Intense - Liz Glazowski vs. Kym Malin by kit

Saturday morning Kym and the man she took home Friday night made love for the third time. Their love had been hot and heavy, as Kym was far more well-versed than any nineteen-year-old should be.

After he left, Kym spent a few minutes tidying up her apartment before she relaxed in long, sudsy bath. Toweling off her lithe, lovely body, the blonde dressed and made the drive to her parent's house for Saturday lunch and weekly visit. After eating and visiting, Kym took a nice nap before arriving back at her apartment around 5 p.m.

"Hhhmm, someone's called me three times," she said aloud, checking her answering machine but finding no message. She touched her finger to her chin and wondered if it was a guy or gal. It had to be one or the other. It couldn't be a friend, because a friend would have her cell number. She wished she knew.

Undressing for the night, Kym thought about calling Domino's for a pizza and salad.

Rrrrrring...rrrrring...rrrrring! The phone! She hurried into the living room, wondering if it was someone who'd tried to call her before.

"Hello," she said, picking up the phone.

"Kym?" said a female voice.

"Yes, who's this?" she asked, her little blond brain racing.

"Liz...Liz Glazowski."

Kym hated Liz, they were bitter pompom rivals for the local arena football team; Liz in her second year and Kym a rookie.

"Well, well, what the do you want?" asked Kym, already with a good idea though.

"I heard you were with Dan last night, and uh, I think you know he belongs to me, and uh, I guess what I want to know is, are you lookin' for a confrontation or are you just naturally stupid?"

Actually Dan and Liz had only gone out a few times recently, and he certainly didn't consider himself belonging to anyone.

"Oooh, I seeeee. So you're the one that been callin' today," said Kym. "But I don't think Dan knows he belongs to you, so you just might be the stupid one."

"Well, let's not compare IQ’s, blondie..."

Kym interrupted, "No let's don't, because last night Dan compared us in what's really important."

The brunette now fumed, "Oh, I'm sure he did."

"Uh-huh, and guess who won," teased the blonde, fueling the fire.

"Well slut, maybe you'd like to meet and compare a few things face-to-face," challenged the twenty-two year-old.

"Oh yeah, bitch," accepted the blonde. "I was hopin' it would come to this."

"How 'bout now? Our locker room at the stadium?" suggested Liz.

"I'll be there, and I'll give you all you want, bitch."

"Well I'll be there, so don't take your time. Oh, and bitch; you're definitely in for the fight of your life."

With the team out of town that weekend for a game, the arena, and especially the girl's locker room would be vacant and private, and the perfect place for two pompom girls to meet and settle their differences.

As co-captain of the pom squad, Liz had all the keys to get them inside, thus she had to wait on Kym's arrival.

"About time, bitch," said Liz as Kym pulled up alongside her and got out. "I'm surprised you had the nerve to show up."

"Bitch, I wouldn't miss this for the world," snapped the blonde.

"It took you long enough," said Liz, unlocking the arena door.

Consumed with their thoughts, neither blonde or brunette spoke as they walked shoulder-to-shoulder to the locker room. Unlocking the door, Liz pushed it open and let Kym enter first. Following in, Liz locked the door and turned around. Standing about 15 feet away in the middle of the room was Kym, hands cocked on her hips and her feet slightly parted.

Kym was a knockout. At 5-5 and 105 pounds, her sexy blond body left men drooling with lust and women pissed with envy. There was nothing fake or plastic about her golden tan 36c breast, which sat proudly and independently of each other. Her 20" waist and shapely 34" hips were soft, creamy and tender, and her ass always looked tight in whatever she tucked it into.

A bitter taste formed in Liz's mouth as she eyed the spunky young blonde decked out in a short-sleeve white blouse that was tied up, baring her belly, and her sexy, leopard-print cotton shorts.

"Humph," the brunette grunted, striking a similar pose for her opponent.

Envy flashed thru the blonde's eyes as she surveyed Liz and her sexy outfit from head to toe. Liz had on a pink mock neck short-sleeve knit crop-top, exposing her tummy and a pair of black denim shorts with her ass also dripping out.

As hot as Kym was, Liz's body wasn't to be outdone. At 5-5 and 110 pounds, the brunette's 34.5c breasts were round and firm and perched perfectly apart above her toned, tight 24" waist. Her 33.5" hips had a nice flare and girth and supported a shapely, chiseled ass in the back. She was all woman, and everything about her was real.

Kym said nothing in return, but spoke with her body as she shifted her weight from one hip to the other and shook back her natural-blond, wispy, wavy hair.

For several seconds, Kym and Liz posed and let their bodies express themselves as they shifted hips and occasionally shook back their hair. Like tractor beams, their eyes locked and squinted together in a glare filled with jealous hate and green envy. This meeting had been weeks, even months in the making, and neither was in a hurry as they tried to impress and intimidate each other with their killer bodies.

Liz took the first small step forward and was immediately matched by Kym. Hands still resting on their hips, the blonde and brunette began a slow, arcing walk as they inched forward and rotated together. Liz touched her lips with her tongue as the distance dropped down to 10 feet. Kym just stared, her lips slightly parted. Liz touched her lips again as they were now 8 feet apart. Kym continued to rotate with Liz, but all the while still closing the gap. The blonde now touched her lips with her tongue. Liz's lips slightly opened. Seven feet now. They drew even nearer. Liz tongues her lips again as they continue with their deadly, silent staredown. Five feet. Their hearts pound in their chest. Four feet. The blood in their veins is near boiling. Three feet. They bore holes into each other with their eyes. Liz stops at two feet and slowly shakes back her hair. Kym moves in another foot, stopping to bush back her hair with both hands. Their one foot apart. Easy distance for a slap or a fist of hair. They stand their ground. Noses tilted up as they look down at each other. Lips ever-so slightly apart as their hands firmly rest on their hips. They're here. They're alone. And they are going to fight.

Folding her arms across her chest, Liz softly says, "You know, I've got to admit it, from the first time I laid eyes on you I've been insanely jealous."

Kym steps forward, and Liz's hands go back to her hips in defiance. They're literally nose-to-nose with just the tips of their breasts touching now. Both can feel the other's nipples against her own.

"Yeah, well, jealous is the right word...because I have to admit it, I was very jealous of you," said Kym, as she and Liz glared hatefully down their noses at each other.

For several long seconds, the foxy blonde and sexy brunette keep their noses turned up at each other as they very slightly start to brush their nipples across each other. Kym touches her tongue to her lips as she feels her pink, soft areolas now draw up and tighten. Liz inches to her right, her dark-pink areolas are crusting over and swelling. They press in slightly harder with their breasts, and they can almost feel the other's erect nipples on her own. Kym rotates slowly with her. Liz slides her breasts along Kym's breast as they still rotate around each other 90 degrees. Their lips part just a bit as their noses are so close that they can smell the other's soft breath. Liz gives a nudge with her breasts. Kym returns the volley. They ease their breasts slightly more together and run their nipples across each other as they complete the 180 degree rotation. Raising up her chin, Liz almost touches chins with Kym as the very ends of their noses now touch. Their eyes speak multitudes as they trade 'go to hell' stares and 'fuck you' glares.

"Well, bitch, I think if you wanted to piss me off this much, Dan was the perfect way to do it!" snarled Liz in just over a whisper.

"You're right, cunt!" Kym sneered. "Let's just say I used him."

Their heads lowered but the ends of their noses still touching as they pushed harder with their breasts.

"What have you got to say about that, bitch?" toyed Kym, with a I-fucked-your-man-last-night look in her spiteful eyes.

Liz pushed in with her breasts. "I think you're a slut."

Kym pushed back with her breasts. "Well, bitch, I'm here...we'll settle it...won't we."

Liz rolled her nipples across Kym's nipples. "Yeah, we will. Actually I will."

"We'll see, bitch," said Kym, sliding her nipples back along Liz's nipples.

Kym turned up her nose to Liz, but Liz turned right along with her as they kept their hands on their hips and their breasts pushed together. Liz licked her lips again as she started another 180* turn with her blonde rival. Kym parted her lips, her front teeth barely showing as they pushed back and forth softly with their tits and brushed their noses just at the tips.

"Who is the better woman here?" asked Kym, pushing her left breast firmly with Liz's right breast.

Liz pushed back, then changed sides and shoved her other breast into Kym's breast. Kym mashed back.

"You're not so tough, blondie," spat Liz, as their four breasts rubbed nipples.

"Nor you, you skank," fired Kym.

Kym and Liz turned up the intensity as their breasts rumbled in their bras. Kym licked her lips as she thought she felt Liz's left nipple forced out of it's cup.

"I'm tougher than you think I am, you blond cunt," said Liz, her nipples still very much in place.

"We'll see, bitch, but I'm not too sure of that," Kym said, their tits bulging over their bras.

Lowering their heads, but still eyeball-to-eyeball, Liz and Kym give a heave and bring their breasts into a more fuller conflict. With their areolas completely swollen and hard, Kym and Liz can feel each other's erect nipples against her own as they run them back and forth together. Kym's lips part. Liz shakes back her hair. Kym combs her own hair back out of her face. Liz touches noses with Kym. They quietly growl as they shove their hips together and start a grinding 180* turn again.

From the tips of their touching, turned up noses, down to the top of their tan thighs, Kym and Liz are like two immovable forces orbiting together. The hate and envy they have for each other is unmistakable as first Liz, then Kym touches their parted lips with the wet, slippery tips of their tongues.

"This meeting has taken a loooong time, bitch" said Kym as every inch of flesh started to crawl with excitement.

Liz felt her own flesh goosebump as the time was drawing near. "Not as long as it could've taken, bitch."

Now stopped, the blonde and brunette lean harder together. Their hands still firmly cocked as their bodies tense for that first clash.

"Well, bitch," jeered the blonde, their nipples itching to go at it in the flesh, "we're here now."

"Then I guess we outta settle this like women...don't you slut?" suggested Liz as they moved thighs further between each other's legs.

"I certainly do, you fuckin' whore," hissed Kym.

"If you think you're woman enough to settle anything with ME?" Liz whispered, pressing her nose slightly with Kym's nose.

"Ha!" muttered Kym, lifting up her face so that her chin touched with Liz's chin. "Bitch, I'm plenty woman."

"You cheap, blond slut!" snapped Liz, lifting her chin so she could look down her nose with Kym. "If you had to fuck my boyfriend to get to me, then you're just not that smart!"

Kym forced a small chuckle. "Yeah right bitch, but we’ll not speak about intelligence will we?" Liz knew what she meant, and she was none to pleased. Lowering their heads, the blonde and brunette bared their fangs as the time to fight was near. "And what do you mean, YOUR boyfriend bitch? He’s mine; he was with ME last night," said Kym, as they could both clearly see that the other was absolutely ready to fight.

"You're such a slut," Liz said, casually reaching for Kym's hair as if she were grabbing a mop.

"Aaah!" grunted Kym as she was pulled sideways by a pair of hands. "Am I now," she said, her hands now in Liz's hair and pulling her over sideways.

Bent over sideways together, Liz and Kym exchanged hard pulls as they stretched back the other's head.

"Uuumm...uuumm...uunngg," moaned Liz as her hair was pulled.

"Uummph...uugghh...ooomph," Kym groaned as her hair was stretched.

Kym pulled Liz back upright, both still stretching the other's head back as they rotated 90* with each other. Kym had her hands towards the end of Liz's medium-long, dark hair as Liz had her hands embedded in the back of the blonde's shoulder length hair, close to the roots.

"Aaaarrrggg!" grunted the blonde as her head was jerked back hard. "He's mine...all mine."

"Like hell, bitch!" Liz said, causing Kym to grunt hard again as she gave another good, firm yank.

Kym righted herself, jerking back on Liz's hair. Both huffed as their hips moved in together. Liz jerked Kym straight backwards and sideways down at an angle.

"Aaaahhhhh!" groaned Kym, her spine popping under the sharp twist and turn her body suddenly took. "Uuunnnggg!" she added as she lost a few fine strands of her silky, blond hair.

"There's not gonna be anything left of you for him," said Liz, giving Kym's head a painful turn. "He'll have to come back to me."

Kym fought back up, forcing Liz to yelp out in pain as she ripped right back on her hair. "We'll see, bitch. He's mine. Get that thru your fuckin' head."

"Oooohhh!" the brunette bellowed as her knees buckled and her back bowed.

Liz came back upright as they readjusted their hands in each other. Kym ran her hands thru the brunette's thick tresses and stopped halfway down. Liz grabbed a fist of hair in the back and another across the hairline.

"Uuumm...aahh...uuumm," moaned Liz.

"Aaahh...ooohh...uuunnn," groaned the blonde.

Liz runs a set of nails over Kym's scalpe, then grabs her hair and yanks her hard backwards. Kym's legs wobble, but she jerks Liz over with her as they get sideways and yank back. Slinging their way upright, Kym jerks back hard. Liz bellows as she's now bowed backwards. Liz rights herself, and for just a few seconds, they stand chest-to-chest twisting each other's head by the hair.

"Uuuunnnggg!" winced Liz as Kym succeeds in extracting several long strands of her dark chocolate locks.

Together they break apart and take an immediate step or two back, sucking in air as they rub their hands across their heads. They exchange looks, but say nothing as they both realize this was going to be harder than they thought.

"This is bullshit!" said Liz, pulling her top over her head.

"That's a fantastic idea," agreed Kym, undoing the knot in her shirt under her breasts.

Tossing their tops towards the wall, Kym and Liz slide down the straps of their bras and unlock them. Lowering their arms, both let their bras slide down as their bare breasts now spring free and seem to lung at each other.

"Shall we?" suggests Kym, her hands about to unsnap her shorts.

Liz nodded, and they popped open their shorts and stepped out of them together. Taking off their tennis shoes, Liz and Kym perched their hands on their hips and stood before each other, wearing nothing but their silky, string panties. For a couple of seconds the girls compared breasts, a major sore spot in their rivalry. Liz cupped her breasts and ran her hands slowly across them as Kym shook back her hair, jiggling her breasts back and forth.

"This ought to be interesting," said Liz, stepping forward and pushing her tits into Kym's tits.

"Yeah, it oughta be," replied the blonde, pushing in return.

Turning their shoulders, Liz mashed her left tit with Kym's right tit for a second or two, and then they switched tits and pushed those two together. With their hands still on their hips, the girls squared up and went into a full press with each other. They barely moaned as their nipples were now free to fight each other. Liz's tits rolled on top and mashed Kym's out beneath them.

"Uuumm," moaned the blonde, pulling back and going into a another full press with the brunette.

Going at it again with their nipples, Kym and Liz slowly turned 180* with neither gaining a victory. Pulling back the girls took a breath and then locked up again in another full press. Their nipples fiercely battled as they went into another 180* turn with the brunette's tits riding up over the blonde's tits and mashing them out.

"Uumm, bitch," whimpered the blonde.

"Fuckin' hussy," the brunette whispered as they shook back their hair.

Left verse right. Then right verse left. Then both breasts together at the same time. Nose-to-nose they stood and rolled their tits in combat.

"You don't feel so tough, blondie," said Liz, her nipples twisting with Kym's.

"Neither do you, bitch," Kym said, as they pressed harder together.

Looking down their noses at each other, they put their chins together as they leaned in from their shoulders all the way down to the tops of their panties. All four tits flattened out as their nipples dug in and took turns bending each other around.

"Uuunnn," Kym groaned as her tits rolled underneath Liz's tits again.

Feeling like her tits were winning, Liz smirked and kept her left tit pressed with Kym's right tit as her right tit threw a punch into Kym's left tit. Kym punched back. The girls softly grunted as they boxed with those two while fighting nipples with the other pair.

"Aaaahhh," groaned Liz, getting out-boxed.

Liz pulled back, and they stared at each other a second or two before resuming with another full press.

"Uuumm," winced the blonde, her tits smothered beneath the brunette's.

Adjusting, Kym kept her right tit mashed with Liz's left tit as she started boxing again with the other. Liz and Kym punched tits twice, then put those two nipples together and fought exclusively with them. Their hard nipples went around and around, but neither could control the other.

"You fuckin' cunt!" growled Kym.

"Damn lot lizard!" Liz pissed.

Rolling their shoulders, the girls brought all four nipples into the conflict as they labored for breath. Bending and twisting, the four nipples fought tooth-n-nail for several moments as the girls were chin-to-chin and staring down their noses at each other. Kym ran her tongue over lips as both her nipples suddenly thrust forward and inverted Liz's. The brunette's eyes squinted closed as she bit on her lower lip and groaned.

"Uuummm," groaned Liz, pulling back suddenly, but charging right back.

Kym pressed back, and their tits mushroomed around the areolas as their nipples stabbed together. Liz shifted just as her nipples were turned back and rolled her tits over Kym's, crushing them. The blonde grunted, and then they parted, hands still squarely on their hips, both refusing to rub their breasts.

Stepping forward after a second or two, Liz reaches out with her left hand and grabs Kym by the side of the hair. The blonde's knees buckle and she grunts as she's pulled over

"OWWW!" Liz moans as Kym grabs her by the hair and pulls her over with her.

Getting her other hand in Kym's tresses, Liz pulls the blonde up as their breasts come together and they pull back on each other's hair.

"Uung," grunts Kym as she's pulled sideways.

"Oomm," Liz moans, moving with her as she stretches Kym's head back.

Kym treats her likewise, but succeeds in taking out a few strands of her hair. They both then grunt as they rise up and stretch back on the other's hair.

"Fuckin' slut!" Liz hisses, dragging out a few strands of blond hair.

"Bitch!" Kym cries, yanking hard and tearing out a nice fist of Liz's hair.

Liz fights back, jerking and Kym bellows, "OW!" as her neck is bowed over.

"Uuummm!" groans Liz, her head stretched backwards. "Oooww!"

"Uuunngg! Uuunngg!" grunts Kym, her legs giving as she's bent over and losing a wad of precious locks. “Y ou ... fuckin' ... bitch!" she mutters fights her way up, pulling hard on Liz's hair.

"Aaanngg," the brunette howls, more loose hair leaving her scalp as their tits mash and roll, but they don't feel it as they press their cheeks together and pull hair. Kym shakes Liz's head side-to-side as Liz jerks the blonde's head up and down.

"Ooohhh!' cries Kym, head bowed.

"Ooonngg!" Liz screams as her neck is stretched back as both huff and pull hard, their faces tilted upward. "Ooonngg!" Liz screams again, this time at the loss of a big chunk from the back.

" fuckin' bitch," Kym groans, her head painfully twisted in a circle.

"I...will...NOT...let...go," declares the brunette, desperately trying to pull out a big fistful of hair as. hip-to-hip, they shake each other back and forth.

"Ooohh!" sings the brunette, bent over backward.

Liz yanks back, sending the blonde grunting to almost her knees. "I'm gonna pull it out your fuckin' head."

"Oooh...let GO!" begs Kym, her knees knocking. "Ahh…aah…ahhhhh!"

"Uuunngg!" Liz suddenly blurts, yanked sideways as Kym straightens up, regrabbing the hair close to her scalp. "Ooooww! Ooooww! Uuuunngg!" Liz screams out, her head nearly pulled off as she looses some hair.

Kym mashes her tits into Liz's tits and tears out another fistful.

"Uuuunngg!" cries the brunette.

"Oooww! Uuumm!" the blonde now cries, knees rattling, as it's her turn to lose a fistful.

"Oooww!" moans Liz, her hair pulled back.

Together they moan out again as they now have each other sideways and twisted downward at the waist.

"Aaahh!" bellows Liz, letting go.

"Ooohh!" echoes Kym, releasing and giving Liz's right tit a little slap as they stagger back rubbing their scalps.

For a few seconds, Kym and Liz comb back their hair with their fingers as they silently stare at each other. But basically they don't waste any time as they step face-to-face and grab each other by the hair very close to the scalp. Liz bites her bottom lip and Kym winces as they give each other a good, firm tug.

"I'm gonna rip every hair in your head out, bitch," said Liz, bowing the blonde backwards.

Kym stands back up. "Shit you are, bitch. You're gonna be bald before I will be."

With their arms tucked tightly underneath each other, their breasts and bellies press together as the blonde and brunette intensely pull hair. Their cheeks flush and their teeth grit as they pull straight back on the sides of each other's hair.

"Ahhhh," groans Kym.

"Uuum," Liz moans.

Liz bites her lower lip in pain and gives Kym's head a good, hard shaking.

"Uuunngg! You...bitch!" grimaces the blonde, jerking Liz's hair.

"Ooww!" Liz yelps.

"Uuunngg!" howls the blonde as several loose hairs leave the right side of her head. "OUCH!" she moans as her head is now being stretched back.

Kym pulls hard on the back of Liz's hair and the brunette flinches as she bites her lip again.

"Fuck!" cries Kym in intense pain as a big lump of hair leaves the left side of her scalp.

"Ooohh," winces Liz, loosing a few strands from the backside of her head.

Drawing their bodies even tighter, the blonde and brunette are locked arm pit to arm pit as they fiercely pull on the back of each other's hair, moaning.

"Oooh...leggo," grunts the blonde.

"You...let...go," Liz demands, pulling extremely hard. "Ooonngg," she suddenly groans.

"Uunngg," grunts Kym, her body stretched into a bow.

"Aaaahh! Uuunngg!" cries Liz, her knees buckling as Kym tears out a fistful of her hair. "Oooohhh!" she groans, pulled hard sideways causing her back to pop.

Fighting their way back upright, Kym and Liz buck bellies and hips as they twist and turn on handfuls of hair. Liz moans, but Kym cries out and her knees give out as Liz removes another tidy sum of her precious blond mane.

"Ooohh...ssshhit!" cries the foxy blonde. Liz yanks her back up, and the two jerk back on each other.

"Oooww!" groans Kym, her head nearly pulled off as she's bowed backward. Trying to fight her way back upright, Kym's legs tremble and she almost falls to her knees, but suddenly they break apart and stumble away from each other.

"Mmmmm, you bitch," Liz moans, running her hands inside her own hair.

"Oooh...fuck you," mutters Kym, holding her head.

For a few moments Liz and Kym rub their heads, trying to massage away the fire that is burning on their scalps as their hair litters the carpet around their feet. It had been a grueling, agonizing battle, and thus far neither felt as if she could claim any kind of victory.

"Why don't we settle this with our tits," suggested Liz, running her hands beneath her breasts.

"Yeah, let's do," agreed the blonde, lifting her tits for Liz to compare. Stepping together, Liz and Kym slam their breasts together at the same time.

"My tits are gonna crush yours, blondie," declares Liz, now punching her left tit into Kym's right one.

"I don't think so, bitch," Kym replies, as they turn and punch their other tits together.

"You slut," hisses Liz, throwing her arms around Kym's waist.

"Fuckin' whore!" spits Kym, wrapping her arms around Liz's arms and hugging her around the back of the shoulders.

With her arms on the inside, Liz has the advantage of crushing directly into Kym's ribs as her own arms act as a buffer for her upper torso. They both softly grunt at first impact, and Kym's tits roll on top and take the early advantage. Grunting and grimacing, the two girls squeeze, and Liz lifts Kym to her toes. Kym moans out as Liz's tits roll on top of hers, flattening them!

"Uuunngg," Kym groans, squeezing with all her might.

"Uuugghh! Oooommmph!" Liz moans, her head shaking back in pain.

The brunette's arms unlock and quiver as Kym's tits get back on top and crush hers. They now squeeze each other about the waist. Kym's left thigh presses against Liz's crotch as the brunette's left thigh is shoved into the blonde's crotch. Taking advantage of her tits being on top, Kym rapidly rubs them with Liz's tits.

"Ooohh gggawd!" cries Liz as her breasts are taking a beating from Kym's. She is forced to pull her arms out from around Kym's waist, thus losing the inside positioning. Now Kym can work her arms directly against Liz's body. "Ugh," groans Liz, her waist squeezed as she wraps back up with Kym. Their tits buck together, and Liz moans. Lifting each other to their toes, they are locked extremely tight as they squeeze the shit out of each other. Their biceps and foreams bulge and flex and the veins start to rise as their tits are now interlocked and smashed together. "Ooohh ggawd," Liz groans, her tits now suddenly underneath Kym's tits again. "Aaahhh." With the advantage, Kym pours it on, but Liz battles back as they strain and squeeze, flexing their muscles over and over again as they sway side-to-side and complete a 180!

"Uuugghh," grunts Kym, throwing back her head as she's bowed over. Kym comes back squeezing, forcing Liz to grunt and bend at the knees. The blonde's arms are high around Liz's ribs and back, while Liz's arms are on the outside, around the middle of her back. Liz throws back her head and it dangles there as she moans out loud and long from the crushing her ribs are receiving. She's wilting and Kym knows it! Swaying again, the blonde and brunette turn back the other way as Liz is putting up a struggle and now squeezing back. "Squeeze the shit out of you," huffs the blonde, trying to stem the tide.

Liz grunts and grunts again as Kym's nipples have hers inverted. ""

"The same goes here," replies Kym. "Uuunnggg!" Regaining her composure, Liz now fights back. Huffing and puffing she and her blond rival relax their arms and go at it with their tits. Rolling and pressing them together, Liz and Kym fight evenly as their nips now take turns bending and inverting each other. "Uuuuunnnnggggg!!" Kym grunts, throwing back her head as she's suddenly squeezed very hard around the back.

Kym squeezes in return, forcing Liz to throw back her head and howl as she's now bowed over with her back popping. Liz fights back. Her tits roll on top, but Kym's roll up to meet hers and together their nipples go at it. Kym wins, and her tits roll over Liz's tits and mash them out. Liz's legs buckle, but she comes back with her tits on top. Kym's legs now buckle, but she comes back and bows Liz over, popping her back even louder this time. Liz comes back, her tits overpowering Kym's tits and smearing them out. The action is frantic and very back and forth. Kym bows Liz back and pours it on, squeezing and rubbing tits. Liz's head dangles back, and she grunts out as Kym violently shakes her back and forth. But she's not about to give, and she roars back with her tits, crushing the blonde's beneath them.

"Aaaahhh," groans the blonde, now bending backwards. "Uuuuunngggg!!"

Liz is squeezing the daylights out of her. Her tits are on top and have the blonde's tits pancaked flat. They are swaying back and forth. Their bellies slapping together and each has a thigh wedged firmly against the other's snatch.



Kym lifts Liz to her toes, but she comes back down with her tits even against Kym's. A mean fight breaks out as their nipples tear into each other. Slashing, stabbing, poking, proding, twisting and turning. Neither woman can breath as they are squeezing the guts out of each other. Their faces are blood red and blue veins can clearly be seen around their bodies.



With one final surge, the blonde and brunette literally fall out of each other's arm as they wobble back in utter exhaustion.

Leaning over with their hands on their knees, Kym and Liz suck for air and try to replinish their lungs as their boobs hang heavy and swing around.

Rising back up, Liz puts her hands on her hips. She's still breathing hard and her tits continue to rise and fall with each breath. "It's not as easy as you thought it was gonna it?"

Kym strikes a mirror pose, also still laboring for breath, "I'm...I'm not as easy as you thought I was gonna I?"

"No. No you're not," said Liz. With more fighting to be done, the girls take in their final breaths before resuming.

"Are you gettin' tired, bitch?" asked Kym.

Liz steps forward, punching her right tit into Kym's left one. "No, I'm not." The brunette rolls that tit with Kym's, adding, "Are YOU gettin' tired, bitch?" Kym answers her by wrapping her arms around the brunette's waist, but Liz makes sure that this time her arms are on the inside instead of the outside. With their arms around each other's waist, Liz and Kym watch as their tits get into another fight. Up and down they rub, nearly a dozen or so times as Kym's tits always come out on top and win. "You're better than I thought you were, blondie," said Liz, pulling Kym into a tighter wrap.

"I must admit," said Kym, hugging back, "you are too!"

Glaring into each other's eyes, the jealousy and hatred went to greater heights as they started swaying in a 180* turn with their breasts pressed fully together. Bringing each other to moans and groans, their tits battled evenly as neither dominated the other.

"Bitch," swore Kym, forcing her tits to rub harder.

"Slut," Liz cussed, matching her rub for rub. Rocking back and forth, the girls turned it up.

''Aaahhh," moaned the brunette, pulling back. Kym and Liz now began to butt breats. Nipple to nipple they threw their tits together as they held each other close by the waist.



Their rock-hard nipples stabbed. Locking up, the two went up and down, exchanging the top position over and over. The blonde now poured it on as her 36c's dominated the brunette's 34.5c's. They turned another 180* and threw back their heads as their nipples went at it.

"Uuunnnn," moaned Liz, her nipples getting whipped. Liz stubbornly bowed Kym back and the blonde grunted as the brunette's nipples inverted hers. Boob to boob, Liz started to make a comeback! They rocked back and forth as Liz's tits were now winning but Kym fought back as they roughly ground their firm breasts together. "Ooh gawd!" Liz groaned as she felt her nipples being overpowered. They turned in another circle, with Liz's tits coming out on top. Kym fought back. The brunette's head now dangled back as Kym's tits took over. "Uuunnggg...fuck," swore Liz, her nipples losing.

Kym rolled her tits on top and smashed Liz's tits. Liz rebounded, and smashed Kym's tits. They pulled back and butted tits, both grunting. Liz groaned out as her left tit became trapped in Kym's deep cleavage. Kym squeezed her tits together, crushing Liz's tit flat. Liz pulled her tit out and wrapped up tightly with Kym. The blonde hugged back as they now let it all hang out. Rolling their shoulders, Kym and Liz locked tits and let their nipples cat it out. Laying their heads on the other's shoulder, the blonde and brunette swore in each other's ear as their nips got it on.

Liz started to moan. Loud, long moans as Kym's tits and nipples were clearly winning. The blonde could sense it too. She knew her tits were winning, but her tits were also aching and throbbing and she didn't think she could force Liz to submit with her tits alone. She needed a finishing move and she knew just what it should be. With her head thrown back, Liz knew her tits would never overtake Kym's, but although her tits were pounding and pulsating, she'd never submit! If she was going to win this fight, she'd have to find another way, and she knew exactly what that would be. Throwing caution to the wind and going for the 'kill', both girls dropped their right hand between the other's thighs and clamped down.

"Yeeeoooww!" squeeled the brunette as her red, silk panties crumpled in the blonde's curled hand.

"Ah! Yikes!" Kym yelped as Liz squeezed her snatch thru her plum, silk panties.

Doubled over at the waist, Kym and Liz held each other around the waist with their left arms as their right hands groped and squeezed the other's snatch.

"Ooh sshhit! Ooouuucchh!" cried Liz as Kym's hand slid inside her panties and found her lush bush.

Liz had a nice, triangle patch of black kinky hairs, and Kym had no trouble in getting several of them in her fingers and pulling. Frantically, Liz fumbles to get her hand inside of Kym's silkies, as the blonde has her yelping and dancing on her toes.

"Yeeeeooowwweee!!" Liz screams, losing several fingers full of her pubic hair.

"Bitch, I'm gonna rip out every hair," Kym states, running her fingers back thru and pulling on some more. Liz gets her hand inside now and immediately curles her fingers around Kym's vulva. Both girls bark out as Kym tears out more cunt hairs and Liz puts her slut-red nails into the blonde's plump pussy lips. For several intense seconds, Kym keeps pulling on the brunette's fuzz as Liz squeezes the blonde's cunt. "Fuuuuck!" shouts Kym, abandoning her hair pull for squeezing; digging her pretty, pink nails in Liz's vulva, she and the brunette treat each other to a lip-twisting scream.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggg!!" howles Liz, her cunt lip taking a terrible twisting.

Kym digs in, dragging her nails over Liz's cunt and thru her black jungle. Liz shoves her hand further down and then claws her nails across Kym's asshole; over her pussy; and up thru her fine, blond bush.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!" screams Kym, now squeezing the shit out of Liz's pussy. Liz throws back her head and cries bloody murder as suddenly her sensative clit is clawed by a angry, pink fingernail. Spinning in a wild circle, the blonde and brunette squeeze and scratch as they fight to make the other give. "Give, bitch; give!" demands Kym, shouting and scratching.

"YOU give, bitch!" answers Liz, yelling and squeezing. But once again, Kym pours it on; her hand going wild in Liz's panties as she claws and mauls her tender, juicy pussy until Liz screams as she's lifted up on her toes by her pubic hair. "Yeeeooowweeeoowweeeeoo!!" cries Liz, losing more of her curly, kinky pubs to Kym's plucking fingers.

Then Kym returns to squeezing Liz's pussy. Both girls are moist and damp, making it hard to pinch labia, but swollen and engorged, the fleshy lips are easy prey to ripping nails! They've got each other between the legs, doubled over and crying. Kym's ripping the shit out of Liz, but the brunette won't give. Liz pulls on Kym's soft, blond pussy hairs. Kym cries as she dances on her toes.

"Fuuuuck! Leeeeggooooo!" Kym screams, shoving two fingers up Liz's fuck-hole.

"Uuuunnnggg!" Liz painfully groans as her sex in invaded. Kym's blond body also jolts as her sweet, young puss-puss takes on two unwanted visitors. Throwing their heads on each other's shoulder, Kym and Liz deeply penetrate the other's hot, wet pussy and work their nails back and forth against the wet walls.



They pull out and rip their nails up each other, leaving trails of red wake as they furrow thru each other's black and blond jungles.

"I'm gonna rip your shit out!" Kym yells, sliding her two middle fingers back up Liz's pussy.

"Uuuunnnggg!!" grunts Liz.

"Oooommpphh!!" Kym groans, her nineteen-year-old love hole taking in the brunette's index and middle fingers.

Their hips jar and their legs buckle as they invade and claw each other. Their thighs shake and their knees knock as they bawl out and give each other's pussy a deep, inner mauling. Both girls are blind with pain, and even if they weren't, they wouldn't be able to see because of the tears flooding and pouring from their eyes.

"Aaaaaarrrggggg!! Mmmmyyy pppppuuuusssssssyyyy!!" Liz screams at the top of her lungs. "G-i-v-e!" They pull out, but still continue to squeeze; nails stabbing and clawing the others burning flesh. Kym gives Liz's cunt hairs a hard yank as Liz squeezes the blonde's cunt lips. "Fuuuuuuuuck! You're...killin'...mmmmeeeee!!" cries Liz, her pussy now squeezed and clawed. Kym nearly breaks her teeth as she grits them so tightly together while trying to withstand the intense pain her blond sex is under.

"G-i-v-e!!" Both blonde and brunette are now vibrating together. Their heads bang and their breast butt into each other. Their tummies are quivering like bowls of soft, warm Jell-O. Their legs are trembling and shaking as they are almost at the floor on their knocking knees. Fingernails now draw droplets of blood as they savagely dig and maul once-beautiful pussies. It's anybody's catfight, and neither can take another second.

"I G-I-V-E!!!" screams the loser, falling directly back on her ass, screaming, crying and holding her bloody, beaten, pussy.

The winner, also bawling and screaming, drops to her knees, clutching hard the damaged sex between her thighs and wondering if she'll ever be able to fuck again.