“A Night Before Christmas” - Diana Krall vs. Lauren Graham by Fenway

WARNING: This story is unusually bloody and brutal for our board and involves blood and deliberately broken limbs.
Princeton, New Jersey. Some nights are just dark, others are dark in a suggestive way, as if something ominous and terrible is about to happen. It was this kind of night in the old university town of Princeton, cold and icy after a belt of freezing rain had fallen just past dusk, turning pavements slippery and varnishing every tree with ice. Ice already lay thick upon the ponds and streams, and pasture-land and woodland trails froze to iron near the edge of town. A cold moon revealed the branches of a frozen orchard that stood next to a grand, fieldstone manor house north of the old Princeton Battlefield. An ancient road wound up to the home's columned front door, illuminated by an old-fashioned lantern-light, swinging on its chain as great gusts of wind tore down the road, rocking the silver pine trees in the narrow lane.

Inside the house, most of the lamps were dead and darkened, save in one of the bedrooms on the second floor; its door was closed, and the lamps were blazing where two women, a curvy Canadian blonde and a sultry American brunette, were shedding clothes, tossing them into the bedroom's two opened closets.

"I guarantee you don't want to do this," said Lauren Graham. "Because I'm going to beat you half to death, and tonight there's nothing stopping me."

Diana Krall was too cool to give an inch. "Keep dreaming Lauren; you couldn't break a sweat, let alone me," the vampy blonde fired back.

The brunette was taller by one inch and heavier than the Canadian blonde by a few pounds. Lauren finished undressing first, and stood in front of Diana clad in just a bra and panties, her ample bust straining the white silk of her bra.

"I'm about one size too big for you, Diana. And you're going to find that out. The hard way."

Diana’s green eyes began to blaze in fury as she pulled off her shirt, her pretty face set in a cold, hard glare as she stared Lauren Graham down. Both women were only wearing their bras and panties, Lauren in black, Diana in white. "Maybe we shouldn't let anything come between us, bitch," Lauren said, while motioning at Diana's body. Diana slid out of her panties as Graham did the same, and then both women undid their bra clasps. Diana's freckled, ruddy breasts come out of hiding, her quarter-sized strawberry-colored nipples already hardening in the chilled night air. Lauren leans back and undoes the clasp, pulling her black bra off and lets it fall to the floor beside her. Graham's breasts are cream white, firm and supple, with soft, pebbly brown nipples

"Mine are better, bitch," Diana said, moving forward.

"We'll see, Diana," said Lauren, also stepping up, ""I'm ready for everything you've got, you blonde bitch. And I'm going to break your dirty tits apart."

Diana nodded down to her breasts, baring them as she opened her arms wide. "You think you can rip them off me? Here they are. Do it," said Diana, and with that, both women launched themselves at one another.

Both blonde and brunette locked their hands together, fingers intertwining and manicured nails digging hard into the backs of each other’s hands. Their faces, animated with hate, were only inches apart. For a moment they were stalemated, the muscles in their toned arms standing out as they tried to overpower the other. Their forearms trembled with tension as they each tried to bend the other’s wrists back. Diana’s oval face was scant inches away from Lauren Graham’s, and Lauren’s ice-blue eyes were locked on Diana’s green ones, searching for a flash of weakness. Both knew this couldn’t last.

“Tell me when it hurts, bitch,” Diana softly grunted.

“It’s going to hurt right now, Diana,” Lauren said sharply, as she sank her nails deeply into the skin on Diana’s hands. If Lauren had intended this to draw a reaction out of the blonde, she succeeded, but in the opposite way. Diana’s forehead knitted in pain for a moment, but then Diana surged back. Years of playing piano had strengthened Diana’s manicured fingers, and when she flexed them around the brunette’s, Lauren Graham gasped sharply at the sudden pain, then moaned aloud. The rings Diana wore on either hand didn’t help matters for Lauren either, as the blonde bent the brunette’s wrists backwards at a painful angle.

Lauren Graham ground her teeth together so hard she thought she would break them. She tried to squeeze back, but Diana was slowly about to drive her to her knees by her hand strength alone. Diana allowed a tiny smile to cross her lips, before snapping her head suddenly against Lauren’s skull, her forehead cracking into the bridge of Graham’s nose. Lauren felt her nose crack, bringing instant tears to her blue eyes, going down on one knee in pain. Diana dropped Lauren’s hands, looked down at Graham genuflecting in front of her, before the blonde flared up and pasted her brunette rival across the mouth with a massive forehand slap that sent Lauren stumbling down even further, the red handprint of three of Diana’s fingers clearly visible on Graham’s left cheek. Not wasting an instant, Diana slapped Lauren again, cracking the brunette powerfully across the cheek with a backhand strike that snapped the sultry brunette’s head a full 90 degrees.

Diana buried her left hand deeply into Lauren’s hair, and using the brunette’s tresses as a handle, pulled Graham’s head up toward her. With a grin on her face more diabolical than ever, Diana tagged Lauren with a brutally stiff bitch slap, using Lauren’s blood-coated lips as her target. Lauren’s head was rocked violently back and forth as Diana backhanded her. On the last one, Diana bitch-slapped her so hard that a spray of blood left Lauren’s mouth as Diana watched with satisfaction.

“Come on, Lauren, you gotta get up,” Diana whispered to Graham as the jazz musician hair-hauled the brunette to her feet. Protesting, Lauren was dragged to her feet as Diana balled up her right hand into a fist drove it into the brunette’s flat, trim belly, the blonde’s fist driving in as the brunette moaned aloud, sagging under the blonde’s assault. Diana fired a left hook into Lauren’s side, as Graham sagged against her, her eyes bulging in pain as this time Diana drove her knee deeply into Lauren’s groin instead.
“UNNNNHHHHHH!!!” she groaned as she slumped against Diana; clutching the blonde’s shoulders for support.

Pushing her away, Diana blasted her in the stomach with another brutal punch, Diana’s fist almost disappearing into Lauren’s naval, the brunette’s knees buckling as pain coursed through her body. Rearing back, Diana hammered Lauren’s belly button with her fist again

“I’ll bet THAT hurt, Lauren,” Diana said, and before Graham had a chance to respond Diana smashed a massive punch to the face, her hard fist banging above Lauren’s right eye, Diana’s ring opening up a deep and ragged gash. Lauren went flying back, nearly off her feet, before crashing into the night-table beside the bed, upending it and bringing the lamp crashing down as well. Blood flowed into her right eye as she moaned in pain and held her head, muttering “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

“’Oh fuck’ is right, Lauren,” Diana sneered as she stepped over and wrenched Lauren to her feet by the hair. “Time to beg for mercy…IF you wanna walk outta here with certain things still attached.”

Lauren let herself be pulled upright. “You cunt. Oh God, you cun…uhhhhnt.”

Lauren gasped when Diana leaned forward and dug the manicured red nails of her right hand deep into the meaty swell of her left breast. The blonde sank her nails in; ripping, raking and mauling the brunette’s boobs. Lauren sputtered in pain as Diana squeezed, then cupping the woman’s right breast and gave a violent twist.

Diana paused, waiting for the sobbing she knew was going to come from Graham’s quivering lips. She WAS crying, but they were tears of rage and impotent fury. The blood pounding in her ears, Diana’s crushing grip crushed Lauren's firm mounds; threatening to burst her tits as her nails carved in deep; their half-moon punctures drawing blood.

“I’m going to SHRED you, Lauren. Starting with these pathetic tit-sacks,” Diana hissed viciously.

"Oh my God!!! Let go of my breasts!!! You bitch!!!" Lauren screamed, trying to pull back away from the blonde’s groping hand…but only succeeded in helping Diana’s nails carve long furrows on her precious orbs.

Pressed back up against the Canadian blonde, the rangy brunette brought her manicured hands up and placed them flat against Diana’s back, under her shoulder blades. Curving her fingers inward, Lauren Graham raked her nails downward, leaving eight deep red welts down the length of the blonde’s back. Diana screamed as Lauren smiled, as she at length was finally able to hurt the tough blonde.

The sturdy blonde shuddered in pain as Lauren raked her nails down the expanse of her back once more. Diana’s hands were still locked on Lauren’s breasts, but keeping the woman at such close quarters gave the brunette a chance to rip her back to bloody shreds. The momentary respite Lauren received from Diana’s breast mauling didn’t last as Lauren could feel Diana’s pianist fingers tense as they gripped her boobs, and then the bite of the blonde’s manicured nails as they dug into the delicate tissue of her breasts.

“NO!!!” Lauren screamed as she shook her head frantically from side to side, her scream turning into a cry of horrible pain as Diana’s nails ripped down her perfect white skin, scratching four deep claw marks across Lauren’s left breast, her flesh instantly turning raw as four red and swollen welts appeared and filled with blood. Lauren’s’ own attack on Diana’s ruddy back faltered as pain coursed through her body from her breasts, traces of blood on Diana’s fingers where the blonde’s nails had broken the skin, her breasts covered in red streaks that blazed with pain, her tits puffy and swollen as the four lines of agony Diana put into them throbbed.

“Fucking blonde asswipe,” Lauren moaned out pitifully, her soft hands resting on Diana’s back.

“Oh dear, I seem to have hurt the little bitch,” Diana mocked. “And you shouldn’t go around calling people asswipes, especially blondes who are about to wipe their asses with your breasts. Don’t worry. They won’t be attached to you by that point.”

As if to emphasize her point, Diana reared back and slammed her ringed fists into the outsides of Lauren’s breasts, mashing them together again as the brunette sobbed loudly. Tears streamed from Lauren’s ice blue eyes as she suddenly staggered forward and smashed her kneecap upwards directly between Diana’s perfect thighs. Completely unprepared for the brunette’s counterattack, Diana’s mouth hung open in an ‘O’ as her crotch exploded with pain. She never even saw it coming. Lauren’s knee crashed into Diana’s damp blonde sex again, crunching her womanhood to the bone. Her hands immediately vacated Lauren’s boobs and clutched her groin with a pained gasp as she lurched forward. The only thing Lauren Graham wanted to do was make Diana pay for what she did to her tits.

Lauren snapped her right foot up with all the strength in her body and drove it into Diana’s wounded pussy in a vicious cunt punt. Now it was Diana who sobbed in agony “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh…You… fucking… bitch…Oh God Lauren…”

“God better help you Diana, cause I’m going to kick the shit out of you,” said Lauren, re-positioning herself for another strike on the blonde’s lithe body. Putting all of her power into it, Lauren smashed another gruesome kick to the Canadian blonde’s groin, Diana’s pussy getting smashed with Lauren’s shin-bone. Diana gripped her pubic mound in agony as she dropped to her knees, howling in pain like a banshee as Lauren cunted her.

“Hurts, huh bitch?” Lauren asked. When Diana nodded silently, Lauren buried her hands into Diana’s blonde hair and dragged her to her feet, her cunt throbbing. “Enjoy using my tits as a scratching post? Let’s see how it feels when I use your pussy as a punching bag, you arrogant cunt…”

Lauren went low, driving her solid fist down onto the upper swell of Diana’s pussy. The brunette threaded her left arm under Diana’s right armpit, clamping onto the blonde’s shoulder to steady her as she drove another punch into Diana’s pussy. The sturdy blonde musician let out a wailing sob of pure agony as she felt the brunette’s fist nearly go inside her. “OHHHHH GOD!!! MYYYYYY CUNT!!!!”

Diana, clutching her wounded vulva, gasped aloud as Lauren clawed away her protective hand aside, then fired her fist upward between her bowed legs, her knuckles slamming squarely into the slit of her pussy! Diana let out another cry of horrible pain and her eyes rolled back as her mouth gaped wide in agony. She crashed down on her knees yet again and Lauren grinned as she thought of the weeks Diana’s groin would feel pain.

"I really hope you enjoyed that, you bitch!" Lauren snarled fiercely. Adding sinisterly, "Because you won’t be feeling anything good down there for a long, long time.”

“Fuck… yuh…Laur…,” Diana gasped between choking sobs.

“I’ll beat your pussy ‘til you can’t walk, bitch,” Lauren snarled. She raised her foot and kicked the kneeling Diana in the chest, sending the blonde crashing flat on her back on the carpet beside the bed. The brunette forced the blonde’s fair, limp, legs wide apart; taking a deep breath and savoring the moment. “It’s going to be fun, especially after I do THIS… ”

She balled up her fist as tight as she could without breaking her manicured nails, drew back and then, aiming carefully at the moist V at the junction between Diana’s legs, let her punch go. Diana made a weak attempt to close her thighs, but Lauren’s left hand on the inside of her right thigh kept her leg turned out, preventing her from defending her vulnerable center. Lauren’s fist slammed down on Diana’s pussy, sinking so deep the brunette’s knuckles smashed against the blonde’s stiffened-with-excitement clit. Diana screamed at the crippling pain as her legs flew into the air with each of the series of the brunette’s rapid-fire, pussy-punishing, punches that followed.

“OHHH….YOU FUCK…ING…BITCH!!! MY CUN…NUNNN TOH GOD….NOOOO!!!” Diana tried desperately to do something as she felt the delicate flesh on her pussy cracking and splitting under Lauren’s onslaught, as the hard knuckles pounded her pubic mound; beating her sex to pulp. When Lauren stopped punching, Diana lay splattered on the floor, chest heaving with her ragged breathing; her once-proud cunt a black-and-blue ruin.

Resting on one knee, Lauren wound a fistful of Diana’s blonde hair around her fist, lifting her head up off the floor. Holding it an inch from her own face. Lauren sneered, “You know something Diana? I’m really enjoying hurting you. We should make this our new Christmas tradition.” She hauled the pain-dazed blonde up onto her knees and then her feet and went to work, brutally impaling Diana’s mid-section with a huge Knee Lift that drove the wind from the lungs of the beautiful blonde and sent her staggering and stumbling back into the wall.

Drawing her fist back, Lauren slammed it into the blonde’s heaving belly, as Diana cried out weakly as her middle was demolished. Tears of rage and pain spilled down Diana's cheeks for a change, and Lauren twisted Diana’s body around painfully so that the blonde was in front of her facing away. Lauren locked her arms around Diana in a deadly embrace, her strong manicured hands clapping onto Diana’s large, well-sculpted breasts. Diana moaned out as she knew the pain that was to come and Lauren did not disappoint, as Graham gave Diana’s tits a vicious two handed squeeze, sinking her fingernails deeply into the mounds of flesh. Diana was moaning even more as she felt the brunette’s sharp talons crave their way into the flesh of her right breast.

“OH MY GOD… PLEASE…LEGGO UH…MY TIT!!! PUH….PUH…PLEASE!!!” Diana moaned as Lauren sadistically ripped at her boobs; the nipples swelling as Lauren’s manicured fingers tried to pull them off her breasts. The firm structure of Diana’s breasts changed dramatically as Lauren gave the nipples an eye-watering twist, then hauled both breasts upward; then wrapped her hands around the blonde’s shining breasts and crushed them toward the nipples, compressing the soft, pliant flesh painfully. The bigger brunette jerked, twisted and pulled Diana’s vulnerable mounds, forcing the bitchy blonde untold agonies.

“OOOHHH FUCK….OH FUCK!!! PLEASE!!! NOOOO!!!” Diana bawled as she felt Lauren's nails rip and tear across her pride and joys, digging hard and deep into the firm flesh of her breasts, and then she cried out as her breasts were jerked away from her chest wall.

“When I rip your rack off, THEN I’ll stop, bitch! You’re going to spend Christmas getting your tits sewn back on, Diana my dear.”

Sweat poured off both brunette and blonde; Diana was moaning loudly now and her breasts were trembling as Lauren ground her nails into Diana’s pink nipples, then dug her fingers under the upper slopes of Diana’s swollen orbs. Lauren’s face was resting on Diana’s right shoulder as she mauled the blonde’s breasts, smiling with satisfaction as she felt the wetness as Diana’s bright red nipples began to weep, the liquid dripping down the flesh of her sensitive orbs.

Her eyes closed tightly from the pain, Diana knew she had to do something hard and fast before Lauren ended up ripping her tits off her body. Summoning up all her remaining strength, Diana blindly raised her right foot up off the floor and sent it smashing down on top of Lauren’s left foot. Like Diana earlier, Lauren was not prepared at all for the blonde’s sudden offense, and her VERY effective breast mauling ended abruptly as she screamed in white hot pain as Diana chipped a bone or two in her foot. Lauren let out a wavering, whimpering scream as she hopped on one foot, and Diana, not wasting a moment proceeded to double the tough brunette over with a heartless gutshot, her fist sinking into Lauren’s middle. With a look of absolute fury on her ravishing face, the Canadian blonde cocked back her fist and smashed it into the American brunette’s flat, unguarded, unflexed stomach. Lauren’s navel took the punch beautifully, as the brunette beauty’s body jackknifed from the impact.

“OOOFFFFFFHHHHHH!” was the only thing that escaped Lauren’s mouth except for a spray of saliva that got flew into Diana’s face.

With Lauren tottering, Diana went for the kill! The hefty blonde wrapped her strong arms around the brunette’s middle, locking Lauren up in a Bearhug. The pain Lauren felt in her crushed foot is nothing compared the explosion of pain in her spine and ribs as Diana’s arms compress her solid body. Both pairs of abused breasts mold together as Diana crushed down on the Bearhug, lifting the hapless brunette off her feet and bending Lauren’s body backwards in a terrible letter ‘C’ as her arms slumped backward as Diana put the hurt on her. Lauren Graham screamed pitifully as her back popped and sharp pain shot up the length of her spine.

“Aaaahhhhh!" moaned Lauren in agony, and when Diana really clinches down hard, the brunette throws her head back and screamed anew as her spine popped again, loudly this time.

“I…am…going…to…break…your…fucking…back!!” Diana grunted out in exertion.

Her larger breasts roll on top of Lauren’s smaller pair, overpowering them as Lauren’s backs pops a third, loudest time as Diana squeezes and really pours it on, her dusky breasts smearing out Lauren’s white pair. Lauren Graham’s head dangles back and she moans out loud and long as Diana shakes her body violently back and forth.

"Aaaahhh!!! Uuuuunngggghhhhh!! Oh shit!!! You…. bitch!!" Lauren screamed as Diana squeezed the life out of her. The blonde’s arms, high around the brunette’s ribcage and back, suddenly force a loud CRACK as opposed to a pop out of Lauren’s body, and Diana knew she had her. Her breasts had pancaked the brunette’s flat against her body, and with a loud grunt Diana heaved Lauren’s body up, dropped to one knee and smashed Graham’s pussy down HARD on the other in a room-shaking atomic drop. Lauren’s eyes water as it feels like Diana just smashed her cunt up into her throat. Blood now began to leak from Lauren’s vagina as Diana slid her off her leg, and Lauren writhed in indescribable agony.

Standing over her brunette foe, Diana slowly lifts her chin up. “Now, you bitch,” she whispered, “Take THIS!!!” Diana swung her fist back and telegraphed a brutal punch that crashed into directly into the center of Lauren’s face, blasting into her nose and shattered it.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Lauren moaned as she was pulled back up to her feet. Diana’s next punch screamed into the point of Lauren’s chin, smashing her head up savagely and lifting the brunette beauty off her feet yet again, sending her crashing spread-eagled on the bed behind her.

Lauren landed on the bed with a sharp cry of pain, and Diana followed her on, straddling the brunette by placing her knees on either side of Graham’s hips, pinning her hands. Lauren’s blood poured out of her nose, staining the white duvet beneath her.

"You bitch, you bitch, you bitch…" Lauren moaned.

"It's over, bitch," Diana spat.

"FUCK YOU!!!" screamed Lauren, who then gasped as Diana’s hands slapped down hard on her breasts with a loud SMACK!

"But it's not me who's FUCKED, Lauren.” Diana's grin was spread ear to ear, her green eyes bright with satisfaction. “You know what I'm going to do next, don’t you?"

With terrible certainty, Lauren knew!

Diana hauled back and delivered a devastating forearm smash to Lauren’s wide-open tits, crushing them painfully against her ribcage. Diana measures it out and repeats the devastating forearm blow, flattening the brunette’s smaller breasts, and forcing the nipples against Lauren's rib cage. Lauren Graham lets out a scream with each strike until she finally begins to sob uncontrollably. Diana looked down at her brunette rival, and Lauren shook her head. “No,” she begged.

“Yes,” Diana countered. “You ever had your tits ripped off, bitch? If not, then this will be a new experience for you.” She reached down and grabbed Lauren’s left breast in her left hand. Diana threw her head back along with her fist, and the fetching blonde brought her fist down in a furious punch that targeted Lauren's breast. She aimed her knuckles and ring at the brown nipples of her foe and especially areola. As her fist collided with the boob, Diana twisted her knuckles in painfully.

"My TITS!!!!" wailed Lauren, desperately trying to kick Diana off of her.

Diana pulled up and lifted Lauren's upper body off the bed, the brunette moaning as her breasts burned in pain. Slamming her back down, Diana ripped into both of Lauren's boobs, clawing bloody streaks down them. Lauren was in pure agony, her breasts feeling they would burst at any second. Diana mashed Lauren's battered breasts together, grinding her knuckles and rings into them as the brunette sobbed uncontrollably.

Punching Lauren's boobs, Diana was crushing them under her fists, grinding her knuckles into Lauren's boobs as the brunette sobbed in agony. Then Diana went back to what worked, smashing her hand down with its heel crushing Lauren’s mouthwatering breast. Straddling Lauren's mid-section Diana smashed her right fist square into Lauren's naked tit flattening it against her body. Lauren screamed so loudly from the smashing blow that it hurt Diana’s ears, but Diana quickly pulled her fist back and let go with another powerful punch, banging it into the same breast. Lauren was totally helpless as another ringed fist smashed into her defenseless breast. Lauren could only thrash her head from side to side and moan each time the blonde’s hard fist slammed against her naked tit, crushing the mound completely flat.

Becoming tired of punching, Diana dug her sharp thumbnail into Lauren’s nipple, opening it up with a painful scratch. She then tightly gripped hold of Lauren's super-sensitive nipple and she began yanking it upward. Diana pulled back and began stretching the tit as far as it could go before she finally lost her grip allowing the damaged breast to collapse back and jiggle on her chest. Diana quickly latched on again, and immediately began tugging upwards stretching her breast, Lauren's face contorted in utter agony. Tears rolled down Lauren's cheeks from the severe pain she was experiencing in her throbbing left breast.

For a third time Diana latched onto Lauren's nipple and began pinching and ripping her thumb and fingernail into the nipple. Lauren wailed in utter horror as her tender skin was getting ripped open by the blonde. Lauren tried to desperately escape from beneath Diana, but Diana continued to rip at the tender breast flesh, digging her manicured nails into the brunette’s bloody nipple.
“Oh God Diana!!! You’ve got to stop!!! My breasts can’t take anymore!!!”

“Not…ugh… until…ugh… I…ugh… rip…ugh… your…ugh… fucking…ugh… nipples…ugh… OFF you, Lauren,” grunting with the effort of trying to do exactly that.

Ripping her hands off of the sobbing brunette, Diana began blasting punches down onto Lauren’s thick nipples, as Lauren howled and cried out as pain filled began coursing through her tight breasts. Realizing that if she didn’t stop her, the blonde indeed would break her breasts open, Lauren wrenched her hands out from under the blonde’s knees and dug her nails deep into Diana’s tits. With Lauren’s manicured nails buried in her breasts, Diana instantly screamed in awful pain as the brunette mauled her, and in a particularly vicious move, Lauren used Diana’s breasts as handles and pulled them apart, as if she were trying to split the Canadian blonde’s body in half at the chest.

Diana’s painfully mauled boobs throbbed as Lauren's nails buried into her breasts. Lauren continued her breast attack, mugging Diana’s jugs as hard as she could. Worked her way down the blonde’s larger breasts, Lauren's nails suddenly latched onto Diana’s blazing nipples and began to shred them. Diana moved her hands quickly off of Lauren’s tits to try and pry the brunette's away from her breasts. Diana’s drum-tight breasts felt as if they would split at the seams if Lauren’s nails went any deeper.

“OH FUCK!!! YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” Diana howled at the top of her lungs.

Lauren reached forward and tore Diana's sweating breasts, and raked her sharp nails across her boobs as Diana screamed in pain. Diana's pretty face contorted in anguish as Lauren twisted her breasts back and forth with her hands, the blonde’s tender flesh beginning to shred. After a few a seconds of hell, Lauren began ripping punch after punch into the young blonde’s tits, battering them in from above as she howled in agony.

Rolling a crying Diana onto her back, Lauren Graham straddled her for a change, placing her ass across the blonde’s lower belly, but never once unlocking her hands from the blonde’s mouthwatering breasts. Lauren took hold of Diana’s weakening tits again and mangled them with her nails and knuckles.

“How’d you like THAT, you bitch??? You can dish it out, but you sure can’t take it!!!” Lauren screamed as her nails tore into Diana’s breasts as the blonde wailed in pain, scrambling to break free.

Diana cried out in pain as Lauren enjoyed the most secure grip ever on her breasts and began ripping them in every direction. The blonde screamed as her breasts were being stretched to their limits and then beyond as Lauren pulled on them harshly. Tears formed in her green eyes as Lauren pulled on her nipples and twisted and tugged her tits back and forth. In desperation, Diana clutched the brunette’s wrists and tried to free her aching breasts.


Lauren maneuvered her hand onto the top of Diana’s breast, her manicured fingers worked her nails deep into the tender flesh of her left breast and raked outward, tearing into the blonde’s meaty mound.
Diana screamed yet again as the pain became excruciating, a wailing moan, “LAUREN… OH SHIT… OOHHHHH…. ”

Diana screamed as the brunette lifted her up off the bed by her breasts, and then the blonde felt the painful burning inside her purpled tits. Lauren’s fingers and thumbs were tightly gripped onto to the badly swollen nipples as Lauren began to pull and stretch them outward from her body, causing the blonde to scream out as her breast were pulled painfully upward away from her chest, the skin tightening while forming deep, dark pink creases as Lauren tested the limits of Diana’s breast elasticity. Diana’s beautiful, supple breasts were torn apart while Diana screamed out painfully. “OH GOD!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUUUUUUUUCK!!!” She knew with awful certainty that Lauren was going to rip them off her body, if the brunette had her way.

Both women were bathed in sweat, and Diana used it to her advantage. Diana thrashed in both pain and escape underneath the dominant brunette, and managed to tear her breasts free of Lauren’s lock on them. Now, Graham’s single-minded goal to destroy Diana’s rack worked against her, and Diana not only slipped free of Lauren’s grip, but also managed to unseat the brunette by smashing her knees solidly into the brunette’s back.

“UUUUNNHHH!!!” Lauren gasped as Diana’s knees hit her like twin cannons, hitting her with such force that she almost went airborne before she toppled over. Luck was with the blonde because as Lauren fell, her head crashed against the bed’s wooden foot board, and then she rolled off the edge of the bed, landing on the floor with a muffled thunk!

Diana was flat on her back on the bed, and looking over the side, she saw that Lauren was in no hurry to get up. Graham had the beginnings of a mottled black-and-blue bruise above her right eye, with just a little bit of blood leaking out, as she moaned in pain on the floor. Diana, however, couldn’t capitalize immediately, as her reddened, swelling breasts heaved in pain on her chest, with each breath causing more shooting pain to course through her body. Her breasts used to be perfect, but now she could see mottled red and blue veins clearly showing through her fair skin, and her proud pink nipples now red and raw. Her areolas were dark with blood, and her milk glands swollen to large, misshapen lumps in her breasts.

To gain enough momentum to get on her feet, Diana had to swing her shapely legs over the side, and the second she was upright the pain hit her as her breasts felt gravity again. She knew it would be months before her tits would heal, and she was determined to make sure that Lauren went through the same hell.

"God, I fucking HATE you," Diana snarled, her face beet-red with anger, at Lauren Graham’s prostrate form below. She bent at the waist, winding her strong fingers deep in Lauren’s dark hair, and pulled the protesting woman to her feet.

“Oh no, oh no, no, no, no…” Lauren gasped, but Diana, with a savage cry of delight, sliced her sharp nails slice through the soft undersides of Lauren's bare breasts.

“UUUGHH!!!OHHHHHHHH!!!! PLEASE!!! DON’T!!!! PLEASE!!!!” Lauren screamed.

It felt like her tits were being ravaged, as indeed they were, as Diana’s right hand came smacking down against the fleshy mound of Lauren's right boob, sending it wobbling heavily on her chest. Lauren’s boobs were bloody and fiery from Diana’s hard shots, and Diana really began to work on her breast, grabbing hold and squeezing, digging her long, sharp nails deep into the firm breast. Lauren cried out, her boobs on fire, and then she screamed in horrible pain as Diana raked her nails hard and deep into Lauren’s destroyed tits.

“I’ll bust your tits open, bitch,” Diana threatened as she glared into Lauren’s glassy eyes, as she ground her nails into Lauren’s aching pair. Diana hooked her nails in hard, gouging Lauren’s nipples, and with her fingertips Diana crushed and gouged Graham’s milk sacs until she could feel them pop in her grip. The blonde was forcing all the gland tissue back into her breast, and the brunette’s sensitive milk glands were about to give out completely. Lauren screamed out in desperate pain as her soft boobs were pulped over and over. “They’ll be sore tomorrow,” Diana said cruelly. “But they won’t be anywhere near you!!!”

Lauren knew this was the end of her if she couldn’t do something fast. Her hands were fastened on Diana’s wrists, trying mightily to pry them from her throbbing breasts. With a plan borne of desperation, she let go of the blonde’s wrists and instead clapped her hands on Diana’s swollen pair, hoping that all her earlier punches, twists, and slaps had left the Canadian blonde’s tits tender and sore enough to gain back the ground she had lost to Diana in their fight. As soon as the brunette hooked her nails into the blonde’s tits, she knew.

Diana let loose a blood-curdling scream as Lauren Graham’s nails found her breasts. She screamed so loudly it hurt Lauren’s ears, but the brunette rasped back:

“Not as sore as yours’ll be when I rip them off!!!”

Both women let out ferocious, guttural screams as blood was dripping from their breasts. Each woman was pulping the other’s tits with her strong hands, grunts exploding from both determined woman. It looked like Lauren was trying to milk Diana to death as the strong brunette ripped into the blonde’s reddened breasts. Her fingers palpated and squeezed Diana’s tits, kneading them like dough. Now it was the milk sacs in Diana’s breasts that were popping as Lauren really piled on the pressure to her tits. Diana moaned as Lauren ripped her milk glands apart, and gasped when watery blood began to weep from her thickened nipples. Diana’s own hands fell away from Lauren’s rack as she now tried to pull Graham’s hands from her chest.

“Oh God Lauren!!!” Diana cried out. “Why are we doing this to each other???!!!” Lauren’s answer was driving her knee hard into Diana’s lower belly, just on her navel. “OOOOFFFFF!!! ” Diana grunted as the brunette’s knee went deep into her weakened belly.

Lauren turned Diana’s breasts loose of the breasts and placed her left hand on Diana’s side, almost tenderly, until she swung her right fist back and pounded the blonde, driving it hard and deep into the brunette's unprotected belly.

“OOOOOUUUUFFF ” Diana moaned as Lauren's fist sank wrist-deep in her heaving belly midway between her navel and the fringe above her aching pussy. Diana’s body tried to sag to her knees, but Lauren clutched a fistful of Diana’s blonde hair and pulled her slumping head up, maneuvering her around and leaning her back against the bedroom wall.

“Enjoy your breasts for a few minutes, Di,” Lauren said venomously, “Because when I’ve finished with your belly, I’m goin’ back to finish them. But now…” Lauren wrenched Diana’s head back by her thick hair and began pummeling her stomach with her right fist. WHAPPP!!!

Diana let out a soft “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!! as Lauren's fist sank deep into her softened belly.

WHAM! Lauren hit her again and Diana’s her wilted body gave the first shudder of a trauma convulsion. Lauren was beating the breath out of the singer now.

SMACK! Her next punch smashed into Diana’s midsection, re-arranging her insides, penetrating her belly with a hammer-like punch, Lauren’s fist sinking deep into Diana’s churning gut.

CRACK! There was nothing left to keep Lauren’s fist from disappearing into her soft belly. "OOMMMPPHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

WHACK! Lauren blasted a hard punch into Diana’s side, a dead on bull's eye! Both women felt Diana’s ribs snap like breadsticks.

WHUMP! Lauren punched Diana with all her might, driving her fist deep into Diana’s heaving belly. Diana had been gutted so many times by the brunette’s fist that this last punch was too much for her stomach to absorb and she threw up everything left in her belly and almost urinated uncontrollably as, clutching her belly, she folded forward over Lauren’s forearm.

The women locked eyes for a second, and it was long enough for Lauren to whisper, “You’re finished, bitch!!!”
Lauren’s left hand pushed Diana’s drooping chin up, as the brunette cocked her fist back and smashed Diana full in the face. Lauren’s knuckles crashed into Diana’s nose, breaking it with a loud crack as blood squirted out of her crushed nose and dripped onto her heaving breasts below. Diana could now taste the rusty, salty flavor of her own blood as it coursed down her throat. Lauren’s next punch caught her left eye, and it began to blossom out in a nasty shade of dark red as the brunette continued to she pound her blonde rival to a pulp. Diana’s left eye was an ugly swollen mess as she swayed punch-drunk under Graham’s fists. Lauren Graham battered Diana’s face crimson.

Both women were obviously racked with pain, but Lauren knew if she was going to put Diana away, she had to do it here. Rearing back as far as she could, while still keeping Diana upright against the wall, Lauren began to drive uncontested punches into Diana's once-perfect breasts, slamming into them with such force as to almost rip the bags off her chest. Lauren Graham’s punches surged into them from all angles. Diana’s breasts were getting slammed flat as Lauren’s splattering punches echoed loudly against Diana’s boobs, as the blonde howled in pain.

“What’s the matter, Diana?” Lauren asked. “I thought you said yours were better!!!”

“They are, you bitch,” Diana voice shuddered hoarsely.

“Not for long,” Lauren sneered as she pumped fists into the devastated blonde’s breasts, the sweat-soaked orbs just moments away from exploding.

A hard right upper-cut slammed into the side of Diana’s head, and Graham kept coming, jolting the blonde’s head with another crisp punch. Her last punch nailed Diana full in the mouth, and blood and bits of teeth exploded from the suffering blonde's face. Lauren stepped away, mercifully letting the blonde crumple to the carpeted floor as she knocked her off her feet.

Kneeling down next to the defeated blonde, Lauren pulled her over onto her back. Beaten, but still defiant, Diana muttered, “Got anything left you BIHUUUUAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” She never finished because Lauren buried her hands in the blonde’s battered and badly abused tits. For the first time in the fight, Diana’s voice trembled with real fear. “Mercy!!! Please!!! Lauren!!! Mercy!!!” she screamed out at the top of her voice. Lauren’s teeth were bared and her beautiful face was glowing hot with hatred for the blonde beneath her. Diana screamed again, “You’re not going to do it!!! YOU’RE NOT!!!”

“Oh, yes I am, bitch,” Lauren replied sadistically.

Diana’s chest was already torn and bloody, and she was screaming in pain as Lauren scored, then ripped open her left breast. Before it burst, Diana’s globe swelled into a round, tennis ball, orb before Lauren, with a jerking twist, ripped the mangled gland apart. Wrenching the breast with all the strength she had left, Lauren twisted Diana’s body around in the opposite direction as the gland’s internal tissue gave way and the breast busted wide open.

Diana’s horrific scream, “AAAUUUUGHHHHH!!!!” was the last thing she uttered before the white-hot pain seared through her body and overwhelmed her brain, sending her into a near-coma.

Lauren got up, the tremendous pain making her unsteady on her feet, but all she needed to do was look down at her reddened and bloodied breasts before she dealt the blonde one final, evil blow. Bending over and grabbing Diana’s right arm, she laid the blonde pianist’s hand flat on the hardwood floor before driving her heel viciously down onto it in a massive stomp, breaking bones in the hand before she stomped again on the blonde’s wrist. The sharp pain was enough to put Diana into semi-consciousness, and let out a few choking sobs.

Gathering her clothes and walking to the door Lauren looked back into the bedroom at the beaten and busted-up Diana Krall.

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas, cunt. Hope you thought to ask Santa for a new pair of tits,” Lauren sneered as she stood over the devastated Canadian blonde who softly continued to sob in agony.