Robin Givens vs. Holly Robinson Peete by Bob 2/15/01

When Robin Givens went to her college reunion she was surprised as she walked into the room. There was Holly Robinson Peete in the center of the room surrounded by a bunch of their classmates. They never liked each other and Robin immediately remembered "the fight." Much to her surprise, Holly had quickly and easily put her on the ground and Robin was helpless.

After a few minutes, Robin finally managed to get to her feet only to have Holly end the fight when she landed a punch on Robin's chin. She relived the fight on those several occasions when she read about it in the interviews that Holly did and also when Holly bragged about their fight on the Arsenio Show. Holly boasted how she'd given Robin a beating and that the fight ended after, "I hung one on her chin."

Robin had wanted revenge for a while, however, she didn't think that it would be appropriate to go looking for Holly or to issue a challenge. Besides, she'd been given a beating once and wasn't sure that the same may not happen again. But, after listening to Holly bragging about how she'd beaten her, Robin wanted revenge. She walked up to Holly and sized her up. Holly looked at Robin and immediately knew what Robin wanted.

"Do you want to do it in here in front of everyone, or go outside so no one will see you go down again?" Holly smirked.

"Let's go outside Holly. Everyone will find out what happened when we leave together and only one of us returns. I've waited a long time for this."

They left and went to a nearby field. As they started to circle with their hands raised Holly struck first, throwing a right to Robin's chin. Just like the last time, Robin went down in a heap. However, this time she was determined to get up. She struggled to her feet and waited for Holly to attack. As Holly came in, Robin landed a punch on Holly's chin. Holly quickly hit her on the chin again and Robin started kicking at Holly's legs. Holly was taken by surprise, but she kept her poise and threw another punch, hitting Robin on the chin.

Robin staggered backward and as Holly went came her, Robin landed a left and right to Holly's face. Holly started to back up and Robin went after her. She grabbed Holly's hands and the two of them started to wrestle. Robin fought savagely so that Holly couldn't take her down. Holly was very strong and Robin thought that Holly was about to get her down a few times. Each time, however, Robin fought back as hard as she could and every time she managed to regain her balance.

Holly could feel herself tiring and was determined to get Robin down before Robin got her down. Holly also sensed Robin was gaining confidence the longer that she was able to hang on. Holly finally got her leg behind Robin's and pushed with all of her might. The two starlets tumbled to the ground. As they hit the ground, they started to roll around. Robin was kicking furiously as both battled to get on top of the other. Finally Robin got Holly on her back and pinned her arms to the ground. Holly fought as hard as she could to throw Robin off but Robin held her down.

Finally Holly stopped trying to throw Robin off. Sensing that Holly was tired and had no more fight in her, Robin decided to go on the aggressive. She moved up so that her weight was on Holly's chest and she wouldn't be able to use her arms. Robin grabbed Holly's hair and pulled with all of her might. Holly started to scream, so Robin gave her a hard slap. Holly could feel the blood flow from her lip and it made her angry. She was determined to throw Robin off, but how now that Robin had moved up on her so she had leverage.

Robin slapped Holly two more times and Holly was in pain. Suddenly, she kneed Robin in the back and bucked with all of her might. Robin went flying off and Holly was free! She quickly went for Robin, grabbed her around the waist and wrestled her to the ground. Now, Holly was the one on top. Holly went to grab Robin's wrists, but Robin managed to catch her by the arms and roll her off. Robin climbed back on top, intending to end the fight as quickly as she could. She delivered two more slaps to Holly's face.

Holly was now sobbing and Robin knew the fight was over. Robin got off of Holly and taunted her, telling her to get up. Holly stayed down for about a minute, but finally she got to her feet. As Holly got up, Robin swung her fist and hit her on the chin - Holly went down and, this time, Robin knew that Holly wasn't going to get up.

However, Robin still had to make up for the years of humiliation she'd suffered because of "the fight." She thought about what she could do and then it came to her. She grabbed Holly's ankles and started dragging her to a lake nearby. Robin reached the shore and dropped Holly's ankles and grabbed her by the hair. She lifted Holly up and threw her in the lake. The shock of the icy water jolted Holly awake and she came up splashing and sputtering.

Robin screamed, "Come and get me!"

Holly refused Robin's order to come to her so Robin waded in, grabbed Holly's arm and put her in an arm lock. Knowing the fight was over, she dragged Holly back to the reunion where all of the people were dancing and having a good time. Holly was in too much pain to resist. As Robin reached the ballroom, she pulled Holly to the middle of the ballroom and dropped her for everyone to see. At last, Robin had gained her revenge!