"Ruff & Tuff"Jillian Grace vs. Cara Zavaleta by kit

Last year in college my roommate, Ben, talked his girlfriend and the girl that lived across from us into wrestling each other in our apartment. I couldn't believe it but he had this bright idea to tape it and then make copies to sell. Fortunately for me, I was the one with the video recorder, so I got to be the one taping it. He had talked the girls into wrestling ten rounds (a round being a submission) with each round worth ten dollars. He also promised to pay them $25 apiece up front just for doing it. I kicked in $50 because I wanted to see it happen.

Actually it wasn't that hard to convience them since they already had the natural blonde/brunette thing going, plus, his girlfriend, Jillian, didn't like our neighbor, Cara, being around as much as she was. Cara kinda had the hots for Ben and I think she saw this as a good chance to prove herself to him. And I think Jillian saw it as a chance to perhaps drive Cara away. Other than a few off-the-wall remarks and comments, Jillian and Cara seemed to get along; however, I thought I could sence a bit of cattiness between them at times. Either way I thought it should be a good match, and I was excited by the time Sunday arrived.

Ben's girlfriend, Jillian, was a sweet 19-year-old sophomore with medium-long blond hair; a cute face; great body; and fantastic ass. She was 5-5 and 117 pounds and measured a perfect 36-24-36.

Our neighbor, Cara, was a saucey 24-year-old graduate student. She had dark brown hair past her shoulders; a pretty face with a great smile; and a nice bronze body. She was 5-6 and 118 pounds and measured an attractive 34-25-34.

Jillian had slept over Saturday night, so she was already here when Cara showed up at noon Sunday. The girls both looked great as they had agreed to wrestle in t-shirts and shorts. Ben wanted them in something less, but he didn't push it when Jillian agreed to shorts and t-shirts. Jillian had on a little pink t-shirt from the Gap and a pair of tight white shorts. Cara had on Cleveland Browns t-shirt (it was cropped and a bit small) and tight denim shorts. I thought they both looked pretty hot as they also had their toes painted red.

Ben and I had moved out a bunch of stuff in the living room, but we left the couch for effect. (It was too big anyway.) So while there wasn't a bunch of room for them to wrestle, what we did have was safe and squared away.

We started things off by having them sit next to each other on the couch and introduce themselves and what they thought about wrestling each other.

"I'm Cara, and this is Jillian, and we're here today to fight. It's been awhile since I've fought but we've both been runnin' and workin' out and we're both pretty tough so we're gonna see who can take who today."

It had been about two weeks ago when they agreed to wrestle, and both had been getting in shape for this. (Not like they weren't already fit and toned.)

"Yeah, I'd say we're pretty evenly matched. It's been awhile since I've fought too, but I'm lookin' forward to seein' what's gonna happen today. I'm gonna have fun, but I'm gonna be serious too...I'm gonna kick your ass," said Jillian, smiling at Cara.

Cara smiled and said, "Well let's go."

"Let's go," nodded Jillian.

I was encouraged by Jillian's catty remark, and hoping that maybe this thing would turn into more than just a friendly casual wrestling match.

"Why don't we see if they wanna start out with a hair pulling contest?" I asked Ben, thinking that might throw a little gas on the fire.

"Great idea," he said.

And for another ten dollars they agreed.

As the girls stretched and warmed up, I started taping them and comparing their bodies. No doubt they were both sexy and attractive, but they each out-did the other in different areas. I liked Cara's dark chocolate hair and face over Jillian's. Jillian had the bigger, fuller breasts and looked stronger thru the arms and shoulders. I thought Cara had the better abs. Jillian definately had the better butt. It was round and shapely, but Cara had a nice little butt as well. In the leg department, I thought they were pretty even.

After about a five minute warm up, Cara and Jillian were ready to start.

"Ready?" asked Jillian, squaring off with Cara as they were about to pull each other's hair until one submitted.

"I'm ready," nodded Cara as they carefully worked their hands into the other's hair.

Cara had her hands on the side of Jillian's head as Jillian had her's around the back of Cara's head.


At first the girls seemed a little reluctent to pull. They just sorta stood their with their hands clinched and staring. Finally after about 10 or 15 seconds, Jillian broke the ice with a good tug. Cara winced and tugged right back. Their fingers twisted thru more hair as they got better grips and tugged again. Both winced but kept pulling. Jillian stretched back Cara's head as Cara pulled Jillian's chin into her chest. They didn't shout or scream, nor did they lay into each other. It was just good, firm pulling and stretching as they could both be heard grunting and groaning in their throats.

"Ow," winced Cara, her head back and her teeth gnashing.

Jillian's gritted her teeth as well. Both had her eyes closed as they knew the end was near. At this point it was up in the air, and they both gave a good pull.

"Ow, ow, ow, le' go," yelped Cara clearly, dropping her hands from Jillian's hair.

Jillian let go and managed a victory smile as they both ran their hands thru their hair and rubbed. The contest had lasted :50 seconds.

(Earnings: Jillian $10 Cara $0)

Round 1: Having them pull on each other's hair to start things off really worked as the girls seemed to loosen up and become more determined to win. Coming together, Cara and Jillian grabbed a handful of hair as Cara hooked Jillian in a headlock and they twisted over. Jillian worked her body behind Cara's but the brunette took her to the floor. They twist on the floor and Jillian breaks loose and captures Cara in a scissor lock around the waist. They're both grunting a little as Jillian pulls on top of Cara's hair as the brunette tries to pry open the blonde's squeezing legs. Unable to break open Jillian's legs, Cara reaches above her head and finds a handful of Jillian's hair to pull on. Both wince, but Jillian pulls very firmly on Cara's hair and squeezes her legs even tighter around her waist. "Ugh! I can't breath," groans Cara, tapping out. The round lasted :40 seconds.

(Earnings: Jillian $20 Cara $0)

Round 2: Cara and Jillian paw and circle as they both try and get their arms around the other's neck. They grab hair, and Cara applies another headlock. Jillian again twists behind her and tries to hook up her legs and take her down. But Cara keeps up the headlock and thwarts Jillian's takedown moves. Huffing, they spin upright as Cara torques Jillian's head in her arms. Jillian wraps her legs with Cara's legs and pulls the brunette to the floor by the hair very painfully. Cara winces under the hard hair tug. Once down, Jillian snakes her legs around Cara's waist again, but Cara quickly works out, and they pull hair as Jillian rolls on top and applies a full body pin. Cara mumbles something as Jillian's breast push against her throat. Cara pulls Jillian off by the hair and gets on top. But Jillian still has Cara scissored around the waist with her sexy legs as they are both pulling very hard on duel fists of hair. Jillian stretches Cara's head back and pumps her thighs around her waist. Cara is biting her lower lip and trying to hold on. "Uuung! Ooow!" groans Cara, slapping her hand on the floor and tapping out. "Fuckin' legs," she moans, falling over on her backside. The round lasted 1:30.

(Earnings: Jillian $30 Cara $0)

Round 3: Grabbing each other by the forearms, Jillian and Cara spin around, and then Jillian lunges at Cara. Cara blocks Jillian's arms, traps her in a side headlock and then quickly hip tosses her hard to the floor. Jillian lands with a thud and grunt, and I knew there'd be a deep bruise there tomorrow. They roll, and Jillian gets Cara in a scissor again. Cara tries to break free but Jillian clamps down with those sexy legs of hers and squeezes. Cara is totally frustrated as she grabs Jillian's hair and shakes her. Jillian winces but holds on as she surges with her legs and makes Cara groan out deeply. "Uuugh! Uuugh!" grunts Cara, slapping Jillian's thighs as she taps out. Jillian whipped her in :30 seconds flat.

(Earnings: Jillian $40 Cara $0)

Round 4: The girls start this round on their knees, and I could clearly see that Cara was not only getting frustrated, but stunned as well. I'm sure she didn't expect to have this much trouble, and I wondered if she'd dare step up the intensity. On their knees they lock up in a duel headlock and take each other quickly down. Jillian tries to scissor Cara, but Cara uses her legs to fight off Jillian's legs as their limb have a pretty decent kicking match with the brunette's legs winning. The two then pull hair and roll, and this time Jillian does get her legs around Cara, but it's around her hips and not very effective. At this point their hair pulling is very intense, and Cara uses her legs to break open Jillian's legs. Jillian then yelps as Cara bends her in an awkward position and turns her face sharply into the carpet. Jillian instantly taps out. "Okay!" she yelps, as a couple of tears run out her eyes. Cara finally wins after 1:05.

(Earnings: Jillian $40 Cara $10)

Round 5: Now that Cara was in the money, I could see the confidence build in her eyes and sensed that the intensity between these two was on the rise. A bigger fight was in the brewing. Starting on their knees again, Jillian falls to her back and kicks out her legs in an attempt to catch Cara around the waist. Cara was caught by surprise at the move and finds herself instantly scissored, but around the shoulders. Jillian turns Cara to the floor and over as they're suddenly ass-to-ass and grinding butts with each other. Cara pries open Jillian's ankles with her fingernails, but Jillian accuses her of biting. Cara says nothing as they roll over on their backs with their legs snaked up. Both wince as they twist and pinch each other's toes, forcing their legs to spring open with their crotches staring at together. "Bitch," hisses Cara. "Slut," Jillian snarls. Leaning forward, Jillian and Cara grab a fist of hair as their bodies bend into pretzels. Jillian has her legs tied up hard with Cara's legs and she's pulling pretty hard on her hair. Both can be heard grunting in their throats as Cara breaks loose and quickly straddles Jillian. Jillian jerks Cara over by the hair but is now scissored around the waist by Cara's sexy legs. Cara's bronze thighs pump repeatedly, and Jillian is forced to slap the floor in submission. It was probably the best round so far and it went 1:10.

(Earnings: Jillian $40 Cara $20)

Now halfway thru, we stopped filming and let the girls take a much needed break.

"Whew!" gasped Cara, fanning herself with her hands. Jillian sat on her knees rubbing her ribs and hanging her head down. It was pretty clear that Cara was turning the tide with those last two wins. The break lasted about five minutes as we didn't want the girls cooling down too much or losing the intensity that was rising. After a few drinks and a quick toweling off, Cara and Jillian were ready to go again.

"I gotta get out of these," said Cara, about to undo her denim shorts.

I thought I could tell that Jillian didn't like the idea of Ben seeing Cara in her black thong, but she also wasn't going to let her show her up. Two weeks before it had been Jillian's idea to wrestle in jeans and t-shirts as Ben wanted them in bra and panties. I'm sure Cara would've agreed to that, but since she wasn't in on the decision, Ben finally got Jillian to agree to shorts. I know Jillian was jealous of Cara, and for obvious reasons, but frankly, Jillian didn't have anything to be jealous about. When Jillian peeled down her shorts and exposed her white thong, her ass was every bit as good as I had thought it would be. Full, round and shapely, much like a bubble butt, or as I like to call it, a full moon. Cara's butt turned out to be much better than I had thought. Her brown buttocks were tight and firm and looked like two loaves of warm, buttery bread just waiting to have a bite taken out of them.

Round 6: Starting on their knees again, Jillian grabs Cara's wrists and drops to her backside, pulling Cara's waist between her legs and scissoring her. Jillian knew her greatest strength was in her legs, and both knew what it was like to get scissored. Cara grunts and shoves her palms into Jillian's stomach, but the blonde won't let go and grabs her by the hair also. Cara then grabs Jillian's hair and they both pull like hell. Face-to-face the blonde and brunette wince as they have a two-fisted hair pull going with Jillian squeezing and squeezing with her legs. Cara groans and tries to stand to her knees. Jillian's legs slide up around the brunette's neck. Cara gasps as she falls over on her side with her neck trapped and her hair painfully pulled. Cara immediately taps out as Jillian has her turned in a neck-breaking position. Jillian gets back in the win column in :45 seconds.

(Earnings: Jillian $50 Cara $20)

Round 7: The girls started the round standing up and lunging at each other. Catching each other in a duel headlock, Cara and Jillian stagger towards the couch and fall into it. Falling into it behind Cara, Jillian quickly slips her legs around Cara's waist and squeezes. "Aaaarrgg! Stop!" groans Cara loudly, slapping out on the arm of the couch. Jillian had caught her just right.

"Oh, fuck," moaned Cara, getting up and rubbing her ribs. "Nearly lost a rib there." Jillian had whipped her in a stunning :15 seconds.

(Earnings: Jillian $60 Cara $20)

For a moment or two Jillian sat on the couch as Cara walked around the room rubbing her ribs. (They always took a brief break between rounds.) I could tell that frustration had set in again with Cara, now having lost the last two rounds rather quickly after she had won two tough rounds in a row.

"Go home," suggested Jillian, watching her. "You know you're no match for me, so just give up."

Cara gave her a sharp glare. "I'm not givin' up to you."

"I'm already the big winner," said Jillian, getting up. "You might as well. You know you can't whip me."

It was true. Jillian had won 5-of-7 rounds and the hair pulling match, and with only three rounds left, there was no reason to believe that she wouldn't win at least one of those.

"You think you're whippin' me, bitch?" asked Cara. "You call this fightin'?"

"Well, yeah. I've won five and the hair pullin', bitch...duh!" snapped Jillian.

Anticipating (or hoping) that a catfight was in the process, I had already stepped back and turned on the recorder. Ben, as curious and anxious as me, had also stepped back to let the scene unfold.

"I said, 'you call this fightin'', bitch?" asked Cara, giving Jillian a gentle shove in the shoulder.

Jillian was pushed back a step. Her eyes seemed to widen as she was being challenged to a more serious test of fighting.

"Well, bitch?'' asked Cara, attempting to push the blonde.

Jillian knocked Cara's arm away, and I got the feeling that she didn't really want to catfight, but with me and Ben around she had to save face.

"You think we've been fightin', bitch?" asked Cara, pawing gently at Jillian as they turned in a circle with the brunette stalking.

Cara was becoming more and more confident and aggressive as Jillian seemed reluctent to get into a catfight with her.

"What?" asked Jillian, pawing back a little. "Are you tryin' to pick a fight with me?"

"You seem to think you've been whippin' me. You think you're tougher," said Cara, shoving Jillian a good one in the shoulders. "Throw down and fight me if you think you're so tough."

Jillian went back a step as Cara perched her hands on her hips and defied her. The blonde said nothing as the brunette seemed to beam with confidence.

"That's what I thought, bitch," said Cara. "Ben, give me all the money. You're girlfriend is a lil' chickenshit but thinks she's hot shit because she's won a few stupid rounds."

Ben was a bit stunned and struggled for words. "Well, now...look Cara, this was...I mean I can't do that. I mean she's won some rounds."

Cara didn't care about the money. I could tell that she just wanted to really fight and put Jillian in her place. "Fine. Bitch, you can keep your fuckin' money but I'm gonna keep your man. He's probably ready for a real woman in his life...and in his bed." That did it. Out-of-nowhere Jillian lunged with a slap and that spun Cara around.

SMACK! "GGGRRR! You bitch!" shouted Jillian, filling her hands with Cara's hair from behind her.

Cara winced as her hair was pulled and her body arched back. Jillian was shouting and swearing as she turned Cara in a circle trying to tear out her hair. Cara clawed at Jillian's hands and made her let go. Spinning around the two lunged together but bounced back as their chest collided with a fleshy thud. They slapped and missed, and then slapped again and smacked each other across the face. Cara's slap was very powerful and it caused the blonde to stumble back a step.

"Bitch!" yelled Cara, cocking her right fist and busting Jillian across the jaw.

It was a good teeth-rattlin' punch that sent Jillian spinning and falling over the arm of the couch. For a second or two, Cara stood back wringing out her wrist and rubbing her knuckles, and perhaps deciding her next move.

"Yeah, you're not so tough now, bitch," said Cara, reaching for Jillian's long blond hair.

Jillian, still stunned I'm sure, turned with an elbow and drove it across Cara's belly. The brunette knifed forward with wide eyes and a gapping mouth. A second elbow, just below the ribs, then knocked the brunette backwards, peddling and trying to stay on her feet.

There was now a brief break in the action, and Ben and I looked at each other wondering if it was over as Cara tried to get her breath and Jillian clear her head. Turning the camera back and forth between them, I certainally hoped that this wasn't the end of it, but I also realized that they had given each other some pretty good shots. As it stood, neither was a clear winner.

"Bitch," grumbled Cara, catching her breath now.

"Fuck you," Jillian spat, getting her senses back somewhat.

The two stood up and started to circle. Both still a bit shaken, but clearly ready to settle things.

"Still think I'm a chickenshit?" asked Jillian as both were about to get into it again.

"You're not so tough, bitch," said Cara.

"You ain't either, bitch."

Jillian was about to say something else when Cara lunged forward and slapped her.

SMACK! It was a good, crisp swat, and Cara grabbed her by the hair and slapped the snot out of her again. (I just love the sound of a good slap in a catfight.)

"Oooowwww!!" cried Jillian as Cara shook her by the hair. Jillian tried to slap and grab at Cara, but the brunette wheeled in behind her and started tearing at her locks from the back. "Oooooowww!!" Jillian screamed, clawing at Cara's hands as Cara pulled out a few loose strands of golden blond hair. Right now Cara was definately whipping the shit out of Jillian, and I wondered just how much longer the blonde could go.

"Give it up, bitch," Cara demanded, knowing she had the blonde on the ropes.

Jillian showed a lot of spunk as she managed to turn around and take Cara by the hair. The two girls swore as they pulled each other over by the hair and crossed up their legs, causing them to stumble and go to the floor.



Now on the floor and balled up like a pair of playfull kittens, Cara and Jillian were anything but playfull as they twisted on hair and slithered up their legs. Back and forth the two girls rolled as they battled legs, butted breasts and tugged on hair. The name-calling and grunting was highly erotic as their tiny thongs and skimpy t-shirts left little to the imagination. I zoomed in my camera and focused on their bare butts and thong-covered crotches as they wrestled vigorously on the brown carpet hissing, spitting and catfighting.

"Ooowww," howled Cara as my lens moved up and saw Jillian's hand underneath her t-shirt and squeezing her left breast.

I stepped back and focused on the whole fight as Cara stretched out Jillian's pink Gap t-shirt around the collar and then squeezed on her left tit. Jillian wailed out, and they both started tugging on each other's top while still catfighting it out.

Both managed to do a little ripping, but nothing serious as they concentrated mostly on squeezing and pinching and trying to straddle the other or get the other trapped between her legs in a scissor.

"Ooooo...you bitch," swore Jillian as they rolled on their sides and she grabbed the front waistband of Cara's black thong.

"Uuuuunnngggg!!" groaned the brunette thru gritted teeth as her plump pussy lips were parted by her thong.

Cara's fingers fumbled with her thong for a second as she tried to dig it out of her cunt.

"Uuuuummm! Ssshhit!" Jillian bellowed as Cara's hand turned under her snatch and pinched.

Jillian let go of Cara's thong and tried for a second to pull the brunette's fingers off her cunt lips. But quickly she gave up as her hand curled between Cara's brown thighs and clamped down.

I actually orgasmed in my shorts as I filmed their fingers flicking and pinching. I went into a 'zone' of my own as their grunts and groans muffled in my ears. It was hard to film as their hips and thighs jolted and jiggled. Their lower regions seemed to twist and flip out of control as I caught quick glimpses of their pussies. Both were well shaved, but Cara had a nice 'V' of brown stubbles as Jillian had a thin strip just barely noticeable. I remember thinking how I'd love to whisk my facial whiskers with Cara's pubic whiskers. I think it was about then that I did it in my boxers.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" cried one.

"Oooww! Oooww!" cried the other.

I saw Cara's fingers penetrate Jillian's vagina. The blonde's fingers tumbled over Cara's thong, stretching at the crotch of the black thong and trying to get inside. A finger slipped out of Jillian and I saw her buttocks vibrate as Cara's thumb pushed on her bunghole.

"Yeeeooowww!!" sang the blonde as the thumbnail disappeared inside of her.

Jillian flopped, but Cara rolled on top. Jillian's fingers now pinched Cara's cunt lips. Cara's hips bounced up and down on Jillian's hips as the brunette's fingers again sank into the blonde's vagina. Jillian's legs shot out and went rigid. There was some screaming and Jillian's hand fell from Cara's twat.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! I Give!" I heard as I taped Cara's fingers plung and become lost in the pink folds.

Their hips bucked together a few quick times as Jillian again screamed out her submission and bucked Cara to the side. Cara rolled instantly to her back as they both clutched their own crotches and drew their thighs up around their hands.

Ben and I looked at each other. We were stunned and amazed. We couldn't believe what we had just seen as we were both white-eyed and flushed around the cheeks.

"Uuuummmm...shit," moaned Jillian from her back with her eyes closed and her head slowly rolling around. "Uuuummmmm...you can win."

I thought they both looked absolutely beautiful and sexy laying there on their backs with a few tears running down their cheeks. Their hair was a mess and both had a nice tear down the front of her t-shirt. Their bellies quivered as they panted for air, and their thighs looked soft and creamy as the muscles relaxed and tried to let the pain from their vaginas escape thru them.

Cara finally sat up first and looked at Ben and me with a warm and satisfying glow. She was hurting and we knew that, and we all three knew that she'd just been in a tough fight as was lucky to win.

In the end, Cara got all the money but she didn't get Ben as he continued to date Jillian. But Jillian wouldn't come over anymore, and I hardly ever saw her unless it was out with him. She was embarrassed about losing and I'm sure she didn't want to face Cara again.

Ben and I made a few bucks off the tapes, but my real reward was when Cara went out with me and we spent the last weekend of the semester in her apartment fucking and making love. I finally got to rub my chin whiskers with her pubic whiskers and she tasted great as she clamped her golden thighs around my head and came on my face.