Pam Grier vs. Petra Verkaik (from Seve's Catfight Message Board July7-25-98)

Pam Grier stands at ringside in a revealing white bikini. Older than her foe, Pam's body is thick and well defined, showing off years of constant exercise. Petra enters the ring in a thong bikini and cut-off tea shirt that can hardly contain her boobs. A inch shorter than Pam, Petra lacks Pam's mass, her thighs look thin in comparison, but still, Petra has as mean, hard look. Pam stretches out her magnificent legs and arms. The crowd can't help but notice her size and conditioning. Verkaik, unfazed, simply rips off her shirt, revealing her big, unfettered boobs, and immediately gets the crowd's undivided attention. Untying her own bikini top, Pam shakes her beautiful brown globes. "Those fake tits won't do you much good in this fight, sugar," coos a confident Grier.

As the match starts, the two women walk forward and straight into each other. Verkaik's huge tits mash into Grier's more modest bosom, but the tough actress uses her hands to shove Petra away. Verkaik will not back off, she presses her tits forward into Pam's. Grier scoops her up and body slams her to the mat. Verkaik lands hard, but breaks the fall with her feet. Quickly, Petra is up again and in Pam's face. Twice more the dance is repeated. Scooping Petra up for a third time, Pam holds her at shoulder height for a few seconds and drives forward, executing a mat shaking power slam. As Petra's body bounces on the mat, Pam is confident that she can easily overpower this big boobed bitch. As Petra slowly rises to one knee, Pam grabs her hair and arm, yanks her to her feet, spins her around the ring and throws the lighter woman into the ropes. Petra rebounds into Pam's huge knee lift that catches her in the belly, knocking Petra back to the mat. As Pam moves in, Petra is on knees. Grier steps behind her foe, grabs her by the hair and yanks Petra's head backward. Pam wraps her big thighs in a vice around Petra's neck. Arched backwards on her knees, Verkaik's big boobs are easy targets. Pam's free hand pounds away on Petra's tits.

In trouble, Verkaik reaches backward and digs her fingernails into the back of Pam's thighs. Grier crys out, grabs Petra's tits, and digs her own nails into the soft flesh. Petra's hands move up Pam's legs. Grier screams wildly as Petra sinks her nails into her ass cheeks. Grier slams one last punch into Petra's tits and then steps away from Petra, kicking her in the back of the head. Pam waits for Petra to get to her feet. As the angry Verkaik rushes at her, Pam coolly catches her in a reverse head lock. Pam slams her fist into Petra's belly repeatedly and finally throws the playmate face first to the mat.

Grier quickly straddles her foe. Petra tries to roll out, but Pam succeeds in straddling her belly. Grier slams her big ass up and down on Verkaik's gut. Petra struggles to unseat Grier, but Pam seizes her arms, overpowers her foe and pins Petra's arms to the mat. Verkaik stops her struggle for a moment. Looking up, the gloat in Grier's eyes infuriates her. Verkaik bucks her hips for all she is worth and succeeds in unseating Pam. Both woman scramble to their feet.

Pam holds out her hands, challenging Petra to test her strength. Surprisingly, Petra is willing to oblige. They lock the fingers of the right hand together, and Pam immediately twists Petra's hand outward and down. Verkaik winces but holds her ground. The women lock their left hands as well. Grier is simply stronger, her fingers are crushing Petra's hand. Verkaik slams her huge chest into Pam's, trying to turn the tide. She succeeds in pushing Pam off balance. Pam sets her legs wide, to regain her footing. Petra sees her opening and slams a huge kick into Pam's crotch. As Pam howls, Verkaik jams two fingers into Pam's eyes, leaving Pam blind and disoriented. Without hesitating, Petra chops Grier in the throat and then twists Pam's right arm behind her back. With two hands, she pulls the up on the twisted arm with all of her weight, nearly breaking the captured limb. In trouble, Pam spreads her legs wide, intending to drop down to escape the hammer lock, but as she spreads her legs, Petra jams her thumb into Pam's throat and then quickly rams her left hand between Pam's thighs.

Verkaik's fingers work under the gasping Pam's bikini and dig into her pussy. Cool, intent on humiliating her foe before she destroys her, Verkaik expertly claws her hand into Pam's soft spot. Grier, immobilized by the pain, is screaming . Petra leans her head close to Pam for a moment. "If you try to move, I'll rip you apart," hisses Verkaik. For more than a minute, Verkaik tortures her foe, forcing her arm to the breaking point while mauling her crotch. Finally, Pam has the presence of mind to pull her legs together and squeeze her thighs shut, trapping Verkaik's hand and alleviating some of the pressure that Verkaik can apply. But Petra ratchets up the pressure on Pam's twisted arm, lifting the taller woman up on to her toes. Verkaik renews her pussy assault, digs the finger nails of her left hand into Pam's pussy and claws wickedly. Grier is crying and screaming.

Petra moves her right foot in front of Pam, pushes forward, tripping her down to the mat. Verkaik straddles Grier's back, shoving hard on hammer lock. Securing the hold in an agonizing position, Petra reaches forward with her free hand and again rakes her fingers across Pam's eyes, then slams a fist into side of Pam's face. Grier tries to power up to her knees, but the pressure Verkaik applies to her twisted arm is too great. Petra's left hand reaches backward, between Pam's legs. On the attack again, Petra claws away at older woman's pussy. After another minute or so of torture, Verkaik pulls her hand from Pam's crotch. Again, she jabs her fingers into Pam's eyes. As Pam's head comes off the mat in pain, Verkaik grabs Grier's hair close to her scalp and drives her face down into the mat. Verkaik quickly releases the hammer lock, extends Pam's arm out straight on the mat. As Pam's body heaves a sigh of momentary relief, Verkaik slams both of her knees into Pam's extended arm.

With great speed, Petra scrambles to her feet and again drives her knees down into the badly injured arm. Verkaik springs to her feet. This time, she slams her knee into the back of Pam's neck. The force of the blow drives Pam's face directly into the mat. Blood flows from her nose. Pam looks glassy-eyed and unaware of her surroundings. Verkaik is back on her feet. She leaps high into the air and lands with both knees in the small of Pam's back. Verkaik steps over Pam. She grabs the dazed woman's left leg, pulling it back and trapping Pam in a half-crab. Though Pam is dazed, the strength of her legs is considerable. It takes Petra some time to secure the big woman's leg in her armpit. But Verkaik's youth and conditioning work in her favor as Pam is nearly spent from the torture Petra has inflicted on her. Soon Pam's back feels the pressure of the crab hold as Verkaik bears down with all of her weight. Pam tries desperately to clear her head. Can she muster the strength to power out of the crab?

A flash of pain shoots through her body. Petra's fist is hammering away on Pam's crotch. Verkaik stops the beating just long enough to rake her finger nails along the flesh of Pam's inner thigh, raising angry looking welts. With an enormous effort, Pam tries to rally and straighten her leg, but Verkaik digs her fingers into Grier's badly mauled pussy and stops her struggle. Verkaik finally stops long enough to twist on Pam's leg, flipping her onto her back. Petra leans into the capture leg, extending it forward while twisting hard on Pam's foot. Pam is screaming and crying as the finger nails of Verkaik's free hand are digging and scratching the inside of her thigh. Verkaik twists the captured foot outward, steps forward and stomps away on Pam's crotch. Grinding her heel hard into Pam's pussy, Verkaik finally twists Pam onto her back and lets go of Pam's leg.

Verkaik once more drives her knees into Pam's back, stands quickly and slams her knee down on the back of Grier's neck. Pam's body shutters. Kneeling beside her miserable foe, Verkaik leans close and taunts "it's almost over, then you can go back into retirement." Back to business, Petra straddle's Pam's back. With one hand under her chin and one in her hair, Petra pulls up on Pam's neck. For a few moments, Verkaik concentrates on the camel clutch, feeling Pam's back bend further and further. Verkaik slips her hand from Pam's chin, pulls back hard on her hair. Petra's fist slams into the side of Pam's face repeatedly. Blood streams again from Pam's nose, her lips are swelling from the pounding.

Petra suddenly stops, remembering Pam's smart mouth comment about her prized tits at the start of the fight. Verkaik hair-hauls Grier to her feet, holding her bent forward, and drives her knee into Pam's face. Pam crashes to the mat. Verkaik straddles her foe, rolls to her side and wraps her thighs around Pam's waist. As she scissors the breath out of Grier, Verkaik forces her foe's battered face into her huge boobs, smothering her. In a few moments struggle, Pam is out of it. Verkaik decides to make a statement, having beaten the legendary catfighter. Releasing her scissors hold, Petra squats down of Pam's face, slams a series of ax handles into Grier's belly and then goes to town on Pam's beautiful brown tits. After a full two minutes of twisting, pounding and mauling, Verkaik stands up, shakes her boobs for the audience and raises her arms in victory.