Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones by trotsky

Beverly was distraught over the humiliating defeat of her best babe friend, Jessica Biel by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the extreme fighting ring. She wanted to avenge the defeat. So she went down to a popular Hollywood hangout "Demetry's Bar and Pub" to try to recruit a big, strong, athletic star who would beat the small Gellar to a pulp.

There were several actresses to choose from. Charlize Theron was there, of course, deeply engrossed in an intimate tête-à-tête with another tall young blonde. Raquel Welsh was sitting at a table, leaning over to whisper (or put her tongue) in the ear of Jessica Lange ‘Nope, too old,’ thought Beverly who instead settled on Catherine Zeta Jones who was sitting alone.

Beverly took a seat at the bar with Cath who had on a tight, light blue dress, her ample breasts pushed up and out front and her round buttocks overflowing the stool as she recounted over her latest beer how Gellar had shown no mercy in defeating Biel. Beverly realized Cath had been bothered by the degrading way Gellar won the match. Mitchell smiled, realizing she had hit paydirt. Cath was her woman! Then something totally unexpected happened when none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar walked through the door in a red knit tank top and white pants.

Cath frowned and muttered under her breath, "That bitch!" Then after she expressed her admiration for Biel, Cath added in her low sultry voice, “I’d love to kick that little tramp Gellar's ass.”

The bar wasn’t a usual hangout of Gellar’s and, in fact, she’d never been to Demetry's before and only stopped by on a whim to relax after a hard session of extreme fight training. The little warrior saw Mitchell at the bar talking to a beautiful tall woman with long, straight, black hair and a form fitting blue dress, thinking to herself it looked a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones. Gellar walked to the far side of the bar to avoid an embarrassing scene with Mitchell. Too late! Though Mitchell had seen her and immediately turned away, embarrassed, Catherine not only didn’t turn away, she got up and walked over to the much smaller Gellar and put her hand on her left shoulder.

"I hear you like to beat people up, little girl?" Cath hissed, beer on her breath.

Gellar looked up surprised. "I don't want to fight you," she responded softly.

Even Mitchell - who had followed Cath over - tried to hold her back. "Not now Catherine" she said. "You need to train, then you can get her in the ring."

But, Cath was drunk and determined and she growled, "I want to fight her NOW!" Then she slapped Gellar!

SMACK! And the sound echoed across the bar. Everyone turned toward its source; Gellar, whose left cheek flushed red as she bounced backward, then formed an aggressive stance; left leg bent and forward; right leg back; her left arm out front, right arm jacked at the shoulder.

"We don't have to fight. Not here; not tonigh!" Gellar said, rubbing her cheek as Mitchell struggled to pull Cath away.

But Cath broke free and shoved Gellar with both hands. Bad move! Gellar ducked under and threw a quick straight right that dug deep into Cath's gut just above her black belt.

"OOOMMFF!" Cath grunted as she doubled forward, mouth gaping; her butt thrust back into Mitchell who was thrown back, already realizing the result of the confrontation. Gellar lost control, quick and hard as she followed with an uppercut to Cath's chin, snapping her head back, her teeth clattering. Then, Gellar kicked straight out, her rising foot slamming Cath between her legs. "OOOOHHH!" Cath whimpered as she grabbed her pubic mound as her knees buckled and she dropped on her ass…PLUMP! She sat with a stunned look on her face; her eyes wide in fear as Gellar grabbed her hair, lifting the larger woman from her seated position and pulled her back hard. As Cath was propelled forward, Gellar machine-gunned three rapid punches into her soft belly.


Cath folded forward, her pink tongue out, and crumpled on the floor out where she lay with her shiny black hair fanned out about her like a dark halo. Mitchell, watching Cath's upturned ass quivering beneath the hiked up blue dress and slowly shook her head in disbelief.

Gellar, pissed, pointed at Mitchell as she stormed out the door, then just before she slammed it behind her she shouted, "See what in the hell you’ve done Mitchell! I didn't want this fight!"