Amy Grant vs. Trisha Yearwood by Doug Haig (Celebrity Catfights Message Board 28-Jun-99)

Amy got right up in Trisha's face as the two singers began to circle one another very slowly. For a long while now the two women had had a heated argument as to who was the more popular and talented, and realising that it was getting them nowhere, each woman knew that she was in for one hell of a battle before the night was over.

"Listen you bitch, I'm the best woman in this room, and you don't even come close," Amy snarled, jabbing her finger into Trisha's left breast hard to punctuate each word, her fingernail painfully poking into the blonde's nipple.

As Amy finished Trisha finally lost her temper and grabbing Grant's finger twisted it hard as the brunette winced in pain as her opponent twisted her slender arm around by it and shoved her chest into the wall, smashing her breasts against it as she pushed her arm up her back and held it there.

"Now what were you saying?" Trisha hissed in Amy's ear, the older brunette gasping in pain as her small breasts were crushed against her body.

Trisha took her free hand and grabbed a handful of Amy's thick brown hair, twisting her head around as Grant shrieked in pain as her neck was wrenched. But with a sudden scream of rage, Amy threw her elbow back, connecting hard on the side of the blonde's head, and she fell back in pain, releasing Amy's hair and her arm lock. Turning around and facing Trisha Amy threw a punch that cracked just below Trisha's left eye. Trisha toppled back, as Amy rushed forward and grasped the front of her blouse, ripping it apart from neck to waist as she pulled it down around Trisha's arms.

Cocking her fist back, Amy smashed a uppercutting punch into the pit of the blonde's stomach, doubling the woman over in pain as her fist sunk into Trisha's midriff. Just then as Amy was about to drop her elbow splitting down on Trisha's vulnerable back, the Country singer slammed her fist into Grant's groin, the punch smashing right under the pantyline. Both singers staggered away from the other, gulping in air.

As if in mutual agreement, both women slipped out of their clothes, kicking them into a pile in the corner. Amy's small breasts jiggled seductively, while Trisha's larger breasts swayed with every step she took as they began to circle one another, hands out in front, nails bared like talons. Amy charged forward, catching a clump of the blonde's hair in her hand and pulled hard. As her hair was yanked Trisha let out a gasp of pain and grabbed at Amy's hair, but before she got a grip Amy brought her knee up and savagely nailed the blonde in the crotch. Trisha's thin panties did nothing to shield her pussy as Amy lifted her off her feet, and collapsed on the floor in agony. Amy hauled her up by the hair and smashed her kneecap into Trisha's left breast as hard as she could, crushing the massive breast against Trisha's body. Trisha dropped to the floor, holding her wounded breast and sobbing in pain. Amy had burst some blood vessels in Trisha's breast with her last kneelift, and Yearwood curled up into a ball, trying to avoid another one.

As Amy advanced on her, she assumed the blonde was finished, until her mouth opened in a silent scream as Trisha smashed her heel into Amy's exposed pussy, knocking her to the floor as well, clutching her crotch in pain. The blonde used the time to recuperate and rising off the floor she tackled Amy and straddled her, trapping her arms under her knees. Trisha clapped her hands on both of Amy's lovely breasts, and sank her fingers into each of the small mounds and twisted and squeezed as Amy moaned in pain and tried to free her arms. Grant's breasts were getting mauled, as Yearwood gripped both nipples between the palm of her and thumb and almost tore off her breasts. Amy was in pain as Trisha changed tactics, slapping each small, tight breast with all her might and leaving bright red hand prints on each one, as tears welled up in Amy's eyes.

With a scream of rage and agony Amy managed to twist her right arm free and tore into Trisha's breasts, gouging her round breasts with her manicured nails. Trisha moaned in pain and leaned back, and Amy wrapped her legs around the blonde's head and pulled her off backwards, Trisha's head clunking to the floor. Amy massaged her red and throbbing breasts, and then attacked Trisha again. Amy grasped Trisha's left breast and gave her a tremendous pull, dragging her back down face-first. Twisting her body around, Amy slammed her shapely ass down on Trisha's face, and as Trisha bucked her body up and down Amy calmed her down with hard two-handed sledgehammer blows to her soft belly. Then Grant started to work on Yearwood's breasts, clamping her hands around each mammary and wrenched the both to one side as Trisha screamed in pain beneath her, trying to breath under Amy's gorgeous ass.

Trisha was in trouble now as Amy scissored each nipple between her fingers and pulled the breast up hard, before slapping it out of her grip harshly. Yearwood's breasts were being ravaged, as her breasts ached furiously as Grant slapped at them and tugged them up harshly by their nipples. While Amy was working her over, her hands desperately flailed about, and she dragged her red nails roughly down Amy's lush back, giving her a blistering back rake. Amy moaned in pain as her hand flew to her back and felt the raw, scratched skin, and while she was doing that Trisha reached up and grasped her thick brown hair and pulled her off, Amy crashing down on her back on the floor. Amy was furious about being knocked off her position but before she could do anything Trisha smashed her muscular body down on top of her, pinning the Christian singer as she drove her knee into the brunette's cunt and smashed both palms down on her breasts, crushing the small mounds flat against her chest.

Amy moaned in pain. Trisha hands were locked on her breasts, twisting and tugging them both as Amy wailed in agony. Getting nowhere with her breast attack, Trisha lowered her assault to Amy's crotch, ripping off Grant's panties, then snatch-slapping the brunette hard on her pubic mound and ripping her nails into her tender pussy.

Amy's body shuddered in pain as Trisha ravaged her cunt, brutally pulling on the pink lips. Reaching up, Amy clamped her hand down on Trisha's creamy left breast and ripped it to the outside hard, almost pulling off the blonde who gasped in pain but then dug her nails into Amy's pussy and lifted her lower body up off the ground, as Grant moaned in pain. Amy was nearly at the end of her rope when she attacked Trisha's breasts again, tearing the huge breasts apart in opposite directions as the pained blonde toppled off of her.

Amy was able to slide her right foot under the blonde and wrapped her up in a waist scissors as she continued to maul her full breasts. Amy sliced her thumbnail across Trisha's nipple so hard she made it bleed, and as Yearwood clutched her wounded breast blood began to well up between her fingers. Trisha struggled to free her breasts from Amy's strong hands as her sides were crushed by Amy's powerful leg scissors, her well-toned leg muscles straining as she poured on the pressure. After whipping her body to the left, Trisha was able to grab the brunette's big toe and wrenched it over hard, as Amy screamed out in pain and released Trisha, her toe almost fracturing from Yearwood's savage twist.

Amy rolled away from her foe as now Trisha tried to get air back into her crushed body. Amy's breasts throbbed in pain whenever she moved, but she crawled over to where Trisha was laying and straddled the blonde, grabbing each of her breasts and smacked them together hard with a loud, wet sounding SMACK as Trisha moaned in pain, her breasts feeling about to explode. Amy bore down on her breasts with all her might, the titflesh oozing out from between her fingers as Trisha continued to cry out.

Getting to her feet and heaving Trisha into a sitting position, Amy decided to end it by re-wrapping her legs around the blonde's head in a standing head scissors, twisting her head by the hair to control her. In a desperate move, Trisha used every ounce of strength she had and lifted Amy up and over her as the stunned brunette crashed to the floor, dazed, as Trisha immediately sat down hard on her face and hammered her fists into Amy's soft breasts, the brunette quivering in pain under her as she pounded her breasts. Raining punches down on her stomach and breasts, Trisha worked her way south as she smashed her fists into Amy's groin. Clapping her hands tightly around Amy's small breasts, Trisha lifted her on her feet, facing away from her, and
smashed Amy's pussy directly down onto her knee. Amy's liquid brown eyes bulged out in pain, as Trisha wrapped her slender arms around her upper body from behind, clamping a bearhug on her breasts.

Trisha rubbed her swollen, sweaty breasts against Amy's glistening back as she crushed the brunette's breasts as Amy threw back her head and let out a thunderous scream of pain. Trisha dropped Amy to the floor and grabbed both of her ankles, and started pulling Amy's body across the floor, breasts down, scouring her damaged breasts on the rough carpeting as Amy tried to cover them with her hands. Trisha spread the brunette's legs apart wide and punted a kick into Amy's pussy, her foot thudding into her crotch. Trisha raised her leg high and brought it smashing down on Amy's c--- in a bush-bursting stomp, as Grant in vain tried to shield her pussy with her hands, as Yearwood brings her heel down again. Amy finally gives into the agonizing pain in her crotch and covers up, rolling onto her side and wedging her hands between her legs shielding her pussy from Trisha's pounding feet.

Trisha immediately attacks, again grabbing both the Christian singer's ankles, prying them apart and delivering another bush busting stomp. Amy's hands still protect her groin, but Trisha just stomps through them several times, finishing up with a knee drop targeted right into Amy's crotch. Amy lets out a thunderous scream of pain as it feels like her vulva is on fire. Surveying the devastated brunette rolling on the floor, Trisha takes a moment to wipe the sweat from her eyes and massage the pain from her swollen red teats, then resumes her attack on Grant's bush with a new vigor.

Again prying Amy's tight thighs apart, Yearwood looks down into Amy's face as if to ask her if she wants another. Grant shakes her head, but Yearwood drops a knee into groin anyhow. Standing up, Trisha checks Amy's again, now with tears streaming down her face. Trisha looks into her foe's eyes again, and sees that the fight is nearing an end.

Amy was in terrific pain as Trisha flipped her over and came down ass first on her red and aching breasts, crushing them under her generous ass and bounced up and down on them. Almost blind with pain, Amy clasped her hands together and raised her thumbs, just as Trisha was coming down. Her thumbs caught the unsuspecting blonde hard in the groin, as her beautiful face turned ashen and she fell off Amy.

Both women were completely spent, sweat pouring off their bodies as they crawled toward each other again. Amy dug her fingers into Trisha's breasts again, ripping into her soft breasts as she pulled and twisted savagely, her very red floor-burned breasts swaying back and forth as she mauled her younger foe. Trisha was beside herself in pain, as her already aching and mauled breasts were getting quite a going over by Amy. Trisha was now sobbing in anger as she reached up and clasped her hands onto Amy's smaller globes and tore at them with a strength she had not known she possessed, pulling a now moaning Amy off her by them and kneed her in the c--- until Amy finally released her breasts. Now Trisha climbed on top of Amy and trapped her arms under her legs.

Trisha smashed her manicured hand downward, fingers splayed outward, her diamond ring facing down, cutting deeply into Amy's raw and swollen right breast, then grinded her hand back and forth, she put her weight behind it. Amy's small breast mushroomed out around her hand and fingers as she twisted the other breast around in her tight grip.

"YOU'RE MINE NOW, BITCH!!!" Trisha screamed as she kept on punching Amy in her red and swollen breasts with clenched fists and slapping the once magnificent round globes with open hands. Trisha kept on punching and slapping Amy's mouthwatering breasts over and over till she couldn't raise her arms anymore.

"Quit now you bitch," Trisha breathed, resting her hands.

"Oh my God! My breasts!!! My BREASTS!!!" Amy moaned out hoarsely.

"Say it, or I'm going to rip off those small breasts and mount them on the fucking WALL! "

Amy was wracked with pain as she sobbed out her surrender. Trisha Yearwood fell to the floor exhausted, as Amy Grant sobbed uncontrollably as she held her small ravaged breasts cupped in her hands, rocking back and forth. Trisha was not in much better shape, but she had finally outmauled her opponent and won.