Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain - Nude Catfight by Shanahan

Following their wrestling-ring bikini battle, singer Shania Twain and actress Heather Graham agreed to fight nude in a luxury hotel suite, the challenge coming at Heather's request. The blonde had been embarrassed in their first fight, having been smothered out cold by the brunette's big breasts in front of a roaring crowd, and wanted revenge.

Arriving at the same time, the two phenomenal beauties wasted no time in stripping to the skin and squaring off to decide who was the better wrestler/catfighter between the two of them, their first bout notwithstanding. This time would be private, with no spectators to ogle them and no referees to interfere with them, just as Heather wanted. Their big breasts and any other parts of their voluptuous, shapely bodies would be fair game in their upcoming no holds-barred fight, which would end only when one of them took two falls (or submissions) out of three, any which way they could.

Circling each other for scant moments, their hands upraised as they searched for a possible hold, the two lookers rushed one another and grabbed each other by the hair, shaking and twisting and pulling like mad as they tried to rip out each other's strands by the roots. Stalemated as they squealed in agony, they switched tactics and reached lower, latching on to each other's magnificent mammaries and mauling them mercilessly. Tears filled their eyes as they twisted each other tits left and right, up and down, each of them trying to tear the other's breasts right off her foe's chest.

They struggled and squeezed for the next few moments, neither woman able to gain an advantage over her enemy, until Shania rammed a knee up hard between Heather's legs, wounding the blonde. Heather bent over to clutch at her injured crotch, and Shania took control by belting Heather with two powerful punches, a right and a left, knocking Heather back against the far wall. Stunned by the sudden impact, Heather was helpless as Shania crashed into the blonde with her shoulder at full speed, further winding the battered beauty, before the brunette seized Heather by the throat with both hands and began choking her furiously. Heather's face began to turn red from lack of oxygen, and she clawed desperately at Shania's fingers trying to break free, but the brunette only tightened her hold as she shook Heather back and forth.

Heather began to fade in her foe's grip, her struggles growing weaker, until she heard Shania growl, "Give, or I'll break your neck." Heather offered her reluctant surrender, and then gasped for air as soon as the brunette's hands released her anguished windpipe. She rubbed her sore throat for much of the next two minutes as the two women prepared for the second fall.

They squared off again, Heather still breathing rather raggedly, and Shania tried to take advantage of her wounded foe by launching herself at the blonde with a professional-style drop kick. Heather then surprised her opponent by stepping to the side and bringing her clenched fists down on Shania's large chest as the brunette flew past, knocking Shania straight to the ground. Shania coughed in agony as she rolled around on the carpeted floor, and did not defend herself as Heather lay down beside her and slipped her long legs about the brunette's upper body.

Locking her ankles, the blonde began to crush the brunette in a textbook scissors-hold, Heather's strong calves squashing the brunette's big breasts as Shania cried out in pain. Heather smiled as she held on for a few more minutes, locking her legs tighter about Shania's body as the brunette futilely pounded away at her rival's legs with her clenched fists.

Feeling Shania weakening, Heather shifted her hold until she was directly behind the brunette; then Heather reached down and interlocked her hands underneath Shania's chin and reared back hard. Shania cried out again as she felt herself being broken in half, and could only clutch feebly at her foe's fingers and toes as she suffered in Heather's grip. Heather smiled again as she punished her opponent, alternately relaxing and rearing back to increase Shania's agony, until she whispered, "Give, or I'll break YOUR neck." Shania immediately slapped the carpet with both hands to signal her submission, and Heather wrenched her rival backwards one more time before letting go.

Shania lay face down on her hands and knees, panting heavily, as Heather regained her feet and stood several yards away to await the final fall of the fight. Two minutes later the two women stood toe to toe, their hands locked in a test of strength, until Shania snapped her head down and sank her teeth into Heather's left breast. Heather shrieked in agony and pulled at Shania's hair, but the brunette merely gripped her foe's breasts with both hands and continued biting down hard, releasing only when the blonde boxed her ears. Both women backed off in pain, Shania holding her hands over her ears, Heather rubbing her wounded udder, now red with teeth marks. They screamed and rushed one another again, wrapping each other in a mutual bear hug and squeezing the life from one another with their strong arms. Deadlocked again, they kicked away at each other until Heather managed to hook her foot behind Shania's ankle and pull back, causing both women to topple hard to the carpet.

Momentarily stunned, they sat up at the same time and began clawing at each other's faces, both women going for broke as they fought to win. Shania then forced her hands over Heather's mouth and nose, trying to suffocate the blonde, but Heather one-upped her enemy by clamping down on Shania's throat with both hands and strangling her. Shania gagged and tried to pull Heather's hands away, but the leggy blonde merely rolled on top of the busty brunette and straddled her, hands pounding Shania's head up and down against the floor as they tightened about the brunette's neck and shook her from side to side. Finally, when Shania was almost out cold, Heather dropped down on top of her victim, grabbed her by the wrists, and pressed her huge bust over the brunette's pretty face, smothering her unconscious a few minutes later as an exhausted Shania offered no resistance. Heather had her revenge, finishing her foe off in the same way that Shania had done to the blonde the first time out.

Rising to her feet and smiling in triumph, Heather leaned down to slap Shania awake, then placed a bare foot on the dazed brunette's throat before laughing, "Thanks, Shania, this was fun! We'll have to do this again." Stepping away and dressing hurriedly, Heather then exited the suite and closed the door behind her, leaving a sweated, naked Shania lying there to sob about her defeat - and plan her revenge.

"Oh, we'll definitely do this again, bitch," cursed Shania. "You can count on it!"