Victoria Pratt vs. Carol Grow by Interac 4/24/01

The E! Search Party show was competing against the cast of Cleopatra 2525. The contests went completely even and everyone was having fun. Victoria Pratt was fraternizing with the Search Party co-host Scott Lasky and Carol Grow was getting a little upset that he was getting so chummy with her. Carol had the same fitness background as Victoria and either could body double for the other if needed.

Carol got on screen to announce the final event, a wheel barrow race where you had to push your barrow to a pylon, around it, then back to the start line. She said they'd draw the names of the people they'd have to carry in the wheelbarrow. Her opponent, Jennifer Sky who plays Cleopatra, picked first and drew her costar Gina Torres. Carol picked a name, looked at it and screamed - it was Victoria Pratt!

The four did some trash talking as they went to their starting marks. Then the gun went off and the race was underway. Carol and Victoria were ahead at the turn when all of a sudden Carol's wheelbarrow tripped over. Victoria tumbled out and Carol tripped and fell on top of her. With them in a heap on the ground, Jennifer and Gina rolled to the finish line for an easy win.

Victoria slammed her fist on the ground and muttered, "Damn, we lost!"

Carol grabbed Victoria's shoulder and said, "And if I see you kissing up to Scott again, you'll lose your looks too." Then, "Got it, hon?" she hissed as she pressed her fist into Victoria ribs.

Carol climbed off of Victoria and started to rejoin the party. Victoria, a little shocked, sat there a moment, then got up and went after Carol until Gina stopped her.

Gina asked, "What was that about? Did she say something to you?"

Victoria nodded. "It's nothing. I think she just challenged me to a fight."

"Yeah?" Gina said, her eyes getting wide. "Whatta ya gonna do about it? You better be careful, she looks a lot tougher than Renee and she's just as active working her body as you are."

Victoria snorted. "Well, that don't mean nothing. Look, she's over in her trailer. Get everyone around there and if I'm not out in five minutes, you'll know there's a fight."

She walked right into Carol's trailer where she was looking at a picture of her co-host Scott Lasky

Victoria opened the door and started to say, "Hey what the Hell is your....," But when she saw how Carol was looking at Scott's picture, she laughed. "Oh, so that's it! You want him all to yourself. What's the matter dear, afraid of a little competition?"

Victoria ended her question by flexing her muscles a little for Carol's benefit.

Carol slammed down the picture and turned around, "I'm not Renee O'Connor and you're no competition for me, HON."

She stood up, getting in Victoria's face and shoving her back against the wall. Both women were still wearing their bikinis and as Victoria leaned against the wall Carol was looking her right in the eyes as if challenging her.

Victoria said softly, "You don't really want to do this. You aren't Renee, but it'll end the same way."

"Actually," Carol smiled, "I really do want this."

Carol stepped back and tried to deck Victoria with a punch, but Victoria ducked and nailed Carol low in the stomach with a vicious right hand. Carol's tight abs absorbed most of the force and she came in with a over hand right that knocked Victoria to the floor of the trailer.

As Victoria hit the floor, she realized this damn sure wasn't Renee O'Connor she was fighting. Then she felt herself being hauled up by the hair and thrown into the air onto Carol's make up table. Carol went to continue her attack, but Victoria kicked her in the head, knocking her off balance.

Victoria got off the make up table and rushed at Carol, lifting her in the air and throwing her against the wall. Victoria got in a fighters stance and started winging rights and lefts into Carols body, followed by an uppercut that almost knocked her out. As Carol hung on the wall, Victoria ducked and put her head in between Carols thighs and stood up, lifting her up and dumping her backward down to the floor as the trailer shook from the impact. Carol moaned in pain while Victoria started sending kicks down on her breasts.

Then Victoria picked Carol up by the hair and threw her across the trailer onto a couch. Victoria brought her foot up and stomped her heel onto the couch as Carol rolled off just in time to avoid the crippling blow. When Victoria's kick missed, Carol took advantage of the opening and uppercut Victoria flush in her open pussy. Victoria's legs buckled and she started to drop to her knees, grabbing the couch to try to keep her balance.

Carol got back to her feet and looked at Victoria, grabbed her by the back of the hair and hauled back. Victoria ended up looking backward up at Carol - but only momentarily. Carol punched straight down into Victoria's face, dropping her on her back bent double with her back between her feet and her legs folded up beneath her butt.

Carol stomped on Victoria's stomach three times before Victoria finally started to roll away. She tried to get up but Carol ran at her full tilt and kicked her in the side, lifting Victoria's entire body into the air before she collapsed back down on the floor holding her stomach coughing trying to get air.

Carol picked her up by the hair and stood face to face holding Victoria with both hands in her hair before she nailed Victoria with a vicious head butt. Victoria fell back on the bed with her nose bleeding while Carol stumbled around the room holding her head.

"God that hurt," Carol muttered.

Carol slowly walked back to Victoria lay flat on her back with her legs draped over the edge of the bed. She struggled to sit up, gingerly touching her nose and looking down at the blood on her fingers, but Carol abruptly put an end to any progress she made by slapping her hand away and pulling her up by the hair again.

But before Carol could do any more, Victoria raised a knee straight into the pit of Carols firm stomach, catching her off guard. Carol crumpled to her hands and knees with the wind completely knocked out of her. Victoria knew she had to pounce for this might be her last chance.

She grabbed the back of Carols bikini and started lifting her up. Instead of pulling Carol all the way up, Victoria shoved Carols head between her legs and wrapped her arms around Carols waist, then picked her upside down and piledrivered her down on the trailer floor. Carol tried to use her arms to absorb the blow, but still she hit hard enough.

Victoria staggered to her feet and stumbled over to sit on the bed for a moment to get her strength back. When Carol started to move, however, Victoria jumped up and kicked Carols stomach, sending her rolling over against the base of the wall. Carol lay on her side, her back resting against the wall. Victoria kicked her twice more in the stomach before she bent down to pick Carol up.

But Carol grabbed Victoria's hair and slammed her face into the trailer's wall! Victoria's head bounced off the wall, she took one step back and went down on her butt. Both blond beauties started to get up at the same time, both were battered and bruised, especially their tightly muscled stomachs. Victoria had blood on her nose that was starting to dry.

They slowly circled, each in a fighting stance. Victoria struck first with a right hand that connected but Carol quickly answered back with a right of her own. Both just took turns smacking each other with little thought of defense until they both fell to their knees. But still, each refused to give in to the other. They each had one handful of hair and were flailing punches to the others face. Tired and worn out from their exchanges, both collapsed on the floor after they each punched a blow at the same time.

Victoria slowly crawled off toward the couch and used it to haul herself up while, Carol crawled to the bed and pulled herself to her feet. Carol sat on the bed as Victoria looking over at her. Both women's chests were heaving from their exertion.

"So, have you learned your lesson," Carol panted. "Or do I have to hurt you some more. How about it Victoria, why don't you just leave."

"You want me to leave Carol?" Victoria wheezed. "I'm not leaving 'til one of us proves she's better than the other."

Carol nodded, "OK, if you really need me to prove it to you. Come on."

She slowly got up and started toward Victoria, but Victoria launched herself off the sofa and tackled Carol backward onto the bed. Carol had expecting it, however, and rolled her over as they each went for each others hair again. They rolled on the bed, pulling and tearing each others hair for the next few minutes of this epic battle.

Victoria seemed to win the top position, but couldn't do much because Carol kept hold of her hair and never let Victoria get into a dominant position. Carol yanked Victoria's head to the side and turned her over but Victoria grabbed the back of Carol's bikini top as Carol rolled up and over. When Carol rolled up on top of her, Victoria pulled it as hard as she could sending Carol off the edge of the bed and crashing to the floor.

Victoria looked over the side and grabbed Carol's hair but Carol reached up, grabbed the back of Victoria's bra and pulled her off the bed down to the floor. Victoria still had Carol by the hair while all Carol had was a handful of the back of Victoria's bra which gave away sending Carol sprawling on the floor with Victoria landing on top of her. Victoria pulled Carols head up and smashed it on the floor - then once more!

The fight was going out of Carol but she tried one last thing. She latched onto Victoria's bare breasts and squeezed with what strength she had left and Victoria let out a God-awful scream. Carol managed to push Victoria off of her and got back up. That's when she realized that when Victoria had flipped her off the bed by her bra the fastener had broken. As she tried to catch her falling bra, Victoria grabbed her by the waist and flipped her back onto the bed.

Carol quickly sent an elbow back, knocking Victoria off of her. Both ladies were now lying on the bed. Carol got to her knees as did Victoria. Carol made a lunge for Victoria's hair but Victoria caught her hands and twisted her onto the bed. Carol proved too strong for Victoria and they both ended up on their sides facing one another. Victoria had Carols arm and was trying to push her over so she could get on top, but Carol was using all her strength to do the same thing. As their muscles bulged, sweat poured from their fit young bodies. Carol was actually proving herself the stronger but Victoria wouldn't give in and gritted her teeth. Finally, Victoria pushed Carol down and climbed on top of her.

"Now... lets see... what we... can do," Victoria gasped between deep breaths.

Victoria cruelly started twisting Carols breasts, pinching her erect nipples and trying to twist them around her fingers like taffy. Carol screamed in pain and Victoria let up briefly, but then punched down at Carols breasts making her grunt. Carol tried to get her hands on Victoria's breasts but Victoria deflected them and smacked Carols face back and forth with one hand while holding Carol's aside with the other.

Victoria slowly lowered herself, pressing her breasts on Carols face - until Carol bit her! Victoria screamed in pain and started to punch Carol, yelling at her to let go but Carol wouldn't until Victoria brought her knee up into Carols pussy and started grinding it. The grinding was so hard and vicious, that Carols bikini bottom was torn apart.

Carol finally let go of Victoria's breast and Victoria rolled off her to tend her bitten breast. Carol ignored the pain in her crotch and got up on her knees and grabbed Victoria by the back of the hair and pulled her down hard to the bed. She tried to get into a mounted position on Victoria, but her foot snagged Victoria's bikini bottom, taking it off when she kicked her leg.

Carol was had her leg trapped Victoria's but she was squeezing Victoria's breasts. Victoria started squeezing Carol's breasts and brought her knee back up into Carols pussy. Although Carol started crying, she did the same thing to Victoria and the two kept mauling each others breasts and kneeing each others crotch as they rolled and rolled.

After several minutes there was no more noise in the trailer. For a while the people outside wondered what was going on. Then the door opened and Victoria Pratt emerged with Carol Grow's body over her shoulder. Victoria threw Carol on the sand, just as naked as the day she was born!

Victoria flexed her arms and said, "I want everyone see this. See what happens - no matter who you....."

Then Victoria collapsed in Scott Lasky's arms and passed out. But she did win the fight.

Much later, Carol awoke laying in the sand outside her trailer. She knew she could have beaten Victoria and she swore that, one day, she would.