (THWAP!) RESPECT (THWAP!) OR(THWAP!) I'LL(THWAP!) END(THWAP!) YOUR (THWAP!) PATHETIC(THWAP!) FARCE (THWAP!) OF (THWAP!) A (THWAP!) CAREER!" (THWAP!)

Each of the blonde's words was punctuated by another clapping kick and by the time she was done, Jennifer's stretched leg was thrumming like a piano wire. Unfortunately for her, Sarah wasn't done just yet.

Tightening her grip on J-Lo's foot, Sarah wrapped her right leg around Jen's inner thigh and dropped back to the canvas. The moment she hit, Sarah snaked her left leg up around the other side of Jennifer’s thigh and locked her ankles. When her foe's gam was tightly scissored between her own, Gellar crushed down with her thighs, mercilessly mashing the challenger's tenderized muscle with a simple Leg Bar. It wasn't very often that Jennifer Lopez was heard to utter a true scream of pain, but the searing fire of the joint-lock tore a long, loud howl from the challenger's trembling lips. Alternately relaxing and increasing the compressions of the Leg Bar, Sarah squeezed Jen’s battered thigh as hard as she could and poured on the misery by twisting the brunette's ankle back and forth.

Ignoring the muttered drone of the referee (Sarah knew they weren't in the ropes) the Slayer rolled onto her left hip and chided, "I bet that submission is looking pretty good right about now isn't it thunder thighs?"

Using the hated sound of her tormentor's voice as something to focus on, the brunette took a deep, ragged breath and growled, "I'm sorry, were you saying something? I almost dozed off there for a minute."

Pretty face twisted in a sneer, Sarah cranked back on the hold and fired back, "Go ahead and fall asleep then bitch. When you wake up, you'll be lying in the infirmary with nothing but a cast and that cheesy piece of trash belt to keep you warm."

Refusing to let the blonde get the best of her in this war of words, J-Lo pushed up on her elbows and chided, "Well I certainly don't want THAT. I guess the only thing to do is get out of this little hold and warm myself up on your scrawny, pinched-up face."

Not waiting for a response, Lopez dug her claws into the mat and started pulling both of them towards the ropes. The going was slow and made even slower thanks to Gellar constantly tugging and worrying at her leg, but eventually she felt the comforting smoothness of the cables brushing her fingers. Grabbing the bottom rope in both hands, Jen smiled pleasantly at the official and asked, "Would you mind telling this dumb bitch to GET THE FUCK OFFA ME!?"

The ref obliged her by starting his count and Sarah grudgingly complied, but only after the zebra had reached FOUR. Pulling her legs away from Jen's, Sarah got to her feet and waited impatiently as the brunette used the ropes to regain verticality. Spotting an opportunity that was too good to pass up, the Slayer sank into her crouch and snapped off a single, taunting kick that SNAPPED across the challenger's legendary butt. J-Lo winced, both hands flying to her assaulted backside and that's when Gellar lunged forward and grabbed her by the wrist.

Shoving the taller woman up against the ropes, Sarah leaned in and purred, "That thing can't save you from me."

The words were still on her lips when she stepped back and whipped Lopez across the ring with all the force she could muster. The moment the brunette was out of her hands, Sarah leaned into the ropes and pounced forward, chasing after her adversary. At about the time Jen hit the ropes on the other side of the squared circle, Gellar went into a beautiful handspring, then another, and finally one more that brought her back to her feet with the point of her elbow aiming directly at Jennifer's heart.

THUD! Sarah slammed into something that felt like a slightly padded brick wall and before she knew it, the champ was flat on her face and groaning as she tried to massage some of the pain out of her back. Looming over her, Jennifer Lopez cooed, "Poor, deluded blonde bimbo. Even the Slayer doesn't stand a chance against the best ass in this business."

For those of you wondering about Jen's miraculous change in fortune, it's really quite simple. See, as she was heading back towards the blonde, she saw Gellar go into her handspring and as soon as the blonde's eyes weren't on her, Lopez whirled around on her heel and leapt into the air, slamming the wrecking ball of her ass into the oblivious Slayer's incoming back. Now that Sarah had been put in her place, it was time for J-Lo to have a little fun.

Sliding a boot under the blonde's ribs, Jen nudged her over onto her back, then stood over her with one boot planted on either side of the Slayer's sputtering form. Making sure her impressive undercarriage was positioned directly above the blonde's chest, Lopez put her hands on her hips and said haughtily, "Before I make you my throne, let's see how you work as a crash pad."

Moving with a speed that was more associated with Cruiserweights and other high-flying styles, J-Lo sank into a deep crouch and then exploded off her feet in gorgeous vertical leap. At the apex of her momentum, she pulled her feet in close and came straight down, bringing the full weight of her butt pounding down across Sarah's chest. The slender champ let out a tortured, breathless gasp as she spasmed wildly under J-Lo's domineering weight. Maintaining her perch on the Slayer's chest, Jennifer bounced violently on Gellar's flattened tits as the ref knelt beside them and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Sarah shoved the challenger off of her, breaking the count with a little more than a second to spare.

Tapping her fingers against the blonde's nose, Jennifer smiled and said, "A little bony, but I think with some more softening you'll do just fine. Grabbing a hard handful of the blonde's hair, Jen got to her feet dragged the Slayer to her feet. With no preamble, J-Lo booted Sarah in the gut, then stepped forward and wedged the blonde's skull between her thighs with a Standing Headscissors.

Brushing the champ's hands aside, Jen bore down on the hold, taking special care to rub her powerful thighs against Sarah's ears. Grinding her crotch against the back of the Slayer's neck, Jennifer reached down and slapped angrily at her victim's hips. Through playing games with the outclassed blonde, Jen treated her trapped victim to one of her favorite moves, a cringe inducing, tights-tearing Wedgie. Jiggling the Slayer's brief's back and forth, J-Lo taunted, "How's that feel Sarah? You wanna start crying? Or maybe ya like the feel of your tights tearing into your skinny ass!"

Shifting her grip from Gellar's briefs to her waist, Jen dipped her knees and executed a short hop, telescoping Sarah's neck with a uniquely modified Neckbreaker. At this point, Lopez would usually release her grip on the scissors, but she wanted Sarah to suffer a little longer. Perhaps more importantly, she wanted the champ to know just who was in charge of this match. Raising her hands over her head, Jen went into a slow, sultry cage dance sort of routine, minus the cage of course. And every few seconds, the brunette would execute another stamping hop, sending another quivering shudder through the captured blonde. After about half a dozen of these neck-destroying jumps, the challenger chided, "Gonna break you in half now honey. And I won't even need my booty to do it."

Wrapping her arms around the Slayer's waist, Lopez hauled Sarah off her feet and into the stall position for a Powerbomb. Ignoring the presence of Gellar's crotch in her face, Jennifer pushed up on her toes and then slammed Sarah down to the mat, neatly folding the Slayer in half with a ring shaking Powerbomb. Fully in control of the proceedings, Jen placed the sole of her foot against Sarah's face and rubbed it back and forth, grinding the Slayer's cheek like so much dirt. When the blonde groaned and pushed the intruding foot away, J-Lo casually sank to her knees and pulled the wounded champion to her feet. Leading Sarah by the hair, Lopez swaggered over to the corner and tossed her into the buckles.

Lacing Sarah's arms over the top ropes, Jen nuzzled into her victim and purred, "You're in trouble sweetie. How's your precious legacy going to look when you end this match kissing my ass?"

Fighting through the haze in her brain, Sarah pulled her head up and grumbled, "Fuck you bitch!"

Shaking her head 'no' Lopez chided, "No, no, no Slayer. You're the one who’s fucked! And you're about to see why."

J-Lo stabbed her hips forward and smashed them into Gellar's belly. As the air rushed out of the Slayer's lungs, Jen repeated the maneuver, bludgeoning the blonde's ribs as she continued to taunt, "YOU (THUD!) FEEL (THUD!) THIS (THUD!) BITCH? (THUD!) THIS (THUD!) IS (THUD!) YOUR (THUD!) TITLE (THUD!) REIGN (THUD!) COMING (THUD!) TO (THUD!) AN (THUD!) END!" (THUD!)

After the last gut-rupturing blow left Sarah slopping into her arms, J-Lo pulled her into her embrace and she gave the Slayer another taste of the awe-inspiring power she could channel through her curvy frame. Grinding her chest against the spaghetti-legged blonde, J-Lo suddenly drove her right knee up between Gellar's thighs; ripping another pained scream from the blonde's lips. With Sarah limp in her grasp, Lopez bent both knees and lifted Gellar off the mat. With a quick thrust of her hips Jennifer spun around 180 degrees before she dropped to the mat, crushing Sarah’s body into the canvas with a huge Belly-to-Belly Suplex that left the lissome blonde smeared between the canvas and the challenger's body.

Slowly pushing up off her rival, Jen grabbed the Slayer's wrists and dragged her towards the corner. Tossing Gellar's arms aside, J-Lo grabbed the top rope and climbed onto the second rope. Grinning from ear-to-ear, the Latina Supreme told the audience, "Sarah's no Slayer! She's just another poser that doesn't deserve to share the ring with me!"

Despite her last statement, Jennifer let Sarah stay in the ring, at least for as long as it took her to leap off the ropes and come crashing down ass-first onto the Slayer's defenseless chassis with a sternum-shattering Rump Shaker. Laughing as Sarah flopped like a speared fish, Jen put her hands on her thighs and waited patiently as the ref counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Gellar's left arm darted out and she grabbed hold of the bottom rope, stopping the count in its tracks.

Tossing a mildly irritated glare towards the zebra, Jen got to her feet and pulled Sarah to hers. Stepping around behind the blonde, J-Lo wrapped an arm around Sarah's waist while she used the other to grip Sarah behind the knees, Jen caught her breath and chided, "You're nothing Sarah. You were nothing when you had the belt and you're less than nothing now that I have it."

Jen hoisted Sarah off her feet and into the air, holding the small blonde almost directly overhead. Noting the weak way in which Sarah's legs were kicking, not to mention the blush inducing view of her cheeks, Jennifer spun in a slow circle before suddenly dropping to one knee, driving the point of Gellar's tailbone directly into her thinly padded knee. The Spinning Atomic Drop sent a firestorm of anguish down the Slayer's spine and her hands flew to her battered backside as she limped a few steps away from her foe before falling onto her hands and knees in a groaning heap. Hands on her hips, Jen pulled her foot back and booted Sarah in her upturned rump.

Smirking as the blonde collapsed onto her face, Lopez said, "Don't you dare point that bony ass at me!!"

Deciding the Slayer needed another taste of her knee, Jen scraped the Slayer off the mat and took her place behind her. Wrapping Gellar up for a second Atomic Drop, the Latina Supreme lifted Sarah into the air, but this time, when the Slayer passed over her head, the blonde wriggled free of her tormentor's clutches and rolled down her back, landing in a tight crouch behind her.

Before Jen could even start to turn around, Sarah popped up and slammed her feet forward, spiking both boots into the back of J-Lo's knees. The brunette let out a startled cry and dropped to her knees. Standing behind her nemesis, Sarah ran the ropes and hurled herself back at stunned challenger. Focusing all her rage on the hapless brunette, Sarah hopped up and lashed her right leg out in a fast, vicious arc that ended in her smashing her shin into the side of Jennifer's head, completing the Shining Wizard. Lopez let out a crippled moan as her eyes rolled up into her head and she dropped face-first onto the mat.

Still feeling the effects of the challenger's high-impact offense, Sarah lay on her back for several seconds just getting her breath back. Eventually, the urge to continue hurting her pompous opponent got to be too much for her to handle and the Slayer rolled onto her belly before pushing to her hands and knees. Eyeing the battered vixen with weary contempt, Sarah blew hair out of her eyes and whispered, "You thought that hurt ass bag? You haven't BEGUN to know what hurt is."

Scrambling to her feet the Slayer stalked over to her adversary and dragged her to feet. Standing less than a foot away from the brunette, Sarah sank into her favorite Martial Arts stance and proceeded to show Jennifer Lopez, the rest of the locker room and anyone else who cared to watch why she was and continued to be the most dangerous striker of the last fifteen years. For the next several seconds the only sounds coming from the ring was a steady series of PIK PAK PEK PIK PAK PEK PIK PAK PEK THWAP THWAP THUD THUD PIK PAK PEK PIK PAK PEK as the gamine warrior brutalized J-Lo's vaunted torso with a WITHERING barrage of jabs, short kicks and brutal Knee Lifts. After an especially hard kick under her right armpit sent Lopez reeling back a few steps, Gellar closed the distance then leapt into the air, whirling forward as she did to slam the ball of her left heel across Jen's chin with a Spinning Heel Kick that finally succeeded in taking the curvy grappler off her feet.

Standing over her fallen foe, Sarah put her hands on her hips and simply took in deep breaths as she surveyed the damage she'd done. Visibly pulsing with J-Lo hate, Gellar placed the sole of her boot on Jen's belly as she looked out at the audience and snarled, "Latina Supreme MY ASS!"

As the crowd offered its approval, Sarah dropped to one knee, grabbed Jen by the straps of her top and peeled the bigger wrestler off the canvas. Directing her stunned opposition towards the nearest corner, Gellar grabbed hold of her wrist, leaned in close and cooed, "Ya know Jenny, your fans always talk about what a hardbody you are and after being in the ring with you, I can't say they're lying. But as YOU can see, even the hardest bodies get real soft, real fast when I start kicking."

When Lopez only groaned, Sarah pulled away and whipped her into the waiting buckles. As the THUD of Jen’s meeting with the corner faded, Gellar turned around and jogged to the corner directly opposite of her opponent. Waiting long enough to feel the pads press against her back, Sarah exploded out of the corner, sprinting at her helpless adversary like a runaway freight train. Waiting for the exact moment when Jen started to raise her head, the Slayer left her feet in a graceful leap and soared towards her prey, ending the short flight by lashing out with her left leg to smash her calf directly across J-Lo's nose.

There was a CLAP like a rife-shot as Sarah’s trim gam whiplashed Jen’s head back and mashed her against the unyielding steel of the corner. Landing on her side after the Calf Kick connected, Sarah rolled through in a somersault that brought her back to her feet and ready to do even more damage to her victim. And luckily, Jen didn't make her wait long.

A few seconds later, the formerly sturdy-legged challenger came wandering out of the corner looking like she might pitch over on her face at any second. More than happy to help expedite that particular process, Sarah ran at Lopez only to bypass her at the last second. As the ropes rushed in to meet her, Gellar left her feet again and landed lightly on the middle rope.

Before anyone could even start to take a picture, she was in the air again, soaring towards her prey who was just now beginning to turn around. It wasn't the best decision Jen ever made because as soon as the Slayer saw the outline of her foe's jaw, the blonde snapped her right foot forward, catching Lopez on the point of the chin with a Springboard Thrust Kick that would've done the likes of Rob Van Dam or Samoa Joe proud!

For the second time in as many minutes, J-Lo was looking up at the lights and this time Sarah pounced across the challenger's heaving paunch, hooking the far leg to secure a Cradle. Still reeling from the lightning fast delivery of all those kicks, the ref knelt down beside the warring beauties and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' Jen tore her leg free of the cradle, breaking the count at the two-thirds mark.

Slapping the mat in frustration, Gellar sank her hands into the brunette's hair and pulled her to her knees. "All right Miz. Junk in your trunk, let's put you aw-UNNNNGH!" Jen buried a desperation Headbutt in the Slayer's belly, doubling her over. Powering to her feet, the enraged Booty Queen trapped the gasping blonde in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around the Slayer's waist, just for good measure.

Bending her knees, the Latina Supreme muttered, "You talk too much little girl, but I know how to shut you up."

Jen straightened up, tearing Gellar off her feet and into position for a Powerbomb. In the heartbeats before Jennifer could drop Sarah onto the mat, the blonde clasped her thighs tight around the challenger's head and locked her ankles. With a quick, hard twist of her hips, the champ fell backwards and PULLED J-Lo off her feet, whipping the incredulous brunette onto her back with a Hurricanrana from deep in left field. When Jen hit the mat, Sarah maintained her perch on the Booty Queen's chest, turning the Rana into a makeshift Schoolgirl Pin.

Leaning all her weight onto the brunette's shoulders, Sarah nodded in time with the official as he counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Jen bit down on her inner thigh causing Sarah to yelp in hurt surprise and break the count just before THREE.

Hissing quietly as she massaged the wicked red crescent that had blossomed on her thigh, Sarah turned a hateful glare towards her opponent and said, "Oh bitch, you’ve no idea what you've just done."

Taking a place directly in front of her crippled opposition, Gellar waited impatiently for Lopez to regain her feet. The second Jen brought her head up, Sarah stepped forward and buried a tidy little kick in the brunette's abdomen. Leaving Jen doubled over and cradling her gut, Sarah sprinted into the ropes and charged back at the penitent Booty Queen. When the point of no return had been reached, she sprang into the air and extended her right leg out as far as it would go. When gravity regained control over her, Sarah drove her outstretched leg down hard, slamming her heel across the base of J-Lo's neck and shoulders with a vicious Axe Kick. Lopez wasn’t so much knocked off her feet as she was jerked off them, straight down into the mat no less. She hit with a ring-shaking THUD that actually bounced her up onto her hands and knees for a moment before she collapsed with little more than a whimper.

Starting to fire on all cylinders now, Sarah popped to her feet and stalked over to Jennifer just long enough to kick her over onto her back. Through with that part of her show, Gellar pointed towards the corner and called out, "I'M GONNA FLATTEN THIS LUMP!"

Riding a wave of cheers, Sarah jogged to the corner and hopped onto the top turnbuckle in one easy motion. Spinning to face the ring with the same liquid grace, the blonde dropped into a low crouch and then leapt off the top out into the void. In a feat usually reserved for gymnasts and high divers, the Slayer tucked herself into a ball and completed one and a quarter rotations before unfolding to land with a merciless SMECK across her opponent's defenseless chest. Remembering how Lopez had taunted her with the Splash earlier, Sarah took great delight in grinding her body against Jen's quivering tummy as the referee swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR--NO!'

Despite the rib-splintering impact of the 450 Splash, Jennifer still had enough gas left in her tank to shoot a shoulder off the canvas and force the match to continue. More than a little irritated with the challenger's tenacity, Sarah pulled herself off of Jen's sweat-sticky belly and jogged towards the apron. Slipping through the ropes, Sarah lined up her next shot and prepared her next attack. The Slayer might not have the strength of her rival, but if she put enough gravity and momentum behind her attacks, she was sure to batter the powerful diva into submission.

Grabbing the top rope in both hands, Sarah leaned back as far as gravity would allow. Slender frame humming like a high-tension wire, the blonde was motionless until Jennifer got to her feet and started to turn towards her. When J-Lo was in mid-turn, Gellar lunged forward and leapt onto the top rope. In the next instant she was soaring through the air, turning her whole body 90-degrees to the right as she did so just so she could smash into Jen's chest with a textbook Springboard Crossbody. The move did exactly what Sarah wanted it to, taking J-Lo off the mat and smashing her onto her back with a weary THUD!

But after that things got a little weird. Instead of simply staying flat like Sarah had intended her to, Jen clamped down tight on Sarah's butt and shoulders and planted her feet on the mat. As the ref was stepping in to make the count Lopez somersaulted backwards with Sarah still in her clutches. Getting her knees under her, Jen let out an enraged roar and got to her feet still holding a squirming Sarah Michelle Gellar across her chest.

Pausing to catch her breath, Lopez pinched Sarah's helpless ass maliciously and hissed, "Bitch, this lump is going to flatten YOU." With the Slayer trapped in her clutches, J-Lo marched towards the corner where she slammed Sarah's back against the turnbuckles, threading her victim's legs over the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckle, then folding them at the knees; tying the frantic champion in the delightfully named Tree of Woe. Pushing down on Gellar's thighs to make sure she was securely fastened, Jen nodded and backed out to center ring, her old swagger returning with every step. Eyes glittering with malicious intent, J-Lo looked out at the crowd and said, "I THINK IT'S TIME THE SLAYER FINALLY GOT A TASTE! YOU AGREE?"

The J-Lo fans in attendance roared their approval and the enthusiastic response was JUST loud enough to overturn the vociferous boos coming from the Slayer marks. Looking to remind her fans why they cheered for her, Jen sprinted away from Sarah, picking up a murderous head of steam even before she reached the ropes. Rebounding off the cables, the haughty challenger increased her pace as she cut across the ring toward the corner where Sarah was strung up and helplessly awaiting the inevitable. When she got close, J-Lo left her feet and performed that blindingly-fast about face that put her backside to her victim. Timing her descent perfectly, the Booty Queen tucked her knees up, making sure there was nothing to get in the way the gluteal battering-ram aimed at Gellar's inverted head.

J-Lo's mythic rump smashed into Sarah's face with the force of a pneumatic sledge! The trapped Slayer quaked like someone in the grip of a violent seizure. By all rights, she should have fallen out of the corner, but Jen had tied her to the Tree exceptionally tight and the semi-coherent blonde remained upside down as Lopez got back to her feet and strutted over to observe her handiwork. Taunting the Slayer with a few light crotch slaps, the Latina Supreme purred, "Congratulations Sarah, you're tougher than I thought. Course all that means is that I get to hurt you more before I decide to finish your skinny ass off for good."

Getting nothing but a sad groan from the champion, Jennifer stepped in close and tugged Sarah out of the corner and easily hoisted her into place over the brunette's shoulder. Holding the Slayer like a 5’3” sack of potatoes, J-Lo turned toward the corner on the opposite side of the ring and took off at a dead run. She reached her destination and continued full-bore, RAMMING the small of Gellar's back against the uncompromising steel buckles. Bearing down even tighter as the blonde wriggled, Jen pulled away from the buckles, executed a quick 180 and DROVE Sarah down into the canvas with the move she'd dubbed the South Beach Slam.

With Sarah starfished on the mat beneath her, Lopez momentarily forgot about her affinity for the Facesit pin and went for a traditional cover, hooking Gellar's far leg and putting all her weight down across the blonde's shoulders. A heartbeat passed and then the ref was in place, ticking off 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' It was Sarah's turn to break the cradle and she did, but not with the authority one usually associated with kick-outs.

Resting on her haunches, Jen placed her hands on her damp thighs and muttered, "Damn girl, you must REALLY want the full J-Lo experience. Well, who am I to say no?"

Pulling Sarah to a sitting position, Jennifer nuzzled in behind her diminutive opponent, slowly wrapped her legs around Gellar's waist and locked her ankles. Settling into her hold, J-Lo gave the breathless grappler a violent squeeze and taunted, "You know what Gellar? You're not nearly the poser I thought you were. All that ninja bullshit might not beat me, but you're sure making me work up a good sweat. Only problem there is, that just makes me want to smother you out even more. I have a feeling your face is going to be the best throne I've had in the last few years. And that's something you should be proud of."

Sarah didn't give her a cogent response, so J-Lo subjected her captive to another python-like squeeze. Heaping indignity onto misery, Jen snaked her arms under the blonde's and cinched them behind her neck, slapping on a Full Nelson. Leaning back, she lifted Gellar off the mat, exposing her trapped backside. Holding the pose for several seconds, the Latina Supreme simply shoved forward, dropping Sarah hard on her tailbone with the Keister Bounce. Jennifer couldn't see the pained expression on Sarah's face, but she felt the almost electric jolt pass through the Slayer's body and that was all the motivation she needed. Bearing down on both holds, she repeated the move four more times, each impact sending a nasty shock through Sarah's limber frame.

Gasping in pain after her ass was pounded into the canvas a fifth time, Sarah finally had enough of the torture and ripped her arms free of the Nelson. Before Jen could regain her control over Sarah's limbs, the blonde slammed her elbows backward, catching J-Lo in ribs. She let out a wounded groan and relinquished her grip on the Body Scissors, allowing Sarah precious seconds to crawl away and try to recoup.

Growling as the fire in her ribs faded, Jennifer scrambled to her feet and walked the crippled Slayer down. Grabbing hold of the blonde's red one-piece, J-Lo yanked her foe off the mat and spun her around. Gripping Sarah over the shoulder and behind the neck with one hand, the Booty Queen threaded her other hand through Gellar's legs and grabbed a hold of her butt. With no discernible effort J-Lo hauled the Slayer off her feet and held her perpendicular across her chest. Making a slow circuit of the squared circle, Jennifer allowed every spectator in the audience a chance to get a glimpse of her decimated adversary before she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, nearly shattering Sarah’s spine with an Over the Knee Backbreaker.

Gellar let out a wavering, whimpering scream as Lopez pressed down on her thigh and chin, exacerbating the pain on her sweat-shined back even after the move had connected. Nearly bending her rival in half, Jen found her voice and sneered, "You're starting to bend honey. Now it's time to BREAK you." Shoving Sarah off her knee, J-Lo immediately grabbed her foe's wrists and dragged her towards the corner. Setting Gellar's head against the middle buckle and then swaggered back to the center of the ring. Rubbing her hands across her hips, Jen smiled sadistically and purred, "Almost time now Slayer. Just gotta soften you up a littttle bit more."

As the crowd urged her on, Jennifer charged forward, moving faster than she had any right to given the length and intensity of the match. When there was only a few steps between her and Gellar, the Booty Queen whirled on her heel and SMASH slammed her hips into the blonde's face, pulverizing the Slayer's features with another Booty Bomb.

With Gellar nearly limp in the corner, Jen glanced over her shoulder and called out, "SARAH'S LOOKING A LITTLE WORE OUT! BET SHE COULD USE SOME AROMA THERAPY!"

The Latina Supreme punctuated this statement by hiking up her white briefs, ensuring there would be plenty of bare flesh for the impended cheek-on-cheek meeting. Scuttling her way back into the corner, Lopez wiggled her butt in a few mystic passes and then thrust her weapon of choice backwards into what she assumed was Sarah's waiting face. But you know that old phrase about when you assume right? Well Gellar illustrated that point nicely when she slipped off the middle buckle and just SLID through J-Lo's legs to evade the Stink Face for a second time.

This move by the Slayer was so fast and so slick that Jen really didn't see it happen. Just a blur of motion passing under her and then her butt rammed into the turnbuckles where Sarah's should have been. Surprised but not really hurt, the Latina Supreme glanced over her shoulder, realized the corner was empty then swung her head back around to see Gellar slowly getting to her hands and knees. Shaking her head in a combination of disbelief and anger, the brunette challenger hissed, "You slippery little bitch..." and dropped into an expectant crouch.

The moment Sarah was on her feet, Lopez roared forward and shot out her left arm. Gellar had just enough time to register the movement and then WHAM! J-Lo's forearm caught her across the mouth and the blonde was damn near turned inside out by the force of the challenger's Lariat. Resting on her knees next to the steamrolled champ, Jen leaned down into Sarah's face and asked, "Not so slick now are you?"

Not waiting to hear the reply, J-Lo pulled her victim to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. As Gellar lurched back towards her the brunette lowered her head, fully expecting to toss Sarah up into the lights with a simple Back Body Drop. But things got decidedly less simple when Sarah executed a pretty little front-flip, sailing over her incredulous foe only to wrap both arms around Jennifer’s hips on the way down. When the Slayer's back hit the mat, she PULLED as hard as she could, using all her remaining strength to drag Jen down and complete the Sunset Flip.

This would have been perfect against a normal foe, but most normal foes aren't known around the world for the strength of their legs. Jen was unfortunately, and the sturdy brunette was able to maintain her verticality even with Sarah tugging and worrying at her. Grunting in frustration, the challenger was still trying to figure out what to do when it dawned on her that Gellar's head was almost directly under her butt.

Grinning malevolently, the Booty Queen glared down at the blonde and said, "You want me to come down there with you honey? All you had to do is ask."

Jennifer dropped to her knees, pinning Sarah to the mat in a high Schoolgirl pin, one that was really only a few inches away from being a Front Facesit. Knowing this would be the end of Sarah Michelle Gellar's title reign, Jen began to slide forward and... that's when the Slayer slithered right out from under her!

Though J-Lo couldn't see how she did it, those sitting behind her watched incredulously as Gellar planted her feet on the mat and then bridged up and out of the hold in a move that would do a contortionist proud. Suddenly, Sarah was on her feet and Jen was on her knees, sitting on an empty patch of canvas where her nemesis' head had been only seconds ago. Still trying to comprehend exactly what had happen, Jennifer looked over her shoulder and muttered, "What the fu…”

THWAP! Without even turning around, the blonde lashed out with her right foot and caught the challenger in the mouth with a straight kick that mashed lips and might have loosened teeth. Jen didn't even groan, she just slumped over on the mat and lay there as several rills of blood ran down her chin. Strong shoulders heaving up and down as she finally succumbed to the hate roiling through her veins, Sarah wiped some blood off her face (Jen's Lariat had smashed her face pretty good) and then turned the brunt of her ire on the fallen challenger.

Limping over to Jennifer’s head, Sarah pulled the Latina Supreme to her knees and slowly laced both hands behind the brunette's neck. Licking her lips, Sarah found her voice and panted, "You will NEVER be a champion here bitch! I guarantee it."

Taking steps to ensure this proclamation, the Slayer spent the next fifteen seconds driving a vile, heartless series of knees into Jennifer's cheeks, chin and forehead. She'd alternate between lefts and rights just to keep her rhythm steady, but true be told, it really didn't matter. Jen couldn't even get her hands up, she just knelt there and took it as the blonde battered her skull like no one ever had. Mercifully, this treatment came to an end when the ref started droning in Sarah's ear, but all the really did was motivate her to move from one form of punishment to another. Hauling the puffy-faced challenger to her feet, Sarah reeled her in and quickly applied a grinding Front Face Lock.

Holding Jennifer’s almost dead weight completely at her mercy, Gellar gave the simple hold one more good squeeze and then rose up on her toes before falling backwards as hard as she possibly could. The Latina Supreme was jerked violently off her feet and the top of her skull was spiked brutally into the mat, the force of the Slayer’s Snap DDT actually pinning the crown of her head to the canvas in a rather elegant looking headstand for a second before she collapsed onto her side.

Scrambling off her haunches, the galvanized blonde rolled Jennifer onto her side and hooked both legs as the ref swooped in to slap the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!" Jennifer’s escape was really nothing more than a twitch of her left shoulder, but it was enough to halt the count.

J-Lo might have been able to break the count, but she was still flat on her back and when the Slayer's looming over you, that's not a place she wanted to be. Searching through the library of tortures she could visit on her once haughty challenger, Sarah quickly settled on a good one and went about making it a reality. Getting to her feet, she stalked over to Jennifer’s feet and grabbed her left ankle in both hands. Standing up, Sarah drove one sharp kick deep into the muscle of the brunette's thigh and taunted, "I'd think about quitting if I were you bitch. If this doesn't break your legs, the Sharpshooter sure as hell will!”

Tucking her prey’s ankle snugly under her armpit, Sarah wrapped her arms around Jen's thigh and lifted up before turning her over and sitting down, applying a Single Leg Boston Crab. The Slayer had been holding this position for less than five seconds when she let J-Lo's leg fall from her hands. In the same move, she shifted her position so that she was laying on the brunette's back facing her head, while at the same time scissoring her legs together, keeping Jennifer’s left leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold she looped her left arm across Jennifer’s chin and locked her hands together.

Once the STF was locked in place, Sarah pulled back as far as gravity would allow, now putting pressure not only on Jennifer’s knee and back, but her neck as well. Feeling the Booty Queen squirm helplessly in the STF, Sarah spoke softly, "You know what you're feeling right now Jen? That's not pain, that's the triumph of substance over style. You can talk all you want about being a Superstar and the Queen of the Facesit, but none of that means SHIT when I get you on the mat and tie you in knots. So now that you know the truth, kindly tap the fuck out or I will break your neck."

She leeeaned back on the STF to add emphasis to her demand. Only inches away, Jennifer Lopez suffered unmentionable tortures at the hands of her blonde nemesis. She'd never been one to tap out unless it was absolutely necessary and as much as she hated to admit it, this was starting to look like one of those times. The brunette went so far as to extend her right arm out in front of her where it held wavering for several seconds, but at the last moment the limb darted back in and she grabbed hold of Sarah's choking arm.

Fighting like a woman possessed, Jen was able to tug Gellar's arm across her mouth and the instant she felt flesh, she chomped down, biting as hard as she could. Sarah let out a pained shriek and held onto the STF for a few more seconds, but it wasn't worth the bitch biting a hole in her, so she released it and scrambled away. Just happy to be free of the pain, Jen curled up on her side and just tried to catch her breath. She was starting to feel a tiny bit more human when Sarah kicked her over onto her belly and forced her to her hands and knees. if that wasn't demeaning enough, the blonde grabbed her opponent by the scruff of her neck and yanked her head back.

Forcing smoldering eye contact with the Latina Supreme, the Slayer growled, "THIS is why I'M a champion."

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she started driving short, vicious kicks up into Jen's face, chest and belly. And oh dear lord was it hard to watch. Even those fans that had no love for the Booty Queen were soon pleading for the blonde to have a little compassion; the human body was simply not designed to take the sort of punishment Sarah was pouring onto her penitent adversary. In less than thirty seconds time, one astute fan noted that Gellar connected with about thirty seven of those sadistic kicks and it wasn't until Jen's arms and legs just gave out on her that the Slayer finally stopped. And even then the cessation only happened so she could drop to her knees, shove Jen onto her back and go for the pin.

Cringing at the roadmap of bruises and welts that was starting to develop on the brunette's sturdy chassis, the ref swooped in and ticked off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!'

Apparently there was just a little bit of fire left in the challenger, at least enough to shoot a shoulder off the mat anyway. Sarah glared daggers at the ref, held up three fingers and the zebra just shrugged. Shaking her head in disgust, the blonde sneered, "You must really want to leave your teeth in Innsmouth don't ya fatass?"

Getting to her feet, the Slayer stalked away from her felled adversary only to turn around and settle into an impatient crouch. Dark eyes gleaming, Sarah whispered, "C'mon you stupid outclassed slut. Get up so I can end this."

As if the words were a summons, Jennifer let out a shuddery, wounded cry and rolled over onto her belly. A few seconds later, the crippled wreck of the Latina Supreme got to her feet and by then Sarah was already in motion. After little more than a short hop forward and a little sidestep the Slayer blasted her left foot at Jen's face with a match ending Super Kick. The well-timed strike did indeed end the match for someone in the ring, but it turned out to be the poor dumb official. At the very last possible second, Lopez ducked under Gellar's kill shot, leaving the oblivious zebra to have his lights turned out.

Cursing aloud as the referee collapsed, Sarah reset her stance and BLASTED her right leg backward. She didn't see it, but she could sure as hell feel her heel bury itself in the encroaching brunette's gut. Whirling around, Sarah found Jennifer doubled-up only a few paces behind her, it was only the Slayer's uncanny ring sense that had saved her from getting blindsided. Reaching down, she wrapped her arms around the brunette's knees and yanked forward, dumping J-Lo onto the mat with a simple Double-Leg Takedown.

Holding an ankle in either hand, Sarah smiled coldly into Jen's face as she purred, "You lose bitch."

Wasting no more time, the Slayer split Jen's legs in a V and instantly stepped through with her right leg, planting it on the mat next to Jennifer’s left hip. Moving fast, she crossed the trapped gams over her right leg and locked them in place. Almost done now, she turned Jennifer over onto her stomach and sat down, welcoming the Latina Supreme to the soul destroying anguish of the Sharpshooter.

Jen flailed wildly as the vicious hold destroyed her legs and back, but the determined challenger wouldn't give up just yet. Getting her hands under her, she clawed desperately towards the ropes and was within inches of reaching them when Gellar stood up and marched her back towards the center of the ring. Settling back down onto Jenny's sweat-shined back, Sarah pulled back as far as she could go, almost bending her victim in half. Flipping hair from her eyes, the Slayer drove her butt down into the swell of J-Lo's ass over and over again as she commanded, “GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP OR I'LL BREAK YOUR LEGS!"

Unable to deal with the pain any more, Jen raised her hand, held it up for a moment and then rapidly slapped the mat three times.

The match was over, at least, it should have been over. But with no ref to take the decision, no bell rang and the challenger was forced to keep suffering. But despite her pain, Lopez realized the match was still going on, whick meant she could cash in her Ace in the Hole. Lifting her head off the mat, she glanced wearily into the crowd and beckoned weakly with her left hand. The crowd didn't know what the hell that meant, but they didn't have to, the signal wasn't for them anyway.

Mere seconds after the cryptic gesture, two women dressed from head to toe in black, materialized out of the mob and hopped the barrier. Without any hesitation, the interlopers slid into the ring and made a beeline for Sarah. The Slayer heard them coming at the last second, but by then it was too late. She had just enough time to turn around and then BAM the shorter of the pair flattened her with a boot between the eyes.

Paying the fallen challenger no attention whatsoever, the tanned brunettes swarmed over the blonde and pulled her to her feet. In the next breath, the taller one took Sarah by the wrist and whipped her hard into the ropes. When the Slayer was close enough, she shot forward, dropped low and wrapped her arms around the blonde's hips. Then she lifted straight up and started to drop back, sending Sarah's face and chest towards the mat with a basic Flapjack.

Things went from basic to brutal when her partner charged in from the left and leapt into the air to intercept the falling blonde. Catching Sarah's head in a loose Three-Quarter's Facelock, she added a lot more momentum to the Slayer's descent and a second later the champ hit the mat with a ring shaking THWAM decimated in the blink of an eye with the move that most wrestling fans knew as the 3D, a move that would later come to be known as the Tequila Sunrise.

Only when Sarah was flat on her back did the two new arrivals turn to Jennifer. Helping the Latina Supreme off her back, the taller one patted her on the shoulder and said, "You made us wait long enough."

Panting hard, J-Lo muttered, "She was tougher than I thought. Now get out of sight, we can celebrate later." Her hired muscle did as she was told, hopping out of the ring moment before her partner dragged the ref over to Sarah's carcass. Shooing her out of the ring, Jennifer waited for the ref to start stirring before she grabbed hold of Sarah's hair. Pulling the semi-conscious blonde to her feet, Jennifer cooed, "One thing you should have figured out by now Slayer. I don't fight fair."

Standing face-to-face with her adversary, Jen released her hold on Gellar's locks only to thread a hand between the Slayer's thighs while the other arm snaked over the blonde's shoulder. Smiling in spite of the tremendous pain, J-Lo hoisted Sarah off the mat and inverted her, forcing the blonde's head into her crotch while Jennifer was forced to endure Gellar's womanhood inches from her face. Adjusting her grip so that both arms were locked around Sarah's waist, Jennifer turned in a slow circle, making sure everyone in the audience got one last look at the champ. Finally through with the foreplay, J-Lo rose up on her toes and then dropped to her knees, spiking the crown of Sarah's skull into the mat with 'Ridin the Six' her version of the infamous Tombstone Piledriver.

Sarah spasmed once and then went limp, puddling onto the mat with her head falling directly between the Booty Queen's bronzed thighs. The ring wasn’t even through shaking when Lopez scooted forward, letting her ass hang a few inches over that starfished beauty’s nose. Putting her hands on her hips, Lopez stretched her briefs across her buns and taunted, “You nearly kicked my face in Sarah. Now I'm going to take the utmost pleasure in grinding yours right off your head!"

Without another word, she spread her knees a little wider and applied a Reverse Straddle. But instead of pinning Gellar's arms down with her shins, J-Lo wormed her calves under her victim's arms, lifting the Slayer's shoulders off the mat by a few inches. Taking care to make sure her feet were nestled tightly against either side of Sarah's skull, J-Lo reached back with both hands and slowly, slooowly pulled down her tautly stretched briefs, baring her legendary ass to add the final insult to what she hoped would be Sarah Michelle Gellar's ultimate humiliation. Pausing to drink in the anticipation, she grabbed the maimed girl's wrists and crisscrossed them over her thighs; left holding right, right holding left. Grinning the grin that adorned so many of her posters and promotional stills, Jennifer finally settled down to apply the Reverse Facesit.

True to her prediction earlier in the match, almost every fan in the Reef started cheering when Lopez slapped on the Reverse Facesit so formidable it had simply become known as simply, THE Smother. Down on the mat Sarah Michelle Gellar was just beginning to come around when the wide, smooth curve of the Latina Supreme's weapon of choice touched down on her face. Gellar's hands were tightly bound and her normally strong legs were too exhausted to do anything but twitch and writhe every few seconds. And tragically, even if she’d been aware enough to do anything but sob or mumble, J-Lo’s ass was a nearly perfect dampener, blocking out any cries of surrender or pleas for mercy that Sarah was able to form.

As a final insult, J-Lo’s shins were keeping her victim’s shoulders off the mat, meaning she couldn’t rely on the three count to end the humiliation. And it was humiliation; humiliation with an equal dose of torture thrown in for good measure. The steady oxygen deprivation (and Jennifer’s occasional shifts and grinds) brought Gellar back around over and over again, but there was no way for her to escape the embarrassing predicament. The whole of her face was forced deep into the crack of Jen’s ass and the more she tried to resist, the harder her nose was pinched between those smooth, sweating glutes.

Finding her legs useless, Sarah wrenched and fought as hard as she could, but the weight of Jennifer’s body was planted firmly on her chest and she didn’t get very far. Bawling in unadulterated shame, the Slayer tried to tap out or scream her concession, but all her attempts were filtered through J-Lo’s butt and they came out as nothing more recognizable then “MMMPPPHHH!” and that wasn’t enough for the just barely recovered ref.

From her perch on Sarah's nose, Jennifer increased the pace of her smother, letting her ass envelop as much of Gellar's features as humanly possible. Flexing her glistening cheeks, Jen treated Sarah's nose to a callous pinch that could have sent the frantic beauty in search of a good plastic surgeon. Lopez didn’t want to break the pinned girl’s nose; she just wanted to make sure the soon-to-be-ex champ was awake for as long as possible.

Looking for the icing on her sadistic cake, Jennifer smiled happily as she reached down, peeled away the top part of the Slayer's outfit and placed both hands on Sarah's heaving breasts. With little more than a grin, J-Lo pinched down and twisted as hard as she could, adding the anguish of a Double Breast Claw to her Reverse Facesit. The Smother combined with the skin shredding wickedness of the Breast Claw quickly drained the valiant blonde of the last of her reserves. Sarah let out one last, muffled sob and then went limp under the ass of her tormentor.

Feeling all the fight leave the defeated Slayer, Jennifer added a few final grinds of her hips just to make sure and then cooed, “I don't know if you can hear me Sarah, but for your sake, I hope you can. I want you to tap out. If you don't, I'm NEVER getting up.”

She released her grip on the blonde's wrists and just waited. After several long, tense seconds, Gellar’s right hand and weakly slapped the mat three times and the roof nearly came off the Gilman House as the ref rang the bell. The announcer made it official, declaring, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER BY SUBMISSION; AND NEEEEEEEW WORLD CHAMPION…JENNIFER LOPEZ!"

With her victory official, the Latina Supreme got to her feet just as her two accomplices popped up from behind the ring apron and slid under the bottom rope. Ignoring the useless squawk of the official, Jen grabbed a mic from the Announcer and stood dominant over Sarah's prone form. Lifting her arms in victory as the newcomers slapped the belt into place across her waist, Jen smiled into the thunderous cascade of cheers and boos as she said, "Now, doesn't it feel good to have a REAL champion around here?" Gesturing to the women flanking her, Lopez continued, "I bet all of you are anxious to meet my new friends here, so allow me to introduce the newest and GREATEST tag team to join this outfit. They are Sofia Vergara and Vida Guerra, but you'll come to know them as - The Latina Assault Squad!"

Guerra and Vergara rewarded the crowd with a mocking little salute before they went back to J-Lo's side. When there was a break in the crowd noise, Jen looked down at Sarah and said, "As for you Slayer... I'm sure your contract ensures you'll get a rematch, but it's going to be on my terms. And honestly, after I beat your ass tonight, I don't think you'll WANT to face me again. So I want you to remember this moment and savor it well. This is the LAST time you'll ever be this close to a world title. Sweet dreams bitch."

That said, Jen tossed the mic aside and exited the ring with her new friends trailing behind. Not too long after that, a horde of medics and officials hit the ring to check on Sarah, though anyone with a brain could clearly see she was in a bad way. It would be interesting to see if this beating had demolished the Slayer for good, or if she would use it as motivation to come back stronger than ever....
It was well after one in the morning when a soft, inquisitive knock came on the door of Sarah Michelle Gellar's hotel room. Lying silently on the nondescript couch, the blonde waited for several seconds, wanting to see if her unknown visitor would go away. When the knocking continued unabated, she sighed, pushed up from the couch and wandered over to the door. Muttering "Just a minute." the Slayer undid the latch and the lock, allowing the door to swing open. Out in the hall, Richard Fannin offered her a small, sympathetic smile.

When Sarah just sagged against the door frame, the promoter asked, "Hi Sarah. You doin OK?"

She shook her head 'no.' "I am very, very far from OK. I got that bitch’s stink off my face, but I can still hear her and her goon squad taunting me. I HAD HER, RICH! She was tapping out, used up and done, but then Guerra and Vergara laid me out. Next thing I know, I'm getting dropped on my head and havin' my face sat on. So no, dammit, I'm not all fuckin’ right."

Fannin nodded and was silent for a second. "Understood. That's why I'm here. I've got something that will make you feel better..."

For the first time in the fight some of Gellar's usual spark returned, "My rematch?"

The promoter winced, "Not quite. But I'll get to that later."

The Slayer looked confused, "Then what do you have?"

Fannin smiled and pulled out his wallet. Reaching in, he pulled out a simple business card and handed it to the former champ. Sarah cocked an eyebrow and said, "No offense Rich, but I already have your business card. Several in fact."

"Read the back."

Flipping the card over, she read two words, “CARTE BLANCHE.”

Looking at Fannin, she said, "I don't get it. Are you giving me a raise?"

"No. Consider this your blank check. I'm giving you free reign to deal with Vida Guerra, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez any way you see fit. As long as it doesn't involve sledgehammers, you can act with impunity. Those three screwed with you long enough, let's see how they like it."

Sarah smiled, but it wasn't a thankful expression. It was cold and hard, full of malice. Tucking the card into the pocket of her pajama bottoms, the blonde replied, "Thanks Rich. I appreciate this more than you know. But I still want to hear about when I'm getting my rematch."

Choosing his words carefully, Fannin answered, "You are going to get your rematch, but Jen's designed her contract so that she doesn't have to give you a rematch for ninety days..."

"THAT'S BULLSHIT! I should be able to get my shot within a month at the latest!"

Fannin tried to placate her. "I know you're pissed Sarah but hear me out. Sure, you have to wait ninety days, but do you know what's ninety-FOUR days from now?"

The blonde shrugged her shoulders. She wasn't in the mood for riddles. The promoter chuckled.

"The Fourth of July. As you may know, I happen to throw a pretty respectable party to celebrate that holiday."

Sarah's eyes took on a knowing gleam, "Are you saying what I think…?"

Rich nodded, "Regardless of who's champion, you get a shot at the world title July fourth."

The Slayer stepped forward and gave Fannin a hug. When she pulled away the blonde growled, "Don't worry about that Rich. I'm only taking the belt from one woman, and that's Jennifer Lopez."

Stuffing the wallet back into his pocket, the young man nodded and said, "Then I shall leave you to prepare. Sleep tight Slayer..."

As Fannin walked away, Sarah called out, "I won't need ninety days Rich. But I'll gladly use all of them." The promoter turned around to tell her something else, but the Slayer had already closed the door, leaving him alone in the hall.