Peri Gilpin vs. Sela Ward by Shanahan (rematch follows)

They didn't meet on-screen when Sela Ward guest-starred on "Frasier" several seasons ago, but she and Peri Gilpin (who played radio producer Roz Doyle on the long-running NBC show) met backstage and didn't really get along. Right from the start.
No blows were exchanged, but the usual catty remarks were tossed about - a sign of two attractive women believing one had to be the Queen; to claim her supremacy over the other. They knew they had to fight it out, and the sooner the better; so they met in the spacious bathroom of the suite at the luxury hotel where Sela was staying during the shoot.
When Peri showed up, Sela was already undressed, looking stunning and ready to fight. Peri quickly stripped out of her own clothing to reveal her own beautiful body. They stood ready to face each other, the tension and hatred in the air almost tangible. Neither woman was afraid of the other and now they were ready to battle it out, barefoot, au natural, no holds barred, in a fight to the finish only one of them could win.
"You're going down, bitch!" growled Sela.
"You'll be going down on me, slut - after I kick your ass!" shot back Peri.
They taunted one another as they began to circle, each looking for an opening with which to attack her naked rival and make short work of her. Sela took charge when she reached out, grabbed Peri by the jaw with one hand and the top of the head with the other and began twisting her neck. Peri fumbled at Sela's wrists, trying to break loose, but Sela held fast; pouring on the pressure as Peri suffered, her neck aching terribly as she moaned out loud.
Getting nowhere with her escape attempts, Peri turned her body sideways and launched an elbow to Sela's chest, stunning her and knocking the raven-haired Goddess back. Peri wrenched free of Sela's two-handed grip, then whipped a towel off the rack and lashed out at Sela. But Sela intercepted her, grabbing the towel and twisting it around Peri's neck, choking her with it.
"Aggghh ... augghhh ... ackkkk!"
Peri went wide-eyed and gasped for breath as Sela pulled in close. Again she fired another elbow into Sela's chest to break the hold and send Sela staggering back in pain.
Peri quickly recovered and stepped up to clack her right fist off of Sela's cheek, the force of the blow combining with Sela's shaky posture sent her toppling to the ceramic tiles of the floor. Sela landed on her hip before finally coming to rest flat on her back.
Peri seized the opportunity to take control of the fight and pounced. Dropping to her knees, she dove forward and went for the throat - literally! Wrapping her powerful hands about Sela's neck, Peri began to squeeze with all her strength, her thumbs pressing down on Sela's windpipe as she began trying to choke the life out of the busty brunette who gasped and coughed horribly.
"Unnnhhhh ... ullkkk ..."
"Die, you bitch!" sneered Peri as she tightened her hold even harder, her thumbs making deep, ugly, depressions in Sela's smooth throat.
Sela's eyes closed in pain as she suffered in Peri's iron grasp. She clawed Peri's wrists and gasped for air below, but Peri tightened her hands like a vise about her victim's windpipe and smiled as she tried to claim a quick victory in their heated, hateful new rivalry …
"You're finished, Sela! Give up the ghost!"
But Sela wasn't finished yet, even with Peri's hands tightened relentlessly about her throat. Still gripping Peri's wrists as she knelt over her and continued to strangle her, Sela raised braced the soles of her bare feet up and planted them on Peri's smooth stomach, forcing Peri's body up and back slightly. With a supreme effort and an anguished gasp, Sela kicked out with both legs and threw Peri across the bathroom. She smacking her head on the towel rack before collapsing to the tile floor.
Sela rubbed her throat and breathed deeply before rising shakily to her feet and stumbling away to recover. She didn't get far, though. Peri shook off the pain in her skull and lunged, wrapping her arms around Sela's legs and tackling her hated opponent to the smooth white floor.
Sela grabbed two handfuls of Peri's brown hair and pulled hard as Peri cried out and flailed her arms trying to escape. Groping blindly about, Peri's right hand found the wooden shaft of a toilet-bowl plunger. She managed to get an awkward two-handed baseball-style grip on the implement and swung wildly. More by luck than design, she caught Sela on the side of the head with the heavy rubber ball on the end of the plunger. Sela lost her grip on Peri's hair when she tumbled to the floor, giving Peri a chance to back off and survey her unexpected success.
A wicked smile creased Peri's pretty face and she muttered, "Now I'm gonna have some fun ..."
Peri licked her lips as she scrambled toward Sela on her knees and prepared to rain down another, heavier, blow with the plunger; one she felt would turn the tide in her favor for good, or at least for the first fall between them. Then Peri planned to drive the plunger hard up Sela's soft snatch and really punish the darker-haired woman ...
But instead of getting her way, what Peri got was a vicious kick to the throat from Sela, who lashed out with her right foot and smashed the ball of that foot into Peri's vulnerable windpipe. Still on her knees, Peri dropped the plunger to clutch her wounded throat in both hands, the Texas-born brunette wheezing in agony as she tried to draw a breath with no luck.
Sela twisted her body around, getting behind Peri to take full advantage of her foe's injury. First, she slid her long, perfect legs around Peri's waist from behind, clamped her thighs down on her waist, locked her ankles and squeezed just as hard as she could. Sela also wrapped one arm about Peri's neck and plastered the palm of her free hand to Peri's forehead to hold her head still as she tried to choke the actress out with a sleeperhold.
Sela clenching her teeth with determination. Peri was still short of breath and she began coughing out loud as she raked Sela's choking arm with both hands, trying to ease the unyielding pressure on her windpipe. Peri clawed and
scratched to no avail, Sela's grip only tightening as Peri fought futilely for freedom.

The huntress had become the hunted …
Peri coughed and sputtered in Sela's grip as Sela clung to Peri's back and trying to choke her out with a sleeperhold, tightening her thighs about Peri's waist. Peri pulled, scratched and beat her fists on Sela's right forearm, which tightened its grip on her neck with each passing second.
But Peri only achieved her freedom after she managed to twist her head enough to bite Sela's arm.
"Owwww!!! Whore!!!" Sela yelped.
Surprised by Peri's unorthodox counterattack, Sela beat at the back of Peri's head with her free hand, but even that effort proved unsuccessful for when Peri released her bite, she snapped her head back into Sela's face. Sela was stunned by this second follow-up strike and Peri was then able to wrench free of Sela's choking arm and then pry apart Sela's crushing legs from her trim waist before Sela recovered her senses.
Peri scurried forward on all fours towards the bathtub, putting some distance between them before turning to launch a new attack against Sela, but she never got herself turned all the way around.
Sela shook off the effects of Peri's reverse head butt and again jumped on Peri's back, wrapping her arms around under Peri's arms and latching her bare hands onto Peri's ample, pert breasts and squeezing - hard. Sela's weight forced Peri further down on her knees and elbows.

Sela tried to force Peri's face into the pink vinyl shower curtain just in front of the two fighting females. Crying out as her breasts were squeezed malevolently, Peri reached out to grab a thick, wet, sponge lying on the corner of the tub. She reached back and up over her shoulder and pressed the hunk of sand-colored, soapy sponge over Sela's nose and mouth.
Smothering, Sela had to release one tit to fend off Peri's hand and try to uncover her breathing passages, but that was exactly what Peri had expected. She used the opening to seize Sela's other hand and break her breast grip. Twisting around, Peri came face-to-face with Sela. Now both women were on their knees. Peri brought her other hand up to help bear down on the sponge, trying to hasten Sela's suffocation. She pressed down determinedly, but Sela freed herself with a sharp, stinging slap to Peri's cheek and then slapped the sponge.
She could breathe again.
"I'll kill you for that!" Sela gasped.
Angered, Peri responded by ramming the heel of her hand up under Sela's chin, dazing her just long enough for Peri to once again fasten her hands around Sela's throat and squeeze. She began to shake her back and forth slowly while she tightened her hold, her thumbs again pressing down hard even as Sela clutched futilely at her wrists. Peri continued to strangle Sela with all her flagging strength, her determination evident by her fiery eyes and clenched teeth as she tried to choke out a victory. Sela was barely hanging on in Peri's grasp, her eyes closed in pain as Peri closed off her windpipe with both hands.
Peri smiled broadly as she spat, "Got you now, you bitch. This time you're dead!"
Peri clamped Sela's throat shut in a lethal, finishing grip. She was prepared to wring the life out of Sela and so she squeezed as hard as she possibly could. Seconds later there came a loud THUD that resonated through the ceramic-tiled cell.
Sela had reached out and slammed the small metal garbage can off the side of Peri's head, breaking her chokehold. A second shot with the can sent Peri sprawling to the floor. But Peri's painful odyssey wasn't finished quite yet. She tried to rise to renew the fight, but Sela was already on her bare feet, and lashed out with one of them . It slammed hard into Peri's chest and knock her flat on the cold, hard floor.
Sela then made her own move to finish the fight. Grabbing Peri by the ankles, she dragged her body over near the sink. The future star of 'Now and Again' climbed onto the sink, perched on the edge for just a seconds and then dropped on Peri with her full weight.
The blow knocked all the air out of Peri's lungs with a great whoosh. She mouthed a silent scream, unable to breathe in her agony. Seconds later Peri was finished for this night as Sela straddled her stomach, grabbed Peri by the throat with her left hand and lifted her head up. Cocking back her right fist, Sela rocked Peri's head to the side with a devastating punch to the cheekbone that bounced her skull hard off the floor and knocked her completely out cold.

"Lights out, you slut!" snarled Sela. "I win!"
Sela raised her hands over her head as she sat on Peri's belly, inhaled and exhaled rapidly, her fabulous breasts rising and falling sensuously as she smiled and ran a hand through her sweat-matted black hair. The rush of triumph set in as she straddled Peri and looked down contentedly upon her vanquished, unconscious enemy. Sela Ward had won this fight, but only time would tell if Peri Gilpin would seek revenge down the road.
Sela Ward vs. Peri Gilpin: Rematch by Shanahan

Sela Ward and Peri Gilpin met after hours in the shower room of The Hollywood Health Club, each woman rinsing her beautiful bod before shutting down the showerheads and preparing to struggle naked once more. Sela had beaten Peri in her hotel bathroom weeks ago; knocking the "Frasier" actress cold with a punch to the jaw. Now, Peri was eager for revenge.
"So, you think you can take me, bitch?" mocked Sela, eyeing her opponent warily if a bit overconfidently.
"I'm not just gonna take you," shot back Peri, fury evident in her eyes. "I'm gonna knock YOU out this time!"
The die was thus cast. This time the two women didn't circle as they had in their previous fight, but rushed headlong at one another; each sinking their fingers into the other's hair and pulling as hard as they could. Their shrieks filled the empty room. Harder and harder they pulled, intent on ripping each other's wet locks out by the roots. They twisted, shuffled and dragged one another across the antiseptic sterility of the newly-cleaned white-tile floor.
Unable to gain an advantage, Peri freed up her right hand to reach below and sink her fingers deep into Sela's left breast. Sela screamed but pulled harder and Peri yelled back. By now, Peri had also fastened her left hand on Sela's right breast and was squeezing both melons pitilessly; her fingers sinking into the soft flesh as her fingertips pulled mercilessly at thick, pointy nipples.
Sela cried out again and stopped her own attack to grab Peri by the wrists with both hands, trying to break her foe's hold on her aching breasts. But Peri held fast and continued her assault, squeezing like there was no tomorrow as Sela tugged futilely at her clawing hands.
Finally, in an act of sheer agony and desperation, Sela uncorked a left hook that crashed onto Peri's jaw and nearly took her head off, so unexpected was it. Dazed, Peri lost her two-handed grip on Sela's chest and moments later she was tumbling backward to crash down on her shapely ass cheeks after Sela fired a hard kick straight into her gut.
Taking time only to massage her sore breasts, and whimpering as she did so, Sela interlocked her hands and brought them down hard on Peri's back, one, twice - three times! The impact stung and Peri cried out with each hit as she tried to cover up against the successive strikes. Glaring daggers at her fallen foe whose back bore red marks where her fists had landed on pale flesh, Sela stared down at her foe and admired her handiwork; preparing to punish Peri again and again.
"No one can save you!" crowed Sela.
She rushed forward and dove at Peri who was still lying on the floor in pain and unprepared to defend herself against an impending attack. Peri lay stunned on the shower room floor when Sela came crashing down on top of her, crying out in pain at the impact. Peri's agony only increased when Sela locking her hands under her chin and pulled back, trying to snap her spine. Peri grimaced and groaned as she fought her way up to her elbows and knees, no mean feat with Sela's full weight on her back; but still she suffered in her evilly smiling opponent's cruel two-handed hold.
Sela reared back with all her might, her strong hands gripping Peri's chin and lower jaw pitilessly in a terrific semi-camel clutch hold.
"How's your back, bitch?" chided Sela. "Think I can break it? Well, let's find out, you whore!"
Realizing she couldn't last long in this fashion, Peri steeled herself for a counterattack, then looped her arms over and under Sela's thighs. Pushing up painfully off her shins, Peri managed to stagger to her bare feet, her knees just inches above the slick floor at first. But she steadily rose to her feet as Sela held on to her like a wriggling, living backpack.
The raven-haired brunette looked about nervously, wondering what Peri was trying to do. Still, Sela felt in control of the fight. Before she knew what was happening, Sela was being carried backwards, shakily but steadily; her ride out of control and holding on for dear life until finally her back collided hard with the wall located behind the battling brunette beauties.
Sela screamed at the impact and her grip loosened just long enough under Peri's chin for the suffering brunette to rear up and topple Sela off of her back. She slumped to the floor against the washing machine while Peri pitched forward and fell to all fours, trying to recover from her weightlifting ordeal.
Peri's reverie was short-lived, though, as she once more felt Sela climb onto her back, her bare hands reaching around in front of her face to close over Peri's mouth and pinch her nostrils shut in a suffocating effort. She felt Sela's luscious breasts, thick nipples and furry crotch rubbing sensually on her smooth back and ass cheeks as Sela made her pitch to suffocate Peri lifeless.
"If I can't break your back, then I'll take your breath - forever!" growled Sela from behind.
But even this advantage was only temporary as Peri snapped her head back and smashed her skull into Sela's pretty face, knocking her backward once more (with a yelp, of course) and eliminating the potentially lethal grip on her face.
Long moments passed as both women lay stunned, but when they renewed the nude struggle, it was again Sela who gaining the advantage. Just as Peri took a deep breath and turned to face her foe, she felt the soft sensation of bare hands coiling about her lovely neck from behind and squeezing. Suddenly there was no air coming into her lungs.
Looking back wide-eyed as she fumbled at the fingers tightening about her throat, Peri barely saw her opponent's wickedly smiling face. Looking down, she could sense more than see Sela's bare hands choking the very life from her, once and for all.
Sela squeezed harder and harder about Peri's neck from behind, squeezing with all her strength as Peri gagged and fumbled at the steely fingers caressing her throat, cutting off her breath. Still, Sela squeezed ever tighter, her face a portrait of steely-eyed determination while Peri's was a mask of sheer agony. Her harsh coughs began to fill the shower room.
"Just a little more ..." chided Sela, intent upon wringing the life out of her mortal enemy, clamping down even harder about Peri's neck.
Sela felt the sharp crack of Peri's elbow smashing into her face. Peri lashed out wildly in a desperate bid for freedom. The blow stunned Sela, who had gotten too close to her prey. Her advantage disintegrated altogether as Peri followed up with elbows to Sela's chest and abs before the brunette beauty twisted around to face her. Ripping loose the hands from around her neck, Peri shoved Sela down by the shoulders, flooring the still-dazed brunette, who landed hard on her shapely ass.
Rubbing her sore throat, Peri paused a few moments, gaining strength as Sela still lay there. Then the actress lunged forward, intent on strangling her rival, but Sela wasn't quite as far gone as she thought. Sela kicked out with both legs as Peri descended, her bare feet striking Peri hard in the gut and breasts and throwing her backward. Peri crashed to the floor on her back and before she could gain her bearings she looked up to see Sela, her face red with rage, diving toward her.
Sela landed on Peri, knocking the breath from her. Sela tried again to steal away her foe's air supply for good, wrapping her strong hands about Peri's neck and squeezing even harder than before. Peri gagged and gasped beneath her attacker, grabbing Sela's wrists and trying to pry her lethal hands loose. But Sela hung on doggedly, squeezing with all her strength, her thumbs pressed down in murderous fashion making deep, ugly depressions in Peri's vulnerable windpipe.
"Bitch!" screamed Sela, tightening her hold with both hands. "This time you're dead! Dead!"
Peri could only gurgle and gasp in response, her coughs racking, her breathing ragged, her hands unable to pull Sela's fingers loose from her windpipe. Spittle began to run from the corners of her mouth ...
"Unnhh ... uggghh ... ullkkk ..., " gurgled Peri in agony.
This was the worst she'd felt in her two fights with Sela, fingers crushing her throat as her life flashed before her eyes. The pain in her throat refused to ease though her vision grew hazy and her mouth dry. Peri realized that Sela truly meant to do her in this time. She peered up through fading eyes to see Sela's grinning, sinister countenance. The brunette beauty licked her lips in eager anticipation of Peri's demise, her steely grip intensifying around her victim's neck.
Gagging as she prepared to go under for the final time, Peri fumbled about her to either side, searching for an item, a weapon, anything with which to strike back and save herself. No salvation lay to her right, but to her left her fingers found the hard plastic shell of a small shampoo bottle, and she fumbled about some more until she could get a good grip on it. Reaching over with her right hand, Peri grabbed the bottle with both hands and swung upward with all her flagging might. She smashed the bottle hard on Sela's cheek, sending her sprawling. The blow also loosened the already-loose shampoo cap and soon both brunettes were sparingly coated with viscous orange gel.
Sela rolled over and tried to renew her choke, but she was soon screaming as Peri buried her gel-coated hands in Sela's hair and pulled like mad. Sela cried out again and returned the favor with her own saturated palms. Soon, both beauties were rolling about the floor, yanking like crazy on each other's orange-coated locks. Before long, they had fought their way up to a mutual seated position, both sirens screaming all the while.
They broke off their hair holds to grope the other's pretty face and full breasts; pinching, pulling and squeezing, but neither could get a really firm grip on the other's flesh with shampoo making their hands and skin slick and slippery.
Unable to get a good grip, Peri lashed out hard with her right fist and clacked it hard off Sela's jaw. Again, Sela was dazed by bone on bone contact and she hung there in mid-air, totally unaware of where or who she was.
It gave Peri the opportunity to end the fight for good. She lashed out again with a right, then a left, then another right. Each shot exploded off Sela's jaw or cheek and pushed her to the brink of unconsciousness. Peri smiled wickedly, knowing she was finally in full control. Seconds later she lashed out again; this time with both hands, securing them around Sela's neck as best she could and strangling her enemy senseless.
Peri watched Sela gasp, choke and struggle for breath, but she couldn't maintain the hold for long with her hands coated with liquid shampoo so she switched tactics. Lunging forward, both hands still nestled about Sela's neck, Peri forced Sela down to the shower floor, slamming her back first into the tiles. Holding on as best as she could, Peri bounced Sela's skull off the hard surface once, twice, three times; her eyes blazing with anger and hatred as she brutally punished her rival. In her view, Peri was paying Sela back in full for knocking her out in their previous encounter in Sela's bathroom. It was anything goes.
"Try this on for size, you slut!" roared Peri as Sela fumbled weakly at her attacker's wrists, unable to break free.
Sela's gasps and coughs softening as she hovered at the edge of unconsciousness. Moments later, her breath was completely cut off as Peri covered her nose and mouth with her hands, smothering Sela senseless - until Peri looked around and smiled. A better idea suddenly crossed her mind as something caught her eye.
Picking up the fallen shampoo bottle with one hand, Peri shook it to discover that there was still a small amount of shampoo left. Grinning evilly, she pried her other hand off Sela's mouth and, in one swift motion, plunged the bottle mouth between Sela's lips and poured the rest of the concoction down her throat!
Sela went wide-eyed and tried to tear the bottle out of Peri's hands, but Peri held on until she was satisfied Sela had swallowed a generous helping. Peri tossed the bottle away and held Sela by the jaw and the top of the head, twisting her head from side to side ensuring she held down her recent drink. Sela whimpered at the awful taste, only to take a slap across the face from Peri, who reveled in her soon-to-be triumph.
"Tougher bitch than me, my ass ...," she leered, recalling Sela's recent win.
Peri smiled as she pressed her ample chest down and over Sela's face and to smother her senseless with her firm, full breasts. But then she got an even better idea.
Releasing her foe, Peri kneeled over Sela, turned around with her shapely ass cheeks poised above Sela's red face. Then Peri slammed her ass down onto Sela's face, her left cheek pressing hard against Sela's nose and mouth. Her butt totally smothered the weary brunette battler who offered absolutely no resistance as Peri mashed and ground away. Harder and harder, without a shred of remorse, until the darkness finally took Sela.
Minutes later, Peri stood up and looked down at her vanquished opponent, laying with arms and legs akimbo, her alabaster skin and dark hair slimed with orange gel, her eyes shut in oblivion. Peri smiled, reveling in her victory over a mortal enemy; her first over the fabulous brunette. Now they were even.
After rinsing herself off in the shower, Peri wiped herself down with Sela's clothes, then dressed quickly in her own shirt, jeans shorts and sneakers that she'd discarded before the start of the fight. She only turned back to Sela when she heard coughing coming from on the floor behind her. Looking back, Peri saw Sela still flat on her back but stirring, orange liquid drooling from her lips as harsh coughing racked her naked form. Walking over to her, Peri dropped down and knelt beside her before grabbing Sela's chin with one hand and shaking her finger menacingly in her face.
"This is it, Sela!" Peri snarled. "I beat your ass fair and square, so don't try to fuck with me anymore!"
Punctuating her point, Peri lashed out again with a sharp right hook that rocked off of Sela's jaw and knocked her cold; just as Sela had done to her their last time out.
Standing up, Peri stood with her hands on her hips, smiling down with more than a touch of satisfaction at Sela's prone, battered, naked body. Retrieving her bag, Peri made her way out the door; not even stopping to glance back at her vanquished foe. She turned out the lights and headed away to celebrate her triumph.