Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain - Poolside by Shanahan (Dec 99)

The two women lay sunning themselves by the backyard pool in lawn chairs, both of them completely nude. Both beauties lay face up in the midday sun, resting comfortably as the warm golden rays cascaded over their sleek naked forms.

Heather Graham stirred slightly, the stunning movie blonde stretching out more fully on her chair. To her left lay Shania Twain, the gorgeous country music queen, who remained motionless as she reposed.

Heather began to stir restlessly, trying to soak up as much sun as she could, and as she rolled over onto her stomach, she bumped Shania's adjoining chair hard.

"Hey, watch it!" scolded Shania, awakened by the slight jolt and now sitting up slightly.

"Oh, shut up, bitch!" snapped back Heather, her blood stirring a bit at Shania's rebuke. "It's no big deal!"

"Just keep your fat ass on your own chair, skank!" hissed Shania, as she began to lie back down before closing her eyes again.

Moments later the brunette felt the sun being blocked out above her, and felt a weight descending upon her chest before seemingly all the agony in the world collected in her bare breasts and squeezed them hard. Opening her eyes, Shania could see a scowling Heather straddling her naked body, the blonde's fingers sinking deeper into the brunette's soft tit flesh.

"Bitch!" squealed Shania as she grabbed the blonde by the wrists and tried futilely to pull Heather's hands loose. "What did you have to go and start for?!"

"You started it, sweetheart," responded the blonde. "I'm just going to finish it!"

Shania squealed again as Heather bore down on the brunette's breasts, greedy hands twisting and squeezing the two soft mounds back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise, even up and down. Soft alabaster flesh spilled from between Heather's splayed fingers as she punished her rival.

"Let go of me, you whore!' cried Shania as she began to buck beneath her attacker, trying to throw Heather off and onto the apron surrounding the pool. But the blonde held fast, even as a sneer began to crease her pretty features.

"You know, I'm getting tired of hearing you complain, cow," jeered Heather, as she broke off her breast claws to reach up and plaster her hands over Shania's breathing passages, left hand sealing over Shania's pouty lips and mouth, right hand pinching the brunette's nostrils closed and smothering her.

Now wide-eyed, Shania twisted and shuffled back and forth on the vinyl-covered chair, trying to get free. She clawed frantically at Heather's suffocating hands, trying to dislodge their air-tight grip, but her attacker only maintained her hold. The brunette began to buck beneath the blonde, growing more frantic in her struggles to escape, as Heather cackled from above ...

Shania's muffled cries were drowned out by Heather's smothering hands, the shapely blonde's cackles as clear as crystal as she continued straddling her busty brunette opponent and suffocating her. Shania tugged madly at her attacker's wrists, desperate to rip the blonde's hands away from her breathing passages, but Heather's palms were like cement as the two women's nude poolside struggle continued.

Heather licked her lips in anticipation as she saw her prey weakening beneath her, Shania's struggles softening as Heather denied her of precious breath. Starbursts flashed before Shania's eyes as she felt herself passing out; her eyes closed, and her hands fell away from Heather's wrists and splayed out to the sides as the lithe brunette consigned herself to her fate.

Or perhaps not. Reaching up before her foe realized what was happening, Shania latched onto Heather's voluptuous bare breasts with both hands and began squeezing with all her flagging strength, sharp nails digging hard into the blonde's soft tit flesh.

Heather threw back her head and howled in anguish as her chest was assaulted, and she broke off her suffocating attack to clutch Shania's wrists and try to pull Shania hands off; but Shania was holding on for dear life even as she sucked some much-needed air back into her lungs. Getting nowhere fast, Heather plunged down with both hands and squeezed them about Shania's throat in a vicious chokehold as the brunette began coughing hoarsely.

"Try this on for size, you fucking bitch!" cursed Heather as she throttled the brunette beneath her, hands tightening like a vise.

Shania twisted from side to side beneath her tormentor, hands still squeezing Heather's breasts, but she could only cough even more harshly as Heather's thumbs stabbed into her windpipe. Feeling herself blacking out again, Shania released Heather breasts and grabbed the blonde by the lower jaw, pulling her down closer before cutting loose with a right hook that rocked Heather's cheekbone and sent the blonde sprawling sideways onto the concrete.

Shania gasped hard as she clutched her throat and coughed again, trying to coax oxygen back into her agonized lungs as her ample chest rose and fell with exertion. Sitting up on the lawn chair, Shania could see Heather now sitting up on her firm ass, the blonde rubbing her jaw as she glared icily at her rival. Still woozy from lack of breath, Shania staggered to her bare feet just as Heather rose to her own. Shania backed away towards the diving board at the far end of the pool as Heather began to stride towards her, the blonde intent on renewing the fight as the brunette readied herself for the impending assault.

"You're gonna get yours, slut!" growled Heather.

"Yeah? Well, come and get me, bitch!" snapped Shania, motioning towards herself with both hands, egging her lovely enemy on.

Heather came right at Shania, advancing steadily upon the brunette even as Shania turned the corner of the pool towards the diving board. Heather quickly closed the distance between the two women until they were scant feet apart, and then she dipped low as if to tackle Shania off her feet. Shania began to bend down, intent upon heading the blonde off, when suddenly Heather arched up and lashed out with her right foot, her bare sole crashing off Shania's chin. The brunette was stunned by the blow, and so she did nothing as Heather wrapped her arms about Shania's upper body and forced her foe down onto the diving board to Shania's right.

Heather pushed on Shania's chin with both hands, shoving the brunette back further onto the Spartan white plank, until Heather reared up to grip the board's metallic handrails. Reaching out with an extended bare foot, Heather pressed its naked sole against Shania's jaw and forced the brunette back even further until Shania's head was almost hanging over the edge of the board.

Thrusting herself forward just as Shania began to lift her head up, Heather lashed out with a left hook that clacked off Shania's jaw and stunned the dark-haired beauty once more. Shania just lay there, shaking her head groggily, as Heather reached forward with her left hand to clutch Shania's right breast and squeeze it hard, the blonde pinching the brunette's thick brown nipple hard between her thumb and forefinger as Shania squealed softly, still weak from the blow to her face.

Heather smiled widely at her adversary's agony, and decided to punish her foe further by again denying her rival of air. Reaching out with her right hand, Heather plastered it over Shania's mouth, the edge of the blonde's hand sealing off Shania's nostrils and completely suffocating the brunette.

Shania whimpered as Heather had her way with her, the blonde now leaning forward so that her sleek naked body was right on top of the brunette's. Smooth breasts squashed together and furry crotches ground close as Heather continued to dominate the fight, the battered brunette offering only token resistance, until Heather decided to really put on the hurt.

"Let's see how you like this, bitch," she sneered.

Unfastening her holds as she grinned broadly, Heather then wrapped her powerful hands about Shania's neck and squeezed, thumbs pressing down hard on the brunette's windpipe as the blonde choked the life from her opponent. Shania gasped and gurgled as the golden-haired looker poured on the pressure, hands working like a garrote about Shania's throat as the brunette groped feebly at Heather's face and jaw, trying in vain to push her off.

"Can't breathe, huh, bitch?" mocked the blonde at her foe's pathetic struggles. "Don't worry, sweetie, I'm just gonna squeeze until you're out like a light!"

Tightening her hold, Heather pulled Shania's head up and forced it back down again, and again, Shania's head and neck shaking back and forth in a sickly, bobble-head doll fashion as the determined blonde strained to choke the brunette unconscious.

Feeling herself fading yet again, Shania continued to grope at Heather's face with both hands, desperate to escape but failing. Looking up into Heather's blazing eyes and clenched teeth, Shania felt a wave of rage rising inside her battered body, and the seeds of an idea began to germinate within her weary mind.

Grabbing Heather by the hair with both hands, golden locks spilling out between her fingers, Shania began to rock back and forth sideways beneath her attacker even as she pulled hard on the blonde's hair.

"Owww!" squealed Heather at her new pain.

Heather maintained her chokehold, but too late she realized Shania was only trying to distract her. Before the blonde could see what was happening, she felt a clenched fist crash off her cheekbone, followed by another punch from the opposite side, both blows stunning the blonde beauty.

Shania grinned as she saw the tables turning, even with Heather's hands still nestled about her neck. The brunette then wrapped her hands in the dazed Heather's yellow hair again and twisted violently to the side, sending both women off the board to crash bodily into the blue water below ...

The two naked beauties hit the surface of the water hard, the impact breaking Heather's chokehold as Shania wrenched her neck free of her rival's hands. The shock of their nude bodies striking the cold liquid slapped Heather back to reality after weathering the punishing blows she had absorbed from Shania on the diving board. The water also invigorated her dark-haired opponent, who, nearly choked and smothered unconscious scant minutes ago, now hovered scant feet away below the surface.

Glaring at one another, they quickly pushed off towards one another and collided, hands locking together in a test of strength. Too evenly-matched, neither could gain the upper hand as they struggled and strained, until Shania twisted to the right and behind her foe and dragged Heather's arms along back with her. The brunette finally bent one of Heather's arms up behind the blonde's back as Shania draped her other arm around Heather's slender neck in a behind-the-back chokehold.

The brunette's advantage was short-lived, however, as Heather reached back with both hands, seized Shania by the hair, and vaulted forward to pitch Shania over her and through the aqua in a sort of slow-motion underwater ballet. Shania thrashed her legs to halt her headlong flight as she came over the top, and turned back to face her foe just in time to see that Heather was right on top of her, the blonde's hands again latching onto Shania's throat and squeezing hard.

A torrent of bubbles exploded from Shania's mouth as her foe choked the breath from her, and Shania struggled to pry Heather's hands from her windpipe as she felt the blonde kicking downwards. Heather was trying to push them towards the bottom of the pool where the blonde could easily strangle or drown the brunette at her leisure - all she had to do was hold Shania under a little while longer ...

Desperate for air, Shania clawed and kicked at Heather, hands scrabbling at the blonde's face, feet pummeling the blonde's breasts and stomach even as the brunette's oxygen reserves ran out. Finally Shania managed to jam a finger into Heather's eye and feel her enemy's strong hands relinquishing their grip on the brunette's neck as the blonde backed off to assuage her injury. Both women then shot to the surface to gulp in some much-needed air, the two combatants again just several feet apart at the surface.

"What the hell are you trying to do, bitch?" cursed Shania across the water.

"I'm trying to win, you whore!" shot back Heather, their eyes locked in a mutual glare of feral fury and abject hate.

"So what, then, are you going to fucking drown me, you stupid slut?" inquired Shania, angrily.

"What, and you wouldn't do the same to me?" growled the blonde. "Just shut up and fight, you stupid cow!"

"Gladly, you bleached little tramp!" spat the brunette.

They both submerged at the same time and then came together again beneath the waves, wrapping their long arms and legs about each other's trim forms as each woman tried to squeeze the other one lifeless. Hands perched atop heads as each fighter tried to hold the other one under and prevent her from surfacing for life-giving air.

Suddenly Shania jammed the heel of her hand up hard against Heather's chin, again and again, stunning the blonde. Seizing the advantage, Shania then seized Heather by the throat with both hands and began shaking her foe back and forth like a rag doll as her dazed victim offered no resistance, until Shania decided to switch tactics and really punish the blonde.

Poking her face just above the surface to garner a quick breath, Shania submerged again and proceeded to wind her long legs about Heather's waist, the brunette locking her ankles behind the blonde's back before squeezing with all her considerable lower-body strength as Heather grimaced in pain. Shania also cemented her hands atop Heather's scalp and began to push the blonde down into the depths as Heather, now fully conscious, struggled to break free in vain, arms flailing wildly and legs thrashing madly as she sought escape and air.

Feeling herself growing lightheaded as her air supply was running out, Heather grew frantic, pushing and punching at Shania's head and upper body, but unable to inflict any real damage with the brunette wrapped about her so tightly. Desperate to breathe, Heather plunged downwards with her left hand and seized Shania by the cunt, the blonde squeezing as hard as she could in her bid for life. Shania's eyes went wide at her new agony, and her grip softened just enough for Heather to shove free of the brunette's grasp and head for the surface.

She had almost made it when she felt a hand circling her ankle and holding her down, just inches away from salvation. Her lungs on fire, Heather looked down to see Shania ascending slowly in the water column, reeling the blonde in by the leg like a fish caught on a line. But no fish could ever kick free like Heather did, the blonde stomping away at her foe's head until her sole made contact with the brunette's face and knocked Shania away so that Heather could surface and breathe deeply of the stale yet sweet pool air.

Shania surfaced a few feet away a few moments later as Heather coughed and sputtered, the pretty blonde having tried to suck in as much air as she could just a little bit too quickly. Shaking visibly as a cough racked her sleek body, Heather was only able to glare at her enemy as the brunette immediately swept in close and wrapped her arms about the blonde's waist in a bearhug. Furry crotches rubbed together as the two women struggled at the surface, Shania squeezing Heather savagely with both arms just as the renewed blonde then covered the brunette's nose and mouth with both hands and began to suffocate her dark-tressed enemy. Shania's eyes closed as she suffered in Heather's hold, the brunette now back above the surface but still unable to breathe.

"It's no fun not being able to breathe, is it, bitch?" chastised a leering Heather, the blonde licking her salty lips with gusto even as her waist was compressed in Shania's strong arms.

"I bet you didn't get a good breath when you surfaced," croaked Heather.

"Well, I'll be damned if you're gonna get one now!" mocked the blonde, soft hands sealing tighter over the brunette's breathing passages like adhesive.

The two battling beauties bobbed up and down in the water, stalemated for the moment but with the blonde now asserting her dominance in an effort to finish their marine fight.

"Your life is mine, bitch! And I hate your music!" crowed Heather as she felt the brunette weakening in her grip, and she began to force Shania down below the surface once more, perhaps for good this time...

Heather shifted her grip even as she pushed Shania just below the surface, securing her hands once more around the brunette's throat in a vise-like grip as she held Shania down below the cool water, confident she could now strangle or drown her dark-haired opponent any time she wished to.

Shania had released her bearhug and was now frantically clawing at Heather's strong shoulders as the brunette desperately sought escape. Her lungs were on fire, as was her windpipe, and in a last-ditch effort she managed to reach up and wrap her own hands about Heather's slender neck and squeeze as hard as she could, thumbs digging deep into the blonde's soft throat. Heather gurgled in shock and pain, Shania's thumbs stabbing like steel claws in her throat, and her own chokehold softened just enough for Shania to wrench free below. The battling brunette then reared back in the water and pressed the soles of her bare feet against Heather's ample chest, finally thrusting the blonde away and back before returning to the world of air above herself.

Shania sucked in great lungfuls of breath before turning back to see her now-recovered adversary advancing on her once more. They reached out towards one another to renew their grappling, but Shania managed to spin behind Heather and then reach in front of the blonde to latch onto Heather's firm breasts and begin squeezing them with all her strength. Heather cried out and clutched her enemy's wrists as Shania's fingers sank deep into her flesh, the brunette determined to pay back her foe for all the indignities and agony she had suffered so far today.

"How does this feel, slut?!" queried the scowling brunette, hands squeezing harder.

"Fucking whore!" cursed Heather, even as she squeezed Shania's wrists to no avail. "You're dead, you bitch! Dead"

"Yeah, right!" spat the brunette before pouring on the pressure even more, fingers caving in the blonde's soft mounds as the two beautiful women thrashed about the surface. Both of them began shuttling backwards slowly towards the edge of the pool in their mutual lock-up as they kicked away in the water, long legs churning up and down methodically.

"Aaaaaggggh!" squealed Heather as her chest was crushed, her escape attempts nullified as the brunette's grip was simply too strong. Changing options, Heather reached back over her head even as Shania stepped up her breast-squeezing assault, and the blonde tangled her fingers in the brunette's long wet hair before pulling as hard as she possibly could in such an awkward grip.

"Aieeeee!" Shania's shrieks pierced the pool air as she felt her scalp strained beyond belief, the blonde yanking harder and harder on the brunette's dark locks even as Shania continued squeezing Heather's fabulous breasts. The brunette tried valiantly to hold on, but her own agony was too much to endure, and she relinquished her own hold to grip Heather by the wrists and tug like mad. Several sharp tugs later, and Shania was finally free of her foe's merciless hair hold even as the two beauties edged closer to the edge of the pool.

Her hands still about Heather's wrists, Shania managed to twist Heather around so that the blonde was facing her; but as soon as the brunette did so, Heather snapped her head forward to smack her forehead hard upon the bridge of Shania's nose. Stunned by the blow, Shania reeled backwards, her back now brushing the stone blue wall of the pool, as Heather seized her opponent by her shapely shoulders and pushed Shania down upon the gray stone patio that was up and behind the two wrestling women.

Now holding Shania by either side of the brunette's face with her soft hands, Heather then reared up and on top of her enemy before sinking downwards to squash her firm bust full over Shania's beautiful face in a classic breast-smother. The American actress' most vulnerable targets were now functioning as lethal weapons, suffocating the life out of the Canadian country singer. Shania clawed at Heather's golden hair as she tried to pull free, but the blonde only mashed her magnificent mammaries harder and harder against her dark-haired foe's face, completely denying the brunette of life-giving oxygen. She pressed Shania down against the patio, their lower bodies still below the surface of the water as Heather collapsed upon Shania with almost her full weight.

"Now who's in charge, cunt?" chided Heather as she gained control of the fight for the umpteenth time.

Shania tugged on Heather's silky yellow strands as hard as she could with her flagging strength, but once again her lack of breath served to undermine her, and Shania's eyes closed tight as the beautiful brunette felt the approaching blackness of unconsciousness. Heather's eyes were closed, too, but in ecstasy as she humped and ground her sweet, solid chest against Shania's pretty face, the blonde determined to suffocate the fight out of her fading foe as quickly and as finally as possible ...

Heather wrapped her hands in Shania's dark hair as she continued to breast-smother the brunette, the blonde's firm tits pressed hard over her victim's nose and mouth and cutting off Shania's air supply. Heather could hear Shania's muffled cries as the brunette fought desperately to breathe, Shania's hands squeezing about the sides of Heather's breasts, but in vain.

Heather smiled as she felt Shania weakening beneath her, the brunette's back wedged tight against the side of the pool as Heather pressed down upon her opponent with most of her weight, both women's lower bodies still beneath the water's surface. Her own eyes closed as she squashed her magnificent boobs against Shania's gorgeous countenance, Heather felt hands groping at her own features as the brunette still struggled to escape, fingers clawing at the blonde's cheeks, nose and even eyes as Heather stretched her head back to avoid them. She felt Shania's palms sealing over her own mouth and nose, the brunette trying to suffocate the blonde in kind, but Heather had too much of a head-start for Shania to triumph that way.

Heather then felt Shania's fingers clawing at the corners of her mouth, the blonde shaking her head back and forth to ward off her foe's attack, but without success as Shania jammed her index fingers inside the blonde's lips and began to pull outwards on them, hard as hell. Heather groaned under her foe's new attack and shifted her weight atop the brunette, the blonde beauty unsure of just how to break free, when suddenly she realized that once again she had been duped.

The inside of her left breast now burned terribly and she looked down in horror to see Shania sinking her teeth into that soft mound, incisors pinching the white flesh like a mini-vise.

The mouth stretch had just been a delaying tactic, as Shania now withdrew her spittle-drenched digits to squeeze them about the sides of Heather's mammaries. The blonde squealed in agony even as Shania bit down harder, the brunette thrashing about and rocking sideways until finally she managed to roll hard to one side and get on top of Heather, Shania's teeth still on the attack.

Heather pulled hard at Shania's hair, trying to make Shania back off like before. Shania responded by chewing on Heather's fleshy nipple before engulfing almost the whole of Heather's breast in her greedy jaws, the brunette biting down as hard as she could as she regained her oxygen and her strength. The assault continued for another minute or so before Shania broke off her offensive to sink her fangs into Heather's right breast, even as Heather beat uselessly at her attacker's head and shoulders with her balled-up fists. The end of this torture session would come only when Shania decided that it would.

Finally Shania relinquished her bite to stare down at her handiwork, ugly maroon-colored teeth marks blotching each of Heather's soft mounds as the blonde whimpered in pain and managed to mouth the word "bitch" under her breath. Shania smiled at her foe's anguish for a moment before reaching down with both hands to seal off Heather's mouth and pinch her nostrils shut in order to smother the rest of the fight from her foe.

"Now you can see how it feels to suffocate, whore!" chided Shania as she tightened her holds, determined to watch Heather pass out in front of her.

She smiled widely again, her glee evident - but that smile quickly faded as Heather reached up with both hands and squeezed them malevolently about Shania's exposed neck, thumbs stabbing hard into the brunette's throat above.

Shania gagged as she held on to her enemy's face, but what had seemed to be a likely victory for the beautiful brunette was now a toss-up as the busty blonde refused to go down without a fight. Heather's eyes danced with delight as she saw her adversary suffering in her latest chokehold, strong hands crushing Shania's neck as the brunette silently marveled at her opponent's considerable strength from such an awkward, powerless position.

The stalemate continued as Shania began to turn red from lack of air, and the brunette realized she would undoubtedly lose the fight if this deadlock continued. Releasing her smother holds, she began to slap and punch wildly at Heather's face, hands reddening the blonde's soft skin even as Heather inhaled some much-needed air. Still she kept strangling Shania, even shaking the brunette up and down some, until finally Shania's knuckles clacked hard off Heather's jaw and stunned the blonde just long enough for Shania to grip her foe's wrists and wrench her neck free, gagging and coughing all the while.

Backing off to the side, Shania clambered over the edge of the pool and rolled a short ways onto the soft grass behind the patio, Heather doing likewise soon after. They both lay on the lush green lawn for a short while, each wrestler resting up for the denouement they knew must come. They inhaled deeply, ample chests rising and falling repeatedly, until at last they faced one another on their knees. They glared at each other for a short time, each sizing the other up as they inched closer to one another.

Heather then renewed hostilities by lunging forward and lashing out with both hands to once more squeeze them about Shania's throat, the blonde's grip even stronger than before as Shania closed her eyes in agony at her latest suffering.

"C'mon, Shania, choke for me!" admonished Heather. "Let's hear you cough, you Canadian cunt!"

Shania complied, but only because she couldn't breathe. She tried futilely to pull her foe's hands loose as she hacked and coughed, but Heather only wrapped her fingers tighter about the brunette's windpipe, Shania's consciousness running out between Heather's fingers.

"It's got to end this way, you know," said Heather over her opponent's gagging. "Now stop fighting me and just chalk up today as a loss!"

Shania shrugged her shoulders, twisted her head back and forth as if to say "no", and again strained mightily against her foe's attack, trying desperately to break free.

"I mean it, Shania!" scolded the blonde. "Give it up, or I'll make you wish you had! You're not impressing me much!"

She squeezed harder, thumbs pressing into Shania's throat and forcing the brunette's head back until Shania was almost staring skywards.

"Fuck...you ... bitch!" murmured Shania through clenched teeth even as she felt the saliva building in her mouth.

She would pass out in pain before she'd ever concede defeat to her arch-rival, after needling her once more.

"And you ... can't ... act... either!"

That last comment got to the blonde, who prided herself on her day job.

"Fine - just remember when you wake up - IF you wake up - that I gave you a choice, you country cunt!" cursed Heather before squeezing with all her remaining strength.

The blonde's eyes blazing and her countenance maniacal as she heard Shania's strangled cry and strained to end their struggle once and for all ...

Heather began to bend Shania back at the waist even as she tightened her powerful hands about the brunette's vulnerable throat, intent upon squeezing the life out of her foe - or close to it. The trick was to squeeze the breath from the brunette slowly, to not allow her a chance to recover, and to finally watch her pass out short of expiring. Or not. At this point, Heather didn't care - she just wanted to win, to chalk up a victory by chokehold over the county music queen.

Heather began to force Shania's head back and up as she pressed her thumbs down harder on the brunette's windpipe, even as her other fingers pressed in tighter on the back of Shania's neck, crushing it. Only a matter of time now before the brunette went under and the fight was finished - but Heather wanted to enjoy herself some. The blonde vixen rubbed her thumbs up and down Shania's throat, all the while maintaining the unyielding pressure, as Shania gasped and gurgled in her enemy's merciless grip. She clutched madly at her foe's wrists and arms, trying to pry the blonde's strong hands from her throat, but to no avail.

"Give it up, bitch, I'm going to squeeze the breath from you 'till you're out cold!" mocked Heather, as she straightened her arms out and locked them at the elbows.

She held Shania by the throat at arm's length and funneled all her determination and strength through her long limbs into her gripping, squeezing hands.

Her last mistake, as it turned out.

Feeling Heather lock her arms in place, Shania made sure of it by rubbing her hands along her adversary's arms (her own head being restrained so she couldn't see in front of her) before raising her clenched fists high above her head.

"What are you ..." mouthed Heather - but her words were replaced by an agonized shriek as Shania brought her balled-up fists down hard on Heather's upturned elbows, the blows driving her attacker's arms downwards.

Heather's chokehold still held, but even that quickly disintegrated as a gasping Shania nailed the startled blonde flush in the face with a one-two right-left combination before landing another hard right that slammed Heather backwards and sent her sprawling onto her back in front of the still-kneeling brunette.

Sucking in some much-needed air after her ordeal, Shania dove on top of Heather and wrapped her right arm about the blonde's neck before grabbing her own right wrist with her own left hand to seal off a perfect frontal chokehold. The move was made even better by the fact that Heather had absolutely no room or leverage from which to launch a counterattack. Tangling her legs within Heather's so that the blonde couldn't kick free, Shania pressed the side of her face against her foe's and decided to hold on as long as possible until her breath and strength were recovered sufficiently for her to put an end to this fierce female fight.

"Let go of me, you bitch! Let go or I'll kill you!"

Heather cursed and grimaced as she tried to break free, but she was held too tightly at both ends. She pulled at Shania's hair with both hands, eliciting a squeal from the brunette, but even that affront was soon silenced as Shania merely squeezed her arm harder about Heather's neck, cutting off the blonde's air until Heather was coughing hoarsely.

"Choke, bitch," murmured Shania as she held on for dear life, wearing out and weakening her foe with each passing second.

A few short, sharp thrusts of her arm about Heather's neck, a long deliberate squeeze, and then even the coughing ceased. Shania still held on for a few more moments, wary of letting go too soon, until finally, satisfied that Heather was a choked-out shell of her usual self, the brunette dared to rear up and straddle the blonde's waist. Shania took quick, careful care to pin Heather's hands and arms beneath her thighs and shins lest the blonde reach up and strangle or smother her, prolonging their knock-down, drag-out nude combat.

But Heather just lay there, head turning slightly from side to side, yellow hair tousled and matted, mouth and chest racked with coughs as she coaxed oxygen back into her lungs, her facial color returning to normal from its agonized red shade.

Shania ran a hand through her own matted wet locks, and grinned evilly as she stared down at her victim, preparing to administer the coup-de-grace.

"You look a little bit out of breath, bitch," she whispered.

With one swift motion, Shania plunged downwards with both her bare hands, fastened them around Heather's slender neck, and began squeezing savagely with all her renewed strength. The blonde began to cough and sputter as the brunette began throttling her without the slightest show of pity. Shania closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tossed her head back and stepped up her strangling attack, pounding Heather's head up and down against the lush grass as she choked the life out of her hated adversary.

"Now how does it feel, you little whore, huh?!" growled Shania as she looked down at her struggling yellow-haired prey, the brunette's soft yet strong hands like an ever-tightening vise about Heather's sleek throat.

"I'll choke the life out of you! I hate you, and your lousy acting!"

Heather was totally helpless, unable to defend herself with her arms and legs pinned, and could do nothing as Shania proceeded to try and finish her off. Tightening her hands about the blonde's throat more and more until her fingers were almost interlocked, the brunette maintained her murderous stranglehold and choked the other girl mercilessly for the next minute or two until Heather was almost out cold, the blonde's life just short of running out between the brunette's fingers ...

... and then without warning Shania suddenly relinquished her ferocious grip, releasing her hands from about her enemy's slender neck and allowing Heather to begin coughing and sputtering her way back to life.

But not for long. Choking was certainly a vicious way to punish an opponent, but it wasn't very humiliating. What Shania had in mind now, though, most certainly was.

The brunette rose to her bare feet, taking her time as Heather gagged and gurgled below her, until Shania stood fully above her foe. Stepping over her opponent's head and turning her body 180 degrees so that her fabulous backside was over Heather's pretty face, Shania lowered herself at the knees and then began to crouch down on all fours before finally pressing her sweet bare bottom over Heather's face, with only the blonde's eyes and nose visible beneath the brunette's fleshy cheeks.

Her "hold" established, a wickedly-smiling Shania then began to pump away with her firm ass, smothering her yellow-haired sparring partner much more effectively than she could ever do with her bare hands or bare breasts.

"No ..." whimpered Heather as she had seen through nearly-closed eyes what was descending upon her scant seconds ago, unable to defend herself and hoping for mercy ... until she felt a great, hot, fleshy weight squashing against her face, and knew that her hopes were in vain.

"Smell this, bitch!" crowed Shania from above. "I think we know who's the winner now!"

To add insult to injury, she reached down and squeezed her hands hard about Heather's sweet breasts, fingertips pulling mercilessly at the blonde's thick pointed nipples.

Heather moaned underneath her attacker's shapely round ass, the blonde's eyes now wide, her nails scratching thin red marks across her foe's smooth posterior even as the blonde's long legs thrashed slightly and her bare feet slapped softly against the grass. Shania nonetheless ground away harder, and harder, totally depriving her beautiful foe of precious, life-giving oxygen with her rear assets, as Heather struggled gamely with all her flagging energy, but it was no use any more. She was too weak from lack of breath, plus the recent blows to her head, to show any real insurgency, and her scratching and thrashing grew feebler, and feebler, until finally the blonde wrestlerette offered absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

Heather's arms and hands lay uselessly by her sides, her pretty eyes fluttered and began to close as she lay helpless on the green ground beneath her buxom foe's breath-stealing butt. Shania humped away for a few more moments, alternately contracting and relaxing her nether cheeks like pistons, growing more frenzied in her backwards assault until she felt she would cum all over her rival ... until she looked back and was immensely satisfied to see that Heather was indeed out like the proverbial light.

Shania sat there contentedly for the next few moments, gently rocking back and forth on her foe's face and squeezing her breasts in her bare hands, basking in her hard-won victory, before finally rising to her bare feet once more and striding off naked without so much as a look back at the beautiful woman she had just vanquished.

When Heather awoke some time later, Shania knew the blonde would be absolutely furious, and would probably challenge the brown-haired beauty to an immediate rematch the next time they met, if not just attack her outright. And if this fight had been a killer, thought Shania, our next struggle will make this one look absolutely fucking tame in comparison. She knew the humiliated blonde would be angrier than ever after being face-sat unconscious, knew she would be out for both blood (Shania's) and revenge. The brunette smiled to herself.

She could hardly wait.