Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain - Super Bowl Struggle - by Shanahan Feb 2000

Shania Twain had felt humiliated by her defeat at the choking hands of Heather Graham in their suite fight at Heather's California hotel a month ago. The dark-haired country singer burned for revenge against the blonde actress, but she wanted to fight her arch-rival on her own turf this time. Her tour was now over, and she had all the time in the world.

And so Shania challenged Heather to fight her in Atlanta over Super Bowl weekend. Everybody who was anybody would be descending upon the deep South for the biggest spectacle of the year. Shania knew Heather would be there for sure, and what better time for revenge? It was almost as if it were pre-destined.

"You got lucky last time, Heather, that's all," chided Shania over the phone the week before the game.

"Sure I did, Shania," mocked Heather. "From where I sat - on your chest, I recall - you looked to me like you were having a little trouble breathing. Ackkk! Ackkk!"

Heather laughed as she made coughing and choking sounds over the line, mimicking Shania's plight at the end of their previous fight when the blonde had straddled the brunette and choked her unconscious with her bare hands, Shania unable to defend herself. There was silence on the other end for a few moments, as Shania seethed. Then the award-winning singer calmed down slightly and spoke up again.

"I - am - gonna - kick - your - ass!" she fired off in staccato fashion, enunciating each word.

"Sure - you - will!" mocked Heather again. "Whatever you want. See you Monday after Super Bowl - slut!"

They both hung up at that point, Heather jovially, Shania angrily. The brunette couldn't wait for the weekend to be over. The fight had been set for Monday night, so they could tear into each other at will and not ruin their appearances for the weekend's gala bashes and the game itself.

The galas and game both came and went, the Rams beat the Titans (barely), and the city began to empty out and return to normal. But not in Shania's suite at the upscale hotel she was staying at, though. There would be one more expensive night there, but it would be worth it if she got her revenge on her mortal enemy. Heather arrived at about seven that evening, and after some preliminary cattiness, they departed to separate rooms to properly dress for the occasion.

Several minutes later the two beautiful women came into the living room space, plush with white carpeting that extended in all directions. A large white-covered bed was set up near the center of the room, in front of the wall behind the bathroom, down from the entrance area. All the walls were white, and trimmed with ornate patterns and designs of gray.

Heather was adorned in a French-cut blue bikini with yellow trim - Rams colors for the Hollywood actress. Shania sported an equally stunning white two-piece swimsuit with red and blue trim - Titans colors for the country singer. Both women were barefoot.

They faced each other in the middle of the room just a few feet apart, both smiling and confident, both eager to resume their long-running dance.

"You can still back out," offered Shania.

"Not a chance," shot back Heather.

"Well, only one of us is going to walk out of here ..." chided the brunette.

"Yeah - me!" crowed the blonde.

The time for levity was then past. Their lips curled first into sneers and then into snarls, their teeth clenched together, and their eyes were ablaze as they crouched down slightly, bare feet spread wide and bare hands spread wider as they prepared to come to grips. They suddenly, as if by some unseen cue, both Shania and Heather screamed and lunged at each other, bare hands snaking out to latch onto each other's vulnerable throats and squeeze viciously.

Bare feet shuffled and scrabbled across the carpeted floor as Heather and Shania shifted and struggled about, hands tightening about each other's throats as they tried to choke each other out. Grunts and gasps, coughs and curses filled the air between them as they squeezed with all their strength, thumbs stabbing deep into windpipes as they both endured agony like never before, but each still refused to relinquish her steely grip about the other's neck.

Suddenly Heather pushed in forward and managed to ram a knee up hard into Shania's crotch, stunning the beautiful brunette for an instant. Heather took full advantage of her attack, pushing Shania back towards the bed and beginning to push her enemy down onto the soft surface where Heather would have all the leverage, and could then strangle her opponent at her leisure. But as thoughts of victory floated through the blonde's pretty head, they were soon scattered by the sudden, sharp sensation of pain in her face, pain provided by a fist smashing into her cheekbone, first one and then the other as Shania swung wildly in trying to get loose.

Heather yelped at the blows and tore away from Shania, who pulled out of Heather's chokehold to rub her raw throat and try to coax air back into her firm, heaving chest. They both backed off to catch their breath and eye each other warily, both women wondering how next to attack the other.

"Bitch!" croaked Shania.

"Slut!" snarled Heather.

The respite lasted only a minute or so before both women rushed at each other once more. They came together hard, latched onto each other's sheathed breasts and began squeezing as hard as they could, twisting and turning, pulling and pinching as they assaulted each other's chests with a fury.

Both women threw back their heads and howled at the pain they were inflicting upon one another, but neither showed any signs of submitting anytime soon. Fingers sank deep into covered flesh and squeezed, fingertips found fleshy nipples beneath cotton material and pinched them like vises, as each woman was determined to destroy the other ...

Shania was getting the worse of the mutual breast-squeezing affair, as Heather crushed Shania's fabulous boobs like ripe fruit. Now the pain was becoming unbearable; and despite squeezing Heather's breasts as viciously as she could, Shania could not bring her blonde enemy to the same level of agony that she herself was enduring. Desperate, she released her foe's pert breasts to reach upwards and wrap her hands about Heather's throat again, Shania shaking her foe back and forth as she poured on the pressure and began to squeeze savagely.

Heather gasped at this new agony, and tried prying Shania's hands loose from her neck; but Shania was hanging on maniacally, teeth clenched and eyes ablaze as she choked the life from her rival, hands interlocking behind Heather's neck and tightening the hold.

"Guuuhhh ... ullkkk ..." was all Heather could mouth as the breath was violently squeezed from her body.

"Choke, you blonde bitch!" snarled Shania through gritted teeth, hands squeezing harder. She began to pull Heather downwards, trying to drag her down to the floor to her doom ...

Soon, though, it was Shania screaming again, her chokehold dissolved, her hands peeling off her victim's throat and clawing frantically at her foe's wrists as Heather began to press her thumbs into Shania's eyes, trying to gouge them out. Now it was Shania's turn to slam a knee up hard into her foe's crotch, stunning Heather just long enough for Shania to pull those clawing hands away before they did irreparable damage.

Just as Shania went to renew her chokehold and finish the fight, her head was snapped back violently as Heather swung upwards and caught her enemy flush on the chin with an uppercut. Shania's legs went wobbly as she tried to shake off the impact of the blow, but just as her head was beginning to clear, she felt two long arms wrapping tight about her waist and squeezing hard as Heather caught her in a bearhug.

Shania's cries again filled the suite as a sharp pain collected in her spine and refused to depart, Heather's balled-up fists pressing hard into Shania's lower back while her arms constricted the Canadian beauty's waist more and more with each passing second. Shania clawed at the blonde lookers soft white shoulders, desperate to break free before being crushed, but Heather held her foe fast in her backbreaking hold, smooth biceps flexing with effort.

"Feeling a little out of breath, bitch?" chided Heather as he watched her opponent struggle in her grasp.

The actress began to lift Shania up onto her toes in her spine-snapping assault. But that confident grin quickly faded from Heather's lovely face as Shania slammed both fists into either side of Heather's cheekbones, drawing a loud cry from the agonized girl and breaking her grip in the process. Both women then tumbled to the soft floor to assuage their wounds, Heather covering and rubbing her pretty face with both hands, Shania massaging her sore lower back with both hands.

Shania was on her knees, rubbing her hands over her spine, trying to knead the pain away, when suddenly she felt herself being grabbed by the shoulders from behind and twisted about. Before she could resist, she felt a hand grabbing her by the throat and squeezing before a fist crashed hard into her open mouth, knuckles slamming against her teeth and lips and drawing a small amount of blood. Shania's head began to swim about the room as she looked up through pained eyes to see Heather, face still red with the impact of Shania's earlier blows, grinning wickedly as she slammed another fist into Shania's face.

And another. And another.

Shania tried to curse at Heather, or even cry out, but found all she could do was gasp. She felt about her neck and found Heather's left hand still squeezing about her throat, cutting off Shania's air just as Heather punished her rival with blows from the other hand.

Shania staggered as she was assaulted on both ends, trying to cover up with her hands as Heather rained punishing blows down upon her and tightened her grip as the same time, leaving Shania to hazily wonder whether she would be choked out or beaten up first ...

Heather began driving Shania to her knees as she pounded away at the country singer with her right hand, her left hand tightening about Shania's neck and choking her. Shania coughed hoarsely even as she tried to ward off her enemy's punishing blows, but she was fighting a battle on two fronts and losing both. Her skull and throat racked with pain, Shania quickly devised a desperate plan for freedom that she hoped would work. That HAD to work.

Dropping onto her knees in front of Heather, Shania played along for the next few moments, reeling from Heather's twin attacks as before, before finally marshaling her efforts for her counterattack. Her right side trembling as she summoned all the strength she could spare, Shania leaned back and then fired her right fist straight into Heather's crotch.

Heather's shriek reverberated about the suite. Heather immediately loosened her grip about Shania's neck, and fell down and onto the carpet, hands clutching her wounded womanhood.

"You whore," she whimpered. "You lousy, good-for-nothing whore ..."

"Screw you, you little blonde bitch," croaked Shania as she rubbed her wounded throat, red marks evident on her neck where Heather's hand had squeezed about the brunette's white skin. The battle was halted for the next few minutes as each woman assuaged her injuries, but it was Heather who was the more badly hurt, and it was Shania who regained her feet first. Striding two or three steps over to where Heather had fallen.

Seconds later and Shania was crying out in pain as well, as Heather lashed out with one leg and kicked Shania square on the left kneecap with her heel. Shania howled as she went down, hands clutching her wounded knee as she collapsed to the carpet. Both women lay there, both in agony, both unable to move or continue the struggle. Then they thought of how much they hated one another, and how much punishment they had each absorbed from the other so far just today, and their competitive fires were re-stoked. Then turned and glared at each other once more, and rose to their feet to renew their struggle for supremacy - and life.

As best they could in their battered conditions, they rushed at one another, but again it was Heather gaining the upper hand. Just as they came together she staggered Shania with a roundhouse right to the face, then another, then another, until she lashed out with right roundhouse kick to the cheek that sent Shania tumbling across the suite and crashing headfirst into the far wall. The country singer slumped to the ground, but began to rise as she saw Heather coming at her. She turned to grapple with her foe, but only caught a knee a in the crotch for her efforts, Heather's hands secured about Shania's shoulders and holding her in place. Another knee to the crotch, and then another, and then Shania was moaning low and long and loud in unbelievable agony.

Her agony was just beginning. Shania then felt hands gripping her fabulous breasts from underneath, squeezing them and holding them in place, before feeling a stinging, pinching sensation in her left breast. She looked down in horror to see Heather biting down hard on that soft, fleshy mound, even through Shania's white bikini top.

The Canadian beauty wailed and pulled at the actress' hair, but she was too battered from the blows to her head and face to offer much resistance. She suffered a while longer as Heather's white teeth sank deeper into her cotton-covered breast, hands squeezing the soft flesh below all the while, mercilessly, until she sensed herself being released and her face being plunged downwards into Heather's heaving bust. The country singer smothered in her foe's firm bikinied breasts, Heather's soft hands holding Shania's face in place as she denied her enemy of oxygen, and Shania thought this was truly the end as she felt herself passing out ...

But then she could breathe again, as Heather released her breast-smother, only to slam Shania's head back hard against the wall, prompting more moaning from the bruised and battered victim. Her moans were soon stifled as Heather shifted her grip to seize Shania by the throat with both hands and began choking her again, even more savagely than before, the actress determined to watch Shania's life run out between her fingers.

"Unnnhhh ... guuhhh ... ulllkkk ..." was all Shania could mouth at her new agony, her hands wrapped tightly about Heather's wrist and trying to pull those terrible hands loose.

"Choke, you slut!" snarled Heather, tightening her hold with each passing second. "Choke!"

Heather slammed Shania back first into the wall again, her hands still locked about the brunette's throat and squeezing hard. Shania coughed as she clawed at Heather's face with one hand while clutching one of Heather's wrists with the other, trying to break free, but still the blonde beauty kept choking her arch-rival, determined to finish the dark-haired woman off and again claim victory.

Shania soon began to gasp hoarsely as the breath was violently squeezed from her body, Heather's soft hands like a steel vise about her foe's ravaged throat. Shania pulled wildly at Heather's wrists with both hands now, desperate to end this airless ordeal before the other woman ended her life, which by the looks of things could be any minute now. Any minute at all ...

Shania continued to suffer in Heather's two-handed grip, the blonde's hands still fastened about her dark-haired rival's throat, squeezing mercilessly and choking her to death. Shania strained to pull Heather's hands loose, but her foe's grip was simply too strong, too relentless. Faced with the end of her life, Shania summoned all her flagging strength to once more fight back, fists pummeling away like pistons on Heather's face, the brunette swinging wildly in a desperate attempt to escape from the blonde.

Heather tried to hold on, trying to choke Shania lifeless even as she was battered, but her victory parade was put on hold as Shania's fist crashed off Heather's chin and sent the other beauty sprawling. Shania dropped to her knees, hacking and coughing, saliva dripping from her lips as a souvenir of her ordeal, while Heather was seated on her shapely ass, shaking her head and trying to clear the cobwebs from her enemy's blow.

They recovered for long moments, both eager to recover first and mount an attack. Shania stumbled to her bare feet, but Heather did likewise; and it was the latter woman who gained the upper hand by lashing out with a kick that stunned her foe. Just as Shania looked up, Heather's heel crashed off her chin and sent the country singer sprawling back onto the couch near the window.

Shania just lay there, her head swimming as she fought to stay conscious with Heather bearing down on her. She tried to raise her hands to defend herself, but it was too late. Heather was upon her almost immediately, straddling Shania on the couch while raining down rights and lefts into the brunette's face, the sounds of bone upon bone and flesh upon flesh reverberating throughout the suite. Shania slumped against the sofa, the softness of the material doing little to ease her agony, until Heather decided that enough was enough.

Propping Shania up against the couch so that her head hung over the top edge, Heather smiled wickedly and then drew a deep breath before plunging down with both hands and squeezing them hard about Shania's neck in a ferocious grip, the best she'd ever gotten on the brunette. The country singer emitted a strangled cry, and spittle began to run from the corners of her mouth as Heather squeezed with all her remaining strength, thumbs pressing down savagely on Shania's windpipe.

Shania slumped back on the couch, hands wrapped feebly about Heather's wrists in a futile gesture, and she could feel the life draining from her battered body as Heather's fingers wound tighter and tighter about her throat. She shook Shania up and down as she throttled her, both women's firm breasts squashing together as Heather pressed against her victim, determined to finish the fight once and for all. Minutes later she did, as Shania coughed hoarsely once, twice, and then slumped unconscious on the couch, the breath totally squeezed from the country queen's phenomenal body.

"God, you're pathetic," chided Heather at the unconscious brunette below her, hands still wrapped about Shania's throat. "You challenge me to a fight, and you lose - again! What a waste!" cackled the blonde, heady with triumph.

She then dismounted her victim, showered, dressed, and left the suite, Shania unconscious all the while, slumped on the couch in defeat.

The country singer awoke some time later with a sore throat and a splitting headache, her skin tingling with dried sweat, her mouth dry and parched, and her confidence totally devastated. The tears came soon after, and the beautiful brunette sobbed out her humiliation, silver liquid streaming down her cheeks, the Canadian beauty incredulous that she could have lost to the blonde once again.

She had to pay Heather back - she just had to - but she also knew she had rushed into this fight before she was ready, and that had been her downfall. She had tried to match Heather blow for blow, but hadn't been able to match the blonde's savagery and strangling ability, and in the end she had been overwhelmed.

Next time, Shania swore, she would be ready. She would bide her time, be patient and prepare herself - and then, she thought, that little witch would pay, and pay dearly.