Shania Twain vs. Heather Graham by (unknown)

Hot contemporary actress Heather Graham enters the ring first wearing a lime green bikini. She is followed by award-winning country singer Shania Twain who is wearing a hot pink bikini. Shania is obviously the fan's favorite, and after entering the ring, she turns her back to Heather to acknowledge her adoring masses. Heather immediately attacks Shania once the brunette's back is turned as the fans scream in vain.

The referee calls for the bell to start the match while Heather is punching Shania unmercifully within her own corner, as the fans roar their disapproval. Heather wants to end the match quickly, so she fastens her bare hands around the stunned Shania's throat and tries to choke the life out of her. Shania desperately tries to escape the chokehold as she feel herself blacking out, but no go. First she fires punches into Heather's ample breasts, but the blonde shakes off the effects of the punishment, and maintains her murderous stranglehold.

Shania feels the fight being drained from her as her foe squeezes the breath from her, the blonde's bare hands tightening further about the brunette's vulnerable throat. Shania cries out in desperation and then fires her fist hard into Heather's throat, and the blonde gags and releases Shania. The blonde staggers back to the center of the ring to escape the dark-haired beauty, who is now furious. Shania knows she should take a second to recover from her pre-match assault, but she is too enraged.

She rushes Heather and slams her knee up hard into Heather's pussy. Shania grabs two handfuls of the dazed Heather's golden hair and pulls her face down into her knee, stunning the blonde. Then she scoops Heather up into a body slam position, but drops the blonde on her knee for a backbreaker. While Heather is still extended across her knee, Shania digs one hand into Heather's pussy, and with the other squeezes the blonde's left tit unmercifully. Heather can only scream in agony as she suffers at both ends.

Once Shania is tired of this assault, she dumps Heather on the mat, and starts to slam Heather's head repeatedly into the canvas, stunning her. Shania finally releases the dazed Heather and plays to her fans. She removes Heather's bikini in several swift motions, and tosses it into the crowd. Shania then strips naked herself as the crowd goes wild, and for the next ten minutes Shania pounds Heather around the ring with her fists and feet, while the fans chant.


Finally Shania pins the hapless blonde to the mat, presses her full, firm breasts over Heather's pretty face, and smothers the blonde into sweet if temporary oblivion. Yeah, baby, yeah!