Steffi Graf vs. Martina Hingis by Bo (from Seve's Catfight Page) 27-Jul-98
Steffi Graf, 29 years old is upset that the rising Martina Hingis, 16, has taken over the # 1 ranking while Steffi was sidelined with a knee injury. Martina, after receiving questions about Steffi's comeback attempt, has made numerous quotes to reporters stating that Steffi is too old and that the game has changed since she was injured, Tennis now being a more athletic game. Thus, Bo Promotions has gotten both camps to agree to a catfight to settle the dispute.

Steffi, the former Champion enters first. Graf is 29, 5'10", 135 lbs., 36C. Steffi, long-since recognized as having the best body in Tennis makes the crowd go wild as she comes to the ring in a white robe and takes it off. She has on a matching white push-up bra and tight high-cut panties. She is very appreciative and thanks the crowd for their support.

Martina, smacking on chewing gum, enters next and the 16 year old champion undresses to show a black push-up bra and thong panties. Martina is 16, 5'6", 122 lbs., 34B. Steffi, winner of 20 grandslams, is a 5/1 underdog to the teenage phenom. Steffi, having won her first tournament last week since beginning her comeback at the first of the year feels confident as her often injured knee feels strong. As the ladies move to the center of the ring for instructions, the cocky teenager tells Steffi that she should give up now and bow down to the new queen or face brutal punishment. Steffi, upset at the lack of respect by the brat, looks the other way.

The bell rings and Martina wants a test of strength. The ladies lock up and the bigger Steffi starts to force Martina to her knees. Martina goes down to her knees and Steffi moves around her and puts the teenager in a front face-lock. Steffi, after working Martina over, pulls her up by the hair and body slams her. The smaller girl screams in pain. Steffi grabs Martina by her black bra and pulls the exceptionally tone teenager back up to her feet. Martina, in her first show of offense, delivers a knee to Steffi's midsection. Steffi bends over and her mouth forms an "O" due to the pain. Martina, sensing her arch-enemy isn't match tough after all, delivers a knife-edge chop to the best pair of breasts in women's tennis. Martina, satisfied with seeing a surprising amount of damage being inflicted continues to deliver knife-edge chops to Steffi's bra. The 16 year old champion decides to be a bit more aggressive and directs a knee to the front of Steffi's panties.

The legendary German slowly crumbles to the mat. Martina turns Steffi on her back and then grabs Steffi's ankles, spreads them apart, and begins a relentless stomping of her inner thigh region. Steffi, teary-eyed, starts begging Martina to stop. Martina, in a show of total disrespect, stomps Steffi's bad knee at least 7 or 8 times. Martina removes her own bra to reveal small but nice tits and and moves behind Steffi and chokes her with the bra. The crowd is stunned as Steffi, in the center of the ring with no place to go, begins to flail her arms and legs. The younger girl has completely started to dominate the match.

Steffi, hurt and humiliated, just shakes her head and fights back the tears as a 16 year old is slowing putting her out. Martina, after thoroughly choking the former champion, pulls her up by the hair, pushes her in the corner, and begins to slap the face of Steffi. Being a true champion, Steffi attempts to fight back but is taking more punishment than she can dish out. Steffi, now sobbing, retreats to the corner post and covers up. Martina rips Steffi's push-up bra from her tanned body to reveal the nicest pair of tits anyone in the crowd has ever seen. Another knee to the bikini region sends the former Champion to her knees.

Martina sticks Steffi's face into her panty region and Steffi is crying loudly. Martina wrestles Steffi down and begins to breast smother her in the center of the ring while taunting her. To further humiliate the beaten beauty, Martina lowers her tight rear down on Steffi's face and yells insults to Steffi. This continues for about 2 minutes. Steffi, with her legs and arms initially thrashing about underneath, starts to slow down. Then, darkness sets in and Steffi is beaten. Martina rises, then bends down and grabs Steffi by the hair and holds her head for everybody to see as if it were a trophy.

Ladies and gentleman, your winner: MARTINA HINGIS. Your Loser: My favorite girl - STEFFI GRAF. I hope you enjoyed the story and if you have any tennis stories especially including Steffi losing to say Anna Kournikova, I would be very thankful.