Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Victoria Pratt by carlos

When Sarah Michelle Gellar had been informed by her advisors that a new show named "Cleopatra 2525" featuring beautiful women was coming out, she blew it off as another campy show that would last two months - at most. Then, in the WB headquarters, they decided that an actress off the show had star potential and they started thinking about getting her cameo appearances on SMG's acclaimed show "Buffy."

This enraged Sarah so she decided to check this show out for herself. What she saw was a threat to her stardom! Victoria Pratt was a different kind of sex symbol, harder and firmer than the sensual sexuality of Gellar. Immediately, Sarah began thinking of ways to get rid of this 'problem.'

Eventually, she came to the simplest conclusion. She noticed Victoria was very well built, but on the show she looked very short so Sarah figured she could just eliminate her competition physically.

Sarah got a hold of Victoria's phone number and decided to give her a call. She said she wanted to get together to discuss the possibility of the teaming up in the future. Victoria was excited about the new chance at stardom so she agreed. The meeting was set.

The night of the meeting came and Sarah pulled up to Victoria's house in a chauffeured limo.

She said to Victoria, "This is the kind of luxury you get when you are associated with me."

The women went to a restaurant and discussed plans for the future show over dinner then out to a bar for a few drinks. The whole time they were talking, however, Sarah was noticing how big Victoria's muscles seemed now they were, 'up close and personal.' In fact, a couple of times she got Victoria to flex for her and when she felt her biceps she was amazed. She squeezed and squeezed but she couldn't dent Victoria's rock hard muscles. At this point, Sarah was beginning to wonder if her plans for physical domination over Victoria were at all plausible.

After drinks, Victoria figured they call it a night, but Sarah had other plans. Victoria was curious when Sarah had her chauffeur pull up to an apparently abandoned warehouse. Sarah told Victoria that there was something inside that she wanted to show her. Victoria, unassuming, figured why not; there was no reason to be suspicious. Just as they entered the warehouse, however, Victoria heard Sarah's limo speed away into the distance. When she turned around all that she saw was Sarah in her bra and panties swinging a 2x4 at her head.

Victoria ducked just in time to avoid being destroyed with a 2x4.

She screamed, "What the hell are you doing Sarah?"

"You think that you are going to upstage me you bitch, Buffy is my show and I will get it canceled before I let you on it," replied Sarah.

Sarah dropped the 2x4 and just started throwing punches into Victoria's midsection. She seemingly forgot Victoria's abs were the best in the business and after a couple of minutes of throwing wasted punches she got a look of fear in her eyes because Victoria was pissed. Sarah knew that she was about to be destroyed.

"Oh God, Victoria, I am so, so sorry. I just wanted to protect my name is all, you can understand right?"

Sarah's pleas were no avail. Victoria unleashed punch after punch into Sarah's sexy, but soft, body. She put Sarah into a full nelson and held her there for what seemed like an eternity.

"I cant believe you're stupid enough to try and challenge me physically," Victoria said. "Especially after I showed you what my body was like earlier tonight! Oh well, now I'm just going to have to take over your show myself and destroy the current star right now"

By this point, Sarah was sobbing hysterically. She'd never thought this much pain was possible. She attempted to break Victoria's hands apart but she had no chance against the much stronger woman. Sarah tried to make one last plea.

"Please Victoria I'm so sorry about the things I said," sobbed Sarah. "Please let me go, you're really hurting me."

Victoria laughed off this request. Sarah saw a chance though in the corner of the warehouse there was an old glass case for a fire extinguisher. Sarah decided it was make or break time she ran straight for the case carrying Victoria on her back then ducked just as she reached the case sending Victoria's head straight through the glass door. She was out cold and Sarah lay in the fetal position recovering from the pain.

With Victoria out cold on the concrete floor, Sarah had some 'cruel intentions' in mind for the rest of the night. She was not capable of acknowledging the fact that Victoria was that physically dominant over her and had destroyed her that badly with the full nelson. Sarah slowly walked over to a bag that she had previously planted in the warehouse earlier in the day knowing it might come in handy now.

In the bag were a few lengths of rope. Sarah tied her unconscious victim's arms behind her back and, once she was tied securely, she placed a foot square in the ribs of Victoria rushing her back into consciousness.

Victoria was heaving as Sarah stood over her with a victorious look on her face and grinned, "The fun has just begun for you tonight darling"

Victoria began to quiver with fear knowing that with her hands being tied up Sarah could Have her way with her and she couldn't do a damn thing about it.

"P-p-please Sarah, I promise that I won't go on your show - even if they ask me to. I promise, just please, don't hurt me."

"I would have accepted that before, but after the way you treated me that is NOT going to cut it," Sarah replied. Then she got next to Victoria's ear and whispered, "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into."

With that Sarah began destroying Victoria's abs with kick after kick and punch after punch that were now having an affect on the defenseless beauty.

Sarah confidently walked around Victoria, "You know, the funny thing about my show is that with all of the fighting scenes my legs have become as hard as steel." Sarah boasted, "I think I'll see how much damage they can do!"

She sat behind Victoria's head and locked her in a painful headscissors. Victoria could tell immediately Sarah hadn't been lying about her new muscular legs when the vice-like grip on her head felt like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Sarah began to flex and unflex her legs in a pulsing fashion. This served two purposes; first, it began to pump up the muscles in her legs and Victoria could see the definition that had been built up and also it was destroying Victoria's neck and head.

"Please... uh... Sarah what... ahhh, is it.... uhhh you want?" she sobbed between pulses.

"I want you to know I'm superior to you in entertainment and that I am the most physically dominant woman that you've ever met," demanded Sarah.

"Okay! Okay! You're physically dominant over me now. Please let me be," begged Victoria.

"No, I'm going to make you feel it" Sarah stated as Victoria's face turned white from fear.

Sarah released the head scissors and moved down towards Victoria's feet.

"Do you know what I have been watching wrestling lately? I think I learned a few moves," Sarah informed Victoria.

Sarah hooked Victoria into a figure four leglock. This had Victoria screaming at the top of her lungs as her legs were being destroyed by this little bitch that she would kill if she wasn't tied up and she was completely defenseless to stop it. While Sarah had Victoria in the figure four she noticed how defined Victoria's abs were when she was trying to sit up to relieve a little of the pressure. Victoria's body glistened with sweat and was pumped from the strain. Sarah felt something she hadn't felt before. She just blew off the feeling as just excitement over her domination of a supposedly physical specimen.

Sarah released the figure four and proceeded to put Victoria into a Boston Crab submission hold. She was really wrenching back on Victoria's legs and while she was doing that she noticed her legs were now glistening and pumped like her abs were. In this position, Sarah could feel he muscularity in Victoria's legs and could also feel the definition of Victoria's back muscles on her ass as she was sitting on Victoria's back getting even more pressure. There was no denying it now, Sarah knew that it was lust that she was feeling toward this well muscled beauty.

She wasn't sure exactly how to react until she remembered that she had Victoria at her mercy beneath her and she could do whatever she wanted. It was at this point that Sarah rolled the sobbing and pleading Victoria onto her back.

"Please Sarah, I am sorry. I swear to God, just please leave me alone I'll give you anything you want. Just, please, untie me and let me go."

Victoria was breaking down at the point when Sarah leaned down and whispered, "Now that I've dominated you physically, I'm going to dominate you sexually!"

She slowly undid her bra and threw it away, then she slowly lowered her voluptuous breasts onto Victoria's soaked red face and breast smothered her into unconsciousness.

Just like before, Victoria was brought back to consciousness by Sarah only this time it was not a kick to the stomach, it was with Sarah inserting a finger into Victoria's pussy. Victoria began to scream at this invasion of her private area and began to buck wildly then she realized that she was tied spread-eagle on the floor of the warehouse. Once again she panicked at the realization Sarah was going to do things to her that were going to destroy her.

"Good Morning bitch," Sarah greeted the awakening Victoria. "You know, when I was destroying this perfect body that you've built for yourself, I began to realize what everybody was getting all hot about. I discovered that I could have your perfect body do whatever I wanted it to."

"What are you going to do to ...OHHHHHHH God!"

Victoria asked until she was cut off by her reaction to Sarah's probing fingers that were thrusting in and out of Victoria's increasingly wet sex.

"Uhhhh....Oh God... Sarah, please stop this.... ohhhhhh! God, yesssssss!"

Victoria's pleas to Sarah were too late to stop the shuddering orgasm Sarah's digits brought her to. Just as she was beginning to come back down to earth, Sarah began to run her tongue all over the struggling Victoria's beautiful sinewy muscles. She ran her tongue into each of the crevices in the separation of each of Victoria's ab muscles, then she began to squeeze and suck on the rather large breasts of her captive victim.

Victoria was fighting the urges that Sarah was creating not wanting her to make her orgasm yet a second time. But Sarah started to suck on Victoria's rock hard nipple faster and harder than before while sending on of her hands back down to Victoria's private regions. Once she found Victoria's clit, Sarah began to squeeze and stroke the nipple and clit simultaneously. In no time, she had Victoria thrashing wildly amidst a flowing orgasm that Victoria never thought would end. Sarah took a step back and looked down at her victim who lay in a spreading pool of her own juices.

This all served to get Sarah even hotter than she was before. Now, Sarah wanted to get some pleasure of her own from the now heaving Victoria. She got into a reverse facesit, spreading her legs and lowering herself on Victoria's drenched face.

"You know," Sarah purred, "I can destroy you anytime so you better pleasure me good or you can count on never being seen on TV again."

Sarah was now wet at the thought on this captive beauty pleasuring her. Within seconds, she could feel Victoria's tongue moving inside her hot wet sex. It wasn't even thirty seconds before Sarah was redlining.

"Oh, uhh, uhh, God... oh god! I'm going to cummmmmmm... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Then Sarah passed out on top of her new sex toy. When she awoke, Sarah decided it was time to claim her ultimate prize and fuck Victoria's brains out. She laid on top of her victim so their cum-soaked pussies were lined up, then slowly lowered herself onto her captive. As Victoria's eyes widened, Sarah slowly started to rub up and down.

"Why Sarah... uhhhh... ohh yes, why?"

Victoria tried to beg before suffering the ultimate humiliation.

"I was done with my revenge on you before," Sarah gasped between her own moans. "This is just for my own enjoymmmmmmmm.... oh yeah! Enjoyment!"

Sarah was beginning to get hot again. She began to hump Victoria harder and harder. Victoria was trying to hold out and hope that Sarah would orgasm before her - at least she wouldn't be forced to orgasm for yet a third time. But Victoria wasn't going to be able to hold out for, as Sarah humping her pussy, she slowly slipped a finger between Victoria's firm asscheeks.

"Oh GAWD! Please... not there, Sarah.....NOT... ahhhhh uhhh oh God.... Yes, YES," Victoria gasped.

"You don't really want me to stop now do you?" Sarah smugly asked.

All she got as a reply were more moans from Victoria who, by now, was pumping along with Sarah; about to orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, Yesssssssss," Victoria finished her third orgasm and passed out.

"Uhhhhhh, ahhh, uhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH," Sarah groaned as she too exploded in the most massive orgasm either of them had received the entire night.

Then Sarah passed out on top of lifeless Victoria. When Victoria awoke. Sarah was long gone and she was tied there with no help in sight and no prospects of any in the near future.

There was a note on her body that read, "You'll never be on my show. By the way, no one will come by to untie you before I come back tomorrow night. Then we'll play again."

Victoria began to sob uncontrollably at the thought of being Sarah's sex slave for as long as she wanted - like it or not.