Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Leslie Gold (The Radio Chick) by Bob on 2/18/01

Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't wait to get her hands on Leslie Gold, the Radio Chick on WNEW radio. The Chick had been badmouthing Kathie Lee on her radio show for a few months. She organized demonstrations and picketed "Regis and Kathie Lee Live" even including Kathie Lee's last show!

When Kathie Lee was a guest host on "David Letterman Show" the Chick threw a bra on stage. So when Kathie Lee was invited to appear on the Chick's radio show, she viewed it as an open invitation to teach the young upstart a lesson. Kathie Lee had been working out for several years and was much stronger than she looked. Besides, her workout routine included kickboxing and Tai Bo. She was definitely going to give the Chick the beating she deserved.

Kathie Lee arrived early and went to the Chick's office. Much to her delight the Chick was alone. As Kathie Lee entered Chick's office she closed the door behind her. When the Radio Chick looked in Kathie Lee's eyes, she knew exactly what Kathie Lee wanted.

As the Chick stood up she said, "Hi, bitch. Before I kick your ass I hope that you will do my show as you promised."

Kathie Lee laughed and said, "I'm going to enjoy this."

"You must be a masochist if you are going to enjoy what I do to you, Kathie."

With that, Leslie kicked Kathie Lee in the mid-section and Kathie Lee went down.

As Kathie lay on the floor rolling around, gasping and holding her stomach, the Chick looked down at her and laughed, "Well that was easy! I hope you're professional enough to keep your word and still do my show."

Looking up at the Radio Chick, Kathie Lee gasped, "I didn't say I quit!"

The Radio Chick said, "Oh really?" and hauled Kathie Lee off of the floor by her hair.

She slapped Kathie Lee across the face. Kathie Lee fell backwards across the Chicks desk. Ready to inflict more pain, the Chick started towards Kathie Lee. As she neared her desk, Kathie threw up her legs and kicked Chick in the stomach. The Chick flew backwards as Kathie Lee quickly slipped off her heels and threw them at her. Both shoes were right on target. She hit the Chick in the cheek with one and her left tit with the other.

As the Chick grabbed her aching tit, Kathie Lee flew across the room, grabbed Chick by her long blonde hair, and threw her down. She then stepped on Chick's stomach and followed with a kick to the ribs. As the Chick lay on the floor, Kathie Lee sensed the fight was just about over. She gave the Chick another kick to the ribs, grabbed her by the hair, and lifted her off the floor. Kathie Lee held the Chicks hair as she started swinging her around and around. Finally letting go, the Chick flew across the room and crashed into the wall. Again the Chick went down. As she lay on the ground, writhing in pain, Kathie Lee put her foot on the Chick's chest, taking her victory pose.

"Well, it doesn't look like you're so tough. In fact, I bet Cody would give me a better fight. Do you still want me to go on the air with you? I can't wait to tell your listeners about our fight."

While Kathie Lee was looking down at Chick's face and laughing, she didn't see the Chick's right foot coming up. When the Chick's foot landed hard in her groin, Kathie Lee's legs buckled. She groaned and grabbed her crotch. Slowly, she sank down to the floor beside the Chick.

Neither moved for a few minutes. As Kathie Lee slowly began to sit up, she saw her hated foe still lying on the ground. Kathie Lee was ready to make the Chick pay for kicking her in the groin. Slowly, Kathie Lee mounted the Chick and started slapping her in the face. The Chick screamed with each of Kathie Lee's slaps.

Suddenly, the Chick seemed to find an inner strength and, despite the beating she was taking, she fought back. As the Chick lay on her back, she started swinging. Even with Kathie Lee on her chest slapping her, the Chick landed some heavy slaps on Kathie Lee's cheeks and lips.

As blood started to trickle from Kathie Lee's lips, the Chick landed a slap that sent Kathie Lee flying off of her. Somehow, the Chick got to her knees and tackled Kathie Lee, who was a little bit slow in getting up. Now back on top, the Chick started slapping Kathie Lee. When Kathie Lee tried to cover her face, the Chick grabbed her hair and started banging Kathie Lee's head against the floor. After banging Kathie Lee's head against the floor for the fourth time, the Chick looked in Kathie Lee's eyes. Kathie Lee was just about out! Deliberately, the Chick let Kathie Lee's head drop to the floor.

As Kathie Lee lay stunned, the Chick curled her hand into a fist and said, "Good night bitch!"

She punched Kathie Lee on her chin and her eyes rolled back so the Chick could see only the whites. Kathie Lee's eyes then closed and her body went limp. The Chick got off her beaten foe and staggered to her couch. As she made it to the couch, she collapsed on the couch and passed out.

When she came to, the Chick was surprised to find Kathie Lee was gone. Ironically so were all of her clothes. As if that weren't bad enough, Kathie Lee had used the Chick's own black stockings to tie her hands and feet. There was a note, which Kathie Lee had glued to the Chick's thick and matted crotch hairs.

"Sorry loser, but I won't be able to appear on your show."

Chick was confused.

She wasn't sure how long she'd been out and wondered how long Kathie Lee had been out. While she thought, knew she'd been the winner, it was a win in which she had gotten the worst of it. However, to discover that Kathie Lee had come to before her was hard to accept. What the vindictive bitch had done to her afterward was totally unjustified (and unacceptable by any civilized standards of catfighting.)

What had appeared to be a win for the Chick had somehow turned into an embarrassing, humiliating, defeat. The loss became even more painful when she tried to remove the glue from her luxuriously thick pelt. Her humiliation wasn't complete the next morning however. Over breakfast, she found a picture of a triumphant Kathie Lee standing over her unconscious, bound body on the front page of The Globe.