Elizabeth Hurley vs Steffi Graf (Who is Andre's girlfriend?) (c) by John J

Liz Hurley had thought that Andre Agassi was great looking and quite a catch for many years. Liz knew though that he was married and she knew that meant he was off limits. After word of the divorce spread through the celebrity community, Liz decided to flirt a bit and smile and let Andre know she was available. Liz's bubble burst, when she heard that Andre had already started to date Steffi Graf.

Liz heard about Steffi's humiliating catfight defeats against both Brooke Shields and more recently Claudia Schiffer. Liz didn't feel quite so intimidated by Steffi any longer and she continued her flirting and attempts to gain Andre's attention.

Steffi noted Liz's attention grabbing techniques and stormed over to the brunette at an available opportunity. Steffi hissed, "What the hell are you doing?"

Liz smiled, "Nothing."

Steffi got more angry, "The hell you are. You're flirting with my man, you bitch! Now stop it!"

Liz replied with a smile, "I don't see any engagement ring! That means he's free and available."

Steffi said nastily, "The hell he is! I said he's mine. Now back off, bitch!"

Liz got in her face and yelled back, "Make me!"

Steffi said in a bitchy tone, "I suggest we take this discussion outside."

Steffi and Liz went outside the party to the large estate yard. They went to a private enclosed area, with lots of trees. Without another word, Steffi charged but Liz hung back. Liz assumed a defensive stance as Steffi charged at her. Liz backed up toward the trees as Steffi came at her. Liz ducked and rolled as Steffi approached. Steffi slammed her knee hard into one of the nearby trees as she ran at full speed at her eney. Liz got up just as Steffi turned. Steffi had a slight limp for a moment as she shook off the pain, and the two women circled each other.

Again, Steffi charged at Liz, while Liz backed away. Liz backed up toward the trees, as Steffi charged her. Like before, Liz ducked and rolled as Steffi approached. Steffi bounced against the tree and sailed to the grass with a loud thud. Liz got up quickly and set herself. The two beauties nailed each other with mutual clotheslines. Both women got up quickly and Steffi charged Liz again. Liz wasn't quite ready for the sudden charge and Steffi caught her with a forearm smash to the tits. Steffi ran toward her adversary and leapt into the air. She nailed Liz in the tits with a huge dropkick that sent her careening the nearest tree and down to the grass and hard dirt.

Steffi saw this fight as over now. She climbed up the nearyb tree and set herself for a splash. She launched herself from the tree, just as Liz rolled away. Steffi landed hard on her knees into the grass. Liz nailed Steffi with repeated stomps to the knees, as she added more pain to the injured knees.

Liz hoisted Steffi up into the air and slammed her down again. She put Steffi into a legbreaker hold as she continued to work over those injured knees. Liz wanted to try something different now. She grabbed Steffi by the hair and whipped her into the tree repeatedly. Liz picked Steffi up again and slammed her down upside down against the tree. Liz backed up and fired a huge dropkick to Steffi's hurt knees. Steffi shrieked in pain. Liz grabbed Steffi by the hair and hauled her up again. Steffi nailed her with a combination of lefts and rights to tits that staggered Liz. Steffi grabbed Liz's hair and whipped her to the tree. Liz groaned as her head hit hard. Steffi tried to charge in after Liz, but her injured knee wouldn't let her. So, she moved in and gave Liz a wicked knee lift to the face. Liz went down hard, and Steffi moved in. Liz lashed out with her feet and nailed Steffi with a solid kick to the knee. Steffi yelled, as she went down in pain.

Liz got up and grabbed Steffi's legs and yanked back on them as she sat on Steffi's back. Steffi screamed as Liz poured the pressure into the Boston Crab, but she wouldn't surrender. Liz released the hold and put Steffi in a figure-4 leglock, as she worked over the legs more. Steffi still refused to give up. Liz hauled Steffi to her feet and put her in a bearhug. Liz squeezed and compressed Steffi's midriff as hard as she could. She planted her knee as she hoisted Steffi up and dropped her. Steffi yelled in pain as the atomic drop did it's job and she nailed herself in the crotch on Liz's knee. Steffi slumped down to the ground in pain.

Liz ripped Steffi's bikini top off and she tied the girls hands together behind her back with the top. Steffi struggled as she tried to free her hands. Liz squeezed and tortured Steffi's nipples as she hauled the girl to her feet by the tits. Liz grabbed Steffi by the hair and rammed her face repeatedly into the tree, while Steffi struggled to get free. Liz hoisted her up again and slammed her down. Liz slammed her down onto the ground and put her thigh across Steffi's throat as she choked Steffi with her leg.

Steffi fought as hard as she could, but soon the loss of oxygen prevailed and she screamed, "Please stop! I give!"

Liz kept the hold up for a few more seconds before she released the leg choke and she allowed Steffi to slump to the floor. Liz took off her own bikini top and tied it onto Steffi's legs and then connected the two bikinis. She tied the bikinis together to effectively leave Steffi hog-tied on the ground.

Liz put her foot on Steffi's back and raised her arms in victory, as Steffi lay there in tears, defeated and humiliated. Steffi struggled to get free. Several people quickly freed her, after Liz had returned with a group of people from the party, including Andre.

"Star" magazine photographers clicked away as people untied Steffi and the blonde tennis star sobbed in defeat. Liz wound her arm into Andre's and they walked off together, and left Steffi with the group.

The end.