Claudia Schiffer vs. Steffi Graf (c) by John J

Both Claudia Schiffer and Steffi Graf had a grudge with the other and looked forward to beating the crap out of her. They agreed to catfight, not only to settle their personal dispute but for the publicity and a chance to inflict some pain in a fight situation as well. Both were enraged about the other's popularity in America and were determined to settle the issue of who was the "Top German Blonde" in America.

When they heard that the other woman had each thought she deserved that honor, the fight was on.

Claudia laughed and said, "That little airhead Graf had better stick to tennis court fights. That's all she can handle. I fought tougher opponents than her, when I was in high school. She thinks she can take me? I'll beat her to a pulp and wipe the floor with her!"

Steffi laughed and comments, "That pathetic primadonna model Schiffer? She should stay with fights against actresses and models, and leave the real catfights to the women that can take it and dish it out, the real athletes. She wants to fight me? Fine! I'll send Claudia to the hospital! That'll be where she belongs, if she screws with me! And I won't even work up a sweat doing it!"

The comments died quickly as both women decided to make their comments during the fight, not in print. Fight night arrived and Steffi bounced out to the makeshift ring first. She paraded and bounced around with all her athletic energy and smiles filling the yard. She chose a lime grime string bikini to wear for the fight, along with matching heels. She bounced and danced for her fans. She settled down waited for the fight.

Claudia came out right after Steffi and went straight to the ring, as she glared at Steffi. She picked a white string bikini and heels. Claudia also danced and strutted around a bit, but quickly settled in for the fight. Claudia wasted no time for the fight. She didn't even wait for the bell to attack. Steffi was turned and waved to her fans, when Claudia came up behind her and floored her with a huge spin kick to the back of her head. The tennis star was dazed and got slowly to her knees when Claudia kicked her in the midriff. Steffi clutched her stomach as she rolled onto her back in pain.

Claudia stomped repeatedly on Steffi, several times each to the gut, tits, and legs. Steffi finally had enough and wrenched Claudia's leg around as she went for another stomp. That temporarily slowed Claudia's attack, as she nearly lost her balance. Steffi had just enough time to get back on her feet, before Claudia was on her again.

Claudia grabbed Steffi in a headlock. She gained some momentum and bulldogged Steffi down to the grass. Claudia ripped Steffi's bikini top off and threw it out to the audience. She hauled Steffi to her feet by the hair, only to bodyslam her right down again. Claudia grabbed Steffi by the tits and maneuvered her into a standing headscissors. After holding Steffi there for a few minutes, Claudia elevated the tennis player's legs and piledrived her into the grass. Steffi groaned in pain as she rolled away from her attacker. Claudia grabbed Steffi's tits again and hauled her up to her feet.

Claudia shoved her into a tree and then whipped the girl across the yard into a sharp bush. Claudia gave chase and splashed Steffi into the bushes even further. Claudia backed off a couple feet and Steffi collapsed to the grass. She grabbed Steffi's long blonde hair and smashed her head into the grass several times.

After that, Claudia whipped Steffi into the nearby tree and set herself for a powerslam. She elevated Steffi up and over the bush and down to the hard grass. Claudia watched Steffi struggle to get up for a little while, with an amused glare, but she quickly went back to business and followed Steffi. She grabbed the tennis star by the hair and rammed her head several times into the sharp bushes, after that she rolled her over near a small tree. She spread the tennis star's legs and put them on either side of the tree. Steffi didn't see what was coming and she screamed out in pain as Claudia grabbed both legs and pulled hard, a move that sent Steffi's pussy right into the tree. Claudia gave Steffi no rest as she went right back on the attack. She sunk her talons into Steffi's tender, young breasts and squeezed and mauled them as Steffi screamed out in pain.

Steffi's screams were like music to Claudia, and she pulled the tennis star toward the trees and sent her back down to the grass by her ravaged tits. Claudia held the girl in a headlock and ran forward. She gave Steffi another bulldog into the hard grass. Claudia tugged on Steffi's hair and clamped her into a standing headscissors. She poured on the pressure for a while and then released her. Claudia then hoisted the girl up in the air for a jack-knife powerbomb to the hard ground.

Claudia snarled at the tennis pro, "Now, my little Fraulein, I'm going to teach you all about wrestling and catfighting moves, and their English names. School is in session, so pay attention."

Claudia flipped Steffi over onto her stomach and grabbed her legs, while she sat down on Steffi's back. She applied the Boston Crab perfectly, putting the pressure on the lower back. Claudia cracked up the pressure and kept the hold for a long time.

She said, "Bitch! This is called a Boston Crab."

Just as Steffi was ready to surrender, Claudia suddenly released the hold, and dropped Steffi. Steffi was relieved that the pain was gone and didn't think to realize that another move about to come.

Claudia planted her knee into Steffi's lower back and yanked back on her arms as she explained, "And this, Fraulein, is a surfboard."

Steffi was in terrible pain and nearly knocked out. She didn't even think to try and surrender. Claudia released Steffi and clamped her hands onto Steffi's full, round tits and squeezed as hard as she could.

She explained, "And this is a tit claw."

Claudia squeezed ruthlessly and poured on the pressure until it seemed like Steffi's nipples were about to pop off her tits. Claudia altered her attack slightly and dug her nails into the soft flesh, which added tremendously to the pain. Claudia lifted Steffi up and dropped the tennis star's back hard across her knee in a backbreaker slam. Steffi nearly passed out right there. Claudia added to the hold as she kept Steffi across her knee and bent her over in a backbreaker, which she squeezed the girl's nipples. Claudia reached around and pulled off her own bikini top and wrapped it around Steffi's neck and started to choke the tennis star with it. After several minutes in the chokehold Steffi was barely conscious.

Claudia looked down at her angrily and said, "Little girls are supposed to pay attention in class! You need to learn more respect for your instructors!"

Claudia grabbed the blonde tennis star by the hair and flipped her back down and straddled her in a schoolgirl pin. After several minutes there, Claudia pivoted around and clamped Steffi into a figure 4 headscissors hold. Claudia poured on the pressure until Steffi passed out from the pain and lack of oxygen. Claudia got up and raised her hands in victory. After the fight, and when Steffi had recovered some, she had a lot to say.

She said, "OK, Claudia got me this time, but I didn't think that a pathetic supermodel could actually fight. I didn't expect it. Next time, she's gonna get hers, and she'll be the one passed out under my feet!"

Claudia heard and replied, "Whenever you want another lesson, you know where to find me! I'd be happy to smash your pathetic ass into the ground again."

The end.