Maggie Grace vs. Arielle Kebbel by Interac

Michelle Trachtenberg was on Arielle Kebbel’s computer screen and they were talking about the brawl that they took part in.

“She had the nerve to get in my face and say the only reason I was able to humiliate her the way I did was because she had already fought Paris Hilton. I don’t care what anyone says about us being to evenly match to pick a winner.”

“They're idiots!” Arielle said

“Damn straight, when Katie and I do face off. When she is 100 Percent and has no excuses all that’s going to happen is her being in the same position. Me sitting atop her chest just choosing when to slap her punch her, rip some hair out. Just put us in a room together and see who comes out.”

Arielle sat back and looked at her friend, whose face was red. “Something happened didn’t it?”

“I heard something happened with you? What was it?”

“I ran into Maggie Grace, we never did anything to serious just stare at each other. I told her we need to finish what got started and she agreed. She’ll be here soon and I got everything set up so you can watch what happens, even if it goes outside.”

“Awesome I hope you make her beg for mercy.”

“I will, so tell me what happened with you.”

“I ran into Katie Holmes and we got into each other’s faces and I slapped her, got tired of her mouth.”

“Yah, did she go down”

“No, she slapped me back and I went down. I got embarrassed and jumped at her legs and we wrestled on the floor and people came to break it up, she was on top. When they separated us… Her smile and her laughing at me, it just made me want to fight her.”

There was a knock on the door and suddenly Arielle’s sweet and innocent face became malicious and full of hate. “Are you going to watch this?”

“You got anything special planned.”

Arielle opened her desk drawer and took out a paddle, “I’m going to spank her with this and make her scream my name and say she is my b###h.”

“Nice, so how many are watching this.” All Arielle could do was shake her
The knock was even louder and more frequent now. Arielle put back down the paddle and went to the door. She was wearing a pair of blue cut off jean shorts and white cotton tank top, when she opened the door, Maggie Grace just walked right in “About time and here I thought you had chickened out.”

“What you thought I chickened out of a fight with you. I’ve already proven that you can’t beat me this is just going to make it official.”

She stared at Maggie who was wearing a blue tank top with jeans shorts as well. Maggie surveyed the room. All things that can be used as weapons were gone, there were a couple of tables and desks pushed to the wall and some furniture as well all pushed back to the wall.


Arielle got in closer to Maggie “So this is it. Tell me, is this your first fight Maggie”

“Yes it is, if you don’t count what you and I did the other week.”

“I don’t, so we are both in our first fight.”

There was a silence in the house as they stared at each other, waiting to make a move. When they first got into a fight, their adrenaline was going because of all that was going on around them and they wanted to join in. Now it was just the two of them and as they continued there stare down.

“Well Maggie.” Arielle said with some unease “I’m getting the feeling that you don’t really want to fight me.”

Arielle finished that statement with a shove and Maggie came back and shoved Arielle. “Oh you couldn’t be more wrong.”

Arielle put her two hands onto Maggie’s collar bones and Maggie did the same and the two started trying to push the other down. They went back and forth and nearly threw the other down to their side. Both women having their bodies at nearly ninety degree angles to their left and they swayed to their right.

Arielle pushed forward arching Maggie backwards but then Maggie regained the stalemate and was the one who shoved Arielle down to the floor

“Ahhh look at the tough girl on her flat ass! Do you wanna cry, tough girl?”

Arielle slapped her knees as she pushed herself up. “Shut up you lousy b###h!!!” Arielle growled as she connected with a hard slap that reverberated through the entire house.

Maggie was bent over to one side holding her cheek then came up and hit her own hard slap. Arielle was now feeling her own cheek and smiled a little smile then came up and hit another slap.

That was answered with a slap to Arielle. Both women paused for a moment, and they just looked at each other, one hand up to their own cheeks. There were tears welling in both women’s eyes and they fought to keep them in check. Their eyes never left the other woman’s.

“You want to learn this lesson again Maggie. Then fine, I’ll teach it again!!!” Arielle hit a slap but not before Maggie hit her first, then like a domino falling it all started coming down.

Slap after slap, both women were just standing in the middle of the room with their arms swinging and eyes closed. Some slaps connected with the others faces, a great deal just hit the other’s flailing arm. Maggie got hit with a solid hard slap, but all she was saying to herself was “can’t let her put me down again.’

Then Arielle totally missed the mark and was out of defense as neither hand was going for a slap, and she got hit with Maggie’s right, then left, then another right and Maggie hit her with a back hand that caused some spit to come out of Arielle’s face and made Arielle back up.

When she did Maggie started to fall forward and into Arielle Kebbel. Both women were completely off balance and stumbled to the wall. Maggie was back to standing up straight and she and Arielle both now had their tired arms down at the other woman’s waist. While their heads were resting on their opponent’s shoulder, they were their seemingly resting for a moment. They both felt the other woman’s tears roll down their shoulders

They brought their heads up and looked at each other and as soon as their eyes met, the tears dried up and the hatred that was now intense took over. Their hands quickly came up into the other’s hair. Arielle was a tad quicker and turned Maggie and slammed her head into the wall.

Maggie got Arielle to the wall again and slammed her head into it twice. The kept going back forth along the wall slamming the other’s head into it as much as they could until Arielle turned Maggie and the two tripped up in the couch. Arielle was on top and Maggie lost her grip on Kebbel’s hair.

Now Arielle hit three hard slaps while still holding Grace’s hair with one hand. “Come on Maggie, just give up now you know I got you beat.” Maggie was waving her arms trying to get Arielle to stop but Kebbel would slow down and pick her spot and just hit a hard slap.

She kept coming on the couch more and more while Maggie’s legs still hung over the side. Maggie wasn’t giving in though and was able to get her right arm up and on the right side of Arielle’s chin and shoved the slightly younger actress off the couch and to the floor

Arielle hit her head and rolled away back to the middle of the room and just held her head. She was breathing hard and finally sat on her bum and put her hands behind her back and just stared across at Maggie Grace.

While Arielle was on her stomach, so was Maggie but still on the couch. She was crying and her cheek was stinging from all the slaps Arielle had hit her with. She now rolled off the couch and still had her back resting against the couch. She was staring across the room at Arielle, all each could do was breathe hard.

She wanted to make some snide remark, or challenge her to get up and finish the fight. All they were actually doing was staring and taking a break. Their young chests heaving up and down as both had a sweat stain running down the middle of their shirts between their breasts.

Arielle finally broke the silence as she seen the red swelling on Maggie’s face from the repeated slaps. “How does it feel Maggie…? How did my hand feel smacking you at will?”

“Have you looked in a mirror Arielle, have you completely forgotten who hit more slaps when we stood up and traded.” Arielle brought her hand up to her face and immediately cringed. “Now Arielle, tell me how it feels to know that no matter what… I will win.”

They stared at each other with hateful glares and started to get up to their feet when Arielle charged in screaming “NO”

Maggie had taken a few steps but could not react in time for Arielle’s speed at which she ran. The two women collided and Arielle knocked Maggie back down onto the couch and slipped in a slap. She was sitting on Maggie’s thighs, her full body onto the couch and yanked Maggie’s face upwards by hauling on the back of her hair as hard as she could.

“Open your eyes b###h.” Maggie slowly opened her eyes and peered up into Arielle Kebbel’s eyes “Now you know I’m more than talk Maggie, I’ve been wanting to kick someone ass and I’m so glad it was your pathetic ass. I am better looking than you, I’m more talented than you, and I…”

Maggie was able to get hands between the two bodies and in an incredible feat of strength pushed Arielle off of her and back down to the ground. Maggie stayed on the couch for a moment that slowly got up to her feet and Arielle rushed at her again. This time Maggie side stepped her and as Kebbel went face first into the couch she was hit in the back by a double ax-handle.

She grabbed at Arielle’s legs and threw them up on the couch and then sat on Arielle’s back and started hitting slaps to the back of Arielle’s neck and head. “Not saying nothing now Arielle, come on I dare you to tell me how.”

Maggie Grace wrapped both of her hands in Arielle’s hair and yanked her head back and brought her face down and bit down a little on Arielle’s cheek. “You want to say how much better than you are than me… SAY IT”

Arielle reached back and was able to grab at Maggie’s hair and twist her head and then she started rocking her body until both fell off the couch.

Kebbel went to say something but all she could do was scream her lungs out as Maggie locked on a body scissors. Arielle’s screams only made Maggie add more pressure as she leaned back and exerted more pressure on Arielle.

She needed more though as she could feel Kebbel’s long nails scratch at her thighs. She reached and grabbed the top of Arielle’s short blonde hair with her left hand and yanked it upwards and then started hitting very hard roundhouse slaps that started from the floor and she would twist her entire body and hit the slap.

After the third one her arm was getting tired from the motion and her hand stung from the impact of the blow. Arielle was nearly out of it now as she still scratched at Maggie’s legs. That finally got out a little squeal out of Maggie, but then Grace hauled back even harder on Kebbel’s hair actually ripping some out Arielle’s head.

Kebbel screamed her lungs out and was able to turn a little and her arms slammed down onto Maggie’s chest. Grace grunted but her eyes were focused on Arielle’s hair as she continued to try and haul as much out as possible.

Maggie never even noticed what was about to happen until the pain hit her and she screamed her head off. She let go of the scissors and of Arielle’s hair and rolled away. For the first time in her life she had her breasts savagely squeezed.

Arielle was on her stomach gasping for air and she unbuttoned her jean shorts and zipped them down a little trying to get air. Finally breathing at a normal rate again, she slowly got up, and slicked her messed up hair back. At the same time that Arielle was recovering Maggie was as well

She got to her knees and opened her eyes and looked down the boob. The fabric around it was torn from Arielle’s grasp and Maggie could not believe that someone would do that in a fight. She started to get back to her feet and turned around and Arielle was back on her feet now as well.

“You slut you actually dug into my boob. I’ll kill you” Maggie lunged at Arielle going for her hair but Kebbel ducked below it and brought her knee up into Maggie’s stomach.

That move would have made Maggie drop down to her knees but Arielle made sure she stayed on her feet so she could hit one more hard knee into Maggie’s stomach. She then let her drop face first.

Maggie was gasping for air as Arielle was just moments ago. She was on her knees and chest with her bum up in the air. She brought her hands down and undid her jean shorts hoping it would help get her air back. Arielle on the other hand was doubled over and still recovering from all that Maggie had done to her just before.

She finally followed up and kicked Maggie in the ass sending her down to the floor completely. She then sat on Maggie’s back with her two legs on either side of Maggie’s body. She reached down and grabbed the back of Maggie’s hair and yanked back getting a loud scream from the lost star.

“This is it you b###h, I’m ending this now” Arielle said right before she threw her body downwards putting all her weight into slamming Maggie’s beautiful face to the floor. Maggie had her arms folded in front of her and that was what her face had hit.

Arielle stayed atop Maggie resting; she then slowly started standing up but she still had grace’s hair and brought her up to her feet. The fronts of both women’s tops were drenched in sweat and their young bosom’s outlines could be seen through the sweat soaked fabric.

Arielle walked a few steps and then threw Maggie towards a table that was pushed to the wall. The Lost starlet’s stomach hit and she jerked forward her body now on the table and her bum directly in Arielle’s sights. Her jean shorts which she had unbuttoned were a little lower that what they should be and Arielle could see Maggie’s thong.

As she got there, Maggie turned quickly and hit a knee to Arielle’s side. That move caused Arielle to fall down to one knee, and Maggie quickly got her arm around the back of Arielle’s neck and lifted her up to her feet and applied a front choke but before she could add any true pressure, Arielle reached around Maggie’s waist

Grasping at the thong with both hands she yanked upwards, getting a yell from Maggie and it also caused Grace’s knee to jerk upwards and hit Kebbel in-between the boobs.

She let go and fell down to her ass, while Maggie stepped backwards and turned around trying to get over the pain of a wedgie. She had to remove her shorts completely and turned her head and looked over at Arielle was on her ass sitting down holding her chest.

Maggie let her shorts drop and then turned and grabbed at Arielle’s legs lifting them up. Her only attention was at getting Kebbel’s shorts. She grabbed a hold of the shorts and started screaming “you thought this was over, not a chance. I’m going to hurt you so bad for what you just did.”

She nearly had the shorts off while Arielle continued fighting it trying anything to stop her jean shorts from being taken off. She gave in and brought her knees up to her chest and before Maggie could react Arielle straightened her own very powerful and shapely legs and that move threw Maggie Grace up into the air and slammed her back against the wall.

Arielle lost her shorts in doing to the move but just stayed on the ground waiting. Maggie ended up slinking back down to the ground where Arielle was waiting and as Maggie fell forward, Arielle raised her legs and got Maggie into a body scissors.

She got her legs wrapped around Maggie’s ribs about halfway up her body and the moment she locked her feet and added pressure; Maggie’s head shot up for a scream and then she collapsed her head towards Arielle’s chest.

Kebbel looked down at the blonde hair and could feel Maggie’s tears on her chest. “Just give up Maggie, you know you’re beaten.” She exerted more pressure and she could feel Maggie’s scream on her sweat soaked chest.

She started ripping hair out of Maggie’s head, and all Maggie could think about was how she was indeed beaten. She knew how Arielle got out of the leg scissors that Maggie had put on, but Kebbel had her arms trapped.

She was about to surrender when she opened her mouth and thought of something. She moved her face more onto one of Arielle’s breasts. Kebbel could feel her do this and thought about what could possibly happen; afraid of the answer she was about to add more pressure, to insure her victory.

Instead she found herself screaming as the most unthinkable occurrence took place. Maggie Grace had closed her mouth on Arielle’s titflesh. All Arielle could do was let go of the scissors, and start hitting slaps to Maggie’s head.

That never worked as Maggie was able to shift her body so she was now entirely on top of Arielle and still with the bite. Arielle Kebbel was tearing hair out of Maggie’s head but could not take no more and screamed “Enough, Enough… Leave me alone you win.”

Maggie let go and brought her face upwards so she could look down at Arielle Kebbel who had her eyes closed and was just thankful that Maggie Grace had finally stopped biting her.

Her tears were rolling down her cheeks and it made Maggie smile. Maggie was completely on top of Arielle as she wrapped legs around Arielle’s and then grabbed her arms and held them down. “Oh Arielle, can you stop crying long enough to tell me who won the fight.”

Maggie’s face was just a mere inch away from Arielle’s as Kebbel opened her eyes and simply said “You won, now leave my house you cheating b###h.”

Maggie gyrated her entire body atop Arielle’s in a sign of superiority and that move caused a gasp from both women “Just leave the house you won Maggie.”

Maggie tossed her hair to the side and bit down gently on Arielle’s cheek “Ok just so long as you know how much better I am than you and I think you do know that. I mean I was lucky to find tit just then.”

“My tits are just as big if not bigger, now will you just get up and leave my house!!!”

Maggie twisted her body side to side and then got up “Fine, as long as we both know I kicked your ass!!!” Maggie got up to her feet and stood over Arielle and flexed a little bit and then Kebbel slammed a punch upwards hitting Maggie square in the womanhood.

“Just couldn’t leave could you?”

Maggie was on the floor just to the right of Arielle; the Lost starlet was on her knees with her face on the floor she was gasping and choking after what Arielle had done to her. She gasped out “You…. Gave … Up”

“I told you to leave my house and you didn’t” Arielle sat up on her bum and twirled around brought her legs up her chest and kicked out hitting Maggie in the sides and the impact of the move rolled Grace close to five feet.

Arielle Kebbel got back on her feet, her hand still caressing her boob. She looked down at the tank top and sure enough there was a tear where Maggie’s teeth had been. She got over to where Maggie was at; still writhing in pain, Arielle only made it worse when she brought her foot up and stomped it down on Grace’s stomach.

Maggie convulsed quickly after the move and her legs kicked out tripping Arielle up. Kebbel hit her head and cursed to herself at this b###hes luck, Arielle shook her head trying to clear all the cobwebs and the fatigue from this long fight and Maggie had barely moved though.

Just moaning and groaning still hurting from the three kicks she received from Arielle Kebbel. Kebbel slowly crawled and was now sitting astride Maggie Grace’s legs, her two knees on the outside of Maggie’s two knees. “You b###h, I hate you.”

Arielle Kebbel screamed right before she brought a clinched right fist up and slammed down on Maggie Grace’s chin. After the punch Arielle nearly fell off of Maggie as she was now lying over Maggie’s breasts and arm. She put her hands down flat to the floor and pushed herself back up and looked down at Maggie who lay with her face covered by her other arm. She was sobbing softly.

“I still owe you for something you lousy b###h.” Arielle then brought her teeth down onto one of Maggie’s boobs. If she weren’t so busy biting down on Maggie’s breast she would have had a huge smile from the screams of Maggie Grace. She finally let up and brought her head up swinging her hair from side to side. She looked down with great delight at the tear filled face of Maggie Grace.

“You know you said something about my tits a little while ago and I seriously don’t know why your trying to brag.” Arielle put her hands under Maggie’s shirt and slid it off of the Lost Star. “The Golden Globes people talked about your chest; I know why you had them bunched together like this.”

Kebbel put a hand on the outside of each breast and squeezed Maggie’s boobs together and then started pushing them up and down. All Maggie Grace could do was screaming until Arielle stopped.

“So Maggie how does it feel to have victory snatched away from you. Listen I’m tired of this I knew that you might have given me a bit of a fight but come on we both knew that I would end up win….Maggie are you listening to me.”

“I…give…” Maggie muttered out before her eyes were closed and she passed out “Damn it you never admitted defeat…Oh well, there is one way to prove if you really are passed out.”

Arielle stood up and sat on Maggie’s face. There was no reaction from Maggie as Arielle grinded her clothed womanhood on Maggie Graces faces but got no reaction from Maggie. No defense no nothing.

Arielle got up to her feet and dragged Maggie to the couch and put her onto it so only her face and chest was on it but ass her was up in the air. Arielle gently stroked her hated opponent’s ass and then said “I told a friend I was going to do something to that ass when I won; about time I did it.”

As Arielle walked away, the seemingly passed out Maggie grace turned her head and watched Arielle disappear. She wiped her face and cursed at Arielle for putting that stinky box on her perfect face.

She got up and put her back to the wall and waited for Arielle to come out. Kebbel did come out “Oh Maggie now this is how you end a fight. Where are…”

Suddenly Arielle felt the back of her being grabbed and she was swung face first into the wall. Maggie turned her around and though exhausted and close to passing out she was able to hit a hard knee to Arielle’s stomach. She then rested for a moment as Arielle started falling forward, she could hear Arielle say “You were out.”

Maggie stood back up and took Arielle’s shirt off her head and as it came completely off and Kebbel’s young body was completely up right. Maggie than balled up her fist and hit a haymaker that put both women down to the floor. Maggie was on top of Arielle and could still hear her mumbling.

“Your not out yet…Good, I’m just getting started.”

It was an outright lie, and Arielle knew how exhausted Maggie was because she was feeling the same way as Maggie; completely exhausted. The only thing that fueled these two women to stay awake was an intense hatred that grew more and more as they continued to fight.

Maggie Grace pushed herself up she was looking down at Arielle Kebbel and she did the same thing to Arielle that was done to her. Pressing Kebbel’s two breasts together and pushing upwards.

They were both screaming now Maggie in delight and Arielle in pain. Kebbel scratched at Maggie’s arms and could feel herself giving in to the pain. Her eyes started fluttering and she was starting to black out when Maggie let go.

Maggie collapsed onto Arielle, her sweat soaked breasts on the side of Arielle’s sweet and innocent face. It was not a breast smother finishing move; it was just a rest position, Maggie felt she just won the fight.

She put her hands onto Arielle’s shoulders and pushed herself back up “two times Arielle, two times I beat you…” Maggie nearly passed out but was able to catch herself and stay sitting atop Arielle. “What was it you had in your hands when you came out...”

Maggie turned one way and looked for it and then the other and seen the paddle. She turned back and looked down at Arielle who it seemed was waking up. Maggie got off of Arielle and slowly started walking towards the paddle.

As she got to it and bent down to pick it up Arielle tackled her legs from behind and the paddle went flying halfway across the room and near the door to the outside deck. Maggie’s body hit the floor but she sent her elbow back connecting with Arielle’s head before Arielle could do anymore.

Maggie started crawling towards the paddle and Arielle shook her head trying to clear her vision and seen Maggie crawling towards the weapon. “No, its mine”

Arielle crawled a foot then lunged her body and caught her two feet and was able to in what could have been her last bit of power she hauled Maggie back towards her. Maggie’s face hit the floor and she silently cursed to herself about not being able to finish this and wondered what Arielle had planned.

Arielle Kebbel sat on Maggie’s back and this time caught Grace’s back elbow and turned Maggie onto her back. Arielle just stayed there sitting on Maggie’s belly now and holding down Maggie’s arms by the biceps.

As she looked down at Maggie and Maggie’s eyes opened and now the two women who years ago started as friends. Now here they were both involved in their first fight and as they stared at each other, they both realized what it had taken out of both of them. The hatred that was in each other’s eyes they knew there was no going back to friends.

Their eyes strayed at the other’s sweat soaked bodies, the bra’s that had stayed on through the course of the fight were sweat soaked and their nipples were nearly poking through. “After all that Maggie and this is how you lose, what a shame.”

“What was the paddle for Arielle?”

“After I knock you out you’ll find out…Ever hear the stories of how no matter how violent a fight gets sometimes those two women fighting, they find themselves kissing.”

Arielle brought her lips down near Maggie’s but suddenly stopped and slammed her head down. She hit Maggie’s forehead and she was hurt as well as Maggie grace. Arielle Kebbel rolled off of Maggie and down onto her back lying right next to Maggie Grace.

Both blondes were holding their foreheads and moaning as they were in great pain and very tired. Arielle tried to roll back on top of Maggie but she was pushed back down. A sigh came from Arielle and then Maggie tried to get atop of Arielle but was pushed away.

Arielle turned on her stomach and started crawling towards the paddle, and Maggie started crawling towards it as well. They both crawled up the small step and the paddle was within a few feet of the paddle. They both looked at each other and each fired off a slap and both women connected.

It was not hard slaps but as tired as they were it may as well have been. They fell forward and the only thing keeping them from falling to the floor was each other.

Outside some friends who had been watching the fight from the webcam had come to Arielle’s house. Two of which were Kaley Cuoco who knew Maggie from ABC parties she was there with Evangeline Lilly. While Michelle Trachtenburg showed up with Sarah Wright who used to be in Quintuplets.

“You been watching this too Michelle.”

“Yah and I got to tell you Evangeline, I don’t think either will give in and finally let it end. What was the last thing you seen?”

“Arielle coming out with a paddle, but the others that were watching called and said the tide turned back to Maggie.”

“And then Arielle got it back.”

The other two blondes were not saying much they just stared at each other than all four glanced at the door.

“So what do we do?”

Both exhausted blondes were leaning onto each other and were barely able to lift their arms up. They wanted to grab at the back of the other’s hair but stopped at the bra. Each woman had a grasp on the back of the other’s bra and was pulling at it with whatever strength was left in them.

Maggie was able to get Arielle’s bra unclasped first but just a moment later Arielle had Maggie’s off. In one more act of aggression Maggie opened her mouth and bit down onto Arielle’s trapezius muscle. Unfortunately once Arielle felt the mouth open she did the same. They both fell down and Arielle was on top but her face was in-between Maggie’s now bare breasts.

Both blondes passed out each had a hand outreached onto the paddle; it was never put in use. The doors opened and as they were getting both women apart the debate started as to who actually won the fight.

That would be settled later as they needed to get both away from the other, both women could offer no help as they were completely and totally out cold. Exhausted beyond belief, the only mutterings were sleep talk and both were dreaming of winning the fight and having the other begging for mercy.