Girl Crush(ed) Part One: Denise Richards vs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck by bocarat

NOTE: A “girl crush” refers to a fervent infatuation a heterosexual woman develops for another who seems impossibly sophisticated, gifted, beautiful or accomplished. …while not necessarily sexual, the feelings triggered; excitement, nervousness, a sense of novelty ARE much like the ones that accompany a new romance and that infatuation often turns to friendship…or does it?
“I am so glad you called you really made my day!” Denise said into her cell phone. “You know I was nervous to ask you for your number and yet so relieved when you asked for mine!”

Denise was having a “girl crush” on a younger award winning actress. The caller was Angelina and the two actress had run into one another earlier in the week at a trendy LA restaurant. They had a nice conversation about kids, relationships and careers as the two beauties talked and listened about the other’s trials and tribulations of both private and career lives.

“You know,” Denise said. “I’m so tired of this ‘feel sorry for me’ crap, I mean I’m no Jennifer ‘fuckin’ Aniston!”

There was a long silence and when she realized what she’d done, Denise apologized, “Oh I’m so sorry Angie, I didn’t mean to bring that up…but I’M moving on with MY life and making my own plans. Unlike her…”

Angelina says, “You have to be strong, it’s a tough business and the press and other’s are always looking to take a bite out of you! “It just sucks sometimes doesn’t it!” Denise said.

“I’m sorry, some chick from ‘The View’ is here to shoot a segment about how I’ve managed since Charlie moved out.”

“Sounds interesting,” Jolie says.

“Don’t try to fool me, it is just sappy, crappy TV!” Richards replies “and continued, “my manager thought that it would be good for the career.”

“That old Hollywood adage, the only bad publicity is NO publicity. You know we really should get together some time and swap stories, I bet you got some great ones!”

“I bet you do too,” Jolie replied. “You’ve still got a great career going and, who knows, maybe we could swap spit too!”

Denise heard her remark, but wasn’t quite sure it was meant the way it sounded and replied cautiously, “Yeah sure! Um…that’d be…uh…great!”

Angelina started to laugh and said, “I’ll call you in a couple of days and we’ll make a date. Hope to see ya’ soon.”

As soon as they hung up, Angelina told her assistant, “Make sure I get a tape of ‘The View’ show with Denise Richards.”

Denise, after hanging up, was giddy about receiving the call from Angelina - and a little aroused by her closing remarks.

‘The View’ technical crew had set up the interview to take place in Denise’s living room and she was wearing a light blue skirt, and a matching top that clung to her nice round chest.

The interview doesn’t include her two babies who are in the nursery upstairs with a nanny, a 50-ish African-American woman who raised her own family in Watts. The nanny has been a constant companion, and a rock to Denise since the breakup of her marriage.

Denise was going to be interviewed by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the wife of an NFL quarterback. Elizabeth is a pretty, petite blonde, several years younger and an inch shorter than Denise. Since the delivery of her first-born, Elizabeth has a more voluptuous physique but she was an athlete in college and appeared on the TV show ‘Survivor’ before she joined the cast of ‘The View’. The producers added her hoping that she would bring in a younger audience - and male viewers. Her views are conservative which causes her to sometimes defend herself against attacks from the other, wiser, more experienced ladies on the show.

The interview finally starts and as the questions about the pregnancy, the break-up, the delivery and the future go on, Denise senses a condescending tone in the young woman’s voice. Elizabeth is also wearing skirt, heels, and a top that displays some of her newly found cleavage, and plenty of leg and thigh for the crew, cameras and Denise to see. As Denise answers the questions, from her interviewer, she is feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the tone, and the line of questions. Elizabeth keeps peppering her with questions about her film roles and Elizabeth seems to be particularly interested in two things; Denise’s erotic film “Wild Things,” and her Playboy shoot soon after her first pregnancy.

As the interview ends, Denise gets up, thanks everyone, then announces that there are sandwiches and drinks for the cast and crew in the kitchen. The producer comes over to Denise and thanks her for being such a gracious host. As they chat, Denise notices Elizabeth eyeing her, then slowly making her way over. The TV crew has removed their gear - and most of the food from the kitchen - and have left her spacious home. Denise is watching them leave and sees Elizabeth is hanging back from the rest of the crew.

“Hi!” Denise says. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Elizabeth says cheerily. “I…I just wanted to have a word with you in private.”

“Sure!” Denise says and as she begins to clean up the kitchen.

Elizabeth picks up an oversize bag and joins Denise in the kitchen. She’s moving toward Denise with purpose, looking very determined and angry. She stops and glares at Denise, then says, “You know, you are such a slut; showing your tits to anyone at the drop of a hat!” She throws the Playboy issue with Denise’s first post-pregnancy pictorial on the counter. “My fucking husband wanted me to get this autographed, but I think I’ll just roll it up and stick it up your ass after I kick it, you shameless bitch!”

Denise is startled, shaken and insulted all at once and is still looking down at the magazine on the counter as Elizabeth moves closer, pinning Denise’s back against the counter.

“I’m sorry you feel that way…” Denise murmurs. “B…but this was as a present to my ex-husband.” Elizabeth hears the remark but is still upset and shoves her belly and chest into Denise.

Denise regains her composure and asks, “What’s this really all about?” as she raises her hands to Elizabeth’s chest, then shoves her back.

“What are you deaf AND dumb, bitch! It’s about you being a slut and a whore who needs to be taken down!” Elizabeth screams.

“Look Elizabeth,” Denise says. “I don’t want any trouble and I’m sorry this issue offends you, but it’s history. If you must know, I’ve got my own regrets about doing that also.”

Elizabeth stared at Denise for a moment, then CRACK slapped her! Denise turns from the blow and before she can retaliate Elizabeth slaps her again. SMACK! Soon Elizabeth and Denise are attacking each other; Denise trying to slap Elizabeth but she’s too close and all she does is hit Elizabeth in the ear with her forearm. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has buried her hands in Denise’s hair and shoves Denise back up against the counter; leans in with her body and pins Denise so she can’t get away! Denise can feel Elizabeth move her thigh between her legs and start to grind her pelvis into hers; she thinks, “This chick wants to get down and dirty!’

Denise humps her own pelvis and thrusts her breasts into Elizabeth’s whose expression changes with each impact. Elizabeth continues to have Denise pinned against the counter top, as their hands are in each other’s hair, shaking the other’s head from side to side; front and back as their pelvis are grinding and their nylon-clad legs are kneeing and rubbing against their rivals mounds as both women’s skirts rid up from the leg battle as they squirm against each other.

Denise grunts in Elizabeth’s ear, “No way you’re gonna take me in my own house bitch!”

Elizabeth groans in Denise’s ear, “I already got you slut!”

Elizabeth pulls Denise’s hair back and forces her legs to spread wider as she lifts Denise ass up onto the counter top. With Denise’s leg spread, Elizabeth increases the pressure and contact between the two women. They can feel the full, round breasts bounce and contort as the two lean into each other. Elizabeth releases Denise’s hair, and slides her hands up under Denise’s skirt where she cups and grabs her ass as the two struggle against each other. Denise can feel the cool, marble counter top on her lovely, round ass.

Denise also releases Elizabeth’s hair, to catch herself, and keep from being pinned down on the marble. Denise hooks her legs around Elizabeth’s ass as Elizabeth bears down on the actress. Denise begins to kick Elizabeth in the ass with the back of her heels, and even digs the long, lethal heels into the back of Elizabeth’s thighs. Elizabeth is grunting and cussing at Denise. Elizabeth releases her talons from scratching and tearing at Denise’s nylons, instead she grabs Denise’s legs just below the knee and tries to power her up onto the counter top and free herself from the assault on her thighs. Denise leans forward and tears and rips at Elizabeth’s blouse, bra and chest.

“You bitch!” Elizabeth screams.

She begins to tear and rip into the delicate clothing Denise is wearing, and at the breast flesh the clothing once covered. The two keep ripping, cussing, grunting and groaning from the assault on each other’s clothes and flesh. Elizabeth backs away and slams a fist into Denise’s gut, but ends up being a low blow, and doubles the actress over. Elizabeth stands back to admire the word done to the gasping actress. Denise slowly straightens herself up, and quickly fires a kick into the crotch of the television personality, who is now doubled over in pain. Elizabeth uses her hands to steady herself on the large marble countertop, as Denise is now in a defensive boxing position to continue the battle.

A voice from upstairs breaks the silence. “Ms Richards are you okay?” the nanny cries out.

Denise looks at Elizabeth and answers, “I’m okay. Please… just stay where you are!” Elizabeth gains her stability and is ready to continue the battle. Denise asks, “You want some more bitch!”

Elizabeth replies, “We’ve only just begun, slut!”

Denise gets ready to fight again, then puts her hands up and asks for a time out as she explains, “Lemme check on her and the kids, then we’ll continue!”

“I ain’t going anywhere; not until I finish with you, you fucking whore!”

“Fuck you!” is all Denise said. She marched upstairs still feeling the pain in her scalp, breasts and guts.

“What all’s goin’ on down there Ms Richards?” The nanny asked. “Sounds like you all’s having a terrible row!”

“Just a little disagreement with the lady from that TV show!” Denise replies.

“Well if she started this in your house, you got to finish business and take out the trash! Right?” the nanny said.

“You’re absolutely right! I got some business to finish with that bitch!” Do you mind watching the babies?” Denise answered.

“Not at all. You want me to help you out? I can really get into kickin’ some ass today!” the nanny laughed.

Denise smiled and said, “No this is my business; but please stay here and if things get out of control come down first and check with me before you call the cops, OK?”

“OK!” The nanny answered, adding, “You know where I’m from this shit happens all the time. Good luck Ma’am.”

“Thanks! Denise replied. “And thank you for being here!”

As Denise walked out of the nursery, the nanny gave her a ‘thumbs up’ and a smile before she shut the door behind her. When Denise walked down the stairs, she stopped on the landing and watched Elizabeth adjusting her clothes and fixing her hair. Denise didn’t say a word, just pointed at Elizabeth and using her left index finger, then crooked it and motioned Elizabeth to follow her. Elizabeth marched upstairs behind Denise who led her to the master bedroom. This would be the new arena!

Denise started to strip and remove her torn blouse, ruffled skirt and heels as she led Elizabeth to her bedroom. Elizabeth was shocked at first, but was not going to be upstaged by the “B” actress and was stripping to except she laid her clothes over a chair in the host’s bedroom, then they squared their shoulders and faced each other in bras and panties.

“OK,” Denise said. “You wanted to continue this, let’s settle this right now bitch!”

Each women took in deep breaths through their mouth, and soon their hands reached out and found each other’s hands and the to blondes came together in a tangle of arms, torsos and legs. As they struggled in each other’s grasp, they would bang their breasts into each other’s. Several times they did this to inflict pain and Denise feeling her breasts were firmer started slamming her breasts into Elizabeth’s, each time the two would knock a grunt and a gasp of air out of their lungs. Elizabeth wanted to fight, so she grabbed Denise on the shoulders and spun her around, and moved in to choke her from behind. Denise was gasping “aaahhh!” and under Elizabeth’s control, she struggled until she was able to lift her hands over her head, reach back and grab a handful of Elizabeth’s once perfectly coiffured blonde hair.

The two broke apart, and Denise quickly put Elizabeth into a Chokehold, like the one she was in earlier and began tightening her noose of strong, lean arms around the interviewer’s neck. Elizabeth began to choke and was failing about with her arms. Denise released the hold and punched Elizabeth in the face. Elizabeth’s head went back, and Denise followed with a slap to Elizabeth’s face.

As Denise recoiled for another slap, Elizabeth attacked Denise’s hair, and now the two vixens were battling up close and personal. With their hands in each other’s hair, they began to kick and knee each other in the groin, knee and shins. Elizabeth got Denise in her pussy, and doubled over the blonde actress. When Elizabeth tried again, Denise caught her knee and pushed her forward landing the two warriors on the bed. The two rolled around on the bed with Elizabeth on top, she quickly began to slap Denise’s face and tits. Denise caught Elizabeth’s hands in her own, then moved them to Elizabeth’s hair and rolled her over on her back. They pulled and tugged each other’s hair. “Oooucch!” both women screamed in unison. Elizabeth wrapped her legs around Denise’s thin waist and pushed her off of her. The two women were fighting each other on their sides, pulling hair, slapping and punching whatever they could.

“You fucking bitch!” Denise yelled at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth screamed back “You whore-slut!”

Elizabeth lifted herself up, and began to kick Denise in the sides and chest. Denise retaliated and soon their legs looked like pistons kicking and kicking again. Their legs got tangled in the process and each had the other’s legs locked up with their own. Denise struck first by latching onto Elizabeth’s hair, and pulled her towards her, Elizabeth seeing the opportunity did the same to Denise. Their heads and scalps collided with each other’s as they pulled and tore at each other’s thick blonde mane. They faced each other tearing at the other’s scalp, sitting on their asses on the bed with their legs locked around the other’s legs, squirming to seal the lock around their rival’s waist. They shook each other head and their noses touched they were so close.

Denise sneered at Elizabeth, “Give up bitch! I’m gonna destroy you!”

Elizabeth spewed out, “No way whore! I’m gonna rip your hair out, and then I’m going for your tits!”

Denise lurched forward and landed and pinned Elizabeth down on the bed. Denise had Elizabeth in a schoolgirl pin. Denise was able to pin Elizabeth’s shoulders down with her knees and immobilize her arms. Denise pulled at Elizabeth’s hair, punched her in her chest and bounced on her firm but slightly baby-fat tummy.

“I give, I give get off of me!” Elizabeth cried, but Denise wasn‘t ready to quit so she bounced some more on her stomach, then scratched and clawed the TV personalities tits before she started choking the young Survivor starlet.

Elizabeth struggled with the choking and gurgling noise came from her mouth. Denise knew that she would pass out soon. Denise then reached back with her left hand, and clawed at the sensitive pussy of Elizabeth and pulled, scratched and probed the inner recesses of her sex organ. Elizabeth cried out in horror and pain, and Denise stopped. She pulled her hand and arm back to Elizabeth’s breasts and just pushed down on the once proud, large orbs, and pushed down.

“I’m gonna squash these flabby melons you no-talent bitch!” Denise sputtered.

Elizabeth just cried, and yelped in pain. Denise looking down at the defeated mass of blonde flesh, punched Elizabeth in her tits, and got up off the defeated blonde and punched her in the gut for good measure. Elizabeth let out a “ooommph!” sound with the punch, then rolled over meekly crying in a ball of flesh. Denise got off the bed, put on her robe and left the TV personality sobbing on her bed as she walked down the hall to check on her babies. She picked up her youngest and held her close to her taking in the lovely scent of fresh life.

“You should be proud of mommy today!” the nanny told the kids. “She kicked that nasty know-it-all’s ass, honey!” Then she looked over at Denise, giving her an approving smile and a nod as she kept rocking Denise’s fast asleep child.

Denise held her youngest a bit longer, then put her in her crib and left to check on her unwanted guest. When she entered her bedroom, Elizabeth had sucked in her pain and pride and was fumbling trying to get dressed before the madam of the house returned to inflict more pain. Denise and Elizabeth bumped into one another just as Elizabeth was hurrying out the bedroom door. She looked at Denise with shock and awe.

Denise said, “Don’t worry sweetie, there ain’t nothing else left to beat!”

Then she stepped aside, letting Elizabeth scurry down the stairs and out the door. Denise proudly and mercifully let her go, feeling more confident and ready to take on the world again as if that were enough. Denise then went into the bedroom, closed the door and laid her sore, aching body on the messed up bed. As she stroked herself and reflected on the fight she suddenly got an overwhelming urge to call Angelina. She pushed a finger deeper, stroking slowly as she reached over, picked up the phone and as she masturbated, dialed Angelina Jolie’s number…
Part Two: Denise Richards vs. Angelina Jolie by bocarat

Denise was just giddy with excitement as she talked with Angelina Jolie on the phone. She was bouncing her eldest daughter on her stomach as she shared the details of the conflict with Angelina on the phone. She tried to calm herself, but she felt as if she was talking a million words a minute. She stops and excuses herself to Angelina who is absorbing every word, every detail of the fight over the phone. Angelina cannot get a word in, nor does she want to stop her newly found sexy friend in her discussion about the fight with the young host from The View.

Denise, realizing she was monopolized the conversation, stops and asks, “I’m so sorry Angelina, but I just had to tell someone and my first thought was you.”

“It’s okay, go on I want to hear how you finished her off again!” Jolie remarked.

Denise again went into the details of how she slapped her around, and choked and almost smothered her, and attacked her chest. Jolie was hanging on every detail, and description and only asked Denise to “slow down” and ask for greater details of the fight scene and her reactions.

Denise stopped the conversation and asked, “Where are you by the way?”

“Oh, I think we are over Thailand right now.” Jolie responded.

“Wow! Another UN mission?” Richards asked.

“Yeah! Something like that!” Jolie sighed over the phone. “But I should be back in LA by next week, and I’d really like to see you. What do you think; next week? Maybe Wednesday?” she asks coyly.

Denise checks her schedule, and said, “That’d be great! How about I prepare lunch for us and the kids? We can talk and get to know each other better?”

Jolie said, “Sounds great! How about noon?”

“Noon it is’ next Wednesday,” Denise confirms. She starts think about how she’ll impress her new-found friend and says, “G’bye and have a safe trip!”

When Denise hangs up the phone, Angelina looks at her two babies and squirms in her seat aboard the plane. She’s already thinking about the lunch date she’s arranged and how it just might end with a “sweet dessert.”

Denise works really hard trying to impress the young, Oscar winning actress with a superb lunch that would not only feed an army, but an army with varying tastes and desires. She is scurrying about like a mouse trying to get everything just so for her guest.

The nanny offers to help, but Denise says, “I know what I want it to look like and feel like, so thanks but no thanks I got it!”

The nanny shrugs, “Would you like me to serve the Miss Jolie and you lunch?”

“No thanks!” Denise politely responds.

Denise wants this to be informal, and not a stuffy affair for her guest. The doorbell rings, and Denise flies to the front door to greet her “girl crush” guest at the door. The two beauties exchange “Hi” and “Hello” then Angelina and Denise hugged and kissed each other on the cheek in the foyer.

Denise is wearing a light pink just below the knee party dress with spaghetti straps, and matching heels. The outfit features her long, flowing blonde hair and perfect tan skin, long lean arms and legs, and full bountiful chest. Angelina is wearing an off-white clingy summer dress, and sandals. Angelina’s outfit displays her full, athletic breasts, white pale skin, her long and lean arms and legs and those mysterious eyes, and full pouty lips. She also let her thick mane of black hair fall of her shoulders and down her back.

Denise leads Angie to a large room just outside the kitchen when the two young mothers drop off their kids and let them play together after introductions. The nanny smiles and looks at the two actresses as they chit-chat, then looks after the young children crawling and running about. Denise then leads Angelina into the kitchen after the young children have settled in, and have be made aware of the nanny watchful gaze over her brood. While the two actresses move towards the kitchen of the large home, Angelina reaches out and takes Denise’s hand.

“How nice of you to go to all this trouble just for me!” she purrs, then hugs Denise once again with enough force that Denise and Angelina’s knees and their full breasts knock against each others. Denise didn’t pay much attention as she was in the midst of a “girl crush” haze.

She apologizes, “I’m sorry, you probably think I’m some kind of moron or something, but I really admire you a lot!”

Angelina is surprised, and a bit taken aback by what Denise has just said. She pauses, then murmurs, “That’s so sweet, but I stuff my bra the same way you do; one boob at a time!”

Denise looked confused at the statement, and Jolie says, “I’m sorry it’s a joke Billy Bob told me once! You know like guys who put their pants legs on, one at a time!”

Denise smiles, and then shares a quiet laugh with her guest before the two sat down at the elegant spread of finger sandwiches, exotic fruits and veggies, and delicate pastries.

“Oh my!” Angelina said as she eyed the spread prepared just for her. “This is just way over the top, Denise!”

“Thank you!” modestly Denise replied, and the two women began with small talk about their children, careers and their childhood. Denise was the one asking the questions, and Angelina was doing most of the talking. She was being peppered with questions about these and other varied topics. Angelina did ask Denise, “if this was the site that the bitch from The View and her fought?”

“Yes, but upstairs in my bedroom; that’s where I finished her off!” Denise proudly boasts.

Occasionally each woman would look into the “play room” to see how the children were doing. The afternoon was progressing quite well, and according to plan for both women. Denise was hoping to make a “greater name for herself in the acting and social community,” and Angelina was hoping to achieve what she once had, but had since lost! After eating, munching and nibbling on the food, the two lovely actresses decided to join the children in the playroom. Denise instantly took to the floor with the children, still under the watchful gaze of the nanny.

Angelina took a seat in the leather sofa and watched Denise play, and lovingly nuzzle the children on the floor. Angelina saw Denise lithe body move about on the floor, and sometimes displaying those lovely legs, and nice round ass. She also saw Denise much-ballyhooed breasts. Angelina crossed her beautiful legs, and felt a little tension build up in her body. As she did this, she noticed the nanny peering at her through her deep, dark experience eyes, but not showing any emotion or knowledge of what Angelina was thinking.

Angelina joined Denise on the floor, and soon the two mothers were sitting Indian style on the floor, each taking and catching the other’s glances as they moved and talked about the young children around them. Denise would pick up hers, and swing them in the air, and soon Angelina was lovingly nuzzling hers and also Denise’s children. Denise felt at ease as the girl crush she had on Angelina grew, and grew. Eventually, Angelina rose up and asked where the bathroom was, and when she got back could she receive a tour of the home.

When Angelina returned, she asked Denise for the “grand tour” so Denise led her upstairs. But before they left, she asked the nanny, “If she’d be okay!”

The nanny said “sure” and looked at the four sleeping young ones around her.

Angelina said, “Will you be okay for maybe a hour or so? I have some things I’d like to ‘discuss’ with Denise.”

The nanny gave Angelina a gaze, and said, “Ms Richards will you be OK?”

“Sure why wouldn’t I? We’ll only be upstairs!” Denise replied.

She turned and led her new best friend up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Angelina followed her host, taking in the decorations, the colors and her host’s curves. Angelina wanted this, but knew that she didn’t want to scare her off either. She wanted it to be perfect. Surprising, but not a sneak attack. Satisfying, but not too dangerous an endeavor. She wanted to fight Denise in the same bed where Denise fought and beat the young blonde from ‘The View.’ Angelina wanted to be the victor, but she also wanted a spirited competition and a tough battle.

When Denise asked about “that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston mess”, Angelina explained, “That just sort of happened. I mean, Brad is a great lover, but he doesn’t excite me the way some of my past lovers - and experiences - have.”

Denise said, “Maybe its because you’re now a mom?”

Angelina snorted, “If that’s the case, I’m gonna be the toughest, bitchiest mom on the face of the earth!” Then as Denise showed her into the master bedroom, Angelina asked, “Is this was where you finished that ‘View’ bitch in your fight!”

Denise answered proudly, “Yes, it is! Right here,” Denise purred, sitting down on the bed and patting the middle of the mattress.

Angelina’s mental wheels were spinning, figuring how she would get this blonde bitch into a catfight. “I wanna fight you here and now, Denise!” The words came out of Angelina’s mouth, but it was as it someone else had said them.

“What?” Denise gasped.

Angelina took a deep breath, and repeated, “I want you, right here; right now…on this bed!”

Denise shaken by the statement didn’t know what to say or react. The two women were on opposite sides of the bed, the same bed Denise had destroyed an earlier intruder into the peace of her home. This was different, before her was a wildcat of unknown tactics and motives.

“Wh…why?” was all Denise could think to say.

“It’s the law of the jungle. You’ve set up a series of events in which I…(pause)…we need to settle who’s top cat!”

Denise was crushed. She was hoping to start a new life without Charlie, could become someone like her idol Angelina; a woman who read books, researched world affairs and scientific opinions; “a person who mattered”! Instead, Denise realized she was still viewed as a sex kitten and a vamp - and by the person who she wanted to emulatie! Denise was furious with her predicament, and ambivalent about attacking and fighting Angelina although Jolie had no such second thoughts! She wanted to end this charade soon enough.

“Well bitch! Are we gonna fight?” Angelina angrily asked.

Denise had tears in her eyes, but had enough sense to prepare for battle. She brought her arms up to defend herself as she and Angelina got onto the bed on their knees, then inched toward each other, each moving cautiously, respecting the other. First Angelina puffed out her chest, then Denise followed suit and soon the two vixens were in the middle of the bed with their arms entangled in each other’s hair…the fight was on! Angelina immediately went after Denise’s pink dress, pulling and tugging until the soft, delicate fabric ripped more with each tug and pull. Denise went after Angelina’s silky dress and as she pulled the hem up above the knee, she could feel her nails rake the alabaster white skin of Angelina’s thigh as she tore her dress.

Angelina screamed, “NOOOOOooo!”

Denise continued to tear at her dress and Angelina responded by gabbing a handful of Denise’s blonde hair, and pulling her face down into the bed.

Denise screamed, “AUUGGH!”

Her scream was muffled in the cotton sheets of the bed as Angelina had a tight grip of Denise’s hair from the back and forced her beautiful face into the sheets and mattress. With Angelina having Denise face down, she was able to control Denise’s kicking left leg as she bit her toes through her nylons while her knee penetrated the deep muscles of Denise’s strong but anguished back. With Denise panting and in pain, Angelina pulled her up by her spaghetti straps and clawed her magnificent breasts. Denise was flopping around like a rag doll; her arms flailing at her sides.

Finally, Denise was able to regain some control and she slammed a punch into Angelina’s belly, then clawed at the brunette’s full, beautiful breasts until Angelina broke the hold. In the close body fight between them, Angelina lowered her had and closed her mouth over Denise’s now exposed breasts, then chomped down hard on the fleshy, hard nipple.

Denise cried out, “AAAAhhhhhh!” at the top of her lungs.

Angelina had just let go of her tit when the nanny knocked loudly on the door. The two women separated, each looking at each other with deep hatred, their chests heaving. Angelina could smell blood!.

The nanny asked, “Is everything awright in there, Mizz Richards?”

Denise couldn’t answer at first, but she looked at Angelina and her torn and tattered dress, then said, “Yeah, everything is OK; just two girls working out a few things.”

The nanny responded “Y’all be careful now, Mizz Richards!”

The nanny turned around, and walked back downstairs; fully understanding what must be done when two cats have to settle things between them.

Angelina gave Denise an “eat shit and die look” but Denise moved first. She snatched a fistful of Angelina’s thick, black mane, yanked and flipped her onto her stomach, then jumped on Angelina’s back and rode her like a pony; pulling on her mane and digging her heels into Angelina’s thighs as Angelina bucked and bounced. Although Denise clamped her thighs tight on Angelina’s waist and pulled hair, Angelina was finally able to throw Denise off and the two combatants immediately went after each other’s breasts and clothing.

Denise’s dress was already in shreds, and Angelina - who had worn a seductive dress especially for the occasion - was happy to reveal her feminine assets to her “next victim” as they clawed each other’s mammaries. Angelina reached down between Denise’s legs and began to claw her love mound through the crotch of her pantyhose; raking the sensitive folds with the nails she always honed razor sharp especially for combat. Denise’s crotch was quickly shredded and torn apart to expose her treasure-trove to Angelina’s expert probing and clawing.

Denise desperately tried to protect herself even as she cried out in pain; unable to stop her attack. Denise decided to attack Angelina’s love mound with vigor and veracity and the two women clawed breasts and scratched each other’s pussy with renewed vigor. But Angelina was at a real disadvantage since she was only wearing a fragile thong and so, unable to defend her womanhood, she suffered for it! Angelina’s body became the victim of insufferable abuse and she was forced to remove her hands from Denise’s crotch in an effort to save her own as she realized she couldn’t take much more.

Sweat, and tears rolled down both women’s once perfect faces as Angelina mounted another attack, leaping on Denise and forcing her back down on the bed. Denise wasn’t able to continue her attack to Angelina’s womanhood in that position and the death grip of her claw was broken when Angelina lowered herself on Denise and began to grind her chest and thighs into Denise’s although both their pussies were still on fire from the previous assault.

Denise grabbed Angelina’s hair as Angelina lifted herself off Denise and tried to back away - aided by Denise’s kick into Angelina’s stomach that shot her hips back as she doubled over gasping…making it easy for Denise to wrap her legs around Angelina’s neck and lock her ankles in a scissors! Angelina clawed frantically at Denise’s thighs, her claws carving deep red welts into the blondes formerly flawless flesh. Angelina wriggled back up onto Denise as the two warriors both gathered in handfuls of the other’s wildly disheveled hair.

With their dresses now only memories of exquisite clothing, reduced to barely more than discarded fabric, Angelina rose up off of Denise and hammered her fists down on Denise’s breasts. Denise tried to use her legs to squeeze the fight out of Angelina and as they writhed and squirmed, their pussies rubbed and ground on each other which seemed to energize Angelina who began to hump the blonde rodeo style.

The friction on her abused pubic mound made Denise cry out in pain from the friction of the dry humping as it seemed that, once again, Angelina was trying to destroy Denise by clawing her sensitive love mound to force her to admit Angelina was the victor. Denise rolled over onto her stomach trying to protect her mauled crotch and when Angelina saw the nice, round robust ass of the blonde, she bit down with her teeth and clawed and chewed the succulent flesh.

Denise howled “OOOOwwww!” and rolled off the bed…THUMP! Then scrambled away from the battle site on her hands and knees. Angelina dove off the bed and crawled after Denise, grabbing her by the hair and pull her backward. Denise turned on her knees and tried to remove the brunette’s hands from her hair but Angelina let go of the blonde’s hair on her own and, instead of pulling and tugging her hair, she reached around and grabbed Denise’s lovely, tooth marked ass and lifted her up and rammed her back up against the bedroom wall. WHAM! WHAM! BANG! Angelina did it several times until Denise was swaying and gasping in her arms.

Pictures were being knocked off the wall, and the crashing, smashing and booming noises were heard downstairs where the nanny looked up at the ceiling, hoping her employer was okay. She kept knitting as she watched the four sleeping youngsters she was charged with while upstairs in the bedroom…

After slamming Denise against the wall several times, Angelina tackled her and laid her out of the bed where she pinned her down. Denise was sobbing and cussing as Angelina took a moment to catch her breath as she studied her prey. Denise was trying to stop the room from spinning while Angelina was tearing at the remnants of her clothing. Denise’s dress was shredded and soaked with sweat, her bra was ripped off and tossed aside. Angelina next removed what little was left of her own dress and her thong panties. Denise, instead of wasting her strength resisting, instead took the break time to recover from the beating and impacts against the wall so that by the time Angelina pulled her dress - or what remained of it - over her head, Denise was able to kick Angelina in the chin!

Angelina was knocked over backward, but she quickly recovered and the two naked, beautiful actresses resumed grappling on the bed. Angelina quickly pinned Denise down, rubbing her body against Denise’s. Their breasts would mash flat against the others; Denise’s legs wrapped around Angelina’s who was maintaining her dominant position, applying most of the pressure - and causing most of the pain.

In a desperate attempt to free herself, Denise grabbed and clawd Angelina’s bountiful breasts and then Angelina would answer by clawing Denise’s nipples and breasts. Angelina then lowered herself atop Denise and bucked and hammered her pelvis down on Denise’s and, with each grunt, Denise would let out a groan, losing precious air. Angelina would suck in a deep breath, then hammer her again with her pelvis. Each time, the two warriors lost some energy and stamina until Denise was nearly out of both.

Angelina, feeling that her energy levels were low, moved up the prone blonde’s body and pressed her lovely breasts on Denise’s face and began to smother her. Every twenty or thirty seconds, Angelina would lift up, smile and laugh at her, then cover her face with her breasts again. She did it several times, each time mocking or teasing Denise who desperately clamped and squeezed Angelina’s breasts - until the room began to spin and everything started getting dark.

Angelina whispered, “Give up bitch?”

Sadly, dejectedly, Denise let out a groan and sighed, Yesssssssss…”

Angelina lifted her breasts off Denise’s face, and looked at the once pristine face of the blonde host. But as she moved, Angelina maintained her intimate contact between her love mound and Denise’s. After a few gyrations, Denise could feel Angelina’s wetness and she too felt the stimulation and arousal of Angelina’s sex matching hers. In a final move, Angelina lowered her face and kissed Denise in a tribute to her victory over the blonde, then collapsed on top of her.

“How’s it feel to be beaten, bitch?” Angelina chuckled in Denise’s ear just before Denise passed out.

Denise woke up from her “Lights out nap” to find Angelina stretched out beside her on the bed, both were naked, and the scratches and bruises were visible from their catfight. Denise rolled away from Angelina who felt the bed shift as the blonde moved off the bed, but she did nothing to stop her. Denise went to the bathroom, splashed water on her face and examined her once exquisite face and body in the mirror. Denise frowned at what she saw in her reflection, then reached for her trusty, comforting, robe and padded downstairs in her bare feet to check on her children and the nanny.

“You OK Mizzz Richards? You look like hell!” the nanny asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Denise sighed. “I just got my ass kicked by that bitch is all!”

“Well you cain’t let no hussy come in here and kick yo ass in your own home; you got to kick her ass too!” the nanny reiterated to the young mother.

“I know, I know, but she’s too tough and too ruthless!” Denise said.

“Look Mizz Richards, you probably not fighting dirty enough. She came in to your home, and started all kinds of fuss with you in your own home! Just like that little blonde bitch you fought last week. You got to fight dirty too! I remember once, when some sleazy woman was trying to get MY man and we started fighting, but she was tough and left handed like you. Well it was a long fight and that left hand really messed me up. She probably doesn’t even know you’re left handed; use that advantage. The advantage to claim your home back.”

Denise thought of what the nanny said, and said, “You’re right! This IS my house and no slutty, whore bitch is gonna beat me in my own home.”

Denise returned to her bedroom after checking on the babies downstairs and the nanny. Angelina was up and moving around the room, still totally naked. After splashing her face with some cold water, Angelina still had the smell of sweat, sex and Denise on her body - but she relished the aromas. Denise walked in with her robe tightly wrapped around her, covering her body, wounds and shame. Angelina walked towards her and grabbed the robe and tore it open.

Angelina told Denise, “I’m not done with you yet, bitch!”

Denise resisted, but after talking to the Nanny, she was ready to fight Angelina some more. “Let’s go Angelina, I’m not scared of you!”

Angelina was taken aback by the wildcats stance and remark, but she was excited that the battle would continue; giving her another chance to satisfy her lustful desires. Angelina wanted to battle the blonde, not merely dominate her like some sort of rag doll. Denise attacked Angelina’s hardened nipples and breasts with full force, as she tugged, pulled and clawed at the healthy orbs.

Angelina screamed out “aaahhhhhhh!” bringing a smile to the Nanny listening to the battle downstairs.

Angelina grabbed the messed up tresses of her blonde host, and yanked them side to side, forcing Denise to cry out, “ooowwww!”

Angelina then let go of Denise’s hair with her right hand, and punched Denise right on the chin sending the blonde actress to stumbling backward. Denise caught her balance when she hit the dresser in her bedroom, and taking the nanny’s advice hit Angelina with a right handed punch to her gut, and another to her chest in rapid succession. Now it was Angelina who was stunned by the blows, and lost her balance and composure. Angelina was up against the wall when Denise was ready to land another blow; as Denise moved in Angelina was able to kick Denise in her pussy, and send her backwards. Angelina sensing the opportunity to turn the tables on her host tackled her on the bed.

The two beauties were now fighting on the bed on their sides. Each had a handful of hair as their other arm struggled for freedom with the arm of their foe. Their hips, thighs and legs were tangled like pretzels as they applied pressure and a leg hold on each other. Occasionally the two would exchange kicks and knees to each other’s wounded love mounds. They continued to struggle, and roll on the bed with each one having the dominant position for just a few moments, and usually the person on top took the brunt of the punishment on their breasts.

This continued for about 5 minutes, until Angelina got on top of Denise, and gave in to her erotic desires, and used her thighs to spread the legs of Denise and rodeo ride Denise’s pussy with her own. Angelina was feeling the power of domination, sexual arousal and victory as she continued to rub and grind her host’s love mound. Denise only feeling the wet, hair musculature of her foe with her pussy allowed her guest to expend her energy getting herself off again. Angelina was getting ready to cum, and was moving and shifting more and more, when Denise lurched forward and attacked the bouncing jugs of Angelina.

Angelina was on her back, yet still humping Denise hoping to reach another out of this world orgasm. Denise was focused on setting Angelina straight, and pulled the hair of Angelina out of her scalp. Angelina was screaming and crying out in pain and pleasure. Denise now had Angelina pinned on the bed, and continued to punch Angelina with her right hand, as her left hand kept Angelina’s head steady for a target. Angelina realizing that she was being pummeled started to bring her hands up to defend her breasts and face. Denise continued to punch and pummel the brunette’s body with punches; when just as the nanny predicted she defended herself against the blows of the right hand and ignored the powerful left handed punch that was being set up.

Denise took a deep breath, and just as Angelina reached up to tear and claw at Denise’s breasts and scalp; about to apply pressure to the valued assets of the blonde actress, Denise’s left hand nailed her below her right eye! Angelina was seeing “Hollywood stars” from the blow and Denise could feel Angelina’s muscles relax as her arms fell to her side, and her legs unwrapped around Denise’s waist. Denise looked down at her victim, her nipples hardened, and her arm, back, torso, leg and pelvic muscles contracted.

Denise lowered herself on Angelina’s beautiful, athletic, beautiful body and felt the sweat, and love juices on her own moist skin. The folds in Denise’s sex organ became aroused as the semi-conscious Angelina body warmth eased Denise’s aching muscles and loins. Denise then began to slowly grind her body into Angelina’s; Denise could feel the hardened nipples of both actresses rub and kneed each other’s, as Angelina began to rub Denise’s legs with her own. Denise was not sure if Angelina was conscious, or just aroused but she continued to grind and hump her guest until Angelina began to moan, and groan as she was beginning to climax beneath Denise’s body.

Denise too felt the power of a building orgasm and increased the pressure and tempo until she too came in a loud, victorious orgasm. The noise of pent-up sexual release and victory; was heard downstairs by the nanny who nodded and smiled in satisfaction herself as she continued to watch the awakening children who began to stir about.

Denise untangled herself from Angelina’s limbs, who was still recuperating from the orgasm and the fight she had been involved in and rolled away, but before getting off the bed leaned down and kissed her guest and said, “I just fought you, beat you and fucked you! How’s that feel, huh? How’s that feel, you bitch?”

Angelina turned her head away, allowing Denise to move away, heading once more for her bathroom to straighten herself and regain her composure. While she was gone, Angelina grabbed Denise’s favorite robe, covered herself with it and escaped with her children in tow.
A few days later while shopping with her children for toys, Denise ran into Cindy Crawford. They eyed each other as they shopped and when they met again in the check out line Cindy asked, “So, how are things?”

Denise responded, “Just fine! How about you?”

“OK. Hey, maybe we can all get together for a play date?” Cindy suggested.

Denise noticed Cindy scanning her body like an MRI and she said, “Sure, sound like a great idea.”

As they were leaving the toy store, Cindy said, “I’d love to see your house; I’ve heard it’s just fantastic!”

Denise smiled at the supermodel and responded, “Sure, call me!” Then she muttered, “Bitch!” under her breath before adding, “I’ll be ready for ya’!”

The next day, Denise answered the doorbell in the middle of the afternoon. Expecting to see Cindy, she was surprised when she opens the door and instead of Cindy found Jennifer Aniston standing there with her hands on her hips.

Denise looks surprised and asks Jennifer, “What are YOU doing here?”

Jennifer replied, “I heard about Angelina and I just came by to thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” Denise asks.

“You know. Beating that skank’s ass like you did.”

Denise stopped Jennifer who was ready to hug her, and said, “I wouldn’t say I beat Angelina’s ass; and if I did, it certainly wasn’t for you! You need to take care of your own business. Now,” Denise huffed. “Get out unless you want some of what I gave Angelina!”

Jennifer, a little miffed, turned toward the door and grumbled, “Maybe I’ll come back and take you up on that offer.”

Denise snarled, “Well, make an appointment first!” as she slammed the door and hit the actress in the ass!
Text Me Bitch! Denise Richards vs. Cindy Crawford

"Why won't the bitch text me back?" Cindy sharled angrily looked as she glared at her silent cell phone. She'd been trying to contact the blonde sex kitten for a conversation about a project she thought Denise may be interested least that was the story. Cindy knew Denise still recuperating from fights with Elizabeth Hasselbeck from 'The View' and Oscar-winner (and legendary catfighter) Angelina Jolie. Denise's muscles still ached, her breasts were still tender, but she was still full of confidence and pride. Cindy arranged for her husband to take the kids to Vegas so she could have an opportunity to "scrap" with Denise Richards but she'd told him she just needed some "me time" and he complied with the request. With the husband and the kids packed off, she desperately tried to contact Denise.

But Cindy wasn't the only one who needed to get away! Denise, wary of whatever the supermodel had in mind; contacted her agent and asked if the invite was legit. She confirmed Cindy had been "shopping" the idea around for a couple of years now. Denise finally submitted to her curiosity and text messaged the beautiful, tall supermodel mom, and finally called her back. Arrangements were being discussed, Cindy wanted to come to meet at Denise's home, but Denise explained that she was having her home repaired, or more accurately, remodeled. The workmen would be working in her bedroom for the next couple of weeks.

Cindy said, "That's OK, you come over to my place. Will you be bringing your children?"

"No," Denise said. "Charlie will be picking them up from my nanny later today."

"Great!" Cindy said. "Then we can talk without interruption!"

Cindy explained her own brood would be out of the house too, adding, "So get yourself over here. Hey, and bring a bathing suit! It's gorgeous outside!"

Denise quickly packed a two-piece bathing suit (and an extra outfit - just in case.) She kissed her children good-bye, gave instructions to the nanny hugged her, and was out the door. As she pulled away, she didn't notice the black sports car that pulled out from a hedge behind her. Denise drove to the palatial estate where Cindy Crawford lived. She punched in the code that Cindy gave her, and now parked and was walking towards the front door.

Before Denise could knock or ring the bell, Cindy was there to open the door. The two beautiful women exchanged glances, handshakes, and peeks on each other's cheeks as each scanned the body, and features of the other. Cindy led Denise to her a room, which overlooked a beautiful and tempting pool. Cindy asked Denise to sit down, and make herself comfortable. She brought out a couple of mixed veggie and fruit drinks with a tinge of alcohol in them to make them easier to swallow. The drink was refreshing, and soon the two women were engaged in small talk, and eventually the business premise that brought Denise over.

Cindy spoke about a TV plot where Denise would be a former model, who is an agent to young models, and all live in a large beach house in either California or South Beach. Denise liked what she heard, and prodded Cindy to continue. Cindy did so, and explained how she would mother the young models, and also try to keep her own career going as a model. The beach house was gained in a divorce settlement, and that the part of Denise would also have a couple of young children. The plot would include jokes and subplots about how Denise was getting "older" with a pause in conversation by Cindy said, "No offense!"

Denise replied, "None taken!"

Cindy added, "It's so vain that only 20-something young women can model selling clothes, cars, etc."

Denise nodded and said, "Interesting plot! It sounds pretty good so far."

Cindy said, "I have a few over-40 types of models and actresses who agreed to make guest appearances."

"Really?" Denise said. "Like who?"

"Oh Diane Lane, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Christy Brinkley and a few others."

Denise replies enthusiastically, "Well, I'm in!"

Cindy says, "I'm glad to hear that, but we still have a while before we can cross the T's and dot the I's yet."

After a long pause, Cindy said, "C'mon, lemme show you the pool."

Both women got up from their seats. Cindy was wearing a two-piece white bikini with a black T-shirt that read property of the Oakland Raiders, and no shoes. Cindy let Denise out who was wearing a baby blue two-piece bikini displaying her ample cleavage with a white blouse covering her up. She was also wearing tan sandals. While Denise followed Cindy out, she checked out her strong, long arms and muscular legs with thighs that showed the hours she'd dedicated to keeping her body in top form. Of course, Cindy also had a tight stomach and she kept her nice round ass tight as a drum. As they walked around the pool, they came upon a punching bag and a couple of boxing gloves hanging near-by. Denise asked whose they were, noting there were two pair of gloves.

"Oh they're mine. I love to box. I work out here in the mornings; it's a great cardio workout and relieves a lot of frustration. Have you ever boxed?"

Denise smirked, feeling relaxed and in no danger, "Not with gloves."

"Would you like to try them on?" Cindy asked. "Maybe hit the bag?"

"Sure," Denise said.

She began to punch the workout bag with some force after being tentative at first. Cindy laughed to herself and said, "I thought when I said bag that you'd go after ME!" The two laughed, and then Denise noticed Cindy putting on a pair of gloves too. "I like to hit the bag and sometimes I take on my husband, or one of his loud-mouth friends."

"You take on guys?" Denise asked incredulously.

"Oh yeah! Mostly they're afraid to hurt me, so I take advantage of them being too cautious." Cindy laughed.

"How about a little impromptu workout? Cindy said.

"OK!" Denise agreed, feeling confident.

Denise quickly crouches in a boxing stance and prepares to take on the tall brunette supermodel. Denise, getting ready to "knock the snot out of this supermodel," kicks off her sandals for better mobility. Cindy stops Denise by raising her hands up, and then pulls off her top, baring her breasts to her guest. Denise's jaw almost drops as Cindy says, "Don't tell me that you are afraid of THESE?"

"No!" Denise says, then awkwardly unsnaps her own top off and, with Cindy's help. Denise can feel Cindy's erect nipples injecting like a hypodermic needle into her shoulders as her bathing suit top is removed. "Alright! Let's do this!" Denise bravely says to her host. The two circle each other by the pool with their arms up in a defensive position. Denise remembers her nanny's advice to hold back on showing her left-handedness to her foe. The two circle around and it's Denise who lands the first blow; a right to Cindy taunt stomach that doubles the surprised supermodel over gasping.

Cindy cried out, "YOU BITCH!"

Denise was dancing around on her toes when Cindy came right back with three of blows to Denise's torso. Cindy wrapped her left hand around Denise's neck and then landed the blows in quick succession to Denise's own abs. Denise was up against the wall and breathless from the blows and needed a few moments to gain her composure. Cindy smiling made a bell sound as if to end the round or possible the match.

Denise being a spirited competitor wasn't about to throw in towel. Denise put her gloves up signaling that the fight was far from over. Denise nails Cindy with a punch to her mid section, and then followed it up with another right to Cindy's face. Cindy is staggered backwards, but comes back after Denise with a right cross, and then a left to the blonde actresses face. Denise is once again staggering back, but recovers enough to land a blow to Cindy's stomach, and then a left cross to the models face. The fight had taken on a competitive edge, and neither woman were now play fighting. Cindy retaliates with a right cross which knocks Denise down.

Slowly she gets up and mutters, "Lucky punch!"

Denise nails Cindy with a right cross which staggers the older, and taller woman backwards who loses her balance and tumbles to the pool deck. Cindy gets up and ties Denise up, as each woman tries to punch the other with limited range and power. The women's sweaty tummies, breast and arms slide and glide across their foes skin. Cindy breaks off the embrace as she nails Denise in the kidneys, and then comes back with a right across Denise's face. Cindy sees blood trickling down the side of Denise's left corner of her mouth.

"Hey!" Cindy says. "You're bleeding!"

"Well, so are you!" Denise replies, pointing to her nose right above the famous mole.

Neither woman is ready to give up as they slowly approach each other with their gloves up. Cindy throws a punch which Denise dances away from, and Denise returns with a punch towards Cindy's beautiful face, but glances off of her shoulder. Denise arms feel like 50-pound weights, and both women are struggling to maintain her defensive stance. The two women are showing the signs of fatigue, and come together in a clinch. Denise is surprised when Cindy starts rubbing her chest up against Denise's. Denise asks between their panting, and desperate attempts to suck in air,

"You have got to be kidding me. What are you trying to prove?" Cindy asks as she continues to rub and roll her breasts and nipples into Denise's. "Your tits ain't that tough!"

The two women are now boxing with their tits. They have their gloved hands on each other's waist as they force their mammary glands into each other's. Finally, the panting becomes more pronounced and deeper, and the two women lock up feeling their sweaty breasts, nipples and stomachs roll and sway into each other's. Cindy's breasts are attacking the shorter Denise's breasts in a circular motion; Cindy brings her breasts in between Denise's larger, firm pair, then suddenly backs off, and nails Denise in her chest with a rapid left-right combination punch attack.

Denise's knees buckle as she falls against the wall. Cindy moves in to finish the blonde off, but Denise is laying for her and is ready to nail her with a left hook to the face, but Cindy blocks it and nails Denise with another punch to her pained face. Denise's back is against the wall slowly sliding down onto her lovely ass.

"I knew you were left-handed! I did my research."

Denise shrugs it off, as Cindy who has removed her boxing gloves offers her a hand to get up off the pool deck.

"Let's take a dip, you'll feel better!" Cindy says. Denise shocked that the supermodel took her out, just nods and watches the beautiful, tall supermodel go to an outdoor shower and rinse the sweaty sheen off of her tall, tanned body. Denise notices the strong, long legs and perky breasts the supermodel possesses as Cindy slowly turns as if posing on a runway, then takes two quick strides and dives into the pool.

"Come on! You'll feel better! Cindy barks at Denise who has yet to move. Cindy splashes the blonde actress to encourage her to join her in the pool. Denise finally relents to the taunts; she showers except longer than Cindy, as she notices Cindy watching her as if she were charting every curve in the blonde's body. Denise jumps in the pool and swims to the opposite side of the pool.

Cindy says, "How's that feel?"

Denise lets out a sensual, "Oooohhhh myyyyy…."

Cindy leaves the pool, and comes back with a couple of drinks and brings them into the pool. Cindy inserts the cups into a large floating mattress in the pool, and hangs off one side of the mattress waiting for her guest to join her. The two are now propped up on the floating mattress with their faces relaxing on their tired arms.

"You OK?" Cindy asks.

Denise replies, "Yeah, I'm okay just a little tired."

Cindy says, "I told you it was a good workout! Now, let's talk about the pilot. You're my first choice, but other interests would like to have Heather Locklear for the agent/model role."

Denise asks, "Did she have to box you too?"

"Don't be silly. She is more of a cat fighter! Hey, maybe we should let you two settle it?" Cindy teased but awaiting an answer from the blonde actress.

"I'm sure your partners would like that, huh!" Denise muttered, thinking 'She's on my short list anyway for breaking up my marriage!'

"Well, we'll see what happens," Cindy replied as she began to flutter kick, propelling the mattress towards the shallow end of the pool, taking Denise along for the ride; drifting off to a wet, watery dream state as she gazed into her hostess eyes.

Cindy rose up and dropped her naked, perky breasts on the mattress as she kicked, and Denise could see the humps in her lovely, round ass break the water as they slowly traveled about in the pool. Cindy was staring into Denise's eyes, and a bond of attraction was made between the two.

Cindy finally broke the silence, "You know I was outside your home when you fought Angelina?"

"Really!" Denise said. "Why?"

"I'd been tailing her since she got back in LA, hoping she and I could hook up and have a little 'workout'," Cindy smirked.

"A workout? What do you mean? Denise asked.

"You know, a little fight between the two of us. I've been working on my boxing skills, and I really wanted to see how I would do against her, sort of what you two ended up doing," Cindy explained.

"What we ended up doing was beating the crap out of each other. I wish you'd come in to help me out!" Denise answered.

Cindy chuckled, "What makes you think that I'd be helping YOU?"

Denise paused, and then realized that she was now up against the wall of the pool floating on the mattress. She used her legs to push off from the pool wall and, in doing so, she brought her face very close to Cindy's surprised face. The two exchanged glances, and Denise said, "Well, maybe I can give you a workout…I mean, without gloves."

Cindy smiles, "I'd like that very much. Let's go inside, so the neighbors won't hear you screaming."

"Like that's going to happen," Denise replied.

The two women exit the pool, and wrap the large pool towels around their chest. Denise grabs her bag and enters Cindy's home.

Cindy turned to face Denise who said, "Just lead the way to where you wanna do this, OK?"

Grinning, Cindy takes Denise's hand and they leave the pool area with their soft pool towels around their torsos covering their chests and upper thighs. Cindy leads Denise inside to the bedroom, and as she searched around and the right moment to begin another battle, Denise pointed to a large double door and asked, "What do these doors lead to?"

Cindy opened them and showed her a large walk in closet in her bedroom. As Denise looked around, Cindy came in behind her and pinned her chest against the dresser in the walk-in closet. Cindy grabbed Denise by the hair, and forcibly pulled her head back as she roughly kissed the blonde and fondled her breasts. Denise grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair, and began to aggressively kiss her back. The two let go of each other's hair, and wrapped their arms around each other's back forcing their tits into each other's with only the damp pool towels between them.

As the pool towels loosened and fall to the carpeted floor of the walk in closet, Denise maneuvered her body so that she now had Cindy pinned up against the dresser. The two stopped kissing and started to rub each other's well-manicured and luscious love mounds against each other's. Cindy being taller spread her legs to keep the contact constant between the two. The two bumped and grinded against each other, as the dresser knobs dug into Cindy nice round ass. Denise kissed Cindy passionately, as she brought her leg up and hooked it on one of the drawers in the dresser. Each woman would jerk, and tear at her rival's hair as the fight was on. Cindy wrestled Denise against the dresser, and would mash her pelvis into Denise's. Denise would meet the impact as both women were struggling in a tight embrace. They would scratch each other's back, thighs and butts making sure to dig their sharp talons into the tight flesh. Cindy backed off and slapped the tits of Denise in a sweeping motion; as Denise backed up against the dresser punched Cindy in her stomach. The two women clinched up with their hands in each other's hair and pulled and tugged. Cindy released Denise's hair with her right hand, and landed a punch into Denise's pussy; once again doubling over the blonde actress.

Cindy began to rub and finger Denise's love mound. She also rubbed her firm breasts into Denise's. Denise went after Cindy unprotected crotch with her own digits of manipulation. Denise was making squeaky, chirpy noises, as she was becoming aroused and manipulated by the supermodel, Cindy was moaning and groaning deeply from the stimulation. Cindy grabbed Denise by the hair, and forced her down on the floor of the large closet, and now the two were on their knees. They held each other around their slim, firm waists. Cindy began to leverage her weight against Denise, and forced her onto the carpeted floor. Cindy began to mash her pussy and tits into Denise's matched assets, as Denise grabbed hold of Cindy's ass to maintain the erotic contest.

The hostess forced her one leg between Denise's to rub their pussies together. Denise could feel the wetness building up between Cindy's legs, and also between her own. Cindy then pirouetted over Denise, and placed her ass over Denise's face and lowered it to her be satisfied. Denise resisted at first, and then Cindy began to insert her fingers into Denise hungry pussy. Denise resisted at first, and then Cindy muffled her yelps and pleas when she lowered her ass on the actress. Denise relented and began to finger the supermodel mother, and eventually probe and lick her host with her tongue.

Each flick of the tongue, probe of her fingers brought out elicited moans from Cindy who continued to massage the folds of Denise's love mound, then lowered and helped herself to Denise's hungry pussy. The two found themselves in the walk in closet in a sixty-nine position, satisfying the sexual desire of the other. Denise couldn't believe that she was on the floor of Cindy's walk in closet eating her out, and shocked that Cindy was taking in her own pussy so vigorously. The fighting had ceased, while the love making was nearing its climax, as both women screamed in moans and groans, until finally Denise screamed out a high-pitched "Ooouuuuuu!" as she came. Soon after that, Cindy was moaning, "Nnnnooooooo!" as she also climaxed!

Cindy relaxed on top of Denise's sweaty, slick body and began to massage Denise's feet, ankles and toes. Denise rubbed, and patted the fantastic ass and thigh of her host. Soon the two sexual vixens moved apart only to be pulled together like attracting magnets and go clit to clit. Aaaahhhh and ooohhhhh filled the tight narrow site these two women chose to fight and fuck. This continued with Denise beginning to take the upper hand in their battle. Cindy fought the desire to cum, but was becoming closer and closer to defeat. Denise was bidding her time, and made her move to flip Cindy over. She then moved on top of Cindy mashing her tits into Cindy's, and banging her pelvis into the supermodel's. Denise maintained this position only shortly, as she wanted Cindy, where Cindy had her only a few minutes ago. Denise moved up Cindy's body, and lowered her own wet, juicy pussy on top of the supermodel's face.

Denise grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair with her left hand and stuffed the supermodel's face into her pussy and demanded, "Eat me bitch, eat me!"

Cindy, being helpless, was forced to comply with her "request" and ate her guest's pussy with zest and gusto. Denise began to rock and roll on Cindy's face. Denise saw panic in Cindy's eyes, and let the model breathe, and then lowered her wanting pussy on Cindy's face once again. She made sure as to not suffocate her, but to prolong the oral stimulation Cindy was supplying her. After satisfying herself on top of Cindy, Denise lowered herself on top of Cindy's full body and the two now began to hump and grind into each other.

Denise was bouncing on Cindy firm body, and crashed her chest into Cindy's. A plopping noise was made with each impact. The impacts took the breath out of Cindy's lungs, and the fight in her spirit. Cindy made an attempt to catch Denise's left breast and nipple in her mouth, but failed and instead Denise raised her body over Cindy's and gyrated her hips and pussy into the supermodel's. She also rubbed her nipples over Cindy's as the two pairs of nipples tweaked and teased the others.

"Your pussy is no match for mine bitch!" Cindy groaned.

Denise whispered, "Fuck you slut! AAARRRGGGHH!"

Cindy gasped as another twist and turn of Denise's hips pained and pleasured her in turn. She sputtered between the moans, "I give, I give you win, you win bitch!"

A smile snaked across the beautiful face of Denise as she began to relax and the sensation of supreme stimulation, and a hard fought victory over a beautiful opponent. Cindy just looked up towards the ceiling in her closet, and then closed her eyes. Cindy felt her aching breasts, and wiped the cum and sweat from her face. Denise slowly moved off of Cindy's motionless body, and then offered Cindy a hand to get up. Cindy took the hand, and as she got up hugged her victor guest. The mashing of breasts pained both, but the sensation of touch still titillated both women. Cindy then took the lead, and led Denise to her bed. Cindy guided Denise to lie beside her and she did. Denise then reached out with her left hand for Cindy's right hand, as the two women held each other's former weapon care and delight that the battle was over, for now!

As Denise lay on the bed next to her host, her cell phone rang and she reached into her bag to check the message. It was a text message from the nanny, "All work is done! Everything is perfect!"

Denise thought to herself, "Yes it is! Yes indeed it is!"