Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Reese Witherspoon by Bob

When Reese walked into Hugh Hefner’s party she was surprised to see Sarah Michelle but even more surprising was the fact that as soon as she entered Sarah Michelle pointed to Reese and said, "Girl, you're about to get your ass kicked."

Reese's blood immediately began to boil. She and Sarah had always hated each other but she never expected the dirty blonde to challenger her to a fight. While she wasn't looking for a fight, she was embarrassed. Despite Sarah Michelle's role as a fighter, she never respected Sarah's fighting ability and would take the bitch apart if she really wanted to fight.

Sarah Michelle had been competing in the Hollywood catfighting circuit and was not only one of the better catfighters but she had also tried out for the lead in "Sweet Home Alabama" against Reese and everyone said Sarah Michelle deserved the part.

There was a rumor that Reese slept with the film's Executive Producer (Charlize Theron) and that was why she'd gotten the part. Ever since, Sarah Michelle had been looking for a fight.

Despite the fact that Reese hadn't had a fight since she was in high school, she wasn't afraid of Sarah Michelle. Reese thought about her school days and remembered all of the fights from when she was in elementary school and one in high school. She had easily won them all. The fight she had had in high school was the most exciting because she had destroyed the girl that was the school bully and was supposedly the toughest girl in the school. However, she did not have the experience that Sarah Michelle had. But Sarah Michelle had challenged her and she had heard the allegations that Sarah Michelle had made. If Sarah Michelle was going to accuse her of being a whore, she was prepared to show the blonde tough girl that she could fight too.

Reese immediately walked over to Sarah Michelle and said, "I hear I slept with a few people to get the lead in the movie! Is it possible I got the part because I can act and you can't?"

Sarah Michelle looked at Reese and warned, "It sounds like you're looking for a little trouble. Don't start something you can't finish. It wouldn't take me more than two minutes to tear you apart."

There was nothing that pleased Hef, the playmates, and his many guests than a catfight, especially one that happened near the pool. Immediately, playmates started shouting encouraging remarks to both potential fighters.

Reese laughed and said, "Two minutes! I'm not afraid of you. I'll fight you here and now, I'll fight you at the place of your choice at any given date or time."

Realizing Reese was accepting her challenge, the dirty blonde turned as if she was going to walk away. Reese turned to announce that Sarah Michelle Gellar, the blonde tough girl was backing down from Reese Witherspoon, who did not have the catfighting experience that her adversary had. As she was about to announce that Sarah Michelle was afraid of her; the wily Sarah Michelle turned and punched her in the nose. Reese never expected the punch and she fell backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thud. Sarah Michelle's sucker punch had caught Reese by surprise and left her dazed and bleeding from the nose. With Reese on her back, Sarah Michelle quickly mounted her prey and started slapping her with left and right hands. While Sarah Michelle's hard slaps hurt, Reese was not about to let the tough blonde have her way. Much to Sarah Michelle's surprise, Reese quickly grabbed her wrists and easily rolled the more muscular dirty blonde off her. The two struggled to gain the advantage. The advantage kept changing hands as Reese would roll Sarah Michelle onto her back so that she was on top. Reese would stay on top for several seconds until the slightly taller and tougher dirty blonde would roll her off and gain the advantage. Then Reese would roll Sarah Michelle off and regain the advantage. The two combatants juggled for position for several minutes. Their muscles strained, and both were breathing heavily as their bodies glistened with perspiration. The two beauties were evenly matched and neither had expected as tough a battle as they had been experiencing in the early moments of the fight.

As the two continued struggling, trying to gain the advantage, Sarah Michelle finally managed to knee Reese in her groin. Once again the more experienced dirty blonde had caught her inexperienced foe by surprise. Reese groaned as Sarah Michelle regained the top position. Her kick had hurt Reese, and the vampire slayer knew it. Realizing Reese was much stronger than she initially thought and was putting up a much better fight than she expected, Sarah Michelle decided it was time to finish her game foe off. With Reese still groaning, Sarah Michelle began to slide up Reese's chest, edging her way toward her beautiful opponent's face. As the beautiful, experienced catfighter finally sat on Reese's face, she raised her hands to signify victory to all those that were watching the fight. She then grabbed Reese's wrists and pinned them to the ground.

Reese was helpless as Sarah Michelle sat on her face, held her wrists, and wiggled as much as possible to inflict pain. Reese was having trouble breathing and knew she was in big trouble. She had never fought anyone as tough or nasty as Sarah Michelle and was starting to wonder if she had made a mistake in agreeing to fight the slightly taller tough girl. While losing to someone like Sarah Michelle Gellar, wouldn't have been the worst thing in life, Sarah Michelle was now humiliating her and she did not like being humiliated. The angry platinum blonde screamed and began to buck as hard as she could in an effort to throw her foe off. Sarah Michelle continued to hold the blonde's wrists and ride the blonde, who was now bucking like a wild bull. Despite not being able to move the more muscular blonde, Reese continued to fight with every ounce of her strength.

Fearing that she was going to pass out, Reese started kneeing her foe in the back. As Sarah Michelle shifted so as to avoid being kneed in the back, Reese bucked furiously one more time and finally managed to throw Sarah Michelle off.

Reese was now free and adrenaline was surging through her body. She quickly got to her feet and went after Sarah Michelle, who wasn't quick to get up and was still lying on her stomach. Reese quickly jumped on Sarah Michelle's back and started hitting Sarah Michelle with lefts and rights to the back and back of Sarah Michelle's head. Sarah Michelle grunted and screamed as Reese continued to land punch after punch. The 5'3" blonde, who was now on the bottom, couldn't move because of the incredible number of punches she was getting hit by. After nailing Sarah Michelle with about fifty punches, Reese grabbed Sarah Michelle's hair and pulled her head upwards. Reese then rose slightly, planting her knee in the small of Sarah Michelle's back. Sarah Michelle screamed as Reese sadistically continued pulling her head upwards. After about a minute of pulling Sarah Michelle's head upwards Reese let go. Sarah Michelle's head fell to the ground. Surprisingly, Reese got off her foe. She looked at the crowd that was now cheering her on. She waited several seconds, hoping that Sarah Michelle would try to get up.

Finally Sarah Michelle started to rise, putting her hands down and pushing off the ground so that she was on her knees. Reese moved so that she was in front of Sarah Michelle, bent down and punched Sarah Michelle in the eye. Sarah Michelle screamed as she fell backwards. Once on her back, Reese put her foot on Sarah Michelle's throat and pushed down. Sarah Michelle started bucking furiously as she was having trouble breathing. Sensing that Sarah Michelle was on the verge of passing out, Reese removed her foot. Sarah Michelle stopped bucking and grabbed her throat. Reese continued to stand over her foe, looking down on the obviously beaten and demoralized fighter. She could hear some of the playmates urging her to rip Sarah Michelle's clothes off.

Methodically she stamped down on Sarah Michelle's breasts. Sarah Michelle bounced and then groaned. "So, you were going to beat me in less than two minutes. It doesn't look like you're going to beat me at all. I know I'm a better actress than you and it looks like I'm a better fighter too. Not only is someone who is smaller than you beating the shit out of you, but a lot of the playmates want me to strip you too."

She then put her foot across Sarah's throat again and pushed down. Once again, Sarah Michelle bucked ferociously. Again Reese held her foot on Sarah Michelle's throat until it appeared the taller blonde was going to pass out. As she let go of Sarah Michelle's throat, she dropped on the supine blonde, making sure that her knees landed in the pit of Sarah Michelle's stomach so as to knock the wind out of her. With Sarah Michelle gasping for air, the smaller blonde was easily able to maneuver so that she was sitting on Sarah Michelle's face. She was humiliating the taller blonde and enjoying every second of it. Strangely, Reese could not remember ever being more aroused. Her nipples were hard and her panties were wet. Now that she was sitting on Sarah Michelle's face, it was her turn to wiggle. She began wiggling at a feverish pace. Sarah Michelle was not fighting back. There wasn't any bucking. The taller blonde had had all the fight taken out of her and was as submissive as one could be. Reese started toying with Sarah Michelle, wiggling rapidly and then slowing down, and then wiggling rapidly again. Then she would slow down.

After sitting on Sarah Michelle's face and wiggling for several minutes, Reese finally got off Sarah Michelle. She looked down and could not believe how red Sarah Michelle's face was. Sarah Michelle lay quietly on the ground for several minutes. Reese waited patiently. Finally Sarah Michelle got up. Although she was badly shaken, she was surprisingly ready to resume the fight. Reese laughed as Sarah Michelle took a boxer's stance. She then put her hands up and threw a left-right combination that landed squarely, the left catching Sarah under the eye and the right catching Sarah Michelle flush on the chin. Sarah Michelle fell backwards as if she was a giant tree that had just been chopped down. As soon as she started to fall, Reese yelled, "Timber!" Reese could hear Hef's guests and the playmates laughing hysterically. She then walked over to Sarah Michelle and said, "All right Sarah Michelle, get up."

Sarah Michelle looked up at the shorter blonde. "I'm going to kill you when I get up," she cried. "I'm going to fuck you up!"

"Gee, I'm shaking," Reese taunted.

As the beaten blonde sobbed, her ears were ringing as she could hear the humiliating chants of, "Strip her! Strip her."

Reese smiled as she said, "Get up if you can, or give if you can't."

Not sure what Reese planned to do, Sarah Michelle cried, "Don't rush me fight isn't over."

Reese smiled and said, "Then get up."

Sarah Michelle struggled to get to her feet. Finally rising, she put her hands up to protect her face.

Reese looked at her beaten foe and said, "You must love punishment." She then went to kick Sarah Michelle. Much to her surprise, Sarah Michelle caught her leg and started to lift it high in the air. Reese grabbed Sarah Michelle's hair so that Sarah Michelle wouldn't be able to throw her down. As Sarah Michelle tried to throw her down, Reese struggled to remain on her feet. Finally the two staggered sideways until they tumbled to the ground. With Reese being in better shape, she managed to roll as they hit the ground until she was on top of Sarah Michelle once again. However, as they rolled Sarah Michelle was able to wrap her legs around Reese. With Reese on top of her, Sarah Michelle grabbed Reese's golden hair pull her head until it was firmly lodged between Sarah Michelle's tits. Reese started throwing round house rights and lefts into Sarah Michelle's ribs. The first punches were hard and Sarah Michelle would cough from the impact of the punches. However, Reese's punches quickly lost their sting.

Finally Sarah Michelle managed to roll until she was on top of once dominant platinum blonde. Once on top, Sarah Michelle unlocked her legs and started kneeing Reese in the sides. Suddenly Reese was in big trouble. Her head was still resting firmly against Sarah Michelle's tits and her ribs were being pounded.

Sarah Michelle continued to pound away at Reese's ribs. Finally Sarah Michelle stopped pounding Reese's ribs, released her opponent and got up. Now it was Reese who was lying on the ground, battered, bruised, and virtually helpless. The crowd had changed and was now encouraging Sarah Michelle to strip her opponent.

Grabbing Reese's hair, Sarah Michelle lifted the 5'2" Reese off the ground. When Sarah Michelle went into her boxer's stance, Reese somehow managed to get into a boxer's stance too. Sarah Michelle started moving, feigning punches. As she circled, Reese held her ground, moving slightly. Sarah Michelle finally threw a punch, which Reese somehow managed to deflect. Angry that Reese had somehow managed to stop her knockout blow, an angry Sarah Michelle threw another punch. Once again, Reese deflected the punch at the last second. Frustrated that Reese had stopped her attempts to end the fight, Sarah Michelle fell to the ground, swung her leg out, and swept Reese's legs out from under her. Not wasting any time, Sarah Michelle stomped down on Reese's chest and then dropped on top of Reese, making sure that her knees landed squarely in Reese's mound. Reese was in a lot of pain. She then fell forwards; making sure her head hit Reese's tits. Reese was now sobbing uncontrollably.

Sarah Michelle sat up and fell backwards hitting Reese in her mound one more time, only this time, hitting her with the back of her head. Lifting her feet, Sarah Michelle started swinging her legs as if she was doing the backstroke. As her feet reigned down on Reese's tits and face, she finally sobbed, "I quit; you win."

A tired and battered Sarah Michelle smiled and said to Reese, "I may have won but I've gained a lot of respect for you. That was the toughest fight I've ever had. You can fight."

Despite being in more pain than she could remember, Reese shook her head to acknowledge Sarah Michelle's praise. She then rolled into the fetal position and lay motionless until she fell asleep. Sarah Michelle, still totally exhausted, could not get up. She felt as though she had run back-to-back and belly-to-belly marathons and decided she had earned the right to fall asleep beside her defeated foe. Minutes later, members of Hef’s cult carried the two gladiators to two rooms so they could sleep.