Grey's Anatomy: Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens (Kath Heigl) vs. Dr. Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh) by Mr. Chris

Four of the first-year interns at Seattle Grace Hospital’s surgical residency program are taking a well-deserved break from a grueling 24-hour continuous stint. As they sit at the table in the hospital cafeteria they are starting to get a little giggly and slaphappy. The normal competitive spirit between them ends up manifesting itself in a playful round of arm-wrestling.

The three young women in the group - Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and Izzie Stevens have a “round robin” in which Izzie makes short work of the other two. It is all in good fun of course. Then Cristina suggests Izzie try to beat George O’Malley, the fourth intern in the group and who has been looking on in amusement. He immediately tries to beg off, but they badger him into accepting. With a bit more tension in the air than when it was just woman-to-woman, Izzie and George clasp their hands and try to put each other’s arms down. George is startled at how strong Izzie is, so he begins to give it everything he has. While George is stronger than Cristina and Meredith, Izzie eventually grits her teeth and slams his arm to the mat. The girls cheer her victory. George wants to crawl into a hole.

Silently watching from a distance over a cup of coffee sits Dr. Addison Shepherd, the highly paid, hotshot obstetric surgeon married to Dr. Derek Shepherd. Dr. Derek and Meredith had a romantic and sexual fling that has ended, due in large part to Dr. Addison’s recent arrival and appointment to the medical faculty at Seattle Grace. The two Doctors Shepherd appear to have somewhat reconciled themselves to each other, but Meredith still pines for her “Dr. McDreamy,” who still seems to have feelings for both of the women in his life.

Dr. Addison Shepherd walks past their table moments after George’s arm has been put down and says somewhat scornfully and with a smug smile on her face as she continues past, “Let me know when you’re ready to move up to the big leagues.”

But Meredith finds herself blurting out after the tall, arrogant female doc, “Twenty dollars says Izzy can put your arm down!”

“Meredith!” scolds Izzy. The last thing she wants to do is cross Addison Shepherd, her mentor who believes Izzy shows talent in obstetrics. The tall surgeon stops in her tracks, then slowly turns and stares directly at Meredith. “What did you say?” Dr. Addison asks imperiously.

“Each of us has twenty dollars that says Izzy can beat you arm wrestling,” says Meredith impetuously to her rival in love. “So whaddaya say? You want to put up $80 to prove us wrong.”

Cristina and George join Izzie in open-mouthed protest, as they have no desire to get into a wager of this kind with a senior attending physician. But it’s too late! Dr. Shepherd saunters back to the table, sets her coffee cup down, reaches into her pocket and drops four twenty-dollar bills on the table.

Again looking only at Meredith, Dr. Addison simply says, “I accept the bet. Let me see your money.” The four interns each place a twenty dollar bill on the table. Then Dr. Shepherd sits down opposite Izzie, places her elbow on the table, and raises her forearm for the match. Izzie turns to Meredith with an angry expression on her face. Dr. Addison, also turns to Meredith and makes eye contact but when she speaks it’s not to Meredith but Izzie that she says, “It’s OK Izzie, I know this isn’t about you and me.”

Then the high-powered woman surgeon turns to the beautiful blonde intern and says: “Still, Izzie, just as I’ve taught you everything you know about obstetric surgery, now I can teach you a lesson in arm wrestling. And don’t hold back – give me your best; I’ll know if you’re not trying to win.”

The tall blonde intern reluctantly raises her own arm up on the table, and resolves, for the sake of the group’s $80 if nothing else – to indeed give it her best shot. Tension fills the air and a small knot of bystanders has circled the table to watch the event as George holds their fists together and counts down.

“One, two, three – GO!” he says, quickly releasing their hands simultaneously.

The two women immediately put their arms, shoulders and bodies into the struggle. for a long time no progress is made by either woman. Their arms tremble from the exertion. Then ever so slowly Izzie’s arm begins to be pressured toward the table. A smile forms on Dr. Addison Shepherd’s face. She turns to look at Meredith and while looking at her, slams Izzie’s arm onto the table.

“Wow!” says Izzy, rubbing her forearm. “You’re real strong; congratulations.”

“Thank you,” smiles Dr. Addison, her eyes locked with Meredith’s. The tall surgeon rises, takes the $160 off the table, picks up her coffee and turns to leave.

Meredith is furious. “She could take you in REAL wrestling!” she blurts out to Addison.

Izzy rolls her eyes, gazing heavenward in embarrassed shock then turns to her friend, “MEREDITH WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!!”

Meredith again calls out to the departing Addison, “She CAN you know!”

Addison stops in her tracks and without turning around says, “There’s an exercise room with mats that adjoins the cardiac rehab unit – Izzy, you will meet me there at 7PM tomorrow. You can bring your friends, too.”

Then Dr. Addison continues walking out of the cafeteria as Izzy explodes! “Meredith are you insane?! Getting me into a...a wrestling match - with an attending? And not just ANY attending; the one who’s taken me on for special mentoring? How could you?”

Meredith has settled down a little and sounds contrite when she says, “Sorry, Izzy – I guess I shouldn’t have done that. I just hate that...that witch. I lost my temper.”

“Well, that’s just great!” Izzy says. “Now I’ve basically just been ordered by my boss to meet her for some kind of catfight tomorrow night. I feel like knocking YOU for a loop to tell you the truth!”

Meredith just shrugs and sheepishly mumbles, “Sorry...”

Izzie was able to get six consecutive hours of sleep during the next 24 hours, so she felt refreshed enough for what would probably be a real workout what with having to go a few rounds on the mats with her tough boss-lady doctor.

The four interns – Meredith, Izzie, Cristina and George - all arrive in the exercise room together. They’re dressed casually; Izzie in a Shaun Alexander jersey, baggy grey sweatpants and tennis shoes.

A few moments later Dr. Addison Shepherd strides into the exercise room, her body swathed in a white terry robe. Trailing a couple of feet behind her is her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd. “Glad to see everyone here this evening,” she says like a teacher addressing her students and making a point of locking eyes with Meredith for a moment. “Derek?” she snaps and he approaches like an obedient slave, taking the shoulders of her robe as she unties the sash and slips out, leaving it in his trembling hands.

The interns marveled to see the elegant Dr. Addison clothed – not in gym togs – but a close-fitting one-piece swimsuit of emerald green, her elegantly slender feet unshod. She shook out the locks of her long red hair. Izzie looks at her friends gawking at the lithe, well-toned body of the youthful-looking 38-year old surgeon and, irritated, mumbles, “Well fuck this!”

Izzie removes her tennis shoes and socks, then rolls down her baggy sweatpants, kicks them aside and pulls her sweatshirt over her head, tossing it on her sweatpants and leaving herself in only bra and panties. Her pals heads swivel in an arc as if on ball-bearing tracks to shift their gaze to their roommate. Seeing Izzie in her undies is nothing new but still her lush, flawless 27-year old body - curvaceous in all the right spots - is a marvel to behold. Meredith and Cristina both know she wears a size 36 bra and her slender in all the right spots but solid body is ripely bursting with erotic power and appeal. Even the normally cocksure Addison Shepherd finds herself momentarily take aback by the sexually imposing figure of her statuesque intern, but quickly recovers and resumes her air of poised smugness.

“I could have you arrested for indecent exposure,” Addison purrs.

“If you did, you’d have to arrest half the staff of this hospital,” replies Izzie with a toss of her curls. “Now, what kind of rules are we going to use?”

“How about we say the winner is whichever one of us gets the most submissions from the other in a specified time period, say 45 minutes? Using normal wrestling holds of course."

“Sounds reasonable to me,” nods Izzie.

“Very well,” Addison says. And the tall redhead gets into a wrestling crouch, saying: “Yesterday I taught you a lesson in arm-wrestling, now get ready for Lesson #2. You know, I should start charging for these.”

“Wait! Wait!” says Cristina. “We haven’t had the official weigh-in!” And gesturing to a nearby medical scale, Cristina guides the two grapplers in that direction. First Dr. Addison stands on the scale. Raising up the telescoped metal height rod, Cristina measures her height at 5’10” while her weight is 130 pounds even. Then Izzie steps onto the scale. She is 5’9” and weighs 133 pounds. “Looks like an even match-up,” proclaims Cristina.

The two women return to the mats and face each other. “OK,” Cristina calls out to them. “Ready. Set. WRESTLE!”

The two doctors showed surprising wrestling skills as they quickly got down to business. After a brief lock-up, Izzie got Addison in a headlock and wrenched her down onto the mats. Addison tried to twist and struggle out of it. At one point she arched her back and Izzie snaked her legs around the taller woman’s torso – that got her the first fall, as Addison could not escape the combined headlock and scissors and she tapped out. At this point George cursed because his pager went off; he had to go assist on a case and left the fitness room.

In the second fall Addison faked a move high, then went low and grabbed Izzie’s legs and pulled up, knocking Izzie to the mat. Addison dove on top, pinned Izzie’s wrists to the mat and quickly grapevined the young blonde’s legs and stretched them out. Izzie was unprepared for this kind of pain and immediately yelled out her submission. Now it was Cristina who got the untimely summons to rush to the emergency room to assist in trauma surgery. That left Izzie and Addison on the mat with just Meredith Grey and “Dr. McDreamy” as spectators.

Tied one fall each, Izzie and Addison faced each other for the third fall. After some inconclusive struggling, Izzie ended up sitting on Addison’s back and she proceeded to immobilize Addison’s arms under her knees and grabbing under the older woman’s chin, began pulling her head and neck back in a Camel Clutch.

“Submit!” Izzie called out.

“No!” grunted out Addison, through clenched teeth, clearly experiencing intense agony.

Addison’s husband began to rise from his seated position, mumbling, “This’s gone too far. I’m putting a stop to it.”

“Oh, you’re putting a stop to nothing!” a voice said, as tender arms wrapped around his shoulders and pushed him back onto the mat. Meredith, staring into his eyes, licked her lips seductively.

Dr. Derek Shepherd has mixed emotions, but he says, “Someone’s going to get hurt out there. I’ve got to break it up!” he adds, seeing Addison’s back bending further as she still refuses to concede.

“As far as I’m concerned, the RIGHT ONE is getting hurt,” replied Meredith.

She overpowered Dr. Derek, pushing him down onto his back, rubbing his crotch, and forcefully French-kissing him. For a few seconds he struggles for escape. Finally he surrenders to his animal instincts and responds in kind to Meredith’s affection. Meanwhile, on the mat, Addison, her eyes tightly closed fighting the pain, can take no more and shouts out her submission.

Izzie releases the camel clutch and says, “I lead, two falls to one.”

Upon hearing Addison’s submission, Meredith quickly gets up off of Derek and returns to watching the match with an innocent look on her face. Addison had seen none of what had occurred between her husband and the young intern.

With twenty minutes left in the match, Izzie and Addison start their fourth fall. Soon the two tall surgeons are wrapped up in each other’s arms and legs like violently entwined pretzels, every now and then rolling around with one or the other on top. Meredith sees her opportunity and resumes her sexual assault on a somewhat fearfully reluctant Derek Shepherd. She snakes her hand down the front of his pants and begins playing with his erect member.

"Does it make you hot watching two women wrestle?" she asks but before he can respond, she once more presses her lips against his in an open-mouthed kiss and forces his tongue back with her own.

But out on the mat Addison has managed to get behind Izzie and has Izzie’s neck trapped between her forearm and bicep as she’s working a head lock. At this point Addison spies the two lovebirds making out and she turns purple with jealous rage. She transforms her headlock into a vicious sleeperhold and begins crushing Izzie out with it – a panicked Izzie starts to yell out her submission but it does her no good as the furious Addison – barely realizing what she is doing – proceeds to knock out her young opponent. She then stands up leaving the unconscious Izzie on the mat.

With long, deliberate strides Addison approaches her husband and the young intern, the pair still lustfully in each other’s embrace. Addison grabs Meredith’s slender shoulders and rips her off of her husband and with adrenalin-amplified strength, throws her ten feet through the air, smashing her against the mirrored wall of the fitness room.

Meredith is dazed, and she turns to sees her lover’s wife storming toward her like a raging bull. The young intern puts up her fists to defend herself but can do nothing as Addison begins raining blows down upon her. Big swinging rights and lefts batter Merdith’s skull, then Addison pistons her fists to Meredith’s tummy with such power that Meredith’s whole body shivers as it folds over!

Dr. Derek pleads with his wife to stop before she kills the young woman. “Shut up!” snarls Addison, turning to face her feckless husband. “I’ll deal with you later!”

She stops battering her rival with her fists and instead grabs Meredith’s head and pulls it down into a rising kneelift that sends Meredith flying onto her back in a spray of blood and sputum. Out on the mat, Izzie begins to stir and as she comes to and sees what’s going on, a dark look of anger suffuses her features.

She begins to stalk toward her friend’s tormentress but Dr. Derek intervenes to stop her “No, she’ll kill you, too! Better just leave!”

Izzie harshly replies, “Fuck you, you wimp!”

She pulls back her fist and fells him with one blow to his unshaven chin, knocking him out cold. Addison has grabbed Meredith by the back of the collar of her shirt and is raising her up off the mat as the older woman’s right fist slowly pulls back to launch another powerful blow.

But Addison suddenly hears Izzie’s voice saying “Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

Addison drops Meredith to the mats and turns around to face the young blonde. “Believe me, Izzie, you don’t want any part of me right now! I’m pissed! Mess with me now and it won’t be a friendly wrestling match! I’ll knock you into next week!”

But Izzie is pissed, too, seeing what the bitch has done to her friend Meredith. Izzie’s response is to attack and she leaps forward and tackles Addison down to the mat. Addison lands on her back and begins throwing punches upward at Izzie who grabs Addison’s wrists and powers her arms down, pinning them to the mat. Izzie sits on Addison’s stomach in schoolgirl pin position.

Izzie says in a firm but respectful voice, “I don’t want to hurt you, Dr. Shepherd, but I can and I will unless you agree to stop fighting and leave here right now.”

Eyes flashing with hateful contempt, Addison snarls, “Fuck you!” and rams her knee into Izzie’s spine, causing the beautiful blonde to arch her back from the intense pain.

Addison breaks free from Izzie’s loosened wristlock and hammers a fist into the young interns jaw that knocks her off of her. The two of them stand and face each other. Addison’s fists are raised aggressively. Izzie is still trying to simply restrain the more senior physician and get her to quit and leave; the young blonde has her arms out in a grappling stance. Addison delivers a left jab followed by a right cross that nails Izzie. The senior doctor throws another big right but Izzie is able to capture the arm and bring it up and around, putting Addison in a painful hammerlock.

“Look, Dr. Shepherd,” Izzie said holding firmly onto the hammerlock, “I am going to escort you out of this room and lock the door behind you. You need to cool off.”

“Sorry,” replies Allison, “I haven’t completed my ‘rounds’ in here.”

With that, she powers an elbow back hard into Izzie’s stomach causing an audible “oof” then judo flips her over her shoulder to fall heavily on the mat. Addison reaches down with her left hand and grabs Izzie’s right wrist, jerks her up off the mat to greets her with a huge right haymaker that smashes into the young blonde’s jaw, knocking her to the mat -- out cold.

Izzie isn’t sure how much time has passed when she regains consciousness and looks around. She sees Addison has gone back to the already-brutalized Meredith and is viciously slapping her young nemesis, rocking her head back and forth with forehands and backhands. Meredith is sobbing and begging her to stop. Izzie gets to her feet and this time she really is pissed off. She goes to her boss-lady doctor and grabs her around the waist and throws her off of Meredith. Addison is surprised, and quickly scrambles back to her feet to face Izzie.

Addison says, “You just don’t know when to stay down. Honestly, you interns can be such slow learners.”

She approaches Izzie menacingly, looking forward to putting her down once again so that she can return to “Job One”, i.e., beating Meredith to a pulp.

Izzie growls, “I don’t care how high and mighty you are around here, you’re going to spit teeth.”

The young blonde slams a huge uppercut into Addison’s face that practically knocks the taller woman off of her feet as she falls to the mat nearly knocked unconscious by the single powerful blow. She looks up at Izzie fearfully.

“I’m not holding back anymore,” says Izzie and she drags Addison up off the mat only to smash a powerful kneelift to the older woman’s jaw that flips her right back down onto the mat.

Izzie grabs Addison, drags her up, and displaying her strength lifts the surgeon high off the mat and throws her into the wall of the fitness room. Addison’s body smashes into the mirrored surface with such force that the glass shatters, some of the chards cutting Addison and drawing blood.

Addison collapses to the mat. She turns to Izzie, and spitefully tells her. “You’ve just signed the death warrant of your career. Not just here, but anywhere! After you’re kicked out of this program, I’ll see no hospital in the world grants you a surgical residency.”

“You know something?” Izzie replies. “I have a different plan.”

Izzie snakes her arms under Addison’s and grasps her in a full nelson and then rushes forward to smash the senior surgeon face first into the broken mirrored wall. Addison wails in agony. Meredith has managed to regain her feet, and although she’s a little wobbly, she has a frightening, emotionally flat look on her face.

Meredith tells Izzie, “Keep her in that hold.”

Izzie obligingly turns Addison to face Meredith, keeping the full nelson firmly clamped on. Addison, with eyes half closed, bleeding, and in pain, croaks out, “Please, let me go, I won’t report this.”

“Too late for that now, bitch!” says Meredith, as she smashes a fist into Addison’s face. She follows up by pounding a series of savage blows into the hateful woman’s stomach, then smashes her knee up into Addison’s cunt. Only Izzie’s full nelson prevents Addison from falling as Meredith spends several minutes working over Addison’s body like a heavy bag in the gym. The older doctor is a mess and on the verge of passing out when Meredith finally relents. She goes over to Dr. McDreamy’s clipboard (who is still unconscious from Izzie’s having slugged him earlier) and removes the legal pad and a pen which she takes it over to Addison. She gestures to Izzie to release Addison’s arms and the strong blonde does so.

“Start writing!” barks Meredith.

“Wha…?” mumbles Addison.

Meredith viciously slaps her. “You heard me, take this pen in your hand.”

Addison is sobbing, “Write? What do you want me to write?”

A cruel smile forms on Meredith’s lips, “I’m going to tell you what to write….”


The next morning, Seattle Mercy’s Chief of Surgery, Dr. Webber, found a sealed envelope addressed to him on his desk. Opening it, he read a brief note from Dr. Addison Shepherd. He noticed small blood drops and bloody fingerprints on it - which he thought odd – but he shrugged, figuring she must have written it right after surgery and was sloppy removing her latex gloves, which was quite unlike her. The note greatly surprised him since it announced her resignation from Seattle Mercy effective immediately. The note said she was moving back East but that was all it said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Derek Shepherd was feeling quite proud of himself. After bundling his injured wife and her hastily packed luggage into a cab to take her to Sea-Tac Airport for her flight back east, he had gone to a floral shop and bought a fancy bouquet. He then went straight to Meredith’s apartment. Finally, he had made up his mind. It was good-bye forever to his wife. Meredith was, after all, the girl for him. He rang the doorbell and George answered the door wearing nothing but a bath towel cinched around his waist.

“Oh, hi Dr. Shepherd,” said George as he let the visitor in, closing the door behind him.

“Is Meredith home?” asked Dr. McDreamy.

George hesitated, “Uh….well…”

Meredith bounces into the room stark naked, unaware of Derek Shepherd’s presence and gives George a big hug.

“So who was at the door?” she asked.

The speechless George can only nod towards Dr. Derek and when Meredith turns around in wide-eyed surprise, she hurriedly tries to cover her private parts.

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen them, remember?” the surgeon says with a world-weary expression.

“Oh. I’m sorry Derek, uh, Dr. Shepherd, Meredith blushes. “I was going to tell you. You see, George and I, well, we’re…you know.”

“Yeah, I can see,” he replies.

Meredith continues, “So, I can’t see you any more.” Seeing his crestfallen expression, she quickly adds, “But hey, this is good for you, right? This solves your problem! Your wife really does love you and now I won’t be in the way any more.”

“Yeah, right. Well, here take these anyway,” he says as he hands her the flowers.

“Why don’t you give them to Addison?” asks Meredith.

“Addison? Oh yeah. Addison. No, that’s OK, you keep them.” He turns to go. “See you at the hospital.”