Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Leeza Gibbons by TNT

It was supposed to be a civil, serious, interview. Leeza wanted to see what Kathie Lee had been up to since leaving her show with Regis. The interview went south from the start; Kathie Lee was in a particularly bitchy mood and Leeza, who never liked Kathie Lee anyway, decided to embarrass her.

Leeza crossed her gorgeous legs, leaned forward and said, “A final and most important question, one ALL of America wants to know, Kathie Lee.”

Kathie Lee smiled her all-to-common smug smile and said, “Why, of course. I want ALL my fans to know more about me.”

With a stifled giggle Leeza asked, “On your old show, Kathie Lee, did you wear a bra?”

Giggles, laughs and whistles erupted from the cameramen and the small audience as Kathie Lee’s face turned beet red. Suddenly she leaned forward and delivered a hard backhand slap to the surprised Leeza. The blow was hard enough to send Leeza tumbling out of her chair, her lovely legs flying.

“Oh, sorry, let me help you up?” Kathie Lee sneered as she buried both hands in Leeza’s hair and yanked her to her feet.

But Leeza fought back, sinking her fist deep into the soft bulge of Kathie Lees unprepared stomach.

“Oooooommmphhh!” Kathie Lee groaned as her eyes widened in painful shock.

The two beauties grabbed each others hair as the stunned audience began to cheer them on. Leeza tripped her rival and the two tumbled to the floor as skirts rode high and heels went flying. Kathie Lee tore open Leezas blouse, slipped her hands under her lace white bra and began mauling her breasts. Leeza screamed as the remnants of her tattered bra sailed away and Kathie Lee’s fingers clamped down on her stiff pink nipples.

Leeza landed a lucky punch to Kathie Lee’s jaw and as she rocked back, Leeza got her beautiful, long, sexy, muscular legs wrapped around Kathie Lee. With a burst of energy, Leeza rolled on top of her busty opponent. She grabbed Kathie Lee’s wrists and, after a brief struggle, successfully broke her painful breast claw. Three hard punches to Kathie Lee’s face and jaw dazed her and gave Leeza the opening to shred Kathie Lee’s blouse, exposing an overstuffed black lace bra.

“Get off me you bitch!” Kathie Lee screamed at her topless rival.

Leeza bounced on Kathie Lee’s stomach, then slapped her several times.

“No-don’t you dare! Pleaseeee....NO!” Kathie Lee screamed.

Leeza playfully tugged at her bra until Kathie Lee’s thick erect nipples began to peek over the top of their cups. Leeza grabbed Kathie Lees nipples and slowly pulled and pinched them as Kathie Lee’s face turned beet red. Kathie Lee’s hair was a mess, her makeup was smeared and, after a hard yank on her bra, Leeza pulled it off and twirled it in her hand.

“Well, I guess you don’t wear a bra, huh, Miss Priss,” Leeza laughed as she tossed the bra to a lucky cameraman.

Then Leeza cupped Kathie Lees huge breasts with both hands and squeezed.

“Gonna knock me some knockers!” Leeza giggled as she slapped the ex-talk show hosts ‘pride-and-joys’ back and forth.

Leeza leaned back and unfastened Kathie Lees skirt, leaving her in only her pantyhose. She climbed off, pulled Kathie Lee to her feet by a handful of her hair and yanked Kathie Lees arm behind her back, forcing that magnificent chest to thrust out as she marched her toward the stage exit.

“Gawd, I love doing interviews with uppity has-beens,” Leeza chirped as she quick-marched her blushing guest off-stage.

Whistles and catcalls greeted the two beauties as they entered the backstage area, as several of the set folks soaked in the unexpected scenery. As Leeza basked in their adulation, however, she got careless and Kathie Lee broke free.

Before Leeza could grab her again, Kathie Lee spun around and drove a fist deep into Leeza’s lower belly just at the waistband of her low-riding bikini panties. Leeza’s eyes went wide as she gasped and her body doubled over - right into Kathie Lee’s knee as it came flashing upward.


The sound echoed off the walls as Kathie Lee’s knee made a solid connection with Leeza’s chin.

“Ready for round two, hon?” Kathie Lee taunted as Leeza sat straight down on her butt. Stunnied, she sat ther shaking her head until Kathie Lee jerked the dazed Leeza up by her hair. She wrapped her arms around Leeza, ramming her huge breasts into Leeza’s as she crushed the dazed reporter in a bear-hug. As Kathie Lee used a slow, hard grinding squeeze, the onlookers went wild, screaming and applauding as the two topless beautiful celebs engaged in an erotic bear-hug battle.

Ughhhh, Uhhhhhh!” Leeza moaned, her body jerking in agony as her head leaned back and her spine creaked.

Kathie Lee squeezed the bear hug harder; her thick brown nipples engaged in their own ‘battle-dance’ with Leeza’s perfect ‘pinks.’ With a sneer, Kathie Lee pressed her face to Leeza’s and kissed her roughly, then bit down on her bottom lip! It was a sexy, yet painful, hold that lasted over a minute until Leeza ceased her struggling and went limp in Kathie Lee‘s arms!

Kathie Lee loosened her grip and let Leeza’s body slide slowly down hers to her knees. Kathie Lee waited just long enough for Leeza to catch her breath before renewing her attack. This time, she wanted to embarrass her royally. Kathie Lee wrestled Leeza to the carpet and tore off her skirt. As they rolled around pulling hair, punching, kicking and scratching, Leeza quickly ran out of breath and offered only token resistance as Kathie Lees fingernails tore holes in her pantyhose.

Soon, Kathie Lee was straddling Leeza’s lower back, then she leaned forward, cupped Leeza’s chin and pulling back, hauling Leeza’s torso slowly up off the floor and bending it backward.

“You may want to call your chiropractor tomorrow,” chuckled Kathie Lee.

She leaned back to apply more pressure and, keeping Leeza’s chin cradled in her left hand, Kathie Lee slid her right hand down over Leeza’s right shoulder and cupped her right breast.

“Now, it’s my turn! How’s THIS feel?” she asked as she crushed the soft flesh until her clawed fingertips met, then gave the swollen nipple a painful pinch as Leeza squealed.

In agony, Leeza gasped, “Sssstop.....pleaseeeee!?”

Kathie Lee jerked Leezas head back again, then released both painful holds, letting her head drop to the floor with a soft thunk. Sliding higher up on Leeza’s back, Kathie Lee bounced up and down, mashing Leezas flattened breasts painfully and scrubbing them on the rough carpet.

Stop! Get off of me… please…..oh, you bitch!” Leeza sobbed as Kathie Lee pulled her hair and bounced.

Finally, Kathie Lee got off the body of her almost defeated opponent and stepped back. She watched as Leeza slowly and unsteadily staggered to her knees and then paused to rest with her hands on her thighs and her head bowed. Slowly, painfully Leeza struggled up to her feet and stood, stoop-shouldered, facing Kathie Lee.

“Oh yeah Leeza,” Kathie Lee said with a smug grin. “One more thing…...”

Leeza looked up and their eyes met as Kathie Lee said, “I wanted to wish you a very good....”


She landed a solid punch to Leeza's blank face!


Then Kathie Lee watched with smug satisfaction as Leeza’s limp body toppled backward, landing on her ass on a plush sofa where she lay with her arms and legs wantonly spread and her head back with her eyes closed. Kathie Lee winked at the crew, dusted off her hands and then started collecting her clothing.