Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Natalie Portman by The Walkin' Dude

There really wasn't much to do in the small town of Darkside, Florida on a Saturday night; especially not on miserable, muggy June evenings like this! Indeed, the only thing one could do to stay out of trouble (or to get into the only trouble worth getting into) was to head over a small but surprisingly upscale establishment that went by the esoteric moniker of "The R'lyeh Club." This tiny club offered a variety of entertaining pursuits ranging from traditional drinking and dancing, to the less widely appreciated (but no less fun) Wet T-Shirt Contests and Karaoke. On certain occasions, however, the club boasted women's wrestling as an attraction and this was one such night! Just about everybody in the little backwater had turned out to see the matches and the card was always stacked when it came to the club (since the promoter and the owner went way back!) Tonight's card was headlined by two popular combatants; the stunning brunette Natalie Portman and the equally stunning blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar who was affectionately known as "The Slayer" to legions of her fans. Inside the club, the announcer was just beginning to get the culmination of the night's festivities underway.

"Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 111 pounds and standing 5 feet 4 inches is Natalie Portman!"

The first dramatic notes of John Williams' "Duel of the Fates" blares through the sound system as Natalie makes her appearance. The brunette's battle attire is almost completely covered by a diaphanous white shroud as she moves toward the ring. Her eyes are calm and collected as she climbs into the ring, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail tied off with a gleaming ribbon that matched the shroud. As the music reached a crescendo, Natalie removes the sheet in one smooth move, revealing her gear. She is wearing a white one-piece that clung like a second skin. The front of the suit is cut away in a diamond shape, the top being just below her breasts, with the bottom being just below her navel. The outfit is completed with matching boots, knee and elbow pads. Natalie cuts a stunning figure as she watches the entranceway for her opponent.

Gulping, the announcer resumes his duties " And her opponent. Weighing in at 106 pounds and standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, her fans call her "The Slayer"….she is Sarah… Michelle… Gellar!"

Alice in Chain's "Man in the Box" booms through the club as 'The Slayer' approaches the ring in her typical attire of a maroon leather one piece outfit complemented by high, shiny black boots, fingerless gloves and elbow pads. Her dark blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders and there's a competitive bounce in her step as she locks eyes with Natalie. Approaching the ring apron, Sarah Michelle leaps nimbly up onto it, then just as quickly vaults over the top rope into the ring. Grinning, she climbs her corner's turnbuckle to salute the crowd which cheers wildly. Finished with the pre-match trivialities, she hopped from the buckle and turned to face Natalie who was observing her silently from the other corner. Theatrics aside, the two women were intimidating figures who could hang with the best of them inside the squared circle. Each was eagerly anticipating the forthcoming battle. Not because there was any specific animosity between them, but simply because each was a willful competitor who wouldn't back down from a fight.

The roar of the crowd reached a fever pitch as the two women strode to the center of the ring to meet each other. Natalie looked aloof and regal in her white outfit, while Sarah's maroon and black ensemble bespoke a simmering anger lurking just beneath the pretty blonde facade.

Facing her adversary, Natalie dropped into a low wrestlers crouch and began to circle, looking for an opening. Sarah assumed a martial arts stance and also began to move. Keeping her eyes locked on Natalie's, she tried to anticipate the brunette's first attack. After a few revolutions, Natalie ducked low and lunged in, looking to immobilize Sarah with a single leg takedown. But Sarah Michelle had seen the move coming and nimbly hopped to the side, avoiding contact. Realizing the miss, Natalie spun fast on her heel and immediately came again, hoping to surprise the blonde. But again, Sarah proved too fast and she moved back, leaving Natalie grasping at the air in front of her. Frustrated at her inability to lock up with Sarah Michelle, Natalie slapped the mat in anger. She stood up straight and leveled her gaze at Sarah, who returned it evenly.

Speaking plainly, Natalie growls, "I didn't think you were the type I'd have to chase around the ring!" (her tone suggesting perhaps Sarah didn't have the guts to grapple.)

Angered by her opponent's accusation of cowardice, Sarah took a step forward and fired back, "I'm not running; its just that you're so damned slow!" Her statement was tinged with more than a bit of spite.

"That remains to be seen!" Natalie voiced, as she surged forward to trap the surprised Sarah Michelle in a tight side headlock. Grinding the blonde's head against the point of her hip, Natalie took just a second to gloat to her captive, "I can't believe you fell for that; guess I should've expected as much from a dumb blonde."

Sarah's only reply was a pained grunt as Natalie squeezed her skull again. Looking to maintain her momentum, Natalie took Sarah Michelle over her hip to the mat, landing atop Sarah while still keeping her in the headlock. Gritting her teeth, Sarah fought the pain of the headlock and looked for an opportunity to escape her predicament. Using her free left hand, she found Natalie's temple and smashed a palm strike against it. Natalie cried out, but cinched the hold a bit tighter. Sarah Michelle is not to be deterred however as she fires three more strikes to Natalie's head, the last one finally forcing the brunette to relinquish the hold.

Seizing the opportunity, Sarah leaps on the dazed Natalie looking for a rear naked choke. Sarah Michelle manages to lock her arms around Natalie's slender neck, but Natalie's mat sense is too much for the more strike oriented Slayer. Before she can cinch in the hold, Natalie grabs one of Sarah's arms and hip tosses her hard to the mat. Sarah Michelle rolls on to her stomach, stunned at the impact. Natalie pounces on the blonde, straddling her upper back. Making sure Sarah can't get free, Natalie taunts, "What's wrong Sarah? You forget you were actually in a WRESTLING match? Guess I'll have to remind you!"

The brunette illustrates this point by slapping the back of Sarah's head several times, causing the blonde to cry out in anger.

"You're gonna be sorry Natalie. Nobody humil.... OW! AHHH! Quit that you bitch!" Sarah couldn't see what Natalie was doing to her but she could definitely feel it!! Natalie was pinching her upturned ass really hard, grinning as Sarah yelped and squirmed helplessly at her demeaning treatment of her famous backside.

Smiling broadly, Natalie again spoke to Sarah, "What's wrong Slayer? I can't believe a slut like you has never had your ass pinched! I figured you'd like it."

She punctuated the sentence with an especially mean pair of pinches to Sarah's beleaguered derriere, causing the blonde to flail her legs helplessly against the mat. Wanting to embarrass Sarah further, Natalie changed position, scooting up and spinning around so that her crotch is resting on the back of Sarah's head with her thighs on either side. Natalie assumes the classic body building pose and flexes her biceps for the audience who is eating out her hand after this early show of domination. At the same time she's flexing, she thrust her crotch against Sarah's head just because she could, beaming all the while. Tiring of the embarrassment, Sarah plants both hands on Natalie's pad clad knees and pushes backward, hoping to free herself. Although she rubs her face painfully against the mat, Sarah does get free and immediately scrambles to her feet to face the smirking Natalie who has also regained her footing.

Sarah Michelle's eyes were filled with rage but Natalie completely ignored it, speaking to the blonde in a conversational tone, "Do I have your attention now?"

"All of it!" Sarah responded coldly as she slowly raised her left arm above her head and waited, apparently challenging her rival to a test of strength.

Natalie moved forward and raised her own arm, locking fingers with Sarah. As they both raised their other arm to begin the test, Sarah blasted a high, hard snap kick directly into Natalie's unprotected right side. Natalie crumbled to her knees, arms cradling her injured side. As she tended to her injury, Sarah ran the ropes with evil intentions. Hurtling at the kneeling Natalie, Sarah Michelle executed a low jump and smashed a shin kick into Natalie's temple, executing a textbook Shining Wizard. Sarah's fans were revitalized by the Slayer's sudden rebound. They were on their feet and cheering as their heroine stalked the fallen Natalie.

The brunette was resilient however, and soon she was on her hands and knees trying to clear her head of Sarah's shin induced fireworks. Seconds later however, she was wishing she had stayed down as Sarah ran the ropes again, this time driving both boots into her injured ribs with a baseball slide. The impact rolled Natalie across the ring like a rag doll. She was helpless as Sarah strode over and sat down daintily on her lower back.

"Get off me!" she grunted.

Sarah Michelle laughed, "Yeah right bitch! Are you still glad you've got my attention?"

Sarah returns the slaps from earlier, mussing Natalie's dark hair and forcing her face into the mat. Continuing with her payback, Sarah unties the white ribbon from Natalie's hair and throws it away. Sarah Michelle plunges her claws back into Natalie's locks and tears away, forcing pained cries from the trapped brunette. Bored with the follicle based assault, Sarah pivots around, now facing Natalie's legs. Smirking cruelly, Sarah reaches both hands to the base of Natalie's satiny white outfit and pulls viciously, introducing her foe to the wedgie. Natalie cries out as the bottom of her suit cuts painfully into her nether regions. Sarah adds to her discomfort when she releases one hand and uses it to rain stinging slaps on Natalie's rear, spanking her like some unruly brat. Sarah's hand comes up and down dozens of times, each new slap ringing through the club like a pistol shot.

Finally done blistering her opponent's ass, Sarah rises to her feet and watches as Natalie stumbles to hers. The brunette winces as she pulls her suit from her tender rear. Fixing her attention on Sarah, she glares daggers at the blonde who just smiles.

Hoping to get the last word in during this initial encounter Sarah queries, "Do I have YOUR attention Natalie dear? Or am I going to have to paddle your cottage cheese ass again?"

"I'm going to enjoy wiping that petulant smirk off your face bitch!" Natalie spat as she began circling Sarah.

This time when Natalie moved in for the tie up, Sarah did not shrink away. Both ladies were ensnared in collar and elbow lock up, each straining against the other hoping to wrest some sort of opening from this contest. But despite all their pushing and shoving, neither could get a distinct advantage and soon they broke the hold. Seconds later, they lunged forward again, but this time Natalie had a plan. When Sarah Michelle raised her arms to go for the clinch, the brunette fired an uncharacteristic jab deep into the blonde's abdomen.

Gasping, Sarah clutched her aching gut and was unable to defend herself when Natalie went behind her and looped both hands under the blonde's chin. Standing back to back, Natalie leaned forward, lifting the protesting Sarah off her feet with an agonizing reverse hangman. Sarah Michelle's hands groped frantically for Natalie's chin, hoping to counter the pressure of the hold with some of her own. But with her feet off the ground she couldn't get any leverage. Thus, she was soon reduced to struggling against the hold, fighting off the pain as best she could.

For her part, Natalie was maintaining the hold like a pro, keeping Sarah's feet off the mat while adding a bounce of her knees every now and then to increase the pressure on Sarah's neck. However, a hold like the hangman cannot be kept up indefinitely because holding someone else's body weight on your back is not exactly easy. Natalie decided to relinquish the hold, but Sarah Michelle wasn't out of trouble yet. As soon as the blonde's feet touched the ground, Natalie fell to the mat, still clasping Sarah's chin. The effect was to drive the back of Sarah's head into Natalie's shoulder in a beautiful reverse neck breaker. Sarah Michelle's head snapped up like some abused Cupie Doll's and the blonde could do nothing except hold her head and moan quietly.

Natalie wasn't going to give the Slayer a second to recuperate though. Kneeling at Sarah's head, she maneuvered her into a sitting position. Satisfied that Sarah couldn't fight back, Natalie looped her arms under Sarah's and locked her hands behind her victims neck, a classic full nelson. Continuing her punishment, the brunette turned Sarah onto her stomach, sitting on her back. The effect was a combination of full nelson and camel clutch. Sarah cried out loudly as Natalie wrenched back on the hold.

Sweat was running down both of their faces as Natalie asked, "Do you want to admit defeat Slayer?"

Her dark eyes flashed as she grimly bore down on her captive's neck. Even though she was in pain, Sarah was too tough to give it up just yet. She proved it shortly when she told Natalie, "Get bent bitch!"

"I'd rather bend you..." Natalie responded cruelly as she proceeded to cinch the hold even tighter.

Sarah knew she was in trouble because if she couldn't get out of the hold quickly, Natalie was going to put her away! As she surveyed her surroundings something she saw gave her a glimmer of hope for when Natalie had locked in her hold, she hadn't realized how close to the ropes they were. If Sarah Michelle could just reach the ropes, the hold would be broken and she might be able to get back into the fight. Focusing her remaining strength, she began pushing her way across the mat with her legs. The going was slow, but she was making progress until the ropes were only just beyond her grasp. At first, Natalie didn't notice the slow movement, so intent was she on her hold, but she finally noticed her feet being slowly dragged across the mat. Surprised, she looked up and saw Sarah's groping fingers inches from the bottom rope.

Cursing her inattention, she hissed, "Oh no you don't!" as she gave a yank on Sarah's neck and torso, twisting her body to an unhealthy angle.

Sarah Michelle cried out as Natalie pulled, but the powerful yank turned out to be just what she needed as it brought her hand up to the middle rope and the blonde grabbed onto it like a drowing woman to a lifeline. Natalie saw that Sarah Michelle had accomplished her goal and scowled as the referee came over to force a break. Still, Natalie held it until the count reached 4 before she released it and barely avoided disqualification.

Natalie got off of Sarah's back and began stalking the crippled blonde, considering her next move while Sarah tried to regain some semblance of equilibrium after the time spent in Natalie's grip...but it wasn't easy. Clearing her head, she used the ropes to pull herself back up on her feet, but with no idea where her opponent was, Sarah Michelle looked around just in time to see Natalie's body hurtling toward her! Natalie seemed intent on decapitating her with a clothesline but Sarah reacted instinctively, raising her foot and driving it into the diamond of bare stomach in the middle of Natalie's suit! All the air rushed out of the brunette as she stumbled backward, gagging and retching. Looking to put Natalie down with authority, Sarah charged and trapped the brunette in a front face lock. Then Sarah Michelle planted her feet and jumped in the air, spinning around before driving Natalie facefirst into the mat using a Tornado DDT!!

Natalie lay sprawled limp on the canvas as Sarah sat up already planning her revenge. Formulating a plot, the blonde crawled around behind the brunette and locked in a full nelson, squeezing the hold as tight as she could.

Then Sarah whispered in Natalie's ear, "You like the full nelson? Well, lemme show you a version you haven't seen before!"

Sarah Michelle planted her feet and flipped forward over Natalie's head while still maintaining the full nelson! She landed on her feet in a perfect bridge in front of Natalie. Bridging as high as she could, her feet spread wide for maximum leverage, she forced Natalie's head down onto the mat while putting intense pressure on her neck and back. The crowd went nuts as Sarah held the move, a submission so bizarre it wasn't seen everyday. Sarah Michelle didn't bother to ask for Natalie's submission; she wanted Natalie to suffer as she had suffered earlier.

Her face grinding into the canvas, Natalie was fighting against the intense pain of the hold while trying to escape. Initially she tried pushing up, hoping to break Sarah's bridge, but it proved futile and the blonde just bore down harder. Groaning, Natalie tried rocking from side to side, hoping to loosen Sarah Michelle's grip and as she increased the speed of her rocking, she felt Sarah's grip beginning to weaken slightly. Finally, Natalie was able to turn far enough to one side so that Sarah Michelle lost her footing and lost her hold. Both were slow getting to their feet; the cumulative effects battle having taken a toll. Natalie was slower recovering than Sarah, however, and just as she regained her feet and was straightening up, the blonde fired a thrust kick at her chin. Acting more on instinct than planning, Natalie catches Sarah's ankle just before the foot smashes into her jaw and lifts her leg.

Hate filling her brown eyes, Natalie growls, "Gotcha!" before cruelly spinning to the mat and wrenching Sarah's leg with the vicious Dragon Screw Leg Whip!

Sarah lays moaning as she clutches her twisted knee while Natalie continues to grasp the wounded limb. Dragging Sarah off the mat by her leg, Natalie at first seemed to be going for a single leg crab, but then at the last minute, she hooked the leg between hers and fell on her stomach onto Sarah's back before trapping Sarah's chin in the crook of her arm to complete the STF. Sarah's arms flew to the arm at her throat, pawing and clawing, looking for a release; but Natalie hauled back as hard as she could, applying terrible pressure to Sarah's leg, neck and back.

"I'm going to stretch you till you break!" Natalie hissed to the trapped Slayer.

"Fuck off.....unnnnnnhhh!" Sarah started to say, only to have her retort shut off by an especially rough tug from Natalie that came out sounding like, "....arrrgggh....ummppphhff..... slut..."

"I can see the headlines now," Natalie said venomously. "'Legendary Slayer Forced to Tap Out Like A Helpless Little Girl in Middle of Ring.' There goes all that mystique you worked so hard to built up! But maybe you'll enjoy your new 'role' - as my personal bitch!" Natalie's smile was one of callous malevolence as she taunted her hurting victim.

"Can't take much more of this," Sarah thought as she suffered in Natalie's hold.

Knowing she couldn't break the hold by ‘fair’ means, Sarah Michelle chose ‘foul’, using her sharp nails to claw Natalie's face. Temporarily blinded by the blonde's face rake, Natalie released her hold and kicked the blonde away. Sarah tried to stand, but the time spent in the STF had weakened her joints and she offered little resistance as the angry Natalie whipped her into the ropes. As Sarah rebounded, Natalie bent over, planning to backdrop Sarah into the lights but, unfortunately, she ducked too early and Sarah flipped and rolled over her back, landing behind her surprised adversary, then delivering a sweep to the brunette's unprotected legs.

With Natalie down, Sarah Michelle follows up with a beautiful Corkscrew Leg Drop to Natalie's throat, knocking the air out of her! Continuing her assault, Sarah threw herself atop Natalie, facing her legs, and clamps her strong thighs on Natalie's head, with her ankles locked in a Reverse Head Scissors. Natalie's struggles begin immediately as Sarah tries to crush the life out of her. Enjoying her futile struggling, Sarah flexes her legs and wiggles her hips, shaking her ass only inches from Natalie's reddening face as she looks back over her shoulder and smiles.

"You enjoyed pinching my ass earlier, so now I think you two should kiss and make up!" she laughed with a sensuous grind of her thighs on Natalie's ears.

Angered at the abrupt and demeaning turn the match had taken, Natalie fought back; drawing upon hidden reserves as she planted her arms and bucked upward with her hips, her legs trapping Sarah's head in her thighs leaving the two beauties locked in mutual head scissors, their faces only centimeters from each other's groins. Grunting and cursing, they fought for the dominant position, rolling on the mat with each gaining the advantage only to lose it just as fast. Both were rapidly losing steam as the dual holds worked their ennervating magic. Once more on her back on the bottom, Natalie looked to garner a little payback from earlier in the match as, using both hands she pulled up the crotch of Sarah's suit as hard as she could, giving ‘The Slayer’ a painful and monstrous wedgie!

Sarah cried out in pain but stubbornly refused to let go without a fight. Snaking a hand between her face and Natalie's crotch, the blonde clamped down with a spade-like crotch claw, her nails digging in and then raking over Natalie's womanhood. Both combatants screech in the grasp of their tormentor’s hold until both moves achieve their desired effects and their dual scissors are broken as each rolls away to opposite sides of the ring where they rest on one knee, chests heaving, as they try to catch their breath. The match has been far more intense than either expected and both are running out of gas!

After a short pause, both feel recovered enough to resume the battle and they regain their feet. Approaching cautiously, Sarah takes the initiative with a quick, piston-like thrust kick toward Natalie's gut. But this time Natalie is ready and she catches the blonde's foot, holding it against her hip and forcing Sarah to hop awkwardly on one foot.

Natalie smiles, "Won't you ever learn, blo…” Her taunt is cut off mid-word when Sarah's other foot smashes into the side of her head, in a brutal enziguiri.

Sarah Michelle picks the dazed Natalie up by the hair and says, “I learn faster than I let on."

Looking to finish the match in convincing fashion, Sarah lifts Natalie into position for the Michinoku Driver but before she can drive Natalie's cranium down into the mat, the brunette comes to her senses and slips out of Sarah's grasp, landing behind her! She wastes no time with her next move; trapping both of Sarah's arms behind her as she bridges back and slams the blonde's head and shoulders down on the mat with a Tiger Suplex. The Ref is right there to make the count and he’s past two and about to slap the mat for the third and final time when Sarah manages to roll a shoulder up.

"Almost got you, bitch..." Natalie says breathlessly, as she hauls the groggy Sarah back to her feet and secures a waist lock.

Hoping to repeat the success of her previous suplex, Natalie bridges once more into a German Suplex but this time it's Sarah Michelle's turn to counter and she flips out of Natalie's grip, landing nimbly on her feet behind the brunette. In the split second it takes Natalie to realize she isn't on the mat, Sarah blasts a leaping Crescent Kick into the back of Natalie’s head, dropping her like a bad habit! Surveying the dazed brunette, Sarah drives several stomps to her firm abs, leaving Natalie curled into the fetal position trying to avoid further damage.

But it doesn’t matter since Sarah’s done stomping as she drags the winded brunette to her feet, steps behind her and hisses into her ear, "So you like showing off? Well, here's a move I've been saving just for a bitch like you. Hope you like it!”

Delivering on the ominous threat, Sarah leaps onto Natalie's shoulders, her legs crossed over Natalie’s breasts, her crotch pressed against the back of her head as, with a smooth twist of her hips, Sarah spins around on Natalie’s shoulders in front of her, then falls backward, trapping the brunette's head under her arm as she falls. The complicated move drives Natalie's face into the canvas in a vicious Hurricanrana/DDT variation!

The knowledgable fans in the capacity crowd eat up this unorthodox maneuver and cheer wildly for ‘The Slayer’ as she moves in for the kill. But as Sarah hauls the seemingly incapacitated Natalie to her feet, the brunette brings both hands up to violently rake the blondes eyes. As Sarah stumbles around rubbing her eyes and trying to blink back the tears blinding her, Natalie drives a knee deep into the Slayer's gut, doubling her over. Then wrapping her arms around the waist of the bent over Sarah Michelle, Natalie lifts her off the mat and drives her back into it with a Gut Wrench Power Bomb. The impact arches Sarah's back and Natalie takes advantage to return the stomping Sarah had inflicted on her moments before.

Weary from the exhausting battle, Natalie knows victory was within her grasp. All she has to do is disorient Sarah just long enough to render her helpless for her finishing move. She lifts Sarah's unresisting bulk up onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, slowly parading around the ring displaying the blondes body like a trophy.

Natalie shouts to the redlining crowd, " Does anybody wanna see ‘The Slayer’ get slain"?

The crowd's response was a resounding, “YES!!!”

"You heard the people Sarah, time to finish you off!" Natalie says spitefully.

She begins to spin around, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed until her world (and Sarah's) is just a nauseating blur. Completing the Airplane Spin, Natalie sets Sarah down off her shoulders, allowing the dizzy blonde to stagger and stumble a few drunken steps before collapsing to her knees. Natalie approaches the kneeling blonde for her finishing move, a vicious Pedigree/Face-Buster combination her fans aptly call, "The Star Destroyer"! Pulling Sarah's head roughly down and shoving it between her legs, Natalie hooks the blonde's arms above her back and holds them together at the elbows.

But just when Natalie is ready to go for the hoist that would surely spell doom for Sarah Michelle, she discovers the Slayer still has a little bit of fight left. Natalie tries to lift her a second time, but once again Sarah blocks the move! Furious, Natalie releases the blonde's arms to drive a double ax-handle into the small of her back, hoping to snuff out her last resistance. This time, however, her decision proves unwise because Sarah sweeps Natalie’s legs out from under her with a double leg take down.

Completely unprepared, Natalie lands hard on her butt and has the wind knocked out of her! Holding Natalie's legs, Sarah executes a front flip, looking to pin Natalie with a Matchbook variant - a hold which might have succeeded earlier in the match, but now Sarah herself is too exhausted to control Natalie's legs and the brunette breaks free at ‘TWO!”

Natalie was the first to her feet and wasted no time trying to put her rival away. Grasping Sarah Michelle's wrist with both hands, she whipped her into the corner turnbuckle. Sarah Michelle hit with a meaty THUD as her back made hard impact with the thinly padded steel. Natalie surged into Sarah like a tidal wave, slamming into her chest-to-chest, driving the air from the Slayer's lungs. Not letting Sarah slump in the corner, Natalie grabbed her wrist again and Irish Whipped her across the ring to the opposite corner where she again hit with head-snapping force. Natalie charged again, planning to simply crush the blonde into defeat but, unfortunately, her second attempt at a splash didn't pay dividends!

Sarah looked up and saw Natalie charging with her head down like a runaway locomotive. She grabbed the ropes and pulled herself out of the corner at the last minute, leaving Natalie no time to slow her momentum before she rammed directly into the steel turnbuckle which punched into her chest cavity like a pneumatic hammer. Gasping, Natalie couldn’t offer any resistance when Sarah picked her up and sat her on the top turnbuckle with her legs dangling outside the ring, her face toward the standing and screaming audience. Sarah secured Natalie’s feet under the top turnbuckle and all the brunette could do was let out a low groan. It was only as Sarah ascended the ropes behind her and locked her arm around Natalie's neck that the young actress realized the gravity of her predicament….but by then it was too late!!

As Natalie began to struggle in her clutches, The Slayer locked her knees around the top ropes and, once satisfied that she was ready, she gripped Natalie even tighter and fell backward, locking in the simply amazing Hanging Dragon Sleeper!

Natalie thrashed wildly against the hold, but their war had gone on for too long and Sarah's grip was too strong. Slowly but surely, Natalie’s struggles began to slow until they finally ceased entirely and her arms dangled limp and useless below her head. The referee came over and lifted the brunette's arm….letting it fall…..once….twice….three times! When he saw no sign of resistance, he called for the bell. Sarah gingerly released the hold and slowly disentangled herself from Natalie, leaving her hanging inverted in the corner while the victorious ‘Slayer’ acknowledged the raucous cheers of her fans with a limp wave and slightly dazed smile. Although pleased by her victory, Sarah Michelle knew it hadn’t been decisive and she felt certain Natalie would demand a rematch. Sarah Michelle felt she’d have to train even harder if she wanted to dominate Natalie the way she wanted to in their next meeting.

Putting voice to her train of thought, she said softly, "That's what I'll do! If she wants a rematch, she’ll be sorry because I'll be ready for her!"

With that, Sarah Michelle Gellar considered the issue closed (for now) and headed back to her locker room, hoping against hope that she still had enough energy make it out of sight of the audience before she collapsed with exhaustion, but vowing to recover quickly so she could enjoy the rest of her evening which she planned to spend at a lavish victory party being hosted by the chairwoman of the local chapter of her fan club!