Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain " ... That Ends Well (For Now)" by Shanahan

No sooner had they gotten to their hotel suite than Heather Graham and Shania Twain locked the doors behind them and made preparations for their fourth and probably final bout. Tossing their suitcases aside, they stripped to the skin and faced each other on their bare feet on the queen-size bed. So far their fights had been pretty evenly matched, with each girl winning once and losing once, and their last encounter culminating in a double-chokeout. Now they would settle things ...

Pushing their discarded clothing off to the sides of the bed onto the floor, they began to circle one another ... and circle ... until they finally lunged at one another and buried their hands in each other's silky hair. They pulled and tugged each other about by their manes, fighting for advantage, until Shania hooked a bare foot around Heather's ankle and sent them both tumbling to the well-padded bed, breaking their holds.

They twisted and turned against one another until finally Shania was atop Heather, the blonde's legs still wrapped about her. Both women now brought their hands fully into the fray, and four strong hands were soon squeezing four soft breasts. Their agony was beyond belief as they pulled and twisted and crushed, as neither woman able to gain the upper hand. Flesh oozed between fingers as they mauled each other's womanhood, twisting, pulling, clawing, and squeezing. Both women drew back their heads and howled, so great was the agony coursing through their chests, but still they kept crushing each other's mounds, still they kept pinching each other's erect fleshy nipples, feeling turned on almost as much as they wanted to destroy each other.

Shania then drove her knee up into Heather's womanhood, stunning the anguished blonde. Then she rammed it into her foe's furry yellow pussy twice more, each time hearing the loud thwack of bone on bone. Shania then inserted two long, sharp-nailed fingers into her foe's cunt, digging as far as she could go, until the blonde squealed in agony. Shania then released her grip and dragged her enemy up onto her sweet ass, twisted her around, and threw her face-first against the dresser.

Heather was stunned and offered no resistance as Shania reached down in front of her and grabbed the blonde's pert breasts. She pulled the blonde up to her feet and began mauling her antagonist's mammaries from behind, their respective ecstasy and agony fully apparent in the mirror in front of them - Shania grinning wickedly in domination, Heather suffering silently with eyes shut tight. The brunette continued to rough up the blonde in this manner for the next few moments, Heather's soft fleshy mounds like silly putty in Shania's greedy, grasping hands, until she slammed Heather down headfirst into the dresser again.

The blonde was almost knocked cold by the blow, but hung in there as she clutched at the dresser and tried to regain her feet. She stumbled the first time, and then the second, displacing the drawer in front of her, but she began to rise slightly on the third attempt.

A wicked thought then crossed Shania's mind as this new opportunity arose in front of her. She knew she really shouldn't - but she also figured when would she ever have the chance to do this again, especially to her arch-rival?

Smiling evilly as she grabbed Heather by the back of the shoulders, Shania forced the blonde down again until Heather's breasts were all the way inside the open drawer. Then she released the blonde and pushed the drawer shut hard - with Heather's hanging tits in the way.

Heather wanted to scream, but Shania quickly covered her mouth with one hand to stifle her in a smother hold, while using her other hand to keep pressing the drawer forward, assaulting Heather's chest as if it were stuck in a trash compactor. Tears spilled from Heather's eyes, but not just from pain. Her anger rising as her consciousness fully returned, a furious Heather lashed back with an elbow and caught Shania square in the cunt, knocking the brunette back with a gasp onto the bed. Heather turned violently to wrench herself free from the drawer, and then dove on the bed and onto Shania. Seizing the advantage as Shania tried to cover up, Heather grabbed the brunette by the hair before flattening herself down against her foe and forcing her bouncing boobs over the brunette's pretty face in a classic breast-smother.

Shania clawed at Heather's shoulders with her nails and scissored the blonde's waist with her long legs, but Heather continued to hump and grind her chest against Shania's face, cutting off her oxygen. Their furry, sweaty pussies ground together as they strained against each other, both women feeling ecstasy even as they fought against each other, sweat mingling together from off both their naked bodies. Heather held Shania's head even tighter, the flesh of her breasts filling Shania's breathing passages, the brunette's jaws too constrained to open and bite her way free. Shania's legs soon fell limply away from about Heather's torso as the brunette suffocated in the other woman's bust.

Finally, when Shania was on the verge of passing out, Heather released her prey and got up off her. Getting behind the brunette, Heather pushed Shania up onto her luscious ass before reaching underneath the brunette's legs to grab her underneath her knees. Heather then reared back to put terrible pressure on Shania's legs and lower back, but the exhausted brunette could offer no resistance. She simply whimpered as she reflexively scrunched her airborne toes, her eyes shut in exhaustion, her helplessness evident in the mirror before them. Heather held Shania this way for the next minute or two, even biting down on a toe or two of the brunette's to hurt her a little more, before sliding her soft hands down to the brunette's brown-furred crotch.

"No!" whispered a frightened Shania. "No, don't ..."

"Shhh!" whispered Heather back harshly.

Once there, Heather's fingers began to pry Shania's fleshy pussy lips apart, spreading them wider and wider until Shania was fighting madly to both stay conscious and not cum all over the comforter. The blonde was in ecstasy, probing the forbidden flesh with her short nails, scratching lightly every so often while also jamming a finger home from time to time to make the brunette shudder like a leaf. Oh, how the blonde wished she had a plunger with her ...

Heather then released her hold, sank her hands into Shania's pliable ass cheeks, and pushed Shania forward to the corner edge of the bed. Rolling the brunette over at the shoulders onto her back, Heather again flattened herself atop her foe and entwined her long legs under and over Shania's, locking her ankles around the brunette's, until she had achieved a perfect grapevine. She also bound Shania's wrists tightly with her own hands, to prevent any sudden counterattacks.

Shania's head lolled just over the edge of the soft semi-luxurious bed, and Heather decided to finish the fight. First she bit down on Shania's left breast, chewing heartily on the erect brown nipple and the soft surrounding white flesh. Shania squealed softly, hoping it would end soon, the brunette knowing she was going down to final defeat but too tired to really resist any more. A minute later, and the blonde decided to go for the coup-de-grace.

Her face right in Shania's, Heather locked both of her hands about the brunette's throat and began to squeeze methodically, making short sharp thrusts with her thumbs and hands. The two beauties bounced up and down on the soft bed, Shania growing more subservient, Heather growing more frenzied the harder she choked her victim, until the blonde almost had her orgasm right then and there.

Shania's throat felt good in Heather's hands as they sank deeper into its soft, yielding flesh. The brunette had no leverage and no route of escape. She could only scratch at the back of her attacker's shoulders as she felt her consciousness slipping away between Heather's gripping fingers. The hands held, pulling the brunette's head up and down slightly as their pressure slowly but steadily increased. Both women's eyes were shut tight in respective ecstasy and agony as before, the roles reversed this time. Shania's resistance grew ever feebler, the breath being squeezed bodily from the beautiful brunette.

In a final act of defiance, she again inserted two fingers into Heather's snatch, digging, thrusting, scratching, penetrating, as the blonde moaned long and loud. Totally turned on, Heather bent down and pressed her lips hard over Shania's in a long, sensual kiss, tongues grappling and wrestling with each other's as they hungrily devoured one anothers mouths. A final thrust of the lovely blonde's gripping, squeezing hands; a final languid gasp from the anguished, fading brunette; and then they both exploded, soaking the sheets with thick torrents of cum ... and then they were still.

They lay there together for a while like lovers in climax. Only Heather was still awake - barely. She brushed a shock of matted brown hair from Shania's silent face, ran her fingers across the other woman's soft lips, and finally crushed the brunette's soft left breast with her right hand and before squeezing her foe's sopping wet furry cunt with her left. Then Heather rested her tired head on Shania's ample, sweaty chest and heaved a sigh of relief before she drifted off to sleep atop her vanquished prey. As they slept, Heather dreamed of the non-singing acts she would make the singer perform for her - and for her alone...