Maria Luisa Gil vs. Rachel Jean Marteen by Kim & Ginny

It was a slow week at the Mansion, there weren't any parties or video taping scheduled. Most of the girls were out of town on personal appearances, vacations or visiting their families. Those that were around were taking advantage of the facilities to relax, catch some rays or do some workouts.

Rachel Jean Marteen, Miss August 1995, was one of those using the gym. Always a fanatic about her workouts, Rachel pushed herself to the max, felt the burn, went for the gold, laid it all ....well, you know all the clichés for working her tight little butt off. Of course, like most of the girls at the Mansion, she was (as much as anything) burning off her frustrations about some tiny slight or inferred insult. Whatever it was, she took it out on the equipment in the gym, ripping through her usual hours workout in a little over 45 minutes.

As she picked up her towel and draped it around her shoulders, Rachel's dark areolas and thick, wet dark pubic hair were both visible beneath the thin cotton leotard she wore. Unlike most of the girls, Rachel didn't like to workout in the nude, being not only inordinately modest for a Playmate, but serious about her exercise regimen. For her, it was close to a religion, not just a way to put her body on display. She was about to graduate with a degree in physical therapy and planned to open her own facility with the money she hoped to make from a new exercise video she'd just finished filming.

Heading for the locker room, she met two of the other girls, Diana Lee and Renee Tenison. They were on their way to the gym wearing nothing but towels around their waists and grins. They eyed Rachel and Renee whispered something to Diana who giggled and nodded in agreement. As Rachel walked between them, they both reached down and gave her firm, damp butt a loud "SLAP" that echoed off the walls. Angrily, Rachel spun around and slipped the towel from her shoulders, letting it swing from her right hand. The two friends stopped and slowly turned to face Rachel, separating slightly.

Rachel knew of their reputation as troublemakers, but wasn't in the mood to take any crap from them, not today of all days. She was feeling really good about herself and she didn't intend to let a couple of bullies ruin her mood.

"Keep your hands to yourself you two, I'm not in the mood for your crap."

Diana and Renee exchanged glances, pursing their lips in mock fear. Both women were slightly smaller than Rachel, but they didn't see her as any kind of a threat. They were both experienced fighters and they had her outnumbered. Just then Rachel heard a noise behind her and felt two arms clamp around her chest and lift.

"Gotcha!" Rosie Tenison laughed as she picked Rachel up in a bearhug, her feet kicking as she was lifted off the floor. "You trying to start trouble with my sister and her girlfriend little bit?"

"Dammit," Rachel screamed, "Leggo me before I hurt somebody!" She hated the nickname "lil bit" a couple of the busty Playmates had stuck on her. Her boobs were smaller, but it didn't make her any less of a beauty. In fact a lot of people thought her more "natural" look was much more attractive than their "pneumatic" look. Her cheeks flushed and the back of her neck reddened in anger.

Rachel flicked her towel back over her shoulder and snapped it right in Rosie's face. The tall black girl dropped her and grabbed her face in both hands.

"You bitch!" Renee yelled as she charged Rachel, "you could put her eye out."

Rachel turned her hips and kicked out her leg, driving her foot into Renee's belly and doubling her over. The towel around Renee's waist slipped and fell at her feet as she clutched her stomach and leaned on the wall trying to catch her breath. Her big bosom heaved as she tried to fill her lungs with air. Diana Lee stood silently watching, her nipples growing hard with arousal at the sight of the white girl in her near transparent leotard fighting the Black twins.

Rachel backed toward the door to the locker room, swinging her towel and warily eyeing Renee and Rosie as they tended to their wounded pride.

"You two better learn to behave," she hissed. "Next time you f*ck with me, I won't be so easy on you." She pointed at Diana Lee and added, "And that goes for you too, bitch, I know your reputation for causing trouble. You don't want to screw around with me girl."

She turned and disappeared into the locker room while Diana helped Renee to her feet. Together they aided Rosie to the gym where they would do their workout, chastened and a bit more respectful of Ms. Rachel Jean Marteen.

Rachel slammed the locker room door behind her and threw the wet towel in the hamper beside the door.

"Dammit!" she muttered under her breath, "I hate those damn bitches. I wish they'd just leave me alone."

She pulled down her leotard, stepped out of it, wadded it up and, in a fit of anger, flung it the length of the locker room. It hit the far wall with a damp "SPLAT." It stuck to the wall briefly, then dropped behind the last row of lockers.

"EY! Que pasa . . .?" a voice said from where the moist bundle had disappeared.

Rachel peeked around the lockers and saw Maria Luisa Gill, Miss June 1998, step into the aisle. Her soaking wet leotard was draped over Maria's head. The Cuban Playmate was holding her blouse in her left hand and wearing a leopard print mini-, black thigh-highs and a pair of mid-calf black leather boots. She slowly peeled the sweaty leotard from her head and looked for whoever had thrown it at her. Her disgust was clear by the way she held the smelly costume with her thumb and forefinger and her surly expression.

Her lip curled in contempt as she screamed, "Who throws dirty laundry at ME?"

"I...I'm sorry," Rachel giggled, "I didn't know you were there. I thought after Diana and the Tenison's left, the room was empty. They usually don't leave anyone alive in their wake."

Her attempt at humor went over Maria's head (just inches above her tousled hair - slick with Rachel's bodily excretions which had transferred from her leotard to Maria's wild, dark hair.)

"Puta!" Maria hissed, "I've got a lunch date in, (she looked at her watch) fifteen minutes. I'll have to shower again to get this out of my hair."

"No you won't," Rachel said, padding toward Maria in her bare feet. "We'll just use some conditioner and comb it out, you'll look fine."

"Comb it out? You saying my hair needs to be combed? I work hard to get this look. Anyway, who are you to be criticizing? You a mess yourself. You come in throwing wet, smelly clothes around, not caring who you hit, then tell me MY hair is a mess. You should learn manners, Gringa Puta."

Rachel's temper flared and she took two steps toward Maria.

"Don't fuck with me bitch!" Rachel snapped. "I'm not in a very good mood right now, you don't want to get me started."

Maria opened her locker, carefully hung her blouse inside, then turned quickly and flung Rachel's sweaty leotard in her face. The wet suit hit her right on the nose, covering her eyes and blinding her momentarily. Before she could get it off, Maria slammed into her chest with her shoulder and bowled her over. The two of them tumbled to the tile floor with Maria on top, cursing in Spanish and slapping at Rachel's head and bare breasts as she got astride her prostrate body.

"Maria teach you manners, puta!" she screamed as she flailed away at Rachel who tried to cover her face with both hands and her bosom with her elbows as she kicked her feet and tried to throw the Cuban 'Wild Thing' off of her.

"Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee! Stop that dammit!" Rachel screamed when Maria ripped out a handful of long brown hair.

Rachel slashed at Maria's face but missed. Her hand flashed down, barely missing her cheek, and raked Maria's chest. Her long, well-manicured nails snagged Maria's hard nipple and she reacted by throwing herself to the side and grabbing her bleeding breast.

Rachel sat up gasping for air and looked at the dark Cuban girl whose eyes were wild with feral excitement at the prospect of hand-to-hand combat with her American counterpart. They both scrambled to their feet and went into a crouch, neither backing off or giving a thought to negotiation to resolve their differences. They were proud women, used to being catered to and getting their way. Each expected to wring an apology from her opponent before she left the room.

Rachel reached up, touched her hand to head and looked at it, checking for blood where Maria had removed a clump of hair. Maria looked down at the parallel furrows on her firm breast, checking to reassure herself that the nipple was still attached. They both looked up, their eyes narrowed in anger, gave an animal growl and threw themselves at the other. Their bare torso's slapped together, tight belly against tight belly, small firm breasts pressed against equally small and equally firm breasts. Their arms reached around behind their opponent and began to pull at her hair. Each forced the other's head back until both were looking up at the ceiling as they staggered around the tiled floor.

Finally, Maria cursed and stomped the heel of her boot down on Rachel's bare instep. Rachel screamed and hopped around on one foot, releasing her grip on Maria's hair in her concern about her foot. But Maria kept two handfuls of Rachel's hair and as soon as her own hair was freed of Rachel's grip, she spun Rachel around and threw her over the low wooden bench between the two rows of lockers. Rachel grunted when she hit the floor and lay still for a moment, her leg pulled up as she tried to massage her throbbing foot with both hands.

She finally looked up at Maria who was standing against the lockers and hissed, "You crazy bitch! You want to fight dirty eh? OK, now you're really going to get a beating."

Rachel quickly got to her feet, using a hand on the lockers as support while she gingerly put pressure on her aching foot. Nothing felt permanently damaged, so she tried putting her full weight on it. Satisfied she could stand, she suddenly pushed Maria, using two hands in her chest. She stepped over the bench to confront the Cuban.

Maria waited until Rachel had one foot on the floor and the other still in the air above the bench, then lunged. She grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. Off balance, Rachel let out a little yelp of surprise as Maria threw her headfirst against the lockers. A loud "CLANG" echoed off the tiled walls as Rachel's head slammed into the metal doors. Her knees buckled and she sagged against the cold metal, but then her legs firmed and she straightened up. But only for a moment.

Rachel had both hands on the lockers for support when Maria's knee came up between her partially open legs from behind. The impact lifted her off the floor. Her body crumpled and Maria nearly burst out laughing at her expression as she slowly turned around wit her hands cupped between her thighs and her knees turned inward. She pitched forward, making a little "ooooooh" sound as herr head and shoulder fell against Maria's stomach. Rachel half-crouched in that position momentarily, her mouth opening and closing silently like a fish out of water.

Maria was quite pleased with herself as she straightened Rachel up by the hair and shoved her back against the lockers. She held Rachel in place with a handful of hair, drew back her hand and cuffed the brunette across the face. Rachel's head snapped from the open-handed blow that landed with a sharp, "CRACK."

The blow turned Rachel's head and Maria had to twist her hand in the brunette's hair to get it in position for the next blow, a backhand across her mouth. Groggily, Rachel lifted her hands, trying to protect her face from Maria's heavy handed slap attack. Blood trickled from a small cut on her forehead. A second one on her lower lip dribbled blood on her chin as Maria struggled to hold Rachel's body up with one hand.

Maria started to slap Rachel again, but the brunette's left hand was up barely in time to block it. She pushed off from the lockers using her ass and wrapped her right arm around Maria's waist. She almost knocked the black-haired Cuban over the low wooden bench but Maria used her handful of Rachel's hair to twist her sideways as she backed up. They fell over the bench side-by-side and on impact with the floor, each lost her grip on each other.

Rachel was up first and she gave a martial arts type cry as she drove the sole of her bare foot into Maria's side just above the waist of her decoratively printed mini-skirt. Maria grunted like an animal and curled up in a ball with her arms wrapped protectively around her midsection. Rachel ran her hands through her hair, pushing it back from her face and plastering the wet mass to her head.

"Come on bitch, get on your feet," Rachel hissed through clenched teeth as she flexed her long fingers threateningly. "I can't wait to get my claws into you. I'm gonna rip you apart."

Maria lay on her side gasping for air. Rachel's kick had momentarily winded her. Listening to Rachel boasting only fired her determination. Just as the brunette stopped yapping to take a breath, Maria lashed out with the high heels of her leather boots right into Rachel's shins. Rachel's legs flew out from under her and she flopped on her belly across the bench between them.

Rachel's face came down just inches from Maria's. The Cuban Playmate reached up, grabbed Rachel by the hair over her ears and dug her thumbs into Rachel's eyes. If Rachel hadn't jerked her face away in a reflexive motion, the Cuban's thumbs might have gouged out her eyes instead of scratching her cheekbones. Rachel pulled back, kicking and thrashing in a vain attempt to free her head, but Maria's hands were strong from a youth spent chopping sugar cane before she escaped from her homeland. She held on tight, using Rachel's hair to haul herself to her knees.

Before Rachel knew what she was doing, Maria snapped her head down as she pulled Rachel's up. The Cuban's forehead crunched into Rachel's nose, busting it open and bringing forth a stream of blood that cascaded down over Rachel's open mouth, dripped from her chin onto her bosom. She slumped back on her bottom, her legs splayed open in front of her. As her body slid down on the tiles, her arms dropped at her sides and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Maria let go of Rachel's hair and her body collapsed on the floor, her head striking the tiles with a dull "bonk." She lay still as Maria took a deep breath and got slowly to her feet. It was only then when she realized the strain own body had endured. Looking down at Rachel's unconscious body, she felt the exhilaration of victory. The silence of the locker room was broken only by her own heavy breathing and Rachel's ragged snorting as her body fought to get air through the blood clogging her throat from her bloody nose.

Then there came loud applause!

Maria turned, instinctively raising her hands to shield her bare breasts - an unconscious gesture brought about, no doubt, by her years of prim and proper Catholic upbringing. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Diana Lee, Renee and Roxie Tenison leaning against the inside of the door leading from the gym.

" long have you been here?" Maria gasped, modestly looking around for something with which to cover herself. The reasons for her un-Playmate like modesty would remain a mystery (for now).

"Long enough to see the show," Renee giggled. "You kicked the sluts ass. Good job."

"Yeah," chimed in Roxie as she swaggered seductively over to Maria and slid an arm around her, "I guess our little chat earlier got you in the mood."

Maria angrily shoved Roxie away and spun around to confront the busty African-American beauty.

"I told you before to keep you hands offa me. I'm not gonna tell you ... aaaaaaack!"

Maria's angry tirade was cutoff in mid-sentence as Roxie's sister Renee wrapped her arms around her torso from behind, clamped down on her breasts with both hands and pulled her down to the floor on her back. Quickly, Roxie grabbed her ankles and sat on Maria's feet, trapping her legs and immobilizing her. Diana Lee walked over and straddled Maria's waist, looking down at her and smiling. Renee slid her hands down and back, forcing Maria's arms behind her and arching her chest upward. Diana raised her foot, kicked off her sandal and pressed her toes down on Maria's breast. As she ran her big toe slowly over the scratches on Maria's breast, she started to speak.

"Poor baby. That mean ol' Rachel left you all scratched up. Want me to rub some of my special Chinese herbs on the cuts to make you feel better." She squeezed Maria's nipple between her toes as Maria closed her eyes and bit her lip. She'd nearly gotten into a fight with these three a half hour before when Diana had made a pass at her in the locker room. It was the reason she was in such a bad mood when Rachel showed up. Now she was in the very position she'd tried so hard to avoid earlier.

"Let me up Diana, I don't want to cause trouble for you," Maria said, "but if you three don't stop harassing me I'm going to raise holy hell with Hef. He don't appreciate you abusing his girls." Maria had to wrestle with her temper which often exploded and got her in trouble. It was a struggle not let her voice betray how truly angry she was. Diana and the Tenisons had reputations as sharks, they could smell weakness and would attack. Before, she'd avoided a confrontation by standing up to them and acting strong. She tried it again despite her position flat on her back.

Diana smiled as her foot slowly massaged Maria's breast, she could feel the dark nipple hardening under her touch. She instinctively knew Maria wanted her, but she also knew Maria was proud and wouldn't submit to her in front of the Tenison sisters. Besides, Maria wasn't why they were here, there was someone else the trio wanted to settle with. Maria's time would come. Sooner or later she'd have to bend her knees to them, just like all the rest.

Diana removed her foot and snapped her fingers. "Let her go girls. We're after bigger game today."

She looked over her shoulder at Rachel who had begun to wake up and was starting to stir.

"Get dressed and go on to your date Maria," Diana said as she reached down to offer the Cuban her hand. "You can thank me another time. In private."

Maria slapped the offered hand away and got to her feet sullenly, glaring at Roxie and Renee as she backed down the aisle to her locker without taking her eyes off the sisters. She tried not to rush, but it was obvious to Diana that the beautiful young girl felt lucky and relieved to be escaping with nothing more than the threat of a future encounter with Diana and her minions.

Diana pointed to Rachel, "Get that slut on her feet!"

Renee and Roxie each grabbed Rachel by a wrist, then hauled her up on rubbery legs, digging their fingers into the meat under her armpits. Her face twisted as pain shot through her body from the nerve pinches under her arms. Despite her weak kicking and flailing, the two wiry Black girls held her easily as Diana got in her face, her claws clutching Rachel's face with her nails digging into her pale cheeks until her eyes teared.

"You think you're hot stuff don't you? Eh? Well, you're just an over-the-hill redneck bimbo. One with tiny titties too. Right?"

Diana stepped back and swung as hard as she could, slapping her fingertips across both of Rachel's breasts as the Tenison's held her with her back arched to present Diana with and two easy targets. Her hard fingertips slapped just the last inch of Rachel's firm titflesh, the areola and nipple, but they are the most sensitive and Diana didn't hold back, throwing her entire weight into the slap. Rachel yelped in pain, rose up on her tiptoes and arched her back in a futile effort to pull away. She struggled, but in vain, against the two strong women.

Diana jabbed Rachel in the belly to bring her back down, then slapped her across the breasts again. After two slaps the pale, sensitive skin was starting to flush pink. Diana grabbed both breasts and squeezed, twisted and dug her fingers deep into the soft flesh of the woman's natural breasts.

She pulled slowly, forcing Rachel to bend toward her until their lips were only inches apart. Diana pinched Rachel's nipples and when she puckered her lips to, "uuuuuhhhhh" Diana kissed her. Then she jerked her hands down, letting Rachel's rubbery nipples stretch to the limit before releasing them to snap back. Rachel writhed in the arms of the Tenison's, but they easily held her until the pain in her bosom began to subside.

"Put her on the bench, girls," Diana said brusquely. "Face down. I'm gonna teach this haughty slut a lesson she won't forget."

"NOOOOOO," Rachel cried as she tried to kick Roxie and break free.

All she got for her abortive attempt was a knee to the stomach from Renee that took all the wind out of her. Renee and Roxie threw Rachel face down on the bench, with her arms and legs straddling the wooden seat.

Maria shuddered as she grabbed her blouse and handbag from her locker, carefully closed the door so as not to make any noise that might remind the trio of her presence and tiptoed to the door. Without pausing to comb her hair or button her blouse she slipped out of the locker room and, head bowed in shame, walked rapidly down the basement hallway toward the stairs. As she buttoned her blouse, she heard the unmistakable "CRACK" of leather on flesh and a scream. Ashamed of herself, she ran up the steps, past the receptionist and out the door to the parking lot, hopped in her car and peeled away in a shower of gravel. Vote Total: Gil 92; Marteen 87