Ginger(Tina Louise) vs. MaryAnn (Dawn Wells) by wildword 10/31/2000

The two beautiful roommates from "Gilligan's Island" have a argument which leads to a catfight. Worldly actress Ginger Grant thinks she will easily handle and dominate little farm girl MaryAnn.

MaryAnn tells Ginger, "Back home in Kansas a girl that acts like you do would be given a bottom as red as your hair."

Ginger laughs and tells MaryAnn, "After years of fighting off wolves in Hollywood, I wouldn't have any trouble polishing off a shrimp like you."

Ginger is wearing her one piece leopard skin bathing suit. MaryAnn is wearing her usual tight shorts and halter top.

The fight starts with Ginger slapping MaryAnn in the face. MaryAnn retaliates and slaps her back. The girls then grab and pull each others hair. Before long both girls are rolling around wrestling on the ground.

The fight attracts the other castaways on the island. It's apparent the fight is turning on all the males except Gilligan. Gilligan seems to be immune to the attraction of a good catfight. Mrs. Howell, seeing her husband enjoying the fight, becomes jealous and tells the men to break the fight up. The professor states he's observing the fight in the interest of science and research on human behavior and refuses to interfere. Mr. Howell enjoys the fight so much, he offers the winner $50,000. This angers Mrs. Howell. The skipper roots openly for Ginger. The Professor pulls for MaryAnn. Mrs. Howell, not enjoying the obvious attention her husband is giving the fight and girls again tries to get the fight stopped. She talks Gilligan into breaking the fight up.

Gilligan gets between the two brawling women and gets kicked, slapped and knocked to the ground. MaryAnn throwing a punch at Ginger catches Gilligan right in the jaw knocking him out.

MaryAnn screams at Ginger, "Look what you made me do!"

The girls go back to fighting and Ginger uses her size advantage to take control of the fight. She grabs MaryAnn and, outmuscling her, twists her arm behind her back. Ginger grabs MaryAnn by the ear and drags her to a chair, takes her over her knee and pulls down her tight shorts and panties. Ginger remembers MaryAnn threat to spank her and laughs as she spanks MaryAnn's bare bottom til' it's bright red while MaryAnn kicks her feet and cries. This obviously turns on all the male castaways except Gilligan.

Mrs. Howell is beside herself and she distracts Ginger which allows MaryAnn to escape. MaryAnn stomps on Gingers foot, then punches the big redhead in the stomach. While Ginger is bent over in pain MaryAnn picks up a coconut.

MaryAnn hits Ginger on the top of the head with the coconut. This knocks Ginger woozy and MaryAnn spots a cactus nearby. She again punches Ginger in the stomach and while Ginger is bent over holding her stomach, MaryAnn pushes her bottom-first into the cactus!

Ginger howls in pain as at least fifty cactus needles are stuck into her behind. Ginger submits and begs for help removing all the cactus needles from her ass. Every male castaway volunteers, even Gilligan, but Mrs. Howell won't allow it. Mrs. Howell states SHE will remove the needles from Gingers butt, disappointing all the men. Mrs. Howell pretends to give Ginger sympathy but secretly enjoys her humiliation and pain .

Mrs. Howell takes her sweet time removing the needles, caressing Ginger's red bottom lovingly after plucking each spine, then smoothing on a foul smelling poultice the Professor concocted in his makeshift laboratory. MaryAnn snuggles with the Professor and laughs the night away at the sound of Ginger's yelps and howls every time the sadistic Mrs. Howell sloooowly pulls out each of the barbed cactus spines. Will this be the end (so to speak) or will Ginger have to try to get revenge?