Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain - Struggle in the Suite by Shanahan 28-Jan-00

The time had come for Shania Twain and Heather Graham to once again face each other in no holds barred combat, fighting to the finish in knock-down, drag-out style until one of them was rendered unconscious. Neither would ever submit to the other, so great was their mutual disdain.

Both were two of the most stunning female celebrities in the world, Shania in the recording industry and Heather on the silver screen. They weren't usually associated with fisticuffs and fighting, not in public life or in the celebrity pages. Privately, though, they made up for their lack of formal combat training by going at each other tooth-and-nail, doing whatever they could to punish each other, both winning about as often as they lost in head-to-head competition. They had never liked each other, having met at a celebrity bash long ago. One day they finally came to blows and had never stopped, squaring off as often as possible ever since.

Their fights were brutal, savage affairs, replete with punching, kicking, biting, choking, smothering, bearhugs, breast squeezing, low blows, and even facesitting. Yet even with all the punishment they both took and handed out, neither woman could gain an advantage over the other for long, and so their bitter rivalry continued toe-to-toe.

Summer was ending and autumn was approaching when they squared for the latest time, in Heather's suite at a California hotel where she was shooting a film. As "luck" would have it, Shania's tour was rolling through at about the same time. Their last fight had been a brutal poolside bout months ago, where both women battered and punished each other's bare flesh and even tried to drown one another, until Shania finally won out by sitting on Heather's face and suffocating her unconscious. But that was then.

Late afternoon found both women in sexy bikinis, Heather in gold lame and Shania in midnight black, ready to go in the living room of Heather's suite. They stood several feet apart and crouched into wrestling positions, feet spread wide and arms spread just as wide as they glared at each other, no words spoken or needed. It was a ritual they had danced to before, but this time might be a little bit different. Shania wanted to take it to Heather, for sure; but Heather had felt totally humiliated by her defeat at Shania's hands - or ass cheeks - in their last encounter and had been looking forward to this match for weeks now. She was ready to take out all her anger and aggression on her arch-enemy, was especially eager to wrap her hands about Shania's vulnerable throat and squeeze like a vise...

That was just what happened as they lunged at each other to start the bout. Heather gained the advantage as she immediately snaked out with both hands to latch them about Shania's throat and begin strangling the country singer, shaking her foe back and forth and trying to finish the fight before it could even get started. Shania gasped and gurgled in her enemy's grasp, Heather's thumbs beginning to press deep into her throat as the blonde snarled at her victim. But the Canadian beauty immediately fired her right fist deep into Heather's gut, and followed up with a left uppercut that rung Heather's bell and made her let go. Shania backed off to cough some much-needed air back into her lungs, while Heather brushed her face and stomach with her fingers, both women assuaging their initial wounds.

They glared at each other hatefully, pain replaced by anger, and seconds later, with both of them screaming "Bitch!" at the other, they came together again heavily, crashing into one another in the middle of the room. Wrapping their arms about each other's upper body, they began crushing each other in a mutual bearhug, bare feet flailing away below with each woman trying to trip up the other as they tightened their holds and began squeezing each other mercilessly, agony etched across both their faces as they refused to relent, neither wrestler willing to submit, both determined not to lose.

Heather and Shania continued in their bearhug stalemate, bikinied breasts squashing together and hard, covered nipples pressing together, each woman intent upon squeezing the other one lifeless. Suddenly Heather hooked a foot behind Shania's ankle and pushed forward, sending both smooth-skinned sirens tumbling to the red carpeted floor. They crashed down heavily, Shania on the bottom, the impact knocking the breath from the brunette as she lay there momentarily stunned. Heather wasted no time in taking the offensive, but she didn't attempt any sudden finishing moves like she had before. She wanted to play with her rival before dispatching her.

Unwrapping her arms from about her opponent, Shania's own grip having been broken in the fall, Heather rose to her knees and reached backwards to grip Shania's ankles, one in each hand. Her holds established, Heather began to push Shania's shapely legs forward by the ankles, farther and farther, until they had been pushed up and over Shania's head. Shania's screams filled the spacious suite as her legs were stretched beyond belief, the agony in her calves excruciating. Heather grinned at her hated foe's agony, a wicked smile creasing her pretty face - but that smile quickly became a mask of anguish as Shania retaliated viciously.

Even as her legs were stretched over head, putting tremendous strain on her calves and thighs, Shania reached up with both hands, latched them onto Heather's breasts, and began squeezing them with all her strength. Heather squealed at this new pain, and released Shania's legs to clutch angrily at her foe's wrists, trying desperately to free her pert breasts from this new assault. Shania held on determinedly, fingers sinking deeper into Heather's soft flesh even as Shania breathed a sigh of relief at having her legs released. Moments later and she began using those legs for attack as well, wrapping them up and about Heather's waist and entrapping the blonde.

But escape was not what Heather had in my mind. Neither woman would run from the other when she could fight, so all encompassing was their dislike for one another, and soon after Heather was giving as good as she got. Plunging down with both hands, Heather fastened them tight over Shania's mouth and nose and began to suffocate her enemy senseless.

Heather grimaced as her breasts continued to be squeezed by Shania's hands, but Heather also tightened her own hands over Shania's breathing passages, one hand clamped tight over Shania's mouth, the fingers of the other pinching the brunette's nostrils closed to completely cut off her air. For good measure Heather also began to pound Shania's head against the soft carpeted floor, even as Shania squeezed Heather's breasts harder, and wrapped her legs tighter about Heather's waist, trying to squeeze out a submission before Heather smothered her unconscious.

But in the end Shania's inability to breathe won out, and she was forced to relinquish her grip on Heather's reddened chest to claw at Heather's wrists, trying to pry Heather's hands from off her face. Heather held fast, though, even as Shania twisted to the side, her legs still about Heather's midsection and dragging Heather down onto her side as well. Shania began to pull harder at Heather's wrists, but those hands were still in place, still glued to her mouth and nose, still robbing her of breath.

"Out of breath, bitch?" chided Heather, another wicked smile beginning to crease her thin lips. That smile, too, faded when Shania reached out to respond in kind, covering Heather's mouth with one hand and pinching the blonde's nose shut with the other. The smother fight was on.

Shania rolled on top of Heather, though she had to sacrifice her scissors hold to do so; but Heather twisted hard to the right so that she was then on top. They rolled and wrestled back and forth on the red floor, neither woman softening her grip on the other, hands pressing tighter and fingers pinching harder. Long legs and bare feet rubbed together and became entangled, and breasts again pressed together in the struggle as both women sought to smother each other out cold. Their eyes were shut in agony, each woman suffering just as much as she tormented the other; but both refused to relent, neither willing to admit the other woman was better or stronger. Their lungs burned, their throats were dry, and they could taste the acrid flesh of each other's hands, but still the stalemate continued.

It continued until Shania, flat on her back and more out of breath than Heather was, broke off her smotherholds to smash her fists hard into the sides of Heather's face, a move she had used before in some of their past catfights to great effect. The twin blows stunned Heather just long enough for Shania to finally wrench Heather's hands off her face and allow her to breathe again.

Shania twisted herself over onto her stomach and began to regain her bare feet, only to find out that Heather wasn't totally stunned. Just as Shania got to her knees and elbows and began to rear up, she suddenly felt two hands reaching in front of her from behind and reassuming their places over her mouth and nose, as the young actress went for a reverse double hand-smother on the country star.

"You'll pay for that punch, bitch!" growled Heather as she pressed and pinched in hard, determined to suffocate Shania this time out. Shania's cries were muffled by Heather's soft, suffocating hands, and again she tugged hard at Heather's wrists in an attempt to escape; but with no leverage to speak of, her efforts were doomed. Shania was on her shins and knees now, Heather standing over her, knees bent, Heather in full control of the fight, when suddenly Shania reared back with an elbow and caught Heather square in the gut, prompting a cry from Heather. Shania again took advantage of Heather's momentary distraction to pry those smothering hands away from her nose and mouth. No sooner had Shania begun breathing again and trying to get up, though, than Heather clenched her fists together and brought them down hard on Shania's upper back, knocking the brunette to the carpet again with a groan and a thud.

Shania lay there for a long moment before clambering to her knees and elbows again, slowly and painfully but that wasn't the end of it. No way. Just as Shania began to rise she felt a great weight on her back, a weight that pushed her back onto all fours as Heather dropped down on Shania from behind, preventing her from getting up. Heather's crotch and breasts were pressed against Shania's back, and her face was pressed against the side of Shania's as Heather sought to regain control of their struggle.

"Now we're going to have a little fun!" cackled Heather softly.

"Slut!" hissed Shania, unable to get loose. The worst was yet to come - and it came soon, as Heather decided to get nasty. Reaching beneath her foe's body as she continued to ride her opponent down, Heather's hands groped along Shania's front until Heather found what she was looking for and latched onto Shania's soft breasts, one in each hand. Clutching each breast firmly, Heather then began to squeeze them in the milking position, so dubbed because it looked like a farmer milking a cow's udders. Fingers splayed across skin and sank into soft, sheathed flesh, and fingertips found nipples through the thin material and pinched them hard as Shania's anguished gasps filled the room, the attack as erotic as it was savage.

"You whore ..." stammered Shania, this new pain excruciating.

"You're through, tramp," muttered Heather back. "I'm going to squeeze, and squeeze ..." Her voice trailed off as she concentrated on the job at hand - or hands, in this case.

Both women's eyes were closed, one wrestler in ecstasy, the other in agony. Heather grunted and groaned as she squeezed with all her strength, her teeth gritted with almost-gleeful determination. Shania moaned, mouth agape, as she clutched once more at Heather's wrists, again to no avail as Heather again began to dominate Shania, fingertips pinching Shania's nipples unmercifully.

Heather continued her behind-her-back breast-squeezing attack on Shania, Heather alternating between squeezing her opponent's soft mounds and pinching the brunette's fleshy nipples hard with her fingertips. Shania cried out in pain as Heather took it to her, Shania unable to break her enemy's grips no matter how hard she tried. Now Heather was also trying to wrap her long, lovely legs about Shania's waist from behind and lock the ankles of her bare feet together in order to entrap her prey even further.

"I'll kill you for this, you slut!" cursed Shania, even as she still tugged hard at Heather's wrists, still to no effect.

"Screw you, you sow," shot back Heather. "I'm gonna squeeze your boobs 'till you pass out!" And she was probably right. Shania would go under long before Heather would ever relinquish her cruel grips.

The fight continued, but it was one Shania was losing, with defeat sure to occur before too long, until she broke off her wrist locks. She screamed all the while under Heather's continued upper chest assault, but Shania's cries were soon joined by those of Heather. The Canadian country star reached back behind her even as Heather continued to squeeze the brunette's fabulous breasts with all her strength. Shania then got a good two-handed grip on Heather's lovely blonde locks, and began to pull with all her flagging might as the screaming started.

"You whore!" cried Heather, her face etched with pain as Shania yanked harder and harder on her scalp. Shania continued to yell as well as Heather ceased pinching her enemy's nipples and began squeezing her foe's breasts as hard as she could with both hands, flesh reddening and caving in under Heather's greedy, grasping fingers. It was soon clear that Shania wasn't going to break free this way, as Heather only tightened her holds despite hew new agony. The stalemate couldn't continue much longer before both of them were spent, with Shania probably going under first; but it was then that Shania tapped hidden reserves of strength, anger, and hatred to turn the tables.

Steeling herself for the upcoming feat, Shania gave one final tug on Heather's locks before releasing them, Heather crying out again in pain even as she continued to squeeze away below just as viciously as ever. Rising slowly to her bare feet just inches above the ground, with Heather still mounted on her back, Shania wrapped her arms over and underneath Heather's smooth thighs that were about her waist. She then herself stood up as straight as she could with Heather on her like a writhing, wriggling backpack, hands still clutching Shania's breasts and crushing them. Shania groaned and waited one, two, three seconds as Heather continued to punish her from behind, and then Shania stumbled backwards as fast as she could until she crashed into the wooden staircase leading to the loft, six or seven feet behind them.

Stunned by the blow, Heather felt her grips loosen. Two more back-first crashes into the banister and she tumbled off of Shania altogether to land heavily on the red-carpeted floor. Shania dropped to all fours, worn out, whimpering about her breasts, while Heather lay there stunned, both of them pausing to catch their breath. Shania recovered first, and quickly spun about with feral hate gleaming in her eyes as she sprang at Heather from her knees, Heather still down on her shapely ass and slumped against the staircase. Determined hands grabbed soft breasts and squeezed hard, and Heather began to cry out as Shania assaulted her chest with full fury.

"Payback time, bitch!" spat Shania, her breasts still sore and aching from Heather's earlier assault. "I'm gonna --- mmpphh!"

She never finished her sentence, though, as Heather recovered from her momentary daze and shot out with her own bare hands to plaster them over Shania's breathing passages once more and return the favor with interest.

They fought on their knees now, woman-to-woman and face-to-face, fighting each other furiously. Fingers sank deep into soft breasts and pulled mercilessly at nipples, and palms clamped tight over a mouth and nose as the two women struggled with all their strength. Their muffled cries and anguished screams began to echo about the living room as they both held on for dear life, each woman trying to finish off the other as their struggle began to increase in savagery while heading towards its inevitable finish.

Breast-squeezing battled against hand-smothering as Shania continued her catfight with Heather, and in the end, the latter won out. Shania tried her best to squeeze out a submission as she crushed Heather's breasts in her bare hands, pulling, pinching, squashing and squeezing as she twisted those sweet sacks left and right and up and down; but ultimately the singer was again done in by her inability to breathe. Even as her ample chest was mauled, Heather held fast with both soft hands over Shania's face, one hand clamped tight over her mouth, the other pinching the brunette's nostrils shut and completely sealing off her oxygen supply.

Shania was forced to release her hold to try and break Heather's, but Heather held on tighter as ever, determined to win. Shania tugged hard at Heather's wrists, but failed to free herself in the process, and the room began to swim around her as the blonde continued to suffocate her. Heather licked her lips and grinned evilly as she saw Shania going under, and felt it would only take a few more minutes of unyielding pressure on her part over her foe's breathing passages ...

... until Shania snared out with her own hands to duplicate Heather's efforts, one hand pressing tight over Heather's mouth, the other crimping her nostrils closed to shut off the actress' air supply. Heather went wide-eyed at her own sudden inability to breathe, even as she held on with her own hands; but the fight was even again, as they swayed back and forth on the carpet, fighting on their knees and trying to suffocate each other.

Heather was the fresher of the two (she had had the head start) and began to push forward, forcing Shania down and back, both women refusing to relinquish their holds even if it meant passing out in the other's grip, so much did they despise one another. Heather began to push harder and harder, putting her opponent on the defensive, her drive relentless, until finally Shania's feet went out from under her and she landed on her back with Heather on top of her, bare hands still locked in place over each other's mouths and noses. The day was growing short and so were their air supplies, Heather having the better leverage at the moment but soon losing it as Shania pushed off her pelvis and rolled violently to the side and twisted around and finally on top of Heather.

The sudden change in dominance surprised Heather, who lost her concentration just long enough for Shania to pull Heather up and then slam her head back down hard against the carpet, once, twice, three times. Heather's hands peeled away from Shania's face and latched onto the brunette's shoulders as Heather sought to clear her head, even as Shania sucked in much-needed lungfuls of air into her well-endowed, heaving chest following her breathless ordeal. She smiled weakly as she saw Heather's dismay, and stepped up her own attack with her hands over Heather's nose and mouth, robbing Heather of precious breath just as Heather had been doing to her.

"Now who's out of breath, bitch?" chided Shania as she prepared to finish off the fight. But her exuberance was quickly replaced by agony as Heather reached over to squeeze her hands about Shania's neck, bony thumbs again pressing mercilessly into an exposed windpipe as Heather counterattacked from flat on her back. Shania gasped and gurgled under this new assault, Heather once more squeezing with all her strength as she tried to choke the life from her hated foe once and for all.

Heather twisted to the side and began to drag Shania down by the neck, hands still squeezing savagely about her rival's throat, thumbs pressing down harder on Shania's windpipe. She began to shake Shania back and forth as they lay side-by-side on the carpet, the blonde's strong hands snapping the brunette's head forward and back as Heather once more took control of the fight.

Shania lay there, trying to suffocate her enemy with her own bare hands, but she was losing. Soon she began grasping futilely at Heather's wrists, trying like anything to pry those hands off her throat, but failing. The fight had taken its toll, and Shania was almost out of gas, while Heather still had a little bit left in the tank for a last-ditch attempt at victory. Rolling even more to the side, further and further, Heather soon found herself on top of Shania, straddled the singer across the waist, and then began to pound her rival's head against the floor, never losing her cruel two-handed grip on her foe's neck in the process. A half-minute more, and Shania's hands fell away from Heather's wrists, her energy totally spent and her ability to defend herself completely gone.

"Now I've got you!" sneered Heather. "You're finished, you slut!"

Heather smiled evilly at her foe's plight, and she decided that she would not only punish her opponent, but that she would have some fun in doing so. She then squeezed as hard as she could until her knuckles turned white, as Shania coughed below, eyes shut in agony as she turned red and then blue, her life totally in her attacker's hands. Just when she was on the verge of passing out, though, Heather released her hold and instead shifted her hands downward to squeeze them about Shania's breasts once more, crushing those firm, fleshy mounds in her fingers and prompting a groan from Shania, but no more resistance than that.

A few minutes of this, though, and Heather grew bored and decided to shut off Shania's breathing again; but this time, she would ensure that there would be no sudden moves, no miraculous escapes as Shania had engineered in some of their past struggles. She knew Shania was spent, but she didn't want to take any chances of her getting a second wind. And not only that, but Heather wanted to leave no doubt as to who was the better of the two women.

Rising up slightly onto her bare feet as she relinquished her breast claws, Heather took quick care to pin Shania's arms against her sides before dropping back down to her shins again, Shania's arms now totally trapped beneath her enemy's body and of no use to her. Her foe now incapacitated, Heather reached down with both hands and again began to smother Shania with them, one of them clamped over her mouth, the other pinching her nose shut. Shania shifted wearily beneath Heather, twisting slightly from side to side in a feeble act of defiance that only spurred Heather to smother Shania even harder. Her struggles grew weaker and weaker as she felt herself going under, and then she could breathe again as Heather released her grip, toying with Shania one last time before applying the coup-de-grace.

"And now to finish you ..."

Moments later the finish came, as bare hands again wrapped about a vulnerable throat and squeezed, as Heather began choking the life from Shania.

"Unnnhh ... uuunnhh ... unnnhhh," was all that Shania could mouth as Heather strangled her senseless. The pain was excruciating - but even worse were the taunts.

"Your life is mine, bitch!" growled Heather as she squeezed with reckless abandon, thumbs pressing down harder. "I'm gonna choke you till there's no need to anymore!" Shania was so battered and exhausted that even if she wanted to shudder at her foe's threats, she couldn't.

"Say it, bitch!" continued Heather, licking her lips in excitement. "Say that I'm the best. Say it!"

Shania coughed and gasped, but she refused to give in to her hated foe - which angered Heather even more, and so she tightened her chokehold.

"Say it, or you'll wish you had! Say that I'm the best! Say it! Say it, you slut!"

Shania didn't want to, didn't want to ever show any signs of weakness to this bitch, not even a tear, the coughing was bad enough ...

"Say it or I swear I'll f---ing finish you right here and now, you f---ing slut! Say it!!!" Heather was almost hysterical.

Shania gritted her teeth and tried to persevere, desperate to deny Heather the satisfaction of dominant victory; but in the end the fire in her throat and in her lungs won out, and she said something she never, ever thought she would ...

"You're ... acckk ... you're ... the best," gasped the singer softly, throat still savagely oppressed.

It hurt - hurt worse than being strangled, this conceding of defeat. Shania knew she would be out cold soon, knew there was no pretense of a comeback victory, and she wished for this ordeal to end as quickly as possible before Heather could gloat too much.

"What?" queried Heather, half-mocking, half-serious, almost-but-not-quite stopping. "What did you say?"

"You're ... aaggh ... you're the best," gasped Shania again, consciousness fading. And with that, Shania passed out in pain, exhaustion, and humiliation, Heather's hands having cut off the blood flow to the brunette's carotid artery long enough to render her unconscious.

Heather looked down incredulously at her out-cold foe, hands still tightening about the vulnerable neck. And then her incredulity gave way to a fiendish smile, a smile as big as the moon as her opponent's words struck home.

"Yes ... Yes ... YES!!!" she cried, whipping her own golden head back and forth in a frenzy, squeezing once more with all her strength as her unconscious prey did nothing to protect herself. She could finish her off once and for all - all she needed was a few more minutes of bare-handed strangulation - but no, letting Shania live with this memory would be even harsher, and she could hardly wait to rub it in down the road.

At long last Heather's glee was sated and she released her enemy to the carpet, before standing up over her. Shania just lay there silently, arms and legs akimbo, head turned to the side, mouth and eyes closed as she slept the sleep of defeat. And even if she was out like a light, Heather wasn't going to let her forget it.

"That's right, bitch!" she snapped, one long finger pointing downwards at her victim. "I am the best! The best! I can outfight you, outwrestle you, outsmother you and outchoke you every time! You're nothing but a loser compared to me! A loser! And I just kicked your ass again! Ha ha ha!"

She kicked Shania in the side, and then again, and then again, Heather cruel and unrelenting, until finally Shania was stirring groggily.

"Now get the hell out and don't come back until I feel the need to beat on you again! Got it? See you later, loser!" And with that Heather turned and strode up the stairs to the loft to revel in her recent victory and plan her next conquest in their ongoing rivalry.

Shania stirred slowly, painfully, and went through the long and arduous task of dressing before stumbling downstairs to her own suite, whereupon she collapsed into a deep, troubled sleep.

"See you later, loser!" was all she could hear in her dreams, Heather's mocking face was all she could see, Heather's strong hands about her neck was all she could feel. Then she would awaken, angry, humiliated and bitter, and just a tad scared, and knew she had to have her revenge upon Heather ...