Cara Wakelin vs. Vanessa Gleason "Boyfriend Catfight" Copyright 2000 by John J

Hef dialed the internal extension to Vanessa Gleason's room in the Playboy mansion. The brunette picked up the phone and answered.

He said, "Vanessa, we've got a problem. Looks like you are going to have a roommate after all."

Vanessa said, "You promised you'd let me keep my private room, if possible. I just made plans. I'm going to have company here tonight."

Hef responded, "You should remember I said, 'If possible.' Well, it's not possible any longer. Another Playmate just arrived for the photo shoot and she needs a room. She's staying with you."

Vanessa whined, "Can't you find someplace else for her. Please?"

Hef responded in an irritated voice, "No! She's staying with you. Change your plans, if her presence is going to interfere."

Vanessa replied, "Alright. When does she get here?"

Hef said, "That's better. The limo has already picked Cara up from the airport. They are on the way to the mansion right now."

A short time later, the limousine with Cara Wakelin inside arrived at the Playboy mansion. Hef called Vanessa down, just as he went out to greet the limo and the Australian Playmate. He waited as the driver opened the limousine door.

Hef said with a smile, "Nice to see you again, Cara. Welcome to the Playboy mansion."

Cara gave Hef a hug and kiss and said, "Thanks. It's great to be here."

Vanessa walked out the door at that moment. Hef called Vanessa over.

"Cara, this is Vanessa Gleason, she's going to be your roommate and tour guide during your stay here at the mansion."

Hef turned to Vanessa and said, "Vanessa, this is Cara Wakelin. She's here for the photo shoot. Show her to your room and show her around a little."

Vanessa protested, "I don't have time to be a tour guide. I have plans tonight."

Hef just smiled, "Bye girls. Have fun."

Cara extended her hand and said sweetly, "Hi, Vanessa. I don't want to start off badly with you. I'd like for us to be friends, if we are going to be roommates. Just show me to the room and I'll do my best to keep out of your way."

Vanessa fumed as she listened to the blonde.

When Cara finished, Vanessa fired back, "The best way to be my friend is to find another room for the weekend. Hef said there weren't any available, so that's not an option. I guess we're just going to have to make due."

Vanessa showed Cara around a little, not being very friendly. She brought Cara to the bedroom and showed her inside. Cara looked around the room and saw Vanessa's stuff sprawled across the entire room, taking up all the dressers and the entire bed. Cara tried to remain sweet as she asked, "Where should I put my stuff?"

Vanessa smiled nastily and pointed toward a chair, "You can have that."

Cara fumed, "Look, honey. I don't know what your problem is with me, but I heard that we were supposed to share this room." Vanessa said, "I am sharing. I was here first. I get the bed."

Cara put her things on the chair.

Vanessa said nastily, "And don't mess with any of my stuff either."

Cara fired back, "I'm not messing with your shit. I don't know what the hell your problem is. I didn't do anything to you. This weekend will go a lot better if we try to get along."

Vanessa shot back, "If we don't see hardly any of each other, we'll get along just fine."

Cara left to go tour the mansion, not wanting to get into a fight with the brunette. Vanessa started to get ready for her date, while Cara was away. Cara returned to the room and started to read a magazine. Vanessa was in the shower when the phone rang. Cara picked it up.

"Hello," a voice on the other end said. "I'm downstairs. Let's go."

Cara wasn't sure who it was, or what the message meant but she replied, "I'll be right down."

Cara left the room and went downstairs. Cara came down the stairs and saw a handsome man sitting by one of the house phones.

She walked up to him and said, "Did you just call for me?"

The man stood and said, "Pardon me?"

Cara smiled and said, "The phone. Did you just call upstairs for me?"

He replied, "Ummm. I called my girlfriend. Vanessa Gleason. Who are you?"

Cara laughed, "Oh, I see. I'm her roommate for the weekend. I'm Cara."

He laughed too, "I see. I'm Tom."

Cara sat down and said, "Well, Vanessa is still getting ready. Care to chat for a bit?"

Tom sat down and said, "OK. That's a cute accent. Where are you from?"

Cara giggled, "Australia. I'm just here for the weekend. I was really hoping to get to see some of the sites, but I don't have anybody to show me around."

Tom fidgeted, "Awww. That's too bad. A gorgeous babe like you should have guys lined up to ask you out."

Cara blushed, "No, not really."

Cara adjusted her top a bit to give Tom a better cleavage view and asked coyly, "Would you care to show me around this evening?"

Tom blushed, "I don't think that Vanessa would like that very much."

Cara smiled wickedly and said, "I'm sure she wouldn't. But if we sneak out, she'll never know. I'm only going to be here two days, it'll be our little secret."

Tom looked down the gorgeous blonde's cleavage and at her luscious legs and replied, "What the hell? Let's go."

Cara smiled and said, "Great! Let's."

They left together, arm in arm. Cara looked back and saw Vanessa in the window. She saw the two leaving. Cara waved up to Vanessa as they walked. Many hours later, the couple returned. Tom walked Cara to the door and gave her a deep hard kiss.

Vanessa opened the door and hissed, "Well, well. It's about time you two lovebirds showed up. It's awfully late and I was getting worried!"

Tom stammered, "Vanessa! Let me explain."

Cara said, "Tom, keep out of this! This is between her and me."

Vanessa hissed, "You've both got some goddamned explaining to do, as far as I'm concerned."

Cara smiled and said, "I don't know what your problem is, bitch. I've tried to be nice, and all I get from you is attitude. I wanted to get a little sightseeing tour of your wonderful country. With a little convincing that it was OK, Tom here was sweet enough to show me around, and take me for a wonderful dinner. That's it."

Vanessa hissed, "And I suppose that kiss by the door was the one and only kiss of the night?"

Cara said, "In all honesty, yes! We didn't kiss. We didn't fuck. Nothing happened."

Vanessa fumed, "Even if I believe all of that, what the hell gives you the right to help yourself to my boyfriend?"

Cara fumed, "I didn't help myself to your boyfriend. I don't like your tone."

Vanessa laughed nastily, "Oh, you don't like my tone. I'm so upset. Well, I don't like your tone, your looks, your body, or your presence. I should just kick your tramp ass back to Australia."

Cara stood defiantly, "Look, Vanessa. I'm not looking for a fight with you. Just accept that nothing happened, and let's just end this."

Vanessa hissed, "Well, I am looking for a fight! I dreamed about kicking your tramp blonde ass from the first second I saw you!" Vanessa lunged at Cara and knocked the blonde back into the wall, while Tom scrambled to the side and got out of the way of the two warring beauties. Vanessa pulled back her fist and punched at Cara's nose but she ducked and Vanessa pounded her fist into the wall. Cara grabbed Vanessa's fist and wrenched the arm around behind the brunette's back in a hammerlock. With her other arm she grabbed a fistful of brunette hair and forced Vanessa toward the wall.

Cara hissed, "You're gonna regret screwing with me, bitch! First, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you, then I'm gonna make you watch while I screw your boyfriend and squeeze every drop of cum out of him."

Cara secured her hold on Vanessa's hair and whacked the brunette's head into the wall twice. Before Cara could continue, Vanessa gave her a hard elbow to the tits, backing her up. Vanessa whirled toward Cara as she lashed out with her leg. Her foot cracked into Cara's jaw and knocked the blonde back. Cara staggered back. Vanessa charged in, and lunged at the dazed blonde. Vanessa tackled Cara solidly and took them both down to the carpet.

Vanessa landed on top and grabbed two fist of blonde hair and yanked. Cara responded in kind and a brutal hair-pulling struggle began. Cara got a secure hold on Vanessa's long brown hair and pulled to the sides, back and forth. Cara managed to partially unbalance the brunette and then another hard tug unseated her. The two playmates scrambled to their feet and lunged together for a lockup. They pushed and shoved as they both tried to gain an advantage. Cara finally won out as she forced Vanessa back.

Vanessa fell across the bed as she stumbled back and Cara charged her rival and splashed down on top of her. The blonde wrapped her hands around Vanessa's neck and started to choke her. Vanessa gasped and coughed as the blonde cutoff her air supply. Cara tightened her grip as she tried to knock the brunette out and put a quick end to the fight. Vanessa struggled desperately to get free. She tore at Cara's sexy dress and ripped it partially off the blonde. With no bra in the way, Vanessa sunk her nails into Cara's perfect tits and raked them.

Cara howled in pain as Vanessa left a trail of bloody scratches across her gorgeous feminine globes. Cara released her chokehold, but maintained her position atop Vanessa. Cara pried Vanessa's hands from her globes, and then went right back on the attack. A now more angered Cara ripped Vanessa's dress and sunk her nails into Vanessa's tits and mauled them just as badly as Vanessa had done to hers.

Vanessa responded in kind and latched on to Cara's melons again. The two beauties struggled in silence, nearly in tears from the pain, as each gorgeous playmate tried to tear her rival's boobs off her body. Cara put an end to the stalemate as she raised herself up slightly and brought her knee down hard into Vanessa's pussy. Vanessa yelped in pain and immediately released Cara's boobs. Her hands moved instinctively to protect her now bruised pussy. Cara adjusted her position slightly and fired a couple hard punches into Vanessa's jaw, snapping her head from side to side and leaving a trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth.

Cara got up and yanked Vanessa to her feet, while holding the brunette in a headlock. Cara put her down hard with a bulldog. Vanessa groaned as her head hit the floor hard. She pulled herself up partially, but went right back down again as Cara's leg came down across the back of her neck. Cara got up quickly, but Vanessa lashed out with her foot and caught Cara with a high heel to her pussy. Cara clutched herself and flopped backward. The kick wasn't that solid, just a glancing blow but Cara acted hurt a lot worse than she actually was.

Vanessa pulled herself up and recklessly went after the hurt blonde. Cara slammed her high heel twice into Vanessa's pussy. The brunette shrieked in pain as the kicks physically lifted her off the floor and buckled her legs. Vanessa dropped to the floor just about in tears with waves of pain surging from her cunt.

Cara got up fast and yanked Vanessa to her feet by tugging on her bruised nipples. Cara put her arms up for a test of strength. Vanessa warily obliged and matched Cara's position. The two beauties pushed and shoved. Their arms strained as they each tried to overpower the other and take her down. Cara nailed Vanessa with a kick to the shin that buckled the brunette's leg. With a hard shove, Cara brought Vanessa to her knees. A knee to the head sent Vanessa to the floor again so Cara moved into position and put an elbow drop on Vanessa's sore boobs.

Cara got up and pulled Vanessa up by the hair as well. She whipped the brunette against the wall and then charged in after her with a shoulder block. Cara drilled a combination of punches into Vanessa's gut before the brunette sagged to the floor coughing. With a kick to the ribs, Cara took Vanessa completely down and rolled her over. The blonde grabbed her arms, and dug her high heel into her lower back while pulling hard. Vanessa yelped in pain as Cara applied the surfboard hold and worked over her lower back.

After some wiggling and squirming, Vanessa forced Cara to release the hold. Vanessa tried to roll away for a moments rest and recuperation, but Cara kept right after her. She grabbed Vanessa's leg and yanked her back to the middle of the room. With a firm grip on Vanessa's leg, Cara poured the pressure into a step-over toe hold. Vanessa yelped in pain as Cara tortured her leg.

With her free arm, Cara tore at the remains of Vanessa's once gorgeous dress and left her in only her panties and heels. Vanessa took advantage of Cara's preoccupation with the dress and kicked the blonde away. Cara tumbled back against the bed, and Vanessa rolled away to try to get some distance between them so she could regroup.

Cara came right back at Vanessa and wrapped the torn dress around the brunette's neck from behind her and choked her with it. Vanessa gasped and choked as Cara pulled tighter and tried to choke her out. In desperation, Vanessa pitched and bucked. Vanessa caught Cara off guard, and she was knocked off, releasing her choke. Vanessa gasped and gulped down air. Cara got to her feet quickly and pulled Vanessa up by the hair. She tossed the brunette at the bed. Vanessa groaned as her bed crashed into the bed. Cara flipped Vanessa's legs up and dumped her on her back in the middle of the bed. Cara leapt up on the bed and landed on Vanessa's midriff, knocking the air out of her.

Cara bounced a few times just to assert her control and then roughly grabbed Vanessa's nipples. She twisted and squeezed them hard. Cara released the nipples and sunk her nails back into Vanessa's tender boobs. She sunk her nails into the bloody scratches that she had left earlier in the fight, reopening those wounds and starting a new blood flow. Cara slid forward again and planted her ass on top of Vanessa's tits and bounced on them, further damaging her hurt tits. Cara slid forward once again and put Vanessa into the schoolgirl pin position. Cara reached back and clamped a pussy claw on the brunette's hurt crotch.

After several attempts, Vanessa finally bucked around enough to unseat Cara partially and pull free. A kick in the ass knocked Cara off the bed. Vanessa jumped off the bed and aimed to land with her knee right where Cara's pussy would be. Vanessa came down alright, but her knee hit the carpeted floor hard. She moaned in pain and rolled over clutching her hurt knee. As Vanessa rolled, Cara took careful aim and kicked her solidly in the pussy again. Vanessa screamed as the kick landed flush. Her knees buckled and she dropped to the floor.

Cara pulled her up by the hair and clamped on a bearhug. Vanessa groaned as Cara crushed her ribs and cut off her oxygen again. With Vanessa near to passing out, Cara planted her knee and lifted Vanessa up a little. Vanessa didn't see it, but she certainly felt it - her pussy dropped straight down hard onto Cara's knee. Vanessa fell off Cara's knee, no longer able to hold back her tears, crying in pain.

Cara hissed at the brunette, "Oh, shut the fuck up with your crying, and take your beating like a woman, instead of a damn cry baby."

Vanessa just cried harder as Cara verbally humiliated her. Cara reached down and ripped off Vanessa's panties and stuffed them into Vanessa's mouth.

"I told you to shut the fuck up!"

Vanessa still cried so Cara planted her gorgeous ass down on Vanessa's face and rode back and forth. She clamped one hand down into Vanessa's crotch, giving the brunette another pussy claw while with the other, she grabbed Vanessa's hair and held her head in position to be smothered.

After several minutes of the combined pussy claw and face-sitting, Vanessa passed out. After making sure she was truly out cold, Cara got up. She picked up Vanessa's torn dress and used it to tie her arms together behind her back. Cara took off the tattered remnants of her own dress and tied Vanessa's legs together with that. She slapped Vanessa's cheeks to revive the unconscious brunette.

Cara looked into Vanessa's eyes and said, "Good, you're awake. I didn't want you to miss this. Remember I told you at the start of the fight. Well, now you're gonna see how a real woman takes care of her man."

Cara went over to Tom and brought him close. Suddenly, she shoved him down on the bed and tore his pants off. She stroked him a little and then started to give him a blow job. Vanessa started to sob at the sight of Cara satisfying her boyfriend like that. With a burst of adrenaline, Vanessa tore the dress enough to work her hands free. Cara was much too busy with her blow job to notice Vanessa, who had time to untie her legs as well.

She pulled the panties out of her mouth and hissed, "You keep the hell away from my man, you damn Aussie slut."

At that moment, Vanessa kicked Cara hard in the pussy. Cara shrieked in pain and stopped her blow job, nearly biting Tom. Cara rolled to the side, and Tom scrambled the other way, keeping out of the fight. As Cara rolled, she kicked at Vanessa and once again connected to her pussy. Vanessa yelped in and dropped to her knees. Cara grabbed the brunette by the hair and gave her a wicked knee lift to the face, breaking her nose. Vanessa slumped back and Cara grabbed both of her ankles and spread her legs apart. Holding her legs open, Cara stomped down hard with her heel to Vanessa's exposed pussy!

Vanessa shrieked in pain.

Cara continued her attack, slamming Vanessa's face into the carpeted floor. She hoisted the brunette up to her knee and set her into a standing headscissors. Cara next dropped Vanessa with a well-executed piledriver, leaving Vanessa stunned and nearly out cold. Cara picked the brunette up again and bodyslammed her to the carpet, then she hung back and waited until Vanessa pulled herself up to her feet.

As son as Vanessa had put herself in the right position, Cara sprang and nearly took her head off with a swinging neckbreaker. Vanessa slumped to the floor in a heap, sobbing aloud. Cara straddled the brunette and pinched her nipples again, squeezing and mauling her damaged tits. Vanessa offered no resistance.

Finally satisfied, Cara went over and opened the sliding glass doors to the balcony. The cool night air flooded into the room. Cara stepped out and looked down to the large swimming pool below.

She smiled and hissed, "I've had enough of your interruptions and your attitude, bitch. It's time that you found different accommodations for the rest of your stay. I know the perfect place."

Cara dragged Vanessa up by the hair and pulled her over to the balcony. She picked her up in the air and tossed her over the railing and into the pool below. Tom came over next to Cara and stood behind her with his arms around her, his trembling hands clutching her heaving breasts as they watched as a totally humiliated and battered Vanessa Gleason swim to the edge of the pool and start to pull herself out.

Most of the other playmates heard the splash and were now looking out their windows.

Cara yelled down to Vanessa, "You're gonna get a lot worse next time, if you screw with me again, now keep the fuck away from MY room!"

She turned to Tom and smiled.

"Now, where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?"

The end.