Pam Grier (55 y/o, 5'8", 38D-22-36) vs. Jessica Lange (55 y/o, 5'8 1/2", 36C-24 1/2-35) by K&G w/boxing sequences adapted from original work by the legendary simguy!

After beating Traci Lords, Sunny McKay starts to walk away but when she hears Jessica applauding she whirls around, glaring angrily to see who it is cheering for her now that the fight’s over while nobody said a word when Traci was reaming her out but good! But the sudden spin makes Sunny dizzy after her ordeal and she stumbles and almost falls. She's suddenly aware that she's not only exhausted but that her entire body aches. As she’s trying to regain her balance, PJ Sparxx, Zara Whites and Silvia Saint elbow Sunny aside in their rush to help their KO’d friend Traci! Sunny, still enraged from the fight, instinctively grabs a fistful of Silvia’s hair and she lets out a yelp as she’s swung around. Silvia tries to pull Sunny's hand from her hair but Sunny, while holding Silvia at arms length, punches PJ in the nose with her free hand when she tries to help Silvia! PJ drops to her knees holding her bleeding nose while Zara quickly backs off - looking to Jeanne Pepper for help.

Sunny flings Silvia aside, then turns to get at Zara, but as soon as she turns her back, Jeanne Pepper jumps in, grabs her and puts Sunny in a full nelson. Silvia and Zara help PJ up, then all three pull Traci’s body out of the trash can, dropping her quickly when they get a whiff of the malodorous perfume wafting off her torso. Traci accordions in a heap, slumping against the trash can as the three women back off, watching and waiting for Jeanne to get the struggling blonde under control before they move in to deal with Sunny.

It’s at that moment that Pam Grier yells, "AWRIGHT, CUT DAMMIT!" She comes over, pausing to look down into the trash can, shaking her head as her nose crinkles. Then she walks over to PJ and lifts her chin, checking her nose. “It ain’t broke, thank goodness. But the good news is at least you can’t smell the stank comin’ offa Traci’s sorry ass!”

While Pam is distracted, Silvia breaks away from the group and goes up to Sunny who’s squirming in Jeanne’s full nelson, draws back her fist and drives it into Sunny's belly! Sunny's knees jerk up as the Euro-trash porn bimbo’s fist sinks deep into her relaxed belly. Although Sunny is too winded to make a sound, Jeanne lets out a grunt when Sunny's butt is slammed back into hers. Silvia winds up and punches Sunny again, totally knocking the wind out of the no-longer-struggling blonde! And with Jeanne still holding Sunny firmly in her full nelson, Silvia has Sunny at her mercy as she starts punching and slapping while the others stand and watch, unsure what to do but eager to get their hands on Sunny to do SOMETHING!! As Silvia draws back to punch Sunny again, just as she’s about to unload on the trapped porn star, her arm is grabbed by Jessica Lange who almost rips it out of its socket when she wrenches Silvia around to face her.

"That's enough Pam!" Jessica screams at her domme-lover, the movie's director. "You've got your fight footage and Sunny won fight fair and square. This 3 or 4 against one is bullshit and you know it!" Turning to Jeanne Pepper, Jessica points at Sunny's naked body in her arms and hisses, "Let her go Pepper... or I'll make you!"

Jeanne smiles, but looks to Pam with a questioning expression for instructions before responding. Pam nods and Jeanne shrugs, then opens her arms and lets Sunny flop on her ass at Jessica’s feet. Sunny curls up gasping, holding her throbbing belly which is bright red from Silvia’s fists. Silvia draws back her leg to kick Sunny but Jessica shoves her away and steps between Silvia, PJ, Zara and Pam who form a loose semi-circle in front of her, leaving Sunny curled up, arms around Jessica’s ankles, hugging her for protection. Jeanne Pepper is behind Jessica glaring at her like she’s ready to take the white movie star down if only Pam gives her permission!

It looked like Pam's girlfriend had gotten herself in a dangerous predicament, but then Pam finally spoke up to diffuse the tension, "OK girls, that's a wrap for today. Thank you for your hard work. Everybody get changed and get out of here, I need to talk to Jess alone."

“But…” Silvia protested, then quickly shut her mouth when she saw Pam glowering her ‘Don’t give me any shit’ glower.

After the others had left the set, Pam tells Jessica that, despite their earlier agreement, she’s decided that despite Sunny having won the fight with Traci, she is NOT getting the lead in Pam's film. In fact, Pam informs her dump-struck lover, “Sunny isn't going to be in my film AT ALL!” Pam explains, trying to calm Jessica who is irate at this betrayal, "You saw her in the fight; that crazy bitch was out of control! She wouldn't - or couldn't - take direction. Even when I called 'cut' she kept fighting! She attacked Silvia, bloodied poor PJ's nose and would’ve likely hurt Zara too if Jeanne hadn't jumped in to stop her. The psycho bitch was trouble at the PSFC too, that's why they kicked her out of their 'Queenship' and made her their slave. Hell, even now she can’t follow orders mind you!"

When Jessica tried to protest the unfairness, Pam waved her hand and went on, "All five of those girls came to me and 'begged' me not to include McKay. What'm I gonna do; keep HER and let THEM all walk? What the hell kinda picture would we have then? And if your precious Ms. Charlize 'Ms Golden Tongue' Theron has a problem with me kicking her bitch’s tight ass off the set, send her to me! I'll straighten that cunt out real fast too!"

Still, Jessica still refuses to back down from her dominant lover. After all, they'd made a bet and Pam was welshing - not only on their bet (costing Jessica her precious $1000 and STILL not giving Sunny the part she’d promised Charlize!) But what worried Jessica even more was it put her 'relationship' with Theron at risk! She grew more and more angry until, finally, she snapped!

"You think having someone fight and then not keep your word is fun, eh?” Jessica stormed. “Well, OK Miss High and Mighty Director-Bitch, let's you and me put on the gloves and get in the ring. If you win, Sunny's out; but if I win she stays!”

Pam stroked her chin as she considered for a moment, then grinning nodded, "Agreed, but with one condition! If I win…you pay double on our bet!" Jessica growled angrily, but nodded her agreement; doubling the bet. “Then c'mon,” Pam chuckled. “Let's get down to the ring so I can kick your ass!"

They agree to fight topless and strip down to panties; Jessica in the white thong that’s part of her costume for the film and Pam in red boy-cut panties. Pam sets an electronic timer to ‘5’ which means each ‘round’ will be five minutes or until someone is knocked down. Then after a one minute rest period, they’ll resume fighting until one is either knocked out, is unable to or doesn’t want to continue! Pam’s fought dozens of these kinds of ‘boxing matches’ with other dommes and she’s put Jessica in against other subs as well. The difference is that Jessica is much bigger than most of the subs she’s faced but in Pam she’s not only facing a woman her own size, but one has dominated her which gives Pam a huge psychological edge.

Pam's strategy is obvious from the get-go as she walks straight up to Jessica and goes forehead to forehead with the big blonde. Grier wrestles and pushes Jessica back into the ropes, then a patient give and take results at minimum distance. Trying to conserve energy, Pam leans on Lange, bullying the sturdy blonde into the gentle curve of the yielding ropes, then ripping single shots to her curvy gut or jutting jaw! Lange responds in kind, keeping her forehead on Pam's, turning her shoulders into very short punches. Grier doesn't take a backward step as she continues to body up, leaning in and punching only intermittently. As expected, Grier dominates much of the time as Lange goes into a shell, soaking up her mistresses heavy-handed blows, keeping her gloves at her face and giving away the body. But with Pam dishing out a beating, Jessica shocks the big brunette, giving a little bounce off the ropes to slip a Grier hook, then coming back with her own short hook to put a dip in Pam's knees! Lange's quick follow-up left uppercut bangs Pam's head back, catching her flush and dropping Pam on her butt with a startled expression! As Jessica turns her back and walks slowly to a neutral corner, Grier gets back to her feet, unhurt.

At the bell, the two women resume bludgeoning one another and Pam continues to get into Lange's face, but the blonde really seems to relish the infighting. Toe-to-toe she stands, trading short punches - all shoulder - as both women seem intent on grinding the other down. Grier crossing her arms, moving her head a little better, gets to Jessica's chest and it's a different chest! In close this time, there’s no question Grier is the dominant force, grinding away shoulder to shoulder with Lange, beating the blonde backward step-by-step in steady trading! Pam is putting it to Lange as Jessica falters to the ropes and starts to get cudgeled, Grier using her head rough against Lange’s face, hammering away to either flank--constant punishment proves too much and LANGE HAS TO TAKE A KNEE to gather her wits.

After the obligatory break, Grier mounts back up and immediately she bulls Jessica into the ropes and continues to sledgehammer away at blonde arms, belly, ribs and jaw. Pam slamming away with overhand lefts and rights hems Jessica into her corner and proceeds to bash away at the helpless blonde and LANGE SWOONS TO THE CANVAS! Jessica simply overwhelmed, out on her face SOMEHOW beats the count despite being out for a few seconds. Sheepishly, Jessica stumbles as she staggers back to her corner, takes a drink and rolls her shoulders trying to ease the ache in her body.

Pam releasing the hounds, swinging wildly, massive jugs bouncing and bulging out under her arms as she recklessly pumps away. Lange all covered up, cringing from one set of ropes to the other, turning her side to Pam and soaking it up! Lange showing renewed respect for her domme, unwilling to risk any more extended engagements, stays outside, fending Pam off with a heavy jab, clinching shamelessly whenever Grier gets past it- Lange able to avoid more damage until she misses a right hand and her fatigue doesn't allow her to recover in time! Grier finds the sweet spot on the right side with a bashing left hook and Lange's legs are suddenly paralyzed and Pam gets back to the kind of fight she wants; toe to toe slugging! Lange just trying to stand her ground and slug; back and forth, merciless, crude punching at point blank range. Grier slowly forces Lange’s back into the ropes, then gets big and beefy to the body, bludgeoning her arms. Lange's execution starts to drift and Grier is able to come up out of her crouch and clap her across the teeth with a wide hook, getting inside the blonde's defense and backing Jessica up once again. Fight wanders to the ropes -girls set up in a ready position of sorts: Pam with her head in Jessica's chest, her hands grabbing onto Jessica's hips; Lange leaning back on the ropes, hands cupping Pam's ears, controlling the big woman's head. Grier swatting and cuffing Jessica's belly mound, the pale flesh rolling and rippling under the cudgeling power of the big, strong black woman as the flesh takes on a bright red hue. Pam tries to come off it with deadly wide clubs up top but Lange's blocking and riding it out; giving up her body to survive on the ropes - but the ugly action favors aggressive Pam. The bell rings and both women heave an exhausted sigh as they return to their corners for a much-deserved and badly needed break.

Lange immediately to the ropes once more and the women assume the same ready position with Pam heavy on top. Grier nice and relaxed, just touching Lange in the stomach, keeping her head on the blonde's chest, reefing hard to the ribs or head with either hand. Lange defending everything upstairs, but getting worked over in the torso, Jessica's flushed - Pam softening her girl up with methodical body work. The girls adopt the ready position - Lange riding out the fight on the ropes, Grier controlling Lange’s hips and chest, racking up her lovers rack. Lange doing a little counter-punching now, she'll dip her left shoulder and shove a little uppercut into Pam's mammoth breasts, then resume her clasp on the big woman's ears. Grier just keeps her position, moves her shoulders and hands, occasionally loading up to take a little extra out of Jessica’s jugs and they’re always there for her! Lange starting to break down--she's clinching up head and right arm on Grier, putting her own head in close to Pam's as Grier bulls her on the ropes, Jessica not punching enough to win-just trying to survive. Pam not setting punch-stat records, but she's fighting through the swamp to get at Lange’s sweet meat. Grier struggles to unsheathe her right arms from Lange's grip, then plunging it back in over the blonde's heart with fantastic results. Jessica's sobbing aloud, falling in immediately to clinch…Pam gets underneath and hurls her back into the ropes, ragdolling Lange as she pummels away at her body to the bell. Lange barely able to walk back to her corner, just shakes her head when Pam asks if she’s had enough!

Pam coming forward, arms crossed, beating Jessica about the arms and chest as the blonde retreats to the ropes and looks to dig in. Grier pressing in to the chest, but she's busier this round, taking bludgeoning hacks at Lange's biceps to beat down the defense. Jessica grimacing, hurt by everything that's touching her and Grier's finally getting through to the blonde's tousled head. Pam working Marciano-like in front of Jessica - rotating her torso, pulling slobber-knocking lefts and rights out of the crouch, bashing away to the shoulders and head as Lange catches clean and a booming left on the chin leaves Jessica staring blankly. Pam shifting her hips, bends into a crashing overhand right to the face that rocks Lange's head backward over the top rope before the ropes pitch her forward in a heap at Pam’s feet.

Jessica struggling to all fours, trying to get up, one hand pawing weakly at the ropes as Pam steps up and nudges her in the shoulder with her knee, rolling the dazed blonde onto her back. Then Pam straddles Jessica, pinning her limp arms under her knees, gently slapping Jessica’s face to bring her back to full consciousness. When Jessica opens her eyes, Pam begins to taunt her about how much fun she’s going to have spending Jessica’s precious $1000 on Traci after she fires Sunny; “Maybe I’ll even let Traci share my bed while we’re working on the picture together!” Pam chuckles, further wounding Jessica’s pride as she leans down and starts to smother Jessica out with her huge breasts!

Just then, Sunny McKay comes charging out of the back, having returned just in time to overhear Pam gloating about kicking her out of the picture in favor of Traci - despite their agreement. Sunny leaps on Pam’s back, knocking her over Jessica’s head and ramming her face into the mat! Pam is stunned, nearly knocked out by the impact and she sprawls limp on Jessica as Sunny gets up and begins stomping and kicking her until Jessica pushes Pam’s body off of her and struggles to her feet!

Jessica pulls Sunny off of Pam and pushes her back into the corner, then turns back just as Pam gets to one knee. The irate blonde steps up and puts everything she has left in to a huge right hook that catches ALL of Pam’s unprotected jaw! Pam’s body is knocked backward, her folded legs shooting upward as she crashes to the canvas on her back, then splays spread-eagled out cold!

“Count!” Jessica mumbles to Sunny, pointing down at Pam’s body.

Grinning like your proverbial Cheshire cat, Sunny bounds out and starts to count rapidly over Pam’s prostrate figure. But as she reaches “seven” Sunny realizes Pam hasn’t moved and there’s no danger of her waking up, so she stops and draws out the count, pausing dramatically between “seven” and “eight” then again before “nine” and finally a long, drawn out pause before she finally intones “ten” and raises Jessica’s arm in a needless gesture as there’s no one to see it.

Sunny scrambles around looking for Traci’s dildo while Jessica kneels and lifts her lover-dommes head into her lap, carefully stroking Pam’s cheek as she murmurs and whispers to her, coaxing the black domme back to semi-consciousness, then carefully helping Pam to her feet and leading her back to her corner where Pam slumps on her stool, leaning back against the corner post still only vaguely aware of what had happened. By the time Jessica turns around, Sunny is back standing in the middle of the ring with Traci’s strap-on around her waist, her fists clenched in anger.

“Get that black bitch down on her hands and knees,” Sunny growls. “I’m gonna tap her fat ass just like she let Traci do me!”

“The hell you are!” Jessica screamed, stepping out confront Sunny, positioning herself between the angry blonde porn star and her still-woozy domme-lover. “Take that damn thing off and get the hell out of here before I change my mind! I fought her for YOU, you stupid bimbo. Don’t fuck it up and make me regret standing up for you!”

But Sunny was, as happened so often with her, too mad to think straight and she shoved Jessica aside trying to get at Pam who looked up at her with a mixture of fear and dismay. But before Sunny could even lay a finger on Pam, Jessica grabbed her by the shoulder, spun her around and knocked her down with a heavy-handed slap. Sunny dropped on her butt, her bare breasts jiggling, then she looked up at Jessica wide-eyed as she rubbed her reddening cheek.

“You’re gonna regret that, bitch!” Sunny hissed as she got up and climbed out of the ring, pausing only long enough to unbuckle the strap-on and throw it back into the ring. “I hope she uses THAT THING on you; you ungrateful cunt! You’d still be flat on your fat ass if I hadn’t come back to save you. AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET!!???”

After Sunny stormed out still spewing obscenities at, and about, Jessica, Pam, Traci and the rest of the cast, Jessica helped Pam to her feet, holding her with one arm around her waist as she helped her toward the locker room where she’d wash Pam’s lush body from head to toe before dressing her Mistress.

With their proper relationship re-established, Pam could once more grin as she told Jessica, “I told you that dizzy blonde was unstable. Why do you think they keep her on such a short leash at the club. Now I hope I’ve heard the last of this silliness about using her in my picture. It’s going to be Traci, you understand? Or do I have to drag you back into the ring and beat some more sense into you….slave?”

“No ma’am,” Jessica murmured, lowering her eyes to the floor. “Y…you were right about her; I’m sorry I doubted you.”

Pam patted Jessica’s cheek and told her, “That’s better. And just to show there’s no hard feelings, keep your money.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Jessica said, a tiny smile at the corners of her lips.

“Yeah, I don’t really need money,” Pam sighed. “Traci’s all I’ll need to make me happy while I’m directing this damn picture. Ya better keep that in mind the next time you question one of my decisions. Remember, there’s always another pliable blonde right around the corner whose eager and willing to replace you in my bed!”

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica pouted. “I know….”

THE VOTE: Jessica Lange (87); Pam Grier (86)