Pam Grier vs. Jessica Lange by Southgate

It's hard enough to find decent parts when you're an actress on the wrong side of forty. But after you cross that desert and close in on the big '5-0'? Fug-getta-bout-it!

After her resurrection in 1997's Jackie Brown, Pam had 15 minutes of fame and found some work, but soon found herself drifting back into the occasional second-tier action-adventure flick or cable TV work. Well, it sure beat not working at all!

Sitting in her car, Pam stared at the script on her dashboard. She didn't want to want the role, but here she is and she now does. The flick has a big budget for yet another Sci-fi adventure movie. The part is perfect for her, hell, she's been playing tough gals for more years than she likes to admit.

As she enters the studio, she assumes that the reading is a mere formality, any fool's gotta know she's the right gal for the part. So, imagine her surprise when she waltzes in to the producer's office and find Jessica Lange is reading for the part. With an icy stare, Pam sizes up her competition. Jessica is wearing short shorts - revealing a pair of long, sturdy legs. She's about the same age as Pam and although Jessica's body has thickened with age, she's still obviously in good shape. The office is cold and Jessica's wearing a white sweater.

"Oh, pardon me," Pam exclaims as she slams the door behind her.

"Think nothing of it darlin'" Jessica drawls, before the producer can respond.

"It's so good you're here, Pam," Jessica smiles. "I think there's a part in this script just *made* for you...the *aging* servant woman! Have you read the script?" Jessica continues, tilting her head slightly as she gives Pam a coy smile that producer misses seeing.

Pam stares wide-eyed and open-mouthed. This bitch Lange is trying to steal her role!

Pam turns towards the producer, "Hey, I read the script. You need a strong woman for the part or your film's goin' nowhere!"

"Wellllll, that IS true," the producer stammers, eyeing Pam's mighty and impressive figure.

Ever confident, fit and strong, Pam slyly suggests, "Perhaps you'd like to see Ms. Lange and I arm-wrestle for the part?"

Jessica appears reluctant, but as he ogles the two mature beauties, the producer warms to the idea of a confrontation. Jessica is backed into a corner and finally agrees to the contest with an audible sigh that brings a tiny grin to Pam's full lips. The producer clears the chess pieces off of an antique wooded game table that sits in the corner of his office.

"Ladies, pull up some chairs," he stammers excitedly.

Jessica pauses to take off her sweater. As she knits her fingers together and cracks her knuckles, Pam is stunned at the size of the blonde's guns. The producer's eyes widen as he too is amazed by the fitness of the woman nearly his own age.

"Oh, my! This will be some contest!" he whispers. "Now you ladies wait for me to say 'go!'

Pam sits at the table, wishing she hadn't opened her mouth before sizing up the competition. The blonde sits across the table from her. They lock hands, adjust their wrists. Pam winces as she feels the power in Jessica's grip.

"Go!" shouts the producer.

Pam tries to win with a quick start, but she's stopped cold! Jessica's arm moves maybe an inch, then slowly straightens. Pam screws her face tight in concentration. Jessica smiles.

"Are you read to start?" Jessica mocks.

Pam grunts as she again tries and fails to budge the big blondes arm. Then Jessica grits her teeth and slowly, smoothly and inexorably, forces the startled Pam's hand back and down until it hits the table top.

"Oh ...shit!" Pam exclaims, her eyes wide in stunned surprise.

"Oh my, there's no contest!" the producer whistles.

Smiling smugly, Jessica flips Pam's hand aside, then brushes her hands together as if removing some insignificant spec of dirt from them . Without missing a beat, Pam reaches out with both hands, grabs two handfuls of Jessica's hair and slams her head down on the leather covered wooden table. Then Pam straightens her arms and flings Jessica backward. Her chair topples over backward and Jessica falls to the floor flat on her back out cold. She lays with her muscular arms spread as if crucified.

"Ms. Grier!" the startled producer gasps. "That wasn't very sporting."

Pam stands up and slowly unbuttons her blouse. Two fulsome black globes spill free, unfettered by a bra, which the producer quickly notes appears unnecessary even for a mature woman of Pam's age.

"Hey you," Pam hisses. "The part calls for a ruthless leader - that's ME! Look at her, sleeping like a soft, blonde baby. Lange certainly can't convince anyone SHE'S very tough," Pam sneers as she kicks Jessica's prostrate body.

Jessica's heavy legs, still draped limp over the seat of her upturned chair, slide off and fall on either side of the seat, exposing a dark red thong to the producers staring eyes as he takes a peek down the leg opening of Jessica's shorts.

"Besides, I've got the right equipment!" Pam announces boldly as she steps forward, grabs his head and pulls his eyes from Jessica as she thrusts her huge breasts onto the short producer's flushed face.

"Okay, fine, you got the part," he stammers as he tries to catch his breath; his eyes darting back and forth between the tufts of thick lush, pubic hair visible under her thong through the crotch of Jessica's shorts and Pam's long, dark hard nipples.

Pam strides to his desk, rummages around among the papers until she finds the contract and then signs it with a flourish.

"Now come on over here, big fella," she orders in her commanding voice. "Sign this thing so we can get down ta business!"

He signs hurriedly, then turns his attention to Pam's full, bare breasts.

Just then, Jessica moans. She lifts her head up off the floor and looks around trying to get her bearings. Her head is throbbing but as her eyes focus she sees Pam holding the signed contract with a 'shit-eatin' grin on her round face.

"You slut!" Jessica screams as she tries to untangle her legs from the chair. "You cheating slut! You stolen my part!"

"Talk some sense into Blondie, here," Pam chortles to the producer. "I've got to find the little girls room."

Pam waltzes past Jessica with an impertinent toss of her head as she heads out of the producer's office and goes downstairs to the lounge. Jessica waits until the door closes behind her, then she struggles to her feet and stands there fuming at the hapless producer.

"Gimme that goddamn contract," Jessica demands as she shoves the producer away from his desk, grabs the contract and rips it in half.

"Now, if you'll excuse ME for a few moments. I need to shove this up that whore's ass!" Jessica spits as she rolls up the torn contract and thunders out of the office, tracking her prey. Her head still throbbing, Jessica bounds down the stairs and stops at the outer vestibule of the Ladies Lounge. It's a large room with two oversized couches and a thick Chinese rug on the floor. The room is quite. Jessica fumes as she waits for Pam to come out. Her heart is pounding. The movie screen in her brain replays the scene of Pam's naked boobs in the producer's face. Soon, a composed Pam steps into the vestibule. Her eyes open wide in surprise at the sight of Jessica with her fists clenched at her sides as she just glares at the brunette from the opposite end of the room.

"This is the contract you signed, you slut," Jessica snarls. "Now, I'm going to ram it up your ass!" Jessica snarls.

Pam takes a moment to analyze the situation. She's surprised Jessica is already on her feet. The blonde bitch is strong, Pam thinks, she must be on steroids. But.....can she fight? Not much chance for a surprise attack Maybe a distraction will work, Pam muses.

"You're dumb enough to want to fight me again, white girl? Fine. At least take off those damned clothes. I intend to walk outta here lookin' like a lady," snaps a quickly resolute Pam, as she steps towards the door. "If you want a fight, you got one, fool!" Pam continues.

Jessica snarls as she side-steps to cut off Pam's escape route. Jessica unbuttons her red blouse, slides it down her heavy arms and then tosses it onto one of the couches. She keeps her eyes fixed on her foe as, wary, she waits for Pam to unhook her skirt before she slips out of her shorts. Pam shrugs. OK, this blonde ain't stupid. Pam takes off her blouse then whips her from around her board hips. Jessica quickly hooks her thumbs in the waist of her shorts and bends forward, sliding them over her thick thighs and drops them at her feet. Jessica's wearing a red lace bra and matching red thong. As she steps out of her shorts, Pam eyes her opponent and chuckles.

"Red lingerie! Oh my, thought we were gonna get *friendly* with that wimpy producer, did we?" Pam teases.

Pam is wearing only a black thong and it's stretched taut across her broad hips and round butt. She cups her boobs, holds them up with her long, hard nipples pointing straight at Jessica a moment, then lets them drop and bounce on her chest.

"I don't need the red-lace thang to look sexy," Pam jeers. "Simply because I AM SEXY!"

Jessica's face reddens at the sight, "Freakin' cow, you really are a freakin' floppy old cow, aren't you, " she spits angrily.

"Missy'," Pam drawls, thrusting out her chest. "These boobs are the real deal. You're a jealous drugged up ol' no-tits freak. It's a good thing I didn't let you get too far with him, cause after one look at your sorry ol' tits next to mine, he'd laugh you out of his office."

Jessica snaps. She charges half way cross the room and throws herself at Pam, like a lioness leaping at her prey. Pam braces herself for the impact as Jessica's shoulder smashes into her chest. Claws out, Jessica latches onto a handful of ebony hair as she digs her fingers into Pam's left tit. Jessica's momentum carries both women backward and they crash into the wall with Pam's head and shoulders taking the brunt of the impact.

Jessica jams her knee up into Pam's gut, then drives her left shoulder into Pam's chest. With Pam pinned against the wall, Jessica is able to pound her right fist into Pam's ample gut several times. The black beauty grunts each time Jessica's fist jack-hammers deep and deeper into her belly. Twice more, Jessica rams her shoulder into Pam's chest, then the blonde grabs Pam by the hair and jerks her bolt upright.

Jessica plows her clawed right hand into Pam's left tit. Her fingernails dig into the soft, bruised flesh while, with her left hand, the blonde tugs and yanks Pams hair, threatening to scalp the Ebony beauty. As Jessica wrenches and twists violently at a clump of brown hair, she bangs Pam's head back into the wall over and over as Pam struggles to clear the fog from her brain.

Pam clutches Jessica's wrist trying to pull it off her boob, but the blonde is wild and overpoweringly strong. She seizes Pam by both wrists and stretches her up, spreading her out on the wall. Jessica explodes her knee into Pam's aching belly and as she gasps and wheezes for air, Jessica hauls the floundering brunette off the wall, wraps her arms around Pam's waist and heaves her up into powerful bear hug.

"So you like to dance around and show off your cow tits do you? Then dance with me!" the blonde screams.

Jessica tightens her arms, mustering the considerable strength in her shoulders and back. She leans back, lifting Pam up on her toes, then completely off her feet. Jessica swings Pam around, shaking her like a rag doll. Pam grunts and moans, her ribs creaking as she pounds on Jessica's back with her fists. Jessica suddenly bends forward, bending Pam over backward. Pam yelps in pain as the crazed blonde tries to break her back. Pam raises her hands and claws into both sides of Jessica's face.

Snarling, Jessica hoists Pam up, then slams her down - crotch first - onto her knee! Pam screams in agony as Jessica releases the bearhug and lets the badly hurting Black beauty tumble off her knee onto the rug.

Stopping for a moment to rub the scratches on her face, Jessica bends over and hair-hauls the dazed Pam to her feet. Jessica rams one big hand up between Pam's big thighs as she clutches her throat with her other. Jessica heaves the brunette off her feet and holds her chest high in the air.

"You fat ass pig," Jessica scoffs..

Jessica swings Pam around and then slams Pam's ribs down over her extended knee. Pam crumples to the carpet holding her back. Her adrenaline pumping, Jessica again hauls Pam back to her feet. Twisting Pam's arm behind her back, Jessica uses the hammerlock to ram Pam forward and straight into the wall. Jessica pounds her fist into Pam's lower back as she twists up on her arm. Spinning the brunette around, Jessica knees Pam in the belly again, then shoves her backward, slamming her head-first into the wall.

Jessica cracks an upper-cut to Pam's chin and her head thumps back once more hitting the wall. Jessica smiles as she goes back to work hammering her two fists into Pam's belly and boobs as Pam is slipping further into a daze. She's absorbed a huge amount of punishment at the enraged blonde's cruel hands. The stronger blonde pounds Pam relentlessly as she gasps for air while a steaming Jessica beats each breath out of her body.

Gradually dispelling her rage with her fury, Jessica becomes aware that her arms are growing tired and that her fists hurt. She's panting and her big, soft body is coated with sweat. Pacing herself, Jessica begins to thump on Pam at a more deliberate pace. She draws back her right fist, glares at Pam's slack-jawed face, and takes Pam's chin in her left hand as she measures her.

Then Jessica pops Pam in the jaw with her right. Her teeth rattle as Pam's eyes widen then roll back. Jessica takes a step back, watching as Pam tries to move forward on rubbery legs. Jessica pounds her fist into Pam's belly and Pam slumps forward.

Jessica catches Pam by the hair and stands her upright, slamming an elbow across Pam's chest to pin her to the wall. Once more, Jessica's knee thunders into Pam's red and aching belly. Jessica takes a step back, then twists forward and drives her knee upward, crunching it into Pam's crotch.

A low, guttural groan trickles out of Pam's mouth. Jessica steps back and backhands Pam across the face, splitting her lip. Pam slides down the wall and drops on her butt, her back against the wall, her legs spread wide apart and her big boobs bouncing on her heaving chest. Jessica stands and stares at Pam for a good ten seconds, watching the saliva and blood dribble from her lower lip.

Jessica reaches down and grabs both of Pam's ankles. She drags the brunette away from the wall, hearing the back of her head hit the floor with a dull THUD. Jessica lifts Pam's legs, spreads them shoulder width apart and stomps down, grinding her heel into Pam's crotch. When she stops, she continues to hold Pam's legs apart and drops down to her left knee, driving her right knee into Pam's hurting pussy. Pam screams like banshee as her torso jerks upward, her hands flailing mindlessly toward her battered and abused pussy.

Jessica takes the time to survey the damage, then she kneels on both knees between Pam's spread legs. Jessica has a nasty smile on her lips as she looks down at the beaten, battered Black beauty before her.

Pam hears a voice somewhere deep inside. 'Fight back!' it screams.

Out of nowhere, Pam's right foot snaps up into the side of Jessica's chin. Jessica's head twists sharply to the left. Pam's foot flies back and up again, this time smashing flush under Jessica's chin. Jessica teeters and almost falls. She's badly rattled. As Jessica rocks forward. Pam's foot flies a third time, this time slamming full into her face and bludgeoning into her nose.

The big blondes bulky body crumbles. Pam, now resting on her elbows, wraps her legs around the blonde's neck and twists her hips, rolling Jessica onto the floor. Caught in a thick black steel vice, Jessica thrashes her legs wildly and digs her fingernails into Pam's meaty thighs. Pam curses at the pain, but her legs hold firm. Jessica bucks her hips as she kicks both legs out, trying desperately to use her arms to pry Pam's legs apart. In response, Pam reaches out with her left hand and grabs Jessica by the hair, securing her neck scissors.

"You ain't goin' nowhere, cunt," Pam hisses.

Pam waits for the cobwebs in her head to clear as she pours on the pressure with her scissors. Pam's leg strength is legendary, she's wrung the fight from many a foe and she's determined that this blonde bitch will be just one more notch on her belt.

Jessica struggles mightily to keep her neck from being crushed. She surrenders several tufts of blonde hair to her attempts to break free, but Pam's iron thighs are immovable. Becoming desperate, Jessica scratches Pam's legs until she finds the crook under Pam's left knee. Jessica digs her claws in hard and Pam screams as her legs snap open.

Jessica pulls her head free, but she's moving in slow motion now. Pam's left foot cracks into the blonde's face, sending Jessica sprawling on her back holding her spinning head. Pam gets to her feet, rubbing her leg as she approaches Jessica. Pam kicks the blonde in the belly, then kicks her belly again. This time Pam smiles as she hears all the air WHOOSH from Jessica's lungs. Pam kicks her in the chest and then hair-hauls the gasping, wheezing blonde to her feet.

Pam head-butts Jessica who spins around at the waist and then whirls back to face Pam. Pam uncorks a huge uppercut into Jessica's unprotected chin and, again, Jessica spins half way from the waist. Jessica gamely tries to stay upright but her bravado backfires as she inadvertently turns back toward Pam.

Pam's fist nails her again and this time Jessica's knees buckle as she pitches forward; her body crumbling into Pam's. As Jessica falls against and then slides down Pam's amazing chest, Jessica feebly clutches at Pam's boobs in a final attempt to keep her feet under her. Pam reaches down and hooks her fingers under Jessica's thong, using a handful of her luxuriant bush to yank her back up to her feeet.

"Arrrrrgghh!" Jessica screams as she instinctive grabs her aching crotch.

With one hand still clawing Jessica's pussy, Pam slams the palm of her free hand up under Jessica's chin. Pam spins the jolted blonde around and drives her fist deep into Jessica's now soft and yielding belly. Jessica's face goes pale as her knees buckle and she dips forward......right into another thundering uppercut that explodes on the point of the blonde's chin. For a moment, Jessica is shot bolt upright onto her toes. Pam clutches Jessica by the throat holding her up as she slams her back to the wall. With Jessica dazed and disoriented, Pam grins as she pounds her knee between Jessica's bowed thighs into her vulnerable crotch.

"Didn't learn your lesson upstairs did you, you stupid, jealous bitch? spits Pam, as she pounds her knee into the blonde's crotch again.

As Jessica's body starts to slip down the wall, Pam throws a series of elbows across her glazed-eyed foe's chest.

"You think you can catfight with me? Pam roars.

She steps back then slams her knee deep into the blonde's gut. Jessica straightens, then folds forward in slow motion. Pam cracks her knee up into the blonde's chin, sending the blonde sprawling onto the floor in a jumble of flailing arms and legs.

The surge of adrenaline passes and Pam stops for a moment, her body aching, needing a moment to catch her breath. Her whole body hurts. For a good thirty seconds, Pam watches Jessica writhe and thrash on the carpet, her hands wedged tight between her clenched thighs, her red faced mouth open wide sucking air into her deprived lungs. Then, slowly, Jessica starts to struggle to her feet, holding her belly and rubbing her sore throat. She snarls and curses as she staggers around to face Pam.

"I'll kill you, you bitch," she spits as she lunges at Pam.

Pam braces, stands her ground and turns her body to the side as she slips a headlock on the groggy, slow-moving blonde. Pam tightens her grip as she jerks Jessica's flushed head up and down in the crook of her strong arm.

"I've worked too hard and waited too long to let some lily white has-been get in my way now!" spits Pam as she rakes her fingernails across Jessica's eyes.

Pam begins to grind the knuckles of her left hand into Jessica's temple. Slowly, Jessica drops to her knees in big trouble. Pam steps around in front of Jessica and once more clamps her meaty thighs tightly on her neck. Reaching behind her with one hand, she buries her hand in Jessica's blonde hair to keep her head in place as she leans forward over Jessica's body and supports her self against the wall with her free hand.

"I'm going to crush your neck," Pam threatens.

The ebony action queen squeezes her thighs tight and smiles as she feels the blonde's body shudder. Jessica gasps, but she again claws at Pam's raw thighs, scraping her fingernails up and down. Pam curses and tries to capture the blonde's hands but she looses her balance and both women tumble to the rug. As she falls, the enraged blonde jerks her head free of Pam's thighs and rolls on top of her.

They roll over and over across the rug and the heavier Jessica manages to put Pam onto her back and starts to straddle her waist. But Pam quickly rakes Jessica's eyes and as Jessica's hands go to her blinded eyes, Pam jabs the blonde in the throat with a knife-edge hand. With Jessica gagging and gasping, Pam pushes her over and mounts her, trapping Jessica's soft legs in a grapevine. Pam has the leverage now and she seizes a finger on each of the blonde's hands and twists. Slowly, with every ounce of strength she can muster, Pam leans her whole body down on top of Jessica as she pins her foe flat to the floor. Pam grunts as her massive thigh and calf muscles strain as she ever so slowly forces Jessica's legs wider and wider as their sweaty bellies and pronounced pubic mounds slip and slide against the other's.

"Aaggghh!" Jessica gasps as she surges her shoulders and bucks her hips wildly in a frantic attempt to break free.

Pam works desperately to keep Jessica pinned. Eventually, Jessica untangles first one and then the other leg free of Pam's grapevine. Pam tries to hold her position, trying to break the blonde's fingers, but the stronger Jessica wins this struggle. Jessica rolls the heavily breathing and nearly exhausted Pam over onto her back and wriggles her way up until she's straddling the bulky brunette's tan waist. Jessica grasps both of Pam's wrists, establishing her schoolgirl pin as she slowly, inches her butt upward until she's bouncing heavily on Pam's over-sized chest.

With a heavy sigh, Jessica plants her knees firmly on top of each of Pam's arms and hisses, "I own your fat ass now, bitch," as she grinds her butt on Pam's chest.

Now it's Pam trying to buck Jessica off of her as she braces her feet on the floor, sets her thighs and thrusts her pelvis upward. Jessica is nearly unseated, but she holds on, squeezing her thighs on Pam's head as she bounces her own ample ass up and down hard on Pam's sore chest. Pam's body collapses under Jessica's weight, her body flattened to the rug. Jessica smiles as she leans back, twisting her shoulders around as she pounds her fist repeatedly into Pam's belly which she had softened up earlier with her knees.

The ebony beauty grunts as Jessica's fist dives deep into her battered abs, but suddenly, Pam bucks upward again and twists her body hard to the side. Jessica is almost toppled and as she struggles to maintain her seat, Pam pulls her left hand out from under Jessica's thigh. Pam's left fist snaps up and crashes against Jessica's jaw. Jessica is hurt, momentarily dazed, allowing Pam to grab her hair and yanking the blonde off as she bucks her wide hips and rolls the blonde over. Pam draws her knees up to her chest and kicks Jessica in the ribs, knocking her away.

As both women rise up to face the other on their knees, Jessica backhands Pam across the mouth rocking her back on her haunches. Pam spits out blood from her reopened wound, shakes it off and as she rocks back upright, she knits her fingers together and hammers Jessica across the left side of her face. Jessica sags back on her heels as Pam thunders an ax handle down onto Jessica's chest nearly forcing her shoulders to the floor.

With Jessica gasping and struggling back up to her knees, Pam shakily gets back to her feet. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair in a vicious twist, Pam hauls Jessica to her feet and before Jessica can strike, Pam pounds a fist to Jessica's left ear. Jessica's head snaps, she wobbles, ready to drop. Then Pam grabs the blonde under the chin with her left hand, measures her and explodes her right fist 'on the money.' Jessica's wide butt goes sprawling across the Persian carpet. Pam leans on the wall to steady herself, her massive chest heaving as she tries to take deep breathes. Jessica lies on her back on the rug, holding her spinning head in both hands. Determined, fighting her way out of the fog Pam's punch left her in, Jessica reaches up and, using one hand on the couch for support, slowly drags herself back to her feet.

Pam curses quietly as she watches, shaking her head in disbelief as the blonde approaches her again. What does it take to finish off this blonde witch? Nearly too tired to press her advantage, Pam lunges at the blonde. Jessica side steps, catches Pam in mid-air and uses her own momentum to throws Pam against the wall. Jessica dives forward, her shoulder slamming into Pam's gut, bringing a loud OOF! Jessica backs off and once more pounds a knee into Pam's crotch. Pam collapses to her knees clutching her aching groin. Approaching Pam from behind, a re-energized, vicious Jessica drops a knee across the back of Pam's neck and her big tan body quivers with the impact.

Jessica hair-hauls Pam up to her feet and, still clutching her hair, Jessica draws back her fist and brings it up under Pam's chin. Pam's legs turn rubbery and Jessica has to struggle just to hold her up as she pushes her face into Pam's and screams, "How do you like it, bitch?"

Jessica jerks the Gumby-legged Pam's head back and tags her again with another wicked shot to her chin. This time Pam's legs go completely slack, but as she starts to fall, Jessica pulls Pam into a headlock and drags her to the wall where she drives her headfirst into the sheet rock. Jessica pulls the stunned brunette back and, smiling, watches as Pam sits backward and sprawls helplessly on her back on the rug.

Triumphant at last, Jessica's biceps bulge as she grabs Pam by the hair and jerks the dazed black woman to her feet. Jessica twists Pam's arm, slamming her free hand into Pam's elbow as she stretches her arm out, bending it and forcing the big ebony-tressed queen up on her toes in pain.

"Time to pay the piper, bitch," hisses Jessica.

She grabs Pam's fingers and bends her wrist back, then deftly unloads six kicks to the grimly grunting girl's gut. Expertly, Jessica turns her wristlock into a hammerlock, shoving Pam's arm way, way up her back. Jessica adds to Pam's discomfort by pulling up on the back of Pam's thong, jerking it and wedgie-ing Pam's thong as she lifts Pam to her toes while maintaining the punishing hammerlock.

Pam screams as Jessica bounces her, tugging and jerking her thong, making it dig deep into her tenderist spot. Jessica lifts Pam higher still, then runs her forward. Pam splats chest first against the wall and topples over backward....she hits the floor with a THUD and lays spread-eagled and helpless on the floor. Pam's had enough!

Still, the irate Jessica refuses to stop. She's not going to give the wicked Pam any respite. Jessica stomps Pam's belly, then straddling Pam's waist, Jessica grabs her hair and THUMPS her head again and again on the thick Persian carpet.

"You're finished, you old black hag. Time to retire," Jessica hisses as she sits back and runs her fingers through her wet, matted hair, pushing it back out of her eyes and taking a deep breath.

Jessica's triumphant taunting is suddenly cut short, however, when Pam's hands reach up and her nails again dig into both sides of Jessica's face. Cursing, Jessica clutches Pam's wrists and pulls her hands down. But the brief distraction has nearly succeeded as Pam's body bucks and twists, nearly unseating the blonde. Jessica barely manages to hold her seat although Pam does manage to roll over onto her belly. Still, the dangerous blonde is still straddling her waist but now is seated on Pam's back.

Pam braces her feet, plants her palms on the floor and slowly powers herself up to her hands and knees. Jessica's eyes widen in awe as she grabs two handfuls of Pam's hair, holds on, her thighs clamped tight to Pam's waist.

Jessica throws her weight to the right, rolling onto her side as her legs pull Pam over with her. Pam reaches back, trying to clutch something, but Jessica releases her hair and traps Pam's flailing arms in a full nelson while she retains the scissors hold around her belly. Jessica tightens her double vice and smiles as Pam moans aloud in frustration and desperation.

Pam struggles wildly for several seconds, but after a long and difficult fight she's quickly spent and finally overpowered. Jessica feels Pam's body slacken but she continues to crush her victim for another thirty seconds or more. Jessica only releases Pam when her arms and legs begin to cramp from the continual unrelenting exertion.

After Pam goes limp, Jessica finally releases her and pushes her away. Both women lay panting on the rug, only a few feet apart. Jessica glares at her prone foe. Resting just a moment longer, Jessica slowly gets to one knee and then, with a heavy groan, pushes herself to her feet. The blonde looks around for the torn contract, picks it up and approaches Pam. She kicks her in the ribs to roll her over, then bends down and hauls her o her feet.

Jessica shoves Pam's back up against the wall and twists her left hand in Pam's hair, then raps the back of Pam's head on the wall. Each time, Pam moans. Twice Jessica slams her right elbow into Pam's bulging boobs as Pam's eyes widen at the shocking jolt of pain. Cursing, Pam retaliates with a punch to Jessica's soft gut that brings a soft OOF from the blonde.

More startled than hurt by Pam's punch, Jessica spins back and turns into a punch of her own as her fist sizzles into Pam's left tit and flattens the giant orb on her chest. Jessica pulls Pam off the wall and quickly puts her in a reverse headlock. From that position, Jessica heaps abuse on Pam's boobs as the black beauty burbles in pain.

Finally, Jessica turns Pam around and hammers another punch to the brown beauty's chin. Pam crumbles to the carpet, once more ending up sprawled spread-eagled on floor. Jessica stands, hands on hips, watching Pam's body spasm and thrash in a pain induced fog.

"You're finished! Retire! You're a has-been who never was!" taunts Jessica as she kicks Pam in the ass.

"Fuck you!" Pam spits, looking up from her very undignified position.

"You dumb-ass slut," Jessica jeers as she steps forward, grabs Pam by the hair and pulls her to her feet.

Jessica holds the black woman upright against the wall as she glares at her. Then Jessica's eyes widen and her mouth opens in a silent cry as Pam's knee suddenly shoots up and catches her in the crotch. Pam slams her elbow across Jessica's chest.

"You talk too much, you stupid bitch," Pam spits, as she jams both thumbs into Jessica's neck. "You watch too many movies where the bad girl always has to stop and run her mouth before she finishes off the heroine. She always regrets it!"

As Jessica gags violently, Pam locks her hands around Jessica's throat, swings her around, jacks her up against the wall. As Jaessica claws at the hands around her throat, Pam drives her knee repeatedly into Jessica's belly, knocking both the wind and the fight out of her. Looking around, Pam sees against the far wall, a table with a large ceramic vase of flowers. Shetakes hold of Jessica's hair, drags her to the table, picks up the vase by the neck and shatters it over Jessica's head.

Jessica is thoroughly, thoroughly dazed. As Jessica's knees buckle, Pam heaves her up against the wall and uses her body like a heavy workout bag. The very tired but still dangerous brunette works Jessica's belly and boobs like a consummate pro for more nearly a minute. When Pam finally stops hitting her, Jessica can't even draw a breath. She's turning into a glazed donut.

Huffing and puffing, Pam taunts her, "Are YOU having fun now, bitch? You think you can play a part written for ME?"

Pam dips her knees and turns her shoulders as she drops her fist and then slams it straight up between Jessica's wobbly legs into her wide open crotch. Jessica gasps as her battered body slumps over in agony. Pam catches Jessica her around her thick waist and pulls her redfaced head between her massive thighs. Jessica moans as Pam squeezes her thighs, crushing her neck and shutting down the blood flow to her already pain-numb brain. Pam's whole body feels fatigued; she knows she must end this fight soon. Pam leans heavily over Jessica's back as she wraps her arms around her waist and bearhugs her hard from the back as Jessica's knees begin to fold.

"No, let's go for a ride first," hisses Pam as she attempts to lift Jessica.

But Pam can't budge the big blonde, she's too tired. Jessica feebly raises her hands and digs her fingernails into the brunette's ample ass. Pam growls. Determined, she grunts and, with a mighty effort, Pam hoists Jessica upside down. Staggering back a few steps, Pam drops to her knees and drives the blonde face first into the rug.

Pam grimly struggles to get back to her feet as Jessica starts to push herself off the mat. Pam slams her foot into Jessica's ribs and the well-battered blonde babe gurgles as she crumbles to the floor and rolls onto her back holding her ribs. Pam quickly straddles her and drops her big butt on Jessica's heaving belly. The air whooshes out of Jessica's body as her legs jerk spasmodically in the air and then flop limp and splayed apart to the floor.

Grinning proudly, Pam rips open Jessica's red lace bra and goes to work! Her hard, black fists rise above her head and then pound down, flattening Jessica's modest pale boobs. Each blow lands with a resounding 'THUD!' and is followed almost instantly by a high-pitched shriek. Finally, Pam stops punching and gets off of Jessica. She rolls the blonde onto her back, straddles her body and pulls Jessica's no longer resisting arms back, crossing her wrists at the small of her back. Pam picks up Jessica's discarded red bra from the carpet and uses it to securely bind Jessica's hands behind her. Then taking Jessica by both ears like a misbehaving child, Pam stands and pulls the squealing Jessica up off the floor.

Looking her beaten foe in the eyes, Pam taunts, "Had enough, fool? I think I'll celebrate my new contract tonight. You can go visit the unemployment office," Pam taunts.

Jessica opens her mouth to reply, but before she can utter a sound, Pam shoves the blonde backward, sending her body crashing to the rug on her back, again knocking the breath out of her. Pam drops on Jessica's waist and slides up, planting her wide butt on Jessica's chest. Pam twists her fingers tighter into the blonde's hair.

"You know, bitch? My pussy hurts too much to get laid tonight. Your nasty wedgie ruined my celebration plans. So I guess you'll have to put your tongue to work. What do you think?" Pam leers as she slides forward and plants her muff on Jessica's face before the blonde can say a word in protest.

Pam reaches back with her left hand, grabs Jessica's thong and jerks it up and forward. As the rough material cuts between her labia and slides into her beaten and battered pussy, Jessica screams in pain. At the same time, Pam grabs Jessica's hair and pulls the blonde's face up, burying Jessica's face in her wiry bush.

"Get that tongue moving girl, 'cause you really don't want to make me mad now!" Pam snarls.

The next afternoon in the producer's office, Pam was wearing a new suit and a big, broad grin as her press agent announced that she'd just signed a three-movie deal with the studio. Earlier that same morning, Jessica Lange had limped out of town to go spend a few weeks at a spa to heal and plot revenge.