Playtime Turns Ugly: Stephanie Glasson vs. Karen McDougal by TNT

"How's this?"


"How about this? Ummmmwuhhh!"


The tall beautiful busty blonde teased the camera as she puckered her full pouty lips and flaunted her gorgeous body as the hungry cameras snapped off pic and pic clicking like a lusty machine gun.

"They just can't get enough of me," Stephanie Glasson purred as she tugged at the thin straps of her tight low-cut black gown down slowly, exposing more of her huge, luscious breasts as she leaned against the baby grand piano, twisted and put her back into it, caressing her spine softly against the smooth hard wood, positioning her tantalizing body in a most erotic sensual position. She thrust out her leg and the camera's flashed again, capturing her long, perfectly formed, killer leg; the sculpted thigh and calf so nicely displayed through the waist-high slit in the slinky silk evening gown.

Another delightful pucker of her kissable lips as Stephanie smiled, thinking; "Wow, I'm new and I'm hot-the hottest ever!"

"Hmmmmpfffh! Stupid blonde bitch! I oughta prance over there and take her down a peg," a drop-dead gorgeous, perfectly proportioned, sexy brunette bombshell muttered as she flexed a pair of long, perfectly sculpted arms. She couldn't stand the arrogant blonde! Her fingers tugged at her own thin shoulder straps holding her lovely tight white dress in place. She sucked in a deep breath and those near-by sucked in their own breath, feeling a bit light-headed as they observed the outstanding beauty's flawless face, silky thick dark hair and full breasts. They noted the lovely-but-mischievous smile forming on her full, pouting lips and watched intently as the brunette picked up her drink, then walked slowly and deliberately over to the blonde who was strutting her lusciousness for the eager, entranced photographers.

"Hey blondie!"

"Oh crap! This is no good; there's gonna be trouble and this shoot is gonna be ruined, absolutely ruined," one exasperated photographer shouted as he lowered his camera and tried to wave the angry brunette away.

"What the hell are you doin', you crazy jackass," another photographer snapped as he grabbed his friends shirt collar and jerked him aside.

"Do you know what folks would pay for a real catfight between two playmates? Any Playmates? And these two babes would bring a fortune, plus a lot of pleasure, at least for me," the guy continued.

"Get outta my face, Karen, now!" Stephanie snarled as soon as she realized who was approaching her.

"Shut up blondie! You're new to this scene; I should excuse you, but tonight I just don't feel like it!" Karen McDougal snipped as she easily blocked the busty blondes rather rude greeting. Stephanie winced as her arm felt instant pain and her shoulder seemed ready to leave her socket. She couldn't believe the power in the brunettes' quick block.

CRAAACK! The blonde's head snapped back as a tight fist slammed into her chin. An ordinary woman would have bid the lights goodbye, but this blonde was no ordinary woman. To Karen's surprise she shook her head, blinked her beautiful eyes and returned the favor delivering a blow that staggered the brunette back two steps.

"Catfight!" somebody yelled as the photographer's took only a split-second to turn their cameras toward the unfolding action that was sure to please, sure to tease.

"This is my shoot bitch! You're gonna wish you never stuck your pretty little nose in my business cunt," Stephanie snarled as she buried her fingers in Karen's lustrous dark hair jerked her forward, twisted her head to the side and fired her knee up hard into her jaw.

"Uhhhhhh," Karen grunted as she saw a hundred bright flashing lights and felt dizzy. Her scalp exploded in fire as the angry blonde jerked her fully upright, cocked her arm back, formed a fist and took aim.


RIPPPPPPP! Stephanie's right breast flooded with pain as a lightning fast hand shot upward, found its target, the long sharp talons sunk deep into the huge firm globe. Another set of fingers caught the edge of fine silky cloth and ripped down hard and fast.

"And we have some REAL action," one photographer shouted.

"What an unveiling!" another chirped as one side of Stephanie's gown gave way and a thin sheer greatly overstuffed see-through bra cup caught the lens of every camera and every eager male eyeball.

"How dare you, bitch!" Stephanie groaned.

"I do dare lady," Karen snapped as her fingers grabbed the other side of the gown and repeated the action. A collective audible gasp filled the room as the blondes lovely gown now hung at her waist. "What? Don't tell me you’re suddenly modest now, slut," Karen laughed as Stephanie dropped her hands immediately to grab for her falling gown. Feeling a bit relieved that the blonde didn't cut loose with another punch, the brunette took a quick glance over at the photographers.

"Get ready with those cameras guys, you're in for a real trea...ARGGGGGHH!" Karen grunted as her midsection erupted into extreme agony. Her feet flew out from under her as the room seemed to shift position.

"My boyfriends' ex- says I hit like a linebacker; whadda YOU think huh?" Stephanie said as she watched Karen land hard on the floor like a gorgeous sack of potatoes.

The brunette's long legs flew up and out most erotically as she hit the floor, then as she sat up sucking air, she looked up to see a smartass smirk on Stephanie's face.

"Score one for me, right guys?" Stephanie laughed as she smiled at the photographers, stuck out her tongue and curled it erotically around her lips as she cradled her full breasts in both hands; her thick stiff nipples poking against the sheer see-through material as if they wanted to break right through, bursting with feminine pride.

"Like the stupid bitch said boys, get ready for a show!"

"Got your cameras ready and aimed guys? Get ready to shoot Miss Pretty Karen getting her smart ass KICKED!" Stephanie chirped as she winked at the cameras, ran to the fallen brunette, buried her fingers deep in Karen's thick dark hair and twisted as she yanked Karen to her feet. "My gown's ruined and now I'm gonna ruin yours, bitch!" she snarled as she fired a punch to Karen's jaw that staggered the dazed brunette. Karen's scream announced the downward descent of her torn gown at the urging of Stephanie's lightning quick pulling fingers.

"Ooooooooh!" "Lookit THOSE!!!" "Kowabonga!" were just a few of the exclamations of happy feelin's uttered by the photographers as Karen's full beautiful bouncing breasts sprang free of the constraining bodice of her dress.

"Shoulda worn a bra tonight," Stephanie smirked as she pancaked a luscious breast with her well-placed fist. Stephanie dug her freshly manicured talons into the other and twisted her wrist, making Karen wail like a banshee as her numbed brain struggled to figure out some kind of effective defense and plan her own vengeance. "Gonna wish you'd never stuck that pretty face in my business; right Ms. Karen McDoofus?" Stephanie hissed as she pinched Karen's erect nipple as hard as she could.


"Argggghh...." Stephanie's agonized groan echoed Karen's own scream and signaled the brunette's steely determination, as she sunk her fist deep into the blondes' belly. Another moan passed the blondes' sensuous perfectly pouted lips as Karen smashed her heel down into the top of her rivals' foot.

"Ohhhhh, so sorry for this, my dear; its no way to welcome you into the business, huh?" Karen snickered as she grabbed a handful of blonde hair, jerked the pretty head to the side wrenching Stephanie’s neck and snapped a punch to her jaw.

"And your precious little picture session; I really must apologize for the change of venue; black eyes are so unbecoming for big-boobed blonde bimbos!" Karen snipped as she smacked Stephanie in the left eye. The blondes' hands shot to her face rendering several choice targets open.

Thunk! "Uhhhhhhh," Stephanie gasped as a wicked punch introduced her belly button to her spine.

"Get a shot of these, guys!" Karen giggled as she reached up, grabbed the center of Stephanie’s' bra and yanked down, spilling two huge beautiful breasts out as the bra stretched until it yielded up its lovely cargo, then snapped back painfully up into the tender undersides of the escaped twins. "Nice, real nice," Karen cackled as she captured her rivals' thick stiffening nipples and pinched them viciously.

Thud! Stephanie grunted as her forehead went numb, her vision blurred. The brunette scored more painful points with a beautifully executed headbutt, then stepped back to give a quick wink to the excited photographers and a snarling threat to her gorgeous half-naked, dazed opponent.

"My dear, dear, Stephanie, take it from me girl; your first big shoot should be very, very special; you should use all your assets and talents," Karen taunted with sensual sarcasm as she stared at the beautiful incredibly well built busty blonde bombshell. "C’mere, don't be shy," the brunette rasped as she lunged, buried her fingers deep into the lustrous blonde hair, jerked Stephanie forward and quite rudely, painfully introduced her knee to the whimpering blondes' groin. The erotic sound of the catfight "pubic bone crunch" filled the air as did Stephanie’s' loud shriek of uniquely feminine agony.

SLAP! "Uhhhhhhh." SLAP! "Oooooooh." SLAP! "Unggggghh." Three lightning fast slaps treated the blonde to a quick change of pace before Karen's wicked bitchhslap sent her reeling and crashing into the piano. Stephanie gasped as her luscious body met the incredibly hard shiny wood.

"No dear, the name of the game isn't bumper cars, but fine music, silly," Karen said with extra sultry sizzle as she ran over to the blonde grabbed her by the hair, jerked her around and from side to side perfecting her dizziness, then slammed her down onto the bench in perfect pianist position. Stephanie squealed as her tailbone slammed into the hard wood, her huge breasts bouncing and jiggling.

"Now this is gonna be some recital," one photographer chirped as he mentally prepared for a fine musical performance.

"You do know how to play, don't you sugar?" Karen asked with mock dripping sweetness as she slipped behind Stephanie, unsnapped her bra, reached around, grabbed the front and jerked the dainty clean off. With a schoolgirl like giggle she tossed it towards the photographers.

Wham! The brunettes' fist slammed into the back of the blondes' neck, just below her head. Stephanie lurched forward and down, her large firm breasts slamming into the keys giving the ivories' a tickling they had never experienced before. The clanging clashing first note of the concert had begun.

"Ouchhhh. Aieeeeee. Noooooo-stop it!" the busty blonde beauty bawled as her strong, angry rival taught her a brand new way to play the piano. It wasn't exactly perfect music, but the blondes' boobs did make their own concerto like contribution as her brunette instructor slammed her luscious chest into the keyboard again and again courtesy one handful of hair and a fist pressed against her upper backs' tender spine.

"You definitely should practice a bit more lady," Karen snickered as she pushed Stephanie down again and again. "Your boobs are a bit off key," she teased. Stephanie’s' pleas, shrieks and protests went unheeded for several minutes as she performed the reluctant musical numbers with her lovely but now sore breasts and incredibly tender, sensitive rock hard nipples. "Wanna take a rest?" Karen finally whispered into her beautiful rival's ear.

"P-Pu-Puleaseee," Stephanie stuttered then finally blurted out her plea for a much needed break.

"Then stand up lady, and take a bow," Karen snapped as she once again buried her fingers in the now tousled, rumpled blonde hair and jerked the busty playmate to her feet. As Stephanie shot up to her feet she almost knocked the piano bench over. "Clumsy bimbo!" Karen said as she caught the tipping bench with her beautiful perfectly muscled leg. A loud admiring exclamation was echoed by the lustful photographers. "Tcccch-tchhhh." Stephanie’s' jealousy of any other woman’s beauty ran deep and was to her downfall, quite instinctive. Karen's blood boiled instantly.

"You stuck up arrogant tramp; I'm gonna teach you to share the stage, okay slut?" Karen rasped as she fired a punch to the blondes' kidney, wrapped her arm around her lovely throat, hooked her leg around her leg and took her down to the bench. Whump! Stephanie’s' entire backside throbbed painfully as the hard bench seemed to leap upwards and slam into her. She grunted once, twice. The first, because of the bench; the second because of the lovely, incredibly heavy gorgeous "sack of potatoes" that dropped onto her stomach.

"Think you're such hot stuff don’tcha blondie?"

"Guess I'll just have ta check out everything ya got?" Karen snarled lustfully, angrily.

"Nooooo. Ouch. Get offa me, please," Stephanie pleaded as Karen bounced up and down on her stomach.

Stephanie's long legs kicked wildly, her arms flailed frantically as Karen bounced up and down hard on her. The photographers' went berserk as the brunette stripped her rival down to a skimpy red thong. Karen laughed as the busty blonde winced with each hard slap to her gorgeous face and full breasts. The brunette had never had a rival in such an erotic and vulnerable position before. The piano bench gave her complete control and was a most erotic and disabling tool. The blondes' head and neck dangled over one end as her legs' did the other. It was quite similar to putting an opponent in the backbreaker position, only the bench gave the victor much more stability.

"Noooooo, my boobs, let gooooo, oucchhhh!" Stephanie bawled as Karen reached up and cupped her full breasts, dug her fingers in deep and began to squeeze them painfully. She raked her nails across the tender areola and rock hard thick nubs. Suddenly she released a breast and reached backwards.

"Oh gawwwwd no. Aieeeeeee…" the blonde gasped, pleaded, then shrieked in agony as Karen ran her open palm down through her pubic hair and slowly, painfully captured the intended target.

"Stop!. Don't!. Please….somebody help me!" the blonde shrieked as Karen's beautiful face morphed into an ‘I gotcha, you arrogant blonde bitch, you're mine, completely mine!" grin.

Stephanie’s' pained pleas slowly turned into moans of protest, then groans and moans of embarrassed pleasure. Slowly but surely her groans got faster and faster and became overwhelming moans of ecstasy.

"Now that's a great photo shoot," one photographer chuckled.

"And a mighty fine concerto," another laughed.

"How about an encore?"

"No Karen, please, no pleaseeeeee...Ummpppppffff...."