Steffi Graf vs. Martina Hingis by Black Mamba

Let's think about Stefanie Marie Graf with her domineering perfect physique of super power, speed and amazing skill vs. Martina Hingis the mighty little Swiss Miss hard tight body princess brings speed, quickness and a lot of finesse and surprising strength of her own but fights sometimes take a path all their own. It all started back in 1996 the first meeting after Steffi finally emerged victorious over Martina in a tough hard fought Match. Hingis looking for revenge for her eventual defeat at the hands of Steffi as well as a measure of vengeance for Steffi beating her namesake and hero the great Martina Navratilova. As Steffi and Martina were going to settle this the old fashioned way.

Martina was wearing all tennis white; Steffi the same with black power strips down the left and right sides. Hingis was looking to confuse Steffi in their awesome match-up, however, Martina's depression had already overtaken the little "Swiss Miss" tennis princess at the thought of going up against the powerful Fraulein.

Martina thought, "Yes, I can take Steffi out!" Something Hingis failed to do earlier. "No recovery, no quarter," Hingis thought to herself.

She would go all out against the Super Powerful Graf. Martina Hingis was becoming obsessed at proving on or off the court she was the best of all time, as well as up hold the banner named "Martina" a name feared and respected by two generations of participates and spectators alike! As the awesome bodies approached the training facility, each looking the other in the eye, they gave a nod of mutual respect.

Steffi spoke first, "So you really want to do this?"

Martina pounding her fist into her hand, "Let's go right now!"

"Remember, I gave you a chance...." said Steffi.

The eager young Swiss Miss rushed her bigger adversary with blood lust in her eyes and was met with a razor sharp backhand, sending Hingis to the floor with a loud THUMP. Steffi snickered while Martina rubbed the side of her jaw cursing Steffi out in her native tongue.

"Stupid Swiss piece of trash...I hope you learned your lesson," smiled Steffi. "And don't curse me out! I understood most of what you said. You're cute and you wouldn't want anything to happen to your looks....would you?"

As Steffi spoke, Martina was seething inside burning with anger and as Steffi was brushing the make believe sweat off of her brow mocking the young Swiss Martina's anger grew to rage at the lack of disrespect the Fraulein was showing her. The Swiss Miss, looking for an opening to lash out, and one was about to present itself as Hingis looking to shake her downright miserable and unfocused attack and use her skills instead,

As Steffi turned leisurely making her way towards the door, Martina's second chance a arrive as the little Tennis Princess with cat like reflexes sprang into action as Steffi made the most unforgivable of all mistakes turning your back on your opponent and Martina took full advantage and total control of Steffi tacking in spear like fashion to the ground as two hard bodies rolled around exchanging punches, slaps and the ever popular hair pull. Martina getting the better of the exchange and landing more accurate blows as the Little Swiss Miss was letting all her rage out and in quick hard fashion as she grabbed one side of Steffi hair and reined punches like tennis balls up, down and off the Fraulein's face.

Martina had lease to Steffi's face and was looking for the deed to the rest the awesome Fraulein's body as Martina, with teeth grinding and fist pounding, was in full on mugging mode and Steffi was the poor victim of a beat down like no other, as the lovely German specimen was feeling her limits being breach like the invasion of Normandy.

Steffi did something she never did in her life as she pleaded, "Niun…niun…nium (No,no,no!)" as Martina' taunts Steffi in a combination of her native tongue and English, “Ha! Give me a Graf Forehand, c'mon..... 'GIVE ME A GRAF FOREHAND' what you can't... why?"

Steffi's face was welling up from the rock hard assault her left eye starting to well shut as the right one teared Martina froze savoring the moment as she was quite please at new work of art as she sat on her make shift throne called Steffi and smiled, shook her head in agreeing fashion knowing full well she beat down the best of the best.

Steffi was beyond pain as she laid perfectly still as the glowing Martina basking in her glorious triumph posing for camera's transparent from sight but the Swiss Miss basked in the moonshine just a little to long as Martina began to feel a rumble like the San Andreas fault as the volcano know as Steffi erupted.

"GET OFF ME ...SWISS GARBAGE!" Steffi yelled as she bucked off her surprised smaller tennis rival and rose, then sat back on her legs.

"Oh you still have some fight left in you Graf.....GOOD!" Hingis yelled trying to convince herself as well as Steffi she was ready for more but was it a physiological ploy a ruse not to fight as Steffi struggling to get into position.

Martina was surprised at the resiliency of Graf as she took everything she had and Steffi was equally amazed at the tenacity of Hingis while feeling like a fool for turning her back on Martina incurring her wrath a mistake she will never make again. The two endurance queens were at it again battling on their knees slugging it out like a bunch of prizefighters as Martina thought to herself how is this woman going toe to toe with me in her condition complements of yours truly in this case Martina.

Hingis, looking for a different plan of attack tried to reach around for a sucker punch the bigger German and that was a mistake as Steffi ducked and grabbed Martina's arm and rode the Swiss Miss down to the floor trapping little Princess beneath the bigger German as Steffi dished out some much need punishment on Martina grinding and cursing the Swiss Miss into ground. Cinching up snaking her powerful arms under and Martina's own arms and back of the neck cradling and riding Hingis deeper into the floor as she rubbed more and more traces of Martina's own DNA into to the floor as the little princess whimpered to the delight of her tormentor the German physique queen.

The Powerful sinewy hands of Steffi were making an impression both in the figurative and literal sense Martina never experience this kind of torture and Steffi was and expert in dealing it out. Hingis with the right side of her face being rubbed raw coupled with Steffi's crushing hands constricting around the back of her neck, tried hard to fight back the tears suddenly Steffi releases her hold lashes out with a vicious left hand to the back of Martina's head in true mean streak fashion paralyzing the Swiss Miss.

The now sadistic Fraulein said, "THERE is your forehand.....ha... to bad is was to the back of your head!"

Martina's mouth gasped opened from the blow like a latch becoming undone making the sound of a vacuum seal being broken. Fraulein Graf pulled her little Swiss playmate back into those loving hard and chiseled legs as she began to crush the life out of Martina. Hingis rolled her head around trying to fight the power of Steffi but is was too much for the Tennis Princess as she wailed and strained out a surrender as Swiss Might finally gave in to German Power the Rise and Fall of Martina.

Steffi dumped the disheveled but beautiful body of Martina to the side grabbed her by the hair one more time and said "What do you have to say for you self now Hingis!" Martina just moaned, "No!”

“Yes, yes! I'll give you credit; you hit hard Hingis very hard but don't mess with me I'll take you out on or off the court!" said Steffi as she slammed Martina's head back into the ground. The little Swiss Miss rolled up into a ball and cried knowing that she met a superior opponent. "There, there, that's right you have a good little cry now baby, Mommy is so sorry she had to beat you like that but you made her REMEMBER IT!"

As Martina miserably jerk and sob slowly as equally disheveled Steffi backed away with respect knowing that Martina is someone not to take lightly.
Rumor has it that Martina is looking for a after hours rematch with Steffi promising a different result but Steffi just laughed when told and said, "Bring it on! I'm ready any time!"

(Below) Steffi the following week ready for a night out as she showcases the legs that did in Martina Hingis and what legs they are....