Jennifer Love Hewitt Becomes Deborah Gibson's Bitch by Starchild ( 2/8/01

Backstage at the Grammy Awards show, the usual paparazzi gathered and pointed their searching lenses at the usual suspects. A couple of new faces were gathered at this years event that drew a few glances though.

One was the appearance of a now grown up and very well built Deborah Gibson. Standing with Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose album she had produced and co-written early in her career, Deborah was a lovely slender 5'06" and 120lbs. Wearing a tight lycra shirt and pant outfit that was all black with hints of royal blue highlights interwoven and a pair of big leather boots, this was a far cry from the little "Debbie" that everyone in attendance remembered.

Her hair now auburn and her face looking a lot more knowing and conveying the New Yorker attitude she now had from years of living in the city and doing Broadway plays such as Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella, the new Deborah was a fine tuned machine who towered over her 5'02" 100lb friend Jennifer Love. Love who wore a skimpy pastel open back dress and strap-heels, was much more petite and tiny as she stood next to the statuesque Deborah.

Unbeknownst to many in attendance, Jen and Debs had been talking about more than beauty tips and their latest artistic endeavors. They were, as one reporter would later note, talking quite candidly about disagreements with chosen career projects and some very openly shocking sexual topics. Seems that Deborah was tired of the press questioning her supposed bi-sexuality and Jen was being none too understanding. It seems that Deb, who also has an admitted foot fetish like her friend Jen, (yep, it's true) was taking some heat from Love about not just being open enough about everything.

Jen told Deb, "Maybe your career wouldn't be so invisible if you'd just speak the truth to people and stop trying to keep that prudish image up."

"Prudish image? What the fuck is your deal Jen? You're the little elf who's living the life every other person tells you to. At least I'm being honest to myself, doing what I feel and not playing brown-noser to the networks and studios. I have half a mind to fuck you up and squash you like the little girl you are."

Debs was quite obviously growing tired of this civil talk.

Jen lashed back without pause, "Deborah, stop being the bitter bitch you've been that got you to the top but brought you down just as fast as you got there. You don't have the guts to even make a move on me unless you wanted a kiss. So pathetic. I'll take you down if you so much as lay one of your gangly fingers on me. And get a fucking nose job already would you?!! My God the only thing bigger than your nose is those big feet of yours. Ya look like a clown with those long ass shoes on."

With that Jen just broke into laughter. That was perhaps the worst thing she did as it just riled up the already semi-psychotic attitude of the original Electric Youth.

Deb popped off, "You're going down in more ways than one bitch!!!!"

With that, Deborah snapped. She took a clenched fist and just slammed it into her smaller foes face over and over and didn't stop till little Jennifer was on the ground in a heap writhing on the ground moaning at her feet. Deb cocked her right leg back and placed a hard kick into the ribs of Hewitt.

"Ungh!!!" Jen grunted.

"Get up fucker. You asked for this, now at least make it look good for the cameras you seem to adore so much!!!!!" Deb screamed at her fallen friend.

Jen seemed to hear none of this and was just spasming on the ground.

Deborah reached down and grabbed the long brown hair of Jen's and yanked the smaller girl to her feet and just began punching the hell out of her wobbly opponent. Each punch landed with a ferocity of a girl who had been kept down too long. The thud of each fist to Love's face was just a smacking sound of crunching bone and slapping hard fist on supple flesh that gave with each punch. Jen's face was becoming reddened and bruised. A split lip was dripping blood which seemed to just make Gibson just wail faster on her weaker foe.

Deborah shoved Hewitt against a wall and slid her boot underneath Hewitt's shoes and kicked them off her tiny size 6 feet. It was intimidating to see just how long Debs long size 9 shoes looked next to Jen's now bare tiny feet. Deb took one foot and crunched the shoe on the toes of Love and turned the foot grinding her foot down on Hewitt's smaller toes and cracking them with a vengeance that scared the hell out of Hewitt who cried as she begged for Gibson to please stop her brutal assault.

"You are so far from even getting a breather, Hewitt. If you knew how much hell you had coming you'd cry so much harder than that. I'm gonna use you like the whore you are. Let's just say, I'm gonna make sure you remember the sound of your cries and then since you think I'm so fucking Bi, I'm gonna fuck you till somebody better comes along since I'm not in love with you or anyone right now. That enough motherfucking fear for ya? ANSWER ME!!!!!"

Deborah was losing her mind and the victim of her insanity was Love Hewitt who was a crying, shaking little girl at this point.

"No answer?" questioned Deborah. "Fine then, let me show you to hell and back!!!"

Debs took Hewitt's limp body and cracked her head against the wall over and over as Hewitt slid slowly down the wall with each resounding smack of her skull against the plaster. Eventually arriving at the feet of her tormentor, Hewitt gazed up at Gibson and just looked helplessly into her eyes and began to sob uncontrollably, realizing that there was nothing she could do to stop the torture that her bigger foe was about to unleash on her tiny body.

Deborah, crouched down on the floor and ripped the dress off of Love's quivering body.

Upon seeing Hewitt's heaving breasts, Deborah clasped her fingers tightly around each nipple and twisted the tender flesh and pulled her sensitive nipples inches away from her body. Jennifer's feet kicked out and slammed the floor for relief. Her screams were almost sickening to the onlookers who cringed at the sight of her tits being savagely torn apart and beaten.

Deborah decided to have more fun then she had even thought she would have and took her bruised, beaten nude foe and grabbed her ankles and slid her across the floor over to a scaffolding backstage. The whole way over it was almost sad to see Hewitt's limp body offer no resistance as it slid like that of a rape victim

as it dragged behind Gibson's steps. Gibson took a rope from the area and tied Love's hands above her head to the metal bar and then looped it around her neck so that any struggle that Hewitt put up would only serve to choke the life out of her. As Love lay there awaiting whatever sick perversion Gibson had in mind, she cried as she watched her larger foe begin to untie her shoes. Slipping them off and taking off her socks and sliding off her pants she stared down at her tiny helpless, trapped foe and gave her an evil grimace. An ice cold blank stare came over Deborah's face that made Jennifer scream for help from anybody. No one came to her rescue. She was all alone and no one knew just how far this would go.

Joining Love Hewitt on the floor, Deborah measured her feet up against Jen's.

"Damn, you have some small feet bitch. They only come up to the bottoms of my toes. Let me know how this feels.."

Deborah then clenched the long toes of her 10" feet over the tiny toes of the 8-1/2" feet of Jen's and twisted and crunched the toes of her screaming, crying opponent. Jen pleaded.

"Deborah, STOP PLEASE!!!! I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna pass out, that hurts so much...Oh my God, please stop, please? PLEASE!!!!" and broke down in tears that rivaled those of any victim of any torment.

"No thanks, this is far too much fun," taunted Deb.

She pulled a knife out of her purse and straddled Jen and showed the knife to Jen by holding in scant inches above her face.

"Now say it Love.... Say I'm Deborah Gibson's bitch. SAY IT!!!"

Jen sobbed the reply thinking it would buy her freedom. It only served as motivation for the domineering

Deborah to take the destruction even further. She took the knife and grabbed a lock of her hair and cut it and showed it to her and just laughed as she let the hair slip threw her fingers onto her face as she poured her teary submission out over and over to no avail.

Deborah leaned in and grabbed the back of her head and whispered, "You're nothing bitch. You're just a poster pin up wet dream."

Then she kissed Jen hard, forcing her tongue into her mouth as she moaned and choked a little. Deb held the knife against Love's neck and said, "Unless you wanna die, you will do everything I say."

Jen broke down at this point just sobbing and trying to nod yes, but not doing a very good job.

Jen started saying over and over, "No, no, no...please no"

Deborah then ran blade across her chest pressing down just a little at the end just enough to see a little thin line of blood

She slid her hand down and ran a finger across it and saw the bright red smear across her pale white skin and smiled at her and saw the true fear at this point and brought her finger up to Jen's mouth to taste the blood and in fact know that it is not a trick. She tried to pull away but found the rope around her neck tightened, so she quickly moved back to where Deb's hand was. Deb shoved her finger in her mouth and pinched a nipple brutally hard with the other hand. Jen let out a blood curdling scream and Deb just shoved all her fingers in her mouth to get her to shut up. She then twisted the nipple more while muting her screams with her fingers and then finally let it go.

Deb then pulled her fingers slowly out of her mouth and smiled at her and said, "Didn't you just love that, Love?"

She moved her fingers down her chest and in between her legs she could feel Jen trying to squirm away so she grabbed her hip with her free hand and shoved her fingers between her legs with the other.

Running them up and down between her lips just twice to stop her from actually enjoying it before she shoved three fingers inside Jen cried out in pain, but not for long cause she pulled the rope tighter around her neck. Deb was too distracted to notice because all she could think about was how tight she felt around her fingers.

All this time Jen is choking and gasping for air her little face is getting redder and redder and Deb Just kept pounding away with her fingers going deeper and deeper each time as the muscles get more and more relaxed. Deb looked and saw that her eyes were closed n she was turning purple and not struggling anymore so she pulled her fingers out of Jen, reached up & loosened the rope around her neck, heard her gasp for air and watched her eyes fly wide open.

Deborah moved down on the floor so that her feet were at Jen's feet and she ran her long foot up her leg, over her knee and along Jen's inner thigh.

She moved her long toes between her lips and felt how wet she was from just a minute ago and ran her big toe around in circles on her pussy so she wouldn't know when the moment was coming. Then she shoved her toe inside her and pushed it deep inside her and watched the defenseless victim squirm again.

Deborah pushed harder and harder with her foot to try and pierce her pussy with her entire long foot. No success at first so Deborah with one last effort grabbed one of Jen's tiny feet and pulled on it as she pushed her own foot as hard as she could and was finally able to break her way inside Jen's tight pussy.

You may ask why no screams were heard at this point. Well, that was because when Deborah pulled down

On Jennifer's foot, the rope tightened fully around her neck so fast there was no time for her to scream or make a sound. Deborah continued anyway and just went on fucking her with her foot. Pumping it in and out of her knowing she was tearing up the flesh inside but not caring cause she just wanted to fuck this little bitch and all that she stood for. That unattainable little prick tease.

"Well," Deborah thought, "she wasn't that unattainable now."

Deborah wanted to destroy Jen and leave her mark of proof that Jen was hers forever. So she just fucked away and even reached down and put Hewitt's foot inside her own pussy and loved the tight feel of the tiny girls wiggling toes inside her. Deborah gushed her orgasm and just laughed out loud. Jen had long since passed out.

Deborah stood up and took her foot soaked with Jennifer's juices and forced into Jen's mouth and slammed it in and out of her mouth, rinsing the juices off her foot on the inside of Jen's mouth. She then put her clothes on except for her socks and shoes.

Deb turned and said, "Leave these for her when and if you ever revive her. Let her have em a little souvenir of who not to fuck with in the future."

She walked away, leaving behind her a destroyed little girl she once called friend, but now would forever only call her "Deborah's bitch".

And on this night, Jennifer Love Hewitt certainly WAS Deborah's bitch!