Arielle Kebbel vs. Maggie Grace (Rematch) by Interac

Maggie Grace and Evangeline Lilly were coming out of a restaurant. They'd been catching up on things. Since Maggie had been killed off of Lost, she'd had trouble keeping in touch. Evangeline had to mention it as she wanted to all night, she had thought Maggie would have brought it up by now.

"So have things calmed down between you and Arielle?"

Maggie stopped walking, "No, they've gotten worse actually. Anytime we see each other we want to fight but everyone around stops us." She looked at her friend "I don't care what anyone says I won that last fight and if fighting her again and beating her again will settle that."

"Listen there’s something I’ve got to tell you. I was talking to Jamie Pressly, you know she’s friends with Arielle?"

"Please tell me that we are..."

"Damn straight we are, you goddam whore!"

Just then, Arielle appeared around the corner with Jamie Pressly. Maggie’s eyes went wide on seeing her enemy and the two went at each other, each hitting a hard SLAP! But they were broken up before the fight could escalate.

Jamie said, "You both know there’s a crackdown on these kinds of actions. Evangeline and I know you two want this, so we have something set up; a house in the hills where you can fight it out. That OK with everyone?" They both just nodded yes, eager to rip into each other for the second time imagining the other's screams.
When they got to the house, both went upstairs to a large bedroom. Anything that could be used as a weapon had been taken out. Neither wanted the other to have an excuse when she lost. They went to separate washrooms that were adjoined to the main bedroom where they discarded of all their clothing except bra and panties, then each put on a man’s dress shirt.

Arielle and Maggie both wanted this rematch and neither wanted to fight again in reality. They were too evenly matched and hated each other with the same passion. As they came out of the bathrooms and looked up, each saw the other and their eyes focused on her. Then there was a knock on the door. It opened and in walked Jamie and Evangeline with two chairs.

Jamie spoke up, "We wanted to see who’s gonna win."

"I got money on you Maggie; don't disappoint me," Evangeline said with a nervous grin.

Maggie ignored her as she slowly walked towards Arielle who started walking toward her. As they sized each other up, Arielle made the first comment, "All last fight you talked bout how you had the better body. You were joking, right?"

"Years ago you stole my boyfriend and I thought we were friends," Maggie hissed.

"Wrong Maggie, I RESCUED him. Poor guy was dying for fun - and I showed him some."

"Well, your new man - the one you've been dating for a year now Arielle... I ‘rescued’ him last week. And you know what? He couldn't stop talking about how much better my body was than..."

Arielle's eyes grew wide and she interrupted, "You…you didn't…he didn't...couldn’t…"

Maggie smiled and said quite proudly "Oh but we DID over and over. He couldn’t get enough of a good thing."

Arielle screamed something incoherent and lunged at Maggie who dodged and stepped back. "Oh God, how he loved it!"

"As much as that man you had a few years ago...Didn't he promise you that spot on Gilmour Girls, the one I ended up getting. Guess that was ONE WAY to find out who was better in be..." Arielle sneered.

"You..." Maggie tried but couldn't finish her thought. Instead, she lunged at Arielle who slapped her aside and started pacing around the room; she’d regained some delight in reminding Maggie of what had happened years ago.

Maggie cooled herself down; she’d since gotten her role in ‘Lost’. "Didn't you try out for Lost, and well, you ‘Lost’ alright, lost out to me!"

Arielle lunged at Maggie at the same time Maggie lunged at he. They crashed together and tumbled to the floor, trying to get at the other's hair. Their hands were smacking against each other and moving around like they were playing a game when Arielle got her foot into Maggie's stomach and kicked her away. They both rolled away and got to their feet.

Maggie stared into Arielle's eyes and saw hatred but Arielle smiled and purred, "You’ve no idea how long I waited for this moment."

Maggie started to smile, “From the moment you woke up and realized that nothing was really settled between us."

"That sounds about right." Arielle pretended to rush into Maggie who moved to a side and had her fist rose.

Maggie made like she was moving towards Arielle, which made the Grudge 2 star react and swing her fist at where she thought Maggie would have been. They both made mocking nods and had sarcastic smiles.

"You think your something else doesn't you Arielle."

"I think I'm better than you in every way..."

"That a joke... Why don't you prove it Arielle?" Maggie put her hands up for a test of strength. "Show me if you're stronger than me Arielle"

"I'd be glad to!" Arielle raised her hands over her head and slowly came towards Maggie. She knew that it would be unwise to meet Maggie with both hands so she brought her left hand down to waist level. Maggie walked into Arielle, they were both nervous, and now had their hands just a few inches apart with their fingers twitching. Both wanted to do this but were nervous about starting, this whole fight was a pile of nerves for each.

They had people watching; it was a rematch of one of the most evenly matched fights anyone in Hollywood had ever heard about. They finally locked hands and both tried to push the other down. Maggie could feel the pressure on her fingers and gasped.

Arielle was going to gasp but hearing Maggie do so first made Arielle want to end this quick to prove a point. She pushed one hand forward, bringing Maggie's arm behind her back. "That's right bitch, I'm your better and I'm proving..."

She never got to finish as Maggie shifted her feet and Arielle went forward almost falling down. Now Maggie had all the leverage and she was using it. Arielle's screams were getting close to surrender, “See, that's why I challenged you to this Arielle; because I knew I was going to win."

"Noooo." Arielle went forward and her shoulder hit Maggie's knee and brought her down to the ground where she got on top of her. "I don't believe you're stronger."

Maggie twisted her hips and before Arielle was able to sit on her stomach and definitely win that battle. Maggie and Arielle were both on their knees and slammed chests. They had their arms over their heads. They were like that for a few minutes when Jamie and Evangeline got up because they realized the truth. No one was going to win this test of strength.

Maggie and Arielle realized it too. It was another statement to how evenly matched they were. They let go of the finger locks and backed away from the other and just sat there on their fine Asses and looked at each other. Same as last fight, they'd battle it out in a specific type of fight and no winner could be claimed and they'd end up staring at each other.

"This fight is not going to end in a draw Maggie...I am going to win the fight."

"You're right Arielle...It wont' end in a draw but I'm going to win it."

"Well why don't you get up and try to prove that and see me prove you wrong and myself right."

They stared at each other menacingly for a moment than both hopped up to their feet and Maggie went to slap Arielle who was going low and tackled Maggie to the ground. She sat up and slapped Maggie hard in the face. She went for another but Grace got her arm up to block it.

She then used Arielle's own momentum to knock her off the top position. Maggie rolled with her and got on top and slapped Arielle. Unfortunately when Maggie rolled on top of Arielle, the younger actress got her leg in-between the two and kicked Maggie away.

Arielle got up to her feet a split second before Maggie and ran at her lifting her up in the air and slamming Maggie into the wall. Maggie's head snapped back and then her body fell onto Arielle's back. Arielle couldn't believe her luck she was truly winning the fight and she could hear Jamie

"Finish it Arielle, finish her."

Arielle was smiling, they couldn't see it but she was. She grabbed at the back of Maggie's legs and tripped her down to the ground. She quickly sat onto Maggie's stomach her knees on Maggie's sides and Graces shirt was rolled up revealing her panties.

Arielle lifted her left hand up and slapped Maggie as hard as she could. Then lifted her right hand up and slapped her again. She repeated it and then looked at Jamie and smiled and said, "Told you I could beat he... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHrrrr"

Maggie got a hand free and dug her nails on the inside of Arielle's leg as hard and as deep as she could. The other two winced as they saw where Grace's hand came from. She got her other hand free and she threw a fist that got Arielle in the face and knocked her from the top.

Maggie got on top of Arielle and hit two slaps and called Arielle a bitch. She then hit two more and actually spit on Arielle's face, “You bitch I hate you, I hate you." She kept saying she hated Arielle while hitting slaps.

"Come on get up you whore." She started lifting Arielle up by the back of the neck and Arielle knew she had to do something so as she was being brought up to her feet she grabbed Maggie's shirt and fell back down. Maggie Grace barely got her hands up to block the impact.

Her face hit the wall and she slunk down to her hands and knees holding her face. Arielle crawled away to get a slight breather. She pulled herself up by the bed and turned around and Maggie was up to her feet as well with a reddened bruise on her head from the wall.

"That the best you got Arielle, throwing me into a wall. I knew that you couldn't beat me without using something."

"Let's get one thing straight you bitch. I don't care how I do it, but I will beat you and when I do, I'll make sure everyone hears about how pathetic of a loser you really are."

"That's not going to happen Arielle, you are going to end up beaten and bloody and I'm going to have your blood on my hands."

"Then come on Maggie make me bleed because I'm going to make you bleed."

The two women got tired of talking and ran at each other and both women's hands found the others hair and they wrapped as much hair in their hands as possible. It was to the point where Jamie and Evangeline could not even their hands just saw blond hair and wrist.

They shook each other's head and got screams. Their bodies twisted one way then the other. Two minutes straight of that and they ended up twisting their torso's one way and both fell to the floor and started rolling around the floor. Each screamed, as the rolling was fast and furious.

Neither was getting an advantage and worked their way back to their feet where the struggle continued and the two slammed hard into the wall. They finally let go of the hair pulls as they fell down to their knees.

They were breathing heavy and Arielle looked up at Maggie and her out of place hair and slapped her hard in the face. Maggie nearly fell but caught herself and went to answer Arielle's slap but was hit again. Again Maggie stopped herself from going down but it got a yell from Arielle who pushed forward slamming Maggie down to the ground.

Arielle was on Maggie's back and yanked her head back by the back of the hair and in front of the other two women she started hitting hard punches to Maggie's beautiful face. Maggie reached back desperately and a grip on Arielle's sleeve's stopping the onslaught but she wasn't done.

She fell forward and flipped Arielle over her shoulder. Arielle landed on her back and Grace's fist started pumping; hitting punch after punch to the younger actresses face. Before Maggie could say anything about what she was doing, Arielle kicked her two feet up and got Maggie in the collarbones.

Maggie fell back onto her ass and had to get away because she was still hurting from the previous onslaught of punches just as Arielle was hurting from Maggie's attack and scurried away in an opposite direction.

She got to a wall and turned around and leaned back against it and looked at Maggie who had crawled to the other side of the room. Maggie had a mouse around her right eye and she brought her hand up to her face, and touched the forming bruise and winced. Arielle laughed, "Bet that hurts as much as losing your role on Lost." Arielle felt something trickling down her mouth as she spoke.

She brought her hand up and touched the back of her hand to just below her lips. When she looked at her hand and was shocked to see blood. And her lip had been fattened from what Maggie had done to her.

"Bet that hurt as much as losing that role on Lost to me." Maggie said getting back Arielle got back up to hers as well and there eye's locked and they never ran but slowly walked toward each other like something was said. Like a challenge was made by one and accepted by the other. Evangeline and Jamie sat down and were in shock, they never seen anything like that in the MIDDLE of a fight!!!!

As if on command, the two women grabbed the other shirt with their left hands and then started firing rights. They were going toe to toe in the middle of the room. Closed right fists connecting with faces, for any punch Arielle hit Maggie answered it.

For those two the punches were hard, and tears rolled down each face. Maggie changed speeds and used a Canadian move no doubt taught to her by Evangeline Lilly. She pulled Arielle's shirt over her head and hit two uppercuts and Arielle dropped down to one knee.

"That's right, just give in now." Maggie said as she hauled back and was going to hit Arielle again.

Arielle screamed, “NOOOOO." And pushed forward with her strong long legs and slammed Maggie hard into the wall. Arielle then escaped from her shirt and hit a very sloppy but effective Haymaker.

The punch knocked Maggie off balance and she was holding her face. Arielle followed her and pushed Maggie in the back and onto the bed. She then grabbed Maggie's shirt and started slamming Maggie up and down onto the bed and the shirt ripped a little more with each slam. She got tired of doing it and lifted a tired Maggie back to her feet, grabbed the back of her hair and yanked so hard Maggie ended up staring up at the ceiling.

"Now THEY know what WE knew; that in a war between us, I win!" Arielle announced proudly.

"NOOOOO." It was Maggie's turn to scream and she brought one hand up and scratched her opponent's face. Arielle screamed and let go of Maggie who dropped down to her knees. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off and got back on her feet and tried to get the shirt around Arielle's neck.

Arielle got her hands up to block the choke and knew the shirt was nearly ripped to shreds anyway fought it off long enough for the shirt to completely. Maggie was pissed and just threw herself onto Arielle and the two crashed to the bed where Arielle wasted no time arching her back and getting the former Lost starlet off her. Maggie was at the head of the bed when she looked at Arielle and was hit with both of Arielle’s open hands. A two handed slap that put Maggie face down onto the bed.

Arielle got onto her hands and knees near Maggie's head and she took a deep breath and then threw body onto Maggie's lower back so to look above the two young women formed a T. Arielle twisted her torso and started slapping Maggie's ass, asking her, "How’s THAT feel you bad, bad, girl. THIS is what bad girls get; spanked!"

Ten spanks had Maggie screaming for Arielle to stop! When Arielle rolled around onto Maggie's back and was now on Grace's shoulder area. "I might remove them for a trophy later, but right now I have to do something we NEVER got to do until the very end of our last fight. I'm going to prove to these girls your boobs are no match for mine!"

Arielle started unclasping Maggie's bra when Maggie pushed off to a side and rolled Arielle onto her back. Now Maggie was astride Arielle's chest with one arm under Arielle’s neck and the other hand was hitting straight down slaps. Her open handed slaps were connecting hard to Arielle’s unprotected face.

Arielle would have screamed if she got the chance but the slaps were coming to fast and furious for her to open her mouth and get any sound. Instead she got her two feet planted onto the headboard of the bed and pushed off. Rolling over, Arielle got back onto Maggie's back and Maggie back down face first onto the bed.

Arielle wasn't interested in taking Maggie's bra off now. No, she was interested in returning the punishment she had just received, as she knew her mouth was full of blood and her white teeth were stained red. Those slaps hurt her more than Jamie or Evangeline could ever know.

She grabbed Maggie's hair with both hands while on her right side. She yanked at Maggie's hair with all her might as she tried to roll onto her left side while still on Maggie Grace's back. Maggie's neck and back wrenched in a UN godly position and her hair was being ripped out of her head.

Maggie was screaming for Arielle to stop and suddenly Arielle did stop and rolled off the bed and started jumping up and down. She came across and slapped the back of Maggie's head twice and looked at the two women watching it. Jamie was in shock, “Arielle she just said ‘stop’, she never said ‘I quit’!"

Before Arielle could say what, Maggie Grace grabbed her from behind and threw her back onto the bed. Maggie quickly mounted Arielle and ripped her bra clean off, “You're damn right my boobs are better than those." She started squeezing and pulling on Arielle’s smallish natural breasts.

Arielle screamed her head off and reached up and got a firm grip on Maggie's bra and ripped it off. The move caused Maggie to fall forward and lose her grip. Her chest was to near Arielle's mouth and the young woman bit down long enough to roll Maggie off the top.

Arielle tried to roll on top of Maggie but the former Lost star dug her nails into Arielle's face and scratched as hard as she could. That got Arielle to let go of her bite and actually roll completely off the bed. Both women were rolling around in fits of pain. Maggie was on the bed which had its blankets taken completely off and now on the floor. Arielle was on the floor holding her face and crying.

Maggie Grace couldn't say anything about Arielle's crying as she was crying herself. Arielle rolled around and was finally up to her knees and looked at Maggie who was throwing the rest of the blankets off the bed.

"Why Maggie you look like you’ve been reduced to tears."

Jamie Pressly sat shaking her head that Arielle would make such a comment. Then the reply, “And what's that coming down your eyes Arielle." Maggie got on her knees and held her arms out. "Tell you what Arielle, come onto the bed again. Get on your knees; we're both on equal grounds. Let's see who can get the other off the bed first."

Arielle just nodded her head and looked at the topless Maggie Grace. She sized her up, and then looked down. Yes maybe Maggie's breasts were slightly larger but not by much. She then looked over at Jamie and Evangeline, "They have to separate us and tell us when to start..."

They nodded their heads and got up and Evangeline led Arielle to the side of the bed and Jamie made sure Maggie went to the opposite side of the king size bed. Now neither had an advantageous starting point and the bed was big enough that they would have to move a bit to meet in the middle.

Evangeline whispered something in Arielle's ear about how Maggie would end up beating her. Jamie was no better telling Maggie basically the same thing.

Neither Maggie or Arielle paid them any attention, their eyes were locked and the hatred they had for each other was never so obvious. Jamie and Evangeline each stepped back and looked at each other. Pressly whom had a few women that she hated first and foremost Brittany Daniel; but never had she felt the hatred coming out of a woman's very pores like it was when she stood behind Maggie Grace. She looked over at her friend Arielle, this sweet and innocent young actress who made her laugh. Those innocent and playful eyes were different now; they were full of hatred and bad intentions.

Evangeline was looking at Maggie, this young girl she made friends with on the set of Lost. She was so innocent and always laughing, making friends with the greatest of ease and playing practical jokes on the set. Now though she couldn't see that innocent sweet-hearted young woman. That woman disappeared earlier tonight the moment she saw Arielle.

They weren't saying a word just waiting for the word to go and go they would. Jamie and Evangeline met and shared a look of shock.

"You two ready to…" Jamie said.

"…kill each other!" Evangeline finished.

They came at each other with reckless abandon, hands flailing around trying to connect with the other's face. Some connected but most just hit the other's arm or the top of someone's head. They were grunting and yelping anytime a slap would connect. Maggie went up with her right hand but Arielle's arm was in the way. The left hand was going low and connected with Arielle's open side.

It hit hard and loud, and Arielle actually stopped swings. That was when Maggie twisted her entire body then untwisted it with a tremendous slap. From the first time they came to blows, Arielle usually could out slap Maggie. This time though there was no doubt from the moment that full slap connected with Arielle’s face, a slap so hard that some pictures came off the walls from the sound.

Arielle fell down face first onto the bed; her hands were covering her face. Her whimpers were motivating Maggie to do more; she sat on the back of Arielle's knees and just started raining down slaps onto the back between the shoulder blades, onto the shoulder blades, some were hitting Arielle on the ribs but most were getting her on the neck and back of the head.

"Three times I've beaten you; twice you gave up the last fight and now look at you." She grabbed two handfuls of the long hair of Arielle and hauled back. She started twisting Arielle's neck in uncomfortable positions, which got more screams from Arielle, but she would not give in.

Instead she somehow went with the motion of Maggie's yanking and was able to flip their positions. Maggie was now on her back with Arielle's back on Maggie's body. Grace's initial shock of being flipped over caused her to lose her grip on Arielle’s hair.

Arielle's head now was on the upper part of Maggie's chest and she raised her head and slammed it down. That move caused Maggie to gasp in air that was no longer there. Arielle turned around and jumped up so she was now sitting astride Maggie's stomach and she stood up on her knees and slammed her ass down on Grace's stomach.

Then her arms started swinging hitting slapping Maggie's face over and over again with her right and left. Ten slaps she got in before Maggie was able to get her arms up to block it. Arielle then lining up what she wanted to do, looking for an opening she got her fist through Maggie's defense and hit a good three punches to Maggie's mouth.

Now Maggie's mouth was as bloody as Arielle's. Arielle could not get another shot in at Maggie's face but could hear Jamie shouting instructions, "Work her stomach."

Arielle tried to shimmy down Maggie's body with the intention of raining down punches on Maggie's firm stomach but found her position being threatened. Maggie was twisting her hips and kicking her legs in all kinds of directions desperately trying to get Arielle off her.

Arielle finally fell off but got her knee up to her chest and when Maggie tried to get on top of her she straightened the long leg out and kicked Maggie all the way to the other side of the bed. Arielle then jumped at Maggie who rolled underneath it and got away.

Now both were on opposite sides of the bed again, one at the head of the bed and the other at the foot of the bed. They got on their hands and knees and were about ten inches away from each other as they were like cats ready to pounce. They jumped at each other and Maggie caught Arielle's left wrist while Arielle caught Maggie's wrist.

They extended their arms and then Arielle came in hard and slammed her chest into Arielle's. The impact caused a loud slap and knocked Maggie straight back putting her head and shoulders at the edge of the bed.

Arielle had Maggie's arms spread to their full wingspan and her body was pressed tightly into Maggie's. She ground her slightly smaller tits into Maggie's then lifted body up a couple of inches and slapped it down onto Maggie's one more time this time getting a scream from her.

Maggie tried to lift her arms but Arielle kept them pinned down. She also got her toes dug into the bed and inched Maggie off of the bed. She rubbed her tits into Maggie further and further and heard the protests coming from Maggie.

"How’s it feel Maggie; having my body dominate yours in front of your girlfriend? Just say you had enough..." When she finished saying that she bit down on Maggie's chin and got another scream.

Maggie said very quietly, “Please enough..." Arielle stopped biting down and lifted her body up she could feel droplets of sweat coming down her boobs and down onto Maggie's. She sat up and looked at Jamie and Evangeline, her eyes wide and a huge smile on her face, but she was wondering why they looked puzzled.

"She did it, and I heard her... I won, she gave whoaaahhh!"

Arielle flew off of Maggie and down to the floor. She landed with a hard thump and Maggie knew she had to continue going after Arielle. The former Lost star rolled off the bed and kicked Arielle in the small of the back. She stood up straight and took a deep breath then bent down and picked Arielle so much off the floor by the hair only to slam her down face first again.

"What makes you think I'd ever give up to you?" Maggie hit three quick kicks to Arielle's side and Arielle was trying to cover up. "In all the things we've done to each other the only time the words I quit were said were when you said it. Do you remember giving up to me Arielle, well do you. Do you remember giving up to me."

Suddenly Arielle twisted her body and kicked her legs and tripped Maggie up. Grace landed on her back with her legs straight up in the air. Arielle who was physically exhausted pushed herself up and launched her body at Maggie's legs pinning them down and having Maggie's knees pressing into her body.

"Two choices Maggie; either you scream that you quit this time or I humiliate you again in front of Evangeline..." Arielle waited for her answer as Maggie tried in vain to kick her way out. "You know what you need Maggie, a spanking!"

Arielle started spanking Maggie’s ass! She hit her five times before Maggie's rage and leg power enabled her to kick Arielle away from her. Arielle landed hard near the bed and got her arms up on the bed and started to pull herself up when Maggie jumped onto her back.

"You want a spanking?" Maggie asked as she hauled down Arielle's panties and started to spank her. “Oh never mind! I really don’t care if you want it or not, you’re getting one!”

An angry Arielle put her palms down flat on the bed and pushed herself up and back and the two tired blondes went crashing back down to the floor. They rolled away from each other and just stayed away. On their backs both were breathing hard, the second fight had been as even as the first.

They were hurt and they were tired. The other two women in the room were impressed and figured that if they went this long again that one would give up or pass out from a violent move. Were they passed out now, they were breathing sure but were they still conscious.

Jamie and Evangeline started to get up when they heard Arielle ask, "Why Maggie? Why don't you give up."

She rolled onto her stomach and brought her head up and looked at Maggie who also rolled onto her stomach and was looking at Arielle. Maggie pushed herself up and was sitting on her knees her body leaning back. Arielle got onto her knees and wanted to throw herself at Maggie who seemed out of it but then she realized why Maggie's body went backwards. The exhaustion hit Arielle and her body started swaying.

"What are you talking about you whore? Give up to you? I'm winning this fight. Hell look, your panties are over there."

Arielle looked over and saw her panties and then looked at Maggie. Both had regained their balance and were sitting straight up.

“And your tits,” Arielle grinned. Maggie looked down and cupped her tits as Arielle gathered up her own breasts and held them up to Maggie. "Nice aren't they! I bet you wish YOU had THESE tits. They just dominated your tits." As they inched toward each other, Arielle kept yakking, "You remember don't you? It wasn't that long ago, us on the bed... We came at each other our chests collided and you ended up on your back because your pathetic little boobs couldn't handle it."

"See how they handle THIS!” Maggie growled as she lunged - and missed - when Arielle moved aside, then pounced on Maggie's back. Her goal was simple, to rip the panties off Maggie Grace as painfully as humanly possible.

She hauled them upwards and started yanking them from side to side. The force and power she was doing this with caused both she and Maggie to move a few feet across the floor until the panties finally ripped off.

Arielle fell off Maggie who was crying and not moving, she had her hands underneath her body. She started to curl up in a little ball and that was when Arielle looked over at her and listened to her sobs. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Maggie and got up on her knees so she was above Maggie Grace.

She lifted one arm up in the air and opened her hand and let the panties drop down onto Maggie's curled up body. She then gave an indignant nod down at Maggie and looked up.

"That is how you end a feud................"

But before she could do anything Maggie turned her body and her Backhand connected with Arielle's chin. Maggie was on her back and across her legs lay Arielle's exhausted body.

"Why can't you just give up?" Arielle gasped.

Maggie could barely hear her but she heard it and replied, "Why won't YOU?"

Arielle turned trying to be completely atop Maggie, but got slapped in the face and knocked to the side instead. Neither moved for a few seconds, just panted heavily. Finally, they rolled back toward each other. Their arms went tried to go over the other's body to get in a dominant position, but instead their arms got tangled and the moment they made contact something awoke within them!

They locked hands, and with their free hands grabbed at the other's hair. They started rolling around on the ground, hitting short knees and biting if the other's flesh was close enough. They ended up back on their feet and now both hands were firmly entrenched in the other woman's hair. They went around the entire room, ripping hair out of the other's head. Tripping over the bed and wrestling there without a victor and rolling off the bed and back on their feet.

Bodies slammed into walls, as if they were taking turns. Two young blondes who the world looked at and called innocent were doing everything in their limited power to beat the other. Two women who had pictures taken together at events were showing their true feelings for each other as they refused to give into the other.

One hand from Maggie escaped from Arielle's hair and dug into the cute face of Arielle eliciting a scream and an act of reprisal as she did the same. The two women went around the whole room scratching at the other's face with one hand while the other was hauling on hair.

They fell onto Jamie and Evangeline's laps, squirmed briefly, then tumbled off and got back on their feet. Arielle pushed forward but Jamie stuck out her and tripped Maggie, sending the two young women flying into the hallway where Arielle nearly pushed Maggie backward over the banister.

Maggie got one foot up and kicked Arielle away. Arielle hit the wall hard and Maggie turned and looked down to the main floor. She swallowed and made a gulping type sound and looked at Arielle, "You almost killed me!"

"Sorry. I'll sure as hell DO it, next time." There was no sarcasm in Arielle's voice, she meant it! She threw herself at Maggie again, but this time Maggie side-stepped and it was Arielle who nearly went over the railing.

Maggie moved back and put her forearm on the back of Arielle's neck and tried to push her over the edge and Arielle actually went over. Maggie fell down to her ass, her hands behind her hips. All she could do was look up to the roof and thank god it was over..

"Its not over!" Arielle had held onto the rail and was now pushing herself back over and falling to the floor . She was exhausted and sat there looking at Maggie, who was in disbelief that there was going to be more to this fight.

"Why Arielle? Why are you still bothering with this? I beat you!"

"No you didn't Maggie, I came back for more and to win this so when they talk about pathetic it will start with, ‘Yes, Maggie is pathetic."

"Screw you!" Maggie kicked out her leg but Arielle kicked her leg out then started to lift herself up to her feet. Arielle reached and grabbed the railing and lifted herself up. Both were getting a firm feeling that this would all end very soon.

Arielle was up a tad faster and threw her entire body at Maggie avalanching her into the wall. She grabbed Maggie hair and started hitting the back of Maggie Graces head into the wall. Maggie dug her nails into Arielle's back and scratched in as deep as she could do with the little strength she had, it was enough to get Arielle turned around. She ignored the scream from Arielle and went to hit a knee but Arielle blocked it and pushed forward.



Jamie and Evangeline ran to hopefully stop what was about to happen but it was to late! Both women tumbled down the stairs and their friends rushed down, fearful of what they'd find. What they saw was Maggie on top, her face in Arielle's chest; the same position they'd ended up in after their last fight - but with their roles reversed.

"When they wake up they're going to hate hearing no one won."

Jamie asked, "Well, if you judged this, who do YOU think would've won - you know, on points."

Evangeline helped Maggie out as she pondered that very question.