Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain - (Nude Ring Fight) by Shanahan

Shania Twain and Heather Graham had met twice in catfighting combat, each woman winning once, and they soon renewed their rivalry after-hours at a western U.S. arena where Shania was due to play in a couple of nights. Pro wrestling matches were on the card the next night at the old barn, and the two women easily gained access to the ring in the wee hours to test themselves against one another on a third occasion, this time in front of 10,000 imaginary fans.

They made their way into the ring from the apron. Once inside the squared circle, they proceeded to strip as they had done in their first two fights, ripping off shoes, stockings, dresses, and underwear until they stood facing one another in their birthday suits. Pushing their discarded clothing off to the sides, the two lookers began to circle one another … and circle … and circle …

… until they finally lunged at one another and buried their hands in each other's hair. They pulled and tugged each other about by their manes, fighting for advantage, until Shania hooked a bare foot around Heather's ankle and sent them both tumbling to the well-padded canvas, breaking their hair holds.

Down on the deck, Heather was the first to recover, wrapping her long legs around Shania's midsection and squeezing as she locked her ankles. She also reached out with her left hand and squeezed it about Shania's right breast. The brunette winced as the blonde began to maul her, fingers crushing the soft fleshy mound as long tapering legs tightened about her midsection. Even as she tried to pull Heather's hand loose, Shania reached out with her own left hand and seized Heather's right breast in a vicious grip. Both women cried out, but kept right on mauling each other.

They twisted and turned against one another until finally Shania was atop Heather, the blonde's legs still wrapped about her. Both women now brought their other hands fully into the fray, and soon four soft breasts were being squeezed mercilessly by four strong hands. Their agony was beyond belief as they pulled and twisted and crushed, neither woman able to gain the upper hand. Shania finally did when she wrapped hers about Heather's neck and began savagely strangling the blonde, pounding Heather's head repeatedly against the mat as she poured on the pressure.

Heather had flashbacks to their last fight, when Shania had choked her against a hotel suite wall, nearly strangling her out cold. Reaching up, Heather jammed her fingers into Shania's open mouth and began pulling hard at the corners of the brunette's pretty mouth. The dark-haired woman gagged and was forced to relinquish her chokehold to try and pry Heather's fingers loose.

She finally did, but not without a tremendous effort and several slaps to Heather's face. The blonde was still in control, though, as Heather flexed her thigh muscles and squeezed Shania even harder, intent upon squeezing the life out of the brunette. Shania clawed at Heather's hips, her clear nails making red scratch marks in the blonde's white skin, but still she felt herself being crushed like an aluminum can in a compactor. In a desperate gambit, Shania tried to force her arms between her own body and Heather's thighs, her hands like spades as she sought to dig herself free. The blonde resisted, clamping down and trying to allow Shania no space to wiggle free; but in the end, the brunette simply had too much determination and leverage on her side, and she split Heather's legs apart like splitting a lobster from out its shell.

Going on the offensive, Shania seized Heather by the ankles and pushed them up and over her foe's head until they touched the mat, bending the blonde in half like a pretzel. Heather squealed, so great was the pain in her legs and back, but now it was her turn to suffer. She reached up and tugged madly at Shania's long brown locks of hair, but all that elicited was a groan from the brunette, who kept on pushing the blonde's legs back and down. Undaunted, Heather pulled her hands lower and fastened them over Shania's pretty face, sealing off her nose and mouth and starving the brunette for oxygen. Shania tried to continue, but in the end, the inability to breathe overcame her. She released her grip and Heather sprung free, hands still tight over the brunette's breathing passages.

Shania went for Heather's throat again, hands squeezing mercilessly about her foe's neck, until she felt both of Heather's fists slam into her cheekbones. Stunned, Shania slumped forwards in a daze, her chokehold vanquished. Heather wasted no time in twisting behind her opponent and reaching in front of her to seize both of the brunette's breasts. She squeezed and mauled and tugged those gems for the next few minutes, Shania moaning all the while, before locking her victim up in a sleeper hold. Heather's left arm coiled around Shania's neck, while her right hand plastered itself across the brunette's forehead and began to pull back. Shania's arms flailed the air as she suffered in Heather's grip, with seemingly no way out.

Rising to her bare feet, and taking Shania up with her, Heather locked in the sleeper to punish Shania even more. The brunette sensed the end was near, until she suddenly found herself free. Her next sensation was of being grabbed by the arm and flung bodily towards the far side of the ring. Unable to halt her headlong flight, Shania crashed into the taut ropes marking the border and was flung backwards. She turned and looked up just in time to see Heather hurtling through the air towards her for a perfectly timed drop kick. Bare feet slapped against bare skin as Heather nailed the move and sent Shania flying again. This time the brunette had the presence of mind to grab the ropes as she made contact, but the sudden stop put a terrible strain on her sweet shoulders. She turned slowly only to take a backhanded slap across the face as her blonde rival had recovered her feet and gone on the attack again.

Stunned and shaken, Shania could do nothing as Heather bent her back over the top rope, fastened her hands around the brunette's neck, and began choking the life out of her. Heather shook Shania up and down like a rag doll, bouncing her back and forth across the rope while tightening her grip on her enemy's throat. Shania was certain this was her life's end until she felt Heather yanking her away from the ropes and back towards the center of the ring. Still dazed, Shania offered no resistance as Heather released her chokehold and wound her arms about Shania's trim waist before squeezing her in a bearhug. Heather bounced Shania up and down in her arms, sapping her enemy's strength as she intensified the hold, their breasts knocking together, before hurling Shania towards the ropes again and setting her up for another drop kick on the rebound.

Instead, Heather found herself being seized bodily and slammed hard to the canvas. She cursed herself for not realizing that Shania had been playing possum - it was a trick she had used herself - but those thoughts faded as Shania dove upon Heather and renewed their ground fighting. They rolled and wrestled across the canvas, hands seeking whatever hold they could find until at last they found each other's throats and strangled each other side-by-side. Sensing the end for one or both of them, both women tapped their last reserves of energy and squeezed with all their might, hands tightening and throttling, eyes closed shut in agony, breath exhaling in languid gasps or hoarse coughs, victory/defeat just seconds away … Then they were both still, having choked one another completely unconscious.

They both came to an hour later, exhausted and spent. They each retrieved their clothes, and beat a hasty retreat. Now they each had a win and a tie against one another, but matters between the two beauties were still far from being resolved ...