Heather Graham vs. Alicia Silverstone: Hell for Heather by S.P.Eider 27-Apr-00

Alicia Silverstone's match against Heather Graham had been a sell out on the day it was announced. On the day of the actual match, the only space in the arena not crowded with people was within the four sides of the ring. Within the ropes stood the two combatants, two of Hollywood's brightest and most attractive actresses, each with her own reason for wanting to annihilate her rival and finish the bout the infinitely better woman.

Prior to the opening round, Heather Graham rose slowly to her feet from her corner stool and began to warm up gently. Heather's lithe body was a photographer's dream in only her briefest of black thongs and a thin layer of oil, covering her serene body. Her fully toned figure would have made the blonde woman the perfect model for a series of photographs highlighting the beauty of the female form.

If Heather was a photographic must, then surely Alicia Silverstone was a masterpiece waiting to happen. Her full figure and enormous breasts would have kept any artist busy for hours, not to mention how much pink paint he would need to fully capture the subtle hues of her voluptuous physique. The challenge would have been to find an artist able to gaze at Silverstone's sensual body and paint with a steady hand. Like Heather, Alicia's costume was somewhat minimalist. The brown haired actress wore only a minute red thong so small it could have doubled as an eye patch.

At the sound of the opening bell both women approached the centre of the ring. Alicia smiled and extended her hand in an early act of sports(wo)manship. Heather returned the gesture with a vicious head butt to the unsuspecting brunette that dropped a stunned Alicia to the canvas.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Heather, as Alicia struggled to her feet. "Did that hurt?"

"Not as much as I plan to hurt youuuoooooffffff...!!"

Alicia's response was cut swiftly short by Heather's balled fist burying itself into the brunette's lower belly. Alicia bent double with the blow, gasping for air. She felt two hands grip her hair tightly and caught a brief glimpse of Heather's knee before it cracked into her face with clinical finesse. Alicia's nose exploded instantly, blood flowing freely down the brunette's attractive features.

"That's for Batman and Robin!," spat Heather, apparently not a fan of Alicia's movie career.

Alicia stumbled backwards, bloodied and dazed. Desperate to gain control, she attempted a more disciplined technique, a high kick aimed at Graham's smug face. Alicia's right leg shot upwards, her bare foot on a collision course with Heather's chin. In any other fight, the outcome of a such a move might have been inevitable. Unfortunately for Alicia, this was not any other fight. Still stunned from Heather's early assault, Alicia's kick was clumsy and missed it's target by inches. Heather caught the raised leg with an almost distracted ease.

"You really are making this too easy," said the blonde.

Holding Alicia's leg aloft, Heather powered her knee between the splayed legs of her dark haired victim. On impact Alicia let out a piercing scream as Heather's knee bone crashed into her soft pussy, almost lifting her from the floor. Pain spread quickly from Alicia's crotch to her belly, a constant throbbing served as an unnecessary reminder of what had just occurred. Sadly for Alicia, Heather was far from finished.

With her right leg still being held upright by the big breasted blond, Alicia was uncertain which part of her body would be Heather's next target. She tried to keep her guard up at her breasts, hoping she would be quick enough to block an attack to the face or crotch, an area that still ached from Heather's last assault. It was a faint hope.

Lifting her knee slightly, so as to imply another crotch attack, Heather waited until Alicia's hands had dropped to protect her sensitive sex. Less than a second later, Alicia's head was rocked back on its shoulders by an almighty left hook. Heather's fist clubbed against the side of her face like a freight train into a cardboard box and Alicia's one supporting leg buckled underneath her. She dropped to the canvas like a demolished building.

Heather's lust for victory was far from satiated and she pulled the stunned girl to her feet by her hair. Alicia yelped in protest but was unable to stop Heather's total domination of the match. The well-proportioned blonde grasped Alicia's hands in her own and pivoted on the spot, sending the brunette floundering into the turnbuckle. Alicia's back hit the corner post with a resounding crash, shaking the ropes around the ring. Alicia stayed on her feet, only by virtue of grabbing the ropes on each side of the turnbuckle. It was to prove a grave error of judgement.

Heather moved in quickly, ensuring the brunette had no way out from her self imposed captivity. This time there were no warnings, no witty retorts. Heather let her fists and feet do the talking. A quick punch sunk deep into Alicia's mid-section, denying the brunette valuable oxygen. As Alicia wheezed heavily, Heather punched her again, lower this time, just above the line of Alicia's thong. Alicia groaned as a wave of nausea spread through her lower belly, draining the little strength she had remaining.

Heather had now moved her attack upstairs and fired a powerful uppercut to the underside of Alicia's right breast. The once firm bosom flew upwards with the blow, contorted out of shape momentarily as Heather's fist struck home. Alicia could now offer little more than a weak sobbing as Heather again targeted her mammaries, this time both were targets as Heather powered both fists deep into Alicia's mounds, using the brunette's nipples as targets. As Heather's fists sunk into Alicia's pride and joy, each breast billowed outwards like balloons put under pressure.

Heather finished her assault the same way she had started. Stepping away from the bruised Sensei, Alicia drew back her leg like a rugby player about to convert a penalty. Alicia saw what was coming which only made her inability to prevent the inevitable all the worse. Heather's leg swung through a smooth upward arc and stopped dead when the blonde woman's foot crunched into Alicia's tortured pussy.

Alicia did not cry out. Such was the beating she had taken, even the smallest of sounds was now beyond her. Instead she just sunk slowly to the mat, hands at her burning crotch. Heather stepped away from the barely conscious brunette and glanced over at Consort. His enjoyment of the fight so far was well illustrated by the expression on his face, not to mention the bulge in his trousers. Heather place her hands on her hips, her enormous bosom thrusting forward as she did so. Her nipples clearly betrayed the excitement she was feeling at putting this useless cow in her rightful place. Hearing a weak groaning from the direction of Alicia, Heather returned her full attention to the battered brunette.

Alicia was clambering to her feet, driven now by little more than pride. Heather walked confidently across to the groggy actress. Standing inches from Alicia's unsteady form, she looked into the eyes of her opponent.

"You're probably thinking this is the part where you make a triumphant comeback.," said Heather, barely masking her contempt for Alicia. "Think again."

Heather moved quickly, snaking one arm between Alicia's legs and wrapping the other around the young fighter's neck. Heather hoisted Alicia from the canvas in one swift movement, supporting Alicia across her ample bosom for a second before falling to one knee and dropping Alicia across her leg. Alicia cried out in agony as her right side took the full impact of the blow, her already weakened back taking yet more punishment. She lay at Heather's feet, clutching her side and moaning pitifully.

Struggling to even stand, Alicia was on her hands and knees, her head drooped down. Heather did not waste the opportunity. Stepping over Alicia's head so she was facing the young woman's back, Heather locked her ankles and began to squeeze Alicia's head between her powerful thighs. Alicia gasped as her head was suddenly put under intense pressure, Heather's vice like grip tightening with every second that passed. Alicia struggled vainly but she was still weak from her earlier battering and could do little to escape the blond vixen's stifling grip.

As if to clarify her total dominance, Heather unleashed three merciless elbow strikes into Alicia's exposed back. Each strike bought with it a muffled cry from between the blonde's voluptuous thighs and Alicia's trapped body sagged a little more with each powerful impact.

Satisfied that Alicia's futile resistance was at an end, Heather reached forward and wrapped her arms around the brunette's slender midsection. Ensuring the Alicia's head was still firmly trapped between her fleshy thighs, Heather heaved the younger woman's body upwards, suspending Alicia upside down for her concerned man to witness.

"It's all over," cried a triumphant Heather to anyone that was listening.

Alicia gasped as the heavier woman's arms tightened around her waist, whilst Heather's thighs continued their assault on the brunette's trapped head. Alicia quickly realised what was coming and knew she had to do something fast. Heather was obviously planning to execute a pile-driver, a finishing move of intense force. Such a move would surely mean the end of this match and Alicia was not about to let that happen.

Finding as yet untapped reserves of strength, Alicia placed her hands on the floor of the ring. At the same time, she quickly snaked her own legs around the unsuspecting Heather's head. Heather instantly moved her hands up to loosen Alicia's grip and in doing so, decreased the pressure on Alicia's trapped head by the smallest of fractions. But it was enough for Alicia.

Alicia swung her body entire upwards, her legs still wrapped tightly around Heather's neck. In less than a second, Alicia was sitting upright, on the shoulders of Heather Graham, the brunette's crotch smothering the blonde woman's face. Heather staggered blindly around the ring, desperate to dislodge the passenger she had acquired. Alicia knew her position was still a vulnerable one, riding the busty blond like a rodeo bull. Waiting for just the right moment, Alicia threw her weight forward and the tangled twosome fell to the canvas, Heather taking the full force of the fall across her back, whilst at the same time getting a face full of Alicia's barely covered thatch in her face.

The two fighters rose simultaneously but the balance of the fight had changed. A renewed Alicia practically leapt to her feet whereas Heather could only manage to stagger upright. Alicia looked at Heather with unconditional contempt. "my turn," said the brunette. Alicia's leg flashed upwards with the grace of a gymnast. This time there was no uncertainty, no mistakes. Alicia's bare foot thudded into Heather's face with power and accuracy. Graham tumbled back, her nose bleeding heavily. Alicia approached the unsteady blonde slowly, before changing speed in an instant to unleash an unstoppable punch to Heather's gut. Graham's soft flesh folded under the force of the blow and the winded blond stooped forward into a venomous head butt by the now dominant actress.

Alicia continued forcing Heather backwards, a knee to the midsection, a forearm smash, a kick to the throat. It was not long before Heather was exactly where Alicia wanted her - against the ropes.

"And now," said Alicia, "your lesson ends."

Reaching down, Alicia gripped the top of Heather's thong and jerked the minuscule garment upwards, the material cutting into the blonde girl's sex with an eye-watering intensity. Still pulling Heather's g-string tightly up into her tender clit, Alicia powered her knee into Heather's unprotected pussy. Heather's yowl of anguish bought the assembled crowd to a standstill, an unnatural hush descended over proceedings, broken only by the sobbing of the battered beauty. Pain coursed through Heather's body as the after effects of the vicious blow took effect. Her legs buckled beneath her like broken twigs and she slumped helplessly to the canvas, hands at her battered crotch.

Looking down at Heather, Alicia's hands moved to her own pussy, easily removing the red thong that was already soaked with sweat. Using her foot to roll Heather onto her back, Alicia placed a foot at either side of the beaten girl's head. For a minute Alicia just stood above her victim, basking in anticipation. A small bead of sweat formed on the brunette's chest and moved slowly down the curves of her body, disappearing into her nest of dark pubic hair before finally dripping from the brunette onto the face of Heather. Less than two seconds later, Alicia's entire crotch covered Heather's face as Ms Silverstone dropped to her knees and smothered the blonde fully.

Beneath Alicia's damp pussy a weak sobbing could be heard, just enough to indicate that Heather was both awake and aware of her position but unable to change it. Alicia's breath slowed as she moved carefully, sensuously over the face of the blonde girl. She could feel Heather's nose brush gently against her sex, her labia moist with pleasure. As Alicia's gratification heightened, so her treatment of Heather became more brutal. Gasping her prey's lush blonde locks, Alicia forced Heather's face deep into her vagina, grinding herself onto Ms Graham's now wet features and penetrating herself utterly with the beaten woman's nose.

As Alicia's bliss threatened to reach boiling point she released one hand from Heather's hair and reached back to the black thong that still adorned the smothered babe. Once again Alicia gripped the material and pulled it upwards, yanking the almost wire-like material into Heather's tender crotch.

Heather yelped a muffled cry, one that served only to excite Alicia still further. Both women were now screaming simultaneously, one in pain, the other in rapture, both at the mercy of the sensation between their legs but each the antithesis of the other. Knowing she was hurting Heather in the worst place possible was too much for Alicia to contain and with a tangible shudder her ecstasy exploded onto the face of her humbled antagonist.

Rising to her feet slowly, Alicia left the ring without looking back at the pitiful figure still sprawled on the canvas. As far as Alicia was concerned Heather had served her purpose. Now it was time to find another victim.

The End