Peri Gilpin vs. Shania Twain by Shanahan Apr/12/01

Shania Twain and Peri Gilpin circled one another on the mat, hands outstretched in front of them as they looked for an opening. The two had never met until now, but a mutual friend had put them in touch to set up a match. Now, they stood just seconds away from initiating hostilities in a no holds barred, winner-take-all, nude catfight to decide who was the tougher brunette.

Shania had more celebrity fights in her life, the Canadian beauty both besting and bowing to such blondes as Heather Graham and Britney Spears, while Peri's most momentous decision to date had been a win over "Frasier" co-star Jane Leeves; finally face-sitting her British counterpart into oblivion after a hard-fought bout. Now, Peri hoped to defeat the renowned Shania Twain. For her part, Shania hoped to add the actress to her ever-growing list of victims. It would all be decided here, in an upscale Hollywood workout club, with no one else present.

Peri started off grabbing Shania by the face with one hand and her hair with the other and began mauling the country queen, twisting Shania's head and neck back painfully as Shania cried out loud. Peri smiled as she began to dominate her slightly smaller opponent, but her grin vanished as Shania lashed out with her fists; her right slamming into Peri's left breast, her left sinking deep into Peri's gut.

Peri groaned and recoiled, releasing Shania as she did so, as Shania began swinging away, backing the bigger woman up as she continued to punish Peri's body with rights and lefts, the taller brunette groaning with each impact.

The sequence didn't last long, though. The actress suddenly backhanded the singer across the face, then followed up by lashing out with a kick that thudded painfully into Shania's gut, doubling the singer over in agony. Her agony only increased when Peri bent down and seized two handfuls of Shania's luxurious mane; twisting and pulling hard on the singer's glossy locks while Shania screamed out loud and tried to slap her antagonist's hands away. All Shania got in return was the excruciating feeling of her head and neck being wrenched back hard, the pulling on her scalp unbearable, before Peri hip-tossed the Canadian beauty down on the mat as the actress released her twin hair holds.

Shania was stunned by the impact and got slowly to all fours only to feel Peri descend on her naked back. Peri's soft hands fumbled for the singer's world-class chest and in seconds found their targets - Shania's luscious white breasts - and began squeezing those soft, firm, mounds for all they were worth. Evidently they were worth a lot as Shania cried out again, worse than before as she seized Peri by the wrists, trying to break the torturous hold. But Shania's grip was too awkward and she continued to suffer as Peri smiled wickedly and poured on the pressure.

Peri refused to relent, squeezing Shania's breasts and pinching her nipples as hard as she could. Peri's teeth were gritted with determination; her hands squeezing harder and harder until her knuckles were white. Peri's hands hurt so much that she simply couldn't squeeze any more so she dropped Shania to the mat. Shania moaned softly as she lay with her mind reeling and her chest aching while Peri took time out to catch her breath.

The break in the action was just momentary before Peri resumed torturing Shania again.

Shania lay flat on her stomach as Peri kneeled beside her, a grin of malicious glee coloring her pretty face. Peri reached behind and around Shania to cover her mouth with one hand, while using the fingers of her other hand to pinch Shania's nostrils closed and rob her of all breath. Shania's breasts were squashed flat on the red mat, her hands spread in front of her as her eyes began to close in agony. She slowly began to suffocate in Peri's vicious grip.

Shania's strength had been sapped by Peri's breast-squeezing assault, just as Peri had planned, and Shania didn't have enough energy left to throw her attacker off. Shania's head began to swim and starbursts flashed in her eyes as she began to suffer from oxygen deprivation. The brunette was just moments away from passing out; the acrid taste and scent of Peri's sweaty palms was all her reeling senses could make out, until suddenly the smothering hands peeled away and the songbird could breathe again.

But it was just a tease on Peri's part, designed to set Shania up for her finish and bring things to a quick close. Just as Shania began to suck in some sweet, life-giving air, she felt Peri grab her by the shoulders and roll her over onto her back. Peri stood up over the dazed Shania, then turning around so her shapely backside hung suspended above Shania 's pretty face. As Shania blinked in disbelief, Per got down on all fours and pressed her cheeks back into Shania's waiting face. Peri stayed that way for the next few minutes as she (literally) put an 'end' to this, their inaugural bout.

Peri humped and ground and pressed her sweet cheeks harder and harder against Shania's gorgeous face until Shania's closed eyes and the bridge of her nose were the only visible parts of her countenance. Shania suffered and suffocated in silence, the drained singer too weak to offer any resistance at all. Peri was in ecstasy, working her sweet ass like two pistons, up and down, back and forth, harder and harder; her bare hands and feet clawing the mat as she reveled in the sensuality of her triumph. Shania's languid moans filled the air more and more until Peri ultimately smothered her completely unconscious.

Gasping for breath herself now, Peri finally rolled off of Shania onto her own side and lay fondling her own ample breasts as she tried to calm down from the unbelievable high of facesitting the one and only Shania Twain senseless. The victim in this case lay on the mat beside her vanquisher. Shania's lithe arms and legs spread wide; her pretty face, now flushed and red, showed absolutely no signs of awareness - no indication that she was even aware of how soundly and totally she'd been beaten.