Steffi Graf vs. Serena Williams by Karl Zimmerman

Ironically, it was matches being played for a noble cause that fueled the war between these two lovely beauties. Serena and Steffi were supposed to play a series of exhibitions for children suffering from cancer. They were supposed to play each other five times in all. Steffi was coming out of retirement to play these matches and obviously wasn't match fit. In contrast, Serena was match fit and ready. She wanted to prove a point against the Grand Slam Champion and former world No.1.

Serena thrashed Steffi in all five matches winning in straight sets. Steffi looked rusty and moved very slowly, often being surprised by the power of her younger, faster opponent. Serena's power full strokes made the Fraulein dance from one side of the court to another. Fraulein Forehand looked powerless and her shots were positively tame compared to the power-packed shots of her bigger opponent.

The fifth match ended when Serena slammed her fourth ace of the match at match point to win the fifth match by the same two sets to love score; the line being 6-1, 6-0 in favor of the Afro-American.

Steffi, sullen like a schoolgirl, threw a tantrum questioning the line call. She mumbled some obscenities at the lineswomen and walked off without shaking either Serena or the chair umpire's hands.

The trouble started at the prize distribution ceremony when Serena said Steffi was over the hill and 'easy meat' for the rest of the players. She further stated Steffi's career was over, that she should hang up her boots and should keep any plans about making a comeback in cold storage. Steffi felt humiliated, especially as Serena said it in front of her current beau Andre Agassi who had himself told Steffi she should give up playing since she was no longer a force to reckoned with.

The main reason Steffi tried a comeback was because she was missing the limelight and basking in the attention like the current pack of teenagers. Finally, she wanted to prove to Andre, as well as the Serena's and Anna's of tennis, that she was a player not to be trifled with or written off.

The press conference went even worst as many reporters kept asking whether Steffi found Serena's power game to hot to handle. One old hag from a rag even asked if Steffi attributed her losses to the extra kilos of weight she'd put on - especially on her butt and thighs.

Something snapped inside Steffi's head and she blurted out, "I AM NOT FAT FOR GOD SAKE. It's that steroid-taking Black bitch who's fat and ugly!"

Suddenly realizing that she had blundered, Steffi mumbled, "No more questions."

Then she hurried off to the ladies dressing room. As she made her way to the dressing room, Steffi was hoping and praying Serena hadn't seen or heard her outburst.

Steffi had worn a white and blue Adidas dress and she decided not to shower but just to get the hell out of the dressing room. She grabbed her kit bag and made a beeline for the door. But as she opened the door she went pale. Standing on the doorstep in her customary pink Nike outfit was Serena.

Steffi mumbled, "Hi Serena, that was one hell of a match you played out there today."

Serena glared at her and said, "Thanks Steffi."

Serena then invited Steffi to a rented apartment down the street, "...for a party."

They entered Serena's living room, Serena told Steffi to make herself comfortable while she took a shower. As Serena climbed the stairs, Steffi couldn't help staring at her big butt and her tight, toned athletic legs. Since childhood Steffi had always liked to dominate and bully girls and after she'd beaten them, Steffi would then pacify and control them.

She hated black girls and had beaten and dominated more than a few back in Germany. Steffi preferred males for her sex but she also got kicks from being the dominant partner in a lesbian relationship as she had done several times. While Serena showered, Steffi decided to make Serena pay for humiliating her on the tennis. She would dominate this teenage bitch and turn Serena into her sex slave.

Meanwhile upstairs, Serena was stripping off her tennis skirt and thinking to herself, "That German slut will learn her lesson today."

Serena's taking a shower had only been an excuse to go up to her room so she could collect the tools for Steffi's punishment. She'd seen Steffi's whole press conference and her blood had boiled. But she wisely chose to remain calm and lull Steffi into a false sense of security. Like Steffi, Serena also loved dominating and crushing females although in her case it was blond white girls. Steffi fit the description to the hilt and it, combined with her remarks, was why Serena had invited Steffi to party.

Dressed in the pink, tight, Lycra shorts she always wore in matches under her skirt and a matching pink top that showed off her belly button. Serena was now ready to undertake her 'seek and destroy' mission against Steffi.

She walked down the stairs very coolly, studying Steffi who was admiring herself in the full-length mirror in the living room. Serena noticed Steffi's tits were small but her butt was large and her thighs flabby. A shiver ran up Serena's spine as she thought about how easily she was going to cream Steffi's cellulite butt and thighs before she dominated her.

Steffi was in her own world thinking about what she would do to Serena and didn't notice Serena quietly creep behind her until she saw her reflection in the mirror. But it was too late. Serena roughly turned the blonde around and smashed her fist into Steffi's small tits.

Steffi was taken completely by surprise and could not fight back the involuntary tears that welled up. She threw a punch of her own but Serena easily blocked it and countered with a stiff jab to Steffi's kidneys. Steffi belched and doubled over gasping for air. Serena knew that to dominate her foe she had to break her, physically and mentally.

Serena began dancing on her toes like a boxer and quipped, "Give up Steffi sweetie, you don't have a chance against me."

She desperately wanted to intimidate Steffi and make her submit to her.

Steffi straightened up and threw a wild combination of uncoordinated punches, most of them missing and the few that did connect didn't seem to bother Serena at all.

Serena danced away on her toes and teased Steffi, "Come on you old hag, is that all you got?"

Angry, Steffi lunged forward and drove four or five solid punches in quick succession that flattened Serena's large boobs.

Serena grunted as each one smacked home but to Steffi's amazement Serena not only didn't flinch, she started taunting Steffi again.

"HA! HA! You're not even tickling me with those pathetic punches! I expected more from you Steffi, even at your age!"

Steffi took two steps back and then charged. She threw a huge punch that struck Serena square in the midsection and followed up with a knee to Serena's crotch that brought a gasp of pain from the big, rugged Californian. But Serena was quick and she shoved the German woman away from her.

"You're going to pay for that, you old hag!" Serena bellowed as she massaged her pussy.

Steffi was shocked! She'd hit this bitch with all the power and force she could muster, yet it hardly seemed to have any impact on her.

For her part, although she hadn't shown it, Serena was in pain and realized she had to go on the offensive if she wanted to beat Steffi and avoid an embarrassment at the hands of her much older opponent.

Serena held up her hands and wiggled her fingers as she screamed, "COME TO MOMMA LITTLE GIRL!"

Steffi charged again, but this time Serena was ready. As Steffi bore in, Serena threw two sharp body blows and then hit Steffi with a hard right to the jaw. Steffi was rocked back on her heels and her legs wobbled. She seemed uncertain about what to do. Serena, seized her chance and hit Steffi in the chest and face with a combination of punches.

Then Serena moved in close to Steffi and slapped her with her open palm. The slap echoed off the bare walls of the small apartment. Steffi's cheek puffed up and as she stepped back, Serena saw her fingers had left a pronounced impression on the pale skin of the German Fraulein.

Steffi shook her head, desperately trying to clear the cobwebs but Serena took command as she loosed a barrage of punches and slaps to Steffi's face and body. Desperately. Steffi tried to use her hands to block the attack, but Serena kept pounding away as Steffi was forced backward by Serena's all-out assault.

Suddenly, Steffi threw a weak punch in Serena's general direction, but Serena just caught Steffi's fist, held it motionless and then started crushing it in her huge, powerful hand.

"AHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!" Steffi cried as Serena's grip crushed her fingers.

Steffi threw a kick at Serena but the young American caught her foot and raised it to shoulder height, toppling Steffi to the floor on her bottom. Serena hair-yanked Steffi back up and gunned a right into her flabby midsection before Steffi could react. Her knees buckled as she staggered backward. Then Serena sent a hard right hook crashing into Steffi's jaw. Glassy-eyed, Steffi's body crashed to the floor flat on her back like a felled oak tree.

Serena straddled Steffi's body, grabbed her dress at the neck and tore down her body leaving Steffi in just her a little white bra and aqua blue Lycra tights. Serena yanked Steffi upright and stood her against the wall as she pulled her tights down over her hips and slid them down her legs to her shoes.

"HA! HA!" Serena laughed. "Flower panties! For Agassi?"

Serena couldn't believe the former world number one woman's tennis player was wearing floral cotton underwear. Steffi screamed in agony as Serena yanked her panties up in the crack of her arse with one hand while with the other she ripped away Steffi's little bra. As Steffi squirmed in her grasp, Serena proceeded to maul and pinch Steffi's hard little nipples.

"OH! NOOO!" Steffi shrieked. "PLEASE. . . Don't! OH!! Momma, please help me."

Serena stepped back and landed two quick, devastatingly accurate, tit chops which left Steffi screaming in pain. Serena didn't ease up on the pressure, however. She quickly grabbed the German's tits again, once more squeezing her nipples as Steffi tried desperately to break Serena's hold, but to no avail.

Serena tore into Steffi's small boobs with gusto, twisting and pinching the tender flesh with her long nails. Steffi tried to struggle but Serena hit her with a jawbreaker that dropped Steffi flat on her butt, dazed and disoriented. Serena pulled down her pink tights and threw herself on Steffi's face, covering her nose and mouth with her womanhood.

"Smell the taste of defeat, YOU GERMAN CUNT," Serena screamed.

Serena took out a pair of handcuffs that she had brought from the room and handcuffed Steffi's hand behind her back.

Steffi was sobbing and between sobs she started to beg Serena for mercy.

"(SOB) Please Serena, don't do this to me! (SOB) Let me go, please. I beg you. I'll never say (SOB) anything against you . . . ever (SOB)."

Serena quickly lost her patience and growled at the sobbing German, "If you don't shut off the waterworks right NOW, I'll rip your eyes out."

"NO, PLEASE, PLEASE, I 'M SORRY!" cried Steffi. "You (SOB) are definitely a better player than me (SOB) You're NOT fat and ugly (SOB) like I said. In fact, (SOB) you are (SOB) sexy. Now, PLEASE LET ME GO (SOB)."

Steffi began to weep uncontrollably, like a baby whose candy has been snatched from her. Serena, however, had had enough of crocodile tears and false flattery. She used both her hands in Steffi's hair to drag the weeping tennis pro to her feet facing her. Though Steffi was only one inch shorter, her spirit had been so deflated she could barely muster a slouch and she had to look up at Serena.

Serena jerked Steffi's head back by her hair, leaned close and smiled, "Honey, I do NOT leave any job half done. You need a lesson in manners and are about to get it - OVER MY KNEE."

Steffi's eyes widened and she screamed, "OH! MY GOD NO! (SOB) Please, I'll never shoot off my mouth again. You took no steroids. PLEASE, I promise I will keep my mouth shut. (SOB) PLEASE! Mercy Serena. I beg you, spare me. (SOB)"

It was too late, however. Serena sat on a sofa, and brought out a riding crop she'd put there earlier in anticipation of this moment. Grabbing Steffi by the hair, she pulled her over her knee and yanked down Steffi's cotton flower print panties. Before she began her punishment, Serena slid the riding crop slowly up and down the crack of Steffi's ass making the Teutonic Miss tremble.

Between sobs, Steffi again begged for mercy. She knew what was coming and to make it worse, Serena had laid Steffi facing the full-length mirror so she could watch herself being punished. Serena began to slap the riding crop on Steffi's chubby arse cheeks as Steffi squirmed and wriggled. Serena tanned the German woman's butt for thirty minutes until Steffi was wailing uncontrollably, remembering her maker, mother and all.

Serena eventually tired of spanking the former world number one and decided on a final insult to her beaten foe. Dragging Steffi by the ears to a chair that she placed in front of the mirror, Serena forced Steffi to sit down. As Steffi's bruised arse came in contact with the rough material of the chair she yelped in agony.

Serena produced a big pair of scissors and gave Steffi a punk haircut. She shaved Steffi bald except for a two-inch patch in the center of her head. Steffi couldn't bear to look at herself in the mirror when Serena finished, but Serena forced her to look and when she saw herself, Steffi began crying hysterically.

Serena said in a very soothing voice, "Hush, hush baby. Don't cry. Your hair will grow out again. But let this be a lesson to you. I hate hurting good little girls like you, but if you're naught and shoot off your big mouth you must be taught a lesson."

Serena took Steffi in her arms and cradled her as she cried. Steffi buried her head in Serena's massive shoulder and cried and cried until she was weak. That's when Serena pulled Steffi to her feet and dragged her new sex slave upstairs to her bedroom.

A month later, by which time her hair had grown out sufficiently, Steffi called a press meeting and publicly apologized to Serena for her remarks. She also stated she was quitting playing tennis for good; that she'd have nothing to do with the game; and that she and Agassi were going to have a baby together and, finally, that she hoped Serena would be the godmother.