Steffi Graf vs. Brooke Shields by John J. (Catfight over Andre Agassi)

Brooke was beyond pissed off; she was furious at the rumors she and everyone else had heard; that Andre and Steffi Graf were an item! Brooke knew Andre would move on and find a new girlfriend, as she would do and find a new guy, but she couldn't possibly see why Andre would want Steffi over her.

Brooke made it a point to go out with some friends of hers and be at a place where she figured that Andre would take Steffi. Sure enough, within a few days, Andre and Steffi "accidentally" showed up where Brooke and her friends were having dinner. Brooke shot a catty glare at Steffi, and then a very flirtatious smile at Andre.

Brooke and her friends were nearly finished with their dinner, when Andre and Steffi showed up. Brooke finished and she seductively strutted up to Andre. She paid no attention to Steffi at all and just started to talk to Andre.

She said, "You know, Andre, maybe we didn't give our marriage every try we could have. I'm willing to give it another try and forget this silly divorce, if you are. What do you say?"

Before Andre could even say a word, Steffi was up, and in Brooke's face.

"Get lost, you two-bit tramp! I'm his girlfriend now, and YOU are the ex-wife. Remember that little thing called a divorce? That means GET LOST!"

Brooke smiled seductively and said, "Well, I think that's Andre's choice. Not yours!"

Steffi glared back, "No, it's not Andre's choice. I am his girlfriend, and I don't want you around!"

Brooke said defiantly, "You watch your tone with me or I'll take that damn tennis racket of yours and shove it up your ass!"

Steffi got right up into Brooke's face and said, "I'd love to see you try that, you bitch!"

The maitre d' heard the screaming and came over and threw all three of them out of the restaurant.

In the parking lot, Steffi yelled, "Get that fat, ugly ass of yours over to my... Ooops, i meant Andre's, house, and we will finish this discussion in private."

Brooke replied venomously, "Fine, you tramp! We'll see who is gonna be sorry."

Steffi and Andre drove together and Brooke followed in her car, and they arrived back at the luxurious penthouse apartment quickly. Andre cleared the furniture in the livingroom, as he knew what was about to occur.

Brooke didn't even wait for Andre to finish. Steffi had her attention on Andre as he moved the sofa, and she wasn't watching her adversary. Brooke lunged at her and tackled her over the sofa, and down onto Andre. The trio tumbled over, with Brooke on top. Steffi below her with her face down, and Andre on the bottom.

Brooke had a great position and she clamped a full nelson on Steffi, and then flipped herself over, taking Steffi with her, as Andre rolled away from the wildcats. Brooke locked her long sexy legs around Steffi's midriff and put her in a brutal bodyscissors in addition to the full nelson. Steffi struggled and fought, as she tried to escape from Brooke's holds. Brooke would relax her legs a bit and Steffi would try to get a deep breathe but Brooke would just clamp down harder and knock that air right back out of her. Steffi struggled as her midriff and ribs were crushed by Brooke.

Finally, she managed to break free of Brooke's holds, but only after several long minutes trapped between Brooke's strong thighs. Steffi rolled away as tried to regain her breathe and strength. Brooke had no intention of giving her the luxury of time though. Brooke came right after her and pulled Steffi up to her feet.

Brooke whipped the blonde into the wall and just started to pound her guts with a flurry of punches, one after another. Steffi started to sag to the floor, but Brooke held her up with her forearm across Steffi's throat. Brooke kept after Steffi with the punches until her arm got sore and she couldn't keep up the punches. Brooke grabbed hold of Steffi by the hair and shoved her head down as she lifted her own knee. Steffi slumped over in pain, with a bloody nose after that wicked kneelift.

Brooke grabbed a fistful of Steffi's hair and hauled her up to her feet. Steffi saw her chance and fired a solid right into Brooke's belly. Brooke groaned as she released Steffi's hair and staggered back. Steffi charged at Brooke and tackled her into the wall. She started after Brooke's midriff, but Brooke gave her a double-axehandle across the back and Steffi went down hard to the floor.

Brooke hoisted Steffi up again and ripped her blouse down the front as she tore it off. Steffi was furious and tried to do the same to Brooke's blouse but was only partially successful. Brooke tossed the torn and tattered blouse to the side, as she sunk her hard nails into Steffi's tender tits. Steffi yelped in pain as she boobs were attacked.

Steffi tried to finish off Brooke's blouse and finally managed to get it off and get at Brooke's tits. Neither woman wore a bra. Steffi got at Brooke's tits and started to squeeze and maul them, but her own tits had taken so much abuse while she was still getting at Brooke's boobs that she had to quit first. She released Brooke's tits and grabbed Brooke's hands and pulled her off her sore tits.

Steffi breathed a sigh of relief and she tore Brooke's nails loose from her injured globes. Steffi felt wetness on her tits and thought it was sweat. She looked down and saw streaks of blood on her tits.

Steffi screamed, "Look what you did? I'm gonna kill you, bitch!"

Brooke leveled her with a solid right to the jaw. Steffi slumped down fell to the floor. Brooke hoisted her up and went back to work on Steffi's boobs. Brooke really dug her nails in hard and clamped her hand like a claw. Steffi just sobbed in pain.

Brooke released the claw after a solid right to the gut from Steffi. Steffi rolled as she tried to get away but Brooke was on her and didn't let her get far. She grabbed both of Steffi's legs and spread them wide apart. Steffi knew what was about to happen and she got wide eyed as she begged Brooke to stop. Brooke jumped up and flexed her knee. She let her full body weight drop onto Steffi's crotch. Steffi screamed in pain from the impact.

Brooke nearly tore Steffi's skirt in half as she attacked Steffi. Brooke clamped onto Steffi's hair and pulled her up. Brooke saw her next chance to inflict more damage. Brooke draped Steffi over the end of the sofa, while she sat down and ground her foot into Steffi's pussy. Steffi yelped in pain, but Brooke refused to stop. Brooke suddenly let go and let Steffi tumble over. Steffi tried to roll away, but Brooke grabbed her by the hair and rammed her into the wall several times until the tennis star was all but knocked out, slumped against the wall.

Brooke went over and grabbed Steffi's torn up blouse and tied her arms up with it. Brooke then found her own torn blouse and tied Steffi's legs with that. Brooke next tied both blouses together, leaving Steffi hog-tied in the living room. She slapped Steffi's face a few times to revive her.

Brooke said angrily, "I want you awake to see this."

Brooke grabbed Steffi's panties and ripped them off. Steffi screamed, but Brooke stuffed them in her mouth to shut her up.

Brooke took Steffi by the hair and told her, "Remember what I told you before about messing with me? Remember? Well now, you're gonna get it."

Steffi looked wide-eyed as she knew what would happen.

Brooke did as she threatened and jammed the end of Steffi's tennis racket in her ass. Steffi passed out from the pain, as Brooke violated her butt with the tennis racket. With Steffi out cold, Brooke took some pictures of her.

Andre came over and told Brooke, "Maybe we should give it another try."

Brooke got a smile on her face, just before she kicked Andre hard in groin.

"In your dreams, loser," she said nastily.

Brooke got dressed as the couple struggled to recover.

Brooke said nastily, "Don't screw with me again, or you're gonna get worse next time. You two dumbasses forgot the most important rule, revenge is dish best served cold. See you two lovebirds in the Inquirer!"

Brooke let out a wicked laugh as she left.

The end!