The Better Catfighter: Miriam Gonzalez vs. Nichole Van Croft by kit

Not every man is fortunate enough to have seen his wife catfight. Luckily for me I'm one who has. A few years ago I met Miriam at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Now, we were out on just our third date.

"You look beautiful," I said, picking her up at her apartment.

"Thank you," she said, kissing me on the lips. "You look pretty handsome yourself."

She had on this little brown top with a swooping neckline and a lighter brown skirt that was mid-thigh long and 3" brown pumps. Id been captivated by her from the start. She was a sexy brunette with a touch of Latino in her origin. She was 54 and 112 lbs., and outside of her pretty face, she had an amazing 34DDD rack - an instant eye catcher! She also had a nice, flat 25" tummy and a shapely, firm 35.5" ass.

That night we were meeting my friend Jim and his girlfriend, Nichole, for dinner and possibly a movie. Miriam and Nichole had meet briefly once before and I wondered how'd they'd get along. Both were very beautiful and very busty and, of course, they had that natural blonde/nasty brunette thing going on!

"I hope you and Nichole get along," I said, driving to the restaurant. "Think you'll like her."

"I don't see why not. I mean, we may not be best friends, but I suppose we'll get along."

Id known Nichole for several months and never in that time did I know her to have a really good female friend. But Nichole was very beautiful, blonde, and had a killer body. I could see why other girls had a hard time standing next to her. She simply blew away their looks with hers. Nichole had natural blond hair and a sweet young face. Her 36DDs were ripe, round and solid and I always fantasized about what they must look and feel like in the flesh. She had a sexy 24" waist, and a cute, soft-looking 36" ass. She was 55 tall and 115 pounds of pure blond honey.

Even though we had reservations, the place was packed that night and we had to wait in line for a table. Miriam and Nichole seemed to get along, but I'm sure they were checking each other out and comparing body parts with one another. Nichole probably wasn't used to having someone with a bigger chest standing in front of her, but she looked sexy that night in her white lace top and short pink skirt with white 3" heels.

"So what do you think of her?" I asked Jim when the girls went to the bathroom together.

"Yeah, man she's hot. I mean it, she's really hot."

"I told you."

"Yeah, I know. Nichole had said something about her also, but you know girls, sometimes their opinion of looks is different than ours."

"What'd she say?" I was curious.

"She just said Miriam was pretty."

"Did she seem jealous? Think they'll get along?"

"Ah, she didn't seem jealous. Nichole's not that way really. I think they'll get along fine."

"I was just wondering. I mean they're both really hot and all and I wondered if they'd be jealous of each other. After all, they do have huge racks."

I was glad to hear what Nichole thought because I really liked Miriam and wanted the four of us to be able to hang out.

When the girls returned we were seated at our table. We were all starving and decided to skip the movie at this point and concentrate on a great dinner and a few drinks. The conversation roamed around, and Nichole and Miriam seemed to be getting along and having a good time. At some point during desert, the topic of fighting came up. It was boxing actually as Jim and I started talking about the big fight coming up. Nichole then mentioned that she'd boxed before, explaining that she and a neighborhood girl put on her brother's gloves one day and boxed each other in the backyard. That was back in junior high, and then she went on to tell about a catfight she'd gotten into in high school. The next thing I knew, Miriam was telling a catfight story as the girls started talking about some of their catfights. Turned out that Nichole and Miriam had both been in several spats, and that Miriam had been in one as recently as a few months ago. Needless to say, my cock was about to break thru my pants as I listened to them talk and tell about it.

"So," said Jim, about to ask the question I didn't have the nerve too. How do ya think itd turn out if you two fought?"

Miriam and Nichole grinned as they looked at each other out of the corner of their eye. It was a sly, little friendly smile, but you could hear the wheels turning in their heads as they thought about it. They both probably thought they'd win, but neither seemed ready to come out and openly admit it.

"Well..." paused the blonde, looking at me and then at Miriam. "I'm sure she'd be tough and hard to beat, but...I think I'd take her in the end."

Miriam smiled back with Nichole. "I tend to agree, except...I think I'd be the one that wins."

The blonde and brunette grinned at each other from across the table. My cock was about to explode as I imagined the catfight that these two mega-babes would have. I could just see them going at it...their big tits flopping and slapping all over the place as they tried to beat the shit out of each other.

"I'm not so sure you could," smiled Nichole, lightly rapping her fork against the plate.

"Oh, I think so. You'd be tough, but I could take you," Miriam grinned, putting her fork of cheese cake in her mouth.

"I don't think ya could," Nichole said, keeping the argument friendly.

"Well...I suppose we could always find out," suggest Miriam with a smile.

Nichole looked at her, and then at me. Her eyes seemed to search for my permission or what I thought. Nichole and I always had a little spark or something between us. I think we both were very curious about the other, and if ever given the chance, I think we'd of made love.

"Found out how...exactly?" Nichole asked, looking back at her.

"How else?" smiled Miriam with a beam in her eyes.

Nichole looked back at me and then back to Miriam. "Is this a for-real challenge? A for-real catfight and not just playin' around kinda fightin'?"

Miriam nodded. "That's right. We fight for real. Down an' dirty, anything goes catfight."

Nichole chuckled, but it was one of those nervous sorta chuckles. She looked at me again, and I think she decided to do it because in her own way, she could be showing me something about herself. She could be showing me that she's still better than what I've got. "Alright," agreed Nichole. "It's been awhile, but I think I just might enjoy gettin' into a really good catfight with you."

"Sure?" Miriam asked for confirmation.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Why not. I'd love to mix it up with ya," grinned the blonde.

"Good, because I'm just itchin' to mix it up with you too," smiled the brunette.

They agreed to fight the next afternoon, and Jim offered his parent's backyard as they were out of town.

"What made you decide to challenge Nichole?" I asked on our drive home. "I thought you two were gettin' along."

"We were, but I saw the way she looked at you," said Miriam. "I know we haven't been datin' long, but I consider you my man and I hope you know I'm your woman."

"Oh baby," I said, taking her hand. "I do, and it's good to know that you'd be willin' to fight for me."

Miriam smiled and gave a laugh, and said, "Besides, I thought you might get turned on seein' me in a catfight."

Now it was my turn to grin.

"That's what I thought," she laughed, placing her hand between my legs and checking out my member.

Miriam and I had fabulous sex that night. She knew I was hot for her, and she talked about how she was going to kick Nichole's ass during our foreplay. That night Miriam got every bit of cock I could pump into her as I unloaded in her snatch and up her ass.

The next morning all I could think about was the fight. I knew it would be a good one as both girls were in great shape and would be hard to beat. I thought Nichole might have a slight advantage in punching power and might be able to take one better as well. She was also broader across the shoulders and looked to have the stronger legs. Miriam would probably enter the fight with more determination since she was fighting to impress me, but I was sure Nichole wanted to impress me just as much. Overall I gave the blonde a slight edge, but only a slight edge.

When we got to Jim's parent's house that afternoon, Nichole answered the door.

"You ready?" she asked.

"Yep. Are you?" said Miriam.

"Sure am."

Miriam nodded. "Well, let's get to it."

"OK, follow me," she said as Jim showed up in the background. Nichole led the way as Jim and I trailed behind.

"Man, can you actually believe this?" I asked him.

"Not really," he said.

Once in the backyard, Jim and I kissed our girlfriends and wished them luck. I thought they both looked hot as they moved towards the center of the yard and faced-off. Miriam was wearing a pair of tight, black denim shorts and a yellow cotton top with spaghetti straps and a swooping neckline. Nichole was wearing blue denim shorts just as tight and a white tank top. Both were wearing bras and white tennis shoes. Jim and I watched with anticipation as the girls slowly started to circle each other.

"You ready for this, bitch?" asked Nichole calmly.

"I sure am, bitch," said Miriam. "Why don't you quit askin' me that and just start."

"Alright then," said Nichole, stopping and shaking back her hair. "Wanna start off with a lil' hair pullin'?"

"Sure. I'd love to pull your hair," said Miriam, spreading her legs.

"Good," said Nichole, reaching for Miriam's hair. "Let's pull hair."

Both girls calmly combed their fingers deep into the back of each other's hair and pulled. Quickly their eyes batted as they stretched back and looked up into the sky. Each gave a little wince and a harder tug as they methodically started rolling the other's head around on her shoulders. Their legs braced and their heels dug in as they moved their upper bodies forward until their big breasts touched. Those big tits of theirs started rolling around on each other as they now pulled a little harder on the hair.

"Ouch," winced Nichole.

"Uuumm," Miriam softly moaned.

Drawing their bodies in closer, their breasts now spilled over the necklines, forming a deep cleavage line as their hair pulling got a little rougher. Nichole twisted Miriam's head in a burning circle as the brunette's rhythm was back and forth. They also started mildly trash talking as their breasts became more involved in the fray.

This hair pulling and breast rubbing action lasted about five minutes before they let go and stepped away. They shook back their hair and rubbed their scalps as they paced slowly together and got back what little breath they lost.

"How's your hair feel?" asked Nichole.

"How's yours?" Miriam asked.

"Not bad. It was sorta fun," said Nichole, facing-off with the brunette.

"Yeah, it was, but are you ready to turn it up?" asked Miriam, extending out her hands.

"Oh yeah. I'm definitely ready to turn it up," nodded the blonde as they stepped forward and grabbed more hair.

In one quick motioned they jerked each other over and spun sideways bumping hips. Stepping leg over leg, Miriam hip tossed Nichole to the ground, but went down with her as Nichole still had her by the hair.

"Uugghh!" grunted Nichole as Miriam fell halfway on top of her.

"Oooww!" barked my girlfriend as the blonde yanked her off and rolled on top.

Miriam jerked back on Nichole's hair, forcing her off. Their legs leapt together and locked as they now went rolling back and forth in one spot on the lawn pulling hair and grinding tits. I could hear soft catfighting sounds coming out between their bodies as they had their faces buried together and hidden by hair as they rolled back and forth. Their legs went up and down, trying to wrap around the other's waist or hip, but as of yet, neither was able to do it.

"Uum, shit," I heard Miriam say as Nichole finally won the battle of the legs and scissored her around the waist.

The muscles of Nichole's tan legs looked great as they wrapped around my girlfriend and flexed. I could hear Miriam groan each time the blonde's thighs surged on her. Miriam moved her left hand south and slid it around the back of Nichole's right thigh toward her snatch. Finding the blonde's box, Miriam grabbed it and squeezed.

"Aaahh!" jolted the blonde below her.

Miriam ground with her palm, using the denim to chafe Nichole's snatch. Nichole winced, but didn't break her leg lock. Instead she ran her right hand down Miriam's back until she found her ass and the bottom of her black denim shorts. Grabbing the shorts, Nichole pulled it up Miriam's butt. Miriam yelped as her butt parted with the denim now splitting open her pussy lips and burning against her asshole.

"Leggo a my pussy," Nichole demanded.

"Leggo a my ass!" countered Miriam.

Both still had a fist of hair, and Miriam was still on top with Nichole's legs around her, as both continued with what they were doing. Nichole slapped Miriam's ass. Miriam slapped Nichole across the thigh.

"I said, leggo my pussy, bitch!" said Nichole, unlocking her legs now and giving Miriam a punch in the ribs.

"Uugghh!" grunted my girl, rolling off.

Nichole rolled clear as well, but both quickly got back to her knees and grabbed each other by the hair.

"Uuuunnngggg!!" sang Nichole, getting her head shaken back and forth.

"Fuuuuuck!!" Miriam swore, jerked side to side.

"Bitch!" yelled Nichole, slapping Miriam's cheek. POP!

"Slut!" Miriam shouted, slapping Nichole's cheek. POW!

"Whore!" Nichole slapped again.

"Cunt!" Miriam matched her.

They slapped each other sideways, landing almost head to toe of each other as they were both looking at the other's pussy. Quickly they went for each other as they wrapped their legs around the other's head/shoulders and started undoing their shorts.

"Nnnooo!" cried the blonde as her button-fly was opened up.

"Yikes!" yelped the brunette as her zipper unzipped.

Squeezing their thighs around the other's head impaired their vision, but both managed to grab the front of each other's thong and yank.

"Oooooohhhh!!" screamed Nichole as her pussy parted.

"Aaaaaaahhhh!!" Miriam cried, taking a frontal wedgie.

The two girls were laying side-by-side, but they went into a couple of fast rolls over each other with Miriam coming out on top. Pulling her head out of Nichole's thighs, Miriam plunged her face in the blonde's exposed shorts.

It was hard to see just how good a bite Miriam got on Nichole's cunt, but however good or bad it was, it was enough to make Nichole scream and buck and send Miriam flopping sideways off of her.

Laying on their backs a few feet apart, Miriam and Nichole collected themselves as both worked on her shorts and rubbed themselves. I thought it had been a pretty good catfight, and so far Miriam's bite had been the highlight of the fight. I sorta wondered if Nichole would want to fight on.

"Well, bitch?" asked Miriam, sitting up after a minute or two.

Nichole still rubbed herself, "It's not over, bitch!"

"Looks to me like it is, bitch," said my girl, combing back her hair.

"Well it's not, bitch," snarled the blonde, sitting up.

"Then get up and let's finish it," said Miriam, slowly rising. "I bet ya can't even stand."

"Fuck you," said Nichole, starting to get up. "You're the one that won't be gettin' up after I get done with ya."

Miriam and Nichole continued to cuss each other as they stepped forward and started pulling hair. Their pulling was fast and furious as they spun around in circle trying to bald each other.

"Ooooowww!!" cried out Miriam, losing a handful from around back.

Nichole called her cunt as she threw down the hair and slapped my girl hard across the cheek. Miriam doubled over and Nichole grabbed the back of her yellow top and pulled it over her head.

"Nnnooo!" yelled Miriam, trying to keep her top on as her arms were tied up in it around her head.

Nichole completed the undress as she put Miriam in a side headlock and threw down the top. Miriam threw her arms around Nichole's waist as the blonde balled up her left fist and popped her in the face. The blow landed just below the right eye, cutting the flesh and forming a mouse.

"Bitch, I'm gonna tear your titties off," threatened the blonde, grabbing Miriam's big bra.

But before she could pull it down, Miriam bit her on the waist, making her scream and lose her headlock.

"You bitch," said Nichole sourly, checking the teeth marks left on her skin.

"That's what ya get, bitch, for tryin' to tear off my tits," said Miriam, rubbing her cheek.

"I'm gonna knock your fuckin' ass out," promised the blonde, closing her hands.

"Bring it on, slut," said Miriam, raising her fists.

I'd seen girls catfight before, but I'd never seen them fist fight, and let me tell you, it's sure something to see because there's no rhythm or reasoning, just pure fisting. Stepping toe-to-toe Miriam and Nichole went to 'fist city' as they threw all caution out the window and got it on. Miriam landed a crisp right cross to Nichole's chin as the blonde peeled the hide off the brunette's lower lip with her knuckles. Miriam's left hook smashed over Nichole's right cheekbone, cutting the flesh with her ring. Nichole staggered sideways from the blow, but countered with a hook of her own that jarred the back of Miriam's jaw. Miriam's knees knocked upon impact and she missed badly with a looping hook. Nichole ducked down and came up firing a powerful right uppercut that busted Miriam's left tit, literally knocking it out of the big cup of the bra.

"Uuuuunnnppphhh!!" grunted my girlfriend as her enormous DDD flopped up and down as she doubled over and took a thigh to the face as Nichole tried to knee her. Still, the thigh lifted Miriam upright and reeling backwards as Nichole moved forward with a punch. Luckily, the blonde's fist just missed Miriam's open chin, but she grabbed her by the hair and slung her in a circle. Miriam screamed, but bulled forward and tackled Nichole. They grunted as they went to the ground awkwardly, rolling onto their sides. Twisting and trying to get around, their legs tangled up as they rolled into a sitting position facing each other. Leg over leg with one around the other's hip, the blonde and brunette reached out for each other's big breasts.

"Ooooowww!!" cried Miriam as her bare left breast felt Nichole's fingernails digging deep. Nichole groaned as Miriam grabbed her breasts, but her tank top and bra absorbed most of Miriam's fingernails, limiting the damage. "Oooouuuch!!" Miriam screamed as her bare areola was now pinched as Nichole tore down the rest of her bra. Miriam managed to tear open Nichole's tank top as Nichole grabbed both of her big boobs and slammed them together.

"Ssshhit! Mmmy fuuuckin' t-i-t-s!" howled my girlfriend, switching tactics and grabbing Nichole's hair.

Miriam yanked Nichole sideways as the blonde dragged her down with her by the breasts. Once on the ground, Nichole grabbed the back of Miriam's hair as they now went into a series of rolls pulling hair and screaming. Miriam stopped on top, but Nichole jerked her off by the hair.

"Oooowww!" cried the brunette, yanked over on her ass.

Nichole tried to straddle her, but once again their legs became intertwined and they found themselves sitting up and facing each other with their legs wrapped around the other's hips.

"Oh you, bitch!" shouted Nichole, latching on to Miriam's big tits again.

"Aaaahhh...ggaawwdd!!" cried Miriam, throwing back her head as her hands tried to pull down Nichole's thick bra.

The blonde wrung out the brunette's rotund areolas before she could get her hands on her bare breasts.

"Sssshhhit!" swore Nichole, once her bra was down and her tits clamped upon.

"Fuuuuuuuck!! Fuuuuuck!!" cried Miriam as Nichole ran her fingernails down her tits and sliced them open.

The look I saw in Nichole's eyes was frightening. I could tell that she was determined to maim my girlfriend for life as she leaned down and bit the shit out of Miriam's left areola while using her right hand to cup my girlfriend's pussy and squeeze.

"Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggg!!!!" screamed the brunette, bouncing violently up and down on her ass as she slapped the shit out of Nichole's face. But Nichole was still pinching Miriam's pussy lips thru her shorts as she leaned back down and bite her across the top of her right tit. "Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggg!!!!" cried my girlfriend again, throwing punches into the blonde's body. Nichole took a shot to her left tit and one against her right ribs before she let go and did a somersault clear of Miriam's kicking legs.

Miriam rolled over face down and curled up in a tight ball, holding her tits. She was sobbing hysterically and I knew for a fact that it was over and that she couldn't fight on. I looked over and saw Jim tending to Nichole, who was sitting on her knees, staring at Miriam and ready to fight some more.

"She's had it," I said. "It's over, Nichole. You've won."

Nichole smiled slightly and nodded. "I...knew...that...slut...couldn'"

The victorious blonde looked sexy and hot sitting there on her knees with her bare breasts heaving for me. Her hair was all ruffled, and she had a cute bruise forming on her cheekbone, and I thought again about what it would be like to fuck her.

Miriam was a mess when I rolled her over. She had an eye closing and her bottom lip was fat and pulped. Her tits were glowing with deep, red welts and teeth marks. Her left areola was very purple and her thong was pulled up her snatch. She was crying and having trouble catching her breath as her nose ran with snot and stuff. Her hair was in disarray, and there was a bare spot in the back where she had lost some. She looked up at me, ashamed and afraid that I might leave her. She had lost and lost pretty badly, and she knew it.

"Now, now," I said, leaning down to her. "I love you, baby. I love you very much and want you to be my wife."